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Encyclopedia results for Vx6


Encyclopedia results for Vx6

  1. (90952) 1997 VD7

    DISPLAYTITLE 90952 1997 VD sub 7 sub 90952 1997 VD sub 7 sub is a asteroid belt main belt minor planet . It was discovered through the Beijing Schmidt CCD Asteroid Program at the Xinglong Station NAOC Xinglong Station in the Chinese province of Hebei on November 1, 1997. ref cite web url http sbdb.cgi?sstr 90952 title JPL Small Body Database Browser 90952 1997 VD7 work Jet Propulsion Laboratory JPL Small Body Database publisher NASA accessdate November 8, 2011 ref See also List of minor planets 90001 91000 References reflist beltasteroid stub MinorPlanets Navigator 90951 1997 VX6 90953 1997 VA9 Small Solar System bodies DEFAULTSORT 1997 VD7 Category Astronomical objects discovered in 1997 Category Main Belt asteroids vi 90952 1997 VD7 ...   more details

  1. Central Music Company

    synthesizer UF series UF5, UF6, UF7, UF8 MIDI keyboard controllers VX series VX5, VX6, VX7, VX8 MIDI ...   more details

  1. Nvidia Ion

    ion 2 switchable gr ref Asus Eee PC Asus Eee PC VX6 ref http product.aspx?P ID 30dqaE10a0LUo9XJ ...   more details

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