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Vision mixer

Encyclopedia results for Vision mixer

  1. Vision mixer

    special effects. This is similar to what a mixing console does for audio. The terms vision mixer and video mixer that describes both the equipment and the device operator are almost exclusively Europe ... usage Typically a vision mixer would be found in a video production environment such as a television ... productions. Operation Image Vision mixer.jpg thumb 250px A Sony BVS 3200CP vision mixer. The main concept of a professional vision mixer is the bus , basically a row of buttons with each button representing ... main feature of a vision mixer is the transition lever , also called a T bar or Fader Bar . This lever ... thumb 250px Rear connection panel of a Sony DVS 7000 vision mixer main unit. Some of the BNC connector ... controls the vision mixer remotely must also be synched. Most larger vision mixers divide the control ... PDFs DVS 7000Series.pdf Sony Vision Mixer DVS 7000 http collection ... mixer DEFAULTSORT Vision Mixer Category Film and video technology Category Television terminology ...Image CurrentNew.jpg thumb 400px Ross Video Vision 4 at Current TV distinguish Video router A vision mixer also called video switcher, video mixer or production switcher is a device used to select between ... to wipe transition pattern wipes . Additionally, most vision mixers can perform keying graphics ... vision mixers are targeted at the professional market, with newer analog models having component ... of vision mixers in video editing has been largely supplanted by computer based Non linear editing ... mixers had two equivalent buses called the A and B bus such a mixer is known as an A B mixer . One ... that in a flip flop mixer, the position of the main transition lever does not indicate which bus is active ... bus . A mixer can actually have more than one key bus, but they usually share only one set of buttons ... to an alpha channel is used and can be selected in the keying section of the mixer. Note that instead ... together form the basic mixer section called Program Preset or P P . Bigger production mixers may ...   more details

  1. Software vision mixer

    Vision Mixer Category Film and video technology ko ...Multiple issues unreferenced November 2006 wikify November 2009 orphan February 2009 A software vision mixer is a piece of software which is able to switch between various video sources. In some cases, this software is also able to compositing composit combine video from various sources. It essentially acts as a software version of a hardware vision mixer . In contrast to a hardware vision mixer, a software vision mixer allows for a larger number of channels, connection types, and Transition film transition effects , and allows for greater flexibility of computer based Enterprise Content Integration content integration , Video overlay text and graphics overlay , and media programming . Another difference between software and hardware vision mixers is that software mixers are limited by the computer s performance. Software vision mixers are generally less expensive than hardware vision mixers. Examples Open source DVSwitch Linux ref http wiki DVswitch Bot generated title ref FreeJ Linux ref http FreeJ Free Vision Mixer Bot generated title ref WebcamStudio Linux ref http WebcamStudio live video mixer ref Freeware VH Multi Camera Studio Microsoft Windows ref http vh multi camera studio 117373.html Download Free VH Multi Camera Studio, VH Multi Camera Studio Download Bot generated title ref CamTwist Mac OS X ref http index.php?title CamTwist CamTwist Bot generated title ref ManyCam Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows ref http ManyCam ref Commercial XSplit Broadcaster Microsoft Windows ref http XSplit Going Live is Simple Bot generated title ref Wirecast Mac OS ... Software Video Mixer Bot generated title ref BoinxTV Mac OS X ref http boinxtv overview ... video HD , Microsoft Windows 7 64bit ref http Live Video Mixer Right On Your Desktop ...   more details

  1. Mixer

    Mixer may refer to An electronics device Electronic mixer , a device for adding or multiplying signal voltages together Frequency mixer , a telecommunications device used to shift the frequency spectrum of a signal Sound card mixer , a component of the audio subsystem of a personal computer Vision mixer ... mixer , a type of audio mixing console used by disc jockeys Mode scrambler known as a Mode mixer , a telecommunications device for handling signals on optical fibers A mechanical device Mixer cooking , an appliance used to combine ingredients Mixer engine , a device for quieting an airplane engine Concrete mixer , a machine which combines the ingredients of concrete Feed mixer , a machine used in the feed industry for mixing feed ingredients High shear mixer , a device that disperses a material into a liquid phase by passing it through an array of rotors and or stators Industrial mixer , a machine for mixing the materials in industrial scale Micro mixer , a device used in flow chemistry Static mixer , a device for mixing two fluid materials through a tube containing a series of baffles Submersible mixer , a machine used for mixing liquids and slurries in tanks e.g. wastewater, liquid manure, etc. Vortex mixer , a laboratory device Carburettor , a device for mixing a hydrocarbon and air, for an engine A synonym for an occupation Mix engineer , or sound mixer , the operator of an audio mixing console Production sound mixer , the head of a film production sound crew Mixer , a follower of a particular philosophy within the practice of chiropractic Other Mixer magazine Mixer magazine ... Drink mixer , a non alcoholic beverage or other food item mixed with a beverage often alcoholic Mixer dance , a social dance that encourages the participants to actively pursue new dance partners Mixer, a cocktail party organized for purposes of social networking service social or Business networking business networking. The Mixer , a song from the 1991 album Shift Work album Shift Work album ...   more details

  1. Submersible mixer

    Wikify date April 2010 Image Submersible mixer POP I.jpg thumb Picture of a submersible gear driven mixer with stainless steel propeller. The mixer is being installed in an anoxic sludge tank at a sewage treatment plant. Courtesy of Landia. 250px A submersible mixer is a mechanical device that is used to mix sludge tanks and other liquid volumes. Submersible mixers are often used in sewage treatment sewage treatment plants to keep solids in suspension in the various process tanks and or sludge holding tanks. Working principle The submersible mixer is operated by an electric motor, which is coupled to the mixer s propeller, either direct coupled or via a planetary gear reducer. The propeller rotates and creates liquid flow in the tank, which in turn keeps the solids in suspension. The submersible mixer is typically installed on a guide rail system, which enables the mixer to be retrieved for periodic inspection and preventive maintenance. Applications Examples of applications where submersible mixers are commonly applied Anoxic anaerobic tanks and oxidation basins activated sludge at sewage treatment plants IFAS, Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor MBBR MBBR , and other fixed film biocarrier processes. See http mixers biomover mixing of biofilm carriers Mixing of sewage wet wells Reception tanks and post digestion tanks at biogas facilities Liquid Manure storage tanks at dairy, hog, and poultry farms Waste processing at slaughterhouses, poultry abattoirs, fish processing plants, etc. DEFAULTSORT Submersible Mixer Category Sewerage ...   more details

  1. Planetary mixer

    Multiple issues unreferenced February 2010 orphan February 2010 Merge Industrial mixer date February 2010 A planetary mixer is a device used to mix round products including adhesive s, pharmaceuticals , food s, chemical s, electronics , plastic s and pigment s. This mixer is ideal for mixing and kneading viscous pastes up to 6 million centipoise under atmospheric or vacuum conditions. Capacities range from 1 2 pint through 750 gallons. Many options including jacketing for heating or cooling, vacuum or pressure, vari speed drives, etc. are available. The blades each rotate on their own Axis of rotation axes , and at the same time on a common axis, thereby providng complete mixing in a very short timeframe. See also Industrial mixer http planetary article.asp Articles DEFAULTSORT Planetary Mixer Category Industrial machinery Industry stub ...   more details

  1. Static mixer

    infobox laboratory equipment name Static mixer image Chemineer Kenics Static Mixer.JPG alt caption A promotional sample of a helical static mixer enclosed in a clear tubular housing acronym other names uses Mixing related Magnetic stirrer , vortex mixer A static mixer is a device for mixing two fluid ... streams, disperse gas into liquid or blend immiscible liquids. The device consists of mixer elements ... diameter. Static mixer elements consist of a series of Baffle in vessel baffles made of metal or a variety of plastics . Similarly, the mixer housing can be made of metal or plastic. Typical construction materials for static mixer components included stainless steel , polypropylene , Teflon , PVDF ... into the static mixer. As the streams move through the mixer, the non moving elements continuously ... inner diameter, number of elements and their design. Design file Static mixer flow diagram.png thumb Depiction of how flow division and radial mixing occur in a static mixer file Static Mixer Flow Division.png thumb Flow division in a static mixer is a function of the number of elements in the mixer A static mixer s fixed, typically helical elements can simultaneously produce patterns of flow ... edge of each element of the mixer and follows the channels created by the element shape. At each ... of elements in the mixer. Radial mixing In either turbulent flow turbulent or laminar flow , rotational circulation of a processed material around its own hydraulic center in each channel of the mixer ... processing. ref Bor, Thomas P., The Static Mixer as a Chemical Reactor , British Chemical Engineering ... 07 04 ref History The static mixer traces its origins to an invention for a mixing device filed on Nov ... and marketed as the Kenics Motionless Mixer. ref cite web last Arons first Irv url http ... Motionless Mixer publisher date 2008 07 23 accessdate 2011 07 04 ... Mischer es Mezclador est tico fa it Miscelatore statico simple Static mixer uk ...   more details

  1. Banbury mixer

    The Banbury mixer is a brand of internal Batch production batch Industrial mixer mixer . The Banbury trademark is owned by Farrel Corporation . Internal batch mixers such as the Banbury mixer are used for mixing or compounding rubber and plastics. The original design dates back to 1916. ref http coms2 summary 0286 29505973 ITM Process machinery advancements in mixing technologies part 1. ref The mixer consists of two rotating spiral shaped blades encased in segments of cylindrical housings. These intersect so as to leave a ridge between the blades. The blades may be cored for circulation of heating or cooling. Its invention resulted in major labor and capital savings in the tire industry, doing away with the initial step of roller milling rubber. ref http books?id XSybNRCfYn0C&pg PA336&dq 22Banbury mixer 22 history&lr # 100&as brr 0&sig JRnz SnRvRt3SWgw9zIND4JEomE The Labor History Reader by Daniel J. Leab p 336 ref It is also used for reinforcing fillers in a resin system. References reflist Category Plastics industry Category Rotating machines Category Industrial equipment Tech stub ...   more details

  1. Matthew Mixer

    Orphan date February 2009 Matthew Mixer born 9 December 1972, in North Walsham , Norfolk was an England English cricket er. He was a left handed batsman and left arm medium fast bowler who played for Dorset County Cricket Club Dorset . Mixer made a single List A appearance for the team during the C&G Trophy in August 2003. Mixer did not bat in the match, but bowled 7 overs, taking figures of 0 35. External links http Archive Players 45 45479 45479.html Matthew Mixer at Cricket Archive Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Mixer, Matthew ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION English cricketer DATE OF BIRTH 9 December 1972 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Mixer, Matthew Category 1972 births Category Living people Category English cricketers Category Dorset cricketers Category People from North Walsham ...   more details

  1. Feed mixer

    Unreferenced date October 2006 Wikify date November 2009 File Feed Mixer.jpg thumb Horizontal Ribbon Mixer taken in a Feed Mill. Feed mixers are used in Fodder feed mills for the mixing of feed ingredients and premixes. The mixer plays a vital role in the feed production process, with efficient mixing being the key to good feed production. If feed is not mixed properly, ingredients and nutrients will not be properly distributed with it comes time to extrude, pelletize the feed, or if the feed is to be used as mash. This means that the feed will not have even nutritional benefit would be bad for the animal fish shrimp that are feeding on the feed. Mixer types There are a number of different type of mixers used in the feed industry with the most widely used being Vertical Mixer Used in small farms, they consist of a vertical screw which takes material to the top where it falls back down again, and repeats that process to mix materials Horizontal Mixer Consisting of paddles or blades attached to a horizontal rotor, these mixers are normally mixer and can usually have a higher consistent homogeneity and short mixing times. See also Mixer wagon DEFAULTSORT Feed Mixer Category Agricultural machinery ru ...   more details

  1. Randy Mixer

    BLP sources date April 2010 Randy Mixer is an American performer in gay pornography who appeared in movies and magazines in the 1990s. Awards and nominations 1992 First Gay Erotic Video Awards winner of Newcomer of the Year . Citation needed date April 2010 External links iafd RandyMixer IMDB name 0594295 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Mixer, Randy ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Mixer, Randy Category Male pornographic film actors Category Living people Category Actors in gay pornographic films porn actor stub id Randy Mixer ...   more details

  1. Harmonic mixer

    Multiple issues unreferenced December 2009 orphan December 2009 wikify December 2009 The harmonic mixer and subharmonic mixer are a type of frequency mixer , which is a circuit that changes one signal frequency to another. The ordinary mixer has two input signals and one output signal. If the two input signals are sinewaves at frequencies f sub 1 sub and f sub 2 sub , then the output signal consists of frequency components at the sum f sub 1 sub f sub 2 sub and difference f sub 1 sub &minus f sub 2 sub frequencies. In contrast, the harmonic and subharmonic mixers form sum and difference frequencies at a harmonic multiple of one of the inputs. The output signal then contains frequencies such as f sub 1 sub kf sub 2 sub and f sub 1 sub &minus kf sub 2 sub where k is an integer. Background The classic frequency mixer is a multiplier. Multiplying two sinewaves produces just the sum and difference frequencies the input frequencies are suppressed, and, in theory, there are no other heterodyne products. In practice, the multiplier is not perfect, and the input frequencies and other heterodyne ... like odd harmonic waveform essentially a square wave . Harmonic mixer A classic design for a harmonic mixer uses a step recovery diode . ref name 8411A Citation title 8410B Network Analyzer 8411A Harmonic ... and power spectra, see page 8 35. ref The mixer s subharmonic input is first amplified to a power ... . The impulse train can then be used with a diode mixer also called a sampler . ref Citation last Grove ... mixer that has two switching stages is used to improved mixer gain in a direct downconversion receiver ... from the first stage is fed into the second stage thereby improving the mixer gain. See also Frequency ... subharmonic mixer design with ansoft designer.pdf Subharmonic Mixer Design with Ansoft Designer. Describes some theory, use of antiparallel mixer diodes, odd harmonic selection DEFAULTSORT Subharmonic Mixer Category Electrical circuits Category Communication circuits Category Radio electronics Category ...   more details

  1. Mixer-wagon

    unreferenced article date May 2009 File Mixer wagon.JPG thumb A paddle type mixer wagon coupled to a tractor File Mixer wagon weigher.JPG thumb A weighing computer showing an empty mixer wagon, 0 kg tare File Mischschnecke.JPG thumb File Mixer wagon rotor.JPG thumb The paddle turning inside a mixer wagon. Stationery knives are fitted on the side of the tub A mixer wagon , or diet feeder , is a specialist agricultural machine used for accurately weighing, mixing and distributing Total Mixed Ration Total Mixed Ration TMR for ruminant farm animals, in particular cattle and most commonly, dairy cattle . Trailed mixer wagons vary in size from 5 m sup 3 sup to more than 45 m sup 3 sup . Some self propelled mixer wagons may be bigger than this. Displacement varies according to ration dry matter. More water means more weight. With dry 45 DM dry matter rations, a 14m sup 3 sup mixer wagon such as the one pictured, may contain 3 tonnes fully loaded, or enough for about 60 Holstein cows. A mixer wagon commonly consists of a trailed chassis , for coupling to a tractor power unit, and fitted with one or more usually braked axles, and fitted with a road legal lighting system. a mixing body, attached to the chassis by four weighing sensors, one at each corner. There are three main types of mixing body paddle, whereby a central axial shaft turns a series of paddles which rotate the contents and provide front to back mixing in the mixer wagon. vertical auger, with one, two or three augers used to move the contents from top to bottom. horizontal auger, containing between one and five augers, used ... done using the mixer wagon cutting and loading device, a high capacity tractor Loader equipment ... adjustable chute, up to a hydraulic powered conveyor belt. Self propelled mixer wagons are mounted on a lorry chassis or may be specialist self loading machines. See also Feed mixer External links Commonscat inline Fodder mixing trailers Mixer wagons Category Cattle Category Dairy farming Category ...   more details

  1. Frequency mixer

    About non linear mixing operating in the frequency domain other types of mixers electronic mixer Image IdealMixer.svg thumb 350px Frequency Mixer Symbol. In electronics a mixer or frequency mixer is a nonlinear ... common application, two signals at frequencies f sub 1 sub and f sub 2 sub are applied to a mixer ... mixer. Mixers are widely used to shift signals from one frequency range to another, a process known ... component of a superheterodyne receiver is a mixer used to move received signals to a common intermediate ... between voltage and current to provide the multiplying element. In a passive mixer, the desired output ... and more power consumption an active mixer can be less tolerant of overload. Mixers may be built of discrete ... to pass through to the output. A single balanced mixer is arranged so that the local oscillator, or RF signal port, cancels and cannot pass through to the output. A doubly balanced mixer has symmetrical ... DBM.png thumb right Schematic diagram of a double balanced passive diode mixer. There is no output unless both f1 and f2 inputs are present. Selection of a mixer type is a trade off for a particular application. Mixer circuits are characterized by conversion gain , and noise figure . ref D.S. Evans ... optical heterodynes . Diode A diode can be used to create a simple unbalanced mixer. This type of mixer ... of the sum which we assume to be negligible for small signals. Switching Another form of mixer operates ... double balanced mixer module such as an SBL 1, with the local oscillator drive considerably higher than the signal amplitude. The aim of a switching mixer is to achieve linear operation over the signal level, and hard switching driven by the local oscillator. Mathematically the switching mixer is not much different from a multiplying mixer, just because instead of the LO sine wave term we would use the signum function. In the frequency domain the switching mixer operation leads to the usual sum ... mixer is that it can achieve with the same effort a lower noise figure NF and larger conversion ...   more details

  1. Mixer (album)

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Mixer Type studio Artist Desario Cover Released February 28, 2012 Recorded Genre indie rock br indie pop Length 48 52 Label Test Pattern Records Producer Michael Yoas Last album Zero Point Zero br 2009 This album Mixer br 2012 Next album Album ratings Mixer is the second album by the indie rock band Desario . Scheduled for released in February 2012 on Test Pattern Records . Track listing Cement Sneakers Call Out Your Rivals Occasional Monsters Develop Destroy Ana Carlisle Victoria Island These Machines Success Is Ours Airline June References Reflist Reviews Category 2012 albums ...   more details

  1. Vortex mixer

    Infobox laboratory equipment name Vortex mixer image Whirlimixer Vortex Mixer.jpg alt See Wikipedia Alternative text for images caption A Whirlimixer brand vortex mixer acronym other names Vortex shaker uses Liquid mixing related Magnetic stirrer br Static mixer A vortex mixer is a simple device used commonly in laboratories to mix small vials of liquid. It consists of an electric motor with the drive shaft oriented vertically and attached to a cupped rubber piece mounted slightly off center. As the motor runs the rubber piece oscillates rapidly in a circular motion. When a test tube or other appropriate container is pressed into the rubber cup or touched to its edge the motion is transmitted to the liquid inside and a vortex is created. Most vortex mixers have variable speed settings and can be set to run continuously, or to run only when downward pressure is applied to the rubber piece. Vortex mixers are quite commonplace in bioscience laboratories. In cell culture and microbiology laboratories they may be used to suspension chemistry suspend cells. In a biochemistry biochemical or analytical chemistry analytical laboratory they may be used to mix the reagent s of an assay or to mix an experimental sample and a dilutant . The vortex mixer was invented by the Kraft brothers Jack A. Kraft and Harold D. Kraft while working for Scientific Industries a laboratory equipment manufacturer . A patent was filed by the Kraft brothers on April 6, 1959 and granted on October 30, 1962 US patent 3,061,280 . Scientific Industries still makes a version of this original vortex mixer. An alternative to the electric vortex mixer is the finger vortex technique in which a vortex is created manually ... cases when a vortex mixer is unavailable or the forces involved in vortexing would damage the sample ... Static mixer External links Laboratory equipment Category Laboratory equipment ca Agitador de v rtex ... ja pl Wstrz sarka simple Vortex mixer ...   more details

  1. Mixer-settler

    Mixer settlers are a class of mineral process equipment used in the solvent extraction process. A mixer settler consists of a first stage that mixes the phases together followed by a quiescent settling stage that allows the phases to separate by gravity. Mixer The mixer may consists of one or multiple stages of mixing tanks. Common laboratory mixers consist of a single mixing stage, whereas industrial scale copper mixers may consist of up to three mixer stages where each stage performs a combined pumping and mixing action. Use of multiple stages allows a longer reaction time and also minimizes the short circuiting of unreacted material through the mixers. http mixing 20forum Macro Liq Liq Mixer Settlers Publication1 article1.htm Technical paper on design of industrial mixers Settler The settler is a calm pool downstream of the mixer where the liquids are allowed to separate by gravity. The liquids are then removed separately from the end of the mixer. Use Industrial mixer settlers are commonly used in the copper , nickel , uranium and cobalt hydrometallurgy industries. The equipment units can be arrayed as extraction moving an ion of interest from an aqueous phase to an organic phase , washing rinsing entrained aqueous contaminant out of an organic phase containing the ion of interest , and stripping moving an ion of interest from an organic phase into an aqueous phase . Copper Example In the case of oxide copper ore , a heap leaching pad will dissolve a dilute copper sulfate solution in a weak sulfuric acid solution. This pregnant leach solution PLS is pumped to an extraction mixer settler where it is mixed with the organic phase a kerosene hosted extractant . The copper transfers to the organic phase, and the aqueous phase now called raffinate is pumped back to the heap to recover more copper. In a high chloride environment typical of Chilean copper mines, a wash stage will rinse any residual pregnant solution entrained in the organic with clean ...   more details

  1. DJ mixer

    Image DJ Mixer.JPG thumb right A Numark DJ equipment Numark DM2002X Pro Master DJ mixer. A DJ mixer is a type of audio mixing console used by disc jockey s. The key features that differentiate a DJ mixer from other types of audio mixers are the ability to redirect cue a non playing source to headphones and the presence of a crossfade audio engineering crossfader , which allows for an easier transition between two sources. DJ mixers are also used to create DJ mix es. Structure A typical modern DJ mixer generally has between two and six stereophonic sound stereo channels for connecting and Audio mixing recorded music mixing audio sources. Each channel usually has a phono input with RIAA equalization for phonograph turntable s and one or two line level inputs for sources such as CD player s. Controls for individual channels are arranged in vertical columns channel strips , starting with a switch or a knob selecting between the inputs. Below the input selector is a gain or trim control, used to match signal levels between channels. Next follows an equalization audio equalizer section, used to fade audio engineering fade parts of tracks in and out a common basic technique is to kill the bass sound bass on one channel while mixing so the bassline s of two tracks don t clash. A typical mixer ... mixer has one or two headphone jack plug s and a headphone volume control. Headphones are normally ... mix, used to send the signal to an amplifier or another mixer for the public address system, to a loudspeaker ... design was Rudy Bozak . Beatmatching and beatmixing with a DJ mixer were first used to ensure dancers ... mixing . See also Computer DJ Hamster style References http DJ Mixer History.pdf David Cross. 2003, Cornell University. A History of the Development of DJ Mixer Features an S&TS Perspective PDF http dj mixers An Overview of Mixer Functions and Their Usage DEFAULTSORT Dj Mixer Category DJ equipment Category Audio mixing de DJ Mixer uk DJ ...   more details

  1. Virtual mixer

    Orphan date February 2009 A Virtual Mixer is a software application that runs on a computer or other digital audio system. It provides the same basic functionality of a digital mixing console . It can mix audio inputs from live sources or the outputs from tracks in a sequencer. If the audio hardware supports it, the virtual mixer can also provide routing to multiple outputs. As with a DMC, the user has control over volume and pan as well as effect plugins such as, EQ, compression and reverb using plugins in Audio Unit or VST format. See also Digital mixing console Digital Mixing Console Digital Audio Workstation Music Sequencer MIDI controller MIDI Controller Plug in computing Plugin Audio Units Virtual Studio Technology VST External links http sos aug00 articles usingvmixers.htm music software stub Category Audio engineering ...   more details

  1. Mixer (cooking)

    Image Handheld Electric Beater.jpg thumb Handheld electric mixer Image Mixer.jpg thumb Whisking egg whites Image KitchenAid Stand Mixer.jpg right thumb KitchenAid Stand Mixer in action File VintageMixer.jpg thumb A vintage egg beater A mixer is a kitchen appliance intended for Mixture mixing , folding ... mixers and stand mixers. A hand mixer, as the name implies, is a hand held mixing device. The modern ... hand and the crank is turned with the other, turning the beaters. Stand mixers A stand mixer is essentially the same as a hand mixer, but is mounted on a stand which bears the weight of the device ... have a special bowl that is locked in place while the mixer is operating. Heavy duty commercial ... L . A typical home stand mixer will include a wire whip for whipping creams and egg whites a flat beater ... in either countertop or floor also called bench models. Whether a mixer is a countertop or floor ... be used to mix a wide variety of ingredients. In addition, you can use a planetary mixer to whip and blend, which cannot be done with a spiral mixer. Difference between blenders and mixers Mixers ... at higher speeds that chop, liquefy, or otherwise break down larger food items. A mixer is a much ... model. US patent 103811 The first mixer with electric motor is thought to be the one invented by American ... about the invention of the Standing Mixer by Herbert Johnson in 1908 ref and they say a new model introduced in 1914 played a key role in the mixer part of their business. ref http ... produced 1910 were two very early US brands of electric mixer. ref http books ... of operation ex Beat Whip would be high speed if it is a 3 speed mixer they are now listed by number. See also Whisk Industrial mixer Blender wikibooks Fractals Iterations in the complex plane parabolic ... he kk nl Mixer keukengereedschap pl Mikser kuchenny pt Batedeira ro Mixer ru fi S hk vatkain sv Elvisp th ...   more details

  1. Industrial mixer

    Image Paddle Mixers Logo.gif thumb 200px Industrial Paddle Mixer. Image V Blender Logo.gif thumb 200px Industrial V Blender. Image Ribbon Blender Logo.gif thumb 200px Industrial Ribbon Blender. Image Double Cone Blender Logo.gif thumb 200px Industrial Double Cone Blender. Image High Shear Mixers Granulators Logo.gif thumb 200px Industrial High shear Mixer Granulator. Image Drum Blender Logo.gif thumb 200px Drum Blender Industrial Mixers and Blenders are used to mix or blend a wide range of materials used in different industries including the food , chemical , pharmaceutical , plastic and mineral industries. They are mainly used to mix different materials using different types of blades to make a good quality homogeneous mixture. Included are Dry blender dry blending devices, paste mixing designs for high viscosity products and high shear models for emulsification , particle size reduction and Homogenization chemistry homogenization . Industrial mixers range from laboratory to production line scale, including Ribbon Blender, V Blender, Cone Screw Blender, Screw blender, Double Cone Blender, Double Planetary High Viscosity Mixer , Counter rotating, Double & Triple Shaft, Vacuum Mixer, Planetary Disperser, High Shear Rotor Stator and Dispersion Mixers, Paddle, Jet Mixer, Mobile Mixers and Drum Blenders. The Banbury mixer is effective at mixing or kneading viscous materials. They can operate at different temperatures and pressures for mixing different solutions and can also have internal or external heating systems added to them. Options also exist where spray nozzles, CIP, PLC and pneumatic or electric systems can be used. Systems can come equipped with hydraulic or electronic soft start mechanisms so that they start and stop smoothly. In addition to performing typical batch ... effect or dynamic response that the mixer imparts into the fluid. When a mixing impeller rotates ... Planetary mixer Static mixer Banbury mixer Sources cite web url http index.php ...   more details

  1. Concrete mixer

    File Cement mixer2.jpg right thumb 150px This portable concrete mortar mixer has wheel s and a towing ... . File ConcreteMixer4.JPG right thumb 150px An outdated model of a small scale concrete mixer ... motor. A concrete mixer also commonly called a cement mixer is a device that homogeneously ... . A typical concrete mixer uses a revolving drum to mix the components. For smaller volume works portable ... recently begun to sell modified tarpaulin tarps for this purpose. The concrete mixer was invented ... axis mixers are most commonly used for precast and prestressed concrete. This style of mixer cleans ... reversing drum mixer and tilting drum mixers are used where large volumes of concrete are being produced batch sizes of convert 3 9 m3 cuyd abbr on disp or . This type of mixer dominates the ready ... and operating cost of the three styles of mixers. Citation needed date November 2010 All the mixer styles ... Volumetric Concrete Mixer.jpg thumb right 150px Volumetric Concrete Mixer File Cement mixer.jpg thumbnail ... Low Profile Mining and Tunneling Concrete Mixer Truck Special concrete transport truck s in&ndash ... to the building site. This is known as charging the mixer. When the drum rotates in the other ... discharge mixer was designed and built by Royal W. Sims of Holladay, Utah. Concrete mixers are equipped ... is put into a reverse gear. Tractor trailer combination mixers where the mixer is installed on a trailer ... certain circumstances. Stephen Stepanian filed a patent application for the first truck mixer in 1916 ... of Mixer Truck are currently in use. The most common truck capacity is convert 8 cuyd m3 1 . Most concrete mixers in the UK are limited to a speed of convert 56 mph km h . Concrete mixer trailer ... can be used to clean out hardened concrete from inside of a mixer truck, with limited practical ... to a call on a construction site to recover a mixer truck that had become stuck in mud, continuing to sink and threatening to roll over. After several unsuccessful attempts to hoist the mixer using ...   more details

  1. Cement mixer

    About the alcoholic drink the device concrete mixer Unreferenced date December 2009 A cement mixer is a shot drink. It often consists of 1 part Baileys Irish Cream Bailey s Irish Cream Other types of alcoholic Irish cream may be substituted. 1 part Lime fruit Lime juice Lemon lemon juice may be substituted The drink is traditionally ingested by taking the shot of Bailey s, holding it in the mouth, then sipping the lime juice and swirling the two around the mouth and or shaking the head. The drink may also be combined as a layered shot, as the lime juice is less dense than most brands of Irish Cream . The acidic lime juice causes the cream based Bailey s to curd le. The curdled Bailey s does not taste sour, but it does rapidly gain viscosity and stick to the drinker s teeth, reminiscent of cement. For a sweeter taste, two shot glasses, one of lemonade and one of Bailey s, are used. The shot of lemonade is taken and held in the mouth and is followed by the Bailey s shot the mixture is then mixed by shaking the head and is then swallowed or spat out because of the nature of the taste and texture felt inside the mouth. This is a cocktail that has seen increasing popularity among older college students, in an effort to prevent or discourage underage drinking, by serving or offering it to a student who may be lying about his or her age, as when not prepared the right way, the curdling of the milk in the drink can cause an upset stomach, diarrhea, nausea, and or vomiting. In the The Supersizers... The Supersizers Eat... The Supersizers Eat...The Eighties episode, the presenters Giles Coren and Sue Perkins graphically demonstrate the effect of drinking the Cement mixer cocktail. Alcoholic beverages DEFAULTSORT Cement Mixer Category Mixed drinks mixed drink stub sv Betongblandare drink ...   more details

  1. Mixer (engine)

    Turbofan engines often feature an exhaust mixer , where the bypass cold air is mixed with the core hot exhaust gases, before exhausting to atmospheric pressure through a common mixed flow propelling nozzle . Benefits The mixer reduces the velocity of the exiting air, and consequently, reducing the amount of noise produced. Additionally, the temperature of the exhaust is reduced, rendering the thermal signature of the aircraft to be lower as well. This attribute is critical in military aircraft where thermal detection or heat seeking weapons are used. Mixer types Annular bypass and core streams are brought together co annularly, mixing being achieved by the Shear fluid shearing effect at the stream interface Forced hot and cold chutes, intertwined, force the two streams to mix Mixing efficiency is defined in a number of ways, but simplily, compares the actual thrust gain due to mixing to that of the ideal case. Annular mixers have a low pressure loss, but a low mixing efficiency. Forced mixers can have a high mixing efficiency, but this is offset by a high pressure loss. Mixers are extremely common on military turbofans, since long coaxial exhaust pipes i.e. hot and cold are avoided. Afterburning , with the associated variable area nozzle, is also easier to accommodate. Some high bypass ratio e.g. civil turbofans now feature a mixer, the advantage being a small thrust gain, which improves specific fuel consumption. Although the mixing process is not thorough, there is a jet noise benefit as well. References http solutions examples x178.htm Category Gas turbines mech engineering stub ...   more details

  1. Mixer Tavern

    Infobox nrhp name Mixer Tavern nrhp type image caption location 14 Westford Rd., Ashford, Connecticut lat degrees 41 lat minutes 51 lat seconds 56 lat direction N long degrees 72 long minutes 9 long seconds 33 long direction W coord display inline,title locmapin Connecticut built 1710 architecture Colonial added March 17, 1994 area convert 13 acre governing body Private refnum 94000253 ref name nris NRISref 2009a ref Mixer Tavern is a historic tavern at 14 Westford Road in Ashford, Connecticut . It was built in 1710 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1994. References reflist National Register of Historic Places Category Ashford, Connecticut Category Buildings and structures on the National Register of Historic Places in Connecticut Category Buildings and structures completed in 1710 Category Taverns in Connecticut Category Buildings and structures in Windham County, Connecticut Connecticut NRHP stub ...   more details

  1. Mixer dance

    Image Gaskellball02282006.JPG thumb 300px right Gaskell Ball A mixer dance , dance mixer or simply mixer is a kind of participation dance in a social dance setting that involves changing partners as an integral part. Mixing can be built into the dance choreography or can be structured to occur more randomly. Mixers allow dancers to meet new partners and allow beginners to dance with more advanced dancers. Some people may take advantage of mixers to assess dance skills of other persons without fear of being stuck with a poor match for an entire dance. Some mixer dances have traditional names. The descriptions of mixing procedures vary, however there are several common basic rules. The basic rule of dance etiquette thou shalt never say no is partially waived during certain procedures of the mixer if you have already danced with the person, you may smile to each other and skip the choice. The reasoning is that the basic purpose of the mixer &mdash to make people dance with many new partners &mdash has the precedence. Sometimes a lost and found place is designated e.g., the centre of the dance circle , where unmatched dancers may find each other. Reasons for the occurrence of unmatched dancers include the mixing process inherent in the particular dance, gender imbalance, and dancer confusion. General mixers A couple dances straight across the dance hall until they reach the opposite end. They separate, men and ladies each walking along opposite walls to the start end of the hall where they meet their next partners. The randomness in partner matching arises from the different speed ... version of the above observed during a folk Polka mixer in Lithuania After some dancing the Caller ... of mixer dances that were popular in the first quarter of the 20th century but continue to be used ... lit musdi048 The book online at the American Ballroom Companion ref The Family Waltz is a dance mixer ... Dance culture Category Social dance fr Mixer danse ...   more details

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