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Encyclopedia results for Umetnost


Encyclopedia results for Umetnost

  1. Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana

    Coord 57 18 22.5 N 4 27 32.7 W type landmark region SI display title The Academy of Fine Arts and Design lang sl Akademija za likovno umetnost in oblikovanje , also known with the acronym ALUO , is a prestigious art academy and institution based in Ljubljana , Slovenia . ref http institution 11106 en.html institution ref It is part of the University of Ljubljana . Over the years many of Slovenia s most noted painters and artists have taught or been a member of the academy. From 1945 to 1961, Bo idar Jakac taught graphic arts at the academy where he also served as a dean three times. The current dean of the Academy is Stane Bernik . Notable faculty Bo idar Jakac 1899 1989 Boris Kalin 1905 1975 Gojmir Anton Kos 1896 1970 Adriana Mara born 1931 Miki Muster born 1925 Igor Torkar 1913 2004 References Reflist External links http www.aluo.uni slo Academy of Fine Arts and Design . Homepage. DEFAULTSORT Academy Of Fine Arts And Design, Ljubljana Category Culture in Ljubljana Category Buildings and structures in Ljubljana Category Faculties of the University of Ljubljana Category Art schools in Ljubljana Category Design schools Category Educational institutions established in 1945 Slovenia university stub sl Akademija za likovno umetnost in oblikovanje v Ljubljani ...   more details

  1. Petar Ubavki?

    File SpomenikDrugiSrpskiUstanak.jpg thumb Takovo uprising monument by Ubavki , Takovo , Serbia Peter Ubavki Belgrade , 12 April 1852 Belgrade , 28 June 1910 was a Serbia n sculptor and Painting painter , recognized as the premier sculptor of Serbia, given the task to create a series of national monuments of which he authored many, including the black marble monument to Kossovo Warriors in Kragujevac . ref http Clanstvo IstClan.aspx?arg 592 Biography online SANU ref Biography He was born in Belgrade on 12 April 1852. After completing high school Gymnasium school gymnasium , he received a state scholarship, and in 1866 he also studied iconography with an itinerant Italian artist, then living in Belgrade. He pursued his studies in art in Pan evo . In 1873 he went to Vienna to study sculpture . Owing to poor health, he returned to Belgrade. Upon receiving a new state scholarship he resumed his studies at the prestigious Kunstgewerbeschule in Munich in 1874. According to some, he is considered the originator of Serbian sculpture. ref cite web last Medakovi first Dejan title Likovna umetnost 18. i 19. veka url http cult 13 c.htm work Likovna umetnost 18. i 19. veka accessdate 27 January 2011 ref He has made numerous public monuments, among his best known works are busts of Vuk Karad i , Milo Obrenovi I, Prince of Serbia Prince Milo and ura Dani i . Petar Ubavki died in Belgrade on Vidovdan , 28 June 1910 and was buried in the Novo groblje New Cemetery . References reflist External links http Clanstvo IstClan.aspx?arg 592 Biography online SANU http page 100185 cnt petar ubavki C4 Latn CS.htm Information on his grave http isk images petar ubavkic.html Bust of Vuk Karad i , the work of Peter Ubavki commons category Petar Ubavki DEFAULTSORT Ubavkic, Petar Category Serbian painters Category Serbian sculptors serbia sculptor stub serbia painter stub fr Petar Ubavki sr ...   more details

  1. Kazimirov Kazneni Korpus / Profili Profili

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Kazimirov Kazneni Korpus Profili Profili Type Studio Artist Profili Profili Kazimirov Kazneni Korpus and Profili Profili Cover kazimirovkk&profiliprofili.jpg Caption One of the covers for the album Released March 1982 Recorded March 1982, NGM studio, Banovo Brdo , Belgrade Genre New Wave music New Wave , Post punk , Experimental music , Minimalist music , Indie rock Length 38 24 Label Galerija Srecna nova umetnost SKC Producer Reviews Last album Artisti ka radna akcija br 1981 This album Kazimirov kazneni korpus Profili profili br 1982 Next album Misc Kazimirov kazneni korpus Profili profili is the first and only studio release by the Serbia n Minimalist music minimalist experimental music bands Profili Profili and Kazimirov Kazneni Korpus, recorded and released on March 1982. This split album , released by Galerija Srecna nova umetnost SKC, is the first former Yugoslavia Yugoslav album, released under an independent record label . Background On early 1982, the two bands featuring the same lineup, Profili Profili and Kazimirov Kazneni Korpus, performed at the Ljubljana band Laibach art exhibition, at the gallery of the Belgrade SKC. At the performance, the band made a decision to record the material they have been performing, and within the following three days, the band worked at the Banovo Brdo NGM studio. The album recording cost the band 15.000 Yugoslav dinars, which was rated the album a low budget release, and was released under the independent record label Galerija Srecna nova umetnost SKC, making it the first independent music release in Yugoslavia. Kazimirov Kazneni Korpus Profili Profili, released on March 1982, featured five versions of the Profili Profili song Ventilatori Ventilators , and five versions of the Kazimirov Kazneni Korpus song Paranoidno izoidne devojke Paranoid schizophrenic girls . Originally released in a hundred copies, with each copy having a different album cover, soon after the rele ...   more details

  1. Adriana Mara?

    Adriana Mara born 1931 in Ilirska Bistrica is a Slovenes Slovene graphic artist . She studied painting and graphic art at the Academy of Fine Arts, Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts Akademija za likovno umetnost ALU in Ljubljana . ref citation url http p 436 adriana maraz rdeci predalnik.aspx title Adriana Mara Rde i predalnik publisher ref She had many solo exhibitions and has participated in the Graphic Art Biennales in Ljubljana. ref citation url http artist.php?id 574 fragment 7 title Podatkovna in slikovna baza Moderne galerije v Ljubljani ref She won the Grand Prix at the second Norwegian International Print Biennale in Fredrikstad . Citation needed date November 2010 References reflist PreserenFundAwardRecipients Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Maraz, Adriana ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH date of birth 1931 DEFAULTSORT Maraz, Adriana Category 1931 births Category Living people Category University of Ljubljana alumni Category Slovenian painters Category Jakopi Award laureates Slovenia painter stub sl Adriana Mara ...   more details

  1. Verigar issue

    Image Timbre Verigar 15 Slovenie SHS 1918.jpg right 200px thumb 15 heller money heller value Verigar is the first postage stamp series issued in Slovenia after the dissolution of the Austria Hungary Austro Hungarian monarchy at the end of World War I . The stamp series was designed in late 1918 in Ljubljana during the short lived State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs and issued on 3 January 1919 after the creation of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes . The stamp design includes the abbreviated name of the State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs written in Serbian Cyrillic alphabet Cyrillic and Gaj s Latin alphabet Latin script Dr ava SHS . The stamp design, created by painter Ivan Vavpoti , also includes an image that represents a man who has broken the chains enslaving him he stands in front of a rising sun. The scene symbolizes the freedom of the Slavic peoples from Austria Hungary . The name of the stamp series is derived from the Slovenian language Slovenian word veriga chain . On 19 March 1993, the Slovenian post office issued a new stamp series using the Verigar man to commemorate its 75th anniversary. In 2008, Vavpoti s verigar design was adopted as the symbol of the Slovenian Liberty Seminars . External links http www.narmuz slovensko 12 oddelki uporab umetnost zbirke filatelija.html Slovenian National Museum of Ljubljana pictures of Verigar issue text in Slovenian http Namizje.aspx?tabid 213&artikelid 2801 The 1993 issue on the Slovenian Post website in Slovenian, translated without the text into English. http Namizje.aspx?tabid 388&artikelid 5441 Category Philately of Croatia Category Postage stamps of Slovenia es Verigar fr Verigar nl Verigar sl Verigar sr ...   more details

  1. Elektri?ni orgazam (album)

    Infobox album Name Elektri ni orgazam Type studio Artist Elektri ni orgazam Cover Elektri ni orgazam Album.jpg Released start date 1981 Recorded Radio Zagreb Studio Genre New Wave music New Wave , Punk rock Length Label Jugoton Producer Ivan Piko Stan i Reviews Last album This album Elektri ni orgazam br 1981 Next album Li e prekriva Lisabon br 1982 Elektri ni orgazam is the debut album by the Serbia n SFRY Yugoslav ian New Wave music in Yugoslavia New wave band Elektri ni orgazam . It was released in 1981 by Jugoton . Track listing All songs written by Sr an Gojkovi except were noted. Arranged by Elektri ni Orgazam. Track listing headline Side A title1 Elektri ni Orgazam length1 4 31 title2 Konobar length2 2 07 note2 Written by Lj. uki title3 Krokodili Dolaze length3 3 33 title4 Voda u moru length4 1 39 title5 Infekcija length5 3 34 Track listing headline Side B title1 Vi length1 2 30 note1 Lyrics by S. Vuki evi , music by S. Gojkovi title2 Fleke length2 2 25 title3 I ve Got A Feeling length3 2 25 note3 Arranged by S. Gojkovi , written by Lennon McCartney title4 Pojmove Ne Vezujem length4 2 40 title5 Umetnost length5 1 46 title6 Nebo length6 4 35 anchor Personel Personnel Marina Vuli bass guitar Mango Branko Ku trin drum kit drums Ljubomir Jovanovi guitar Sr an Gojkovi guitar, vocals Ljubomir uki Electronic organ organ , piano , vocals Mladen kalec engineer External links Discogs release id 972468 Elektri ni Orgazam DEFAULTSORT Elektricni Orgazam Album Category Elektri ni Orgazam albums Category 1981 debut albums Category New Wave albums Category Jugoton albums hr Elektri ni orgazam album ...   more details

  1. Zuzana Chalupov�

    File Zuzana Chalupova Hra na snehu.jpg thumb 275px Zuzana Chalupov Playing in the Snow 1977 . Oil on canvas, Gallery of Naive Art, Kova ica . Zuzana Chalupov lang sr Zuzana Halupova 1925 2001 was a Na ve art naive painter of Slovaks Slovak origin who was born and lived her whole life in Kova ica , Serbia . Her colourful naive style paintings recall children s works and fairy tale illustrations. She typically painted children, so she was called mama Zuzana ref Babka Gallery http artist detail.php?id 40 Zuzana Chalupova ref . Her creative legacy consists of more than 1,000 paintings. Biography Chalupov finished only five grades of elementary school ref name galerija Gallery of Naive Art, Kova ica http en component content article 2 rodonaelnici 11 zuzanahalupova?directory 4 Zuzana Halupova 1925 2001 sr icon ref . In the 1950s she began making scarves, shirts, and tapestries with traditional motifs. After earning some money from selling tapestries, she bought oil paint and started painting on canvas. She painted her first oil on canvas painting named Mla enje konoplja Hemp Beating in 1964. ref name galerija She enjoyed imminent success. She exhibited her paintings in the Museum of Naive Arts in Svetozarevo and in Kova ica during the Kova i ki oktobar festival. Her first solo exhibition was in 1968 in Dubrovnik where all of the paintings were bought by foreign collectors ref name galerija . Though she never had children of her own ref http 2008 10 naivna umetnost kovacica ili kako zivot udesava svoje price.html Naivna umetnost Kova ica ili Kako ivot ude ava svoje pri e sh icon ref , the most frequent motif in Chalupov s paintings were children. Even adults some with moustaches look like children in her paintings. Her other frequent motifs are winter, Kova ica church, and Holy Bible biblical themes. ref name galerija Chalupov made many paintings for charity purposes. She painted a monume ...   more details

  1. Jovan Despotovi?

    ref New Now , Galerija Pinki , Zemun , 1982 Umetnost osamdesetih , Art of the Eighties as co author ... 1996 Sreten Stojanovi Jugoslovenska galerija umetni kih dela, Beograd , 1998 Umetnost i anga ovanost ... I, Clio , Beograd , 1998, p.p.  117 139, 316 329 ref Grupa autora, Umetnost na kraju veka I, Group ..., 241 Nagrada za umetnost Mi a Popovi , Award for art Mi a Popovi as co author, 10 godina Galerije ... istori ara umetnosti Srbije, Beograd , 1981, p.p 67 70 Otvorena umetnost , Open art Politika Ekspres ... 11 12 Aux maniere fin de si cle Tre i program, Radio Beograd, Beograd , February 16, 1984 Umetnost ... Geometry Moment, no. 6 7, Beograd , 1986, p.p.  76 77 Vladimir Veli kovi Umetnost 86, no. 68 69, new series 1 2, Beograd , 1987, p.p.  4 5 Fotografija i savremena umetnost, pogled iz osamdesetih ... , April 9, 2005, p.  13 O normalnosti umetnost u Srbiji 1989 2001 , On Normality Art in Serbia ..., p.p.  137 142 Umetnost dezorijentacije , Arts of disorientation Politika, Beograd , May 5, 2007 ..., 2010 Cultural Policy Umetnost politika ideologija , Art politics ideology Moment, no. 18, Beograd , 1990 ..., p.  8 Opozorila novi mestni oblasti Delo, Ljubljana , March 28, 1997 Umetnost i anga ovanost, Art ..., Pri tina , June 14, 1997, p.  26 Gjurm M, no. 6 7, Pri tina , 1997, p.p.  395 401 Umetnost ..., p.  18 Umetnost u raljama dnevne politike , Art in the jaws of daily politics Republika, no. 245 ... Moment, no. 9, Beograd , 1988, p.  30 Hans Hartung Umetnost 87, no. 70 71 72, new series ... Tre i program, Radio Beograd, Beograd , January 1989 Tatljinov Spomenik i nova umetnost , Tatlin s Tower ... 30, 2006 Giulio Carlo Argan , Achille Bonito Oliva Moderna umetnost 1770 1970 2000 , Modern art 1770 ... , Beograd , May to June 1982 Umetnost osamdesetih , The art of the eighties as co author, Muzej savremene ..., Beograd , April 1997 Sreten Stojanovi Jugoslovenska galerija umetni kih dela, Beograd , 1998 Umetnost ...   more details

  1. Sava ?umanovi?

    Sid, slikarstvo, umetnost. bot generated title at commons category Sava ...   more details

  1. Stanislav Bini?ki

    Stanislav Bini ki Serbian Cyrillic , IPA sh st nisla bin t ki pron , 27 July 1872 15 February 1942 ref cite web url http composers B.html title Opera Composers accessdate 2009 07 21 publisher Stanford University ref was a Serbian composer , Conducting conductor , and pedagogue . Bini ki, who was born in Jasika , Kru evac , is considered to be one of the most famous representatives of Serbs Serbian classical music . He wrote Mar na Drinu March to the Drina , a famous Serbian march, and the first Serbian opera Na Uranku At dawn 1914 . The Serbian Armed Forces Parade March Past is also another most remembered march composition by him, for it is played by Military band s in the military parades and ceremonies of the Serbian Armed Forces and formerly of the Yugoslav People s Army and the Royal Yugoslav Army . He also wrote seven songs, Mijatovke , dedicated to great Serbian tenor Mijat Mijatovi . He died in Belgrade . here is an annual music festival The Days of Stanislav Bini ki Serbian Dani Stanislava Bini kog held in his homeplace Jasika near Kru evac, in which performed numerous distinguished soloists and ensembles. References Reflist External links http stanislav binicki.htm Biography http biografija Photos of Stanislav Bini ki http index.php?option com content&view article&id 1&Itemid 3 Biography at the Stanislav Bini ki School of Music s website http stankovic let1.htm YuYellow entry http carapani ?...umetnost muzika Stanislav Bini C4 8Dki Brief biography with photo http culture history Hist Serb Culture cho Musical Composition.html Serbian Music http name nm1215897 Stanislav Bini ki at IMDb http Manifestacije Dani Stanislava Binickog.htm Webpage of the Days of Stanislav Bini ki music festival http muzika index.php?topic 61.0 Riznica srpska on Stanislav B ...   more details

  1. Banitsa (ruins)

    Image Kambanaria Banica.jpg thumb Steeple of bell tower at Banitsa Banitsa lang el Kari , Bulgarian language Bulgarian Macedonian language Macedonian ref name Sovremenost cite book last Republichkata zaednica na kulturata first title Sovremenost literatura, umetnost, op testveni pra anja edition 53 year 2005 publisher Ko o Racin ref , Banitsa or Banica is a deserted former village in Serres prefecture , northern Greece . Its ruins are situated some 15 km north east of the town of Serres, Greece Serres , near the present day village of Oreini, Serres Orini , on the southern slopes of the Vrontous mountains. During the Ottoman Empire Ottoman period it had a Bulgarians Bulgarian population. ref . . , , 1982, .20. ref ref . 1873 . , , 1995, .116 117. ref ref http vk vk 2 14.htm . . . , 1900, .176. ref ref D.M.Brancoff. La Mac doine et sa Population Chr tienne . Paris, 1905, .198 199. ref The village was destroyed by the Greek Army during the Second Balkan War , and the population migrated to Bulgaria . ref name urlWeekend cite web url http bg article.php?d 2007 09 01&article 201959 title Weekend format work accessdate 2010 10 24 ref Banitsa was the site of the death of the revolutionary Gotse Delchev , who was killed in a skirmish with Ottoman police forces in 1903. ref cite book title Military History of Macedonia author Van e Stoj ev publisher Military Academy General Mihailo Apostolski location Skopje year 2004 ISBN 9989 134 05 7 ref References div class references small references div coord 41 12 N 23 37 E region GR type landmark source GNS display title Category History of modern Greece Category Ottoman era Macedonia G ...   more details

  1. Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts

    sl Makedonska akademija za znanost in umetnost sr sh Makedonska ...   more details

  1. Art nude

    sl Akt umetnost sr sh Akt umjetnost sv Nakenakt ta tr N uk ...   more details

  1. ElOrgNewWave

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name ElOrgNewWave Type Live album Artist Elektri ni Orgazam Cover Elorgnewwave.jpg Released June 28, 2007 Recorded February 9, 2007 br Dom omladine Beograda Dom Omladine , Belgrade Genre New Wave music Revival New Wave revial br Psychedelic rock br Rock music Rock Length 67 25 Label Automatik Records Producer Chronology Elektri ni Orgazam live Last album ivo i akusti no br 1996 This album ElOrgNewWave br 2007 Next album Album ratings rev1 Popboks rev1score rating 8 10 ref http tekst.php?ID 6049 Popboks review ref rev2 David SUBROCK rev2score rating 2.5 5 ref http 03 cdreview 003.html David SUBROCK review ref Automatically generated by DASHBot ElOrgNewWave is the fifth live album by the Serbian rock band Elektri ni Orgazam . The album featured the live versions of the song from the band s New Wave music New Wave period. Tracklisting Elektri ni orgazam 5 05 Vi 2 46 Po imo 2 41 Afrika song Afrika 4 44 Pojmove ne povezujem 3 20 Umetnost 2 05 Fleke 4 22 Infekcija 4 01 Dokolica 2 43 I ve Got a Feeling 3 25 Znam 3 30 Leptir 8 21 Krokodili dolaze 6 16 Nebo 7 57 Konobar 2 48 Zlatni papagaj 3 21 anchor Personel Personnel Sr an Gojkovi Gile guitar, vocals Branislav Petrovi Banana guitar, vocals Ljubomir uki Ljuba keyboards, vocals Zoran Radomirovi vaba bass, vocals Blagoje Nedeljkovi Pa e drums Additional personnel Ljubomir Jovanovi Jovec guitar on tracks 14, 15 and 16 References reflist http category elektricni orgazam Elektri ni Orgazam discography at http tekst.php?ID 6049 Album review at Popboks Elektri ni Orgazam Category New Wave albums Category 2007 live albums Category Elektri ni Orgazam live albums ...   more details

  1. Breskve u te?kom sirupu vol. 1

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Breskve u te kom sirupu vol. 1 Type Compilation album Artist Elektri ni Orgazam Cover Breskveuteskomsirupuvol1.jpeg Released December 25, 2006 Recorded 1980 Genre New Wave music New Wave br Punk rock Length 53 21 Label Automatik records Producer Sr an Gojkovi Gile, Du an Ercegovac Chronology Elektri ni Orgazam compilations Last album Najbolje pesme vol. 2 1992 1999 br 2002 This album Breskve u te kom sirupu vol. 1 br 2006 Next album Album ratings rev1 rev1Score mixed ref http elektricni orgazam breskve u teskom sirupu 1 dancing bear sadrzaj 688 Album review at ref rev2 Popboks rev2Score not rated ref http tekst.php?ID 4750 Album review at Popboks ref rev3 rev3Score Rating 1.5 5 ref http clanak 10739 albumi live i demo orgazam.aspx Album review at ref Breskve u te kom sirupu vol. 1 is the compilation by the Serbian rock band Elektri ni Orgazam , featuring unreleased material from the band s New Wave music New Wave period. The first part of the compilation featuring the recordings made at the Belgrade Ta majdan park , and the second part, featuring the recordings made at the band rehearsal at the basement of the Studentski Kulturni Centar , were both recorded in the period before the release of Paket aran man . Tracklisting Koncert na Ta majdanu 1980 Elektri ni orgazam 4 21 Konobar 1 51 Infekcija 4 59 Zlatni papagaj 2 22 Krokodili dolaze 4 21 Nebo 4 58 Proba U Podrumu SKC a 1980 Zlatni papagaj 2 40 Vi 3 07 Fleke 2 32 Voda u moru 2 07 Pojmove ne povezujem 3 03 Leptir 3 32 Umetnost 2 08 I ve Got a Feeling 2 37 Krokodili dolaze 3 44 Nebo 4 59 Personnel Sr an Gojkovi Gile guitar, vocals Ljubomir Jovanovi Jovec guitar Goran avajda avke drums Ljubomir uki Ljuba organ, vocals Marina Vuli bass References Reflist http diskografija.htm Discography page at the official site http novi alb ...   more details

  1. Gojko Mrnjav?evi?

    Infobox nobility type name Gojko Mrnjav evi title image Gojko Mrnjavcevic.png caption Gojko, in the artwork File Paja Jovanovi Krunisanje Cara Du ana.jpg Coronation of Emperor Du an , by Paja Jovanovi . alt succession CoA File Herb mrnjavcevici.jpg 30px more no reign reign type predecessor successor suc type succession spouse spouse type Wife issue issue link issue pipe full name styles titles logothete Logotet noble family Mrnjav evi house type Noble House father Mrnjava mother birth date birth place christening date christening place death date 1371 death place burial date burial place occupation religion Serbian Orthodox Church Orthodox Christianity Gojko Mrnjav evi lang sr fl. 1355&ndash 1371 was a 14th century noble that held the title of logothete in the Serbian Empire . He is mentioned in Serb epic poetry as Vojvoda Gojko ref http kosovo umetnost serbepic thefall.htm ref , commanding the Serbian army in the Battle of Maritsa against the Ottoman Empire alongside his two brothers. The Serbian army was destroyed and the brothers died. Life He is the third of the Mrnjav evi brothers alongside Vuka in Mrnjav evi Vuka in and Jovan Uglje a Uglje a . The three brothers built a fortress on the Bojana river , at Skadar, now Shkod r, Albania , for three years. He buries his young wife within the walls of the Skadar fortress, as a sacrifice demanded by the mountain vila nymph in Slavic mythology . ref http archives issue31 mikula.pdf Nationalism and the Rhetoric of Exclusion Maja Mikula, University of Technology Sydney ref In the Battle of Maritsa, he commanded 30.000, as did his brothers. ref Serbian folk songs fairy tales and proverbs , p. 92 ref Genealogy He is registered as an ancestor of the Serb clan of Mrnjav evi i. Gojko Nenad Gr a Gavrilo Nenadin Panto Gr in Gr i ura Tihomir Marko Aleksa Lje Petar Pantin Pantovi Marko Andrija Vuko Vuka in Nika Nikola Petar Andrija Nikola Stojan Vuko Stevo Stefan Peri a ...   more details

  1. Franc Avsec

    Franc Avsec 20 August 1863, Gotna Vas 9 March 1943, Lesce was a Slovenes Slovenian Roman Catholic priest , Conservation restoration restoration expert, editor , and journalist . Life Avsec attended secondary school in Novo Mesto . He studied theology in Ljubljana and was ordination ordained in 1888. After his ordination he served as a curate in various locations, and then starting in 1899 as a parish priest in Velike Brusnice , from 1900 to 1919 in Podkum , and then until his death in Lesce . He developed an interest in church art as a student. In the locations where he served, he drew plans of the churches, and studied the history of the buildings and conservation issues. In 1904 he was named an honorary conservation expert for the Vienna Central Commission for the Preservation of Monuments K. K. Zentralkommission f r Denkmalpflege in 1913 he became a trustee of the Provincial Conservation Office for Carniola and later for the Historical Monuments Office for Slovenia. The valuable material he collected is kept at the Archepiscopal Archives of Ljubljana and the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia . ref Enciklopedija Slovenije . 1987 . Vol 1. Ljubljana Mladinska knjiga. ref Work Avsec published the articles Pogled na cerkvene umetnine in nasvet A View on Church Art and a Recommendation, 1898 and Stara kartuzijanska cerkev v Pleterjah The Old Carthusian Church in Pleterje, 1907 in the periodical Izvestju dru tva za kr ansko umetnost Newsleter of the Christian Arts Society . In addition he inventoried and sketched historical buildings he measured and sketched several hundred churches, including all the churches in Ljubljana, the Zagreb Cathedral , the major churches in Kranj and the vicinity, all of the churches in the Radovljica area, the cathedral in Gornji Grad, Slovenia Gornji Grad , and elsewhere. He edited the temperance movement temperance newsletter Pi alka The Whistle, 1905 1906, vol. 5 onwards and wrote articles for it. He also pub ...   more details

  1. Milovan Destil Markovi?

    Berlin, Galerie A. von Scholz, Berlin Umetnost 2000 Umetni ka galerija Nade da Petrovi , a ak cat ... M zeum, Budapest Nationalgalerie im Hamburger Bahnhof Museum f r Gegenwart, Berlin Video umetnost u ... India 1986, Lalit Kala Akademi Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi cat. Umetnost interrelacija, Umetni ki ... Wien Be Belgrad, Belgrade Studentski kulturni centar, 1983. Text Biljana Tomi Umetnost osamdesetih ... Despotovi , Posle osamdesete umetnost u znaku raznolikosti New Now, Zemun Galerija Pinki, 1982 ... komad koji ganja umetnost po svetu, Knji evne novine Belgrade , January 1986 Milan Damnjanovi , Nagrada ...   more details

  1. Pre?eren Day

    ref cite book url http books?id gLzjAAAAMAAJ title Pre eren in likovna umetnost language ...   more details

  1. Filip Vi?nji?

    icon http rastko drina umetnost knjizevnost usmena visnjic maticki.htm Filip Vi nji ...   more details

  1. Jovica Tasevski-Eternijan

    , 2000. 168 p. 20  cm. ISBN 9989 922 04 7 Lightning poetry . Prilep Spisanie za literatura, umetnost ...   more details

  1. Cl�mentine Deliss

    za sodobno umetnost, 2002, ISBN 9619015754, 9789619015759 References references External links ...   more details

  1. Paul Crowther

    , Klett Cotta, Stuttgart, 1989 Umetnost I Autonomnost , Treci Program Vol. 64, No. 1, 1985, pp ...   more details

  1. Milan Orli?

    uti a , urednik dr Gojko Te i . Beograd Institut za knji evnost i umetnost, 2008 , str. 205 220 ...   more details

  1. Katalin Ladik

    1983 Muzej savremene umetnosti, Belgrade Nova umetnost u Srbiji 1970 1980 visual poems, collages Galerija suvremene umjetnosti, Zagreb Nova umetnost u Srbiji 1970 1980 visual poems, collages Galerija umetnosti, Pri tina Nova umetnost u Srbiji 1970 1980 visual poems, collages Lavatoio Contumaciale ... , Hand Presse Galerie Randkunst Kunstrand performance Novi Sad, Narodna biblioteka Umetnost se ...   more details

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