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Timeline of early modern history
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Encyclopedia results for Timeline of early modern history

Timeline of early modern history

Encyclopedia results for Timeline of early modern history

  1. Timeline of early modern history

    for earlier events Timeline of the Middle Ages Early modern history comprises the time between the end of the Middle Ages and the contemporary era. For a timeline of events from 1500 to 1599, see 16th century Events 16th century For a timeline of events from 1600 to 1699, see 17th century Events 17th century For a timeline of events from 1700 to 1799, see 18th century Events 18th century For a timeline of events from 1800 to 1899, see 19th century Events 19th century For events from 1900 to the present Timeline of modern history See also 2nd millennium Category Modern history timelines Early modern history ...   more details

  1. Early Modern history of Germany

    in early modern German history, Historical Research, Feb 2004, Vol. 77 Issue 195, p79 97 Wilson, Peter H. Historiographical Reviews Still a Monstrosity? Some Reflections on Early Modern German ... 1648 1867 Dutch Republic Early Modern Switzerland Royal Hungary 1541 1699 Croatia in the Habsburg Empire Germany topics DEFAULTSORT Early Modern History Of Germany Category Early Modern history by country ..., and in turn led to further warfare between Early Modern France France in the 17th and 18th centuries ... of Emperors Early Modern Holy Roman Emperors Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I , 1508 1519 ..., and Gerald Strauss. Protestantism and literacy in early modern Germany, Past & Present, 1984 104 ... KPdBAAAAIAAJ&dq intitle history intitle reformation&lr lang en# 30&as brr 1&ei GsaVR5S0OIXy6gK5z9CeBw complete text online free Robisheaux, Thomas. Rural Society and the Search for Order in Early Modern ... Early Modern High German Baroque period German literature 18th century German literature Brandenburg ...History of Germany Image Holy Roman Empire 1648.svg thumb right 300px The Empire after the Peace of Westphalia ... from Nicolas de Fer The Holy Roman Empire was dominated by the House of Habsburg throughout the Early Modern period . The Habsburg Monarchy refers to the territories ruled by the Austria n branch ... ce6 history A0848495.html title Thirty Years War publisher ... The 18th century history of Germany sees the ascendancy of the Kingdom of Prussia and the outbreak of the Napoleonic ... Wars, Journal of Military History, Apr 2005, Vol. 69 2 pp 521 534 ref ref Christopher Clark, The Rise ... dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire See 19th century history of Germany From 1792 onwards, French Revolutionary ... as the predecessor state of modern Germany. Science and philosophy See 17th century philosophy Prussian ... Exploring His Life and Times, 1483 1546. book plus CD ROM 1998 Ranke, Leopold von. History of the Reformation ... Empire Category History of Germany ...   more details

  1. Timeline of modern history

    Expand list date June 2010 dablink For earlier times, see Timeline of early modern history seealso Contemporary history This is a timeline of modern history , here defined as comprising the years since 1900. 1900s 1900 Galveston Hurricane kills 8000 people. Indian famine of 1899 1900 Indian famine ends. 1901 Boxer Rebellion ends. Death of Queen Victoria . Platt Amendment limits the autonomy of Cuba in exchange for withdrawal of US troops. 1902 Second Boer War ends. Philippine American War ends. Cuba gains independence from the United States. Unification of Saudi Arabia begins. 1903 First controlled heavier than air flight of the Wright Brothers . Herero and Namaqua Genocide , the first genocide of the 20th century, begins in German South West Africa . In Russia the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks form from the breakup of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party . The teddy bear is invented. 1904 Entente cordiale signed between Britain and France. Russo Japanese War begins. Trans Siberian railway is completed. Construction of the Panama Canal begins. Roger Casement publishes his account .... for the current year 2012 for future timelines Timeline of the future disambiguation Timeline of the future See also Timeline of modern Greek history Timeline of early modern history Timeline of mediaeval history Timeline of ancient history Timeline of prehistory Timeline of Solar System exploration DEFAULTSORT Timeline Of Modern History Category Modern history Category Modern history timelines Modern history ... . United States troops leave Cuba. 1910s seealso Timeline of World War I 1910 Beginning of the Mexican ... as a sovereign state. The first Academy Awards are presented. 1930s seealso Timeline of the Great ... XII becomes Pope . 1940s see also Timeline of World War II 1940 Nazis invade Nazi invasion of France ... oil spill in US history occurs in the Gulf of Mexico . Tensions rise between North Korea North ...   more details

  1. Timeline of modern Greek history

    . See also History of modern Greece Timeline of Orthodoxy in Greece Timeline of ancient Greece Timeline ... DEFAULTSORT Timeline Of Modern Greek History Category History of modern Greece Category Greek timelines ... shipwreck of the modern Greek history occurs when Himara sinks in the South Evian Gulf , resulting ... Freedom or Death became the motto of the revolution. The Greeks experienced early successes on the battlefield ... McManners, John title The Oxford illustrated history of Christianity publisher Oxford University ... name cite web url http nektar history historia abstract.htm title University ... church history detorakis brief historical review.htm Brief Historical Review of the Holy Archdiocese ... eng history cobham exerpta cypria Exerpta Cypria , Cambridge University Press 1908 p ... eng history cobham exerpta cypria Exerpta Cypria , Cambridge University Press ... Ottoman Oppression and the Birth of the Modern Greek Nation . Overlook Press, 2001, ISBN 1 58567 172 ... Assembly of Epidaurus in early 1822, which also adopted the first Greek Constitution. A series ... Olympics first modern Olympic Games in Athens 1897, January Cretan Rebellion. Greece refuses an Ottoman ... yfile archive index.asp?Article 3476 1918 anti Greek riot a dark episode in Toronto s history . Friday ... of 235 ref http www.macedonian VirtualLibrary downloads Stefan01.pdf Modern and Contemporary ... Update 1974 publisher date 2001 10 26 accessdate 2009 05 14 ref ref History, Editorial ... 1991, 5 February The worst accident in the history of the Hellenic Air Force . Lockheed C 130H ... aviation accident in the history of Greece 2006, 18 20 May Athens hosts the Eurovision Song Contest ...   more details

  1. History of Poland in the Early Modern era (1569?1795)

    History of Poland main Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth see also History of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth 1569 1648 History of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth 1648 1764 History of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth 1764 1795 The early modern era of History of Poland Polish history follows the History of Poland in the Middle Ages late Middle Ages . Historians refer by that name to the period beginning ... s states. This time frame in Eastern Europe is referred to as the early modern Europe an period ... Khmelnytsky Uprising engulfed the south and east, and was soon followed by a Deluge history Swedish ... was the passing of the Constitution of May 3, 1791 , the first in modern Europe to make a singular ... Lithuanian Commonwealth effectively ceased to exist. Early elective monarchy Non hereditary royal ... 1619 and 1629 the Commonwealth was at its greatest geographical extent in history. In 1619 the Russo ... heightened tensions between peasants, History of the Jews in Poland Jew s and nobles. The tensions ... Uprising and the Deluge history The Deluge that devastated the Commonwealth from 1648 onward ... Uprising at times were able to defeat the Poles the Deluge history Swedes occupied much of Poland ... term the country was weakened at the moment of the Deluge history invasion by Sweden . The Deluge ... Sienkiewicz , became known as potop , or the Deluge history Deluge , for the magnitude and suddenness ... Andrzej Gierowski Historia Polski 1505 1764 History of Poland 1505 1764 , Pa stwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe ... responsible for the greatest disaster in Polish history, John Casimir abdicated in 1668. The population ... Polski 1505 1764 History of Poland 1505 1764 , p. 192 193 ref by military casualties, slave raids ... II Casimir Vasa John Casimir Vasa and the end of the The Deluge Polish history Deluge , the Polish ... the state, but helped to form the coherent nation, able to survive the long period of History of Poland ... Rozbiory 3.png Third Partition of Poland 1795 gallery center From the early years of the reign ...   more details

  1. History of Modern

    Infobox album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name History of Modern Type studio Artist Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark Cover OMD History of Modern album cover.jpg Released 20 September 2010 ref name ... Hits Messages OMD Greatest Hits br 2008 This album History of Modern br 2010 Next album Misc Singles Name History of Modern Type studio Single 1 If You Want It Single 1 date Start date 2010 09 06 df yes Single 2 Sister Marie Says Single 2 date Start date 2010 11 19 df yes Single 3 History of Modern Part I Single 3 date Start date 2011 02 28 df yes History of Modern is the eleventh studio album ... JANUARY 2010 History Of Modern update accessdate Start date 2010 1 12 df yes ref and designed by Four23 ... confirmed the album would have two songs named History of Modern on it and plans to change the name ... on 6 September 2010. On March 2nd, 2011 an EP, History of Modern Part I History of Modern part I was released containing remixes and B Sides from History of Modern . ref http product info.php?manufacturers id 14&products id 110 10 Release of History of Modern part ... play EP which was later shelved. Humphreys also co wrote Green and History Of Modern Part II . Sampling ... on 19 November 2010. The third single, History of Modern Part I has been remixed in radio and extended ... Rating 4 5 ref name Q cite journal last Aizlewood first John title Review History of Modern ... Rating 3 5 ref name Mojo cite journal last Wilkinson first Roy title Review History of Modern journal ... Manoeuvres in the Dark History of Modern publisher BBC first John last Doran date Start date 2010 ... web url Allmusic class album id r1951698 review pure url yes title History of Modern Review publisher ... by Andy Kellman awards the album with 2.5 stars. He ends the review with At its best, History of Modern ... one ref http story history of modern official announcement OMD Tracklisting Announcement ... Babies New Toys length1 3 52 title2 If You Want It writer2 OMD Carmen length2 4 45 title3 History of Modern ...   more details

  1. Early modern period

    Distinguish Early modern Europe File Waldseemuller map 2.jpg thumb right 210px center Waldseem ller map with joint sheets, 1507 Human history 222 In history , the early modern period of modern history .... TOC limit limit 3 Early modern timeline timeline ImageSize width 800 height 405 PlotArea width ... of the early modern period was its proto globalization globalizing character it witnessed the exploration ... Italian city states , particularly Genoa , Venice , and Milan . The early modern period also saw ... Catholic missions spread of Christianity around the world. The early modern trends in various regions ... of the early modern period, the Ming Dynasty was one of the greatest eras of orderly government ... of the first European Portuguese. Other notable trends of the early modern period include ... bar Timeframe color era from 1500 till 1800 text Early modern period bar Timeframe color filler from ... bar British.Isle color age from 1450 till 1770 shift 0,4 text Early modern Britain from 1450 till ... article for details color box ffd880 color box f2d97f Early modern themes color box cccccc Other Europe and the West This era in Western Europe is referred to as the early modern Europe an period and includes ... this period is known as the Great Divergence . The early modern period is taken to end with the French ... of Vienna . At the end of the early modern period, the Second British Empire British and Russian ... , while the three great Asia Asian empires of the early modern period, stagnation of the Ottoman Empire ... modern The expression early modern is sometimes incorrectly used as a substitute for the term Renaissance ... of the early modern period. In the visual arts and architecture, the term early modern is not a common ... of literature is the early modern period a standard designation. European music of the period ... modern period is not clear cut but is generally accepted to be in the late 15th century or early 16th century. Significant dates in this transitional phase from medieval to early modern Europe can ...   more details

  1. Early modern philosophy

    nofootnotes date May 2011 Early modern philosophy is a period in the history of philosophy at the beginning or overlapping with the period known as modern philosophy . The early modern period in history is roughly 1500 1800, but the label early modern philosophy is sometimes used to refer to a more specific period of time. In the narrowest sense, the term is used to refer principally to the philosophy of the 1600s, posited to have begun with Ren Descartes to have included Thomas Hobbes , Blaise Pascal , Baruch de Spinoza and to have ended with Leibniz , Isaac Newton or Spinoza . Many would stretch this period one generation further, thus including David Hume , John Locke , and George Berkeley . The term is sometimes used more broadly and considered to have begun in the 1500s with Niccol Machiavelli , Martin Luther and John Calvin to have also included Michel Eyquem de Montaigne , Francis Bacon , Giambattista Vico , Voltaire and Thomas Paine and to have ended at the latest in 1804 with the death of Immanuel Kant . Considered in this way, the period spans from Renaissance philosophy to the Age of Enlightenment . References http books?id 4Ak C2Gb8GAC&printsec frontcover&dq early modern philosophy&source bl&ots 26JGvd4Y32&sig 1jImTBpew59m1cvOxXn7PXIKDos&hl en&ei vsV1Tb VCo nrAfu59i Cg&sa X&oi book result&ct result&resnum 9&ved 0CGMQ6AEwCA v onepage&q&f true Early modern philosophy essential readings with commentary by Aloysius Martinich, Fritz Allhoff, Anand Vaidya http oso public content philosophy 9780195177602 toc.html Early Modern Philosophy Mind, Matter, and Metaphysics by Christia Mercer and Eileen O Neill Reflist External links http philo stub Categories Category History of philosophy el ...   more details

  1. Early Modern Literary Studies

    italictitle notability date November 2011 Infobox journal title Early Modern Literary Studies cover editor Matthew Steggle discipline English literature frequency abbreviation impact impact year publisher country United Kingdom history 1995 present website http emls emlshome.html link1 link1 name JSTOR ISSN 1201 2459 eISSN OCLC LCCN Early Modern Literary Studies is a Peer review peer reviewed academic journal covering the study of English literature and literary culture in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. It was established in 1995 and is published with the support of the Humanities Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University . The editor in chief is Matthew Steggle. journal stub Category Literary magazines Category English language journals Category Publications established in 1995 ...   more details

  1. Early modern Europe

    File Abraham Ortelius Map of Europe.jpg thumb Abraham Ortelius Map of Europe, 1595. Merge Early modern period date July 2011 Early modern Europe is the term used by historians to refer to a period in the history ... Modern France History of Italy 1559 1814 Early Modern Italy History of Sweden Early Modern Early ... history often called early modern . References reflist colwidth 30em Referred literature cite book ... DEFAULTSORT Early Modern Europe Category Early Modern period Category Modern history ar ... century to the late 18th century. The early modern period is often considered to have begun with such events ... chosen vary. Some of the more notable events of the early modern period included the Reformation ... The early modern period was characterized by profound changes in many realms of human ... and in the cities of the Low Countries , later in France , Germany and England . The early modern period also saw the rise and dominance of the economic theory of mercantilism . As such, the early modern ... Church , especially in Northern Europe . The early modern period also witnessed the circumnavigation ... its beginning and end points, the early modern period is generally agreed to have comprised the Renaissance ... to the manor or extended household of a particular magnate or lord . The beginning of the early modern ... century. Significant dates in this transitional phase from medieval to early modern Europe can be noted ... gave way to early modern Tudor dynasty Tudor monarchy, in the person of Henry VII of England Henry ... marks the end of the medieval Roman Catholic Church . The end date of the early modern period ... . Difference between early modern and the Renaissance The expression early modern is sometimes incorrectly ... modern period. The term early modern is most often applied to Europe, and its overseas empire. However ... , the Edo period from 1590 to 1868 is also sometimes referred to as the early modern period. Religion in early modern Europe File Lucas Cranach Antichrist.png thumb 250px The Antichrist , by Lucas Cranach ...   more details

  1. Early Modern English

    English. See also Early Modern Britain Early Modern English literature History of the English language ... Library at Yale University History of English Category Early Modern English Category History ...Infobox language name Early Modern English nativename English region England , southern Scotland , Ireland ... notice IPA Early Modern English sometimes abbreviated to EModE ref e.g. cite journal last R o Rey first Carmen date 2002 10 09 title Subject control and coreference in Early Modern English free adjuncts ... in the late phase of the Early Modern English period e.g. the first edition of the King James Bible ... may present more difficulties. Indeed, the Early Modern English of the early 17th century forms the base of the grammatical and orthographical conventions that survive in Modern English . History English ... The change from Middle English to Early Modern English was not just a matter of vocabulary or pronunciation ..., while archaic in some respects, is clearly Early Modern, possibly a Yorkshire or Midlands dialect. 1491 ... associated with Early Modern English The orthography of Early Modern English was fairly similar to that of today, but spelling unstable. Early Modern English as well as Modern English had inherited orthographical conventions predating the Great Vowel Shift . Early Modern English orthography ... for just . The letter < > thorn letter thorn was still in use during the Early Modern English ... Pronouns Off topic date February 2012 Image Kjv hebrews.png thumb 250px right Early Modern English ... pronoun and the formal singular pronoun. Thou was already falling out of use in the Early Modern ... of the Holy Bible intentionally preserved, in Early Modern English, archaic pronouns and verb endings ... words beginning with a vowel or h , as in mine eyes or thine hand . Early Modern English personal pronouns table Verbs Marking tense and number During the Early Modern period, English verb inflections ... rare throughout the Early Modern period, though, and en was probably only used as a stylistic affectation ...   more details

  1. Early Modern literature

    history of literature2 The history of literature of the Early Modern period 16th century in literature 16th , 17th century in literature 17th and partly 18th century literature . Early Modern literature succeeds Medieval literature , and in Europe in particular Renaissance literature . In Europe, the Early Modern period lasts roughly from 1550 to 1750, spanning the Baroque period and ending with the Age of Enlightenment and the wars of the French Revolution . The Early Modern period in Persia corresponds to the rule of the Safavid dynasty . In Japan , the Early Modern period Edo period is taken ... Renaissance literature History of modern literature Category Early Modern literature ... See Early Modern English literature Elizabethan literature Jacobean era literature Restoration ... the novel originated from the early modern period and grew in popularity in the next century. Before the modern novel became established as a form there first had to be a transitional stage when ... enlightenment returned to Europe s stages in the early modern period. William Shakespeare is the most notable of the early modern playwrights, but numerous others made important contributions, including ... Nand Lal Goya India See Indian literature Early Modern Bengali literature Early Modern Tamil literature ... that proved the greatest outside influence on the development of Early Modern Japanese fiction. Ihara Saikaku might be said to have given birth to the modern consciousness of the novel in Japan, mixing ... novel by many literary scholars or the first of the modern European novels . It was published in two ... notes, As a rule, the beloved is not a woman, but a young man. In the early centuries of Islam, the raids ..., Ehsan. 1986. Persian Poetry in the Timurid and Safavid Periods, Cambridge History of Iran. Cambridge ... can be seen in some mediocre literature produced in early 18th century. Examples are Chand Chhand Varnan ... of Edo modern Tokyo , developed forms of popular drama which would later evolve into kabuki . The joruri ...   more details

  1. Early Modern Gan

    Early Modern Gan , Qin tai Gon ngi indicates the historical layer of Gan language since the Qing Dynasty and till the beginning of modern times. The textbook Lei Zi Meng Qiu published in the middle of 19th century is used to know about the linguistic form of Nanchang dialect , and scholars find out the language stays almost the same as before. For example, the nasal ending IPA m disappeared into IPA n , and 7 tones were used. Westerners also began to study Gan language during this period. British people British diplomatic official Edward Harper Parker is the first westerner who recorded Gan language. He noticed his friend Wen yuan of Fuzhou, Jiangxi Fuzhou merged Slack voice Muddy consonnats with Aspiration phonetics Aspirate consonnats. Bibles in some Gan dialects were also published at this time. References Liu Lunxin , On the history of Gan Hakka Li Jun and Chen Changfang , Characteristics of the rhyming, tonal system of Nanchang dialect of the middle 19th century 19 Laurent Sagart, Les dialectes Gan You Rujie , http books?id pWumAAAACAAJ&dq E8 A5 BF E6 B4 8B E5 82 B3 E6 95 99 E5 A3 AB E6 BC A2 E8 AA 9E E6 96 B9 E8 A8 80 E5 AD B8 E8 91 97 E4 BD 9C E6 9B B8 E7 9B AE E8 80 83 E8 BF B0 Google Books History of Gan Category Gan language zh ...   more details

  1. Early modern European cuisine

    History of cuisine DEFAULTSORT Early Modern European Cuisine Category European cuisine Category Historical ... for the early modern Tuscans The Beaneater by Annibale Carracci , 1580 90. The cuisine of early modern ... 29 ref Grain remained the undisputed main staple of early modern Europe until the 17th century. By this time ... period, and gained in popularity during the early modern period notably in Naples , where it was not often ... this trend. ref Braudel pp. 190 99 ref Fats A map of Early Modern Europe could be drawn based on the characteristic ... since Roman times, but the onset of the Little Ice Age that coincided with Early Modern Europe .... All three remained very expensive throughout the early modern period. National cuisines As nations ... of today s European nations had not occurred in early modern Europe, many of the characteristics ... by Christopher Columbus. ref Wheaton, 85. ref Italy main Italian cuisine Early modern era ..., a didactic switch occurred during the early modern era which changed the cuisine from one of high court ..., 158 159. ref Notes div Reflist 2 div References Albala, Ken. Food in Early Modern Europe, 1500 ... that would persist in the modern era . Though there was a great influx of new ideas, an increase ... or drying to the constitution, moistening or drying. Nationalism was first conceived in the early modern period, but it was not until the 19th century that the notion of a national cuisine emerged ... per day were eaten, one in the early morning to noon and one in the late afternoon later at night. The exact ... of Venice Venice the early meal was the lighter one while supper was heavier. In the rest of Europe ... today did not become a standard until well into the modern period modern era . As in the Middle Ages, breakfast in the sense of an early morning meal, is largely absent from the sources. It s unclear ... modern Europeans are used to. Wheat was considerably more expensive than other grains, and rarely ... results. In the early 19th century, when much of the country depended almost exclusively on potato ...   more details

  1. Timeline of early AIDS cases

    Use dmy dates date October 2010 This article is a timeline of early AIDS cases. An AIDS case is classified as early if the death occurred before 18 June 1981, when the AIDS epidemic was formally recognized by medical professionals in the United States. 1959 David Carr history of AIDS David Carr incorrectly thought to be a documented AIDS case. A Manchester printer usually referred to, mistakenly, as a sailor who died in October 1959 following the failure of his immune system he succumbed to pneumonia . Doctors, baffled by what he had died from, preserved 50 of his tissue samples for inspection. In 1990, the tissues were found to be HIV positive. However, in 1992, a second test by AIDS researcher David Ho scientist David Ho found that the strain of HIV present in the tissues was similar to those found in the late 1980s rather than an earlier strain which would have mutated considerably over the course of 30 years . Ho s discovery has cast doubt on David Carr s death being caused by AIDS. ref cite news last Connor first Steve title How scientists discovered false evidence on the world s first AIDS victim pages 2 3 publisher The Independent date 24 March 1995 url http news MISC 1995 IN950301.html accessdate 11 February 2009 ref A possible case was detected of a death on June 28, 1959, in Ardouin Antonio, a 49 year old Jamaica n from Haiti ref Chicago Tribune http news ct 1987 CT871004.html How Long Has Virus Been Stalking Victims? 25 October 1987 Bot generated title retrieved 15 May 2008 ref who in 1927 had emigrated to the United States and at the time of death was working as a shipping clerk for a garment manufacturer in Manhattan . He developed similar symptoms to those just described for the British printer, and died the same year, apparently ... Timeline of AIDS List of HIV positive people References reflist External links Cribb, Julian, http ..., 1996 AIDS Category History of HIV AIDS Category Medicine timelines ...   more details

  1. Early Modern Switzerland

    Use dmy dates date September 2011 History of Switzerland The early modern period early modern history ... by period Early modern Category Early Modern history by country Switzerland Category Old Swiss Confederacy ... Napoleonic Switzerland . The early modern period was characterized by an increasingly Aristocracy ... to the sovereign territories of Early Modern Switzerland. They were listed in a fixed order of precedence ... the Reformation guaranteed a regular turnover in the city councils. During the early modern era, the growing ... which continued throughout the early modern period. Additionally in 1707, the Toggenburg valley ... towards political conservatism. The early modern period was a time when Swiss science and literature ... during the early modern period Wikisource User Tim Starling ScanSet TIFF demo 1911 Encyclop dia Britannica vol 26, pages 283 285 main Swiss literature Before the early modern period most of the literature ... German with only small pockets of French. During the early modern period German still dominated .... ref name Brittanica History http w index.php?title User Tim Starling ScanSet ... from the Holy Roman Empire with support from France, and had very close relations with France. The early modern period also saw the growth of French Swiss literature with several famous authors, including ... first, with History of Z rich Z rich heading the list as the de facto Vorort of the Eight Cantons ... to the modern order which lists Zug after Glarus, and Basel after Solothurn , was as follows ... during the 16th and early 17th centuries, and therefore sometimes shown with inverted ... 8901 1 2 Thirty Years War, The Confederation and the War ref signed under the impression of the History ... and Strasbourg in 1681 . ref name Brittanica History Following Louis XIV s revocation of the Edict ... by the catholic cantons to the Protestant cantons. ref name Brittanica History This agreement removed ... conflicted with the history of public expression which grew out of the Swiss Reformation . In many ...   more details

  1. Early modern glass in England

    Reflist 2 DEFAULTSORT Early Modern Glass In England Category History of glass Category Economic history ...The Early modern Europe early modern period in England c. 1500 1800 brought on a revival in local glass .... ref name Crossley b In the early modern era, network formers were obtained from fine or coarse ... Charleston ref name Willmott b Willmott, H., 2002. Early Post Medieval vessel Glass in England c. 1500 1670 Council for British Archaeology, Research Report 132 ref Network stabilizers in early modern ... mark the end of the early modern period and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. ref name Frank ... became more elaborate and specific to its intended use throughout the early modern period. ref name ... scales during the early modern period. Types of objects include Phials Goblets Drinking Glasses Beakers .... ref name Godfrey Stained glass Stained glass in the earliest part of the early modern period ... and 17th centuries. In McCray, P ed The Prehistory and History of Glassmaking Technology , Westerville ... Crossley b ref name Willmott a Willmott, H., 2005. A History of English Glassmaking AD 40 1800 , Tempus ... Maloney Terence Maloney, F.J., 1967. Glass in the Modern World . Science and Technology Series. London ... 2003 ref In the early 16th and 17th centuries glassmaking the manufacture of glass from raw materials ... Production, Characterization, and Value. In McCray, P ed The Prehistory and History of Glassmaking ... derived from the analysis of materials at the Old Broad Street furnace in London, dated to the early ... colorants were known from earlier periods in Roman glass Chemistry antiquity . Early post medieval glass Medieval glasshouse traditions continued in the Weald, which was becoming deforested by the early ..., one such glasshouse has been recovered, which dates from circa 1535 it contained an early ... to the late 16th early 17th century furnace remains at two glass producing sites, Hutton and Rosedale ... modern spelling for this family was granted a patent to experiment with coal as the main fuel ...   more details

  1. Early modern Britain

    Refimprove date January 2010 UKHBS Early modern Britain is the history of the island of Great Britain , roughly corresponding to the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. Major historical events in Early Modern British history include the English Renaissance , the English Reformation and Scottish Reformation ... New Oxford History of England 1995 See also Early Modern English Early Modern English literature Early Modern period Evolution of the British Empire British colonisation of the Americas British Society for Eighteenth Century Studies Company rule in India History of Scotland DEFAULTSORT Early Modern Britain Category Early Modern history by country Britain Category History of the British Isles ... and his contemporaries. The rise of the Tudors Some scholars date the beginning of Early Modern ..., Godfrey. The Early Stuarts, 1603 1660 Oxford History of England 1959 Guy, John. Tudor England 1988 ... I of England Queen Elizabeth I 1558 1603 and is known to be a golden age in History of England English history . It was the height of the English Renaissance and saw the flowering of English literature .... Strategic fortresses were put on alert, and London placed under guard. Elizabeth died in the early ... in England English and Scotland Scottish history that coincides with the reign of James I of England ... era refers to a period in England English and Scotland Scottish history that coincides with the reign ... occupied by modern day England and Wales after the English Civil War. It began with the regicide ... . 18th century Main Kingdom of Great Britain See Georgian era History of the United Kingdom Peace between ... Anthony authorlink Anthony Pagden title The Origins of Empire, The Oxford History of the British Empire ... Peoples and Empires A Short History of European Migration, Exploration, and Conquest, from Greece to the Present publisher Modern Library year 2003 page 90 ref In 1701, England, Portugal and the Netherlands .... ref Eveline Cruickshanks, Jacobites, Tories and James III , Parliamentary History, July 2002, Vol ...   more details

  1. Early modern warfare

    Cleanup date May 2011 Gunpowder warfare redirects here. For the early use of gunpowder during the Middle Ages, see history of gunpowder . History of war Early modern warfare is associated with the start ... Laboratory and Indian Institute of Science. ref Somalia see History of somalia Early modern Ethiopian .... See also Early modern period Gunpowder History of gunpowder Gunpowder magazine Specific Kabinettskriege ... on a limited basis, but its use became universal in the early modern period , its apex occurring ... attackers, early modern fortifications had to withstand artillery bombardments. To do this, engineers ... in the 1690s, which transformed the infantry into the most important branch of the early modern military ... corps of almost all early modern armies, including their high command. Moreover, popular revolts ... horsemen. Arguably the world s greatest power for almost the entirety of the early modern period ... barrelled cannon, fired with a matchlock . ref citation title Science and technology in early modern ... Press, c1986. Townsend, Charles. The Oxford History of Modern War Oxford Oxford University Press ... and Faith in Early Modern Europe ,Penguin Books, London 2003. Tallet, Frank, War and Society in Early ... Category Warfare of the Early Modern era http celyn jherek 16thMilSci.pdf Military ... PDF . Use dmy dates date May 2011 DEFAULTSORT Early Modern Warfare Category Warfare of the Early Modern ... wars and Russo Swedish Wars the History of the Russo Turkish wars Russo Turkish Wars , Ottoman Habsburg ... 18th to early 19th centuries which mark the end of this era. The understanding of gunpowder warfare ... by the pikemen, again making amassing large forces difficult. Starting in the early 14th century, plate ... of weeks. Since the early muskets themselves were very inaccurate, training in marksmanship was of little ... were among the most lethal before the modern period. For example, the Thirty Years War and the contemporary Wars of the Three Kingdoms , were the most bloody conflicts in the history of Germany and Britain ...   more details

  1. Early timeline of Nazism

    Unreferenced date July 2007 Nazism sidebar expanded History The early timeline of Nazism begins with its origins in 1896 cn date September 2011 and continues until Hitler s rise to power . see also Timeline of the Weimar Republic Prehistory of National Socialism 1834 the term Nationalsozialismus last appears in Print B rsenblatt f r den deutschen Buchhandel, page 36 1870 the term National Socialism first appears in English The sects of the Russian Church , The North British review, Volumes 52 53. 1884 National Socialism , mentioned in Fabian Tracts , Fabian Publications, Great Britain. 1896 The Czech National Social Party is formed. 1897 Franko Stein moves a small periodical Der Hammer from Vienna to Eger. May 1898 Maurice Barr s , while standing as a nationalist candidate for Nancy, France, coins the term Socialist Nationalism . 1898 German Workers Congress organized by Stein in Eger Cheb . Apr 1902 Organization of Nationalistic Labor took place in Saaz. Nov 15, 1903 Deutsche Arbeiterpartei in sterreich formed. DAP 1904 Hans Knirsch proposes to add National Socialist to the Austrian DAP name rejected by party congress confrees. 1909 All Austrian congress of the German Workers Party held in Prague. World War I 1910 Aug 7, 1910 Hitler mustache is made. 1914 Aug 1, 1914 World War I breaks out. Aug 2, 1914 Adolf Hitler receives permission to enlist joins the 16th Reserve Infantry Regiment in Munich Oct 30, 1914 Adolf Hitler transferred to regimental staff as runner. Nov 1, 1914 Adolf Hitler promoted to Gefreiter senior private or corporal . 1918 Mar 7, 1918 Anton Drexler organized a branch of German Workers Peace in Munich. Jul 17, 1918 Adolf Hitler saves life of 9th Company Commander Aug 4, 1918 Adolf Hitler awarded Iron Cross 1st Class. Oct 13, 1918 Adolf Hitler gassed near ..., New Haven, CT. 1996. pp 191 193. Nazism Category Nazi Germany Timeline, Early Nazi Category Nazism Timeline, Early Nazi Category German timelines ...   more details

  1. Timeline of early Estonian publications

    This is the timeline of notable early Estonia n publications, along with links to the articles discussing them. class wikitable Time Publication Person Remarks 1535 Wanradt Koell Catechism by Simon Wanradt and Johann Koell the oldest partially preserved Estonian language book, printed in Wittenberg 1633 Historische Prodromus des Lieffl ndischen Rechtens und Reglements by Friedrich Menius first book published in Estonia 1641, 1649 Leyen Spiegel by Heinrich Stahl first book printed in Estonia and using Estonian language . This sermon book, published in two volumes, ran parallel in German language German and Estonian language Estonian . 1739 a Bible by Jacob Johann K hler the first printing of Estonian language Estonian translation of the Bible 1766 1767 L hhike ppetus edited by dr. Peter Ernst Wilde , translated by August Wilhelm Hupel a medical manual the first Estonian language periodic publication 1795 an Alphabet book ABC by Otto Wilhelm Masing the oldest known preserved Estonian language ABC 1807 Tarto maa rahva N ddali Leht ? the first Estonian language newspaper 1813 1832 Beitr ge zur genauern Kenntni der ehstnischen Sprache edited by Johann Heinrich Rosenpl nter the first scientific journal discussing Estonian language 1821 1823 Marahva N ddala Leht edited by Otto Wilhelm Masing an early weekly newspaper 1857 Postimees established edited by Johann Voldemar Jannsen the oldest still published Estonian language newspaper 1857 1861 Kalevipoeg by Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald printed piece by piece as an academic publication of the petatud Eesti Selts 1891 Postimees goes daily ? the first Estonian language daily newspaper Category Literature timelines Estonian Category Estonian literature Category Estonian media Estonia stub ...   more details

  1. Scotland in the Early Modern Era

    History of Scotland Scotland in the Early Modern Era refers, for the purposes of this article, to Scotland between the death of James IV of Scotland James IV in 1513 and the end of the Jacobite rebellions and beginnings of industrialisation , roughly corresponding to the Early modern Europe early modern era in Europe . Political history 16th century James V Main James V of Scotland The death of James IV of Scotland James IV at the Battle of Flodden in 1513 meant a long period of regency in the name of his infant son James V of Scotland James V . ref G. Menzies, Who are the Scots? and, The Scottish Nation Edinburgh Edinburgh University Press, 2002 , ISBN 190293038X, p. 179. ref He finally managed to escape from the custody of the regents in 1528 and began to take revenge on a number of them and their families. He continued his father s policy of subduing the rebellious Highlands, Western and Northern isles and the troublesome borders. He took punitive measures against the Clan Douglas in the north, summarily executed John Armstrong of Liddesdale and carried out royal progresses to underline his authority. ref name Nicholls1999pp82 4 M. Nicholls, A History of the Modern British Isles, 1529 1603 the Two Kingdoms Oxford Wiley Blackwell, 1999 , ISBN 0631193340, pp. 82 4. ref He also continued ... . ref name Nicholls1999p87 M. Nicholls, A History of the Modern British Isles, 1529 1603 the Two ... of civil wars that engulfed England in the 1640s and 50s is known to modern historians as the Wars ... s illegitimate son, at the Battle of Bothwell Bridge . In the early 1680s a more intense phase of persecution ... history. Whilst William accepted limits on royal power, under the Bill of Rights 1689 Bill ... Five began. Charles Edward Stuart , known to history as Bonnie Prince Charlie or the Young ... Refimprove date October 2009 reflist See also Scottish Enlightenment Scotland topics Category Early Modern Scotland ...   more details

  1. Timeline of world history

    The timeline of History of the world world history details recorded events since the creation of writing roughly 5000 years ago which marks the beginning of history to the present day. For events from c. 3350 BCE to c. 500 CE see Timeline of ancient history For events from the c. 500 to 1499, see Timeline of mediaeval history For events from 1500 to 1899, see Timeline of early modern history For events since 1900, see Timeline of modern history Prehistory For events dating from before the invention of writing see Timeline of prehistory Future For future timelines, see Timeline of the future disambiguation See also List of years List of decades List of centuries List of millennia External links http Timeline of World History disambig DEFAULTSORT Timeline Of World History Category Historical timelines ...   more details

  1. Early modern France

    Kingdom of France is the early modern period of French history from the end of the 15th century ... online edition Society and culture Beik, William. A Social and Cultural History of Early Modern ...For the administrative and social structures of early modern France Ancien R gime in France Infobox former .... Economy Main Economic history of France History History of France Background The Peace of Etaples 1492 marks, for some, the beginning of the early modern period in France. After the Hundred Years ... in Early Modern France 2009 http dp 0521130255 excerpt and text search Doyle, William ... of France Labor and Culture in Early Modern Times, 1350 1800 2008 http dp 0742534006 ... DEFAULTSORT Early Modern France Category States and territories established in 1492 Category Early Modern history by country France Link GA ko cs Francie v ran m novov ku es Francia en poca de los ... its provinces into an administrative whole. During this period, France expanded to nearly its modern .... It would be the early 16th century before the population recovered to mid 14th century levels ... deadly for the French, both World Wars included. ref Pillorget, 996, 1155 7. ref Language Main History ... of the standardised modern French of the 17th and 18th century which in turn became the lingua ... the way for France to undertake the long Italian Wars 1494 1559 , which marked the beginning of early modern France. Wars For the Cultural movement cultural and Art movement artistic movement in France from the late 15th century to the early 17th century French Renaissance Despite the beginnings ... of European affairs. An early offensive against Lorraine province Lorraine was successful, but the attempted ... was part of French hegemony. In the early part of the century French painters had to go to Rome to shed ... thumb right 180px Louis XVI br Last King of Early France. By Joseph Duplessis 1775 . On the whole ... France . 1996 . ISBN 0 00 686167 9 Le Roy Ladurie, Emmanuel. The Ancien Regime A History of France ...   more details

  1. Orientalism in early modern France

    reflist colwidth 30em References Baghdiantz McAbe, Ina. 2008. Orientalism in Early Modern France . Oxford ... upon their return to France and contribute greatly to the early development of science in France .... ref name Wolfe http books?id kY92BMFNFjUC&pg PA35 Marbled paper its history, techniques ... impact According to historian McCabe, early orientalism profoundly shaped French culture and gave it many of its modern characteristics. In the area of science, she stressed the role of Orientalism in the birth ... Oxford University Press. ISBN 978 0199234844. Category History of France Category Asian studies ...   more details

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