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Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg
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Encyclopedia results for Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg

Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg

Encyclopedia results for Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg

  1. Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg

    refimprove date July 2009 Infobox Chancellor name Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg image Theobald von Bethmann ... death date death date 1 January 1921 party none Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg 29 November 1856 1 ... great prosperity in the 18th century. ref Cite EB1922 Bethmann Hollweg, Theobald von ref Cosima ... German Conspiracy . Citation needed date July 2009 Image Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg in uniform ... year 1920 Bethmann Hollweg, Theobald Theodore Friedrich Alfred von vb 1 ref During the war, Bethmann ... GA de ar bs Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg bg de Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg es Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg eo Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg fa fr Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg hr Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg it Theobald ... Hollweg hu Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg mr nl Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg ja no Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg pnb pl Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg pt Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg ru , sr fi Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg sv Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg tr Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg uk yo Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg zh ... n official Felix von Bethmann Hollweg. His grandfather was August von Bethmann Hollweg , who ... of Brandenburg in 1899. In 1889, Bethmann Hollweg married Martha von Pfuel , niece of Ernst von Pfuel , Prime Minister of Prussia . From 1905 to 1907 Bethmann Hollweg served as Prussian Minister ... of Chancellor Bernhard von B low , Bethmann Hollweg was appointed to succeed him. ref ... . Later life Dr. von Bethmann Hollweg received prominent attention throughout the world in June ... Persondata . NAME Bethmann Hollweg, Theobald ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION German chancellor ... 1 January 1921 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Bethmann Hollweg, Theobald Category 1856 births Category ...   more details

  1. August von Bethmann-Hollweg

    Image Moritz August von Bethmann Hollweg.jpg thumb August von Bethmann Hollweg Moritz August von Bethmann Hollweg born 8 April 1795 in Frankfurt am Main , died 14 July 1877 on Rheineck Rheineck castle near Bad Breisig Niederbreisig on the Rhine was a German jurist and Prussia n politician. Life Bethmann Hollweg was born in Frankfurt am Main as the son of the banker de Johann Jakob Bethmann Hollweg Johann Jakob Bethmann Hollweg and Bethmann family Susanne Elisabeth Bethmann . As a child he was tutored ... of 1848 1848 revolution , and the moral damage it revealed in many areas, decided von Bethmann Hollweg ... position von Bethmann Hollweg s aim, which he also publicized from 1852 onward in the Wochenblatt ... s ministry von Bethmann Hollweg served as the Prussian minister of education, culture and medicine ... the enactment of the German Civil Code in 1896. Family He is a grandfather of Theobald von Bethmann ... Fritz Fischer, Moritz August von Bethmann Hollweg und der Protestantismus. Religion, Rechts ... Bethmann Hollweg, Moriz August von Adolf Wach ADB Bethmann Hollweg, August von ws Carl Schurz , s The Reminiscences ... mentions von Bethmann Hollweg in s The Reminiscences of Carl Schurz Volume One 05 Revolutionary Days ... was at that time Herr von Bethmann Hollweg. More on account of his duties than of his personal ... petition Cite Americana year 1920 Bethmann Hollweg, Moritz August vb 1 External links Works by BBKL b bethmann hollweg m a De icon PND 118510339 De icon De August von Bethmann Hollweg ... above . Persondata NAME Bethmann Hollweg, August von ALTERNATIVE NAMES Bethmann Hollweg, Moritz ... on the Rhine DEFAULTSORT Bethmann Hollweg, August von Category 1795 births Category 1877 deaths ... of Bonn faculty de August von Bethmann Hollweg sv Moritz August von Bethmann Hollweg ... Karl von Savigny . While still a student, he participated in the deciphering of the Veronese ... Tischgesellschaft Christlich deutsche Tischgesellschaft of Adolf von Thadden Trieglaff, an exclusive ...   more details

  1. Theobald von Oer

    Expand German date December 2008 Theobald von Oer File Oer Weimarer Musenhof.jpg thumb 250px Theobald von Oer 1807 1885 The Weimar Court of the Muses. In 1860, 55 years after Friedrich Schiller Schiller s death in 1805, this oil painting was produced of a reading of his poems in the park of the Schloss Tiefurt . Among the listeners, to the right, is Goethe. Theobald Reinhold Freiherr von Oer 9 October 1807 &ndash 1885 in Coswig, Saxony Coswig was a German painter, illustrator and etcher. He is notable for his portraits, genre paintings and historic paintings. He is associated with the D sseldorf school of painting . Early life Theobald von Oer, born at Haus Nottbeck, Stromberg, Oelde Stromberg , was the son of a Westphalia n district administrator. His younger brother Maximilian Joseph Franz of Oer 1806 1846 was a writer. Even in his childhood von Oer liked to paint and to draw, and was talented. At the age of 12, he fell ill with scarlet fever and lost his hearing as well as parts of his speech. File TheobaldvonOerPaniting.jpg thumb 250px Another one of his paintings Adult life At 19, von Oer started with studies at the Royal Academy of Arts Dresden today the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts . He proved himself exceptionally talented and quickly changed to further studies to the Kunstakademie D sseldorf , under the teaching of W. von Schadow. In 1836, he and architect H. Matth i travelled together through the Netherlands and Belgium , eventually arriving at Paris , visiting various French people French artists. In 1837 he travelled through Southern France into the Italian cities Rome , Capri , and Ischia . His main emphasis was the art of painting historical scenes, however, he painted various landscapes and portraits. His journey to Italy also had much influence on his style ... D. Westhoff, Die Italienreise von Theobald Reinhold von Oer 1837 1839. 2 vol. Frankfurt on Main ... D sseldorf alumni Germany painter stub de Theobald von Oer ...   more details

  1. Theobald

    Theobald is a Germanic name Germanic dithematic name , composed from the elements theodiscus theo people and bald bold . Originating from Gotenburg Citation needed date September 2011 and travelling with the Goths through Germany, the Roman Empire and into France, the name arrived in England with the Norman Conquest Normans . The name occurs in many spelling variations, including Tybalt Shakespeare ... bert bright . Historical people called Theobald include Theobald of Bec , Archbishop of Canterbury St. Theobald of Marly , Cistercian abbot St. Theobald of Provins , hermit Saint Th obald Lewis Theobald , an 18th century editor of Shakespeare Theobald I, Duke of Lorraine Theobald II, Duke of Lorraine Theobald I of Blois Theobald II of Blois Theobald III of Blois , also known as Theobald I of Count of Champagne Champagne Theobald II of Champagne , also known as Theobald IV of Count of Blois Blois Theobald III of Champagne Theobald IV of Champagne , also known as Theobald I of Navarre Theobald V of Champagne , also known as Theobald II of Navarre Theobald of Bec , Archbishop of Canterbury 1138 1161 Theobald, Bishop of Li ge died 1312 Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg , German politician and statesman who served as Chancellor of the German Empire Theobald Mathew temperance reformer Theobald Mathew , an Irish temperance reformer Theobald Mathew officer of arms Theobald Mathew , an English Officer of Arms Theobald Stein , Denmark Danish sculptor Theobald Wolfe Tone , the leader of the 1798 United Irishmen s rising Surname David Theobald Densill Theobald Frederick Vincent Theobald 1868 1930 British entomologist Karl Theobald English stand up comedian and actor Lewis Theobald , an 18th century editor of Shakespeare Nichola Theobald Robert Alfred Theobald Robert Theobald 1929 1999 , an economist and futurist William Theobald 1829 1908 , a malacologist and naturalist See also Thibaut , Thibault ... Thibaut nl Theobald ja pt Theobald ...   more details

  1. Clemens von Delbr�ck

    World War , the increasing conflict between the Chancellor Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg and leading ... Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg s ttl title Vice Chancellor of Germany years 1909 1916 s aft after Karl ...Infobox Chancellor name Clemens von Delbr ck image Delbr ck, Clemens von 1856 1921 .jpg order Vice Chancellor of Germany chancellor Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg term start 14 July 1908 term end 22 May 1916 predecessor Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg successor Karl Helfferich order2 Federal Ministry of the Interior Germany Secretary of the Interior of the German Empire term start2 14 July 1908 term end2 22 May 1916 predecessor2 Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg successor2 Karl Helfferich order3 Mayor of Danzig term start3 1896 term end3 1902 predecessor3 Karl Adolf Baumbach successor3 Heinrich Otto Ehlers birth date birth date 1856 1 19 df y death date death date and age 1921 12 17 1856 1 19 df y party None until 1918 , German National People s Party DNVP 1918 1921 . Clemens Ernst Gottlieb von Delbr ck born 19 January 1856, Halle an der Saale , died 17 December 1921, Jena was a Germans German nationalist politician and later nobleman . Biography He was born into a common family, and attended high school in Halle between 1873 and 1877. ref name NDB NDB 3 575 576 Delbr ck, Clemens von Gerhard A. Ritter ref He studied theology at the Ruprecht Karls Universit t Heidelberg and law at the University ... House of Lords . He was Oberpr sident of West Prussia from 1902 to 1905. In 1909, von Delbr ck joined ... a member of the Geheimes Zivilkabinett before its dissolution at the end of the German Empire . Von ... Persondata . NAME Delbr ck, Clemens von ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION German politician DATE ... Delbruck, Clemens Von Category 1856 births Category 1921 deaths Category People from Halle, Saxony ... of Germany Category Mayors of places in Germany de Clemens von Delbr ck nl Klemens Delbr ck pl Clemens von Delbr ck sv Clemens von Delbr ck ...   more details

  1. Theobald of Arles

    Theobald , count of Arles , was a Franks Frank from the Bosonid family. He was son of Hucbert and he married Bertha, daughter of Lothair II Bertha an illegitimate daughter of Lothair II of Lotharingia Lothair II , King of Lotharingia that was renowned for her beauty and spirit. They had two sons Hugh of Italy and Boso of Tuscany . Theobald died in 925. Persondata name Theobald of Arles alternative names short description date of birth place of birth date of death 925 place of death Category Bosonid dynasty Category Frankish people Category 925 deaths France bio stub bg ca Teobald d Arle de Theotbald von Arles el fr Th obald d Arles id Theobald dari Arles it Tebaldo d Arles nl Theobald van Arles pt Teobaldo de Arles ...   more details

  1. Saint Theobald

    Saint Theobald may refer to Theobald of Provins d. 1066 , hermit Theobald of Marly d. 1247 , Cistercian See also Saint Thibault disambiguation hndis Theobald ...   more details

  1. Theobald Mathew

    Theobald Mathew may refer to Theobald Mathew temperance reformer , Irish temperance reformer Theobald Mathew officer of arms , English Officer of Arms Theobald Mathew lawyer , English prosecutor hndis Mathew, Theobald ...   more details

  1. Theobald Butler

    Theobald Butler may refer to Theobald Walter, 1st Baron Butler d.1206 Theobald le Botiller, 2nd Chief Butler of Ireland d.1230 Theobald Butler, 3rd Chief Butler of Ireland c.1224 1248 Theobald Butler, 4th Chief Butler of Ireland c.1242 85 Theobald Butler of Polestown 16th century Theobald Butler, 1st Baron Cahir d.1596 See also Theobald Butler Barrett 1894 ? Canadian politician hndis Butler, Theobald ...   more details

  1. Theobald of Marly

    Theobald Of Marly Category French saints Category 1247 deaths Category Cistercians Category 13th century Christian saints France saint stub de Theobald von Marly fr Thibaut de Marly nl Theobald ...Saint Theobald redirects here. For the hermit, see Theobald of Provins Saint Theobald of Provins . Infobox saint name Saint Theobald birth date death date death date 1247 12 8 feast day July 27 July 8 July 9 translation relics translation of relics venerated in Roman Catholic Church image imagesize 250px caption birth place Marly la Ville , Montmorency, Val d Oise Montmorency death place Monastery of Vaux de Cernay titles Abbot beatified date beatified place beatified by canonized date canonized place canonized by attributes knight bearing the arms of Thann Alsace Thann sometimes depicted wearing armor under his Cistercian habit with his miter at his feet patronage major shrine Vaux de Cernay suppressed date issues Saint Theobald of Marly lang fr Saint Thibaut, Thibault, Thi baut died December 8, 1247 was a France French abbot and saint . He was born at the castle of Marly la Ville Marly , Montmorency, Val d Oise Montmorency , and was trained as a knight. He served as a knight at the court of Philip Augustus , though he later entered the Cistercian monastery of Vaux de Cernay in 1220. He was elected prior in 1230 and ninth abbot in 1235. ref http cathen 15316a.htm Catholic Encyclopedia 1912 , Vaux de Cernay Retrieved 2012 03 06. ref He was held in high esteem by Louis IX of France Saint Louis . ref name stpatrickdc http ss 0727.shtml thib Saint of the Day, July 27 Theobald of Marly . . Retrieved 2012 03 06. ref Veneration He is venerated in Thann Alsace Thann and Hemel Hempstead . ref name stpatrickdc References Reflist External links http ss 0727.shtml thib Saint of the Day, July 27 Theobald of Marly at Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Theobald Of Marly ...   more details

  1. Theobald of Provins

    ref name heiligen cite web url http BiographienT Theobald von Provins.html title Theobald von Provins date ? publisher kumenisches Heiligenlexikon accessdate May 19, 2009 ref ...Infobox saint name Saint Theobald of Provins birth date 1017 death date Death date 1066 06 30 feast day June 30 venerated in Roman Catholic Church image imagesize 250px caption birth place Provins death place Sossano Salanigo titles Hermit beatified date beatified place beatified by canonized date 1073 ... major shrine suppressed date issues Saint Theobald of Provins lang fr Saint Thibaut, Thibault, Thi baut 1017 1066 was a French people French hermit and saint . Theobald was born at Provins to the French ... , 314 5. ref He was named after his uncle, St. Theobald of Vienne . ref name Brewster As a youth, he .... When war broke out between Theobald s cousin Odo II, Count of Blois and Conrad the Salic over the kingdom of Burgundy Burgundian crown , Theobald refused to lead troops to help his cousin and convinced his father to let him become a hermit. ref name Brewster Theobald left home with a friend named ... Salanigo near Vicenza . They decided to settle there. After Walter died, Theobald became the leader ... as priest. ref name Brewster Theobald s background, however, was soon discovered and his parents came ... of retreat. Theobald died from an illness in which his skin of every limb was covered over in Stain ... links Commonscat http saints saintt20.htm Catholic Forum St. Theobald of Provins http cathen 14567b.htm Catholic Encyclopedia St. Theobald http saints saint.php?saint id 2196 Theobald of Provins BBKL t theobald v p band 17 autor Johannes Madey ... Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Theobald Of Provins ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION ... DEFAULTSORT Theobald Of Provins Category French saints Category French nobility Category French ... saints Category People from Champagne da Sankt Theobald fr Thibaut de Provins it Teobaldo di Provins ...   more details

  1. Theobald Fischer

    File Theobald Fischer.jpg thumb Theobald Fischer. Theobald Fischer October 31, 1846 D schwitz Kirchsteitz &ndash September 17, 1910 was a Germany German geographer . Biography He was educated at the universities of University of Heidelberg Heidelberg , University of Halle Halle , University of Bonn Bonn and University of Vienna Vienna and at first devoted himself to history. A traveling tutorship directed his attention to geography, and he visited many parts of Europe in the pursuit of this study, but especially the Mediterranean lands, including North Africa Atlas lands , e.g. the Tunisia n Sahara 1886 , Morocco and Algeria 1888 . The Mediterranean region, an example in the study of regional geography, is a conception the world owes to Fischer his thesis for the rank of Privatdozent in the University of Bonn 1876 was entitled Beitr ge zur physischen Geographie der Mittelmeerl nder Contributions to the physical geography of the lands of the Mediterranean , and his most important publications are a collection of Mittelmeerbilder Mediterranean pictures and his work on the Mediterranean peninsulas of Europe in Alfred Kirchhoff s Allgemeine L nderkunde . ref A complete citation forr the last mentioned work is Fischer, Theobald, Die s dosteurop ischen Halbinsel , in Alfred Kirchoff, ed., Unser Wissen von der Erde. Allgemeine Erdkunde und L nderkunde . 3 L nderkunde von Europa Second part, second half . Leipzig G. Freytag, 1893, p. 65. ref He held professorships of geography at the University ... . Notes reflist References PD old text title 1922 Encyclop dia Britannica Cite EB1922 Fischer, Theobald Cite NIE Fischer, Theobald year 1905 http index751.html Balkanologie ... October 2010 . Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Fischer, Theobald ALTERNATIVE NAMES ... PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Fischer, Theobald Category 1846 births Category 1910 deaths Category German ... Category University of Marburg faculty sv Theobald Fischer ...   more details

  1. Lewis Theobald

    Use dmy dates date March 2012 Inappropriate tone article date May 2010 Lewis Theobald baptised 2 April ... s The Dunciad . Life and work Before coming to Shakespeare, Theobald s career was not very distinguished ... performed them very rapidly. Theobald also wrote for the Tory Nathaniel Mist Mist s Journal . He .... Meystayer gave Theobald a draft of a play called The Perfidious Brother to review, and Theobald had it produced as his own work. As an author, Theobald s work was rather poor. Theobald s fame and contribution ... ever published. Theobald s variorum is, as its subtitle says, a reaction to Alexander Pope s edition ..., he incorporated many of Theobald s textual readings. Pope claimed that he took in only about twenty five words of Theobald s corrections, but, in truth, he took in most of them. Additionally, Pope claimed that Theobald hid his information from Pope. Such was not the case. Pope was as much a better poet than Theobald as Theobald was a better editor than Pope, and the events surrounding Theobald s attack and Pope s counter attack show both men at their heights. Theobald s Shakespeare Restored is a judicious, if ill tempered, answer to Pope s edition, but in 1733 Theobald produced a rival edition of Shakespeare in seven volumes for Jacob Tonson , the book seller. For the edition, Theobald .... Theobald s 1733 edition was far the best produced before 1750, and it has been the cornerstone of all subsequent editions. Theobald not only corrected variants but chose among best texts and undid many ... Malone s later edition the standard from which modern editors act was built on Theobald s. Theobald the Dunce Theobald pronounced by Pope as Tibbald, though living members of his branch of the Theobald ... much farther. In the apparatus to the poem, he collects ill comments made on Theobald by others, gives evidence that Theobald wrote letters to Nathaniel Mist Mist s Journal praising himself, and argues that Theobald had meant his Shakespeare Restored as an ambush. One of the damning bits of evidence ...   more details

  1. Samuel Theobald

    File Samuel Theobald.jpg thumb Samuel Theobald November 12, 1846 December 30, 1930 was a clinical professor of ophthalmology and otology at Johns Hopkins University Medical School . Theobald was born in Baltimore, the son of Elisha Warfield Theobald and his wife Sarah Frances Smith. The elder Theobald was a medical doctor, as was Samuel s older brother, Elisha Warfield, Jr. see Smith Theobald Family . Theobald s father died in 1851 so he was largely raised in the home of his grandfather, the surgeon Nathan Ryno Smith . Theobald had an uncle one of N. R. Smith s sons who was a demonstrator in anatomy at the University of Maryland, Baltimore University of Maryland as well, but this uncle died in 1859. Theobald completed his MD at the University of Maryland in 1867. About this time, Theobald married Caroline Dexter DeWolf. He then went to study ophthalmology in London and Vienna and otology in Vienna. Among other professors, Theobald studied under Jonathan Hutchinson and Soelberg Wells . In 1871 Theobald returned to Baltimore to practice these disciplines. In 1882 he was one of the founders of the Baltimore Eye, Ear and Throat Charity Hospital . In 1889 when the Johns Hopkins Hospital was opened Theobald was one of its original staff physicians. In 1893 when the Johns Hopkins Medical School opened, Theobald was a faculty member. Theobald also contributed to the development of Theobald lacrimal probes and introduced the use of boric acid in the profession. Theobald wrote Prevalent Disease of the Eye . He served as the 14th President of the American Ophthalmological Society . Theobald ... at Johns Hopkins. Sources http sgml theobald.html bio connected with the Theobald papers at Johns Hopkins http content g004g86263423096 article on Theobald and ophthalmology at Johns Hopkins Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Theobald ... December 30, 1930 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Theobald, Samuel Category 1846 births Category People ...   more details

  1. Theobald Boehm

    Image Theobald B hm.jpg thumb right 220px Theobald B hm, photograph by Franz Hanfstaengl, ca. 1852. Theobald B hm or Boehm April 9, 1794 November 27, 1881 was a Germany German inventor and musician , who perfected the modern Western concert flute and its improved Boehm System fingering system now known as the Boehm system . He was a Bavarian court musician, a virtuoso flautist , and a celebrated composer for the flute. ref name bohm cite book last B hm first Theobald coauthors Dayton Clarence Miller title The flute and flute playing in acoustical, technical, and artistic aspects publisher Dover Publications date 1964 ref Biography Born in Munich in Bavaria , Boehm learned his father s trade of goldsmith ing. After making his own flute, he quickly became proficient enough to play in an orchestra at the age of eighteen and at twenty one he was first flautist in the Royal Bavarian Orchestra. ref name bate Meanwhile, he experimented with constructing flutes out of many different materials tropical hardwoods usually Grenadilla wood , silver, gold, nickel and copper and with changing the positions of the flute s tone holes. After studying acoustics at the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich ... . ref name bate Philip Bate Ludwig B hm, Boehm, Theobald in The New Grove Dictionary of Music ... Johannes Heinrich Ribock References reflist External links IMSLP id Boehm 2C Theobald cname Theobald ... of Art http d 860566188 On the construction of flutes Cite Americana year 1920 B hm, Theobald Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Boehm, Theobald ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION ... November 27, 1881 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Boehm, Theobald Category 1794 births Category 1881 ... musician stub flautist stub ca Theobald B hm da Theobald B hm de Theobald B hm es Theobald B hm fr Theobald Boehm it Theobald Boehm he pam Theobald Boehm la Theobaldus B hm nl Theobald B hm ja no Theobald Boehm pl Theobald B hm ru , sv Theobald B hm ...   more details

  1. Densill Theobald

    Infobox football biography name Densill Theobald fullname Densill Theobald image Image with questionable copyright removed Image Dtheobald.jpg Densill Theobald birth date birth date and age 1982 6 27 birth place Port of Spain , Trinidad and Tobago height height m 1.81 currentclub Dempo S.C. Dempo position Midfielder association football Midfielder youthyears1 1999 youthclubs1 Jean Lillywhite CC years1 2000 years2 2002 years3 2003 years4 2004 2005 years5 2005 2006 years6 2006 2007 years7 2007 years8 2008 2011 years9 2012 present clubs1 Durham Storm Toronto Olympians clubs2 Caledonia AIA clubs3 Joe Public F.C. Joe Public clubs4 Caledonia AIA clubs5 Falkirk F.C. Falkirk clubs6 Caledonia AIA clubs7 jpest FC clubs8 Caledonia AIA clubs9 Dempo S.C. Dempo caps1 4 caps2 11 caps3 17 caps4 10 caps5 0 ... Theobald born June 27, 1982 is a Trinidad and Tobago Trinidadian association football football player who plays for Dempo S.C. in the I League . Career Theobald joined Scotland Scottish club Falkirk ... on National Football ref Theobald joined the Seattle Sounders for a trial in February ... 17 ssfc adds tt national team pla.html Seattle Times announces Theobald acquisition ref Dempo On 16 ... that Theobald has signed for Dempo S.C. in the I League in India . ref cite news title I League Densill ... Densill Theobald ref and played in all three of the country s World Cup games at 2006 FIFA World ... football, Theobald has since been named captain of the Soca Warriors . References reflist Dempo S.C. ... Theobald, Densill ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1982 06 27 PLACE OF BIRTH Port of Spain , Trinidad and Tobago DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Theobald, Densill Category 1982 ... Expatriate footballers in India Trinidad footy bio stub ar de Densill Theobald fr Densill Theobald id Densill Theobald it Densill Theobald lt Densill Theobald pl Densill Theobald pt Densill Theobald fi Densill Theobald ...   more details

  1. Theobald Ziegler

    Theobald Ziegler February 9, 1846 September 1, 1918 was a Germany German philosopher and educator who was a native of G ppingen , W rttemberg . Career Ziegler studied theology and philosophy at the University of T bingen , and later was a secondary school teacher in Heilbronn , Winterthur and Baden Baden . During this time period he also taught classes at T binger Stift , and in 1882 became Konrektor of a Protestant secondary school in Strasbourg . In 1886 he was appointed professor of philosophy at the University of Strasbourg . Published works Among his written works was a biography of David Friedrich Strauss , and a 1900 publication on Friedrich Nietzsche that was based on lectures Ziegler gave in 1897 98. Other important publications by Ziegler include Geschichte der christlichen Ethik , History of Christian Ethics , 1886 Sittliches Sein und sittliches Werden Grundlinien eines Systems der Ethik , 1890 Religion und Religionen , Religion and Religions , 1893 Geschichte der P dagogik , History of Education , 1895 Die geistigen und socialen str mungen des neunzehnten jahrhunderts The Intellectual and Social Currents of the 19th century , 1899 Today, in Frankfurt am Main the Theobald Ziegler Schule primary school is named in his honor. References http translate?hl en&sl de&u http Meyers 1905 A Ziegler 2B 255B2 255D&sa X&oi translate&resnum 2&ct result&prev search 3Fq 3D 2522Theobald 2BZiegler 2522 2B1846 26start 3D60 26hl 3Den 26sa 3DN Theobald Ziegler translated biography Meyers Konversations Lexikon Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Ziegler, Theobald ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION German philosopher DATE OF BIRTH February 9, 1846 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH September 1, 1918 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Ziegler, Theobald Category German philosophers Category German educators Category 1846 births Category 1918 deaths Category University of Strasbourg faculty Germany academic bio stub de Theobald Ziegler fr Theobald ...   more details

  1. Robert Theobald

    for the U.S. rear admiral Robert Alfred Theobald Infobox Person name Robert Theobald image image size caption birth name birth date June 11, 1929 birth place England death date November 27, 1999 death place Spokane, Washington death cause esophageal cancer residence other names known for education employer ... signature website footnotes Robert Theobald June 11, 1929 November 27, 1999 was a private consulting ... economics economics of abundance and his advocacy of a Basic Income Guarantee . Theobald was a member ... living futurists in The Encyclopedia of the Future . Life and work Robert Theobald was born ... with Robert Theobald for Insight & Outlook radio program, copyright updated 2010 by Scott London ref As an economist and futurist, Theobald had a global or planetary perspective. He wrote books .... Theobald questioned and criticized conventional confidence in economic growth, in technology ... while failing to provide opportunity and income for many of the world s people. ref Robert Theobald ... of technology, Theobald saw tremendous potential in communications technology like on line, personal ... the thoughts and opinions of very large numbers of individuals spread widely, geographically. Theobald ... Delta Dell. ref Robert Theobald died of esophageal cancer at his home in Spokane, Washington , shortly ... The Economics of Human Energy in Brooks Adams, Ezra Pound and Robert Theobald url http www.whitings ... of London External links http transform tlc rtpage.html Robert Theobald Home Page ... connect obituary.htm title Robert Theobald Obituary author Anne Deveson publisher ... Theobald Portrait Of A Political Instigator . Interview by Alan AtKisson. In Context Quarterly , Fall Winter 1991, p.  26. cite web title Social Entrepreneurship An Interview with Robert Theobald ... 07 15 References references Persondata NAME Theobald, Robert ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Economist ... PLACE OF DEATH Spokane, Washington DEFAULTSORT Theobald, Robert Category 1929 births Category 1999 ...   more details

  1. Ron Theobald

    Infobox MLB player name Ron Theobald position Second baseman birth date birth date 1943 7 28 birth place Oakland, California bats Right throws Right debutdate April 12 debutyear 1971 debutteam Milwaukee Brewers finaldate October 4 finalyear 1972 finalteam Milwaukee Brewers stat1label Batting average stat1value .248 stat2label Home runs stat2value 2 stat3label Runs batted in stat3value 42 stat4label Stolen bases stat4value 11 teams nowiki nowiki Milwaukee Brewers 1971 1972 Ronald Merrill Theobald born July 28, 1943, at Oakland, California is a retired United States American professional baseball player and a former Major League Baseball second baseman . Theobald was signed as a free agent by the Chicago Cubs in 1964. Later that year, he was drafted from the Cubs by the Minnesota Twins in the Major League Baseball Draft First Year Player Draft . In 1970, Theobald was purchased by the Texas Rangers baseball Washington Senators . Later that year, he was traded along with Hank Allen to the Milwaukee Brewers for Wayne Comer . ref cite web url http players t theobro01.shtml title Ron Theobald publisher Baseball accessdate 2011 03 25 ref Theobald would play two seasons at the Major League level with the Brewers. Theobald played at the collegiate level at the University of Arizona . ref cite web url http players player.php?p theobro01 title Ron Theobald publisher Baseball accessdate 2011 03 25 ref References reflist Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Theobald, Ron ALTERNATIVE NAMES The Little General SHORT DESCRIPTION American baseball player DATE OF BIRTH July 28, 1943 PLACE OF BIRTH Oakland, California DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Theobald, Ron Category 1943 births Category Living people Category Arizona Wildcats baseball players Category Charlotte Hornets baseball players Category Denver Bears players Category Fort Worth Cats players Category Hawaii Islanders players ...   more details

  1. Caroline Theobald

    notability date December 2011 Wikify date November 2011 Caroline Theobald , is the managing director, Bridge Club Ltd., Newcastle upon Tyne. In 2007, she was awarded the Queen s Award for Enterprise Promotion 2007 Queen s Award for Enterprise Promotion . ref Cite web url http bdotg action detail?type RESOURCES&itemId 1084954074&r.s e&r.l1 1074404796& en&r.l3 1084953735&r.l2 1074446322&r.i 1084954027&r.t RESOURCES title The Queen s Award for Enterprise Promotion accessdate 19 September 2010 ref References Reflist Use dmy dates date September 2010 Use British English date September 2010 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Theobald, Caroline ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Theobald, Caroline Category Queen s Award for Enterprise Promotion 2007 Category British businesspeople Category Living people UK business bio stub ...   more details

  1. Theobald Otjen

    Infobox Congressman honorific prefix name Theobald Otjen honorific suffix image Theobald Otjen.jpeg state Wisconsin district Wisconsin s 4th congressional district 4th term start March 4, 1895 term end March 3, 1907 preceded Peter J. Somers succeeded William J. Cary birth date October 27, 1851 birth place China Township, Michigan death date death date and age 1924 4 11 1851 10 27 mf y death place Milwaukee, Wisconsin nationality party Republican Party United States Republican spouse relations children residence alma mater University of Michigan occupation profession religion signature website footnotes This article was automatically created by User polbot from http scripts O000132. The prose may be stilted, and there may be grammatical and Wikification errors. Please improve in any way you see fit. Theobald Otjen October 27, 1851 April 11, 1924 was a United States House of Representatives U.S. Representative from Wisconsin . Theobald was born to German immigrants John Conrad and Dorothea Schreiner Otjen, in west China Township, Michigan China township in St. Clair County, Michigan and attended the Marine City Michigan Academy and a private school in Detroit. He was employed as foreman in the rolling mill of the Milwaukee Iron Co. in Milwaukee 1870 1872. He was graduated from the law department of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor March 25, 1875. He was admitted to the bar at Ann Arbor in 1875 and commenced practice in Detroit, Michigan . He moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin , in 1883. He served as member of the common council of Milwaukee ... in 1906. He resumed the practice of law in Milwaukee, Wisconsin . Theobald married Louisa Elizabeth ... . NAME Otjen, Theobald ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION American politician DATE OF BIRTH October ..., Wisconsin DEFAULTSORT Otjen, Theobald Category 1851 births Category 1924 deaths Category Members ..., Michigan Category University of Michigan alumni Category Wisconsin city council members de Theobald ...   more details

  1. Theobald of Bavaria

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 Theobald also Theudebald , Theodolt , or Theodoalt died 717 719 was the duke of Bavaria from at least 711, when his father Theodo of Bavaria Theodo associated him with his rule at Passau or Salzburg . He was the second son of Theodo and Folchaid. His father divided the duchy between his four sons some time before 715. On his death in 716, the duchy was divided, but it is not certain whether this division was territorial or not. If so, it seems likely, from references to wars with the Thuringii , that Theobald had his capital at Ratisbon and his dukedom corresponded to that diocese. Theobald s name occurs commonly in the Codex of Salzburg Salzburger Verbr derungsbuch of 784. Theobald married Biltrude as his first or second wife. He may have had a prior marriage to one Waldrada, who conversely may have been his younger brother Tassilo II Tassilo s wife. Biltrude later married Grimoald of Bavaria Grimoald , his youngest brother and successor. S start S bef before Theodo of Bavaria Theodo II S ttl title Duke of Bavaria years c.716 &ndash c.719 S aft after Grimoald of Bavaria Grimoald End DEFAULTSORT Bavaria, Theobald Of Category 710s deaths Category Dukes of Bavaria Category 8th century rulers in Europe Category Agilolfing dynasty germany noble stub bg de Theudebald Bayern es Teobaldo I de Baviera it Teobaldo di Baviera hu Theudebald bajor herceg ro Theodebald de Bavaria ...   more details

  1. Jeremy Theobald

    Use British English date December 2011 Use dmy dates date December 2011 Infobox person name Jeremy Theobald birth date birth place United Kingdom death date death place occupation Actor Jeremy Theobald is a British actor best known for his portrayal of Bill credited as The Young Man ref cite web last Harvey first Dennis url http review VE1117912820.html?categoryid 31&cs 1&query theobald title & 39 Following & 39 Review Film Reviews Entertainment publisher Variety date 10 May 1998 accessdate 17 December 2011 ref , the main character in Christopher Nolan s major picture debut, Following film Following 1998 . Following , for which Theobald was also a producer, ref cite web url http following index.html filmmakers title Welcome to Next Wave Films publisher date 21 November 1999 accessdate 17 December 2011 ref ref cite web url http sightandsound review 266 title Sight & Sound & 124 & 39 Following & 39 1998 publisher BFI date 8 July 2010 accessdate 17 December 2011 ref ref cite web author Johannes Duncker url http ... accessdate 17 December 2011 ref Theobald also appeared in Larceny , a short film shot by Nolan while ... Begins , in which Theobald had a walk on part as the Younger Gotham Water Board Technician . ref ... Database & 124 THEOBALD, Jeremy publisher date 16 April 2009 accessdate 17 December ... s The Bill . ref http title tt0525833 The Bill Trusting the Enemy 2000 ref Theobald has ... pub 1 804 a87 title Jeremy Theobald publisher LinkedIn accessdate 17 December 2011 ref and was a Managing ... of biomedical journals. Theobald is sometimes mentioned by Rob Smyth in his Over by over cricket ... links imdb name 0857458 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Theobald, Jeremy ... OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Theobald, Jeremy Category English actors Category English editors Category Alumni of University College London Category Living people de Jeremy Theobald ...   more details

  1. David Theobald

    Infobox football biography playername David Theobald image fullname David Theobald dateofbirth birth date and age 1978 12 15 df y cityofbirth Cambridge countryofbirth England height position Defender football Defender currentclub Cambridge City F.C. Cambridge City clubnumber youthyears1 youthclubs1 years1 1997 1999 years2 1999 2002 years3 2002 2003 years4 2003 years5 2003 2005 years6 2004 years7 2005 2006 years8 2006 2007 years9 2007 years10 2007 clubs1 Ipswich Town F.C. Ipswich Town clubs2 Brentford F.C. Brentford clubs3 Swansea City F.C. Swansea City clubs4 Cambridge United F.C. Cambridge United clubs5 Canvey Island F.C. Canvey Island clubs6 Bishop s Stortford F.C. Bishop s Stortford loan clubs7 Kettering Town F.C. Kettering Town clubs8 St Albans City F.C. St Albans City clubs9 Kettering Town F.C. Kettering Town clubs10 Cambridge City F.C. Cambridge City caps1 0 caps2 31 caps3 10 caps4 4 caps5 20 caps6 0 caps7 33 caps8 22 caps9 0 goals1 0 goals2 0 goals3 0 goals4 0 goals5 1 goals6 0 goals7 5 goals8 3 goals9 0 nationalyears1 nationalteam1 nationalcaps1 nationalgoals1 pcupdate ntupdate David Theobald born 15 December 1978 in Cambridge , England is a Association football football defender currently playing for Cambridge City F.C. Cambridge City . ref http afolder Players1st Theobald.shtml ref Honours Brentford Football League Trophy runner up 2001 Football League Trophy Final 2001 References Reflist External links soccerbase id 10637 name David Theobald soccerbase id 36839 name David Theobald Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Theobald, David ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION English footballer DATE OF BIRTH 15 December 1978 PLACE OF BIRTH Cambridge , England DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Theobald, David Category 1978 births Category English footballers Category Association football defenders Category Ipswich Town F.C. players Category Brentford F.C. players Category Swansea City A.F.C. players Category Cambridge United ...   more details

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