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Encyclopedia results for Tehcir Law

Tehcir Law

Encyclopedia results for Tehcir Law

  1. Tehcir Law

    State. The temporary law expired on February 8, 1916. Issues The Tehcir Law was part of the special ... to the Province of Adana, BOA. DH. FR, nr. 50 141 ref After the expiration of the Tehcir Law evacuation ... the Tehcir Law , there was a circular by Talaat Pasha . ref Archive code BOA. DH. FR, nr.52 96,97,98 ... Tigris , pp. 186 8. ref The nature of the law Armenian Genocide Tehcir Law was a temporary law that expired on February 8, 1916. It was a Civil law legal system civil law , planned, implemented and enforced with an office created by the law to coordinate the activities under the name of Migrant General Directorate Turkish G men Genel M d rl . The civil law gave the military an enforcing power only if there were opposing parties to the implementation. The rules and regulations of the law, as published ... parties. The question of the law Tehcir Law publicly was allegedly about 1 the military measures ... regulation, or adjunct with respect to the relocated citizens by the Tehcir Law who wanted to return claimed except those people affected by the Tehcir Law , no one else will be touched. ref name Rights ... known as the Tehcir Law is the same as Temporary Law On The Military Measures To Be Taken For Those ... Also if we look at the fourth section of the Tehcir law, it was specifically designed to hold the enforcer ...Multiple issues POV March 2008 disputed March 2008 Image Ottoman Tehcir Law.jpg 280px thumb The Tehcir Law The Tehcir Law tehcir in Turkish language Turkish means deportation official name Sevk ve sk n Kanunu Dispatchment and Settlement Law ref cite web url http ermenia mndty.php ... Law of Expropriation and Confiscation, stating that all property, including land, livestock, and homes ... and towns who are found to be engaged in espionage or treason, 3 the temporary law s effect and expiration ... The subject of the law Although this law was directed against one particular ethnic group Armenian ... Press LLC, 2006 ref In the text of the law, there is no explicit mention that Armenians were ...   more details

  1. Tehcir

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Tehcir Lang tr Zorunlu G is an Ottoman concept which resembles the current notions of population transfer . From dictionary definition, Tehcir means, relocating a population or a sub population from one region to another within a country or a territory that the enforcing agent has the control. Tehcir was used as a governmental tool to deal with inter ethnic or security related issues during the Ottoman era. The most famous application of the law is explained under Tehcir Law . Tehcir is a concept, as used in the Ottoman Empire , which also lies in the arguments of Armenian Genocide . Armenian Genocide claims that Tehcir Law was a tool to destroy the Armenian people. Tehcir must not be confused with deportation , which is expulsion of foreigners from a country , or banishment , exile , penal transportation and extradition , which generally means the expulsion of native or foreign residents from a country. Ottoman use of Tehcir as forced relocation within the same territory is distinctly different than deportation, exile and extradition from a territory. See also Tehcir Law Forced migration Deportation Category Demographics of the Ottoman Empire ...   more details

  1. The Law

    The Law may refer to tocright Music The Law band , an English rock group The Law The Law album The Law The Law album The Law Scotland band , an indie rock band from Scotland The Law Exhorder album The Law Exhorder album The Law , a song by Leonard Cohen on the album Various Positions Film The Law 1974 film The Law 1974 film The Law 1959 film The Law 1959 film , with Gina Lollobrigida original title La Legge The Law 1990 film The Law 1990 film , also known as Tila The Law TV series , Emmy Award , Humanitas Award , Writers Guild of America Award , Edgar Allen Poe award winning mid 1970s TV show. Books The Law 1850 book The Law 1850 book , by Fr d ric Bastiat The Law 1957 novel The Law 1957 novel , by Roger Vailland original title La Loi Other uses The Law, a peak of the Ochil Hills Torah in Jewish culture is also known as The Law. The Law , nickname of Dan Law Field , home of the Texas Tech Red Raiders baseball team Law or The Law, one of a list of slang terms for police officers disambiguation ...   more details

  1. LAW

    LAW may refer to Landywood railway station , England National Rail station code Lawton Fort Sill Regional Airport Live Audio Wrestling , a professional wrestling call in show League of American Bicyclists , formerly known as the League of American Wheelmen League of American Writers Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights also known as LAW L.A.W. comics L.A.W. comics Light anti tank weapon or lightweight anti tank weapon see Anti tank warfare , e.g. the US Army M72 LAW or the British Army LAW 80 See also Law disambiguation disambiguation eo LAW fr LAW it LAW ...   more details

  1. By-law

    By law sometimes also spelled bylaw , by law or byelaw can refer to a law of local or limited application passed under the authority of a higher law specifying what things may be regulated by the by law. It can also refer to the internal rules of a company or organization. In the context of local laws, by law is more frequently used in this context in Canada , the United Kingdom and some Commonwealth countries, whereas in the United States , the words code law code , local ordinance ordinance or regulation law regulation are more frequent. Accordingly, a bylaw enforcement officer is the Canadian equivalent of the American Code Enforcement Officer or Municipal Regulations Enforcement Officer. Etymology The Oxford English Dictionary indicates that the origin of the current modern use of the word is not clear. ref name oed bylaw http cgi entry 50030471 Oxford English Dictionary online entry for by law subscription required ref One possibility is the earliest use of the term, which originates from the Viking town law in the Danelaw , wherein by is the Old Norse word for a larger settlement as in Whitby and Derby compare with the modern Danish Norwegian word by meaning town, or the modern Swedish word by , meaning village . ref http topic bylaw ... of subsidiary law or side law as in byway . ref name oed bylaw In either case, it is incorrect to claim that the origin of the word is simply the prepositional phrase by law. Municipal bylaws ... area. The main difference between a by law and a law passed by a national federal or regional state ... local council or municipal government gets its power to pass laws through a law of the national ... mandated by the higher body, a municipal by law is no different than any other law of the land, and can ... or a constitution and bylaws . Unless otherwise provided by law, the organization does not formally ... word doc See also Private Governance References reflist Category Administrative law Category Parliamentary ...   more details

  1. It's the Law

    orphan date September 2010 Infobox television show name It s the Law image show name 2 caption genre legal information format creator developer writer Alan King director Tony Partidge creative director presenter Frank Peddie br Cecil Wright starring judges voices narrated theme music composer opentheme endtheme composer country CAN language English language English channel CBC Television first run first aired 1 May 1956 last aired 26 June 1956 num seasons 1 num episodes status list episodes executive producer producer David Walker editor location cinematography camera runtime 30 minutes company distributor picture format audio format preceded by followed by A Case for the Court related website production website Use dmy dates date September 2010 It s the Law is a Television in Canada Canadian legal information television series which aired on CBC Television in 1956. Premise Legal concepts and information were explained to average Canadians on this series. Each episode featured an explanation of a legal concept followed by its dramatic portrayal as a case. The show then concluded with further discussion of by a member of the Canadian Bar Association which supported CBC s production of the series. Cecil Wright, the University of Toronto s law dean, joined host Frank Peddie as a series regular. Actors Cec Linder , William Needles, Ed McNamara and Sandy Webster were featured in the dramatic segments. ref name CCF cite web url http www.broadcasting programming television programming popup.php?id 724 first John last Corcelli date February 2005 title It s the Law publisher Canadian Communications Foundation accessdate 7 May 2010 ref Scheduling This half hour series was broadcast on Tuesdays at 10 00 p.m. Eastern from 1 May to 26 June 1956. See also This Is the Law References ... title It s the Law publisher Queen s University year 1996 accessdate 7 May 2010 IMDB title 0294114 DEFAULTSORT It s The Law Category CBC network shows Category 1956 Canadian television series debuts ...   more details

  1. The Law Is the Law

    Infobox film name The Law Is the Law image image size caption director Christian Jaque producer Alfredo Bini writer Christian Jaque br Jacques Emmanuel br Agenore Incrocci br Furio Scarpelli starring Tot music Nino Rota cinematography Gianni Di Venanzo editing Jacques Desagneaux distributor released 17 September 1958 runtime 95 minutes country Film France br Film Italy language French br Italian budget The Law Is the Law lang fr La loi, c est la loi , lang it La legge legge is a 1958 cinema of France French cinema of Italy Italian comedy film directed by Christian Jaque . It was entered into the 8th Berlin International Film Festival . ref name imdb cite web url http title tt0051851 awards title Awards for The Law Is the Law accessdate 2010 01 02 work ref Cast Tot Giuseppe La Paglia Fernandel Ferdinand Pastorelli Nino Besozzi Il Maresciallo No l Roquevert Le gendarme Malandain Leda Gloria Antonietta Nathalie Nerval H l ne Pastorelli Luciano Marin Mario Albert Dinan Le Brigadier Anna Maria Luciani Marisa Henri Cr mieux Bourride Renato Terra Ren G nin Donadieu Gustavo De Nardo Luigi Franco Di Trocchio Aldo Pini Jean Brochard Le Depute Aldo Vasco Henri Arius Le Maire References reflist External links imdb title id 0051851 title The Law Is the Law DEFAULTSORT Law Is the Law, The Category 1958 films Category French films Category Italian films Category Film scores by Nino Rota Category French language films Category Italian language films Category 1950s comedy films Category Black and white films Category Films directed by Christian Jaque 1950s France film stub 1950s Italy film stub fr La Loi, c est la loi it La legge legge lb La loi, c est la loi ru ...   more details

  1. This Is the Law

    Infobox Television bgcolour show name This is the Law image caption format Panel game camera picture format runtime 30 min time slot creator developer Nigel Napier Andrews executive producer starring Austin Willis host br Paul Soles br Robert Warner actor Robert Warner country flagcountry Canada network CBC Television CBC first run first aired 21 June 1971 last aired 6 April 1976 num episodes musical director Jimmy Amaro This is the Law was a Canada Canadian panel game panel game show which aired on CBC Television from 1971 to 1976. It presented short, humorous vignettes which ran with musical accompaniment rather than a soundtrack, and challenged panellists to guess which obscure law was being broken by the Lawbreaker character portrayed by Paul Soles , who always got arrested at the end of the vignette Robert Warner actor Robert Warner starred as the police officer . The vignettes were quite subtle, and more often than not, despite many guesses, the panellists were unable to come up with the law that was actually being broken. The vignettes alternated with depictions of actual court cases, presented in a series of still cartoons, in storyboard format, with narration. The narrator would end by asking a question about how the judge eventually ruled. The four panellists would each guess what the judge decided, and why, and each panellist would conclude by lighting up a large Yes or No in front of his or her seat. After all four panellists had guessed, the answer would be revealed. Paul Soles himself was the first show host for the initial 1971 summer episodes. Austin Willis became host from the regular 1971 fall season until the end of the series. Cast Panellists Julie Amato 1976 Bill Charlton businessman by profession Susan Gay 1971 1972 Susan Keller 1972 1975 Madeline Kronby June August 1971 Dini Petty 1971 Hart Pomerantz lawyer and comedian by profession Larry Solway ... This is the Law , accessed 14 August 2006 imdb title 0156241 This is the Law game tv prog stub ...   more details

  1. Chicago law

    wiktionary Chicago law Chicago law may refer to Chicago Kent College of Law Loyola University Chicago School of Law Northwestern University School of Law University of Chicago Law School disambig ...   more details

  1. Down by Law

    Down by Law may refer to Down by Law band , an American punk rock band Down by Law Down by Law album Down by Law Down by Law album , their debut album Down by Law film Down by Law film , a 1986 film by Jim Jarmusch Down by Law MC Shan album Down by Law MC Shan album Down by Law , a 1985 song by Deadline in collaboration with Jaco Pastorius disambig it Down by Law nl Down by Law ...   more details

  1. Richard Law

    Richard Law may refer to Richard Law judge , American judge Richard Law, 1st Baron Coleraine , British politician Rick Law , illustrator hndis name Law, Richard ...   more details

  1. Book:Law

    saved book title Law subtitle cover image Scale of justice 2.svg cover color Law Main article Law Legal subject Public international law Conflict of laws European Union law Constitutional law Administrative law Criminal law Contract Tort Property law Equity law Equity Trust law Legal systems List of country legal systems Legal systems of the world Civil law legal system Civil law Common law Religious law Legal theory Legal history Jurisprudence Law and economics Sociology of law Legal institutions Judiciary Legislature Executive government Executive Military Police Bureaucracy Lawyer Legal profession Civil society Category Wikipedia books on law Law ...   more details

  1. Aboriginal law

    Aboriginal Law may refer to Canadian Aboriginal law Customary law in Australia Aboriginal title in the United States disambig ...   more details

  1. Law in Europe

    Unreferenced date January 2007 The law of Europe is diverse and changing fast today. Europe saw the birth ... of legal system of private law, civil law legal system civil and common law . History Image Code Civil 1804.png thumb right 150px First page of the 1804 edition of the Napoleonic Code The law of Europe has a diverse history. Roman law underwent major codification in the Corpus Juris Civilis of Emperor ... a body of precedent. Originally civil law was one common legal system in much of Europe , but with the rise ... law incorporated many ideas associated with the Age of Enlightenment Enlightenment . The European Union s Law is based on a codified set of laws, laid down in the European Union Law Treaties . Law in the EU is however mixed with precedent in case law of the European Court of Justice . Supranational law Council of Europe European Union law European Convention on Human Rights Law by countries See Legal systems of the world Jurisdiction area MultiCol Law of Albania Law of Andorra Law of Armenia Law of Austria Law of Azerbaijan Law of Belarus Law of Belgium Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina Law of Bulgaria Law of Croatia Law of Cyprus Law of Czech Republic Law of Denmark Law of Estonia Law of Finland Law of France Law of Georgia Law of Germany ColBreak Law of Greece Law of Hungary Law of Iceland Law of Italy Law of Kazakhstan Law of Latvia Law of Liechtenstein Law of Lithuania Law of Luxembourg Law of Republic of Macedonia Law of Malta Law of Moldova Law of Monaco Law of Montenegro Law of the Netherlands Law of Norway Law of Poland Law of Portugal ColBreak Law of the Republic of Ireland Law of Romania Law of Russia Law of San Marino Law of Serbia Law of Slovakia Law of Slovenia Law of Spain Law of Sweden Law of Switzerland Law of Turkey Law of Ukraine Law of United Kingdom English law Law of England and Wales Northern Ireland law Law of Northern Ireland Scots law Law of Scotland Law of Vatican City State EndMultiCol Dependencies, autonomies and territories MultiCol Law of Abkhazia ...   more details

  1. In-law (disambiguation)

    In law may refer to Affinity law , kinship by marriage, such as a Mother in law Father in law Brother in law Sister in law Daughter in law Son in law Cousin in law Uncle in law Aunt in law Nephew in law Niece in law wiktionary co mother in law Co mother in law the relationship between women whose children are married to each other wiktionary co father in law Co father in law wiktionary co brother in law Co brother in law the relationship between men who are married to sisters wiktionary co sister in law Co sister in law wiktionary co wife Co wife another wife of one s husband wiktionary co husband Co husband In law apartment , a type of secondary residence In Laws , an American situation comedy that aired on NBC The In Laws 1979 film The In Laws , a 1979 film The In Laws 2003 film The In Laws , a 2003 film See also Kinship terminology disambig tl Partidos ng asawa ...   more details

  1. Civil law

    wiktionary civil law civil law civil laws Civil law may refer to Civil law area , a branch of Continental law which is the general part of private law Civil law common law , a branch of common law dealing with relations between individuals or organizations as opposed to criminal law Civil law legal system , any of the various systems or codes of law which are derived from Roman law historically The law that apply to the citizens of a city or state as opposed to international law The law as it relates to ordinary citizens as opposed to commercial law, military law, ecclesiastical law, etc. See also Civil disambiguation Ius civile , Latin for civil law disambiguation de Civil Law eo Civila kodekso ja th zh ...   more details

  1. Second law

    Second law may refer to the second of Newton s laws of motion Second law of thermodynamics Second Law, or in Greek Deuterosis , the talmudic Mishna h , which comes after the Law of Moses disambig ...   more details

  1. Third law

    In physics , there are two law s commonly known as the third law Newton s laws of motion Newton s third law of motion Third law of thermodynamics See also Rule of thirds Rule of three disambig ...   more details

  1. Stokes law

    Stokes law can refer to Stokes law for friction force Stokes law sound attenuation law describing attenuation of sound in Newtonian liquids For integration, see Stokes theorem . dab ...   more details

  1. Zeroth law

    Zeroth law may refer to The Zeroth law of thermodynamics The Three Laws of Robotics Zeroth Law added Zeroth law of robotics disambig ...   more details

  1. Law of Five

    The Law of Five may refer to Five elements Chinese philosophy , Law of Five Elements , in Taoism and various Asian philosophies Discordianism Law of Fives Law of Fives , a principle from the religion Discordianism Disambig ...   more details

  1. Irish law

    Irish law may refer to Northern Ireland law Law of the Republic of Ireland Early Irish law disambig Long comment to avoid being listed on short pages ...   more details

  1. UT Law

    UT Law may refer to University of Toledo College of Law University of Tennessee College of Law University of Texas School of Law disambig ...   more details

  1. Nicky Law

    Nicky Law may refer to Nicky Law footballer born 1961 Nicky Law footballer born 1988 hndis Law, Nicky Long comment to avoid being listed on short pages ...   more details

  1. Leash law

    Leash law may refer to Leash Law , an American power metal band Leash Leash laws Leash law , a law requiring dogs or other pets to be kept on a leash while in public Disambig ...   more details

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