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Encyclopedia results for Technology

  1. Technology

    , humans had achieved a mastery of technology sufficient to leave the atmosphere of the Earth for the first time and space exploration explore space . Technology is the making, usage, and knowledge of tool ... and adapt to their natural environments. The word wikt technology technology comes ety gre wikt ... logia log a study of . ref name mwdict cite web url http mw1.merriam dictionary technology title Definition of technology accessdate 2007 02 16 publisher Merriam Webster ref The term can either be applied generally or to specific areas examples include construction technology , medical technology , and information technology . The human species use of technology began with the conversion ... and allowed humans to interact freely on a global scale. However, not all technology has been used ... throughout history, from club weapon clubs to nuclear weapon s. Technology has affected society and its surroundings in a number of ways. In many societies, technology has helped develop more advanced ... environment . Various implementations of technology influence the Value personal and cultural values of a society and new technology often raises new ethical questions. Examples include the rise ... over the present and future use of technology in society, with disagreements over whether technology ... criticise the pervasiveness of technology in the modern world, opining that it harms the environment ... recently, it was believed that the development of technology was restricted only to human beings, but recent ... an example of technology as a cultural force. The use of the term technology has changed significantly ... Definitions Drawn From the Original Writers , London Baldwin, Cradock and Joy, 1823 , s.v. technology. ref The term was often connected to technical education, as in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ... and Hand The Birth of MIT Cambridge MIT Press, 2005 , 190 92. ISBN 0262195240. ref Technology rose to prominence ... of technology changed in the early 20th century when American social scientists, beginning with Thorstein ...   more details

  1. ON Technology

    Symantec to Acquire ON Technology publisher Symantec date 2003 10 27 ref to assist Symantec s move ...   more details

  1. Technology Center

    A technology center or technology centre is a facility used for technology research. Technology Center may also refer to Technology Center Washington & Jefferson College Religious Technology Center Linux Technology Center Community technology center Connection Technology Center Autry Technology Center Advanced Technology Center Beaver Technology Center Pittsburgh Technology Center Entertainment Technology Center Watson Technology Center Caddo Kiowa Technology Center Tulsa Technology Center National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center Arnold R. Burton Technology Center Pioneer Technology Center Metro Technology Center Central Technology Center Jackson Technology Center Reese Technology Center Canadian Valley Technology Center Francis Tuttle Technology Center National Space Science and Technology Center Northwest Technology Center Gordon Cooper Technology Center Western Technology Center High Plains Technology Center Macomb Mathematics Science Technology Center Miami Valley Career Technology Center Transportation Technology Center disambig ...   more details

  1. Book:Technology

    saved book title Technology subtitle cover image cover color Technology Main article Technology Role in human history History of technology Timeline of historic inventions Technology and philosophy Extropianism Luddite Neo Luddism Anarcho primitivism Techno progressivism Technocriticism Technorealism Category Wikipedia books on technology Technology ...   more details

  1. Science and technology

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 Science and technology is a term of art used to encompass the relationship between science and technology . It frequently appears within titles of academic disciplines science and technology studies and government offices. See also Category Science and technology by country History of science and technology Science and technology studies Engineering Technoscience Wikinews DEFAULTSORT Science And Technology Category Science and technology studies Sci stub Tech stub eo Scienco kaj tekniko hif Science aur technology ...   more details

  1. Visual technology

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Visual technology is the engineering discipline dealing with visual representation. It includes Photography Printing Video Technology DEFAULTSORT Visual Technology Category Technology Tech stub bn la Technologia oculorum ur ...   more details

  1. Steam technology

    Articles on Steam technology include Advanced steam technology Boiler List of steam technology patents Steam engine Steam generator disambig ...   more details

  1. Outline of technology

    The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to technology Technology &ndash ... raw and manufactured . In the most general sense, technology is Man s ability to control Nature . Nature of technology Main Technology High technology State of the art Technological convergence Technology tree Components of technology Knowledge Engineering Procedure term wikt process Process Science ... s, dam s, etc. Man made systems see system Infrastructure Public utility Advancement of technology Emerging ... of technology Alternative technology Appropriate technology Assistive technology Bachelor of Technology Best Available Technology Business Technology Management Clean technology Differential technological development Disruptive technology Dual use technology Educational technology Environmental technology Ethics of technology General Purpose Technology Geospatial technology Golden hammer High technology High tech architecture History of science and technology field Humanism Industrial design Intellectual property ownership of technology Inventive step and non obviousness patentability requirements Knowledge economy Low technology Open Space Technology Participatory technology development Patent ownership of technology Posthuman Product design Lewis Mumford Ideas Technics Science and technology studies State of the art Strategy of Technology Technological change Technological convergence ... warfare Technology acceptance model Technology and society Technology alignment Technology demo Technology education Technology forecasting Technology governance Technology hype Technology Integration Technology lifecycle Technology readiness level Technology roadmap Technology shocks Technology strategy Technology transfer Technology tree Terminator Technology Transhumanism Branches of technology ... bottom color white big Major fields of technology big bgcolor f0f8ff nowrap Applied Science Applied science bgcolor f0f8ff Artificial intelligence Ceramic engineering nowrap Computing technology Electronics ...   more details

  1. Media technology

    wiktionary media wiktionary technology Media technology can refer to article category Signal processing Category Signal processing Data recording Category Recording Data storage device s see that article for categories Media arts Art media technology Category Art media Printing Print media technology Category Printing Data transmission Category Data transmission Telecommunication Telecommunications Category Telecommunications Digital media technology Category Digital media Electronic media technology Category Digital media or Category Electronic publishing Media Technology university programmes. Media Psychology The field of study that examines media, technology and the effect on human behavior. Category Media technology disambig ...   more details

  1. Technology management

    Technology Management is set of management disciplines that allows organizations to manage their technology technological fundamentals to create competitive advantage . Typical concepts used in technology management are technology strategy a logic or role of technology in organization , technology forecasting identification of possible relevant technologies for the organization, possibly through Technology Scouting technology scouting , technology roadmapping mapping technologies to business and market needs , technology project portfolio a set of projects under development and technology portfolio a set of technologies in use . The role of the technology management function in an organization is understand the value of certain technology for the organization. Continuous development of technology is valuable as long as there is a value for the customer and therefore the technology management function in an organization should be able to argue when to invest on technology development and when to withdraw. Technology Management can also be defined as the integrated planning, design, optimization ... would be the management of the use of technology for human advantage. The Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering defines Technology Management as the field concerned with the supervision ... systems. Technology Management programs typically include instruction in production and operations ... understanding of technology is the diffusion of innovations theory developed in the first half of the twentieth ... of adopters. In broad terms the s curve suggests four phases of a technology life cycle emerging , growth ... or, in our case a new technology. In recent times for many technologies an inverse curve ... true though for information technology where much of the cost is in the initial phase it has been ..., it is the hype cycle , this suggests that our modern approach to marketing technology results in the technology ... for formalizing the approach to managing technology. Accreditation and Certification The Association ...   more details

  1. Technology education

    Refimprove date July 2011 Technology education is a study of technology , in which students learn about the processes and knowledge related to technology . ref International Technology and Engineering Educators Association ITEA . 2000 . Standards for technological literacy Content for the study of technology. Executive Summary. Reston, Va, p. 242 ref As a study, it covers the human ability to shape and change the physical world to meet needs, by manipulating materials and tools with techniques. References reflist External links dmoz Science Technology Education DEFAULTSORT Technology Education Category Educational technology Category Education by subject cs Technick v chova it Technacy ...   more details

  1. Technology College

    Image Technology College.png frame right The logo for the Technology College specialist status schools. Technology College is a term used in the United Kingdom for a secondary specialist school that focuses on Design Technology design and technology , mathematics and science . ref cite web url http specialistschools what are technology title The Standards Site Technology accessdate 2008 07 15 date 2007 2008 work The Standards Site publisher Department for Children, Schools and Families ref These were the first type of specialist schools, beginning in 1994. In 2008 there were 598 Technology Colleges in England, of which 12 also specialise in another subject. ref cite web url http specialistschools excel TechnologyJuly2006.xls?version 1 title List of Technology Colleges accessdate 2008 07 15 date 2007 2008 work The Standards Site publisher Department for Children, Schools and Families ref References reflist UK edu stub Category Technology Colleges in England Category Specialist schools ...   more details

  1. Technology scouting

    Technology scouting can be regarded as a method of Technology forecasting ref name bodelle jablon 1993 cite journal last1 Bodelle first1 J. last2 Jablon first2 C. year 1993 title Science and technology scouting at Elf Aquitaine url journal Research Technology Management volume 36 issue pages 24 28 ref ... Verlag, Heidelberg and New York, ISBN 978 3 7908 2625 8 ref At the same time Technology Scouting also contributes to Technology Management by 1 identifying emerging technologies, 2 channel technology .... ref name rohrbeck technology scouting cite journal last1 Rohrbeck first1 R. year 2010 title Harnessing a Network of Experts for Competitive Advantage Technology Scouting in the ICT Industry ... last1 Wolff first1 M. F. year 1992 title Scouting for Technology url journal Research Technology Management volume 35 issue pages 10 12 ref Definitions Technology scout The technology scout is either ... time to the scouting task. The desired characteristics of a technology scout are similar to the characteristics ... thinking lateral thinker , knowledgeable in science and technology, respected inside the company, cross disciplinary orientated, and imaginative. ref name rohrbeck technology scouting Technology scouting Technology scouting is a systematic approach by companies whereby they assign part of their staff or employ external consultants to gather information in the field of science and technology and through which they facilitate or execute technology sourcing. Technology scouting is either directed ... white spaces. Technology scouting relies on formal and informal information sources, including the personal networks of the scouts. ref name rohrbeck technology scouting See also Corporate foresight Foresight futures studies Futurology Strategic foresight Technology forecasting References reflist External links http TandemLaunch Technology Scouting http Technology Transfer and scouting Blog http Blog on Corporate Foresight ...   more details

  1. Technology assessment

    Technology assessment TA , German Technikfolgenabsch tzung , French valuation des choix scientifiques ... to the formation of public and political opinion on societal aspects of science and technology. ref Cf. the commonly used definition given in the report of the EU funded project TAMI Technology Assessment ... knowledge and practice. See the related discussion Talk Technology assessment here . TA is the study and evaluation of new technology technologies . It is based on the conviction that new developments ... ethical implications. Also, technology assessment recognizes the fact that scientist s normally ... judgement on their own, or their colleagues, new findings, projects, or work in progress . Technology ... people there is no way back to a less sophisticated life style. ref Hans Mohr Technology Assessment in Theory and Practice , Techn Journal of the Society for Philosophy and Technology , Vol. 4, No. 4 ... commercialization of new technologies. Therefore any results of technology assessment studies ... on the one hand, impacts of new technologies cannot be easily predicted until the technology is extensively developed and widely used on the other hand, control or change of a technology is difficult as soon as it is widely used. Some of the major fields of TA are information technology , hydrogen technologies , nuclear technology , molecular nanotechnology , pharmacology , organ donation organ transplant s, biotechnology gene technology , artificial intelligence , the Internet and many more. Health technology assessment is related, but profoundly different, despite the similarity in the name. Forms and concepts of technology assessment The following types of concepts of TA are those ... , Real time TA cp. Guston Sarewitz 2002 Real time technology assessment, in Technology in Society ... are organised in the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment EPTA network see http ... European Participatory Technology Assessment Participatory Methods in Technology Assessment and Technology ...   more details

  1. Business technology

    Business Technology ref name businesstec Best Practices in Business Technology Management, Taylor and Francis Group, 2008 ref is a term that describes the business practice of converging technology and business strategy. As an emerging evolution of information technology, business technology attempts to use hardware and software as more than tactical support systems using technology as a strategic development tool. The increasing use of the term business technology in IT forums and publications is due to an emerging school of thought that the potential of information technology, its industries and experts, has now moved beyond the meaning of the term. Specifically information is seen by some as a descriptor not broad enough to cover the contribution that technology can make to the success of a business or organization. Business technology is implemented by business technologists. These professionals have an understanding of business strategy and the capabilities and availability of contemporary technology and look for ways to enable the successful implementation of business strategy through the implementation of that technology. Citation needed date August 2011 Business technology is being openly adopted as a way to describe the practice of several companies and organisations in the IT arena. CIO magazine describes its content as business technology leadership. Business technology management has several associated organisations that promote the convergence of business and technology and describes business technology management as a management science that seeks to unify business and technology decision making at every level in an enterprise. Siemens IT Solutions and Services has positioned itself as the business technologists. See also Chief information officer References references Further reading Boochever, John. http www.strategy article 20571?gko 5fbbe ... October 2010. Retrieved on 2011 2 22. Technology Categories Use dmy dates date August 2011 Category ...   more details

  1. Technology lifecycle

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 Mergeto Technology life cycle date October 2011 Most new technologies follow a similar technology maturity lifecycle describing the technological maturity of a product. This is not similar to a product life cycle management product life cycle , but applies to an entire technology, or a generation of a technology. Technology adoption is the most common phenomenon ... easier and larger over time then exhaustingly more difficult, as the mature technology technology matures . Technology perception dynamics There is usually technology hype at the introduction of any new technology, but only after some time has passed can it be judged as mere hype or justified true acclaim. Because of the logistic curve nature of technology adoption, it is difficult to see in the early ... of a technology s development are Citation needed date February 2007 fitting an exponential curve ... to the first part of the growth curve, and assuming that takeup of the new technology is disappointing ... mistakes can be made relating to the possibilities of mature technology technology maturity and market saturation . Technology Adoption LifeCycle Technology adoption typically occurs in an S curve ... edge any technology that shows high potential but hasn t demonstrated its value or settled down ... edge a technology that has proven itself in the marketplace but is still new enough that it may ... agrees that a particular technology is the right solution. Dated still useful, still sometimes implemented, but a replacement leading edge technology is readily available. Obsolete has been superseded by state of the art technology, maintained but no longer implemented by the specific firm. See also Business Cycle Diffusion business Diffusion Diffusion of innovations Disruptive technology Everett ... Technology acceptance model Technology Adoption LifeCycle Toolkits for User Innovation Tipping point http Normalization Process Theory Technology DEFAULTSORT Technology ...   more details

  1. Technology and Culture

    about the academic journal the academic discipline Technology and society Infobox journal cover Image Technology and culture.gif discipline Cultural studies , history of technology abbreviation Technol. Cult. website http publications.html link1 http journals technology and culture link1 name Online access editor Suzanne Moon publisher Johns Hopkins University Press country United States history 1959 present frequency Quarterly ISSN 0040 165X eISSN 1097 3729 OCLC 1640126 LCCN 62025340 Technology and Culture is a quarterly academic journal founded in 1959. It is an official publication of the Society for the History of Technology , whose members routinely refer to it as T&C. Besides scholarly articles, the journal publishes reviews of books and museum exhibitions. Occasionally, the journal publishes thematic issues. Technology and Culture has had three past editors in chief Melvin Kranzberg 1959 1981 , Robert C. Post 1982 1995 , and John M. Staudenmaier 1995 2010 . The current editor is Suzanne Moon University of Oklahoma . See also History of technology Technology and society External links Official http publications.html http journals technology and culture Technology and Society at Project MUSE http Society for the History of Technology Category History of science journals Category Cultural journals Category Johns Hopkins University Press academic journals Category Quarterly journals Category Publications established in 1959 Category English language journals journal stub ...   more details

  1. Pinch technology

    Pinch in technology may refer to Pinch analysis is a methodology for minimising energy consumption of chemical processes by calculating minimum energy consumption and by optimising heat recovery systems etc. It is also known as process integration , heat integration, energy integration or pinch technology. Pinching technology , is a multitouch gesture to control touchscreens dab ...   more details

  1. Newer Technology

    Notability date November 2010 Unreferenced date November 2010 Deleted image removed Image Newer Technology Logo.gif thumb right 250px Newer Technology Logo Newer Technology is a supplier of upgrades and peripherals for the Apple Macintosh computer. They went bankrupt at the end of 2000 and the company was dissolved, but the name and remaining intellectual property was bought afterwards and used by a new owner. As of 2006, they continue to supply Macintosh and iPod accessories. External links http Newer Technology Homepage Mac stub Category Macintosh platform ...   more details

  1. Advanced technology

    Advanced technology may refer to technology that is highly up to date to current time High technology The IBM Personal Computer AT short for advanced technology The AT form factor , a computer standard derived from the IBM PC AT The AT bus , also called ISA, or Industry Standard Architecture The AT attachment ATA, now referred to as Parallel ATA The AT keyboard , an 84 key keyboard introduced with the PC AT disambig ...   more details

  1. Instructional technology

    Refimprove date January 2008 In education , instructional technology is the theory and practice of design ... to the Association for Educational Communications and Technology AECT Definitions and Terminology ... http books?id UZOG5KEoiCQC&pg PA33&dq define instructional technology ref Instructional technology is often referred to as a part of educational technology but the use of these terms has changed over the years. ref Lowenthal, P. R., & Wilson, B. G. 2010 ref Educational technology ... on the 2008 AECT Definitions of the Field. TechTrends. 52 1 24 25 ref While instructional technology covers the processes and systems of learning and instruction, educational technology includes other ... technology cannot be attributed to a specific person or time. Many histories of instructional technology ... of instructional technology . Definitions that focus on a systems approach tend to reach ... with skilled labor. Instructional technology provided a methodology for training in a systematic and efficient ... tests . Thomas Edison saw the value of instructional technology in films but did not formalize the science of instruction as the US military did so well. Current status Instructional technology is a growing field of study which uses technology as a means to solve educational challenges, both ... views have surfaced that relate Instructional technology to these types of interaction. Most traditional ... interaction is perhaps the most important endeavor of Instructional technology. Some researchers ... the idea that educational technology covers instructional technology. It includes instructional technology and the field study in human teaching and learning. So educational technology is broader than instructional technology. Instructional technology itself consists of two major parts one is teaching technology and the other is learning technology. In the education industry, the term instructional technology is frequently used interchangeably with educational technology. Human Performance ...   more details

  1. Technology Administration

    Image Technology administration l.png right The Technology Administration TA is an agency in the United States Department of Commerce that works with United States industries to promote economic competitiveness. TA is led by Under Secretary of Commerce for Technology, Robert Cresanti . The TA oversees three agencies National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST National Technical Information Service NTIS Office of Technology Policy OTP As is stated on the TA website, TA was abolished under the America COMPETES Act of 2007. The website remains for archival purposes but the responsibilities of the administration were transferred to other agencies. External links cite web title Technology Administration url http accessdate 2005 11 23 USDC agencies Category United States Department of Commerce ja ...   more details

  1. Language technology

    Language technology is often called human language technology HLT or natural language processing NLP and consists of computational linguistics or CL and speech technology as its core but includes also many application oriented aspects of them. Language technology is closely connected to computer science and general linguistics . See also Linguistic Issues in Language Technology External links http Johns Hopkins University Human Language Technology Center of Excellence http Carnegie Mellon University Language Technologies Institute Category Speech processing ling stub compu sci stub et Keeletehnoloogia hi de Sprachtechnologie ...   more details

  1. Speech technology

    For the magazine Speech Technology magazine Speech technology relates to the technologies designed to duplicate and respond to the human voice. They have many uses. These include aid to the voice disabled, the hearing disabled, and the blind, along with communication with computers without a keyboard. They enhance game software and aid in marketing goods or services by telephone. The subject includes several subfields Speech synthesis Speech recognition Speaker recognition Speaker verification Speech compression Multimodal interaction See also Speech interface guideline Speech Technology magazine Speech processing Language technology Communication aids External links http Speech Technology Magazine online http services sonicex.asp?contentpage services softsound&bodyid services&services services High speed speech transcription technology tech stub Category Speech processing da Taleteknologi fi Puheteknologia th ...   more details

  1. Technology stack

    Image technology stack sample.jpg thumb A technology stack comprises the layers of components or services that are used to provide a software solution or application. Traditional examples include the OSI model OSI seven layer model , the TCP IP model , and the http Consortium techstack desc.html W3C technology stack . Technology stacks are often articulated as a list of technologies, such as J2EE with Java Server Faces running against a SQL Server database or as a diagram. See also Enterprise Architecture Enterprise Architecture framework References http eai trenches archives architectural methodologies part v technology stack 7258 Architectural Methodologies Part V The Technology Stack compu network stub Category Network architecture Category Enterprise architecture ...   more details

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