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Swim bladder
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Encyclopedia results for Swim bladder

Swim bladder

Encyclopedia results for Swim bladder

  1. Swim bladder

    Image Swim bladder.jpg thumb 333px The swim bladder of a Rudd The swim bladder , gas bladder , fish maw ... Deluxe 1999 publisher Microsoft year 1999 ref The swim bladder is also of use as a stabilizing ... biology dorsal position of the swim bladder. Another function of the swim bladder is the use as a resonator resonating chamber to produce or receive sound. The swim bladder is evolutionarily Homology ... of Species . ref The illustration of the swim bladder in fishes is a good one, because it shows us ..., may be converted into one for a widely different purpose, namely, respiration. The swim bladder ... of the higher vertebrate animals hence there is no reason to doubt that the swim bladder has ... bladder. Darwin, Origin of Species. ref Species Swim bladders are only found in ray finned fish . In the embryonic stages some species have lost the swim bladder again, mostly bottom dwellers like the weather ... The swim bladder normally consists of two gas filled sacs located in the Dorsum biology dorsal ... bladder and the Gut zoology gut , the pneumatic duct , allowing the fish to fill up the swim bladder by gulping air and filling the swim bladder. Excess gas can be removed in a similar manner. In more ... and the oxygen can diffuse back. Together with oxygen other gases are salted out in the swim bladder ... to have 75.1 oxygen, 20.5 nitrogen , 3.1 carbon dioxide , and 0.4 argon in its swim bladder. Physoclist swim bladders have one important disadvantage they prohibit fast rising, as the bladder ... fish, mainly freshwater species e.g. common carp , wels catfish , the swim bladder is connected .... inconsistent citations ref In embryo nal development, both lung and swim bladder ... of the more derived teleost orders. There are no animals which have both lungs and a swim bladder ... 2267.jpg thumb Swim bladder display in a Melaka shopping mall In some Asian cultures, the swim bladders ... tissue interface at the swim bladder produces a strong reflection of sound, which is used in sonar ...   more details

  1. Swim bladder disease

    Image Goldfish with swim bladder disease.JPG thumb Female ryukin goldfish with swim bladder disease Image Swim bladder.jpg thumb The gas bladder of a fish Swim bladder disease , also called swim bladder disorder or flipover , is a common ailment in aquarium fish . The swim bladder is an internal gas filled Organ anatomy organ that contributes to the ability of a fish to control its buoyancy , and thus to stay at the current water depth without having to waste energy in swimming. ref name Orr cite encyclopedia title Fish encyclopedia Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia Deluxe 1999 publisher Microsoft date 1999 ref A fish with swim bladder disorder can float nose down tail up, or can float to the top or sink to the bottom of the aquarium. ref name Johnson Johnson, Erik L. and Richard E. Hess 2006 Fancy Goldfish A Complete Guide to Care and Collecting , Weatherhill, Shambhala Publications, Inc. ISBN 0 8348 0448 4 ref Causes Fancy goldfish are among the fish most commonly affected by this disorder. The disease may be caused by intestinal parasite s or by constipation induced by high nitrate levels from over feeding. ref name Johnson Remedies A remedy, which can work within hours, perhaps by countering constipation, is to feed green pea to affected fish. Fish surgeons can also adjust the buoyancy of the fish by placing a stone in the swim bladder or performing a partial removal of the bladder. ref name Johnson Notes reflist fish disease topics Category Fishkeeping Category Fish diseases Category Goldfish Goldfish ...   more details

  1. Swim

    Swimmers redirects here. For other meanings see Swimmer disambiguation . Wiktionary swim TOCright Swim or SWIM may refer to Movement and sport Aquatic locomotion , the act of biologically propelled motion through a liquid medium Human swimming , the useful or recreational activity of movement through water Swimming sport , the competitive sport of swimming SWIM Semantic Wiki Information Management , a subcommittee of the Semantic Interoperability Community of Practice SICoP System Wide Information Management , a technology to help provide data sharing of Air Traffic Management system information Surface Water Improvement and Management Program , a Florida state program to improve water quality. Someone Who Isn t Me, on internet forums . Music swim , a record label founded by Wire guitarist and singer Colin Newman, and Minimal Compact bass player and singer Malka Spigel Swim Caribou album Swim Caribou album , a 2010 album by Caribou Swim EP Swim EP , a 1996 EP by the band Feeder, later re released as an 11 track album Swim , a 2008 album from indie band Whispertown 2000 Swim song Swim song , a 2003 song by the alternative rock band Fishbone Swim , a song from Madonna s 1998 album Ray of Light Swim , a song from Jack s Mannequin s 2008 album The Glass Passenger See also Swimming disambiguation Swimmers disambiguation lookfrom swim intitle swim disambig de Swim ...   more details

  1. Bladder (disambiguation)

    Wiktionary bladder Bladder usually refers to an anatomical hollow organ Bladder may also refer to Biology Urinary bladder in humans Urinary bladder Chinese medicine Bladder control see Urinary incontinence Artificial urinary bladder , in humans Pig bladder , urinary bladder of a domestic pig, with many human uses Gallbladder , which stores bile for digestion Swim bladder , in bony fishes, an internal organ that helps to control buoyancy Technology Waterskin , a traditional container for transporting water Hydration system , sometimes known as a bladder Wine bladder, see Bag In Box Pneumatic bladder , an old technology with many industrial applications See also Gallbladder disambiguation disambiguation de Blase es Vejiga eo Veziko gl Vexiga hom nimos it Vescica disambigua nl Blaas ...   more details

  1. Swim ~

    lowercase title Infobox record label name swim nbsp image name Swim cropped.png founded 1993 founder Malka Spigel , Colin Newman genre Ambient music , electronic music country UK location London url http swim nbsp the tilde is part of the written name, but is not pronounced is a record label founded in 1993, and jointly run, by Wire band Wire guitarist and singer Colin Newman , and Minimal Compact bass player and singer Malka Spigel . ref name Popmatters cite web last Neate first Wilson title Githead Not Your Father s Supergroup url http music interviews githead 050722.shtml work PopMatters accessdate 18 May 2010 ref ref name CMJ Wolk cite journal last Wolk first Douglas title WIRE the connection is made journal CMJ New Music Monthly year 1996 month March issue ... produced a record by Spigel s band Minimal Compact. ref name CMJ Wolk They launched the swim nbsp label ... as well as a series of remixes by a number of techno artists. ref name CMJ Wolk Music output swim ... several samplers of its work, beginning with Water Communication in 1997, which was followed by Swim Team 1 in 2000 and Swim Team 2 in 2003. ref name Neate These featured swim nbsp acts such as Symptoms ... and their son Ben a.k.a. Bumpy . ref name NME cite news last Staff title Swim Team 1 url http ... swim nbsp in its early days they were joined in 2005 by Minimal Compact drummer Max Franken ... had a band . ref name Zimpleman The group s first EP Headgit was written, recorded and mixed in the swim ... 2009 , all released through the swim nbsp label. ref name Zimpleman ref name BBClive cite web last Riley ... The 2000 Swim Team 1 sampler was positively reviewed in NME , achieving an 8 out of 10 rating. ref name NME The 2003 Swim Team 2 sampler was described by Dusted Magazine as a near perfect sampler ... Colin Newman . Article by Colin Newman on swim nbsp published in Sound on Sound music magazine May 1994 ... swimlondon swim on MySpace Category British record labels Category Alternative rock ...   more details

  1. Pneumatic bladder

    distinguish Swim bladder A pneumatic bladder is an inflatable pneumatic bag technology with many applications. Emergency management applications Pneumatic bladders are used to seal drains and ducts to contain chemical spills or gases. Pneumatic bladders are often used for the containment of chemical spills, oil spills or Firewater fire fighting fire water on water to prevent them from entering the environment, usually in the form of boom containment boom s. ref http bridge servlets purl 663424 yo2o1P webviewable 663424.pdf ref Marine applications File FEMA 17992 Photograph by Robert Kaufmann taken on 10 26 2005 in Louisiana.jpg thumb Grounded freighter after Hurricane Katrina , being salvaged using pneumatic bladders to raise and roll it back into the water Deleted image removed File RB divers.jpg thumb left Reef ball being deployed The Reef Ball Foundation uses a pneumatic bladder technology to float an artificial coral reef reef ball into location, then deflate the bladder to sink the reef to the bottom. Other applications Pneumatic bladders, known as dunnage bag s, are used to stabilize cargo within a container. Pneumatic bladders are used in medical research. ref cite journal pmid 2065148 volume 27 title A pneumatic bladder array for measuring dynamic interface pressure between seated users and their wheelchairs year 1991 journal Biomed Sci Instrum pages 135 40 ref See also Balloon Bladder Bladder disambiguation References reflist industry stub Category Marine salvage operations Category Environmental engineering ...   more details

  1. Bladder augmentation

    Use dmy dates date January 2012 Unreferenced date February 2007 Bladder augmentation is a surgical alteration of the urinary bladder . It involves removing strips of tissue from the intestinal tract and adding this to the tissue of the bladder. This has two intended results increased bladder volume and a reduced percentage of the bladder involved in contraction, that in turn results in lower internal pressures in the bladder during urination. Risks of bladder augmentation include incomplete voiding of the bladder post surgery resulting in the patient having to undergo intermittent catheterisation or an indwelling catheter , acute intestinal obstruction due to adhesions some years after surgery, and, in extremely rare cases, cancers of the intestinal tissue within the bladder. History This surgery has been popular since the 1980s and 90s. See also Spina bifida Sacrococcygeal teratoma Vesicouretic reflux Hydronephrosis Category Urologic surgery health stub ...   more details

  1. Bladder spasm

    Infobox Disease ICD10 ICD10 N 32 8 n 30 , ICD10 F 45 3 f 40 cleanup date October 2011 A bladder spasm is a contraction of the bladder which generates an urge to urinate, sometimes accompanied by extreme pain. Incontinence may occur if the bladder spasm continues, as the contraction will force urine out ... his or her bladder. A number of conditions can lead to bladder spasm all should be addressed by a doctor. When a bladder spasm occurs, the bladder randomly contracts, as though the patient is about ... common causes of incontinence in the elderly is bladder spasms, which can also occur in young ... infusion, bladder spasms remain a problem for some surgical patients. When bladder spasms occur ... of being on strong analgesia. ref D. Gillies L. Lane D. Murrell R. Cohen, Bladder spasm ... supply and nerves controlling the bladder. Weak muscles Weak pelvic muscles may let the bladder sag out of position, which can stretch the urethral opening, leading to bladder spasm. Nerve damage Nerve damage may result in mistimed or erroneous signals, and the bladder may react with spasms. Nerve ... is unknown, may in turn cause bladder spasm. Urinary tract infection The most common cause of bladder ... related irritation If bladder spasms occur or there is no urine in the drainage bag when a catheter ... or drainage tubing. Sometimes spasms are caused by the catheter irritating the bladder, prostate or penis ... causes bladder spasm. Medicines that include bethanechol or valrubicin a chemotherapy drug can cause bladder spasm because they help force water from the body. Treatment includes bladder training, anticholinergic ... helpful in controlling bladder spasms. Notes and references reflist External links sisterlinks ... kudiseases pubs bcw ez Bladder Control http urinary incontinence oab bladder ... WH ihtWH r.WSIHW000 st.41823 t.41815.html Menopause and Bladder Control DEFAULTSORT Bladder Spasm Category Urinary bladder disorders ...   more details

  1. Bladder exstrophy

    Infobox Disease Name Bladder exstrophy Image Caption DiseasesDB 33377 ICD10 ICD10 Q 64 1 q 60 ICD9 ICD9 753.5 ICDO OMIM 600057 MedlinePlus eMedicineSubj ped eMedicineTopic 704 MeshName Bladder Exstrophy MeshNumber C12.740.700.132 Bladder exstrophy is a congenital anomality in which part of the urinary bladder is present outside the body. It is rare, occurring once every 10,000 to 50,000 live births ... wall, bladder, anterior bony pelvis, and external genitalia. It occurs due to failure of the abdominal wall to close during fetal development and results in protrusion of the anterior bladder wall through ... of bladder exstrophy is maldevelopment of the lower abdominal wall, leading to a bladder rupture rupture which causes the bladder to communicate with the amniotic fluid. Spectrum of anomalies The typical manifestation of exstrophy epispadias complex is bladder everted through a midline lower ... from bladder mucosa. The spectrum of disease extends from spade penis and epispadias on one hand, to exstrophy with cloaca also known as cloacal exstrophy . Diagnosis Prenatal diagnosis of bladder ... of bladder filling, a low set umbilicus, widening of the pubic ramus, small external genitalia and a lower abdominal mass. It can be found if the Sonographer cannot identify a normal bladder filling ... of an exposed bladder. Evaluation and Management at Birth At birth, the bladder mucosa ... than a clamp to prevent trauma to the delicate mucosa. In addition, the bladder should be covered with a non adherent film Plastic Wrap to prevent sticking of the bladder to diapers or clothing. With each diaper change the plastic wrap should be removed and the bladder irrigated with sterile saline ... hospital for management of their bladder exstrophy. Treatment Modern therapy is aimed at surgical reconstruction of the bladder and genitalia, most often through a staged approach. The initial surgical management consists of bladder, posterior urethral and abdominal wall closure with or without osteotomies ...   more details

  1. Pig bladder

    File Joseph Wright of Derby. Two Boys Fighting over a Bladder. c.1767 70.jpg thumb upright 18th century painting of boys fighting over a bladder Pig bladder also pig s bladder is the bladder of a domestic pig , similar to the human urinary bladder . Today, this hollow organ has various applications in medicine , and in traditional cuisines and customs. Historically, the pig bladder had several additional uses, all based on its properties as a light weight, stretchable container that could be filled and tied off. Medical uses The medical technology company ACell is noted for developing extracellular matrix products derived from pig bladder. Traditional uses File BoysBlowingBladder by Peter Perez Burdett.jpg thumb upright left Inflating a bladder The pig bladder has several traditional ceremonial uses in Europe. It is traditional during the festival Fasching in Bad Aussee to brandish inflated pig bladders on sticks. Similarly, in Xinzo de Limia , Spain, inflated pig bladders are carried during Carnival . See also Clown society and Jester and Gigantes y cabezudos and Vejigante . In traditional Germanic communities a public Schlachtfest of a pig is announced by hanging the pig s inflated bladder in front of the host establishment. The bladder is used as a Casing sausage casing for several traditional food items, including the sausage s known as ventricina and sobrassada . Historical uses File Richard Lindon 1816 1887 .jpg thumb upright Richard Lindon in 1880 Historically the pig bladder was used in sports, as the airtight membrane bladder inside a Football ball football . In the early 19th century the inventor William Gilbert Rugby William Gilbert used pig bladders in the manufacture of rugby ball s. Decades later, Richard Lindon did the same. See also Mob football , Medieval ... urinary bladder Balloon Bladder pipe Bumbass Rubber chicken Terry Dicks German cuisine Spanish cuisine References reflist Pigs DEFAULTSORT Pig Bladder Category Domestic pigs Category Pork Category ...   more details

  1. Underactive bladder

    Underactive Bladder Syndrome UAB is a urological condition characterized by bladder underactivity causing difficulty in urination voiding , resulting in incomplete bladder emptying. ref name Rigby D, 2005 Rigby D Underactive Bladder Syndrome. Nursing Standard. 2005 May 11 17 19 35 57 64 quiz 66 7. ref The http International Continence Society ICS refers to the condition of detrusor underactivity, defined as a contraction of reduced strength and or duration, resulting in prolonged bladder emptying and or failure to achieve complete bladder emptying within a usual time span. Bladder underactivity may cause overdistention of the bladder, resulting in overflow incontinence . The disease has a profound impact on quality of life . Causes The etiology of UAB is unclear, however It is know to have multiple possible causes. UAB symptoms are sometimes a result of brain damage neurological damage , surgery, medication side effects, and infection. In addition to these potential causes, simple ageing aging resulting in the decline of bladder volume and elasticity may lead to UAB symptoms. This is referred to as bladder muscle sarcopenia . As the average age of people in the developed world grows, it is expected that UAB will become more common as the prevalence of this disease increases with age. Treatment While treatment for UAB is often dependent on factors such as age, health ..., bladder retraining . Bethanechol is a common prescription medication used for treatment, bethanechol can stimulate the nerves of the bladder, making them more responsive to stimulus. With UAB ... can help remedy an underactive bladder. Surgical options are also available, a cuff or stent is placed around or in the neck of your bladder to aid the emptying and leakage of your urine. However ... M. Detrusor underactivity A plea for new approaches to a common bladder dysfunction. Neurourology Urodynamics ... Overactive bladder References reflist Category Urinary bladder disorders ...   more details

  1. Bladder pipe

    Image Totentanz1488 033 crop.png thumb right 300px The burgomeister and death , showing death with a bladder pipe. From the Heidelberger Totentanz , c. 1488. The Bladder pipe German Platerspiel or Blaterpfeife is a medieval simplified bagpipe , consisting of an insufflation tube blow pipe , a bladder .... The reed, inside the inflated bladder, is sounded continuously, and cannot be tongued. Some bladder ..., which is then tied in to the bladder. History While the first creation of a double reed pipe with a bladder controlling breath is unknown, in is believed to have originated in Europe before the 13th ... , the Bladder pipe flourished from the 14th to 16th centuries. ref One type of early crumhorn ... of bagpipes, principally the bladder pipe... Laszlo Ujhazy. Acoustical Data on the Curve of the Crumhorn ... The bladder pipe, an intermediate stage between the bagpipe and the crumhorn, dates from the 13th century ... Times, Vol. 113, No. 1549 Mar., 1972 , p. 275 ref Image Frauenkirche12.jpg thumb Bladder pipe ... of the Votic bagpipe rakkopilli was made of a pig s bladder. It had no drone see Engl. bladder pipe ... torupill Igor Tonurist. THE ESTONIAN BAGPIPE 1974 . A Bladder pipe is shown painted in a Valencia ... the fifteenth century the Italians made use of the bladder pipe... Edmund A. Bowles. A Checklist ... Ser., Vol. 29, No. 4 Jun., 1973 , pp. 694 703 ... the bladder pipe old Span. odrecillo J. B. Trend .... ref see Iowa Sate University, below. ref The early bladder pipe is in a family of the early medieval ... illustrated forms of bladder pipe, such as the well known example of the 13th century reproduced by Martin Gerbert from a manuscript at Sankt Blasien Abbey in the Black Forest , the bladder ... horn, suggests the early crumhorn s development from a bladder pipe. One famous illustration of these bladder ... in the library of El Escorial in Madrid, together with a bladder pipe having two pipes, a chanter ... There was practically no technical difference between the bent chanter of the bladder pipe and the cromorne ...   more details

  1. Bladder cancer

    Infobox disease Name Bladder cancer Image Bladder urothelial carcinoma 1 pT1.JPG Caption Histopathology of urothelial carcinoma of the urinary bladder. Transurethral biopsy. H&E stain. DiseasesDB 1427 ... med 3022 MeshID D001749 Unsourced image removed Image Bladder cancer papillary tumor .jpg thumb 250px cystoscope Cystoscopic view of a papillary bladder tumor top the bladder wall is visible on the bottom right Bladder cancer is any of several types of malignancy arising from the epithelial lining i.e. the urothelium of the urinary bladder . The bladder is rarely involved by non epithelial cancers such as lymphoma or sarcoma but these are not properly included in the colloquial term bladder cancer. It is a disease in which abnormal cells multiply without control in the bladder. ref http Patient 20Care Service 20Areas Cancer Diseases 20and 20Conditions?citype Disease&ciid Bladder 20cancer Bladder cancer at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York Mount Sinai Hospital ref The bladder is a hollow, muscular organ that stores urine it is located in the pelvis. The most common type of bladder ... carcinoma . Signs and symptoms Bladder cancer characteristically causes blood in the urine this may ... the need to urinate without results. These signs and symptoms are not specific to bladder cancer ... bladder cancer in most populations, smoking is associated with over half of bladder cancer cases .... ref Cite journal author Boffetta P title Tobacco smoking and risk of bladder cancer journal ... study on active and environmental tobacco smoking and bladder cancer risk journal Cancer Causes ... incidence of bladder cancer when compared with men who drank less than 240mL around 1 cup per day. The authors proposed that bladder cancer might partly be caused by the bladder directly contacting ..., total fluid and bladder cancer journal Scandinavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology. Supplementum ... ref Thirty percent of bladder tumors probably result from occupational exposure in the workplace ...   more details

  1. Bladder Tank

    Orphan date February 2012 Bladder Tank is a product that allows to storage tank store many types of liquids . It s also called cisterna flexible in Spanish language Spanish and citerne souple in French language French . When maximum capacity is reached, the bladder tank takes the form of a big pillow that is why it is also called pillow tank . File Brevet d invention n 1.460.825.jpg thumb Mr. Andr LABARONNE s patent. History The first Flexibility engineering flexible bladder tank was made with polyester and PVC covering in Algeria Alger Africa in the 1950s. The inventor was Mr. Andr LABARONNE, patent N 1.460.825, 19 October 1965 , under the brand CITAF Citernes pour l agriculture Fran aise ref http www.labaronne ref Description The flexible bladders tanks are made with high Thermal resistance resistance PVC tissue and are weld with high frequency HF soldering techniques. The tissues are made of polyester that gives the bladder tank the resistance it needs and with PVC induction. The materials used are in general UV UV resistant and are used for their capacity of chemical stability and mechanical abrasion mechanical abrasion . The tissue is also recyclable and the tissue can ..., that means that the bladder tank can stand alone. This make the bladder tank a three dimensional .... The installation is fast and simple. One only need a Surface large surface in which the bladder ... stored. The bladder tank is flexible and very mobile, it is not heavy and the material last .... File Flexible tank for fire protection.jpg thumb A bladder tank for fire protection. The capacity of the bladder tanks is very large. From the small volumes to the big ones up to 500 Cubic ... r16552.DOC http newspapers?id Scw AAAAIBAJ&sjid JlgMAAAAIBAJ&pg 4179,4801656&dq bladder tank&hl en http collapsible marine bladder tanks Reflist External links ... b bladder tank 47c93 http articles 27 The facts about Water Tanks.html Categories Category ...   more details

  1. Overactive bladder

    SignSymptom infobox Name Overactive bladder ICD10 N32.8 ICD9 ICD9 596.51 Overactive bladder OAB is a urological condition defined by a set of symptoms urgency, with or without Urinary incontinence Urge incontinence or Hypertonic urge incontinence , usually with frequency and nocturia . Frequency is usually defined as urinating more than 8 times a day. The International Continence Society is responsible for this definition. There exists, however, some controversy over the use of this term because these symptoms taken in isolation may overlap with those of other bladder conditions, including interstitial cystitis , or rarely even bladder tumours. Causes The etiology of OAB is unclear, and indeed there may be multiple possible causes. It is often associated with overactivity of the Detrusor urinae muscle , a pattern of bladder muscle contraction observed during Urodynamic testing urodynamics ..., Cundiff GW, Abrams P, Herzog AR, Corey R, Hunt TL, Wein AJ. Prevalence and burden of overactive bladder ... of an overactive bladder and how are they managed? A population based prevalence study. BJU Int. 2001 ... A, Huhtala H, Auvinen A. Is the Prevalence of Overactive Bladder Overestimated? A Population ... Treatment for OAB includes lifestyle modification fluid restriction, avoidance of caffeine , bladder ... into the bladder wall can suppress involuntary bladder contractions by blocking nerve signals ... of the bladder using bowel tissues, although generally used as a last resort. This procedure can greatly enlarge urine volume in the bladder. See also National Association For Continence Underactive bladder References reflist Support Resources http The National Association For Continence ... Foundation http Cystitis & Overactive Bladder Foundation UK http Canada IC & OAB Resource Center Information Resources Overcoming Overactive Bladder Interstitial Cystitis Survival Guide DEFAULTSORT Overactive Bladder Category Urinary bladder disorders ko ja ...   more details

  1. Cackle-bladder

    Orphan date April 2011 Cackle bladder or cacklebladder is a means of faking someone s death through the use of a rubber bladder filled with fake blood . Its name is derived from the fact that traditionally chicken blood was used. Cackle bladders are used particularly in confidence tricks and espionage . As part of a con, a cackle bladder can be used to fool the confidence trick mark person being conned into believing that one of the con artists has been killed. ref cite book last Brunvand first Jan Harold title American Folklore An Encyclopedia year 1998 publisher Taylor & Francis pages 155 156 ref In espionage, a cackle bladder can be used as a basis for blackmail . ref cite book last Green first Jonathon title Newspeak A Dictionary of Newspeak year 1984 publisher Routledge pages 38 ref This method has been popularised through the BBC television series Hustle TV series Hustle . ref cite web title Hustle Con Jargon url http drama hustle con jargon.shtml publisher BBC accessdate 9 April 2011 ref References references Category Confidence tricks ...   more details

  1. Neurogenic bladder

    Infobox Disease Name Neurogenic bladder Image Caption DiseasesDB 30837 ICD10 ICD10 N 31 9 n 30 ICD9 ICD9 596.54 ICDO OMIM MedlinePlus eMedicineSubj med eMedicineTopic 3176 MeshID D001750 Neurogenic bladder refers to dysfunction of the urinary bladder due to disease of the central nervous system or peripheral nerves involved in the control of micturition urination . Causes Neurogenic bladder is often associated with spinal cord diseases such as Syringomyelia Hydromyelia , injuries, and neural tube defect s including spina bifida . It may also be caused by brain tumor s and other brain diseases of the brain , and by Peripheral nervous system peripheral nerve diseases . It is a common complication of major surgery in the pelvis, such as for removal of sacrococcygeal teratoma and other tumors. Treatments Neurogenic bladder usually causes difficulty or full inability to pass urine without use of a catheter or other method. Catheterization methods range from intermittent catheterization, which involves no surgery or permanenty attached appliances, to the creation of a stoma, which bypasses the urethra to empty the bladder directly. Intermittent catheterization is the use, several times a day, of straight catheters which are usually disposable or single use products to empty the bladder ... of myelodysplastic children and patients with spinal cord injuries with neurogenic bladder ... bladder journal Urology volume 69 issue 1 pages 69 73 year 2007 pmid 17270619 doi 10.1016 j.urology.2006.09.005 ..., Ruffion A title Treatment of vesicoureteric reflux and neurogenic bladder language French journal Prog ... journal author Chartier Kastler E, Comperat E, Ruffion A title Disorders of bladder compliance and neurogenic bladder language French journal Prog. Urol. volume 17 issue 3 pages 442 7 year 2007 pmid 17622074 ... in neurogenic bladder overactivity. journal Annales de R adaptation et de M decine Physique ... Reflist 2 Nephrology Category Urinary bladder disorders disease stub it Vescica neurogena pt ...   more details

  1. Bladder fiddle

    The bladder fiddle also known as bumbass or poispil is a folk instrument used throughout Europe. The instrument was a simple large monochord made with a long stick, a thick gut Strings music string , and a pig s bladder . It is bowed with either a notched stick or a horsehair bow music bow . It is known under different names in Germany it was called the bumbass, in France the basse de Flandre , and in England simply a Drone music drone or drone and string . In Germany sometimes a bell or cymbal was added to the top. In England it was used by traveling musicians. ref Baines ref A related instrument was preserved amongst the Pennsylvania Dutch German immigrant to the rural Eastern United States , and is known as a boom ba . References reflist Anthony C. Baines. Bumbass , Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians Grove Music Online , ed. L. Macy accessed August 20, 2006 , http subscription access . External links http c articles bumbass.html The bumbass, lagerphone, and tromba marina connection Jon Rose Web Includes bumbass audio Category Bass monochords Category German musical instruments Category French musical instruments Category English musical instruments musical instrument stub de Teufelsgeige ...   more details

  1. Fuel bladder

    and water tightness. ref http brands muststore fuel bladder ref Transportation ... water bladder tanks.html ref made of plastomer coated fabrics manufactured by high frequency welding ...   more details

  1. Sink or Swim

    wiktionary sink or swim Sink or Swim may refer to TOC right Music Sink or Swim The Gaslight Anthem album Sink or Swim The Gaslight Anthem album Sink or Swim Over My Dead Body album Sink or Swim Over My Dead Body album Sink or Swim The Waifs album Sink or Swim The Waifs album Sink or Swim song Sink or Swim song , a song by Bad Lieutenant Sink or Swim , a song by Falling In Reverse from The Drug in Me Is You Television Sink or Swim TV series Sink or Swim TV series , a UK sitcom Sink or Swim CSI Miami Sink or Swim CSI Miami , an episode of CSI Miami Sink or Swim , an List of Kim Possible episodes ep2 episode of Kim Possible Sink or Swim , an List of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody episodes ep68 episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody Sink or Swim , an episode of the British sitcom Odd Man Out UK TV series ep3 Odd Man Out Other media Sink or Swim video game Sink or Swim video game , a 1993 game also known as S.S. Lucifer Man Overboard Sink or Swim or, Harry Raymond s Resolve , a novel by Horatio Alger, Jr. disambiguation ...   more details

  1. Swim cap

    Refimprove date May 2010 File Swim cap colour isolated.jpg thumb right A competitive style swim cap in use. A swim cap , swimming cap or bathing cap , is a silicone , latex or lycra cap worn on the head .... Some facilities require the wearing of swim caps, in order to protect filter water filters from becoming ... out of the ears. Competitive swim caps are made of tightly fitted silicone, latex, or lycra that hugs ... by loose hair. During longer swimming sessions, a swim cap keeps the head warm. History Swim caps ... helmets of flyers of the day. During the 1940s swim caps became scarce as rubber was needed for war materials. It was a lucky girl who had a swim cap to protect her wave hair style during that period ... flower petal swim caps became popular. Men s long hair styles of the late 1960s and early 70 s made swimming pool operators change rules requiring swim caps for swimmers with long hair. Without swim cap requirements wearing swim caps fell out of fashion during the early 1970s. Competitive swimming ..., made the swim cap popular again. Today swim caps are available in competitive racing styles ... of the 1960s as well as other graphic prints. Wearing Double Swim Caps to Protect Hair Many swimmers have trouble finding a swim cap that keeps their hair dry. Wearing two swim caps double capping can provide a tighter swim cap seal. A inner silicon or latex swim cap pulled low over the ears followed by a second traditional style outer swim cap may provide the protection desired. Double capping ... rules for swim caps The English Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation and the Channel Swimming Association state that one standard swim cap may be used for official English Channel record swims. The cap ... the channel. Standard swim caps that have been used by English Channel swimmers of record over the years include solid rubber tank style swim caps, molded rubber swim caps with chin strap, bubble crepe rubber swim caps with chin strap, silicone swim caps and latex racing swim caps. Swim caps that have ...   more details

  1. Swim Kids

    Orphan date January 2011 Swim Kids is an Australian initiative by Uncle Tobys together with Royal Life Saving Society Australia . The goal is to reach the long term objective of helping thousands of Australian kids learn how to swim and survive. ref cite news first last coauthors authorlink title Swim Kids date publisher url http work Swim Kids pages accessdate language ref ref cite news first last coauthors authorlink title Free Swim Lesson Promotion date publisher url http 2010 10 swim lesson promotion work Free Swim Lesson Promotion pages accessdate language ref The website features swimming videos from Grant Hackett and Eamon Sullivan , and tips from Emily Seebohm and Cate Campbell . References Reflist External links http Swim Kids Official Website http Uncle Tobys http Royal Life Saving Society of Australia Categories Category Articles created via the Article Wizard Category Swimming in Australia Category Organizations established in 2010 ...   more details

  1. Swim diaper

    File Swim diaper 1335216873 .jpg right thumb 250px Packages of swim diapers File K pieluszka.JPG right thumb 250px Cloth swim diaper A swim diaper or pool diaper is a diaper that is made for infant s and toddler s to be worn underneath a bathing suit . Swim diapers serve the purpose of protecting both the bathing suit and the swimming pool pool water from the child s excrement. Both reusable and disposable swim diapers exist. One of the most popular brands of reusable swim diapers is the SOSecure Containment Swim Brief , made by Discovery Trekking Outfitters. One of the most popular brands of disposable swim diapers is Little Swimmers , made by Huggies . They are sold in three sizes small 16 26  lb or 7 12  kg , medium 24 34  lb or 11 15  kg and large over 32  lb or 14  kg . They are not as absorbent as any of the other available Huggies brand products. This is due to the water logged environment they are designed to be used in. They are designed mainly for easy clean up after a swim. Pampers also make a disposable swim diaper called Pampers Splashers, which fit the same sizes as the Little Swimmers. They feature Go Diego Go for boys and Dora the Explorer for girls. One of the most popular brands of reusable swim diapers is Swimmies , made by Bummis . They are available in three sizes, small 7 13 lbs. , medium 13 20 lbs. , and large 20 28 lbs. and a variety of bold prints ref cite web url http www.cloth cloth swim diapers.php title Cloth Swim Diapers accessdate 2010 09 22 ref . Issues with swim diapers As with normal diapers, swim diapers are not permitted ... guards, but it is uncertain whether they are effective. Absorbent swim diapers that do not contain ... with swim diapers publisher date accessdate 2010 09 08 ref . Health experts caution that swim diapers do not protect pool water against communicable diseases, such as norovirus ref cite web url http 2007 07 10 swim diaper title University of Florida News Swim diapers ...   more details

  1. Swim Miami

    Orphan date March 2011 File Swim Miami Logo 2011.jpg thumb right Swim Miami logo. Swim Miami is an open water swimming event held annually in south Florida . This year s event will take place on April 9th, 2011, on Watson Island Miami Watson Island . ref name own cite web url http ..., a foundation dedicated to eradicating drowning in south Florida. The swim also helps to develop open water swimming as an Olympic style sport in Florida. ref name own History The original Swim ... and continued successfully through 1998. In 2005, Miami Sports International, a subsidiary of Swim Gym Aquatics, ref cite web url http swimgym.php title Swim Gym Aquatics, Inc. first ... the event and adapted it to the future of open water swimming. The original idea and concepts for Swim ... for swimmers to give back to the sport that was able to give them a life of health and fitness. Swim ... and its elite swim field. Past Olympians and professionals to swim in the event have included Gary Hall ... 10Ks at Nike Swim Miami first last work year 2011 last update quote Miami accessdate March 15, 2011 ref Current day Swim Miami takes place in April annually. Originally staged ... Miami in 2011. Swim Miami currently consists of four swims a ten kilometer swim, a four kilometer swim, the Miami Mile, and an eight hundred meter swim. ref cite web url http swim miami 2006 timeline title Miami Sports International Swim Miami 2011 Timeline first ..., Swim Miami was first sponsored by the brand Speedo from 2005 06. Sponsorship has since switched to the Nike Swim brand, licensed and owned by Perry Ellis International . Due to strong popular branding of both the swim and its location, the event is well patronized by the general public, attracting ... web url http triathlon miami fl swim miami presented by nike swim 2011 title Swim Miami Presented by Nike Swim & 124 Miami, Florida 33132 & 124 Saturday, April 09, 2011 10 00 AM first last ...   more details

  1. Swim ring

    Unreferenced date September 2007 File Teddy in swim ring.JPG thumb Child size A swim ring also known as an inflatable lifebelt , swim tube or rubber ring is a toroid shaped hence the name ring inflatable water toy . The swim ring was derived from the inner tube , the inner, enclosed, inflatable part of older vehicle tire s. The inner tube, when inflated, was used as a water toy, and as a floating object to lounge on. A swim ring consists of two identically sized layers of flat plastic , one of which contains a valve . The shape of each layer is like a large circle with a smaller, concentric circle removed. The two layers are joined at their inner and outer edges, sealing an air chamber inside. Swim rings also called swimming rings , swimrings , inner tubes , innertubes , rubber rings or floaty floaties are inflated with air and worn around the user s torso, usually just under the arms, to hold the user above the water. They come in a variety of sizes to fit children through adults, though the larger sizes are often called swim tubes or just tubes . In America, swim rings are typically viewed as the toys of children and are generally only found in smaller sizes in childish designs. Other countries, however, attach no such significance and they can be found in many styles and sizes being utilized by all age ranges. Other swim ring designs include baby swim neck rings. Besides named as swim ring , it is also referred as seoi pou water bubble in Cantonese and ukiwa float belt in Japanese fact date March 2012 See also commonscat inline swim rings Category Inflatable manufactured goods Category Physical activity and dexterity toys Category Swimming equipment toy stub Swimming stub de Schwimmreifen sv Badring ...   more details

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