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Suge Knight
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Encyclopedia results for Suge Knight

Suge Knight

Encyclopedia results for Suge Knight

  1. Suge Knight

    Infobox musical artist name Suge Knight image caption background non performing personnel birth name ... 2 nfl Marion Suge Knight, Jr. IPAc en icon born April 19, 1965 a.k.a. Big Suge or Big ... Hugh Knight was born in Compton, California . His name, Suge, derives from Sugar Bear , a childhood ..., http name nm1058719 bio Biography for Marion Suge Knight . Retrieved November 15, 2008 ... le & The D.O.C. s release. ref http suge knight gets knocked out ref Ultimately, Dre ... states that he himself has no reason to suspect Suge Knight, and that Suge treated the security people ... Suge Knight. She also said, You can be sure that if the LAPD had ANY evidence that Suge ... about Suge Knight, there never was any evidence or even alleged evidence linking Suge to Tupac ... attacked Knight verbally, charging him for the death of Tupac Shakur. Suge responded, stating that Snoop ... Suge Knight Declares Bankruptcy , The Deadbolt , April 5, 2006. Retrieved December 18, 2009. ref ... takeover of Suge Knight s Death Row Records, saying the record label had undergone a gross amount ... index news id.8193 Suge Knight s Mansion Sold In Bankruptcy Court . . Retrieved ... 9540 Suge Knight knocked out in nightclub fight , United Press International ref ref http ... Rap Brought Suge Knight Wealth and Lots of Trouble. Now He s Singing a Different Tune. date June ... seven 11302006 gossip pagesix pagesix.htm Suge Knight responds to Snoop Dogg , New York Post ... bail. ref http music 2008 08 28 suge knight arrested Suge Knight arrested in Las Vegas , The Beat Junkies ref ref cite web url http musis suge knight arrested title Suge Knight Arrested publisher The Beat Junkies date accessdate 2010 02 12 ref Knight ... Global story.asp?S 9197320 Suge Knight s Girlfriend is Missing dead link date February 2010 ... date 2008 10 31 accessdate 2010 02 12 ref On December 5, 2008 Suge Knight was cleared ...   more details

  1. Suge Knight Represents: Chronic 2000

    one source date November 2011 Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Suge Knight Represents Chronic 2000 Type Compilation album Artist Various artists Cover Chronic 2000 cover.jpg Caption Released April 27, 1999 small U.S. small Recorded 1999 Genre Gangsta Rap , Hip Hop , G Funk , West Coast Rap , Electronic dance music Club Dance music Dance , Urban contemporary Urban Length 02 05 11 Label Death Row Records , Priority Records Producer Charlie Hicks Charlie B. , Ant Banks , Kurt Kobane Couthon , Daz Dillinger , L.T. Hutton , Reggie Moore, 2 Tuff, Kevyn Lewis, Laurence Woo Allen The Wooze , DJ Quik Misc Singles Name Suge Knight Represents Chronic 2000 Type Compilation album single 1 Who Do U Believe In? single 1 date 1999 Album ratings rev1 Allmusic rev1score Rating 1.5 5 ref Allmusic class album id r413947 pure url yes Allmusic review ref Automatically generated by DASHBot Suge Knight Represents Chronic 2000 is a compilation album released in 1999 by Death Row Records featuring performances by various artists, including 2Pac , Treach , Scarface rapper Scarface , Tha Realest , Swoop G , Lil C Style , K Ci , Soopafly , Jewell singer Jewell , Danny Boy rapper Danny Boy , Outlawz , Daz Dillinger , Kurupt , E 40 , Top Dogg and DJ Quik among others. The album was received poorly by professional review ers and critic s but sold well, charting high on the Billboard Top R&B Hip Hop Albums and Billboard 200 charts. Title The title Chronic 2000 was the original title for former Death Row Records artist Dr. Dre s anticipated second album but Suge Knight took the title and used it for this album which forced Dre to retitle his album to 2001 Dr. Dre album 2001 . Track listing Disc One Chronic 2000 small VK featuring Treach small Gotta Love Gangsta s small Tha Realest featuring Scarface rapper Scarface , Richie Rich rapper Richie Rich small Top Dogg Cindafella small Top Dogg small Who Do U Believe In? small 2Pac featuring Kadafi small I Thought You Knew small Mac Shawn ...   more details

  1. Knight (surname)

    keyboardist Suge Knight , US hop hop music industry entrepreneur T T. R. Knight , American actor ...Infobox family name name Knight image imagesize caption meaning knight serving lad region Anglo Saxon language Anglo Saxon origin British Isles related names footnotes Knight is a surname. Notable persons with that surname include compactTOC A Alan Knight footballer , former English footballer Alan Knight historian , historian of Latin America Albert Knight , English professional cricketer Albion Knight, Jr. , American politician and Anglican bishop Andrew Knight born 1939 , English journalist, editor, and media magnate Anne Knight 1786 1862 , British born author, social reformer and pioneer of feminism Arabella Knight , English erotic writer B File TTU Bob Knight.jpg thumb 120px Bob Knight Barry Knight cricketer , former English cricketer Beverley Knight , English R&B artist Bob Knight , former American NCAA basketball coach Brevin Knight , American NBA basketball player C Charles F. Knight , American chairman of Emerson Electric Charles Knight publisher , 1791 1873 English publisher and author Charles Landon Knight 1867 1933 , American lawyer and newspaper publisher Charles R. Knight , American dinosaur artist Charles Yale Knight , American engineer and inventor of the Knight Engine Christopher Knight , American actor Crystal Knight , American erotic actress and exotic dancer Curtis Knight , British musical artist and band leader D Damon Knight 1922 2002 , American science fiction author, editor, and critic David Knight footballer born 1987 , English footballer Dennis Knight , American professional wrestler Dick Knight businessman , British advertising executive Don Knight politician Don Knight , former Canadian politician Donald Knight cricketer Donald Knight , English cricketer Douglas Knight 1921 2005 , American businessman, educator and author E Ellis Cornelia Knight 1757 1837 , English author Eric Knight 1897 1943 , English author and the creator of the fictional ...   more details

  1. Mark Knight

    Mark Knight is the name of Mark Knight cartoonist born c. 1960s , Australian Mark Knight musician born 1973 , British Mark Knight producer , British house music producer hndis name Knight, Mark ...   more details

  1. Knight (disambiguation)

    wiktionarypar knight Knight is a social position and honour originating in the Middle Ages. Knight may also refer to Places Knight, Wisconsin , a town in the USA Knight Inlet , British Columbia, Canada Knight Islands , Nunavut, Canada Organisms Knight butterfly, the species Lebadea martha Knight mushrooms, the genus Tricholoma In fiction Knight comics , two DC Comics superheroes The Knight Gene Wolfe The Knight Gene Wolfe , a fantasy novel Knight, a fictional character in the Duel Masters TV show Jedi Knight, a rank between Padawan and Master in Star Wars Other Knight chess , a piece in the game of chess Knight surname Knight Capital Group , a global financial services firm Knight s Armament Company , an American firearms manufacturer Knight Dungeons & Dragons , a character class in the roleplaying game Knight of Coins , Knight of Wands , Knight of Cups , Knight of Swords , tarot cards See also Knights disambiguation disambig de Knight Begriffskl rung es Knight fr Knight ko nl Knight ja pl Knight fi Knight sv Riddare olika betydelser ...   more details

  1. Barry Knight

    Barry Knight is the name of Barry Knight cricketer born 1938 , former English cricketer Barry Knight referee born 1960 , English football referee Barry Knight politician born 1954 , American politician Barry Knight Australian rules footballer hndis Knight, Barry fr Barry Knight ...   more details

  1. Brandon Knight

    Brandon Knight may refer to Brandon Knight basketball b. 1991 , basketball player Brandon Knight baseball b. 1975 , professional baseball player See also Brandin Knight , basketball player hndis name Knight, Brandon DEFAULTSORT Knight, Brandon pl Brandon Knight ujednoznacznienie ...   more details

  1. Michael Knight (Knight Rider)

    name Michael Knight image caption Michael Knight and KITT first Knight of the Phoenix Knight Rider episode last Knight Rider 2008 film alias Michael Arthur Long br Michael Long br Michael Knight gender Male Born January 9, 1949 portrayer David Hasselhoff Michael Knight br Larry Anderson actor Larry ... br FLAG 1982 1990 family Garthe Knight evil twin brother br Jennifer Knight sister br Wilton Knight deceased father br Elizabeth Knight estranged mother spouse Stephanie March Mason girlfriend deceased br Jennifer Traceur girlfriend deceased children Michael Traceur Michael Knight II son Michael Knight is a fictional character and protagonist in the 1980s Knight Rider 1982 TV series Knight Rider ... as Michael Long , played by Larry Anderson actor Larry Anderson in the beginning of the pilot. ref Knight ... plate that was inserted into his skull. ref Knight Rider Region 1 DVDs ISBN 7 4170 0213 1 Season 1 Knight of the Phoenix. ref After those years in Vietnam as an intelligence officer, Michael ..., Los Angeles, California Wilmington, California , and the zip code was 90744. ref Knight Rider Region 1 DVDs ISBN 7 4170 4302 4 Season 2 Episode 211 Knightmares. ref Michael Knight After 10 years ..., titled Knight of the Phoenix Knight Rider episode Knight of the Phoenix in Broadcast syndication ... on the hood foreshadows later events. FLAG is a private crime fighting arm of Knight Industries, an organization founded by Wilton Knight, a billionaire philanthropist . Michael was not Wilton Knight ... to Michael s arrival. In the context of the pilot, Wilton Knight Richard Basehart is dying of an undisclosed ... surgery , Long is resurrected as Michael Knight now played by David Hasselhoff . Together with a high tech automobile called the KITT Knight Industries Two Thousand KITT , Michael Knight agrees to carry on Wilton Knight s crusade of aiding the powerless. He usually was given mission objectives by the new director of FLAG, Wilton Knight s longtime friend and confidant, Knight Rider 1982 TV ...   more details

  1. William Knight

    William Knight is the name of Bill Knight , racing driver and speed record setter Bill Knight born 1947 , former Canadian Member of Parliament and financial executive William Angus Knight 1836 1916 , British writer, professor, and philosopher William Frederick Knight , voice actor William Payne Knight William W. Knight , Pennsylvania politician William J. Knight 1929 2004 , X 15 pilot and U.S. politician William H. Knight , American mayor William Henry Knight died 1863 , British painter William Knight pirate , English buccaneer William Knight racehorse trainer William Knight footballer , English football goalkeeper with Southampton 1911 1913 William Knight martyr 1572 1596 , Venerable William Knight, martyred in 1596 William Knight bishop 1475 1547 , member of the court of Henry VIII, and Bishop of Bath and Wells Billy Knight tennis , reached quarter final of French open in 1959 Billy Knight boxer , British boxer Willy Knight , fictional Timeline 191 series character William R. Billy Knight born 1952 , American basketball player hndis name Knight, William de William Knight sh William Knight sv William Knight ...   more details

  1. Margaret Knight

    Margaret Knight is the name of Margaret E. Knight 1838 1914 , American inventor Margaret K. Knight 1903 1983 , British psychologist and humanist hndis name Knight, Margaret ...   more details

  1. Edward Knight

    Edward Knight is the name of Edward Knight composer born 1961 , American composer Edward Knight cricketer 1794 1879 , English amateur cricketer Edward Knight American actor 1927 2009 , American actor Edward Knight King s Men , prompter Edward Frederick Knight 1852 1925 , writer and yachtsman See also Ted Knight disambiguation hndis Knight, Edward DEFAULTSORT Knight, Edward ...   more details

  1. Henrietta Knight

    Henrietta Knight is the name of Henrietta Knight racehorse trainer born 1946 , English racehorse trainer Henrietta Knight, Baroness Luxborough 1699 1756 , British poet hndis name Knight, Henrietta ...   more details

  1. The Outlandish Knight

    The Outlandish Knight may refer to Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight , a variant of this ballad is titled The Outlandish Knight The Outlandish Knight novel , a 1999 historical novel by Richard Adams author Richard Adams disambig ...   more details

  1. Jack Knight

    Jack Knight is the name of Jack Knight 1893 1945 , US Airmail Pilot, airline builder Jack Knight baseball 1895 1976 , American right handed pitcher in Major League Baseball Jack L. Knight 1917 1945 , American soldier Jack Knight footballer born 1912 , Australian rules footballer Jack Knight songwriter , American songwriter and producer Starman Jack Knight , comic book character Jack Knight aviator , American aviation pioneer http knight flyer.htm See also John Knight disambiguation hndis Knight, Jack ...   more details

  1. Nick Knight (Forever Knight)

    For the movie Nick Knight film Infobox character name Nick Knight series Forever Knight image caption ... relatives religion nationality Nick Knight born Nicholas de Brabant is the main character of the Canada Canadian television series Forever Knight , and its precursor 1989 television movie Nick Knight film Nick Knight . He also appears in three novels, A Stirring of Dust by Susan Sizemore , Intimations ... . He was born of a noble family, and trained as a knight . After being falsely accused of murder ..., he was seduced by a vampire in disguise, Janette DuCharme Forever Knight Janette DuCharme , who introduced ... For I Have Sinned . ref LaCroix offered Knight immortality, which he accepted, becoming ... spending centuries hunting and killing to sustain himself, Knight rejected the vampire lifestyle, and became ... himself. Knight was played by Australian actor Rick Springfield in the movie, and by Canadian actor Geraint Wyn Davies in the series. Early life Nick Knight was born Nicholas de Brabant, of a noble family from the Duchy of Brabant circa A.D. 1200. Trained as a knight under Sir Raymond DeLabarre , he ... in order to quell a pending pagan revolt, and blamed Knight for her death. Knight was offered ... years spent in the Holy Land , Knight returned to Europe in A.D. 1228, disillusioned and embittered, and became a drunkard . While drunk, he meets Janette DuCharme Forever Knight Janette DuCharme , who intrigues him with the lure of immortality . She then introduces him to Lucien LaCroix , and Knight ... his imagination, and Knight accepts. Nicholas is brought to the catacombs of Paris for his first feeding , in which Nicholas must kill a mortal for their blood. After some brief hesitation, Knight ... explaining the reasons for this disillusionment. In this backstory, Knight was captured by Muslim ... title The Forever Knight List of Myths newsgroup knight ref Life as a Vampire Upon become a vampire, Knight gained several Superpower ability supernatural abilities ...   more details

  1. Donald Knight

    Donald Knight is the name of Donald Knight cricketer 1894 1960 , English cricketer Donald Knight figure skater born 1947 , Canadian figure skater Don Knight actor 1933 1997 , English movie, television, and stage actor Don Knight politician born 1942 , Canadian politician Don Knight Manitoba politician hndis Knight, Donald de Donald Knight ...   more details

  1. Peter Knight

    Peter Knight is the name of Peter Knight folk musician born 1947 , folk musician Peter Knight composer 1917 1985 , arranger and composer Professor Sir Peter Knight scientist Peter James Knight born 1954 , pro life activist who murdered a security guard in an abortion clinic in Melbourne, Australia Peter Knight footballer See also Pete Knight disambiguation hndis Knight, Peter ...   more details

  1. Henry Knight

    Henry Knight is the name of Henry Knight bishop 1859 1920 , Bishop of Gibraltar in the Church of England Henry Knight cricketer 1796 1843 , English cricketer Henry James Knight 1878 1955 , English recipient of the Victoria Cross Henry Gally Knight 1786 1846 , British politician Henry Foley Knight 1886 1960 , British administrator and civil servant Henry Knight Great Grimsby MP 1728 1762 , British Member of Parliament for Great Grimsby UK Parliament constituency Great Grimsby hndis Knight, Henry ...   more details

  1. Steve Knight

    Steve, Steven or Stephen Knight is the name of Steve Knight politician , California State Assemblyman Stephen Knight martyr , English Protestant martyr Steve Knight musician born 1935 , American jazz rock keyboardist Stephen Knight author 1951 1985 , British author Steven Knight born 1959 , British writer and co creator of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Stephen Thomas Knight born 1940 , British academic Steve Knight jockey Steve Knight pool player , British Mosconi Cup pool player Steve Knight cyclist , British National Champion Cyclo cross rider Stephen Knight rugby born 1948 , former representative Australian rugby league and rugby union footballer Stephen Knight poet born 1960 , Welsh writer Edgey Stephen James Knight musician born 1973 , American Electronic artist hndis name Knight, Steve ...   more details

  1. Pete Knight

    Pete Knight is the name of Pete Knight rodeo 1903 1937 , World Champion Rodeo Bronc Rider and international superstar of Rodeo William J. Knight 1929 2004 , American test pilot, astronaut and politician nicknamed Pete See also Peter Knight disambiguation hndis Knight, Pete ...   more details

  1. Frederick Knight

    Frederick Knight is the name of Frederick Knight MP 1812 1897 , British Conservative Party politician Frederick Knight singer born 1944 , American R&B singer, songwriter and record producer Frederick Knight Hunt hndis Knight, Frederick ...   more details

  1. Silver Knight

    Silver Knight may refer to Silver Knight horse , a Thoroughbred racehorse from New Zealand Silver Knight Awards , an awards program recognizing student achievement in South Florida Silver Knights , a mech action fighting game Silver Knight, a List of .hack characters Silver Knight character in .hack disambig ...   more details

  1. Christopher Knight

    Christopher Knight may refer to Christopher Knight actor , played Peter Brady on the 1970s series The Brady Bunch Chris Knight anthropologist born 1942 , founding member of the Radical Anthropology Group Christopher Knight author , author Christopher Knight cricketer born 1972 , former English cricketer Christopher Knight filmmaker , blogger and filmmaker Chris Knight musician born 1960 , American country music singer and songwriter Chris Knight album Chris Knight album , his self titled debut album The pseudonym used by author Christopher Wright author The main protagonist in the motion picture Real Genius hndis name Knight, Christopher ...   more details

  1. Tom Knight

    Tom Knight is the name of Thomas Knight MP for Kent 1735 1794 , English politician Thomas Knight MP for Canterbury died 1781 , English politician Thomas Andrew Knight 1759 1838 , horticulturalist and botanist Tom Knight scientist , American computer scientist Tom Knight American football born 1974 , former American football cornerback Tom Knight actor , played Mr Granger in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Tom Knight cricketer born 1993 , Derbyshire cricket player Tommy Knight born 1993 , child actor, best known for playing Luke Smith in The Sarah Jane Adventures hndis Knight, Tom ...   more details

  1. Michael Knight

    Michael Knight is the name of Michael E. Knight born 1959 , American actor known for work in daytime soap operas Michael Knight Australian politician born 1952 , former Australian politician Michael Knight Knight Rider , the fictional main character of Knight Rider , a popular U.S. television show from the 1980s Michael Muhammad Knight born 1977 , American novelist and journalist Michael Knight writer , American writer of fiction Michael Knight RAF officer born 1932 , British air marshal See also Mychael Knight born 1978 , contestant on the reality television show Project Runway Mickey Knight , pornographic actor Michael McKnight , a musician and lead singer of Soulidium hndis Knight, Michael nl Michael Knight ...   more details

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