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Encyclopedia results for Smith Brown Jones

Smith Brown Jones

Encyclopedia results for Smith Brown Jones

  1. Jerry Jones

    other persons BLP sources date December 2008 Infobox person name Jerry Jones image Jerry jones owner ... profile jerry jones Jerry Jones Forbes. Retrieved May 2011. ref Jerral Jerry Wayne Jones born October 13, 1942 is an United States American businessman, known for being the owner ... profile jerry jones Jerry Jones Profile Forbes ref Early life Jones was born in Los Angeles, California . His family moved to North Little Rock, Arkansas when he was an infant. Jones was a star running ... of Fame coach of the University of Oklahoma . Jones is one of a very small number of NFL owners who ... Jerry Jones meets with Arkansas players College Football ESPN . 2007 12 28 . Retrieved ... began an oil and gas exploration business in Arkansas , Jones Oil and Land Lease, which became phenomenally ... Jerry Jones Sports Biography, Photos & Rise To Success . AskMen 1942 10 13 . Retrieved on 2010 12 21 ... 25, 1989, Jones purchased the Cowboys from H.R. Bum Bright for 140 million. Soon after the purchase ... 2010 ref After the 1993 Super Bowl victory, reports began to surface in the media that Jones had ... that he Jones had drafted and signed for the team. Jones also stated to reporters at a late night ... of Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer . The next morning, however, Jones famously denied those reports ... manager, the other being the Cincinnati Bengals Mike Brown owner Mike Brown . fact date March ... Criticism In an online poll from October 8, 2003, Jones was named the least favorite sports personality ... remain bitter at Jones unceremonious firing of fan favorite Landry. Some of the fan criticism is due to Jones high visibility and involvement as the face of the team which is in stark contrast to original ... with Jones and the lack of success in the franchise. This had led to formation of grassroots organizations aimed at displacing Jones from his position. ref http Fire Jerry Jones . Fire Jerry Jones . Retrieved on 2010 12 21. ref Jones is the subject of a book published ...   more details

  1. Dean Jones

    Dean Jones is the name of Dean Jones cricketer , an Australian cricketer Dean Jones actor , an American actor Dean Jones singer , the singer of Extreme Noise Terror See also Jones surname hndis Jones, Dean ...   more details

  1. Gwyneth Jones

    Gwyneth Jones may refer to Gwyneth Jones soprano born 1936 , Welsh soprano Gwyneth Jones novelist born 1952 , British science fiction novelist See also Gwyn Jones disambiguation hndis Jones, Gwyneth de Gwyneth Jones ...   more details

  1. Aphrodite Jones

    to an exclusive interview with a confidant of Anna Nicole Smith , Jones reveals shocking new details of crimes you thought you knew. Jones lands pivotal interviews and gains insider access to those connected ...BLP sources date July 2011 Infobox person name Aphrodite Jones image Aphrodite Jones.jpg image size caption Aphrodite Jones promo for True Crimes with Aphrodite Jones birth name Aphrodite Jones nationality ... http media ugc documents 2010 02 02 True Crime Jones Bio.pdf ref Aphrodite Jones ... with Aphrodite Jones , which airs on Investigation Discovery . Before landing the hosting position with Discovery Channel s new network, Jones hosted a show called The Justice Hunters for USA Network ... , Michael Jackson , and the BTK Killer . Most recently, Jones has been featured on a number of television ... her daughter. Jones was present for the entirety of the trial and was interviewed on The O Reilly ... http criminal report ref In addition, Jones has regularly contributed television ... Manson , Robert Blake and JonBenet Ramsey . A reporter and contributor for Fox News, Jones also hosted ... Features Syndicate. At Fox News, Jones worked for Bill O Reilly political commentator Bill O Reilly , providing trial coverage and commentary. In addition to being a Fox contributor, Jones has ... . True Crime with Aphrodite Jones True Crime with Aphrodite Jones is in its second season on Investigation Discovery . Each episode follows Jones as she conducts her own investigations into some of the most .... Season 2 Episodes JonBen t Ramsey Anna Nicole Smith Killer Contestant Rodney Alcala Loyalty, Lies ... ugc documents 2011 03 11 2011 True Crime with AJ S2 Press Release.pdf ref Early life Jones was born in Chicago, Illinois , to Captain Ashton Blair Jones, Jr, and his wife, Mary, who were living the military life on the Great Lakes Naval Base. Jones paternal ancestors include Meriwether Lewis , Thomas Jefferson , and Pocahontas Citation needed date June 2011 . Her father, Ashton Blair Jones, served ...   more details

  1. Jeremy Jones

    Jeremy Jones may refer to Jeremy Jones freerider born 1975 , snowboarder, big mountain riding, Jones Snowboards Jeremy Jones freestyler born 1976 , snowboarder, freestyle & jibbing, Burton et al. Jeremy Jones pool player See also Jerry Jones disambiguation hndis Jones, Jeremy DEFAULTSORT Jones, Jeremy ...   more details

  1. Mother Jones

    Mother Jones may refer to Mary Harris Jones called Mother Jones , 1837 1930 , American labor and community organizer Mother Jones magazine Mother Jones magazine , liberal political magazine named after Mary Harris Mother Jones Mother Jones Prison , formerly a National Historic Landmark disamb de Mother Jones ...   more details

  1. Tayari Jones

    Jones Lynne Tillman BBF 2011 Shankbone.JPG thumb Jones with Lynne Tillman at the 2011 Brooklyn ... . Citation needed date July 2011 Jones herself, an Atlanta native, was a child during these murders ... the Lillian C. Smith Award for New Voices. Citation needed date July 2011 Silver Sparrow , her third ... Next pick. Citation needed date July 2011 Tayari Jones has taught creative writing at University ... at the Newark Campus of Rutgers University . Her brother is the sports pundit Bomani Jones . ref cite web last Jones first Bomani title Houston Part III url http houston part ... Award for College Writers 2000 Hurston Wright Legacy Award for Debut Fiction 2003 Lillian C. Smith ... ?read article jones Symbolism and Cynicism On Being A Writer During Black History Month Opinion Essay in The Believer References reflist Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Jones, Tayari ... , United States DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Jones, Tayari Category 1970 births Category ...   more details

  1. Kenney Jones

    Gordon Brown publisher BBC News date 2002 11 21 accessdate 2011 10 19 ref Personal life Jones has six ...About the British drummer similarly named people Ken Jones disambiguation Ken Jones Use British English date May 2011 Use dmy dates date May 2011 Infobox musical artist name Kenney Jones image Smallfaces photo.jpg caption Jones farthest to right with Small Faces image size background non vocal instrumentalist birth name Kenneth Thomas Jones alias birth date Birth date and age df yes 1948 9 16 birth ... associated acts Small Faces , Faces band Faces , The Who , The Law band The Law , The Jones Gang Kenneth Thomas Kenney Jones born 16 September 1948, London Hospital, Whitechapel, East London is a veteran ... http sift individual 279189 title British Film Institute Kenney Jones, born Stepney ... Faces to the Faces File Kenney Jones.jpg thumb 200px left Kenney Jones followed by the press, 2007 Having previously been in a band with Ronnie Lane , Jones was one of the founding members of the English ... , the band s spiritual home . Jones himself unveiled the plaque. In a BBC interview Jones said To honour ... and Wood did not fit the description. Jones remained with the band until its dissolution in late 1975 ... 23 February 2008 ref The Who In early 1979, Jones was invited by Pete Townshend and manager Bill ... that Jones drumming style was not right for The Who. ref cite web url http articles ... 10 19 ref Jones was replaced by Simon Phillips for The Who s 1989 reunion tour. In an April 2011 special edition of Uncut magazine, Pete Townshend confirmed that Kenney Jones was both a good and natural ... direction of the music Townshend envisioned the Who playing in the 1980s. Jones played with the band ... achievement award at the 1988 British Phonographic Industry awards ceremony. The Law Jones formed ... a band called The Law band The Law . The Jones Gang In 2001, Jones formed a new band over several ..., The Jones Gang released their debut album, Any Day Now . Guest appearances Jones has guested as drummer ...   more details

  1. Mr. Jones

    Mr. Jones may refer to Music Mr. Jones Tom Jones album Mr. Jones Tom Jones album , 2002 Mr. Jones Elvin Jones album Mr. Jones Elvin Jones album , 1972 Mr. Jones Counting Crows song Mr. Jones Counting Crows song Mr. Jones Mike Jones song Mr. Jones Mike Jones song Mr. Jones , a song by The Mavericks from From Hell to Paradise Mr. Jones , a song by NOFX from Liberal Animation Mr. Jones , a song by The Psychedelic Furs from Talk Talk Talk Mr. Jones , a song by Talking Heads from Naked Talking Heads album Naked Mr. Jones , a song by country artist Big Al Downing . Mr. Jones, a character in Bob Dylan s song Ballad of a Thin Man Other media Mr. Jones film Mr. Jones film , a 1993 drama starring Richard Gere, Lena Olin and Anne Bancroft Mr. Jones James Bond , a fictional character in the film Dr. No Jones Animal Farm or Mr. Jones, a fictional character in George Orwell s novel Animal Farm Mr. Jones, a fictional character in the video game Rage of the Dragons See also Jones surname , a popular family name of British origins Jones disambiguation disambiguation br Mr. Jones tr Mr. Jones ...   more details

  1. Dickins & Jones

    Dickins & Jones was a high quality department store in London , England , which traded between 1835 and 2007, although tracing its origins to 1790. From 1835, the main store was in London s Regent Street . In its final years the store had branches at Epsom , Richmond, London Richmond , and Milton Keynes . The name is now a fashion brand of House of Fraser . History In 1790, Dickins and Smith opened a shop at 54, Oxford Street , at the sign of the Golden Lion. In 1830 the shop was renamed Dickins, Sons and Stevens , and in 1835 it moved its premises to Numbers 232 and 234 in the newly built Regent Street. In the 1890s the business changed its name to Dickins & Jones , when John Prichard Jones Sir John Prichard Jones became a partner. ref name LE Christopher Hibbert , Ben Weinreb, & John Keay, The London Encyclopedia 2010 , p. 236 ref In 1914 the business was bought by Harrods , as its first acquisition beyond its own original store. ref http history2 64 Harrods Holdings.html Harrods Holdings at ref In 1919, the Dickins & Jones store acquired a new site at 224 244 Regent Street, a short distance from the old one, and in 1922 it moved into a new building designed for it by Henry Tanner architect Sir Henry Tanner . In 1959, Harrods was itself bought by House of Fraser, but both Harrods and its subsidiary Dickins & Jones continued to trade under their existing names. ref name LE In the summer of 2005 House of Fraser announced that the Regent ... 26 Jones jsessionid cJLLHkTDQk5rnVfWNQ27CbzyBYLjKKS8rfyLrpYKR1VRtK3pfxJM 1816783789 1407319226 7001 1 This Is London, It s the end for Dickins & Jones ref and the closure took place ... Street store, branches of Dickins & Jones at Epsom , Richmond, London Richmond , and Milton Keynes .... However, the Dickins & Jones name continues to be used by House of Fraser as one of its in house ... default Search ShowBrand?brand Dickins 20 26 20Jones Dickins & Jones at ref References ...   more details

  1. Elvin Jones

    Infobox musical artist See Wikipedia WikiProject Musicians name Elvin Jones image Elvin Jones 3.jpg caption Elvin Jones in 1976 image size background non vocal instrumentalist birth name Elvin Ray Jones ... , Charles Mingus , Thad Jones , Hank Jones website Elvin Ray Jones September 9, 1927 May 18, 2004 ... Scott url Allmusic class artist id p6844 pure url yes title Elvin Jones publisher AllMusic date accessdate ... on such albums as A Love Supreme . Following his work with John Coltrane, Jones led several small groups, some under the name The Elvin Jones Jazz Machine . He recorded with both of his brothers during his career, jazz musicians Hank Jones and Thad Jones . ref name ALLMUSIC Biography Early life Elvin Jones was born in Pontiac, Michigan to parents Henry and Olivia Jones who moved to Michigan from Vickisburg ... foundation in rudiments . Jones began service in the United States Army in 1946. He was discharged in 1949, and returned home penniless. Jones said he borrowed thirty five dollars from his sister when he got back to buy his first drumset . ref cite web last Gross first Terry title Elvin Jones NPR ... McCoy Tyner . Jones and Coltrane often played extended duet passages. This band is widely considered ... until 1966. By that time, Jones was not entirely comfortable with Coltrane s new direction ..., Rashied Ali . Jones remained active after leaving the John Coltrane group, and led several bands in the late ... Garrison , with whom he recorded the Blue Note Records Blue Note album Puttin It Together . Jones ... Elvin Jones s handprints in ceramic tile at Juan les Pins 1976 Elvin Jones sense of timing, polyrhythm .... Jones was touted by Life Magazine as the world s greatest rhythmic drummer , and his free flowing ... Vander , Mitch Mitchell whom Jimi Hendrix called my Elvin Jones and Ginger Baker . He appeared ... , in which he performed a drum solo after winning a saloon gunfight. In 1999, Jones worked with Our ... Best of Our Lady Peace . Jones performed and recorded with his own group, the Elvin Jones Jazz Machine ...   more details

  1. Brown ale

    Ale , Double Maxim Beer Company Double Maxim and Samuel Smith Brewery Samuel Smith s Nut Brown Ale ...Image Manns logo new sm.jpg thumb Manns Brown Ale the original modern Brown ale Brown ale is a style of beer with a dark amber or brown colour. The term was first used by London brewers in the late 17th ... brown ales were lightly hopped and brewed from 100 brown malt. ref London and Country Brewer, Anonymous, 1736, pages 38 43. ref Today there are brown ales made in several regions, most notably English beer England , Belgian beer Belgium and American beer North America . Beers termed brown ale include sweet, low alcohol beers such as Manns Original Brown Ale, medium strength amber beers of moderate bitterness such as Newcastle Brown Ale , and malty but hoppy beers such as Sierra Nevada Brewing Company Sierra Nevada Brown Ale. History In the 18th century, British brown ales were brewed to a variety ... moved away from using brown malt as a base. Pale malt, being cheaper because of its higher yield, was used as a base for all beers, including Porter and Stout. The term brown ale was revived at the end ... only became widely brewed in the 1920s. The brown ales of this period were considerably stronger than most modern English versions. In 1926, Manns Brown Ale had a gravity of 1.043 and an ABV of around .... ref Whitbread Double Brown was even stronger, 1.054 and more than 5 ABV. ref name ReferenceA Whitbread ..., introduced a second weaker and cheaper brown ale that was sometimes just a sweetened ... War II, stronger brown ales, with the exception of a handful of examples from the northeast of England ... Brown Ale today. ref Whitbread Gravity Book, Document number LMA 4453 D 02 002, held at the London Metropolitan Archives. ref North America n brown ales trace their heritage to American home brewing ... Ales. Description English brown ales range from beers such as Manns Original Brown Ale, ref http brands brands manns.htm Manns Brown Ale a bottle with real character Bot generated ...   more details

  1. Allen Jones

    Allen Jones may refer to Allen Jones Continental Congress 1739 1798 , Continental Congress delegate Allen Jones sculptor born 1937 , British pop artist Allen Jones record producer died 1987 , American record producer A.J. Styles Allen Jones, born 1977 , professional wrestler Allen Jones whistleblower , Pennsylvania whistleblower on the pharmaceutical industry See also Allan Jones disambiguation Alan Jones disambiguation Alun Jones disambiguation Jones surname hndis Jones, Allen ...   more details

  1. Annie Jones

    Annie Jones may refer to Anna Elinor Jones 1842 1865 , American Civil War alleged spy Annie Jones Annie Jones bearded woman 1860 1902 , American bearded woman Annie Jones actress 1967 , Australian actress Annie Jones, a pseudonym used by Catherine Jones novelist Catherine Jones in collaboration See also Ann Jones disambiguation Anna Jones disambiguation hndis Jones, Annie ...   more details

  1. Alun Jones

    Alun Jones may refer to Alun Jones poet , also known as Alun Cilie Alun Jones tennis Alun Jones writer , Welsh writer Al Jones , born Alun Jones, UK folk rock musician Alun Jones, Baron Chalfont born 1919 , British politician Alun Ffred Jones born 1959 , Welsh politician Alun Wyn Jones born 1985 , Welsh rugby union player See also Alun Ashworth Jones , a 1969 Parlophone album by Al Jones Alan Jones disambiguation Allan Jones disambiguation Allen Jones disambiguation Al Jones disambiguation hndis Jones, Alun cy Alun Jones gwahaniaethu ...   more details

  1. Lisa Jones

    in the pages of the Voice , Village Voice , New York, October 18, 2005. ref Jones married Kenneth S. Brown in 2004 and their daughter was born in 2005. Jones is best known for her Skin Trade columns ...Lisa Jones born 1961 ref name b Ellis, Trey 1988 . Platitudes & The new black aesthetic . Northeastern University Press, Ann Arbor. ISBN 1555535860 ref is the daughter of poets Hettie Jones and Amiri Baraka formerly known as LeRoi Jones . ref name amiri Stetler, Carrie. http entertainment ..., 2009. ref Her sister, Dr. Kellie Jones, ref name b is an Associate Professor in the Department of Art ... cu arthistory html dept faculty jones.html title Kellie Jones Faculty Directory Department of Art ... Jones grew up in New York City and Newark, New Jersey . ref name contemp Perkins, Kathy and Uno, Roberta ... diva Jones, Lisa 1994 . Bulletproof Diva Tales of Race, Sex and Hair . Doubleday, New York. ISBN 038547122X ... The Construction of School Daze , ref name uplift Jones, Lisa and Lee, Spike 1988 . Uplift the Race ... the Right Thing , published in 1989, ref name do Jones, Lisa and Lee, Spike 1989 . Do the Right Thing ... Lee first Spike year 1990 title Mo better blues last2 Jones first2 Lisa publisher Simon & Schuster isbn 9780671725709 ref published in 1990. Jones published a memoir, Good Girl in a Bad Dress , in 1999. ref name dress Jones, Lisa 1999 . Good Girl in a Bad Dress . Random House, New York. ISBN 9780375501807 ref Her essays have been widely anthologized. Jones wrote the plays Carmella & King Kong and Combination ... Plays by Women of Color . ref name contemp Jones also created three works for the New American Radio ... name radio Cite web url http NAR work excerpts jones main.htm title Lisa Jones ... ref name radio In 1995, Jones and Rogers received a joint choreography and creator Bessie Awards ... Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Jones, Lisa ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1961 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Jones, Lisa Category American screenwriters ...   more details

  1. Clifford A. Jones

    A. Jones was also the founder of the Jones, Jones Close & Brown branch of the one of Nevada s legendary law firms, today known as Jones Vargas . ref name jonesvargas cite web title History url http History.aspx work Jones Vargas accessdate 12 June 2011 ref Cliff Jones was born ...No footnotes date April 2009 Infobox officeholder name Clifford A. Jones image alt caption order Lieutenant Governor of Nevada 20th office Lieutenant Governor of Nevada term start 1945 term end 1955 governor ... Jones, Sr. February 19, 1912 November 16, 2001 ref name jonesobit cite news title Clifford Jones Sr ... M. Jones, worked on the construction of Boulder Dam in the 1930s, working their way up from servers ... name Neff cite news last Neff first Erin title Political, business leader Jones dies at 89 url http news 2001 nov 19 political business leader jones dies at 89 accessdate 12 June ... interests, Cliff Jones was a businessman with wide ranging interests. He founded the first ready ... properties in France, Lebanon and Ecuador. In 1969, a merger created the firm of Jones, Jones, Close ... as Jones Vargas. Cliff Jones was instrumental in the founding of the Bank of Las Vegas which later .... In early 1993 Clifford A. Jones retired, closing out a career that spanned 55 years. In November ... with Michael S. Green, University of Nevada Las Vegas Oral History Program, 2001. Jones, Herbert M., Informal History of Jones, Jones, Close & Brown, Chartered, Unpublished Notes, 2001. Jones Vargas Chartered, Corporate Records, 1969 2007. Jones Vargas History, used in internal documents, written primarily by Jones Vargas stockholder, Albert F. Pagni, 2002. Neff, Erin, Political, Business Leader Jones ... published, 1996. State Law Resources, Inc. On line document , History of Jones Vargas, November ... Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Jones, Clifford A. ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION ... OF DEATH November 16, 2001 PLACE OF DEATH Las Vegas, Nevada DEFAULTSORT Jones, Clifford A. Category ...   more details

  1. Daryn Jones

    Infobox person name image Daryn Jones cropped. image size alt caption Jones on MTV Live Canada MTV Live in December 2008 birth name birth date January 3 birth place residence nationality ethnicity education alma mater doctoral advisor academic advisors doctoral students notable students occupation years active employer organization known for notable works influences influenced spouse children parents relatives awards signature signature alt signature size website footnotes Daryn Jones born 1978 in Victoria, British Columbia Victoria , British Columbia is a Canadian comedian and television personality . In 2006 he became the host of MTV Canada s flagship series MTV Live Canada MTV Live , alongside co hosts Nicole Holness and Paul The Intern Lemieux. Daryn has interviewed a variety of newsworthy guests including Dave Navarro , Mark Wahlberg , Brian Stever , The Cult , Tom Cruise , Feist singer ... , and Quentin Tarantino Jones began his career in stand up comedy clubs at the age of 17, receiving ... Comedy Network in 2000. In 2004, Jones was selected for the Rick Mercer Report , where he was a writer and an on air correspondent. Since then, Jones has made multiple appearances on CTV Television ... Post . Jones was a featured performer at the 2000 Canadian Comedy Awards , and received ... Bullard author Dan Brown work CBC News date 2004 03 17 accessdate 2008 01 07 External links MySpace darynjones Daryn Jones imdb name id 0427851 name Daryn Jones cite web url http canada darynjones.html title Daryn Jones Speaker Profile at The Lavin Agency http programguide personality index.jsp?personality Jones 2C Daryn&program Rick Mercer s Monday Report Daryn Jones biography The Rick Mercer Report http tvshows cast.jhtml?cid 1609&sid 1339 MTV Cast Bio Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Jones, Daryn ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1978 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Jones, Daryn Category ...   more details

  1. Benedict Jones

    File BenedictJones.jpg thumb Benedict Jones is a Psychologist Research Psychologists research psychologist and lecturer at the University of Aberdeen who studies the biological and social factors underlying face perception and preferences. He received his PhD from the University of St Andrews in 2005, where he studied with David Perrett . He is best known for work on the hormonal mechanisms that underlie ... affect preferences for a healthy appearance. Publications Jones, BC, Lisa DeBruine DeBruine, LM , Little ... among humans. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London , B. Jones, BC, Lisa DeBruine DeBruine ... in preferences for attractive faces. Psychological Science , 17 7 588 591. Jones, BC, Little, AC, Boothroyd, LG, Lisa DeBruine DeBruine, LM , David R. Feinberg Feinberg, DR , Law Smith, MJ, Cornwell ... level is high. Hormones and Behavior , 48 3 283 290. Jones, BC, David Perrett Perrett, DI , Little ..., RM, Hillier, SG, Burt, DM, Stirrat, MR, Law Smith, MJ, Moore, FR 2005 . Menstrual cycle, pregnancy ... Society of London , B, 272 1561 347 354. Little, AC, Lisa DeBruine DeBruine, LM , Jones, BC all .... Jones, BC, Little, AC, Boothroyd, LG, David R. Feinberg Feinberg, DR , Cornwell, RE, Lisa DeBruine DeBruine, LM , Roberts, SC, Penton Voak, IS, Law Smith, MJ, Moore, FR, Davis, HP, David Perrett Perrett ... for apparent health in faces. Evolution and Human Behavior , 26 6 451 457. Jones, BC, Little, AC, David ... and Human Behavior , 25 249 30. Jones, BC, Little, AC, Burt, DM, David Perrett Perrett, DI 2004 . When facial attractiveness is only skin deep. Perception , 33 569 576. Jones, BC, Jones, BT, Blundell .... Psychopharmacology , 165 4 93 96. Jones, BC, Little, AC, Penton Voak, IS, Tiddeman, BP, Burt ... by Benedict Jones http The Face Research Lab http Online experiments Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Jones, Benedict ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Jones ...   more details

  1. Deacon Jones

    Jones born December 9, 1938 in Eatonville, Florida Eatonville , Florida is a former American football .... Jones specialized in quarterback sack s, a term attributed to him. Nicknamed the Secretary of Defense , Jones is considered one of the greatest defensive players ever. ref name jones cite web work Deacon Jones Foundation url http about deacon.php title About Deacon accessdate 2008 07 18 ref The Los Angeles Times called Jones Most Valuable Ram of All Time, and former Rams head ... name jones Early life Jones was born in Eatonville, Florida and lived in a four bedroom house with his ... content archives features 2000 deaconjones1 112000.asp title Deacon Jones special Page One accessdate 2008 07 23 ref Jones attended Hungerford High School, where he played High school football football , baseball , and basketball . ref cite web work Deacon Jones Foundation url http ... Jones the NFL s Meanest accessdate 2008 07 23 ref During high school, Jones developed a lump in his thigh and learned that it was a tumor he had surgery to remove it. ref name one College career Jones ... of Fame url http hof member.jsp?PLAYER ID 108 title Deacon Jones HOF Profile accessdate 2008 07 18 ref South Carolina State revoked Jones scholarship after they learned that he ... was leaving to coach at Mississippi Vocational and told Jones and some of the other black players ... motels wouldn t take them on numerous occasions. ref name one Professional career Jones was NFL Draft ... on br me, so I ve got to be the baddest dude I know of. source Jones, in an interview with Kevin ... Questions for Deacon Jones accessdate 2008 07 21 ref width 150 align right Jones won consensus ... Rams Alumni in 1962, 64, 65, and 66. In 1971 Jones suffered a severely sprained arch, which caused him to miss four starts and he ended the season with 4 sacks, his career low to that point. In 1972, Jones ... Redskins in 1974. ref name profootballhof Along the way Jones was named the Associated Press ...   more details

  1. Tobias Jones

    Tobias Jones may refer to Tobias Jones writer , author of The Dark Heart of Italy A character in Driver 2 See also Toby Jones disambiguation hndis name Jones, Tobias ...   more details

  1. Bill Jones

    Bill Jones may refer to Bill Jones California politician , former California Secretary of State Bill Jones artist , photographer, installation artist and performer based in New York Bill Jones footballer , English international footballer Bill Jones musician , English folk singer Bill Jones trumpeter , American jazz trumpeter Bill T. Jones , American artistic director, choreographer and dancer Bill Ryder Jones , guitarist with Wirral band The Coral Canada Bill Jones , confidence artist, riverboat gambler and card sharp Bill Jones catcher , Major League Baseball player Bill Jones outfielder , Major League Baseball player See also Billy Jones disambiguation Will Jones disambiguation William Jones disambiguation Willie Jones disambiguation hndis name Jones, Bill ...   more details

  1. Danielle Jones

    Danielle Jones may refer to Murder of Danielle Jones , 2001 British crime Danielle Jones EastEnders , fictional character from EastEnders television series DEFAULTSORT Jones, Danielle disambig ...   more details

  1. Yanto Jones

    Yanto Jones may refer to Yanto Jones, fictional character in the TV series Mine All Mine A common mis spelling of Ianto Jones , a character in the TV series Torchwood hndis Jones, Yanto ...   more details

  1. Morris Jones

    Morris Jones may refer to Morris Jones television journalist , American television journalist Morris Jones footballer 1919 1993 , English footballer hndis Jones, Morris ...   more details

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