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Encyclopedia results for Secretomics


Encyclopedia results for Secretomics

  1. Secretomics

    Secretomics is a subset of proteomics in which all of the secretory protein secreted proteins of a cell, tissue, or organism are analyzed. ref name pmid17425459 cite journal pages 239 48 doi 10.1586 14789450.4.2.239 title Approaches to the study of the cell secretome year 2007 last1 Hathout first1 Yetrib journal Expert Review of Proteomics volume 4 issue 2 pmid 17425459 ref Secreted proteins are involved in a variety of physiological processes, including cell signaling and extracellular matrix matrix remodeling, but are also integral to invasion and metastasis of malignancy malignant cells . ref name pmid20394844 cite journal pages 1896 906 doi 10.1016 j.jprot.2010.04.003 title The cancer cell secretome A good source for discovering biomarkers? year 2010 last1 Pavlou first1 Maria P. last2 Diamandis first2 Eleftherios P. journal Journal of Proteomics volume 73 issue 10 pmid 20394844 ref Secretomics has thus been especially important in the discovery of biomarker s for cancer . History of the secretome In 2000 Tjalsma et al. coined the term secretome in their study of the eubacterium Bacillus subtilis B. subtilis . They defined the secretome as all of the secreted proteins and secretory ... ref In 2001 the same lab set a standard of secretomics predictions based on amino acid sequence ... Methods of secretomics Genome wide prediction Many secreted proteins have an N terminal peptide .... Proteomic approaches Mass spectrometry analysis is integral to secretomics. Serum or supernatant ... has emerged as an important method in secretomics it helps to distinguish between secreted proteins ... human blood plasma plasma samples but can also be used for cultured cells and body fluid secretomics ... through cell growth, migration, invasion, and angiogenesis , making secretomics an excellent ... 10.1016 j.molonc.2010.09.001 title Cancer secretomics reveal pathophysiological pathways in cancer ... main biological sources for cancer secretomics are cancer cell line supernatants and proximal biological ...   more details

  1. Secretory protein

    . See also Secretion Secretomics External links http localization.php?localization ...   more details

  1. Biomarker discovery

    medicine Clinical chemistry Clinical proteomics Drug discovery Genomics Proteomics Secretomics Sapio ...   more details

  1. Stable isotope labeling by amino acids in cell culture

    , SILAC has become an important method in secretomics , the global study of secretory protein secreted ...   more details

  1. List of omics topics in biology

    Meeting at Marseilles . Retrieved December 14, 2011. ref Secretome Secretomics Secreted proteins ...   more details

  1. Proteomics

    3 pages 416 22 year 2009 pmid 19176491 doi 10.1354 vp.08 VP 0212 K FL ref Secretomics , a subfield of proteomics ... of omics topics in biology Metabolomics Lipidomics Secretomics Shotgun proteomics Top down proteomics ...   more details

  1. Secretion

    s Secretomics References See http wiki Wikipedia Footnotes for a discussion of different ...   more details

  1. Biomarker (medicine)

    , glycomics, and secretomics are the most commonly used as techniques in identification of biomarkers ...   more details

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