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Encyclopedia results for SMS gateway

SMS gateway

Encyclopedia results for SMS gateway

  1. SMS gateway

    Refimprove date February 2008 Technical date May 2008 An SMS gateway is a telecommunications network facility for sending or receiving Short Message Service SMS transmissions to or from a telecommunications network that supports SMS. Most messages are eventually routed into the mobile phone networks. Many SMS gateways support media conversion from email and other formats. Gateway types Unreferenced section date May 2009 Some SMS gateway providers can be classified as aggregators or Signaling System ... historically provide GSM Gateway equipment for voice also have an SMS capability. Some are more ... with third party applications. Regulation SMS Gateway equipment is regulated via the Mobile Telegraphy ... in choosing an SMS gateway. ref Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Outlook 2007 has native support for sending ... E mail to a US mobile number. http SMS Gateway http Nokbe SMS Gateway http ... Providers http Ahra Samaneh Iranian Co. DEFAULTSORT Sms Gateway Category Mobile telecommunications de SMS Gateway id SMS Gateway pl Bramka SMS ru SMS sv SMS gateway uk SMS ... two way SMS traffic into and out of the operator s short message service center SMSC , also known ... where the SMS messages are exchanged. These providers have no visibility and control over the message delivery, being unable to offer delivery guarantees. SMS messages are delivered in the operator s SMSC, but not the subscriber s handset. Another type of SMS gateway provider is based on SS7 connectivity to route SMS messages, also known as international termination model . The advantage ... and visibility of the complete path during the SMS routing. This means SMS messages can be sent ... and optimized routing. Citation needed date May 2009 Several operators have true fixed wire SMS ... Global System for Mobile Communications GSM SMS standards and allow fixed fixed, fixed mobile and mobile ... Direct to mobile gateway appliance A direct to mobile gateway is a device which has built in wireless ...   more details

  1. SMS

    is disappearing. SMS gateway providers Unreferenced section date June 2008 SMS gateway ..., SMS gateway providers can be classified as aggregators or Signaling System 7 SS7 providers. The aggregator ... gateway provider is based on SS7 connectivity to route SMS messages, also known as international ... gateway Email to SMS gateway . Additionally, many carriers, including AT&T , T Mobile USA , ref cite ... Message Service Center SMSC Short message service technical realisation GSM SMS gateway sending text ... pdu mode.html SMS PDU mode PDU Protocol Description Unit Do NOT add your SMS service, gateway or blog ... other uses Refimprove date July 2008 File Sms to isabelle.jpg thumb An SMS message being received File ... Short Message Service SMS is a text messaging service component of phone, web, or mobile communication ... between fixed line or mobile phone devices. SMS text messaging is the most widely used data ... subscribers. Citation needed date October 2008 The term SMS is used as a synonym for all types of short text messaging as well as the user activity itself in many parts of the world. SMS is also being used as a form of direct marketing known as SMS marketing . ref Wisegeek Definitions http what is sms marketing.htm accessed September 4, 2011 ref SMS as used on modern handsets was originated ... Message Service SMS ref to and from GSM mobile handsets. ref name GSM 03.40 http ftp Specs html info 0340.htm GSM 03.40 Technical realization of the Short Message Service SMS . ref ... needed date June 2008 Most SMS messages are mobile to mobile text messages though the standard supports other types of broadcast messaging as well. History Initial concept File SMS messages sent monthly in USA in billions .svg thumb 300px SMS messages sent monthly in USA billion The idea of adding ... X.400 series ref The SMS concept was developed in the Franco German GSM cooperation in 1984 ... SMS the creation of Personal Global Text Messaging, Wiley 2010 ref The innovation in SMS is Short ...   more details

  1. The Gateway

    The Gateway may refer to Newspapers The Gateway student newspaper , the student business and careers newspaper, UK The Gateway newspaper , the student newspaper at the University of Alberta, Canada Buildings Gateway District , Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America The Gateway, Hong Kong , Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong The Gateway, Leeds , England The Gateway, Nantwich , England The Gateway New Brunswick , New Jersey The Gateway, Singapore The Zachary Gateway , British Columbia Disambig ...   more details

  1. Gateway

    wiktionary gateway A gate way is a point of entry or exit. Gateway may also refer to Computer terminology Gateway address , an IP address for a network interface on a router that leads to a larger network Gateway telecommunications , a network node equipped for interfacing with another network that uses different communication protocols Gateway web page , a webpage designed to attract visitors and search engines to a particular website Payment gateway , the software interface between a web based shopping cart and a merchant account Gateway computer program , a link between two computer programs allowing them to share information and bypass certain protocols on a host computer Residential gateway , a home networking device Companies Gateway, Inc. formerly Gateway 2000 , a computer manufacturer Gateway Supermarket Gateway , a former UK supermarket chain rebranded as Somerfield in the 1990s Gateway Building Society , a UK building society bought in 1988 by the Woolwich Building Society Gateways Books and Tapes , a book and audio tape retailer bought in 1988 by Books A Million Gateway Newstands ... places, and transit stations in the United States and Canada Geography Africa South Africa Gateway Theatre of Shopping , a shopping centre in Durban Australia Gateway Bridge, Brisbane , the most eastern crossing of the Brisbane River, Brisbane Gateway Motorway , a freeway in Brisbane Asia Hong Kong The Gateway, Hong Kong , a shopping centre in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong India Gateway of India , Bombay Singapore Gateway Monorail Station , a station on the Sentosa Monorail The Gateway, Singapore , a twin building office complex Taiwan The Gateway Park, Taiwan , a park in Taichung City ... Serbia Iron Gate Danube Iron Gate North America Canada Gateway Boulevard , a major street in Edmonton Gateway Station on the Vancouver SkyTrain s Expo Line Greater Vancouver Gateway Program , an infrastructure project for Greater Vancouver United States Communities Gateway, Alaska , census designated ...   more details

  1. SMS Amazone

    Two Germany German ships has been named SMS Amazone . SMS Amazone 1843 SMS Amazone 1900 Shipindex DEFAULTSORT Amazone, Sms de SMS Amazone ...   more details

  1. SMS spoofing

    Refimprove date January 2008 SMS spoofing is a relatively new technology which uses the short message service SMS , available on most mobile phone s and personal digital assistant s, to set who the message ... person, company, product . How SMS spoofing is carried out SMS Spoofing occurs when a sender manipulates ... cases for SMS spoofing include A sender transmits an SMS message from an online computer network ... phone, and they need to send an SMS from a number that they have provided the receiver in advance as a means to activate an account. A sender adopts the default network gateway identifier provided by an online ... , in order to send an anonymous sms, rather than specifying a number of their own choosing. An SMS Spoofing attack is often first detected by an increase in the number of SMS errors encountered during ... by blocking different source addresses in their Gateway MSCs, but fraudsters can change addresses easily ... services. ref http SMSSpoofing.asp An overview on how to stop SMS ... regulator, PhonepayPlus formerly ICSTIS concluded a public consultation on anonymous SMS, in which they stated ... new regulation covering anonymous SMS which will require anonymous SMS service providers to send a follow up message to the recipient stating that a spoofed SMS has been sent to them, and operate ... users from SMS spoofing If a user can prove that their SMS sessions have been spoofed, they should ... the SMS messages were actually sent from. A user may also modify the phone s settings so that only messages ... the user s friends as well. Examples of SMS spoofing Messages sent from Google are sent with the Sender ... number they registered with. Note that when a user attempts to reply to the SMS, the local ... account, which requires an SMS from a phone number that the user registers with. A dynamically assigned number from an anonymous SMS service will not work because the user is not given the dynamic ... in SMS spoofing at the national and international level. They were able to successfully spoof ...   more details

  1. Concatenated SMS

    also exists amongst SMS gateway providers. The way concatenation works in GSM and UMTS networks is specified in SMS Point to Point specification, 3GPP TS 23.040 ref name 23.040 SMS Point ... SMS In technical terms, the concatenated SMS could also be referred to as a PDU Mode SMS . The number of parts that a multi part or PDU mode SMS message may contain depends technically upon a header message but mostly upon the device sending or receiving the SMS and also upon the service provider. In theory, the concatenated SMS may consist of up to 255 separate SMS messages that are concatenated in order to create a single long SMS message. Because of the nature of the SMS, the chance that these parts of the SMS message arrive in order is slim and therefore a strategy is implemented in order for the original long message to be reconstructed. Sending a concatenated SMS using a User Data Header One way of sending concatenated SMS CSMS is to split the message into 153 7 bit character parts ... fields equal to 03 Field 4 1 octet 00 FF, CSMS reference number, must be same for all the SMS parts ... number, must be same for all the SMS parts in the CSMS Field 5 1 octet 00 FF, total number .... ETSI Specification GSM 03.40 Version 5.3.0 July 1996 s Example of the UDH for an sms split into two ... 2009 02 18 combining sms messages ref . This means up to 6 bits of zeros need to be inserted ...   more details

  1. SMS N�rnberg

    There have been three ships named N rnberg SMS N rnberg 1906 SMS N rnberg 1906 SMS N rnberg 1916 SMS N rnberg 1916 German cruiser N rnberg launched in 1934 Shipindex ...   more details

  1. WAP gateway

    A WAP gateway sits between mobile devices using the Wireless Application Protocol WAP protocol and the World Wide Web , passing pages from one to the other much like a proxy. This translates pages into a form suitable for the mobiles, for instance using the Wireless Markup Language WML . This process is hidden from the phone, so it may access the page in the same way as a browser accesses HTML, using a Uniform Resource Locator URL for example, nowiki http foo.wml nowiki , provided the mobile phone operator has not specifically prevented this. References http Kannel Open Source WAP and SMS Gateway http WAP WAP Gateway What is WAP Gateway What is WAP Gateway http www.wap Wap Free WAP Gateway Wap Proxy telecom stub Mobile stub Category Mobile Web ...   more details

  1. SMS Oldenburg

    There were two ships in the German Imperial Navy with the name SMS Oldenburg , both named after the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg SMS Oldenburg 1884 SMS Oldenburg 1884 SMS Oldenburg 1910 SMS Oldenburg 1910 Shipindex DEFAULTSORT Oldenburg Category German Navy ship names Category Article Feedback 5 de SMS Oldenburg es SMS Oldenburg pt SMS Oldenburg sv SMS Oldenburg ...   more details

  1. SMS Cormoran

    Two ships have been known as SMS Cormoran SMS Cormoran 1892 , a light cruiser built by the German Kaiserliche Marine SMS Cormoran 1909 , a transport ship built for Russia and captured by the German raider SMS Emden 1908 SMS Emden during World War I shipindex de SMS Cormoran 1909 ...   more details

  1. SMS Vineta

    Two ships of the Kaiserliche Marine Imperial German Navy bore the name SMS Vineta , named after the mythic city of Vineta SMS Vineta 1863 was a corvette built in 1863 de SMS Vineta 1863 . SMS Vineta 1895 was a protected cruiser laid down in 1895. SMS Vineta 1915 was an auxiliary cruiser outfitted for commerce raiding in the First World War Shipindex DEFAULTSORT Vineta Category German Navy ship names de SMS Vineta es SMS Vineta ru SMS Vineta ...   more details

  1. SMS banking

    POV date April 2010 Image SMS Banking mobile phone screenshot.jpg top right frame Screenshot of a typical SMS Banking message on a mobile phone mobile screen SMS banking is a type of mobile banking , a technology ... banking services over their mobile phone s using SMS messaging SMS messaging . Push and pull messages SMS banking services are operated using both push and pull messages. Push messages are those that the bank ... the request is received the password is sent to the consumer s phone via SMS. The password is expired ... the bank s customer service call centre . Typical push and pull services offered under SMS banking Depending on the selected extent of SMS banking transactions offered by the bank, a customer can be authorized .... SMS banking solutions offer customers a range of functionality, classified by push and pull ..., G., & Jack, M. A. 2008 . A usability comparison of three alternative message formats for an SMS ... about SMS banking Expand section date April 2010 There is a very real possibility for fraud when SMS banking is involved, as SMS uses insecure encryption and is easily spoofable see the SMS page for details . Supporters of SMS banking claim that while SMS banking is not as secure as other conventional banking channels, like the ATM and internet banking, the SMS banking channel is not intended to be used .... 5 6. ref Quality of service in SMS banking Because of the concerns made explicit above, it is extremely important that SMS gateway providers can provide a decent quality of service for banks and financial institutions in regards to SMS services. Therefore, the provision of Service Level Agreement ..., as they carry the mobile phone all the time no matter where they are. Besides, the operation of SMS ... when the customer has access to a computer and the Internet. Also, urgent warning messages, such as SMS ... of delayed delivery and response. The SMS banking channel also acts as the bank s means of alerting .... Vol. 1 3 . ref Compensating controls for lack of encryption The lack of encryption on SMS messages ...   more details

  1. SMS Preussen

    SMS Preussen German language Ger . Orthography orth Preu en was the name of two vessels of the Imperial German Navy SMS Preussen 1873 SMS Preussen 1873 , a turret ship SMS Preussen 1903 SMS Preussen 1903 , a battleship Shipindex DEFAULTSORT Preussen Category German Navy ship names ru Preu en ...   more details

  1. SMS Bayern

    There have been two ships in the Kaiserliche Marine German Imperial Navy named SMS Bayern SMS Bayern 1878 SMS Bayern A Sachsen class armored frigate Sachsen class armored frigate launched in 1878. SMS Bayern 1915 SMS Bayern A Bayern class battleship Bayern class battleship completed in 1916. shipindex ...   more details

  1. SMS Kaiser

    SMS Kaiser has been the name of two ship s of the German Imperial Navy SMS Kaiser 1875 SMS Kaiser 1875 , a Kaiser class armored frigate Kaiser class ironclad warship armored frigate SMS Kaiser 1911 SMS Kaiser 1911 , a Kaiser class battleship which served through World War I Additionally, a number of Imperial Navy vessels were given names of specific kaiser s SMS Kaiser Barbarossa SMS Kaiser Barbarossa , an 11,600 ton Kaiser Friedrich III class battleship, launched 1900 SMS Kaiser Friedrich III SMS Kaiser Friedrich III , an 11,600 ton Kaiser Friedrich III class battleship, launched 1896 SMS Kaiser Karl der Gro e SMS Kaiser Karl der Gro e , an 11,600 ton Kaiser Friedrich III class battleship, launched 1899 SMS Kaiser Wilhelm II SMS Kaiser Wilhelm II , an 11,600 ton Kaiser Friedrich III class battleship, launched 1897 SMS Kaiser Wilhelm der Gro e SMS Kaiser Wilhelm der Gro e , an 11,600 ton Kaiser Friedrich III class battleship, launched 1899 Two ships have been named Kaiserin SMS Kaiserin SMS Kaiserin , a 25,000 ton Kaiser class battleship, launched 1911 SMS Kaiserin Augusta SMS Kaiserin Augusta 6,000 ton unique heavy cruiser, launched 1892 Shipindex DEFAULTSORT Kaiser Category German Navy ship names sv SMS Kaiser ...   more details

  1. SMS Dresden

    SMS Dresden may refer to one of these ships in the Kaiserliche Marine German Imperial Navy SMS Dresden 1907 , a sclass Dresden light cruiser launched in 1907 SMS Dresden 1916 , a sclass K ln light cruiser launched in 1916 Shipindex DEFAULTSORT Dresden, Sms es SMS Dresden ...   more details

  1. SMS W�rttemberg

    There have been two ships in the Kaiserliche Marine German Imperial Navy named SMS W rttemberg SMS W rttemberg 1878 SMS W rttemberg A Sachsen class armored frigate Sachsen class armored frigate launched in 1878. SMS W rttemberg 1917 SMS W rttemberg A Bayern class battleship Bayern class battleship launched in 1917, but never completed. shipindex ...   more details

  1. SMS Thetis

    Three ships of the Kaiserliche Marine Imperial German Navy bore the name SMS Thetis , named after the thetis sea nymph in Greek mythology SMS Thetis 1855 SMS Thetis was a 36 gun fifth rate acquired from the Royal Navy in 1855. SMS Thetis 1900 SMS Thetis was a Gazelle class light cruiser Gazelle class light cruiser launched in 1900 and sold in 1929. SMS Thetis 1940 SMS Thetis was the former Norweigan battleship Harald Haarfagre , captured in 1940 and converted to a flak ship. See also HMS Thetis HMS Thetis Shipindex DEFAULTSORT Thetis Category German Navy ship names de SMS Thetis 1855 pt SMS Thetis sv SMS Thetis ...   more details

  1. SMS Deutschland

    SMS Deutschland may refer to one of the following ships in the German Empire s Kaiserliche Marine SMS Deutschland 1875 , an armored frigate commissioned in 1875 SMS Deutschland 1904 , a battleship launched in 1904 SMS Deutschland 1914 , an auxiliary mine layer commissioned in 1914 See also nowiki nowiki SS Deutschland Deutschland disambiguation Shipindex DEFAULTSORT Deutschland, Sms de SMS Deutschland ...   more details

  1. SMS Gazelle

    Two ships of the Kaiserliche Marine Imperial German Navy bore the name SMS Gazelle , named after the gazelle , a species of antelope SMS Gazelle 1859 SMS Gazelle was a corvette built in 1859. SMS Gazelle 1900 SMS Gazelle was a Gazelle class light cruiser, launched in 1900 and scrapped in 1920. Shipindex DEFAULTSORT Gazelle Category German Navy ship names de SMS Gazelle ...   more details

  1. SMS (disambiguation)

    wiktionarypar SMS toc right SMS Short Message Service is a form of text messaging communication on phones and mobile phones. The terms SMS or sms may also refer to Biology and Medicine Smith Magenis Syndrome , a genetic developmental disorder Space adaptation syndrome Space motion sickness , a microgravity maladaptation syndrome SMS gene , which encodes the spermine synthase enzyme Computing Hardware IBM Standard Modular System , a system of standard transistorised circuit boards developed by IBM in the late 1950s Sudden Motion Sensor , a patented feature of Apple notebook computers Software and programming SMS hydrology software , surface water modeling software Spectral Modeling Synthesis , an acoustic modeling approach Supervisor Monitoring Scheduler , a job scheduler for Unix Linux systems Systems Management Server , a systems management software product by Microsoft Gaming, art, and entertainment Shorty McShorts, the host of Shorty McShorts Shorts Siva Manasula Sakthi , a 2009 Tamil film sometimes shortened as SMS Sega Master System , an 8 bit video game console from the 1980s Slightly Mad Studios , a racing game devloper SMS band , a Ukrainian pop music band SMS comics , a British comic book illustrator Super Mario Sunshine , a 2002 video game often shortened as SMS. Schools ... , an airport serving le Sainte Marie, an island in the Toamasina Province of Madagascar. IATA SMS Seiner ... party Certain types of nonwoven fabric are referred to as SMS , because they superimpose spun layers on melted layers on more spun layers See also IBM SMS disambiguation SM disambiguation disambig Category Initialisms ca SMS desambiguaci cs SMS rozcestn k de SMS Begriffskl rung es SMS eo SMS fo Sms fr SMS homonymie ko SMS id SMS it SMS disambigua hu SMS egy rtelm s t lap nl SMS ja SMS no SMS andre betydninger pl SMS ujednoznacznienie pt SMS ro SMS ru SMS sk SMS sl SMS razlo itev fi SMS sv SMS olika betydelser tr SMS anlam ayr m zh SMS ...   more details

  1. SMS Novara

    Two ships of the Austro Hungarian Navy have been named SMS Novara after the Battle of Novara 1849 SMS Novara 1850 SMS Novara 1850 , a sail frigate most noted for its 1857 1859 around the world scientific expedition, and also for carrying Archduke Maximillian to the Americas where he was proclaimed Maximilian I of Mexico . SMS Novara 1913 , a Rapidkreuzer class light cruiser that launched in 1913, and was transferred to France as a war prize after World War I. Shipindex DEFAULTSORT Novara Category Austro Hungarian Navy ship names de SMS Novara es SMS Novara it SMS Novara ...   more details

  1. SMS K�nigsberg

    There were two ships in the Kaiserliche Marine German Imperial Navy named SMS K nigsberg SMS K nigsberg 1905 SMS K nigsberg a K nigsberg class light cruiser 1905 K nigsberg class light cruiser launched in 1905 SMS K nigsberg 1915 SMS K nigsberg a K nigsberg class light cruiser 1915 K nigsberg class light cruiser launched in 1916 After World War I, the Imperial Navy became the Reichsmarine . A third German light cruiser named German cruiser K nigsberg K nigsberg was launched in 1927. Shipindex DEFAULTSORT Konigsberg, Sms de SMS K nigsberg ...   more details

  1. SMS Hansa

    Two Germany German ships has been named SMS Hansa . SMS Hansa 1872 , an ironclad warship SMS Hansa 1898 , a protected cruiser Another German warship was named Hansa German warship Hansa , a paddle wheeled steamer built in the United States in 1847&ndash 1848, operated by the German Federal fleet. shipindex ...   more details

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