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Encyclopedia results for RollBack Rx

RollBack Rx

Encyclopedia results for RollBack Rx

  1. RollBack Rx

    unreferenced date February 2011 RollBack Rx is a system drive restoration Third party software component third party Hard disk drive disk utility for Microsoft Windows , and is unique in that it uses a Disk sector sector mapping algorithm and incremental sector redirection to capture and manage its snapshots. This product is marketed under other names and price points such as EAZ FIX. How it works RollBack Rx installs to the hard drive s master boot record , which loads prior to the Windows operating system , which allows the hard drive to be reverted to a previous snapshot state even in the event ... Windows, which requires a reboot or logoff to take effect. Due to its sector based mapping, RollBack Rx does not recreate Computer file files or folders into a temporary Mass storage drive space resulting in a larger capacity of incremental snapshots and faster snapshot times. The RollBack Rx ... wallpaper wallpaper , Icon computing icons , etc. Incremental sector redirection RollBack Rx ... file system cluster level, which consists of multiple disk sectors. RollBack Rx works at the disk sector level. When a snapshot is taken, RollBack Rx freezes sectors to their current data. If Windows attempts to update that particular sector, RollBack Rx grabs the write and redirects it into unprotected sectors. If Windows attempts to delete that sector, Rollback Rx intercepts the delete ... products It can be beneficial to disable RollBack Rx prior to using any Windows defragmentation utility, as file relocations are treated by RollBack Rx as relatively large data changes and can .... However, defragmentation can be carried out without disabling RollBack Rx, and the data ... RollBack Rx does not support RAID or any server based operating systems. RollBack Rx will not be accessible at bootup if the Master Boot Record is erased or altered. RollBack Rx, being a Windows ... Category Storage software sv RollBack Rx ...   more details

  1. Rollback

    Other uses selfref For the Wikipedia tool, see Wikipedia Rollback feature . In political science , rollback ... , which means a working relationship with that state. Most of the discussions of rollback ... the Cold War . The rollback strategy was tried, and failed, in Korean War Korea in 1950 , and in Bay ... of rollback during the uprising of 1953 in East Germany and the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 , but decided ... the Storm Barry Goldwater and the Unmaking of the American Consensus 2002 ref The rollback strategy succeeded in Invasion of Grenada Grenada in 1983 . Ronald Reagan promoted a rollback strategy against what he called the evil empire the Soviet Union in the 1980s. NATO has deployed a rollback strategy ... Rollback of governments hostile to the U.S. took place in the American Civil War 1861 65 , World War ... 2003 . Today rollback is sometimes called regime change . Rollback during the Cold War Early years In American strategic language, rollback is the policy of totally annihilating an enemy army and occupying ... Strategy and Policy 1977 pp 145, 239, 325, 382, 391 ref The notion of military rollback against ... pursue a rollback strategy against Communism in Eastern Europe in 1953 56 the decision was not to. ref ... Rollback, Liberation, Containment, or Inaction? U.S. Policy and Eastern Europe in the 1950s , Journal of Cold War Studies , 1.3 1999 , pp 67 110 ref Instead of military rollback the U.S. began ... States and the United Nations officially endorsed a policy of rollback the destruction of the North ..., pp 314 333, http stable 1900879 in JSTOR ref The rollback strategy, however, caused the Chinese to intervene, and they pushed the UN forces back to the 38th parallel. The failure of the rollback ... to the containment policy, without rollback. ref Bruce Cumings, The Korean War A History 2010 ... a rollback policy. He wrote in 1949 We should make it clear to the tens of millions of restive subject ... Liberty 2003 ref A strategic alternative to rollback was containment , and the Eisenhower Administration ...   more details

  1. Rollback (disambiguation)

    MoS Disambiguation prefer ONE LINK per entry, short descriptions. Avoid piping, external links, and red links with little article potential selfref Wikipedia Rollback feature Rollback , a MediaWiki user group right. Rollback may also refer to Rollback , a Cold War term for the use of military force to roll back communism in countries where it had taken root Rollback data management , the operation of returning a database to some previous state Rollback legislation , legislating to repeal or reduce the effects of a specific law or regulation Rollback novel is a 2007 science fiction novel by Canadian author Robert J. Sawyer Rollback roller coaster , a situation in which a launched roller coaster is not launched fast enough to reach the top of the first hill Rollback RX disk utility software. Rollback may refer to civil service salary reductions for constitutional deference known as a Saxbe fix Rollback may refer to the savings at Wal Mart Trench rollback , a Geology term disambig fr Rollback nl Rollback ru Rollback ...   more details

  1. Rx

    wiktionary Rx RX is the telegraph and radio abbreviation for receive or receiver . Rx , RX , or rx may also refer to unicode , medical prescription s Rx, the symbol used to describe apparent retrograde motion of planets rx, an abbreviation for a chemical reaction Rx, IATA code for Aviaexpress , a Hungarian airline Aeronautica National Institute of Aeronautics and Space Rocket eXperimental , an Indonesian Rocket Experimental Computing and electronics Rx meters , a term used in electrical engineering Rx bridge , a device for measuring the efficiency of antenna system rx, the RPC mechanism used by the Andrew File System The Renesas Electronics RX microcontroller family http en us data gg577609 Rx , the Reactive Extensions to .NET Entertainment and arts Rx band , an industrial band formed by Nivek Ogre and Martin Atkins Rx film Rx film , a 2005 film about drug trafficking unicode or Rx , a novel by Elizabeth J. Braswell published under the pseudonym Tracy Lynn Vehicles Lexus RX , a series of luxury crossover SUV Mazda RX , a series of sport cars RX, an abbreviation for rallycross RX, the registration code for fishing boats registered in Rye, East Sussex , used by the Rye and Hastings fishing fleets disambiguation de RX fr RX ko RX it RX sw RX ja RX pl RX th RX ...   more details

  1. Rollback (legislation)

    For related uses, see Rollback disambiguation In government and economic contexts, Rollback metaphorically denotes action to repeal, dismantle or otherwise diminish the effect of a law or regulation. Trade legislation The term was utilised by the Multilateral Agreement on Investment MAI Negotiating Group in the 1990s in the context of seeking to enforce legislative progress toward free trade . Rollback of Protectionism trade protective measures was to be made compulsory under the agreement. blockquote Rollback is the liberalisation process by which the reduction and eventual elimination of nonconforming measures to the MAI would take place. It is a dynamic element linked with standstill, which provides its starting point. Combined with standstill, it would produce a ratchet effect , where any new liberalisation measures would be locked in so they could not be rescinded or nullified over time. ref http daf mai pdf dg2 dg2953r1e.pdf Mechanisms for standstill, rollback and listing of country specific reservations Page 3 of note by MAI Negotiating Group chairman, OECD, 15 February 1996 ref blockquote References Reflist Category Law legislature stub ...   more details

  1. Rollback (novel)

    Infobox Book See Wikipedia WikiProject Novels or Wikipedia WikiProject Books name Rollback title orig translator image File RollbackCover.jpg 200px image caption Hardcover edition author Robert J. Sawyer illustrator cover artist country Canada language English language English series subject genre Science fiction publisher Tor Books pub date April 2007 1st edition english pub date media type Print Hardback and Paperback pages 320 1st edition isbn ISBN 0 765 31108 9 1st edition hardcover dewey 813 .54 22 congress PR9199.3.S2533 R65 2007 oclc 76820964 preceded by followed by Rollback is a 2007 science fiction novel by Canadian author Robert J. Sawyer that was serialized in four parts in Analog Science Fiction and Fact from October 2006 to January 2007. It deals primarily with the social effects of drastic age rejuvenation technology and First contact science fiction first contact theory. In 2008 the novel was nominated for a Hugo Award and a Campbell Award . ref name WWE 2008 cite web url http books year index.asp?year 2008 title 2008 Award Winners & Nominees work Worlds Without End accessdate 2009 09 20 ref Plot summary The novel focuses around Don Halifax and his wife of sixty years, Sarah, an astronomer who translated the first transmission sent from an extra terrestrial source to Earth 38 years prior to the opening of the story. Sarah, now 87, is tasked to decode the second message sent from the unknown alien race if she can live long enough to do so. A wealthy industrial billionaire, Cody McGavin, offers to put up billions of dollars to perform a rollback on not only Sarah, but her husband of 60 years, Don. This process, which reverts a person s body to a much younger state, is successfully performed on Don, but fails to work with Sarah. This leaves ... novel.asp?ID 1037 Rollback at Worlds Without End DEFAULTSORT Rollback Novel ... Category Novels first published in serial form it Rollback romanzo ...   more details

  1. RX J1856.5-3754

    Starbox begin name http simbad.u simbad sim id?Ident RX 20J1856.5 3754 RX J1856.5 3754 Starbox image image Image RX J1856.5 3754.jpg 125px caption X ray image of RX J1856.5 3754 Starbox observe epoch 1996.7 equinox J2000.0 ref name s1 constell Corona Australis ra RA 18 56 35 ref name s1 http fwalter NS ns.html RX J185635 3754 an Isolated Neutron Star , F. M. Walter, web page at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, State University of New York at Stony Brook . Accessed ... Simbad 1ES 1853 37.9 Starbox end RX J1856.5 3754 also called RX J185635 3754 , RX J185635 375 , and various ... that RX J1856.5 3754 was too small to be a neutron star and may therefore in fact be a quark star ... The puzzles of RX J1856.5 3754 neutron star or quark star? journal Nuclear Physics B Proceedings Supplements ... Observatory and Hubble Space Telescope data, astronomers previously found that RX J1856 radiates like ... al. title Is RX J1856.5 3754 a Quark Star? journal Astrophys. J. eprint year 2002 volume 572 issue ... star RX J1856.5 3754 journal Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. eprint year 2007 volume 375 issue 2 pages ... ref Thus, RX J1856.5 3754 is now excluded from the list of quark star candidates. RX J1856 is one of the The Magnificent ... parsecs of Earth. References http astronomie special stars rx j185635 375.shtml http ... Closest Known Neutron Star Races Across Sky http abs astro ph 0204159 Is RX J185635 375 a Quark Star? http apod ap020414.html APOD 2002 April 14 RX J185635 375 ... Quark Stars or Naked Neutron Stars? The Case of RX J1856.5 3754 http fwalter NS ns.html RX J185635 3754 an Isolated Neutron Star http newscenter archive releases ... stars Category ROSAT objects star stub ca RX J1856.5 3754 de RX J1856 3754 es RX J1856.5 3754 fa . ko RX J1856.5 3754 nl RX J1856.5 3754 ja RX J1856.5 3754 pl RX J1856.5 3754 ru RX J1856.5 3754 tr RX J1856.5 3754 zh RX J1856.5 3754 ...   more details

  1. Met-Rx

    refimprove date January 2011 MET Rx is a brand name of nutritional supplements , originally produced by Met Rx, Inc., a California company started by A. Scott Connelly, and sold several times since. The brand is best known as the product to pioneer a new category of bodybuilding supplements known as Meal Replacement Powders or MRPs. It was also involved in the androstenedione controversy in the late 1990s. Company Created by Dr. Scott Connelly, the original MET Rx product was intended to help prevent critically ill patients from losing muscle mass. Connelly s product was marketed in cooperation with Bill Phillips author Bill Phillips and the two began marketing to the bodybuilding and athletic communities, launching sales from the low hundreds of thousands to over 100 million annually. ref Epstein, David Dohrmann, George. http vault article magazine MAG1155395 5 ... to Acquire MET Rx for 108 Million location California, Florida publisher date accessdate 2011 06 07 ref MET Rx is currently owned by NBTY . Products Original MET Rx MRP The original MET Rx meal replacement product came in two canisters one labeled MET Rx base and the other MET Rx ... is no longer used in MET Rx products, as the current incarnation does not contain micellar casein. ref ... Luoma publisher date accessdate 2011 06 07 ref MET Rx s meal replacements and protein ... 3&catID 1 Met Product Description ref Marketing MET Rx currently features a wide variety of television sponsorships such as the MET Rx World s Strongest Man contest and as of 2004 the company ... date accessdate 2011 06 07 ref MET Rx also sponsors dozens of athletes, bodybuilders and celebrities ..., IFBB pro, and Lauren Jones , Miss MET Rx 2007, Fitness Model and Former WWE Diva, are among their list ... , pp.  42 44 Media Reports on Met Rx . Globe Pequot, 2006. ISBN 978 1 59228 912 7. External ... es Met Rx pt Met Rx ...   more details

  1. RX Toolbar

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 Orphan date March 2009 RX toolbar is a toolbar for Internet Explorer that came bundled with Kazaa Media Desktop . It has been labeled spyware by many antispyware products. It tracks your browsing habits to display related links depending on what websites you visit. DEFAULTSORT Rx Toolbar Category Spyware Malware stub ...   more details

  1. RX Andromedae

    Orphan date July 2011 Starbox short name Variable star designation RX Andromedae constell Andromeda constellation Andromeda ra RA 01 04 35.55 ref name sb SIMBAD link V RX And V RX And Dwarf Nova , database entry, SIMBAD . Accessed on line 2009 06 30. ref dec DEC 41 17 58.0 ref name sb appmag v 10.2 to 15.1 ref name gcvs class pec U Geminorum UG ref name gcvs names Simbad V RX And RX Andromedae is a variable star in the constellation of Andromeda constellation Andromeda . It is classified as a dwarf nova of the Z Camelopardalis star Z Camelopardalis UGZ type, and varies from an apparent visual magnitude of 15.1 at minimum brightness to a magnitude of 10.2 at maximum brightness, with a period of approximately 13 days. ref name gcvs http webviz.u viz bin VizieR S?V 20RX 20And RX And , database entry, Combined General Catalog of Variable Stars GCVS4.2, 2004 Ed. , N. N. Samus, O. V. Durlevich, et al., Centre de Donn es astronomiques de Strasbourg CDS ID http cdsarc.u viz bin Cat?II 250 II 250 Accessed on line 2009 06 30. ref References reflist External links http vstar vsots 1007.shtml AAVSO Variable Star of the Month. RX Andromedae October 2007 Category Dwarf novae Category Andromeda constellation Category Objects named with variable star designations Andromedae Var star stub fa ...   more details

  1. Lexus RX

    Infobox automobile name Lexus RX image File 2009 2010 Lexus RX 350 GGL15R Sports Luxury wagon 01.jpg 250px 2009 2010 Lexus RX 350 GGL15R Sport Luxury Australia manufacturer Lexus Toyota production 1998 ... wheel drive layout Front engine, four wheel drive The Lexus RX is a crossover automobile crossover ... . Three generations of the Lexus RX have been produced to date, the first being compact SUV compact ... wheel drive configurations have been used on the RX series, and several petrol engine gasoline ... as Lexus had yet to be launched in Japan. In the Lexus model lineup, the RX sits below the larger ... generation Lexus RX XU10 RX 300 , fitted with a 3.0 liter V6 engine , began sales in 1998 ... uprated to 2.4 liters. The second generation Lexus RX XU30 RX 300 RX 300 3.0 liter V6 and Lexus RX XU30 RX 330 RX 330 3.3 liter V6 models went on sale in in 2003, with both variants supplanted by the more powerful Lexus RX XU30 RX 350 RX 350 3.5 liter V6 in 2006. Like the previous series, a 2.4 liter ... was made available as the Lexus RX XU30 RX 400h RX 400h in export markets and as the Harrier Hybrid in Japan. For the third and current iteration released in 2009, both Lexus RX AL10 RX 350 RX 350 3.5 liter V6 and Lexus RX AL10 RX 450h RX 450h 3.5 liter V6 hybrid models were initially offered, with an entry level Lexus RX AL10 RX 270 RX 270 2.7 liter inline four offered by Lexus in some Asian markets, including in Japan, since 2010. The success of the Lexus RX has been particularly strong in the United ... crossovers on the market, the RX has inspired similar competitors from rival marques. ref cite web ... Industries last Gross first Ken accessdate 2008 11 15 ref Manufacture of the RX has occurred at the Miyata plant in Miyawaka, Fukuoka , Japan since launch. The RX is the only Lexus model to be also ... 250px 1999 2000 Lexus RX 300 US assembly Japan Miyawaka, Fukuoka production 1997 2003 Toyota Harrier br 1998 2003 Lexus RX model years 1999 2003 engine 2.2  L Toyota S engine 5S 5S ...   more details

  1. RX J0822-4300

    Starbox begin name RX J0822 4300 Starbox image image File Puppis scale.jpg thumb caption motion of the neutron star RX J0822 4300 from the Puppis A supernova event. Starbox observe epoch 1952 equinox J2000.0 ref name s2 http abs , C. Y. Hui and W. Becker, Probing the proper motion of the central compact object in Puppis A with the Chandra high resolution camera ref constell Puppis ra RA 08 23 8.16 ref name s1 http index.php?option article&access standard&Itemid 129&url articles aa pdf 2006 29 aa3554 05.pdf , C. Y. Hui and W. Becker, X ray observations of RX J0822 4300 and Puppis A ref dec DEC 42 41 41.4 ref name s1 appmag v 24 ref name s1 Starbox character class b v ? u b ? variable None Starbox astrometry radial v 1500.0 prop mo ra prop mo dec parallax p error absmag v style vertical align top Cosmic distance ladder Distance 7.000 Light year Ly style vertical align top Galactic coordinates 260.3841 03.4718 Starbox detail mass ? radius ? luminosity ? temperature ? metal ? rotation ? age ? Starbox catalog names EQ 0820 4250, Pulsar PSR J0822 4300, 1RXS J082158.2 430022. Starbox end RX J0822 4300 , often referred to as a Cosmic Cannonball , is a radio quiet neutron star currently moving away from the center of the Puppis A supernova remnant at over 3 million miles per hour 5 400 000 km h 1500 km s 0.5 the speed of light , making it one of the fastest moving stars ever found. Astronomers used NASA s Chandra X ray Observatory to observe the star over a period of five years to determine its speed. At this velocity the star will be ejected from the Milky Way Galaxy galaxy millions of years from now. Although the cosmic cannonball is not the only hypervelocity star discovered, it is unique in the apparent origin of its speed ... bibobj?2006A 26A...459..535C&RX J0822 4300 Simbad Category Radio quiet neutron stars Category Neutron ... fa ja RX J0822 4300 pl RX J0822 4300 ru RX J0822 4300 zh RX J0822 4300 ...   more details

  1. RX J0852.0-4622

    Supernova name RX J0852.0 4622 or Vela Junior image caption epoch J2000.0 type SN SNRtype ? host constellation Vela constellation Vela ra RA 08 52 dec DEC 46 22 gal 286.9460 42.4568 34 W, 10 S discovery 1998 iauc mag v ? distance 700 light year ly notes Could be associated with PSR J0855 4644 . br central object in SNR RX J0852.0 4622 AX J0851.9 4617 . RX J0852.0 4622 also known as G266.2 1.2 is a recently discovered supernova remnant . The remnant is located in the southern sky in the constellation Vela sail , and sits in projection inside the much larger and older Vela Supernova Remnant . For this reason, RX J0852.0 4622 is often referred to as Vela Junior . It was found in 1998 ref cite doi 10.1038 24106 title Emission from sup 44 sup Ti associated with a previously unknown Galactic supernova IGNORED edit template in Reference section ref when gamma ray emissions from the decay of Isotopes of titanium sup 44 sup Ti nuclei were discovered using The Imaging Compton Telescope, Compton Gamma Ray Observatory COMPTEL COMPTEL . The distance to this object is controversial, but some scientists argue that the supernova remnant is only 650 700 light years away, and exploded comparatively recently as seen from earth , perhaps within the last 800 years. If the remnant is indeed young and nearby, its corresponding supernova should have been visible from the Earth in about the year 1250. One difficulty with this interpretation is that there are no contemporary written reports of any supernova at that time or in that part of the sky. The central compact object CCO was discovered in 2001 ... abs XMM Newton observations of the supernova remnant RX J0852.0 4622 GRO J0852 4642 http simbad.u simbad sim id?protocol html&Ident RX J0852.0 4622&NbIdent 1&Radius 2&Radius.unit arcmin&submit submit id Simbad DEFAULTSORT Rx J0852.0 4622 Category Supernova remnants Category Vela constellation Category ROSAT objects nebula stub fr RX J0852.0 4622 ...   more details

  1. RX II

    Ship sail plan Ship complement Crew of 3 Ship armament Ship notes RX II is a 36 foot yacht in which ..., http id 24524?catid 22&catname RX2 RX II Rundt Nordpolen , Hans Fredrik Haukland ... http id 31926.0 Om mannskapet , RX II, Seil magasinet no icon ref left Vard , Norway ... Nord stpassasjen og Nordvestpassasjen med seilb ten RX II er i ferd med g i vasken, , Aftenposten ... sea route proved ice free and RX II entered the Bering Strait on September 24. The voyage had been ... NRK S rlandet har laget reportasje om RX II , Seil magasinet, October 26, 2009 I NRKs reportasje kan du se hvordan RX II tr kler seg gjennom isen og senere blir stoppet av russiske myndigheter. In NRK s report you can see how RX II is picking her way through the ice and later is stopped by Russian ... RX II News in English , Seil magasinet, September 7, 2009. ref ref Morton Jensen, http id 33677.1 RX II p land i Nome, Alaska RX II ligger n godt forvart p land i Nome, men til ... foredrag i Arendal, Seilas , February 10, 2011 no icon ref However, RX II was the smallest sailboat ... navigated the Northwest Passage west to east. Haukland had to leave RX II when she ... id 36608.1 RX er n i norsk farvann Det g r mot slutten av en fantastisk tur for RX II, som h per v re i hjemmehavnen Arendal kanskje allerede om et par dager , Prosjekt RX Rundt Nordpolen ... 1021 FORSIDEN Hjemkomst etter poltur, Agderposten October 9, 2010 no icon ref RX II became the first ... ref name Yachting References Reflist External links http id 31923 Prosjekt RX Rundt ...   more details

  1. Rx (band)

    Infobox musical artist See Wikipedia WikiProject Musicians name Commented out because image was deleted image Rx ogre atkins.jpg caption left to right Martin Atkins, Nivek Ogre , Circa 1998 image size background group or band alias origin genre Industrial music Industrial years active 1998 in music 1998 label Invisible Records associated acts website http Invisible Records current members Nivek Ogre br Martin Atkins past members notable instruments or Rx was a one off side project by Skinny Puppy band member Nivek Ogre , in collaboration with Invisible Records founder Martin Atkins . The project was originally called Ritalin , but the name was changed for legal reasons. Discography Bedside Toxicology 1998 Dubs 2006, Limited to 500 copies See also Pigface , a band featuring Martin Atkins Skinny Puppy DEFAULTSORT Rx Category Skinny Puppy Category Musical groups established in 1998 Category Musical groups disestablished in 2006 Category Musical groups from Vancouver Category Canadian industrial music groups Canada band stub sv ...   more details

  1. RX meter

    Orphan date February 2009 Unreferenced date December 2007 Image RX meter.JPG right frame Block Diagram Of an RX Meter An RX meter is used to measure the separate Electrical resistance resistive and Reactance electronics reactive components of reactive parallel Z network. The two variable frequency oscillator s track each other at frequencies 100  kHz apart. The output of a 0.5 250  MHz oscillator, F1is fed in to a bridge. When the Electrical impedance impedance network to be measured is connected one arm across the bridge, the equivalent parallel resistance and reactance capacitive or inductive unbalances the bridge and the resulting voltage is fed to the mixer. The output of the 0.6 250.1  MHz oscillator F sub 2 sub , tracking 100  kHz above F sub 1 sub ,is also fed to the mixer. This results in a 100  kHz difference frequency proportional in level to the bridge unbalance. The difference frequency signal is amplified by a filter amplifier combination and is applied to a null meter. When the bridge resistive and reactive controls are nulled, their respective dials accurately indicate the parallel impedance components of the network under test. Category Electrical engineering ...   more details

  1. Apothecary Rx

    Over quotation date January 2012 Infobox album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Apothocary Rx Type Studio Artist Carl Hancock Rux Cover CHR Apothecary RX.jpg Released June 1, 2004 Recorded Genre R&B Electronic Length 57.30 Label Giant Step Producer Last album Rux Revue This album Apothecary Rx Next album Good Bread Alley Apothecary Rx is the second studio album by Carl Hancock Rux , produced by Rob Hyman of The Hooters and Stewart Lerman . The album also features singer Stephanie McKay and contributions from jazz violinist Leroy Jenkins jazz musician Leroy Jenkins and singer songwriter Marc Anthony Thompson of Chocolate Genius . Track listing I Got a Name song I Got a Name 5 00 Me 4 29 Ground 6 23 Eleven more Days 4 49 Disrupted Dreams 4 19 Protean Character 4 36 Shadow Interlude 0 51 Fanon 5 32 Lamentations 5 46 Trouble of this World 4 50 Apothecary Song 4 56 Rx Suite Movement 1 5 51 Personnel Carl Hancock Rux vocals producer Stewart Lerman producer Rob Hyman producer Stephanie McKay featured vocalist Helga Davis background vocals Marcelle Lashley background vocals Irene Datcher background vocals Vinicius Cantu ria acoustic guitar Marc Anthony Thompson guitar Dave Tronzo guitar Fred Cash bass Steve Cohen bass Leroy Jenkins violin Ron Trent percussion Review Album ratings rev1 Allmusic rev1score Rating 4.5 5 ref Allmusic class album id r672211 pure url yes Allmusic review ref Automatically generated by DASHBot Six long years passed since Rux Revue, the debut album by poet ... with. With Apothecary RX, Rux comes thundering back with one of the most expansive, ambitious, and musical ..., except perhaps hopelessness. Apothecary RX is indeed a prescription musically it opens wide the current ... http search?q cache m1oQYHzWo0MJ album apothecary rx 717787 Apothecary Rx Thom Jurek&cd 5&hl en&ct clnk&gl us&client firefox a dead link date January 2012 ref References reflist External links http release 587746 Apothecary Rx at Discogs ...   more details

  1. Rx Bandits

    Infobox musical artist See Wikipedia WikiProject Musicians name Rx Bandits image Rx Bandits photo.jpg caption The Rx Bandits performing on March 11, 2007 in Buffalo, New York . image size 250 landscape ... Rx Bandits is a four piece musical band band based in Seal Beach, California . The band formed in 1995 ..., Clash, Bob Marley, Elvis Costello and Neil Young. ref Cite news last Boehm first Mike title Rx for Change ... 17 2C 1997&author MIKE BOEHM&pub Los Angeles Times&desc ALBUM REVIEW 2F POP 3B Rx for Change Could ... name Rx Bandits. In the time between Halfway Between Here and There and their next release, Progress RX Bandits album Progress , bassist Franz Worth and saxophonist Noah Gaffney left the band. Worth ... RX Bandits interview dead link date October 2011 ref The album cover ... Steve Borth had left the Rx Bandits to pursue his own band, Satori. This announcement came in the midst of their 2006 US Summer Tour to the surprise of many fans. Borth played his final show with the Rx ... the Rx Bandits fan site plans for a live DVD featuring their live performance at the Glasshouse in Pomona ... album, Mandala RX Bandits album Mandala was released as a digital download on July 14, 2009 and the CD was released on July 21, 2009 on Sargent House . ref name Rx Bandits New Album Mandala cite web url http items 90044063 rx bandits new album mandala.htm title May 14, 2009 ... would be their last. ref http article 42226 Break ups Rx Bandits 1995 2011 . ... title Exclusive Interview RX Bandits Steve Choi Discusses Farewell Tour publisher .... The group was founded by former Rx Bandits trombonist Rich Balling . Joe Troy, Chris Sheets, and Steve ... Man Records founder Mike Park in both The Chinkees and The Bruce Lee Band . The Rx Bandits ... at the Rx Bandits concurrent tour. He also released an EP covers entitled Maracay during the last Rx tour. The album was recorded during a trip to Venezuela and all proceeds went to Doctors Without ...   more details

  1. Midnight Rx

    Unreferenced date June 2007 Infobox Simpsons episode episode name Midnight Rx episode no 341 prod code FABF16 airdate January 16, 2005 show runner Al Jean writer Marc Wilmore director Nancy Kruse blackboard None couch gag The family rushes in and sits on the couch. Nothing happens. Lisa turns and says What? Can t we sit on the couch without something happening? Homer is then impaled with a large spear, and says D oh image Image FABF16.jpg 200px image caption Homer and Grampa on their way to Canada season 16 Midnight Rx is the sixth episode of The Simpsons The Simpsons season 16 sixteenth season . It was the first new episode of 2005 in television 2005 . Plot Mr. Burns reserves the Springfield Air and Space Museum for a Springfield Nuclear Power Plant plant company party. While there, Burns acts strangely kind to all of his employees. At the end of the party, Burns announces that he will terminate the prescription drug plan. The workers chase after him, but Burns is able to escape in a wacky flying machine, based on the Pitts Sky Car . At home, Simpson family the Simpsons try to figure out how they can afford new prescription drugs. Homer Simpson Homer decides to get another job, but he can not have his choice of starring on Friends as Rachel Green Rachel s Irish cousin, and is unable to get a new job. Other companies follow Burns s lead and all prescription drug plans are cancelled. At the retirement home, all prescription drugs are unaffordable and the staff decide to let the old folks go cold turkey. Abraham Simpson Grampa Simpson comes up with a plan to get more drugs for Springfield The Simpsons Springfield . He and Homer go to Winnipeg, Manitoba , and with help from one of Grampa s Canadian friends, they are able to get unlimited access to the drugs they need. They take ... Rabbit by the band Jefferson Airplane . Reflist Wikiquote The Simpsons Midnight Rx .5B16.06.5D Midnight Rx Portal The Simpsons Category The Simpsons season 16 episodes Category 2005 television episodes ...   more details

  1. Caremark Rx

    , MedPartners changed its name to Caremark Rx. In 2001 Scrushy sold his remaining shares in Caremark ... from the AdvancePCS organization, and adopting many of its key principles, Caremark Rx was able ...   more details

  1. Rollback (data management)

    nofootnotes date June 2009 Other uses Rollback disambiguation selfref For the Wikipedia tool, see Wikipedia Rollback feature . In database technologies, a rollback is an operation which returns the database to some previous state. Rollbacks are important for database data integrity integrity , because they mean that the database can be restored to a clean copy even after erroneous operations are performed. They are crucial for recovering from database server crashes by rolling back any Database transaction transaction which was active at the time of the crash, the database is restored to a consistent state. The rollback feature is usually implemented with a Database log transaction log , but can also be implemented via multiversion concurrency control . Cascading rollback A cascading rollback occurs in database systems when a transaction T1 causes a failure and a rollback must be performed. Other transactions dependent on T1 s actions must also be rollbacked due to T1 s failure, thus causing a cascading effect. That is, one transaction s failure causes many to fail. Practical database recovery techniques guarantee cascadeless rollback, therefore a cascading rollback is not a desirable result. SQL In SQL , code ROLLBACK code is a command that causes all data changes since the last code Begin work SQL BEGIN WORK code , or code Start transaction SQL START TRANSACTION code to be discarded ... back to the way it was before those changes were made. A code ROLLBACK code statement will also release any existing savepoint s that may be in use. In most SQL dialects, code ROLLBACK code s are connection specific. This means that if two connections are made to the same database, a code ROLLBACK code ... library ms181299.aspx ROLLBACK Transaction , Microsoft SQL Server. http software mysql ... Category SQL Category Transaction processing cs ROLLBACK de Rollback es Rollback fr Rollback base de donn es it Rollback nl Rollback dataopslag ja pl Rollback ru Rollback SQL vi Rollback qu n ...   more details

  1. Rollback (roller coaster)

    Image Kingda Ka rollback sign.jpg thumb right 200px Sign warning Kingda Ka riders that a rollback may occur A rollback occurs on a launched roller coaster when the train roller coaster train is not launched fast enough to reach the top of the tower. It will roll backwards down the tower, and will be stopped by brake run brakes on the launch track . Any roller coaster on which it is possible for a rollback to occur will have these brakes. Intamin , a manufacturer of roller coasters, refers to the rollback as a short shot. Most coasters contain at least one anti rollback device to prevent a train from rolling backwards while ascending the main lift. This is typically with chain driven lifts, not hydraulic launchers such as Kingda Ka or Top Thrill Dragster. Rollbacks are most common though still quite rare on the world s three largest launched roller coasters, Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure ... s Berry Farm and Storm Runner at Hersheypark . There are several factors that can cause a rollback ... friction in the wheels. A rollback will often occur during the first few test launches each day ... a rollback. While the general public may not realize that rollbacks usually are completely safe and that coasters .... Being in a rollback essentially gives riders a ride and a half, as the train will be launched again after the rollback although, when a rollback occurs with people on the train, it will first be brought ... of a rollback on Stealth roller coaster Stealth at Thorpe Park , the train is seen to reach .... Stealth also had a rollback in March 2008 due to strong winds. Very rarely, a train is launched with just .... This results in neither a full ride nor a rollback. This happened three times on Top Thrill Dragster ... links http watch?v ylsj4BvnGB8 On ride footage of a rollback on Top Thrill Dragster http watch?v oNYzj6tw7XA Footage of a rollback on Kingda Ka http ... roller coasters Category Roller coaster elements fr Rollback montagnes russes ...   more details

  1. (8004) 1987 RX

    8004 1987 RX is a asteroid belt main belt minor planet . It was discovered by Henri Debehogne at La Silla Observatory in Chile on September 12, 1987. See also List of minor planets 8001&ndash 9000 External links http sbdb.cgi?sstr 8004 JPL Small Body Database Browser Minor planets navigator 8003 Kelvin 8005 Albinadubois Small Solar System bodies DEFAULTSORT 1987 RX Category Astronomical objects discovered in 1987 Category Discoveries by Henri Debehogne Category Main Belt asteroids Beltasteroid stub uk 8004 1987 RX vi 8004 1987 RX yo 8004 1987 RX ...   more details

  1. (9643) 1994 RX

    9643 1994 RX is a asteroid belt main belt minor planet . It was discovered by Yoshisada Shimizu and Takeshi Urata at the Nachi Katsuura Observatory in Nachikatsuura, Wakayama , Japan, on September 2, 1994. ref http sbdb.cgi?sstr 9643 JPL Small Body Database Browser ref See also List of minor planets 9001 10000 References reflist beltasteroid stub MinorPlanets Navigator 9642 Takatahiro 9644 1994 WQ3 Small Solar System bodies DEFAULTSORT 1994 RX Category Astronomical objects discovered in 1994 Category Discoveries by Takeshi Urata Category Discoveries by Yoshisada Shimizu Category Main Belt asteroids hu 9643 1994 RX vi 9643 1994 RX ...   more details

  1. Lexus RX (AL10)

    For a complete overview of all RX models Lexus RX Infobox automobile name Lexus RX AL10 manufacturer Lexus Toyota image File 2010 Lexus RX350 NHTSA.jpg 250px Lexus RX 350 U.S. production 2009 present assembly ... FWD convert 67.7 in mm abbr on The Lexus RX AL10 is the third generation of the Lexus RX series of crossover ... model line, with models debuting in 2009 including the RX 350 GGL10 GGL15 and RX 450h GYL10 GYL15 . ref name laautoshow cite web url http 6348063 auto shows new 2010 lexus rx 350 and rx 450h to bow at los angeles auto show index.html title New 2010 Lexus RX 350 and RX 450h To Bow ... 2008 11 15 ref The third generation RX was first shown in November 2008 at the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show , where both the new RX 350 and RX 450h debuted. The RX 450h succeeded the prior generation Lexus RX XU30 RX 400h , which was the initial Lexus model to use a hybrid powertrain. Both models were the first to receive Lexus Remote Touch haptic feedback haptic control interface. The RX 350 and RX ... , and other markets in 2009 as a 2010 model. ref name laautoshow The third generation Lexus RX is built ..., the RX 270 AGL10 , an entry level model, debuted in Japan, China, and Russia. TOC clear History ... Xh , previewed the third generation RX s design direction at international auto shows a year prior. The LF ... 2011 Lexus RX 350 GGL15R MY11 Prestige wagon 2011 04 22 01.jpg thumb left Lexus RX 350 Prestige GGL15R Australia The third generation RX s new exterior styling adopts the Lexus L finesse L finesse design ... antenna creating a less cluttered appearance. The drag coefficient on the latest RX 350 has been reduced ... TFT LCD display. File 2009 Lexus RX 450h GYL15R Sports wagon 01.jpg thumb Lexus RX AL10 interior ... 8301 13746 7 10102845 48.html title 2010 Lexus RX gets update, new Remote Touch controller ... Debut of All New RX 350 and RX 450h at Los Angeles Auto Show ref Other options include a Head up ... generation RX comes standard with a twin chamber Airbag Frontal airbag front passenger airbag s, side ...   more details

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