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Encyclopedia results for RS hack

RS hack

Encyclopedia results for RS hack

  1. Jefferson Hack

    Jefferson Winston Hack born 20 June 1971 in Montevideo , Uruguay is a journalist and magazine editor . He co founded Dazed & Confused magazine Dazed & Confused with photographer Rankin photographer Rankin in 1991. Hack has been a contributor to The Daily Telegraph on men s style and has guest edited The Independent . He sits as a judge on the panel for the Paris ANDAM fashion award. ref http ?p 481 ref Career main Dazed & Confused magazine Dazed & Confused was first published when Hack was a student at the London College of Printing . ref http news media surprised delighted 1252983.html ref The magazine became popular during the mid 90s covering British music, art, fashion and film. The editorial approach combined contemporary art projects with issue based fashion photography and interviews with international figures. Early cover stars profiled by Hack included Bj rk , Harmony Korine , and David Bowie who contributed to the magazine over the years ref http about ref In 1999 Hack and Rankin founded Dazed Film & TV , a production company that would produce the first mast head television broadcast ever, the four hour special Renegade TV Gets Dazed, for Channel 4 . In 2001 Dazed Group launched the luxury bi annual Another Magazine and in 2005 Another Man was added to the group with Hack as Editor in Chief of both. Recently he has interviewed Madonna entertainer Madonna for Dazed & Confused , Patti Smith , Mia Farrow , and Julie Christie for Another Magazine and Hugh Hefner for Another Man. In 2006, Hack guest edited The Independent newspaper on World Aids Day . Personal life Hack was educated at Pangbourne College ... Notes references Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Hack, Jefferson ALTERNATIVE NAMES ... Hack, Jefferson Category 1971 births Category Living people uruguay bio stub SouthAm journalist stub pt Jefferson Hack ...   more details

  1. Hack (comics)

    Superherobox Wikipedia WikiProject Comics image Image HackExcalibur.jpg 140px caption Hack from Excalibur comics Excalibur vol. 3, 2004 Excalibur vol. 3 2. br Art by Aaron Lopresti . comic color background ff8080 character name Hack real name species Mutant Marvel comics Human Mutant publisher Marvel Comics debut Excalibur vol. 2 2 creators Chris Claremont br Aaron Lopresti alliance color background cccccc alliances aliases powers Telepathy Hack is a fictional Mutant Marvel comics mutant character in the Marvel Comics Universe who first appearance was in Excalibur vol. 2 2 . Fictional character biography Little is known about Hack before he made his appearance on the desolate island of Genosha . He was one of the few survivors after Cassandra Nova programmed her Sentinel comics Wild Sentinels to decimate the island, killing over 16 million mutants. Issue date April 2011 Somehow he found other survivors and allied himself with Unus the Untouchable and his gang. He was a very valuable asset on the island since all forms of electronic communication were eradicated or made useless by the resulting Electromagnetic pulse electro magnetic damage . Inside of the gang, he became close friends with Hub comics Hub and the two of them began to doubt if Unus exclusive, clique like strategy was the best ... over 90 of the mutant population, Hack was one of the many who lost his powers. However, Quicksilver ... were amplified beyond control and quickly faded. Hack s fate since that time is unknown. Issue date April 2011 Powers and abilities Hack was gifted with a finely tuned form of telepathy that allowed him to hack into almost any mind. Notes A computer expert and information source for Nick Fury , is also called Hack . This character first appeared in Incredible Hulk vol. 2 16 and supplied Bruce ... bio on Hack Category Marvel Comics characters Category Genoshans Category Marvel Comics mutants ... tl Hack komiks ...   more details

  1. Kid hack

    File 1922 Ford Model T School Bus.jpg thumb 1922 Ford Model T school bus, a motorized kid hack A kid hack was a horse drawn vehicle used for transporting children to school in the late 19th and early 20th century in the United States . The word hack , meaning a horse drawn cab, is short for hackney carriage . The vehicle was actually powered by both horse s and mule s, and usually loaded at the rear to avoid frightening the animals. In those days, most elementary children in rural areas attended one room school s. A typical kid hack would serve all the farm s in the area of the school, and usually transport under 20 children. The horse drawn kid hack is considered to be the precursor to the modern yellow school bus . As early as 1914, versions of kid hacks were attached to early motor vehicles by the Wayne Corporation Wayne Works in Richmond, Indiana . As motorized truck s became more commonplace in rural locations, detachable wooden kid hack bodies were made which could be removed when the truck was in other use. Around 1927, much heavier all steel bodies were introduced for this purpose by Wayne Works and other companies. Permanently mounted on the truck chassis, the combined vehicle became known as a school bus. The Wayne County, Indiana Wayne County Historical Museum in Richmond, Indiana has a restored horse drawn kid hack on display. See also School bus Blue Bird Corporation Wayne Corporation External links http nonprofit historical museum.htm Wayne County Historical Museum, Richmond, Indiana Category Wagons Category Types of buses Category History of education in the United States ...   more details

  1. Edward Hack

    Edward John Hack , born at Long Ashton , Somerset on 1 October 1913 and died at Bath, Somerset Bath on 20 September 1987, was a cricket er who played one first class cricket first class match for Somerset County Cricket Club Somerset in 1937. Hack batted at No 8 in the first Somerset innings of the match against Lancashire County Cricket Club Lancashire at Old Trafford Cricket Ground Old Trafford , and did not bat in the second innings of a drawn game. ref cite web url http Archive Scorecards 16 16213.html title Lancashire v Somerset date 1937 06 12 publisher accessdate 2008 11 23 ref Cricket websites agree that he batted right handed, but do not indicate a bowling style however, the record of a Somerset Second Eleven match from 1939 in which Hack took wickets suggests that he may have been an all rounder. ref cite web url http Archive Scorecards 17 17205.html title Glamorgan Second XI v Somerset Second XI date 1939 08 30 publisher accessdate 2008 11 23 ref In his one first class match, he did not bowl. External links Edward Hack at ref cite web url http Archive Players 3 3587 3587.html title Edward Hack publisher accessdate 2008 11 23 ref References Reflist . Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Hack, Edward ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION English cricketer DATE OF BIRTH 1913 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1987 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Hack, Edward Category 1913 births Category 1987 deaths Category English cricketers Category Somerset cricketers ta ...   more details

  1. Richard Hack

    Richard Hack March 20, 1951 is an American writer best known for his biographical books and screenplays. ref Cite web url http search?qt worldcat org all&q Richard Hack title Richard Hack accessdate 26 March 2010 author authorlink coauthors date year month format work publisher pages language archiveurl archivedate quote ref He is a frequent guest on talk shows and an outspoken ... in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania , Hack attended the Lynnewood School, and Haverford High School , on the Main ... State University and holds a Master s Degree in Environmental Design. Hack moved to Los Angeles where ..., Hack began writing the TeleVisions column for the daily entertainment trade paper, The Hollywood Reporter . During the next decade, Hack was instrumental in propelling the paper into a dominant position ... , Tomorrow TV series Tomorrow , Entertainment Tonight , and Access Hollywood . In 1990, Hack left ..., a production company that specialized in miniseries and Audiobook books on tape . While at Dove, Hack ... to Hughes with Robert Maheu . ref Cite web url http name nm0352378 title Richard Hack accessdate ... Database pages language archiveurl archivedate quote ref Since leaving Dove, Hack moved to a horse .... Hack was being interviewed live on the Today show by Matt Lauer when the September 11 attacks first ... Order writing as Professor Janus Kimball 1993 Next to Hughes with Robert Maheu 1994 Richard Hack ... Hack accessdate 26 March 2010 author Nolan, Tom authorlink coauthors date year 2009 month July ... misattribution It is sometimes stated that Hack s book Hughes served as the basis for Martin Scorsese ... on Hack s biography. That film was never produced. ref http Movies Artists S Scorsese ... 2010 06 25. ref References reflist External links imdb name id 0352378 name Richard Hack Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Hack, Richard ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH March 20, 1951 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Hack, Richard Category ...   more details

  1. Shelley Hack

    Infobox person name Shelley Hack image Tiffany Welles.jpg imagesize caption Hack as Tiffany Welles in season four of Charlie s Angels birth date birth date and age mf yes 1947 7 6 birth place Greenwich, Connecticut , United States birth name Shelley Marie Hack spouse Harry Winer Shelley Marie Hack born July 6, 1947 is an American model, actress, producer, and political & media advisor. Hack is best remembered for her role as Tiffany Welles in the fourth season of the American Broadcasting Company ABC Television Drama Charlie s Angels 1979 1980 replacing the departing Kate Jackson . Hack appeared ... Roberts . Biography Hack was born in White Plains, New York ref Cheryl Lavin. 1986, September 14 . VITAL STATISTICS SHELLEY HACK FINAL EDITION, C . Chicago Tribune pre 1997 Fulltext ,p. 7. Retrieved ... experienced a significant ratings decline during Hack s time on the show, and the actress was dismissed ... Caught in the Nielsen Wars, Charlie s Latest Pearly Angel, Shelley Hack, Gets the Gate ref Following Hack s involuntary departure from Charlie s Angels , the actress played a variety of supporting ... 1997. In January 2008, Hack made an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show . The episode, Classic Americana ... Oprah show Charlie Girl Shelley Hack Bot generated title ref featured Hack as the Charlie perfume ... women were changing Hack stated to Oprah Winfrey. Women looked at the ad and said, I want to be like that. Referring to the later Revlon commercials and Charlie s Angels , Hack stated I was lucky. There were ... Hack and her husband, Harry Winer are company principals for the production company Smash Media ... Hack, Shelley ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH July 6, 1947 PLACE OF BIRTH Greenwich, Connecticut Greenwich , United States DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Hack, Shelley Category ... Connecticut Category Smith College alumni de Shelley Hack es Shelley Hack fr Shelley Hack it Shelley Hack nl Shelley Hack pl Shelley Hack sh Shelley Hack sv Shelley Hack ...   more details

  1. Hack and slash

    About a gameplay style the comic Hack Slash the fictional characters in ReBoot List of ReBoot characters Hack and Slash Hack and slash or hack and slay , abbreviated H&S or HnS , refers to a type of gameplay that emphasizes combat. Hack and slash was originally used to describe a play style in tabletop role playing games , carrying over from there to MUD s, Massively multiplayer online role playing game MMORPGs , and video game s in general. In console video games , the usage specifically implies a focus on combat with hand to hand weapons. In other contexts it is more general, and an Archery archer or unarmed martial artist may participate as fully in a hack and slash game, or be as hack and slash oriented as an individual, as an armed melee fighter. In modern video games, the term hack and slash is often used to describe a sub set of Action role playing game action RPG s which emphasize melee combat as a core element of the gameplay experience. Both variations of the term are often written in hyphenated form and with the conjunction contracted, e.g. hack and slash , hack n slay . Origins Hack and slash has its roots in pen and paper RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons , denoting Campaign role playing games campaigns of violence with no other plot elements or significant goal. The term itself dates at least as far back as 1980, as shown in a Dragon magazine Dragon magazine article ... who claimed that when she plays in tournaments, she does run into the hack and slash type of player ..., more mature players as well. ref name Wells Mohan Gameplay Hack and slash made the transition from ... Category Video game terminology ar ca Hack and slash da Hack n Slash de Hack and Slay es Hack and slash fr Porte monstre tr sor lv Hack and slash nl Hack and slash ja no Hack and slash pl Hack and slash pt Hack and slash ru Hack and slash fi Hack and slash sv Hack n slash zh Hack and slash ...   more details

  1. .hack//Sign

    Use mdy dates date February 2012 Infobox animanga Header name .hack Sign image File Hack regular 6a.jpg ... Africa Animax br Flag icon United Kingdom AnimeCentral ref name central hack cite web url http ... 25, 2002 episodes 26 episode list List of .hack Sign episodes Infobox animanga Video type ova title .hack Intermezzo, .hack Unison, .hack Gift director K ichi Mashimo producer writer music studio ... works content .hack video game series .hack video games .hack Liminality .hack Legend of the Twilight Infobox animanga Footer .hack Sign trademarked as .hack SIGN is an anime television series directed ... original storylines of the .hack franchise. Twenty six original episodes aired on TV and three ... detailview.html?KEY VICL 60905 title .hack Sign Original Sound & Song track 1 work CD Japan accessdate January 15, 2007 ref .hack Sign is influenced by psychological and sociological ... name proto hack2 The series focuses on a .hack Primary 6 Classes Wavemaster magic user named Tsukasa ... game MMORPG called The World .hack The World . Tsukasa wakes up to find himself in a dungeon in The World ... of dialogue. ref name boredom English language reception to .hack Sign has been generally ... .hack starts in a fictional 2005, introducing a computer virus called Pluto s Kiss as the cause of a massive Internet shutdown. ref name timeline cite book last Hamazaki first Tatsuya title .hack AI ... cite book last Hamazaki first Tatsuya title .hack AI buster chapter Area.4 Memory publisher Tokyopop Tokyopop Press Inc date January 1, 2006 isbn 1 59532 869 6 ref File Hack newtype1.jpg 260px left ... s Root Town is reminiscent of Venice . ref name otaku hack cite web url http ... view.php?action retrieve&id 13 archivedate August 8, 2007 title .hack Sign Review work ... characters can be different .hack character classes classes , adventure by themselves to go searching ... hacksign vol 1 login article 75035.html title .hack Sign Version 1.0 Login Review work ...   more details

  1. .hack//Link

    Use mdy dates date February 2012 Infobox animanga Header name .hack Link image File Hack Link volume 1.jpg 230px caption Cover art of the first .hack LINK manga volume ja kanji ja romaji genre Adventure ... news 2009 09 25 tokyopop gets .hack link game based manga title Tokyopop Gets .hack Link Game ... web 20091124192403 http news 2009 09 25 tokyopop gets .hack link ... magazine Kerokero Ace first October 26, 2007 volumes 3 volume list Infobox animanga Game title .hack ... .hack video game series .hack Roots .hack Sign .hack Legend of the Twilight Infobox animanga Footer nihongo .hack Link .hack LINK Tasogare no Kishidan Also known as .hack LINK Twilight Knights stylized as .hack link in the English version is the final chapter to the .hack .hack series . The story .... Plot The story takes place in the year 2020, three years after the events of .hack G.U. . The story ... a hidden poem on CyberConnect2 s website that Kite .hack Kite from the original four .hack games and Haseo from .hack G.U. will be returning. According to the group picture set along side the logo on the home ... see also List of .hack characters Protagonist nihongo Tokio Kuryuu Kury Tokio An avid .... nihongo Kite .hack Kite Kaito The legendary hero from the original version of The World . Initially ... Tsukasa .hack Tsukasa Comrade of Kite and possessor of a Chrono Core. Controls a mysterious golden monster. The protagonist of .hack Sign . Somehow, obtaining the Chrono Core has reverted Tsukasa s memories and personality to the events of .hack SIGN, as he has forgotten that he is a woman in the real world, and is once more anti social to everyone save Subaru. nihongo Haseo .hack Haseo The protagonist of .hack G.U. and a PKK known as The Terror of Death. From screen scans of the manga, it appears ... .hack Subaru The former leader of the disbanded Crimson Knights and in a relationship with Tsukasa. nihongo Alkaid .hack Alkaid Y k A comrade of Haseo, the champion of the Demon Palace arena ...   more details

  1. Dynamite Hack

    Dynamite Hack is a post grunge band, formed in Austin, Texas in 1997 in music 1997 taking its name from a line in the film Caddyshack in which Carl Spackler Bill Murray describes the cannabis drug marijuana he is Recreational drug use smoking as dynamite hack to Ty Webb Chevy Chase . They are best known for their cover song cover of Boyz n the Hood , an acoustic re imagining of the hip hop music rap single by Eazy E. The song was the first single from their 2000 album Superfast and peaked at 12 on the Hot Modern Rock Tracks Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart. In its wake, the group recorded a full length album, titled Superfast , which was released locally in January 2000 and remixed for national distribution by Universal that summer. The single was also used in the tribute to rap Take a Bite Outta Rhyme A Rock Tribute to Rap According to their Facebook page, Dynamite Hack is expected to release their lost second album How to Break Up a Band in the summer of 2011. ref http pages Dynamite Hack 258944903561?sk app 108468622525037 ref A new track My Gun can also be streamed on that page. A new single, Sunshine , from the upcoming album How To Break Up A Band was released on 7 11 11 with 4 non album bonus tracks. Members Mark Morris guitar vocals , Chad Robinson bass vocals , Mike Vlahakis guitar , Emily Morris guest vocals , John Henniger drums on Pillowhead Chase Texas drums on Superfast Tripp Wiggins live drummer Kyle Schneider drums Discography Pillowhead 1998 in music 1998 Superfast 2000 in music 2000 Sunshine Single EP 2011 in music July 11th, 2011 How to Break Up a Band 2011 in music 2011 External links http pages Dynamite Hack 258944903561 Dynamite Hack on Facebook MySpace music dynamitehack Allmusic class artist id p431263 label Dynamite Hack References reflist Category Musical groups established in 1997 Category Musical groups from Austin, Texas US alternative rock band stub de Dynamite Hack ...   more details

  1. Hack Miller

    for the baseball catcher Hack Miller catcher Infobox MLB player name Hack Miller position Outfielder image Hack Miller.jpg bats Right throws Right birth date Birth date 1894 1 1 birth place New York, New York death date death date and age 1971 9 17 1894 1 1 death place Oakland, California debutdate September 22 debutyear 1916 debutteam Los Angeles Dodgers Brooklyn Robins finaldate May 21 finalyear 1925 finalteam Chicago Cubs stat1label Batting average stat1value .323 stat2label Home run s stat2value 38 stat3label Runs batted in stat3value 205 teams nowiki nowiki Los Angeles Dodgers Brooklyn Robins 1916 Boston Red Sox 1918 Chicago Cubs 1922 1925 highlights nowiki nowiki 1918 World Series Championship Laurence H. Hack Miller January 1, 1894 &ndash September 17, 1971 , was a professional baseball player who played outfielder in the Major Leagues from 1916 1925. Miller was born in New York, New York . He would play for the Los Angeles Dodgers Brooklyn Robins , Boston Red Sox , and Chicago Cubs . The son of a wrestler and strongman, he wielded a 47 ounce bat and occasionally used a bat weighing 65 ounces. Citation needed date March 2009 He died in Oakland, California . External links Baseballstats br m milleha01 1918 Boston Red Sox Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Miller, Hack ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION American baseball player DATE OF BIRTH January 1, 1894 PLACE OF BIRTH New York, New York DATE OF DEATH September 17, 1971 PLACE OF DEATH Oakland, California DEFAULTSORT Miller, Hack Category 1894 births Category 1971 deaths Category Major League Baseball outfielders Category Baseball players from New York Category Brooklyn Robins players Category Boston Red Sox players Category Chicago Cubs players US baseball outfielder 1890s stub ...   more details

  1. Hack job

    wiktionary redirect Hack job Short pages monitor This long comment was added to the page to prevent it being listed on Special Shortpages. It and the accompanying monitoring template were generated via Template Longcomment. Please do not remove the monitor template without removing the comment as well. ...   more details

  1. Hunter hack

    Hunter hack is a type of English pleasure class where exhibitors in Hunt seat tack and attire perform on the flat at a walk, trot, canter and hand gallop, and then jump two low fences. The desired horse in this competition is to resemble a quiet, well mannered show hunter working hunter rather than the more animated American style show hack . ref http pdf overfences2006.pdf Guidelines for Pennsylvania 4 H Working Hunter, Hunt Seat Equitation Over Fences and Hunter Hack . Penn State Equine Science . Referenced May 12, 2008. ref Hunter hacks are scored on their manners, gait, and conformation, as well as their ability to jump with an even arc and stride over the center of the fences. ref http judges documents WORKINGHACK.pdf Working Hunter Hunter Hack Score Sheet . OSU Equine Program . Referenced May 12, 2008 ref Points are taken off for excessive speed or slowness, breaking Horse gait gait or failing to take a gait when called for, carrying the head too high or low, taking the wrong Lead leg lead at the canter , the rider being on the wrong diagonal at the Trot horse gait trot , the horse nosing out or flexing behind the vertical, and stumbling. ref http forms pdf hunterhackjudgescard.pdf American Quarter Horse Association Judges Card . American Quarter Horse Association . Referenced May 12, 2008. ref References reflist Category Equestrian sports ...   more details

  1. Hack trapper

    Orphan date August 2009 A Hack Trapper is an Application software application run on a sometimes deliberately unprotected machine or network with the intention of alerting the user of connection attempts. A Hack Trapper listens on certain TCP and UDP port ports which are commonly used to gain unauthorized access to a machine or data on it. When a connection is made, the user is alerted in some way. In most cases the source IP address is logged to help trace the connection. Some of these ports include Remote Desktop Protocol , Windows File Sharing, NetBIOS , as well as many Trojan horse computing Trojan Horses and Backdoor computing Backdoors . Security It has been controversial over whether Hack Trappers actually make a machine more secure or not. The idea is that the user can report the incident to the Internet service provider ISP of the connecting machine, or even law enforcement. This way the connecting machine will be less likely to try to access or interfere with the system in the future. On the other hand, some people believe them to make a computer less secure, since they will make a system much more visible to the internet. DEFAULTSORT Hack Trapper Category Computer security software security software stub ...   more details

  1. Hack (horse)

    File Hacks.jpg thumb 300px Hacks at an agricultural show. Hack within the activity of equestrianism commonly refers to one of two things as a verb, it describes the act of riding a horse for light exercise, and as a noun, it is a type of horse used for riding out at ordinary speeds over roads and trails. ref name Belknap224 Belknap, p. 224 ref The term is sometimes used to describe certain types of exhibition or horse show classes where quality and good manners of the horse are particularly important. Etymology It is believed that word originated from Hackney in East London, an area where horses were pastured. ref name Oxford Historically, the term dates to a time when carriage horses were used for riding. These animals were called hacks as a contraction of hackney, ref name Belknap224 and was originally used to describe an ordinary riding horse, particularly one for hire. ref name Oxford Hackney Oxford American Dictionaries Macintosh Widget version ref The term also gave a name to a specific ... date February 2011 Uses The verb form to hack or hacking is associated with English riding and used ... date February 2011 A hack class in general refers to horse show competition for hack type horses .... ref name Belknap224 In Australia, the term hack may be used synonymously with show in reference to the act ... and Australia, show hack classes are usually divided into different sections based upon the height ... show hack article In the United States, horses compete in various hack classes. For example, show hack ... gait way of going . ref SUBCHAPTER AR 8 ENGLISH SHOW HACK, USEF Rule Book, 2008 edition ref Open show hack classes may also be divided by the size of the horse and if it is ridden astride or sidesaddle . ref name Belknap224 Hunter hack is a class where horses are shown on the flat but also asked to jumping ... Saddle and Hack Classes, USEF Rule Book, 2008 edition ref A bridle path hack class is a basic hunt ... hack Notes reflist References Cite book author Belknap, Maria title Horsewords The Equine Dictionary ...   more details

  1. Show hack

    Deleted image removed Image ShowHack.jpg thumb 250px A show hack in South Africa File Hack1.jpg thumb A show hack in Australia The show hack is a type of ridden show horse , exhibited to a standard first established in England . Affiliated showing and breeding of the show hacks in the United Kingdom is overseen by the British Show Horse Association . In the USA and Canada, show hack is solely a form of competition open to various breeds and overseen by the USEF and Equine Canada EC . The Canadian form of competition is more closely modeled on the British standard than that of the USA. Conformation and breeding Show hacks in the UK are divided into two height classes small hacks are 148cms to 154 cms and large hacks are 154 cms to 160 cms. In Canada, there are also height divisions, at the discretion ... galloway , and over hands 15 . Other classes may include pony hack ridden by a child, lady s hack, educated hack, sidesaddle , pleasure and heavyweight hacks. ref Show Horse Magazine, No. 1, Murray Publishers ... , walk, trot and canter . In North American classes, the show hack is to show at extended, regular ... fluid, smooth gaits are always desired, a more dressage like frame is favored. Some show hack classes ... mainly on the location of the events with country shows being somewhat less formal. Hack turnout ... and hack competition of Australia is the Garryowen trophy which is held at the Royal Melbourne ... American hack type classes A related North American class, Hunter hack , is not a true show hack class ... horse in this competition is to resemble a show hunter rather than a show hack. Another variation on show hack is the Road Hack, a class seen in Canada and in Morgan horse breed competition. The rules are similar to Show Hack, but a greater emphasis is placed on the extended gaits. Under Canadian rules, English pleasure is a subdivision within the Hack division, whereas in the USA show hack is usually ... States Equestrian Federation Horse show Hack horse References reflist External links http ...   more details

  1. Bark hack

    A bark hack is a tool used to remove pine tree bark to promote the flow of pine resin , which is used in naval stores production. The tool consists of a wooden shaft with a weighted butt and hook like, replaceable, U shaped blades at the head. The bark hack is swung much like an axe and is used to create a hatched Chevron insignia chevron pattern cat face or less frequently, a blaze into trees exposed sapwood wood sapwood . The weighted end helps the operator follow through with the force necessary for the hooked blade to scoop out chips of hard pine wood. External links http History and Maps Turpentine hack lc199.jpg image Category Tools tool stub ...   more details

  1. Hack Wilson

    Infobox MLB player name Hack Wilson position Outfielder image HankWilsonGoudeycard.jpg birth date birth ... 6 seasons with 100 RBIs hofdate by 1979 hofmethod Veteran s Committee Lewis Robert Hack Wilson April ... Phillies . ref name Hack Wilson statistics cite web url http players w wilsoha01.shtml title Hack Wilson statistics publisher Baseball Reference accessdate 21 February ... balloting, 1979 1979 . ref cite web url http hof wilson hack title Hack Wilson ... Hack Wilson Belted Homers, Hecklers with Equal Gusto cite book url http ?id 3jADAAAAMBAJ&pg PA78&dq hack wilson baseball digest v onepage&q hack 20wilson 20baseball 20digest&f false title Hack Wilson Belted Homers, Hecklers with Equal Gusto author Holway, John publisher ... personalities of his era. ref name Death Overtakes Hack Wilson Of Home Run Fame cite news title Death Overtakes Hack Wilson Of Home Run Fame agency Associated Press work The Evening Independent page 19 ...&sjid jlUDAAAAIBAJ&pg 6624,4503899&dq hack wilson&hl en ref His drinking and fighting undoubtedly contributed ... url http books?id bTQDAAAAMBAJ&pg PA64&dq hack wilson baseball digest&hl en&ei 2JBsTcT7E5O6tgeGipHhBQ&sa X&oi book result&ct result&resnum 3&ved 0CC8Q6AEwAg v onepage&q hack 20wilson 20baseball 20digest&f false title Former Teammates Recall Hack Wilson author Dolgan, Bob publisher ... http books?id hDIDAAAAMBAJ&pg PA56&dq hack wilson baseball digest&hl en&ei 2JBsTcT7E5O6tgeGipHhBQ&sa X&oi book result&ct result&resnum 5&ved 0CDcQ6AEwBA v onepage&q hack 20wilson 20baseball 20digest&f false title ...But Memories of Hack Wilson Fade Away author Drooz, Al publisher ... name Hack Wilson Belted Homers, Hecklers with Equal Gusto Although only five feet six inches tall ... of Hack Wilson. McFarland & Company. ISBN 0786408642. ref are now readily recognizable as hallmarks ... disability, all the more remarkable. ref Collier, Gene. No One Stacks Up to Hack. http ...   more details

  1. Hack Circle

    Use dmy dates date October 2011 Image HackCircle.jpg right 350px thumb The Hack Circle as it appeared on 23 October 2006 The Hack Circle or Hack was a nickname given to an amphitheatre in central Christchurch , New Zealand. ref name emo Chch emos have style, lack anguish The Press 2006 10 21 ref It was built as part of the second phase of developing a pedestrian mall in the central city in 1989 and was officially ... 2006 ref A 2004 survey conducted by the Christchurch City Council identified the Hack Circle as a popular ... time. Christchurch police claimed the Hack Circle was a venue for criminal activity on 20 ... people in the Hack Circle were not as intimidating as they could look to others, and commented ... for the Cashel Street mall, particularly the Hack Circle, telling The Press that the people who associate ... Destruction begins on the Hack Circle on 1 February 2008 In October 2006, the city council announced ... with plans to build a road through the pedestrian mall that the Hack Circle is located in, despite ... 2006 ref On 18 May 2007, Food Not Bombs and students from Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti gathered in the Hack ... date 28 October 2007 accessdate 24 October 2011 ref Destruction of the Hack Circle began in February ... on the area formerly home to the Hack Circle were completed in October 2008. ref cite web ... of the Twelve Local Heroes sculpture The destruction of the Hack Circle was an important issue for young ... are being made to feel unwelcome. The hack circle and the fountain are not great places, but it is all ... on 13 August 2007, as demolition of the Stewart Fountain near the Hack Circle began. A number of young ... have known. ref name protest New Hack Circle In a 2009 Press article, Central City Business Association manager Paul Lonsdale referred to the former location of the Hack Circle, now a paved area with some seating but notably no amphitheater as The new Hack Circle. ref cite news title Gatecrasher acts ... City Revitalisation Project Christchurch City Council plan involving the removal of the Hack Circle ...   more details

  1. Hackety Hack

    Infobox software name Hackety Hack slogan The Coder s Starter Kit logo Image Hackety Star Title.png 250px screenshot File Hackety screenshot.png 250px caption A simple program running in Hackety Hack. author why the lucky stiff and 50 friends developer http Steve Klabnik released latest release version 1.0 latest release date December 25, 2010 latest preview version latest preview date operating system Microsoft Windows Windows , Linux , Mac OS X platform language Ruby programming language Ruby use Education genre license MIT License website http hackety Hackety Hack is an Open source software open source application that teaches individuals how to create software. It combines an Integrated development environment IDE with an extensive Lessons system. The cross platform desktop application also has integration with the website, where Hackers can share what they ve learned, ask questions, and submit feedback. History Hackety Hack was originally created by Why the lucky stiff why in order to solve The Little Coder s Predicament ref name littlecoderspredicament ... feedback, who he referred to as 50 of my closest friends . The earliest iterations of Hackety Hack ... Shoes GUI toolkit . Post Why development Why intended to release Hackety Hack 1.0 at the Art and Code ... Hack was chosen as a project for the Ruby Summer of Code in 2010. Fela Winkelmolen was the student ... use a graphical programming language based on the concept of blocks, but Hackety Hack teaches ... Hack has no university affiliation. Blocks vs Ruby The difference of blocks vs. Ruby stems from a shared ... Hack pursues is by teaching with a more traditional programming language, but adding libraries ... QT, but is one line in Hackety Hack. This is achieved by choosing simple defaults and dropping support ... them in research. Hackety Hack is a more nimble project, since the team is much smaller. It s also ... source every so often. Hackety Hack s development is entirely open. References reflist colwidth ...   more details

  1. What the Hack

    Deleted image removed Image Wth tent setup.jpg thumb right Main tents What The Hack was an outdoor Hacker programmer subculture hacker conference held in Liempde , Netherlands between the 28th and 31st of July, 2005. It is an event in a sequence that began with the Galactic Hacker Party in 1989, followed by Hacking at the End of the Universe in 1993, Hacking In Progress in 1997 and Hackers At Large in 2001 and followed by Hacking at Random in 2009. Attendance Image Wth police truck.jpg thumb right Police Camping Truck The organising name was HEX 2005 , however, it was later renamed to WTH 2005 . Over 2000 hackers visited the event to participate in an exchange on several technical, social and philosophical matters of importance to the technically inclined community. Visitors from all over the world arrived at the Camp Ground including groups of such diversity as OpenBSD developers, the German Chaos Computer Club , members of the 2600 The Hacker Quarterly hackergroup, and numerous smaller groups and organisations in addition. While planning the event, there were several issues with the local government attempting to cancel the event because of the risk for public security . Several smaller events were embedded in or inspired by this event like the Hacktrain , which was planned to travel there, as well as the local radio station, and the smaller Police village which featured specialists from their information technology IT Department, as well as interested government parties. Peg ... 2001 Next conference Hacking at Random Hacking at Random 2009 Hacker con MTV What the Hack is a TV ... index.php Press Reviews The What The Hack press page contains links to many articles, mostly in Dutch or German . External links http index.php Main Page What The Hack dead date November ... http 70 0 hacking hack tic galac.hac Hacking at the End of the Universe http ... Computer conferences de What The Hack fr What The Hack ...   more details

  1. Hack Simmons

    Infobox MLB player name Hack Simmons image HackSimmons.jpg caption Hack Simmons, Detroit Tigers position Second Baseman birth date birth date 1885 1 29 birth place Brooklyn, New York death date death date and age 1942 4 26 1885 1 29 death place Arvene, New York bats Right throws Right debutdate April 15 debutyear 1910 debutteam Detroit Tigers finaldate June 30 finalyear 1915 finalteam Baltimore Terrapins stat1label Batting average baseball Batting average stat1value .246 stat2label Hit baseball Hit s stat2value 234 stat3label On base percentage stat3value .246 teams nowiki nowiki Detroit Tigers 1910 New York Yankees New York Highlanders 1912 Baltimore Terrapins 1914 1915 George Washington Hack Simmons January 29, 1885 April 26, 1942 was a Major League Baseball player who played 4 seasons with the Detroit Tigers 1910 , New York Yankees New York Highlanders 1912 , and Baltimore Terrapins 1914 1915 . Born in Brooklyn, New York , Hack Wilson played in 305 major league games, including 127 at 2nd base, 88 in the outfield, 39 at 1st base, 8 at 3rd base, and 6 at shortstop. In his major league career, Hack Simmons had a batting average of .246 with 234 hits, 115 runs scored, 102 RBIs, 85 walks, 43 doubles, 28 stolen bases, 9 triples, and 2 home runs. Simmons died in an automobile accident ref http accidents.html THE DEADBALL ERA ACCIDENTS bot generated title at ref in 1942 at age 57 in Arverne, New York . Notes reflist External links baseballstats br s simmoha01 brm simmon001geo Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Simmons, Hack ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION American baseball player DATE OF BIRTH January 29, 1885 PLACE OF BIRTH Brooklyn, New York DATE OF DEATH April 26, 1942 PLACE OF DEATH Arvene, New York DEFAULTSORT Simmons, Hack Category 1885 births Category 1942 deaths Category Baltimore Terrapins players Category Detroit Tigers players Category New York Highlanders players Category Baseball ...   more details

  1. Hack! (film)

    cleanup date November 2009 Refimprove date November 2009 Infobox film name Hack image hack film.jpg caption Hack Theatrical Poster alt director Matt Flynn producer Stephen Fromkin br Brian Hartman br Kyle Dean Jackson br Sean Kanan br Joe Knee br Kim Eva Matuka br Alan Pao br Elsa Ramo br Mike Wittlin writer Matt Fynn starring Danica McKellar br Jay Kenneth Johnson br William Forsythe actor William Forsythe br Sean Kanan br Juliet Landau br Justin Chon distributor Allumination FilmWorks released flagicon UK Start date 2007 07 20 ref cite web url http title tt0475289 releaseinfo title Hack Release Dates publisher date accessdate 2009 11 04 ref br flagicon United States Start date 2007 12 11 ref cite web url http title tt0475289 releaseinfo title Hack Release Dates publisher date accessdate 2009 11 04 ref language English country FilmUS runtime 89 minutes followed by Hack is a 2007 in film 2007 United States American horror film directed and written by Matt Flynn. In this movie, a bunch of kids go on a school field trip, and end up walking onto the set of a snuff film . The film was released in the UK on 20 July 2007. Cast and characters Anchor Cast Danica McKellar as Emily Jay Kenneth Johnson as Johnny William Forsythe actor William Forsythe as Willy Sean Kanan as Vincent King Juliet Landau as Mary Shelley Adrienne Frantz as Maddy Gabrielle Richens as Sylvia Travis Schuldt as Tim Wondgy Won G Bruny as Q Justin Chon as Ricky Kane Hodder as First Victim Burt Young as J.T. Bates Lochlyn Munro as Deputy Radley Jenna Morasca as Tim s Girlfriend References reflist External links Imdb title 0475289 Hack Category 2007 films Category American horror films Category Films directed by Matt Flynn 2000s horror film stub fr Fanatique film, 2007 ...   more details

  1. The lexer hack

    When parsing computer programming language s, the lexer hack as opposed to a lexer hack describes a common solution to the problems which arise when attempting to use a regular grammar based lexical analysis lexer to classify tokens in ANSI C as either variable names or type names. Problem In a compiler , the lexer performs one of the earliest stages of converting the source code to a program. It scans the text to extract meaningful tokens , such as words, numbers, and strings. The parser analyzes sequences of tokens attempting to match them to syntax rules representing language structures, such as loops and variable declarations. A problem occurs here if a single sequence of tokens can ambiguously match more than one syntax rule. This ambiguity can happen in C if the lexer does not distinguish between variable and typedef identifiers. ref name Roskind 91 cite web url http research projects mso goofie grammar5.txt author Roskind, James A. date 1991 07 11 title A YACC able C 2.1 GRAMMAR, AND THE RESULTING AMBIGUITIES ref For example, in the C expression source lang C A B source the lexer may find these tokens left parenthesis identifier A right parenthesis operator identifier B The parser can interpret this as variable A multiplied by B or as type A casting the dereferenced value of B . This is known as the typedef name identifier problem. ref name Bendersky 07 cite ... sensitivity of C s grammar author Bendersky, Eli date 2007 11 24 ref The hack solution The solution ... a hack . The lexer cannot distinguish type identifiers from other identifiers without extra context because all identifiers have the same format. With the hack in the above example, when the lexer ... disappears. The problem also exists in C and parsers can use the same hack. ref name Roskind ... does not arise and hence needs no hack in order to solve when using lexerless parsing techniques ... 2B 22the lexer hack 22&rnum 1&hl en fa20bf5de9c73472 DEFAULTSORT Lexer hack, The Category C programming ...   more details

  1. Hack Schumann

    Infobox MLB player name Hack Schumann position Pitcher image bats Unknown throws Right birth date August 13, 1884 birth place Buffalo, New York death date death date and age 1946 3 25 1884 8 13 death place Millgrove, New York debutdate September 19 debutyear 1906 debutteam Philadelphia Athletics finaldate October 3 finalyear 1906 finalteam Philadelphia Athletics stat1label Win loss record pitching Win loss record stat1value 0 2 stat2label Earned run average stat2value 4.00 stat3label Strikeouts stat3value 9 teams nowiki nowiki Oakland Athletics Philadelphia Athletics 1906 Charles J. Schumann 1884 1946 was an United States American Major League Baseball pitcher . He played for the Oakland Athletics Philadelphia Athletics during the By 1906 season. References Baseballstats mlb espn br s schumha01 fangraphs cube brm schuma002car Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Schumann, Hack ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION American baseball player DATE OF BIRTH 1884 PLACE OF BIRTH Buffalo, New York DATE OF DEATH 1946 PLACE OF DEATH Millgrove, New York DEFAULTSORT Schumann, Hack Category Major League Baseball pitchers Category Philadelphia Athletics players Category Baseball players from New York Category 1884 births Category 1946 deaths US baseball pitcher 1880s stub ...   more details

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