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Encyclopedia results for RAID


Encyclopedia results for RAID

  1. Raid

    Wiktionarypar raid Raid or RAID may refer to RAID Redundant Array of Independent Disks , a system of multiple hard drives for sharing or replicating data Raid insecticide , a consumer insecticide marketed by S.C. Johnson & Son Raid military , a sudden attack behind an enemy s lines without the intention of holding ground Raid gaming , a type of mission in a video game where a very large number of people combine forces to defeat a powerful enemy Police raid , a police action involving the entering of a house with the intent to capture personnel or evidence, which takes place early in the morning Corporate raid , a type of hostile takeover in business Recherche Assistance Intervention Dissuasion RAID Recherche Assistance Intervention Dissuasion , an anti terrorist unit of the French National Police Panty raid , a prankish raid by male college students on the living quarters of female students to steal panties as trophies Raid band , a Tennessee based band RAID NGO Rights & Accountability in Development , a UK based organization Raid , a song by Lakeside band Lakeside on the album Untouchables Alternate way of spelling the Arabic name Raed Raid A sail and oar adventure for small boats In a Project Management framework, RAID stands for Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies The Raid Gauloises , a seminal and now defunct event in the sport of adventure racing . Films The Raid , a 1954 American film Raid film Raid film , a 2003 Finnish film The Raid 2011 film The Raid 2011 film , a 2011 Indonesian film disambig de Raid es Raid fr Raid it Raid disambigua nl Raid ru RAID fi Raid zh RAID ...   more details

  1. RAID

    About the data storage technology other uses Raid disambiguation RAID redundant array of independent ... RAID title Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks from Free On line Dictionary of Computing FOLDOC ... unit. Data is distributed across the drives in one of several ways called RAID levels , depending ... is required. RAID is an example of storage virtualization and was first defined by David Patterson scientist ... garth RAIDpaper Patterson88.pdf A Case for Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks RAID . University of California Berkeley. 1988. ref Marketers representing industry RAID manufacturers later attempted ... a low cost expectation from RAID technology. ref Originally referred to as Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, the concept of RAID was first developed in the late 1980s by Patterson, Gibson, and Katz of the University of California at Berkeley. The RAID Advisory Board has since substituted the term ... 978 1 58705 065 7 Appendix A. ref RAID is now used as an umbrella term for computer data storage schemes ... drives are said to be in a RAID array, ref name RAS See RAS syndrome . ref which is accessed by the operating system as one single drive. The different schemes or architectures are named by the word RAID followed by a number e.g., RAID 0, RAID 1 . Each scheme provides a different balance between two ... RAID levels A number of standard schemes have evolved which are referred to as levels . There were five RAID levels originally conceived, but many more variations have evolved, notably several Nested RAID levels nested levels and many Non standard RAID levels non standard levels mostly proprietary software proprietary . RAID levels and their associated data formats are standardised by the Storage Networking Industry Association SNIA in the Common RAID Disk Drive Format DDF standard. ref http tech activities standards curr standards ddf Common RAID Disk Drive Format DDF standard ref Following is a brief textual summary of the most commonly used RAID levels. ref cite web url ...   more details

  1. The Raid

    About the 2011 Indonesian action film The Raid Redemption Infobox film name The Raid caption image The Raid FilmPoster.jpeg director Hugo Fregonese producer Robert L. Jacks writer Francis M. Cockrell Francis Cockrell Story br Herbert Ravenel Sass br Sydney Boehm starring Van Heflin br Anne Bancroft br Richard Boone br Lee Marvin music Roy Webb cinematography Lucien Ballard editing Robert Golden studio Panoramic Productions distributor 20th Century Fox Twentieth Century Fox released Film date 1954 8 4 runtime 83 minutes country Film US language English The Raid is a Technicolor 1954 American film set during the American Civil War . It stars Van Heflin , Anne Bancroft , Richard Boone and Lee Marvin . It is loosely based on a true incident, the St. Albans Raid , as well as the book by Herbert Ravenal Sass. However the film made a significant change, moving the action from 1864 to 1865, turning the raid into an act of revenge for William Tecumseh Sherman William Tecumseh Sherman s Battle of Atlanta burning of Atlanta . Plot expand section date January 2012 In 1864 a group of Confederate prisoners held in a Union prison stockade at Plattsburgh city , New York Plattsburg, New York , not many miles from the Canadian border, escape. They head for Canada and plan a raid across the border into St. Albans town , Vermont St. Albans, Vermont , to rob its banks and burn buildings. Cast Van Heflin as Maj. Neal Benton Neal Swayze Anne Bancroft as Katie Bishop Richard Boone as Capt. Lionel Foster Lee Marvin as Lt. Keating Tommy Rettig as Larry Bishop Peter Graves as Capt. Frank Dwyer Douglas Spencer as Rev. Lucas Paul Cavanagh as Col. Tucker Will Wright actor Will Wright as Josiah Anderson, the Banker James Best as Lt. Robinson John Dierkes as Cpl. Fred Deane Helen Ford as Delphine Coates Harry Hines as Mr. Danzig Simon Scott actor Simon Scott as Capt. Floyd Henderson William Schallert ... IMDb title 0047388 AllRovi movie 107163 tcmdb title 87590 DEFAULTSORT Raid, The Category 1954 films ...   more details

  1. Raid on Entebbe

    Raid on Entebbe can refer to Operation Entebbe , a military operation Raid on Entebbe film , a film based on Operation Entebbe Disambig ...   more details

  1. Air raid

    Per WP MOSDAB prefer ONE LINK per entry and short descriptions. Avoid piping, external links, and red links with little article potential wiktionary air raid air raids Air raid refers to an attack by aircraft. See strategic bombing or the smaller scale airstrike . Air raid may also refer to Air Raid album Air Raid album , by the improvisational collective Air Air Raid , a 1977 John Varley author John Varley short story which provided the basis for the 1989 film Millenium Air Raid video game Air Raid video game , a rare 1984 game for the Atari 2600 Air Raid Transformers , the name of three characters in the Transformers universes Air Raid, a pass oriented form of the spread offense in American football disambig ...   more details

  1. Raid Gauloises

    unreferenced date March 2012 The Raid Gauloises or The Raid is considered by many weasel word date March 2012 to be the first modern adventure race and was first held in 1989. Its creator, Gerald Fusil , took the existing concept of long distance endurance races, and focused on the team aspects, requiring each competitor to be part of a five person co ed team. The Raid had no set course, with competitors being required to rely on their wits and judgment to reach the specified checkpoints. The Raid was named after its original sponsor, the Gauloises Gauloises Cigarette Company . In 1998, Fusil left the Raid to begin a new adventure race series, the Elf Authentic Adventure. 2003 was the last year for the Raid Gauloises. In 2004 the Raid Gauloises was retooled into the Raid World Championship. Raid World Cup The current format since 2004 is that of a series of events called The Raid World Cup culminating in a world championship event called The Raid World Championship . This final championship event is supposed to be similar to the original events and were held in the following locations 2004 ARG 2005 FRA ITA CHE Annecy Mont Blanc Gstaad 2006 CAN 2007 Not held Original Raid Gauloises events 1989 NZL 1990 CRC 1991 NCL 1992 OMN 1993 MAD 1994 MAS 1995 ARG 1996 not held 1997 RSA 1998 ECU 1999 not held 2000 Tibet NPL 2001 not held 2002 Bac Ha , VIE 2003 KGZ External links http The Raid World Championship Category Adventure racing Multisport stub fr Raid World Championship ...   more details

  1. RAID Admin

    notability date July 2010 primarysources date September 2010 Infobox Software name RAID Admin logo Deleted image removed Image RAID Admin.png 64px RAID Admin icon screenshot caption developer Apple Computer latest release version 1.5.1 latest release date latest preview version latest preview date operating system Mac OS X Server platform genre RAID administration license website http server macosx RAID Admin is a Mac OS X Server only application by Apple Computer for administering and controlling RAID s, usually Xserve RAID s ref cite web url http ca fr server documentation pdf RAIDAdminDiskUtility.pdf title Using Disk Utility with RAID Admin work Apple Inc. accessdate 11 September 2010 ref . Part of the server tools install, it is only installed on the server itself. Unlike the other Mac OS X Server applications, it is a Java programming language Java application, and can run on operating systems other than Mac OS X, including Windows and Linux. References reflist Mac OS X Server mac stub Category Mac OS X Server Category Mac OS X only software made by Apple Inc. it RAID Admin ...   more details

  1. Xserve RAID

    Image Xserve RAID.jpg thumb Xserve RAID refimprove date January 2007 Xserve RAID was a mass storage device that was offered by Apple Inc. Xserve RAID held up to 14 hot swappable Advanced Technology Attachment ... Gigabyte GB modules. Xserve RAID supported redundant array of independent disks RAID levels of 0, 0 1, 1, 3 and 5 in hardware, hybrid RAID levels such as 10 and 50 could be created in software. ref http ... rack unit U high. Although the Xserve RAID contained 14 drives, they were split into two independent groups of 7 drives each managed by an identical RAID controller. Importantly, the controllers were ... its duties. Xserve RAID did, however, have redundant cooling units and power supplies. Xserve RAID ... the Simple Signaling Protocol . Apple marketed Xserve RAID mainly as a companion to Xserve in file ... certified Xserve RAID for use with some other vendors servers, such as those running Windows Server ... a Mac to administer the Xserve RAID. Apple shipped a CD ROM with the device containing the Xserve RAID ... Mac OS X , Microsoft Windows , Linux , and Sun Solaris . Xserve RAID was available in models costing ... RAID was discontinued on 19 February 2008. ref http article 132164 2008 02 raid.html Apple discontinues Xserve RAID ref It has been replaced with Promise Technology Promise VTrak E Class RAID Subsystem. ref http server storage Apple Server Storage ref History Xserve RAID ref cite press release date February 10, 2003 title Apple Introduces Xserve RAID Storage ..., M8669, M8670 Dual independent RAID controllers each with One HSSDC2 Fibre Channel Port One DB 9 ... ATA100 Apple drive module channels bays 180  GB PATA supported Xserve RAID SFP ref cite press release publisher Apple, Inc. date January 6, 2004 title Apple Unveils New Xserve RAID Storage System ... ref Build Jan 2004 Oct 2004 Part numbers M9721, MA208 Dual independent RAID controllers each with One ... on firmware 1.2.6 Xserve RAID SFP Late 2004 ref cite press release publisher Apple, Inc. date October ...   more details

  1. Darwin Raid

    Darwin Raid may refer to various World War II Japanese air attacks against Darwin, Australia, between 19 February 1942 and 2 May 1943, most notably Bombing of Darwin , the first and largest raids, on 19 February 1942 Raid on Darwin 2 May 1943 , the final raid, on 2 May 1943 For a complete list of air raids on Darwin, see Air raids on Australia, 1942 43 . disambig ...   more details

  1. RAID (NGO)

    No footnotes date January 2011 RAID is an abbreviation of Rights & Accountability in Development. It is a Non governmental organization , or NGO, based in Oxford , England . It was founded in 1997, with the aim of promoting a rights based approach to development . Work RAID s work is currently focused on the alleged involvement of the staff of Anvil Mining Limited in a military counter offensive against insurgents in the town of Kilwa, Katanga Kilwa , in the Katanga Province Katanga province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo . RAID s past work has included pressing the World Bank to promote fairer investment in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, demanding corporate responsibility through adherence to the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Responsibility, and founding the African Advocacy Group to create and train Africa based NGO s in human rights issues. External links http RAID website http work.htm RAID s work DEFAULTSORT Raid Category Organizations established in 1997 Category Non profit organisations based in the United Kingdom Category Development charities Category Human rights organizations Category Organisations based in Oxford Category Article Feedback 5 ...   more details

  1. Raid (insecticide)

    Multiple issues primarysources June 2007 refimprove November 2010 Image Raid ant.jpg thumb 180px A frame from a US animated TV commercial for Raid Outdoor Ant Spikes Raid is the brand name of a line of insecticide s produced by SC Johnson , first launched in 1956. The initial active ingredient was the first synthetic pyrethroid , allethrin . Raid derivatives aimed at particular invertebrate species can contain other active agents such as the more toxic cyfluthrin , another synthetic pyrethroid. Currently Raid uses Permethrin , Tetramethrin , Cypermethrin and Imiprothrin to kill insects. Effectiveness American cockroach German cockroach Brown banded cockroach Oriental cockroach Flea Carpenter ant Spider Black carpet beetle Stable fly Blue bottle fly Millipede Indianmeal moth Mosquito Tick Paper wasp Yellow Jacket Bald faced Hornet Sowbug House fly Earwig Centipede Raid Kills Bugs Dead slogan The product s advertising slogan advertising tagline , Raid Kills Bugs Dead, was created by the advertising agency Foote, Cone & Belding . The phrase itself is often attributed to the poet Lew Welch , who worked for the agency at the time. ref Saroyan, Aram. Genesis Angels The Saga of Lew Welch and the Beat ... from a Finland Finnish TV commercial for Raid. The line was first used in commerce in 1966 and was trademarked ... in fear of Raid, said Steve Schildwachter, exec u tive vice president at Draftfcb. ref cite news url http don pegler 82 created bugs raid campaign 8644 title Don Pegler, 82, created bugs in Raid campaign first Ethan last Minovitz newspaper Big Cartoon News date 6 January 2012 accessdate ... . Conjuring up images of an Eliot Ness style raid on an illegal bar during Prohibition , the television ... Insect repellent References reflist External links http Official Raid Website SCJohnson DEFAULTSORT Raid Insecticide Category Insecticide brands Category S. C. Johnson & Son brands Category 1956 introductions cs Raid odpuzova hmyzu de Raid Insektenspray fi Raid hy nteismyrkky ...   more details

  1. Sullivan's Raid

    Sullivan s Raid may refer to Battle of Staten Island 1777 Sullivan Expedition 1779 disambiguation Long comment to avoid being listed on short pages ...   more details

  1. Barrio Raid

    orphan date April 2010 Infobox album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Barrio Raid Japan only EP Type EP Longtype Artist 3rd Strike Cover 3rdStrikeBarrio.jpg Released 2003 Recorded Genre Rapcore , Nu metal Style Nu metal Length 19 35 Label Hollywood Records The Barrio Raid EP was released exclusively in Japan. ref cite web author wuff url http en title 503089 3rd Strike Barrio Raid title 3rd Strike Barrio Raid EP Nu Metal Music publisher date accessdate 2012 01 15 ref The EP contains six tracks tracks only appearing in special versions of their debut album, Lost Angel album Lost Angel , and one track from the soundtrack album Lara Croft Tomb Raider The Cradle of Life Soundtrack . Original track listing Barrio Raid Champagne Dreams Sick Skin Into Hell Again All Lies Live At Ozzfest Barrio Raid Demo All songs where written by Jim Korthe Lead Singer Todd Deguchi Guitarist Erik Carlsson Guitarist Gabe Hammersmith Bassist PJ McMullan Drummer . References Reflist Category 3rd Strike albums Category Albums produced by Toby Wright Category 2003 EPs Category English language EPs 2000s metal album stub it Barrio Raid ...   more details

  1. River Raid

    Infobox VG title River Raid image File River Raid cover.jpg caption Atari 2600 cover art developer Activision publisher Activision designer Carol Shaw video game designer Carol Shaw ref name IGN engine released 1982 in video gaming 1982 ref cite web url http atari8bit 926646 river raid index.html title Release date publisher GameRankings accessdate 20 March 2012 ref ref name IGN cite web url http articles 865 865346p1.html title Top 10 Classic Shoot Em Ups last Buchanan first Levi date 2008 04 08 publisher IGN accessdate 21 March 2012 ref genre Shoot em up Scrolling shooters Scrolling shooter modes Single player ratings platforms Atari 2600 media Cartridge electronics Cartridge requirements input Joystick River Raid is a Shoot em up Scrolling shooters scrolling shooter videogame and was released in 1982 by Activision for the Atari 2600 , and later the Atari 5200 , Atari 8 bit , Commodore 64 C64 , ColecoVision , IBM PCjr , Intellivision , ZX Spectrum , and MSX . The player controls an airplane in a top down view over a river and gets points for shooting down enemy planes, helicopters, ships and balloons for versions after the Atari 2600 . By flying ... Raid Atari 2600 The game is notable for providing a gigantic amount of fixed, non random, repeating ... the game less predictable. German controversy In Germany, River Raid was the first videogame to be banned ... 2009 River Raid remained indexed as harmful to minors until 2002 when a publisher successfully lobbied ... . Fact date July 2009 Ports After the initial Atari 2600 release, River Raid was ported to the following ... Intellivision MSX ZX Spectrum The Atari 2600 version of River Raid was made available on Microsoft ... computer PC s in May 2010, and River Raid II in June 2010. Legacy River Raid II was programmed ... Category Scrolling shooters Category Video game censorship Category ZX Spectrum games de River Raid es River Raid fr River Raid nl River Raid pl River Raid pt River Raid ru River Raid tr River Raid ...   more details

  1. The Raid (story)

    The Raid Russian language , Nabeg was a short story by Russia Russian author Leo Tolstoy first published in 1853. The story, set in the Caucasus , takes the form of a conversation between the narrator and a military captain about the nature of bravery. ref Tolstoy, Leo. The Cossacks and The Raid . Translated by Andrew R. MacAndrew. New York New American Library, 1961 ref The story was based on Tolstoy s own experiences as an artillery cadet stationed in the Caucuses. ref Tolstoy, Leo http books?id mj7GxixaxAMC&printsec frontcover The Raid and Other Stories , translated by Aylmer and Louise Maude. Oxford Oxford University Press, 199, p. ix ref See also Leo Tolstoy bibliography References reflist short story stub Leo Tolstoy DEFAULTSORT Raid Category 1853 short stories Category Short stories by Leo Tolstoy Category Russian language short stories Category Caucasus in fiction ru ...   more details

  1. Raid (film)

    Infobox film name Raid image image size border alt caption director Tapio Piirainen producer Claes Olsson writer Harri Nyk nen br Tapio Piirainen based on based on title of the original work writer of the original work starring Kai Lehtinen br Mari Rantasila br Oiva Lohtander br Pekka Huotari br Juha Muje br Kirsti V n nen music Pekka Marjanen cinematography Timo Hein nen editing Kauko Lindfors studio Kinoproduction distributor released Film date 2003 1 31 Finland runtime 125 minutes country Film Finland language Finnish budget 1.5 million ref cite web url http en film.asp?id 288 title Raid work publisher The Finnish Film Foundation accessdate September 12, 2011 ref gross 744,053 ref cite web url http dokumentit Films 20in2003.pdf title FILMS IN FINLAND 2003 author date work publisher The Finnish Film Foundation format PDF accessdate September 12, 2011 ref Raid is a 2003 Finland Finnish crime film directed by Tapio Piirainen . It is an adaptation of the 2000 Raid TV series television series of the same name itself based on the novel series of the same name by Harri Nyk nen ref cite web url http viihde raid elokuva ei veda katsojia toivotusti art 1288337970826.html title Raid elokuva ei ved katsojia toivotusti date February 4, 2003 work publisher Sanoma News language Finnish accessdate September 13, 2011 ref . The screenplay was written by Nyk nen and Piirainen. ref name elonet cite web url http title eknlh1 tekija title Raid 2003 Credits work publisher National Audiovisual Archive Finnish Board of Film Classification accessdate September 12, 2011 ref Cast Kai Lehtinen as Raid Mari ... http title tt0330802 fullcredits title Full cast and crew for Raid 2003 work ... links IMDb title 0330802 Raid AllRovi movie 282963 Raid Category 2000s action films Category 2000s ... Category Films shot in Sweden Finland film stub fi Raid elokuva ...   more details

  1. Kaljo Raid

    Kaljo Raid 4 March 1921 &ndash 21 January 2005 was an Estonian composer, cellist and pastor. Life Kaljo Raid and his twin sister Ilse were born on 4 March 1921 in Tallinn , Estonia. Kaljo was the second child of Martha and Juhan Raid an older brother, Evald, had been born in 1918. He began his school years at Westholm Gymnasium in Tallinn. Later, at Tallinn Music Academy, he studied cello, composition and conducting, graduating from it in 1944 as a student of composer Heino Eller , the teacher of other well known Estonian composers Eduard Tubin and Arvo P rt . At the end of August 1944, his Symphony ... of World War II took Kaljo Raid out of his homeland, first to Sweden, later to the United States ... personality of Kaljo Raid combines the styles of contemporary and early music. Kaljo Raid died ... Raid s works include exciting orchestral pieces and chamber music, including music for unique combinations .... Kaljo Raid s music is deeply interwoven with Christian themes, which are expressed vividly in his vocal ... Volume I CHANDOS Eller Raid conductor Neeme J rvi with The Scottish National Orchestra , Symphony no. 2 Koch International KR01 , Chamber Music by Kaljo Raid , Estonian Miniatures Eller Raid Tobias Tubin ... Kasemets Raid , and Kaljo Raid 80 Johannes Tall 75 . External links http pages Kaljo Raid 298526926848677?sk info The Official Facebook page for everything Kaljo Raid http kaljoraidmusic The Official YouTube Channel for Kaljo Raid music http kaljoraidmusic The Official Twitter for Kaljo Raid music http Official site with discography ... 11608&by R Obituary Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Raid, Kaljo ALTERNATIVE ... OF DEATH 21 January 2005 PLACE OF DEATH Richmond Hill, Ontario DEFAULTSORT Raid, Kaljo Category 1921 ... Baptists Category Estonian expatriates in Canada Category People from Tallinn de Kaljo Raid et Kaljo Raid ...   more details

  1. Kunar Raid

    Infobox military attack title Kunar Raid image caption location Chawki district of Kunar province, Afghanistan target suspected Taliban insurgents date Start date 2012 02 17 time timezone type Airstrike Aerial attack and Ground Raid fatalities 6 injuries instigator United States Air Force USAF and NATO conflict the War in Afghanistan 2001 present Campaignbox Afghan War The Kunar Raid was an incident which took place on February 17, 2012. Six civilians, including a woman and a child were killed in the air and ground raid near the Dewa Gul Valley, a Taliban stronghold in the Chawki district of Kunar province . Hundreds of people took to the streets to protest NATO s actions. President Hamid Karzai sent a delegation to investigate the incident, the President s office said in a statement, adding that witnesses confirmed that six civilians were killed. ref http 2012 01 20 night raid sparks anti us protests.html ref See also Civilian casualties in the War in Afghanistan 2001 present References Reflist colwidth 30em Category 2012 in Afghanistan Category Airstrikes Category War in Afghanistan 2001 present casualties Category Civilian casualties in the War in Afghanistan 2001 present ...   more details

  1. Bomber Raid

    Infobox VG title Bomber Raid image Image Bomber raid 2m.jpg 256px Bomber Raid caption European box art of Bomber Raid developer Sanritsu Denki Sanritsu publisher vgrelease EU Sega JP Sega NA Activision distributor Sega artist Hide Itoen released vgrelease EU 1988 vgrelease NA 1989 vgrelease JP February 4, 1989 genre Vertical Shoot em up Scrolling shooters scrolling shooter modes Single player video game Single player platforms Sega Master System media ROM cartridge Sega Master System cartridge Bomber Raid is a Single player video game single player , vertical Shoot em up Scrolling shooters scrolling shooter video game released for the Sega Master System in 1988 in Europe , and 1989 in the United States and Japan . ref name Bomber Raid for Sega Master System cite web title Bomber Raid Game Profile url http games game.asp?id 14726&redirect 2Fgames 2Fbrowse 2Easp 3Fplatform 3D18 26start 3DB accessdate 2009 12 22 ref It was the List of last games released on video game consoles last game for the Master System in Japan. Gameplay In Bomber Raid, the player controls a small Freedom Fighter aircraft able to fire different types of projectiles through five levels. As a shoot em up game, gameplay is similar to the arcade game arcade games 1942 arcade game 1942 and Raiden arcade game Raiden . The player starts with three lives. Any collision with either an enemy aircraft or enemy fire results in the loss of a life. One type of enemy, a strange disk like object with a green and red flashing center, drops a powerup when destroyed. Power up Power ups , which can be a weapon power up p which replace the standard twin cannon , speed power up s or provide the player with a fighter plane companion to assist in destroying enemies. The player can only have up to two fighters ... GameFAQs type console sms num 563495 name Bomber Raid moby game id bomber raid Category 1988 video ... Category Sega Master System only games sega stub scroll shooter videogame stub fr Bomber Raid ...   more details

  1. Night Raid

    Thoroughbred racehorse infobox horsename Night Raid image File Night Raid GB .jpg thumb 250px centre Night Raid in 1932. caption sire Radium grandsire Bend Or dam Sentiment damsire Spearmint horse Spearmint sex Stallion foaled 1918 country Great Britain colour Bay horse Bay breeder Major F.C. Stern owner 1 Archie Douglas Pennant br 2 J. McGuigan br 3 Peter Keith br 4 A.P. Wade br 5 A.F. Roberts at stud trainer 1 Captain Tom Hogg br 2 J. McGuigan br 3 Peter Keith br 4 A.P. Wade record 25 2 0 1 earnings race awards 1929 1931 Leading sire in Australia honours updated 18 November 2010 Night Raid foaled 1918 in England was a Leading sire in Australia of Thoroughbred racehorses . He sired two leading racehorses, namely Phar Lap and Nightmarch . He was sired by the Doncaster Cup and Goodwood Cup winner, Radium and his dam Sentiment was by the Epsom Derby winner and good sire, Spearmint horse Spearmint . Radium was the sire of several stakes winners including Clarissimus, who won 2,000 Guineas Stakes . Sentiment s only stakes winner was Night Raid. He was inbreeding line bred to Galopin in the 4th and 5th generation 4m x 5f . ref name Morris Morris, Simon Tesio Power 2000 Stallions of the World , Syntax Software ref Although well bred, Night Raid was only moderately successful on the racecourse, not winning any of his six starts in England, but he did finish third in a Nursery Selling Plate. In Australia he had twenty nine starts for one win and a dead heat. ref name Pring Pring, Peter Analysis of Champion Racehorses , The Thoroughbred Press, Sydney, 1977, ISBN 0 908133 00 6 ref Stud record Night Raid served one season at stud in Australia during 1923 and then resumed racing. He was retired to stud in New Zealand in 1924. His legacy as a sire is outstanding. Night Raid sired two ... Cup in 1929 and 1930. In all Night Raid sired 13 stakeswinners that had 75 stakeswins, including Blixten ... Pring ref http horse.aspx?hid 320612&pagetype OFFSPRINGWINS ASB Night Raid GB Retrieved ...   more details

  1. The Raid: Redemption

    Use dmy dates date April 2012 Infobox film name The Raid Redemption image The Raid Redemption.jpg image ... 5 2 France & Belgium runtime 101 minutes Theatrical runtime 100 52 ref cite web title THE RAID 18 ... Nordling Talks To Gareth Evans, Mike Shinoda, And Joe Trapanese About The Kickassocity Of THE RAID ... 2012 03 24 ref ref http watch?v 5q0uPhoNTu8 The Raid video Q&A Sundance 2012 ref gross 3,902,000 small US ref cite web url http movies ?id raid.htm title The Raid Redemption 2012 Box Office Mojo accessdate April 20, 2012 ref The Raid Redemption or Serbuan Maut ... Indonesian martial art Pencak Silat . The fight choreographers of The Raid are Iko Uwais and Yayan ... International Film Festival TIFF , critics and audience alike hailed The Raid as one of the best action films in years. ref cite news title Toronto 2011 The Raid Starts Midnight Madness on a Butt Kicking ... 2011 raid starts midnight 233268 accessdate 2011 09 12 first Borys last Kit ref ref cite news title Tiff 2011 the raid will kick you in the head and make you like it work Twitch Film date url http reviews 2011 09 tiff 2011 the raid will kick you in the head and make you like it.php accessdate 2011 09 09 ref ref cite news title Watch Red Band Trailer For The Raid The Best Kick Ass Action Movie I ve Seen in Years TIFF 2011 work Film date url http the raid movie review trailer tiff 2011 more 111635 accessdate 2011 09 12 ref ref cite news title Toronto Review The Raid ... 2011 toronto review the raid one of the best action movies in years accessdate 2011 09 12 ref ref cite news title Anton Sirius With His First TIFF 2011 Report, Asskicking Edition THE RAID KILLER ELITE ... TIFF 2011 Review The Raid , Quite possibly the action film of the year work MSN Entertainment date ... 8777 e9c40c43fce8 accessdate 2011 09 14 ref ref cite news title Jason Gorber on THE RAID at TIFF 2011 ... 09 the raid accessdate 2011 09 09 ref Due to a trademark issue in the U.S. and the plan of a trilogy ...   more details

  1. Raid on Ross

    Infobox Military Conflict conflict Raid on Ross image File Five Sisters.jpg 200px caption Kintail home of the Clan Mackenzie in Ross shire partof Rebellion of Domhnall Dubh coordinates date 1491 place Ross , Scotland casus territory result unknown combatant1 Loyal to James IV of Scotland br Clan Mackenzie commander1 strength1 Unknown casualties1 Unknown combatant2 Loyal to Domhnall Dubh br Clan MacDonald of Lochalsh br Clan MacDonald of Clanranald br Clan Cameron br Chattan Confederation br Clan Mackintosh commander2 strength2 Unknown casualties2 Unknown notes Campaignbox Rebellion of Domhnall Dubh The Raid on Ross was a conflict that took place in 1491 in the Scottish Highlands . It was fought between the Clan Mackenzie against several other clans, including the Clan MacDonald of Lochalsh , Clan MacDonald of Clanranald the Clan Cameron and the Chattan Confederation of Clan Mackintosh . ref name RaidRoss http www.clan battles 1491.html The Raid on Ross Clan ref History Ewen Cameron, chief of Clan Cameron was joined by Alexander MacDonald of Lochalsh, Clan Ranald of Garmoran and Lochaber and the Chattan Confederation. The Chattan Confederation must have made peace with their enemies the Clan Cameron. Together the clans went on a raid into the county of Ross shire. During the raid they clashed with the Clan Mackenzie of Kintail . They then advanced from Lochaber to Badennoch where they were even joined by the Clan Mackintosh. They then proceeded to Inverness where they stormed Inverness Castle and Mackintosh placed a garrison in it. The Macdonald Lords of Lochalsh appear at this time to have had strong claims upon the clans to follow them in the field. The MacDonalds of Lochalsh were superiors under the chief of Clan Donald , Domhnall Dubh , who claimed the title of the Lord of the Isles , which had been forfeited to the crown by his grandfather. ref ... clan battles Raid on Ross Category 1491 in Scotland Category Clan Mackenzie Category Conflicts in 1491 ...   more details

  1. The Redwater Raid

    infobox Book See Wikipedia WikiProject Novels or Wikipedia WikiProject Books name The Redwater Raid title orig translator image Image NathanLestrange TheRedwaterRaid.jpg 200px image caption First edition cover author Michael de Larrabeiti writing as Nathan Lestrange illustrator cover artist country United Kingdom language English language English series genre Western fiction Western novel publisher Coronet Books release date 17 July 1972 english release date media type Print Paperback pages 144 pp first edition, paperback isbn ISBN 0 340 15989 8 first edition, paperback oclc 16198385 preceded by followed by The Redwater Raid is a novel written by the English author Michael de Larrabeiti and published in 1972 in the United Kingdom by Coronet Books under the penname of Nathan Lestrange . DEFAULTSORT Redwater Raid Category 1972 novels Category Western genre novels Category Novels by Michael de Larrabeiti Category British Western novels Category Works published under a pseudonym 1970s novel stub ...   more details

  1. Tyre raid

    Infobox Military Conflict conflict 2006 Tyre raid partof 2006 Lebanon War image Image S 13 tzur01.jpg 300px caption An IDF Shayetet 13 filmed during the operation in Tyre. date August 5, 2006 place Tyre, Lebanon Tyre , Lebanon result Both sides claim a victory ref cite news url http 8301 202 162 1868084.html title Deadly Fighting In South Lebanon work CBS accessdate April 13, 2012 ref combatant1 Image Flag of Israel.svg 22px Israel combatant2 Hezbollah commander1 commander2 strength1 strength2 casualties1 10 soldiers wounded br 1 soldier killed Hezbollah claim ref name AFP casualties2 ... civilians killed Lebanese claim Campaignbox Lebanon 2006 The Tyre raid was a night mission by the Israel ... for the Khaibar 1 rocket attack on Hadera a day earlier. The raid Lebanese sources reported that the Israel ... floor apartment of an apartment building, which was the apparent target of the raid. The apartment ... url http articles 0,7340,L 3286507,00.html title 10 soldiers hurt in raid on Tyre ... News Politics Aug 05 Hezbollah says it foiled Israel commando raid on Tyre.ashx ixzz1k6C048Wu title Hezbollah says it foiled Israel commando raid on Tyre publisher Daily Star author Agence France ... in the raid. The apartment building was bombed into rubble by an Israeli jet later in the afternoon. Hezbollah resumed rocket launching from the site within hours of the raid. ref name Blan Blanford11 ... four civilians were killed in the raid. ref cite news url http 2 hi middle east 5247670.stm title Israeli commandos stage Tyre raid publisher BBC author date 5 August 2006 accessdate ... news commando raid in tyre kills senior hezbollah operatives 1.194492 title Commando raid in Tyre ... 3286565,00.html title Tyre raid heroic operation publisher Yedioth Ahronoth author Efrat Weiss ... Tyre Raid Category 2006 Lebanon War Category Operations involving Israeli special forces Category Military raids fr Raid de Tyr he 13 2006 no Tyr raidet ru sk tok na ...   more details

  1. Mask-A-Raid

    Infobox Film name Mask A Raid image image size caption director Dave Fleischer producer Max Fleischer animator Al Eugster writer narrator starring Little Ann Little music cinematography editing distributor Paramount Publix Corporation released 7 November 1931 runtime 7 min country USA language English language English budget preceded by followed by Mask A Raid is a 1931 Fleischer Studios Talkartoon animated short film starring Betty Boop . Synopsis Betty Boop is queen of the Masquerade Ball . Bimbo and the lecherous King compete for Betty s affections. Betty sings You re the one I care for, Before Bimbo and the king begin the sword fighting. Bimbo loses the Duel and is taken away by the guards. But Betty who is disguised as one of the guard s rescues Bimbo and asks if he would like to marry her. External links http title tt0022127 Mask A Raid at IMDB http cartoon 1663 Mask a Raid.html Mask A Raid at the Cartoon Database Category American films Category Betty Boop cartoons Category 1931 films animation film stub ...   more details

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