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Encyclopedia results for R class

R class

Encyclopedia results for R class

  1. R class

    R class may refer to NOTOC Rail LCDR R class , a British steam locomotive class NER Class R , a British steam locomotive class NZR R class , a type of New Zealand steam locomotive Rhymney Railway R class , class of tank locomotive Victorian Railways R class , Australian steam locomotive Surface Vessels R class cruise ship , a cruise ship design R class destroyer 1916 , a series of World War 1, Royal Navy destroyers Q and R class destroyer R class destroyer , eight Royal Navy ships launched during World War II R class patrol boat , Finnish patrol boats Revenge class battleship s, of the Royal Navy Submarines British R class submarine , World War 1 British submarine class Italian R class submarine , large, World War 2, Italian submarines R Class submarine , another name for the British, World War 2, Rainbow class submarine s United States R class submarine , a type of US Navy submarine Other Mercedes Benz R Class , an automobile disambig de R Klasse es Clase R it Classe R sv R klass ...   more details

  1. R class destroyer

    Two classes of destroyer of the Royal Navy are known as the R class R class destroyer 1916 , sixty two ships, launched in 1916 and 1917, that served in World War I Eight ships of the Q and R class destroyer Q and R class , launched in 1942, that served in World War II disambig ...   more details

  1. SECR R class

    SECR R class may refer to LCDR R class a class of 0 4 4T locomotives built by the London, Chatham and Dover Railway LCDR in 1891 LCDR R1 class a class of 0 4 4T locomotives built by the South Eastern and Chatham Railway to modified LCDR design in 1900 SER R class a class of 0 6 0T locomotives built by the South Eastern Railway SER between 1888 and 1898 SECR R1 class a class of 0 6 0T locomotives rebuilt by the South Eastern and Chatham Railway from the SER R class between 1910 and 1922 disambig ...   more details

  1. NZR R class

    Infobox Locomotive name NZR R class powertype Steam image NZR R Class, Jervois Quay, Wellington, NZ.jpg imagesize 300px caption NZR R class on Jervois Quay , Wellington builddate 1878 79 builder Avonside Engine Company Avonside Engine Co. , England locoweight 30.0 tons firstrundate disposition 1 preserved ... Zealand Railways Department NZR R class was a class of early 0 6 4T Fairlie single Fairlie steam ... by providing both the R and NZR S class S classes of Single Fairlie engines 18 of the former in 1878 ... The R class locomotives were built at Avonside s Bristol factory and then shipped to New Zealand, with all ..., http nzsteam r reg.htm R Class 0 6 4T Register , accessed 9 December 2007. ref ... The R class were gradually withdrawn from NZR service between 1919 and 1936. In July 1919, R 29 was sold to the Manawatu County Council and it worked on the Sanson Tramway through to its 1946 ... http nzsteam r class.html Class R 0 6 4T References reflist NZR Locomotives Category Locomotives of New Zealand R class Category 0 6 4T locomotives Category Avonside locomotives ... in such conditions. In 1872, the first Fairlie locomotives arrived from England, the NZR E class 1872 E class . Gradually the number of these double ended engines known as Double Fairlies grew to 10, and came to include the NZR B class 1874 B class of 1874 . There was still a need for orthodox .... ref name mcgavin Accidents Image Lyttelton accident of R 28.JPG right thumb R 28 overhanging Lyttelton ..., R 28 was running the Boat Train to the wharf at Lyttelton, New Zealand Lyttelton to connect with the Wellington ... of Works Public Works Department , acquired R 33 in August 1919. Five more were withdrawn in March ... into the 1930s. The last, R 271, was retired in March 1936 and dumped at Oamaru at the forshore ... due to its 1907 wharf accident, R 28 was sold to the Timaru Harbour Board in 1934. Until 1940, it was for shunting ... Reefton for use on their mining railway. Laid up in 1948, R 28 was later placed in Reefton s town ...   more details

  1. Mercedes-Benz R-Class

    2011 Mercedes Benz R350 name Mercedes Benz R Class manufacturer Mercedes Benz parent company Daimler ... GL Class The R Class is a multi purpose vehicle MPV offered by Daimler AG in 2006 model year under the Mercedes ..., and the final production vehicle was shown at the 2005 New York International Auto Show . The R Class ...?id 306 title Mercedes Benz Canada from waybackmachine accessdate 2012 02 23 ref The R Class is offered ... mph 4.9 secs . mpg g km Safety and security The R Class scores Good in the Insurance Institute for Highway ... title IIHS HLDI Mercedes R class publisher date 2009 11 18 accessdate 2010 06 25 ref But was given ... rating.aspx?id 965 title IIHS HLDI Mercedes R class publisher date 2009 05 04 accessdate ... door trim and the IIHS rated the R class Good overall in side impacts allowing the R Class to receive ... 630 title IIHS HLDI Mercedes R class publisher date accessdate 2010 06 25 ref Thatcham s New Car Whiplash Ratings NCWR organisation tested the R Class for its ability to protect occupants against ... MIRRC publisher date accessdate 2011 08 02 ref The R Class was tested by Thatcham ... Mercedes Benz announced in May 2007 that the R Class range would be broadened. ref cite web url http ... Enhances R Class Lineup.html title The Unofficial Mercedes Benz Weblog publisher eMercedesBenz ... . 2011 mid generational refresh File 2011 Mercedes Benz R Class 07 07 2010.jpg thumb right 2011 Mercedes Benz R Class The R Class received a minor model update for 2011, which was officially unveiled ... 2010 03 28 brawnier 2011 mercedes benz r class leaked ahead of new york deb title Brawnier 2011 Mercedes Benz R Class leaked ahead of New York debut Autoblog publisher date ... the vehicle was launched. ref MBUSI to produce Mercedes first hybrid in wake of poor R Class ... LATEST 64323222 ref The lukewarm reception to the R Class in Canada and the United States was similar ... Benz s parent DaimlerChrysler, under the Chrysler division. Like the Pacifica, the R Class ...   more details

  1. Rhymney Railway R class

    Railway GWR , British Rail BR railroadclass RR R & R1 roadnumber RR 1 3, 17, 39 47, 62, 97 br GWR BR 30 44, 46 powerclass BR 4F withdrawndate 1949 1957 disposition The Rhymney R class was a class ... Beyer, Peacock & Co. 6099 6104 39 44 The R class and related 1904 introduced M and 1910 A classes ... 5600 Class . Thus the R and closely related Stephenson Rhymney Railway M class M class , Rhymney Railway A class A, A1 and larger wheeled Rhymney Railway P class P classes were designed for work ... and R class Rhymney locomotives , complete with the traditional copper GWR safety valve casing and copper ... number 10 boiler, also to good effect. Five R class locos were upgraded from 1926 onwards. All told ... R class http steam getsteamclass.php?item RRR1 Rail UK database entry for Rhymney Railway R1 class http m in 062.htm http 56proj.shtml ... locomotives R Class Category 0 6 2T locomotives Category Robert Stephenson and Company locomotives ...Infobox Locomotive powertype Steam name Rhymney Railway br R and R1 classes image caption designer C. T. Hurry Riches builder Robert Stephenson & Co. 5 , br Hudswell Clarke Hudswell, Clarke & Co. 4 , br Beyer, Peacock & Co. 6 serialnumber RS br HC 1431 32 38 39 br BP 6099 6104 builddate 1907 1921 totalproduction 15 whytetype 0 6 2T gauge RailGauge ussg driverdiameter convert 4 ft 6 in mm 0 abbr on trailingdiameter length locoweight convert 62.5 66.95 LT abbr on fueltype Coal fuelcap watercap cylindercount ... and were 37 feet in length. There were initially three locos in the class augmented to five in 1909 ... and Company contributed a further six. class wikitable Numbering Year RR class RR Nos. Builder Builder Nos. GWR BR Nos. 1907 R 1 3 Robert Stephenson & Co. 3288 3290 30 32 1909 R 17, 97 Robert Stephenson ... strong 5600 class. The design of the 5600 class followed the Rhymney designs quite closely but adopted ... and many including seventeen of the Rhymney A, M, P and R s were Remanufacturing rebuilt with GWR ...   more details

  1. Italian R class submarine

    for other ship classes of the same name British R class submarine United States R class submarine Infobox Ship Begin Infobox Ship Image Ship image Ship caption Infobox Ship Class Overview Name Romolo Builders Tosi, CRDA Operators Navy Kingdom of Italy Class before Class after Subclasses Cost Built range 1942 1943 In service range 1943 In commission range Total ships building Total ships planned 12 Total ships completed 2 Total ships cancelled 10 Total ships active Total ships laid up Total ships lost 2 Total ships retired Total ships preserved Infobox Ship Characteristics Hide header Header caption Ship class Ship type Submarine Ship tonnage Ship displacement 2,155 tons surface br 2,560 tons submerged Ship tons burthen 600 tons cargo Ship length 86.5 m Ship beam 7.86 m Ship height Ship draught 5.34 m Ship draft Ship depth Ship hold depth Ship decks Ship deck clearance Ship ramps Ship ice class Ship power Ship propulsion surfaced submerged Diesel engine diesel electric , 2 shafts br 2,600 hp 900 hp Ship sail plan Ship speed 14 6.5 Knot unit knots surfaced submerged Ship range 12,000 nm at 9 knots Ship endurance Ship test depth Ship boats Ship capacity Ship troops Ship complement 63 Ship crew Ship time to activate Ship sensors Ship EW Ship armament 2 x 450mm torpedo tubes bow, 3 20mm AA guns Ship armour Ship armor Ship aircraft Ship aircraft facilities Ship notes The R class or Romolo class were a group of submarines built for the Regia Marina Italian Royal Navy Regia Marina Italiana during World War II . These submarines were designed as blockade runner blockade running Merchant submarine transport submarines for transporting high value cargo from Europe to Japan and from Japan ... Italian R class submarines WWIIItalianShips Category Submarine classes R class submarines, Italian Category Italian R class submarines Category World War II submarines of Italy R class it Classe R sommergibile Italia ru ...   more details

  1. Q and R class destroyer

    Quiberon , 1945 Infobox ship class overview Builders Operators navy UK br navy Australia br navy NED br navy India Class before O and P class destroyer O and P class Class after S and T class destroyer S and T class Subclasses Q, R Built range In commission range Total ships building Total ships ... aircraft facilities Ship notes Infobox ship characteristics Hide header Header caption R class Ship ... as per Q class For the R class of destroyers built between 1916 and 1917, see R class destroyer 1916 The Q and R class was a ship class class of sixteen War Emergency Programme destroyers ... The Q and R class were repeats of the preceding O and P class destroyer O and P class , but reverted to the larger J, K and N class destroyer J, K and N class hull to allow for the inevitable growth ..., ISBN 0851771378 ref In the Q class, Y gun could be removed, allowing for the carriage of additional depth charges and projectors, or the carriage of minesweeper ship minesweeps . The R class were ... Banckert 1945, sold for scrapping 1957 nowiki nowiki flotilla leader R class HMS Rotherham H09 Rotherham ... 15 frigate most surviving Q and R class ships were given this conversion post war. Q and R class destroyer War Emergency Programme destroyers WWIIBritishShips DEFAULTSORT Q And R Class Destroyer Category Destroyer classes Category Q and R class destroyers it Classi Q e R cacciatorpediniere ja Q pl Niszczyciele typ w Q R fi Q luokka h vitt j ... header Header caption Q class ref name lenton British and Empire Warships of the Second World War , H. T. Lenton, Greenhill Books, ISBN 1 85367 277 7 ref Ship type Q and R destroyer Ship displacement ... and 4th Emergency Flotilla . They served as convoy escorts during World War II . Three Q class ... seas, and catwalks were not fitted to connect fore and aft until the U and V class destroyer V class ... Duff High frequency Direction finder added on a lattice mainmast. Ships Q class HMS Queenborough G30 ...   more details

  1. R class patrol boat

    in class include Rym tt l 51 , Rihtniemi 52 , Ruissalo 53 , Raisio 54 , R ytt 55 The R class patrol boats was a class of Finland Finnish patrol boat s, originally constructed as coastal minesweepers ... vessels. They were stricken from the Finnish Navy list in the 1990s. The R class was much liked ..., the Finnish Navy used the designation R class for all five vessels. Vessels of the class Rym ttyl .... In use 1971 1997. Ruissalo class patrol boat, operated by the Colombian Coast Guard. Nito Restrepo Built in 1971. In use 1971 1990. Ruissalo class patrol boat, operated by the Colombian Coast Guard. Jorge Soto del Corval Built in 1971. In use 1971 1984. Ruissalo class patrol boat, operated by the Colombian Coast Guard. Operators COL Three Ruissalo class patrol boats EST Two ex Finnish Rihtniemi class patrol boats FIN Two Rihtniemi and three Ruissalo class patrol boats External links http ... Navy fi R luokan vartiovene sv R klass patrullb t ...   more details

  1. NER Class R

    Infobox locomotive powertype Steam name NER Class R br LNER Class D20 image caption designer Wilson Worsdell boiler convert 4 ft 9 in abbr on diameter builder NER Gateshead works Gateshead builddate 1899 1907 totalproduction 60 whytetype 4 4 0 gauge railgauge sg leadingdiameter convert 4 ft 0 in abbr on driverdiameter convert 6 ft 10 in abbr on length wheelbase convert 23 ft 9 in abbr on engine br convert 12 ft 8 in abbr on tender br convert 45 ft 10 3 4 in abbr on total locoweight D20 1 convert 54.1 LT abbr on br D20 2 convert 55.45 LT abbr on tenderweight convert 41.2 LT abbr on locotenderweight D20 1 convert 95.3 LT abbr on br D20 1 convert 96.65 LT abbr on axleload convert 19.8 LT abbr on fueltype coal fuelcap watercap cylindercount two inside cylindersize convert 19 x 26 in abbr on firearea boilerpressure convert 200 psi MPa abbr on br later reduced to convert 160 psi MPa abbr on totalsurface convert 1318.7 sqft abbr on firearea convert 20 sqft abbr on fireboxarea convert 139 sqft abbr on tubearea convert 638.7 sqft abbr on fluearea convert 292 sqft abbr on superheaterarea convert 204 sqft abbr on tractiveeffort convert 17025 lbf kN abbr on br later reduced to convert 15567 lbf kN abbr on valvegear Stephenson railroad North Eastern Railway UK North Eastern Railway , London and North Eastern Railway , British Railways powerclass BR 2P railroadclass retiredate 1943 1957 disposition None preserved Image with unknown copyright status removed Image d20 3.jpg thumb right D20 hauling a train The NER Class R later, LNER Class D20 was a class of 4 4 0 steam locomotive , designed by Wilson Worsdell for the North Eastern Railway UK North Eastern Railway . They passed to the London and North Eastern Railway LNER in 1923. In 1936, some were rebuilt with long travel piston valve steam engine piston valve s and classified D20 2. The unrebuilt locomotives were re classified D20 1 ... LNER Locomotives DEFAULTSORT Ner Class R Category North Eastern Railway locomotives R Category ...   more details

  1. SER R class

    distinguish LCDR R class The SER R class was a class of 0 6 0 0 6 0T locomotives on the South Eastern Railway UK South Eastern Railway . History For many years the South Eastern Railway UK South Eastern Railway SER had possessed very few locomotives designed for Shunt rail shunting . When trains were ... R class 0 6 0T were rebuilt by the SECR with Harry Wainwright Wainwright design domed boilers of the same type as were used on the SECR H class 0 4 4T. sfn Bradley 1985 p 197 These rebuilds were classified R1, but their capabilities and duties did not change substantially. class wikitable style text align center Table of rebuilding to R1 class Year Quantity SECR Nos. 1910 1 align left 69 1911 ... were further increased by 30000, becoming 31010 etc. Withdrawal One R class locomotive ... Cavendish Books location London isbn 0 904568 18 0 ref harv SECR locomotives DEFAULTSORT Ser R Class Category South Eastern Railway UK locomotives R Category 0 6 0T locomotives Category Railway locomotives ... 0 0 6 0T wheel arrangement for shunting, and so in 1887 it was decided to introduce a class of 0 6 0T locomotives specifically for shunting and for hauling local goods trains. sfn Bradley 1985 p 193 The R class locomotives were designed by James Stirling 1835 1917 James Stirling as a new class, and 25 ... the domeless boilers were of the same type as was fitted to the his SER O Class O class 0 6 0 and SER Q Class Q class 0 4 4T . sfn Bradley 1985 pp 194,197 Their SER numbers were scattered between 10 ... to green. sfn Bradley 1985 p 196 class wikitable style text align center Table of orders and numbers ..., 70, 107, 155 R1 class File Ashford Locomotive Depot 2 geograph 2654059 by Ben Brooksbank.jpg thumb ... which had not been rebuilt to the R1 class were withdrawn between 1931 and 1943. sfn Bradley 1985 p 204 Of the 13 R1 class rebuilds, one was withdrawn in 1949, two in 1955, three in 1958 and five ... items designed especially for the two rail launch was a model of the SECR R1 class 0 6 0T sfn Foster ...   more details

  1. LCDR R class

    distinguish SER R class Infobox locomotive name LCDR R class powertype Steam image alt caption designer William Kirtley builder Sharp Stewart and Company Sharp, Stewart & Co ordernumber serialnumber 3722 3739 buildmodel builddate September December 1891 totalproduction 18 rebuilder rebuilddate numberrebuilt whytetype 0 4 4T uicclass gauge RailGauge ussg driverdiameter convert 5 ft 6 in abbr on trailingdiameter convert 3 ft 0 in abbr on minimumcurve wheelbase convert 21 ft 6 in abbr on length width height axleload convert 15.75 LT abbr on weightondrivers convert 30.30 LT abbr on locoweight convert 49.75 LT abbr on fueltype Coal fuelcap convert 2 LT abbr on watercap convert 1100 impgal l abbr on boiler boilerpressure convert 150 psi MPa abbr on firearea convert 16.25 sqft abbr on tubearea convert 971.75 sqft abbr on fireboxarea convert 99.25 sqft abbr on totalsurface convert 1071 sqft abbr on cylindercount Two, inside cylindersize convert 17 x 24 in abbr on valvegear valvetype tractiveeffort factorofadhesion trainheating locobrakes trainbrakes Westinghouse safety railroad London, Chatham ... R class was a class of 0 4 4T locomotives on the London, Chatham and Dover Railway LCDR . No. 207 eventually ... Railways BR railroadclass R numinclass 18 roadnumber LCDR 199 216 br SECR 658 675 br SR A658 A675 .... sfn Bradley 1979 p 87 The whole class was fitted with Condensing steam locomotive condensing apparatus ... batch of the existing LCDR A2 class A2 class 0 4 4T introduced 1883 it was then decided that a modified design was required. sfn Bradley 1979 pp 82 83 The R class locomotives were designed by William Kirtley as a development of his earlier A2 class, sfn Bradley 1979 pp 82 83 and 18 were built by Sharp ... between 1949 and 1955. sfn Bradley 1979 pp 87 88 class wikitable style text align center Table of withdrawals ... 1954 3 1 align left 31671 1955 2 2 align left 31661, 31666 See also LCDR R1 class Notes reflist colwidth ... harv SECR locomotives Category London, Chatham and Dover Railway locomotives R Category 0 4 4T locomotives ...   more details

  1. Library of Congress Classification:Class R -- Medicine

    Mergeto Library of Congress Classification discuss Talk Library of Congress Classification Deleting subpages date September 2009 Orphan date August 2008 Class R Medicine is a classification used by the Library of Congress classification system. This article outlines the subclasses of Class R. R Medicine General RA Public aspects of medicine RB Pathology RC Internal medicine RD Surgery RE Ophthalmology RF Otorhinolaryngology RG Gynecology and obstetrics RJ Pediatrics RK Dentistry RL Dermatology RM Environmental remediation Therapeutics ., Pharmacology RS Pharmacy and materia medica RT Nursing RV Botanic medicine Botanic , Thomsonian medicine Thomsonian , and eclectic medicine RX Homeopathy RZ Other systems of medicine See also National Library of Medicine classification , an alternative way to classify medical books inside Library of Congress classification. DEFAULTSORT Library Of Congress Classification Class R Medicine Category Library of Congress Classification R ...   more details

  1. United States R class submarine

    for other ship classes of the same name British R class submarine Italian R class submarine refimprove date April 2009 Infobox ship begin Infobox ship image Ship image Image RClass.jpg 300px R class submarines Ship caption Tied up along the dock from right to left R 12 SS 89 , R 15 SS 92 , R 13 SS 90 with R 9 SS 86 and an unidentified R boat probably in Pearl Harbor , c. mid 1920s. Infobox ship class overview Name Builders Fore River Shipyard R 1 to R 14 br Union Iron Works R 15 to R 20 br Lake Torpedo Boat R 21 to R 27 br Electric Boat 4 boats for Peru Operators navy USA navy Peru Class before United States O class submarine O class submarine Class after United States S class submarine S class ... on torpedo tube s br 1 3 50 caliber gun 3 50 caliber deck gun Ship armor Ship notes The R class submarines were a class of United States Navy double hull submarine s active from 1918 until 1945. The R boats R 21 to R 27 , built by Lake Torpedo Boat , slightly smaller and faster than the others, are sometimes ... class R 21 class from R 1 to R 20 built by Fore River Shipyard and Union Iron Works R 1 class . The Electric ... sublist.html External links Commons category R class submarines of the United States United States R class submarine WWIUSShips WWIIUSShips DEFAULTSORT R class submarines, United States Category Submarine classes Category United States R class submarines Category World War I submarines of the United States R class Category World War II submarines of the United States R class ... hull submarines were very similar to the preceding O class, with the addition of 21 inch torpedo ... tubes. The boats for Peru R 1 to R 4 were built after World War I using material assembled for cancelled S class submarines. They were refitted in 1935 1936 and 1955 1956, renamed the Islay, the Casma, the Pacocha, and the Arica in 1957, and discarded in 1960. Ships USS R 1 SS 78 Commissioned 1918, scrapped 1946 USS R 2 SS 79 Commissioned 1919, scrapped 1945 USS R 3 SS 80 Commissioned 1919, scrapped ...   more details

  1. Gerald R. Ford class aircraft carrier

    Use dmy dates date September 2011 DISPLAYTITLE Gerald R. Ford class aircraft carrier Infobox Ship Begin ... deck Ship notes The Gerald R. Ford class aircraft carriers or Ford class are a class of supercarrier for the United States Navy , intended to eventually replace the current Nimitz class aircraft carrier Nimitz class carriers. The new vessels will use a hull design very similar to the Nimitz carriers ... Naval title CVN 78 Gerald R Ford Class accessdate 26 March 2010 date 22 December 2009 ref The first hull of the line will be named USS Gerald R. Ford CVN 78 2 , and will have the hull number CVN 78. ref group Note Before its redesignation as the Ford class CVN 78 , this new class ... References Reflist 2 colwidth 30em External links Commons category Gerald R. Ford class aircraft carriers ... before the navbox Ford class aircraft carrier Category Aircraft carrier classes Category Gerald R. Ford class aircraft carriers Category Proposed aircraft carriers cs T da Gerald R. Ford de Gerald R ... 78 Ship caption CVN 78 artist depiction Infobox Ship Class Overview Name Builders Newport News Shipbuilding Operators navy USA Class before sclass Nimitz aircraft carrier 6 Class after Subclasses Cost ... Gerald R. Ford CVN 78 2 br USS John F. Kennedy CVN 79 2 ref name jfk cvn79 cite press release title ... Total ships preserved Infobox Ship Characteristics Hide header Header caption Ship class Ship type aircraft carrier Ship tonnage Ship displacement G.R.Ford class CVN displacement Ship tons burthen ... clearance Ship ramps Ship ice class Ship power Ship propulsion 2 A1B reactor A1B nuclear reactor s Ship ... developed since the initial design of the previous class such as the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch ..., as an allusion to 21st century. ref ref cite news title Next aircraft carrier named Gerald R. Ford ... Dead link date December 2010 bot RjwilmsiBot ref Features Carriers of the Ford class will incorporate ... Congressional Research Service title Navy Ford CVN 78 Class Aircraft Carrier Program Background ...   more details

  1. R

    Script capital R anchor Codes for computing Computing codes class wikitable style text align right ...About the letter R pp move indef small yes Latin alphabet navbox uc R lc r R English alphabet Letter names named ar IPAc en r ref R Oxford English Dictionary , 2nd edition 1989 ar, op. cit. ref is the eighteenth Letter alphabet letter of the ISO basic Latin alphabet . History class wikitable style background eee Egyptian hieroglyph br tp Phoenician br resh Etruscan R Greek br Rho letter Rho Later Etruscan R hiero D1 hiero File PhoenicianR 01.png File EtruscanR 01.svg 44px File Rho uc lc.svg 60px ... for tp , head . It was used for IPA r by Semites because in their language, the word for head ... R. It is likely that some Etruscan and Western Greek forms of the letter added the extra stroke to distinguish ... lower case form of r developed through several variations on the capital form. In handwriting it was common ... leg stroke shortened into the simple arc used today. Another minuscule, r rotunda , kept the loop .... Usage See also Rhotic consonant R colored vowel Guttural R In science, the letter R is a symbol for the gas constant . Mathematicians use R or math mathbb R math an R in blackboard bold , displayed as unicode in Unicode for Set mathematics set of all real numbers . R represents a rhotic consonant ... several variations of the letter to represent the different rhotic consonants IPA r represents the alveolar trill . PLEASE DO NOT ADD LANGUAGES THAT DO NOT USE THE ROMAN ALPHABET class wikitable style width 85 margin auto style width 35 Alveolar trill IPA r style text align center Media alveolar trill.ogg ... language Spanish and Albanian language Albanian r , Turkish language Turkish , Dutch language ... 55 Spanish language Spanish used as an allophone of r in some South American accents Standard Chinese ... Brazilian Portuguese language Portuguese rr Other languages may use the letter r in their alphabets ... , IPAblink and IPAblink r , the latter three ones can be used only in certain contexts IPAblink ...   more details

  1. R*

    R or R can mean the following Rockstar Games uses R as its symbol R , the symbol for an ecological concept developed by G. David Tilman to explain the minimum concentration to which an organism can reduce a resource. R is the symbol he uses for generic resources, hence R dab ...   more details

  1. R?

    Infobox album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name R Type Studio Artist Simon Curtis Cover Simon curtis ra.jpg Released June 7th, 2011 Recorded 2010 2011 Genre Electropop , dance pop , electronica Length 44 54 Label BoyRobot Records br small independent release Producer Jeff Jadion Wells Reviews Last album 8Bit Heart br 2010 This album R br 2011 Next album Misc Singles Name R Type studio Single 1 Superhero Single 1 date May 16, 2011 Single 2 Flesh Single 2 date May 31, 2011 RA stylized as R is the second album by American singer songwriter and record producer Simon Curtis . It was released June 7, 2011. ref http 2011 06 06 simon curtis ra album cover June 6, 2011 Retrieved June 7, 2011 ref The album reached 17 on the US iTunes pop album chart and 82 on the overall album chart during its first week of release, despite having no promotion from a record label. It also reached the top 200 albums on iTunes in eleven other countries. RA was produced by Jeff Jadion Wells. Artwork and Concept The cover for R was shot by Tyler Shields , who also did photography for the single covers and Simon s previous album 8Bit Heart . The title R stands for Robot Army, which is the name of Simon s fan base. It also symbolizes Ra , an Egyptian god, and the is commonly referred to as a symbol for Illuminati groups. Singles Superhero was released as the first single from R on May 16, 2011. The single was available for purchase via iTunes and Amazon MP3 that day with an accompanying remix. Only two weeks later, on May 31, the second single from the album, Flesh , was released to iTunes. According to several posts on Simon Curtis official Twitter page, music videos for Superhero and Flesh are in the works. Tracklist Tracklist headline Standard edition writing credits yes title1 Laser Guns Up writer1 Simon Curtis length1 4 07 title2 Don t Dance writer2 Simon Curtis length2 3 ... 2 Return to the Dark writer14 Simon Curtis length14 2 39 Charts class wikitable Chart Peak br position ...   more details

  1. Class T

    Class T may refer to Class T amplifier Class T , Tripath design electronic audio amplifier Stellar classification Class T methane dwarfs Stellar Class T Methane dwarfs disambig fr Classe T ...   more details

  1. /r/

    r can refer to r , request board, 4chan The IPA notation for an alveolar trill disambig Short pages monitor This long comment was added to the page to prevent it being listed on Special Shortpages. It and the accompanying monitoring template were generated via Template Longcomment. Please do not remove the monitor template without removing the comment as well. ...   more details

  1. S class

    S class or Class S may refer to Mercedes Benz S Class automobile S class submarine , multiple types of submarines Holland America Line Statendam Class S Class , a class of the Holland America Line fleet S class destroyer 1916 , British warships operating from the end of World War I into World War II S and T class destroyer , British warships of World War II Baltimore and Ohio Class S , and American 2 10 2 Santa Fe type steam locomotive Victorian Railways S class , steam locomotive Victorian Railways S class diesel , diesel locomotive BNCR Class S , Irish narrow gauge steam locomotive GNRI Class S , Irish steam locomotive Stellar classification Class S , a stellar classification for carbon stars Class S genre is a genre of fiction about girls relationships, popular in Japan disambig de S Klasse it Classe S sv S klass ...   more details

  1. R++

    R is a Logic programming rule based programming language based on C . The United States patent describes R as follows blockquote The R extension permits rules to be defined as members of C classes. The programming system of the invention takes the classes with rules defined using R and generates C code from them in which the machinery required for the rules is implemented completely as C data members and functions of the classes involved in the rules. ref Cite patent US 5768480 Integrating rules into object oriented programming systems ref blockquote R was developed by Bell Labs in the 1990s, but due to the Bell System divestiture that split the legal rights to the work developed at the Laboratories between AT&T and Lucent , did not see immediate commercial development while the two companies disputed ownership. ref cite news url http 807 innovation.htm title Fancy Footwork author Karyl Scott publisher InformationWeek date October 9, 2000 accessdate 2007 01 21 ref References reflist External links http www.cs.bell cm cs who pfps rpp index.html R official website via Bell Labs compu lang stub Category C programming language family ...   more details

  1. Class A

    Class A may refer to Class A airfield , a standardised design for military airfields built throughout Britain from 1942 Class A airspace, an airspace class defined by the ICAO class A amplifier , a category of electronic amplifier Class A baseball, one of the lower levels of minor league baseball in the U.S. Class A broadcast station see list of broadcast station classes Class A Dress uniform , a type of military dress uniform Class A driver s license United States driver s license in the United States Class A drug , a British drug classification defined by the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 Class A foams, a type of fire fighting foam Class A foams foam used in firefighting Class A motor home , one that is entirely coach built Class A network , also known as a classful network, a type of IP address Class A novel , the second book in the CHERUB series by Robert Muchamore Class A Share finance share , a usually voting fractional ownership of a corporation Class A stars, a type of Stellar classification Class A stellar classification Class A tennis, one of the levels of tennis Class A office space Class A surfaces in automotive design Class A television service , system for regulating low power stations in the United States See also A class disambiguation Class B disambiguation disambig de Class A Class A, VIP ...   more details

  1. No Class

    For the racehorse, see No Class horse Infobox single Name Mot rhead No Class Cover No Class A.jpg Artist Mot rhead Album Overkill album Overkill B side Like a Nightmare Released 30 June 1979 Format 7 Recorded December 1978 January 1979 br Roundhouse Studios br Sound Development Studios Length 2 39 Label Bronze Records EMI Writer Eddie Clarke br Lemmy Ian Kilmister br Phil Philthy Animal Taylor Phil Taylor Producer Jimmy Miller Certification Last single Overkill Mot rhead song Overkill br 1979 This single No Class br 1979 Next single Bomber song Bomber br 1979 No Class is a song by the Heavy metal music heavy metal band Mot rhead . It was released in 1979, in 7 vinyl pressings. The song first appeared on the 1979 album Overkill album Overkill , and became one of the cornerstones of the classic 1981 live album No Sleep til Hammersmith . ref cite book last Prato first Greg editor Vladimir Bogdanov others Chris Woodstra, Stephen Thomas Erlewine title All music guide the definitive guide to popular music url http books?id xR7MdpuSlAEC&pg PT247 year 2001 publisher Hal Leonard isbn 9780879306274 page 247 chapter Overkill ref It is one of the band s anthems . ref cite news url http books?id UGXLInPX86UC&pg PA70 title The Spin Interview Lemmy last Diehl first Matt date April 2009 work Spin magazine Spin pages 68 70 accessdate 15 May 2011 ref Release It was available ... the similarities at the time between Mot rhead s music and ZZ Top s, and the guitar riff in No Class ... Everyone Else , before playing No Class Lemmy dedicated the song to long time friend Wendy O. Williams ... R. Scott date 27 August 2002 work Rough Edge accessdate 15 May 2011 ref Notable covers The Plasmatics ... Thrash metal band Herm tica recorded No Class for Interpretes , a cover album it is the only ... ref references Single track listing No Class Eddie Clarke , Lemmy Ian Kilmister , Phil Philthy ... by Jimmy Miller 1970s single stub es No Class is No Class it No Class fi No Class ...   more details

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