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Plato, Missouri
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Encyclopedia results for Plato, Missouri

Plato, Missouri

Encyclopedia results for Plato, Missouri

  1. Plato, Missouri

    Missouri publisher Population Division, United States Census Bureau date 2006 05 19 accessdate 2008 07 13 ref in northwestern Texas County, Missouri Texas County , Missouri , United States . It is located about twenty miles northwest of Houston, Missouri and ten miles south of Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri Fort Leonard Wood on Route 32 Missouri Route 32 . Plato had an estimated population of 1,430 ... from Missouri Route 17 Route 17 through Plato and continues west through Lynchburg, Missouri Lynchburg ..., Missouri Big Piney and Palace, are served by the Plato R V School District, http which is based in the northern Texas County, Missouri Texas County village of Plato but also includes ... County , or the northern Texas County, Missouri Texas County communities of Plato and Roby, Missouri ..., Missouri Official site. http Plato R V School District Official site. Texas ... in Texas County, Missouri Category Populated places established in 1874 ar es Plato Misuri ht Plato, Missouri vo Plato Missouri ...Image MOMap doton Plato.png right Plato is an incorporated village ref cite web url http ... Greek philosopher Plato . It is the birthplace of screenwriter Josh Senter who is known for his work on Desperate Housewives . As of the 2010 U.S. Census Plato is the Mean center of United States ... 05 17 index.html Plato Town at the center of America . CNN . May 17, 2011. Retrieved on May 17, 2011. ref Mean center of the United States In March 2011 Plato was declared ... missouri town hopes to be named.html title Missouri town hopes to be named U.S. center of population ... 03 18 ref The report of Plato as being the mean center was first reported on the Wikipedia mean center ... wide coverage after being reported in the Houston, Missouri Herald article and a Connecticut Public ... news state and regional missouri article 05d196d7 4ba5 5ab0 95a8 9e850e5d00f1.html title How a N.J. ...   more details

  1. Plato

    For Plato disambiguation Platon disambiguation pp semi protected small yes style float right Infobox philosopher region Western philosophy era Ancient philosophy color B0C4DE image Plato Silanion Musei Capitolini MC1377.jpg caption Plato copy of portrait bust by Silanion name Plato birth date ... other philosopher s and theologian s notable ideas Platonic realism Platonism Plato IPAc en icon ... Laertius 3.4 p. 21, David Sedley, http 052158 4922 sample 0521584922ws.pdf Plato ... student, Aristotle , Plato helped to lay the foundations of Western philosophy and science . ref name Br cite encyclopedia title Plato encyclopedia Encyclopaedia Britannica year 2002 ref In the words ... philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato. I do not mean the systematic ... Plato s sophistication as a writer is evident in his Socratic dialogues thirty six dialogues and thirteen letters have been ascribed to him. Plato s writings have been published in several fashions this has led to several conventions regarding the naming and referencing of Plato s texts. ref Irwin, T. H., The Platonic Corpus in Fine, G. ed. , The Oxford Handbook of Plato Oxford University Press, 2010 , pp. 63 64 and 68 70. ref Plato s dialogues have been used to teach a range of subjects, including ... of Plato Birth and family The exact place and time of Plato s birth are not known, but it is certain ... of Messenia , Melanthus . ref name DW Diogenes Laertius, Life of Plato , III br D. Nails, Ariston , 53 br U. von Wilamowitz Moellendorff, Plato , 46 ref Plato s mother was Perictione , whose family boasted ... . ref name LaI Diogenes Laertius, Life of Plato , I ref Perictione was sister of Charmides and niece ... TW1 W. K. C. Guthrie, A History of Greek Philosophy , IV, 10 br A.E. Taylor, Plato , xiv br U. von Wilamowitz Moellendorff, Plato , 47 ref Besides Plato himself, Ariston and Perictione had three other ... , the mother of Speusippus the nephew and successor of Plato as head of his philosophical Academy ...   more details

  1. Plato (disambiguation)

    Plato was a Greek philosopher. Plato may also refer to TOCright Other uses PLATO computer system , a pioneering mainframe based time sharing system for computer assisted instruction PLATO Package for Linear Combination of Atomic Orbitals , a computational chemistry software package Plato domain name in the online Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy PLATO spacecraft , the proposed Planetary Transits and Oscillations of stars spacecraft Plato spider Plato spider , a spider genus Theridiosomatidae Plato scale , the scale for measuring the gravity of beer wort and distilled spirits Plato s Stepchildren , an episode of the original Star Trek series Plato s Retreat , a 1970s era club Plato crater , a dark crater on the moon. Plato also means dish in Spanish See also Platon disambiguation disambig de Plato fr Platon homonymie it Plato he nl Plato doorverwijspagina ja pl Plato ru sv Plato tr Plato vo Plato ...   more details

  1. Troides plato

    Unreferenced date March 2007 Taxobox name Silver Birdwing image Troides plato clean.jpg image caption Male, upperside regnum Animal ia phylum Arthropod a classis Insect a ordo Lepidoptera familia Papilionidae genus Troides species T. plato binomial Troides plato binomial authority Alfred Russel Wallace Wallace , 1865 Troides plato is a birdwing butterfly endemism endemic to Timor . Described forms are nychonia Jordan, 1908 male , chitonia Jordan, 1908 male and delormei Le Moult, 1931 female . Category Troides plato Category Animals described in 1865 Papilionidae stub Birdwing la Troides plato no Troides plato vi Troides plato ...   more details

  1. Definitions (Plato)

    italictitle The Definitions is a dictionary of about 185 philosophical terms sometimes included in the corpus of Plato s works. Plato is generally not regarded as the editor of all of Definitions . Some ancient scholars attributed Definitions to Speusippus . ref name cooper John Madison Cooper, D. S. Hutchinson, 1997 , Plato, Complete works , pages 1677 1687. Hackett Publishing. ref References Reflist Category Works by Plato Category Dictionaries Category Ancient philosophical literature philo book stub fr D finitions Platon it Definizioni Platone pt Defini es ...   more details

  1. Bukova?ki Plato

    Bukova ki Plato is a Neighborhoods of Novi Sad neighborhood of Petrovaradin , Serbia . Novi Sad Category Novi Sad neighborhoods Category Petrovaradin ...   more details

  1. Apology (Plato)

    , see Apology disambiguation Refimprove date October 2009 Dialogues of Plato Platonism italictitle The Apology is Plato s version of the Speech public address speech given by Socrates as he unsuccessfully ... ftrials socrates socratesaccount.html The Trial of Socrates , Univ. of Missouri Kansas City Law School ... 1998, 2002 , Plato , in E. Craig ed. , Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy , retrieved 07 23 2008 from http article A088 ref Many scholars guess that Plato s Apology was one of the first, if not the very first, dialogues Plato wrote, though there is little ... 1975 p. 46, C. Kahn, Plato and the Socratic Dialogue , Cambridge 1996. ref Plato s Apology ... T. Brickhouse & N. Smith, http p plato.htm Plato , The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy ... Plato as being present at 34a and 38b . There is, however, no real way of knowing how closely Socrates words in the Apology match those of Socrates at the actual trial, even if it was Plato s intention to be accurate in this respect. One contemporary criticism of Plato s Apology is perhaps implied ... of Plato s Apology , but he nowhere explicitly claims it to be inaccurate. Citation needed ..., The People of Plato Indianapolis Hackett Publishing Co., 2002 , 188 9. ref Others, however, question ... Burnet , for instance, claims it is most improbable . ref p. 151, Plato s Euthyprho, Apology of Socrates ... these charges to be taken seriously, since Plato depicts Aristophanes and Socrates as being on very ... Socrates is voted guilty by a narrow margin 36a . Plato never gives the total number of Socrates ... classicist John Burnet , Plato s Euthyprho, Apology of Socrates, and Crito , Clarendon 1924 p. 26 ... notes, conflicts with Plato Apology 36a, since Plato s Socrates says that if only 30 more had ... of death. Part three Plato indicates that the majority of judges voted in favor of the death penalty ... maintain that, as one of Plato s earliest works, it would not have been fitting to embellish ...   more details

  1. 5451 Plato

    Infobox Planet minorplanet yes width 25em bgcolour FFFFC0 apsis name Plato symbol image caption discovery yes discovery ref discoverer Cornelis Johannes van Houten , Ingrid van Houten Groeneveld and Tom Gehrels discovery site Palomar Observatory discovered September 24, 1960 designations yes mp name 5451 alt names 4598 P L named after Plato mp category orbit ref epoch May 14, 2008 aphelion 2.8969368 perihelion 2.1687450 semimajor eccentricity 0.1437500 period 1472.3474138 avg speed inclination 1.75998 asc node 10.92880 mean anomaly 20.34795 arg peri 254.85192 satellites physical characteristics yes dimensions mass density surface grav escape velocity sidereal day axial tilt pole ecliptic lat pole ecliptic lon albedo temperatures temp name1 mean temp 1 max temp 1 temp name2 max temp 2 spectral type abs magnitude 14.2 5451 Plato 4598 P L is a Asteroid belt main belt asteroid discovered on September 24, 1960 by Cornelis Johannes van Houten , Ingrid van Houten Groeneveld and Tom Gehrels at Palomar Observatory . References Reflist External links http sbdb.cgi?sstr 5451 Plato JPL Small Body Database Browser on 5451 Plato DEFAULTSORT Plato Category Astronomical objects discovered in 1960 Category Main Belt asteroids beltasteroid stub fa it 5451 Plato la 5451 Plato hu 5451 Plato pl 5451 Plato pt 5451 Plato fi 5451 Plato uk 5451 vi 5451 Plato yo 5451 Plato ...   more details

  1. Epigrams (Plato)

    italic title Eighteen Epigrams are attributed to Plato , most of them considered spurious. These are short poems suitable for dedicatory purposes written in the form of elegiac couplet s. ref name cooper John Madison Cooper, D. S. Hutchinson, 1997 , Plato, Complete works , page 1742. Hackett Publishing. ref References Reflist Category Works by Plato Category Ancient philosophical literature philo book stub ...   more details

  1. Epistles (Plato)

    Dialogues of Plato italictitle The Epistles of Plato are a series of thirteen epistle letters traditionally ... as genuine until modern times ref Plato s Epistles by Glenn Morrow, 19 2, P5 ref but by the close ... written by Plato. Now every letter except the First Letter Plato First , has some defenders of its authenticity. The Twelfth Letter Plato Twelfth is also widely regarded as a literary forgery forgery , and the Fifth Letter Plato Fifth and Ninth Letter Plato Ninth have fewer supporters than the others ... The two letters that are most commonly claimed to have actually been written by Plato are the Seventh Letter Plato Seventh and the Eighth Letter Plato Eighth , on the supposition that these were open ..., Plato & Practical Politics , in Greek & Roman Political Thought , ed. Schofield & C. Rowe Cambridge ... in Malcolm Schofield, Plato Oxford Oxford University Press, 2006 , 44n19. ref and Julia Annas ... in the Biography of Plato , 453 457. ref a conclusion accepted also, and more recently, by Terence Irwin . ref Terence Irwin , The Intellectual Background, in The Cambridge Companion to Plato , ed ..., Novotny, Harward, and Bluck reject only the First Letter Plato First and Bentley accepted all of them ... Letter Plato Sixth , Third Letter Plato Third , and Eleventh Letter Plato Eleventh have the greatest support of the remaining letters, followed by the Fourth Letter Plato Fourth , Tenth Letter Plato Tenth , Thirteenth Letter Plato Thirteenth , and Second Letter Plato Second Letter fewer scholars consider the Fifth Letter Plato Fifth , Ninth Letter Plato Ninth , and Twelfth Letter Plato Twelfth to be genuine, while almost none dispute that the First Letter Plato First is spurious. ref name lettres ... , 385 ref L. A. Post, in his edition of the Thirteen Epistles of Plato , presented them in the order in which he thought they were written Thirteenth Letter Plato Thirteenth , Second Letter Plato Second , Eleventh Letter Plato Eleventh , Tenth Letter Plato Tenth , Fourth Letter Plato ...   more details

  1. Commentaries on Plato

    Platonism Commentaries on Plato refers to the great mass of literature produced, especially in the ancient and medieval world, to explain and clarify the works of Plato . Many Platonist philosophers in the centuries following Plato sought to clarify and summarise his thoughts, but it was during the Roman era , that the Neoplatonists , in particular, wrote many commentaries on individual dialogues of Plato ... Academy sought to clarify and explain Plato s ideas. Already in the 3rd century BC, we hear of a commentary to Plato s Timaeus dialogue Timaeus being written by Crantor Crantor of Soli ref Zeller 1895 , page 172 ref and in the 1st century AD a commentary on Plato s The Republic Plato Republic ... Middle Platonists were producing paraphrases and summaries of Plato s thought. Thus we have Albinus philosopher Albinus , who wrote an introduction to Plato s works, and Alcinous philosopher Alcinous ... invaded the school and contested the theories of Aristotle as an aberration from Plato. ref name zeller309 The Neoplatonists though sought to exhibit the philosophical ideas of Plato and Aristotle as a unity ... of Aristotelianism Aristotelian and Platonist philosophy and wrote a number of commentaries on Plato, Aristotle, and Theophrastus . ref Zeller 1895 , page 323 ref Additional commentaries on Plato were ... and commentary in Latin of Plato s Timaeus by Calcidius was significant for being the only substantial work of Plato known to scholars in the Latin west for approximately 800 years. ref Grant 2004 ... on single dialogues of Plato and similar subjects. ref Hegel 1896 , page 403 ref The commentaries on Plato were either given in lectures or written and many have come down to us. Later Neoplatonist commentators on Plato whose works partially survive include Damascius and Olympiodorus the Younger Olympiodorus . Byzantine commentaries In the Byzantine era, Aristotle was read more often than Plato ... himself with the preservation of the manuscripts of Plato and other ancient writers, and wrote ...   more details

  1. Plato of Bactria

    Deleted image removed Image PlatoCoin.jpg thumb 350px Coin of Plato . br Obv Helmetted bust of Plato. br Rev Sun divinity Helios , riding a four horse chariot. Greek legend BASILEOS EPIFANOYS PLATONOS Of King Plato, Manifestation of God on earth . Coin marked MZ, which possibly is a dating which equals year 1 47 Seleucid era 166 BCE Image PlatoSerie1.jpg thumb 350px Coin of Plato . br Obv Diademed bust of Plato. br Rev Sun divinity Helios , riding a four horse chariot. Greek legend BASILEOS EPIFANOYS PLATONOS Of King Plato, Manifestation of God on earth . Plato was a Greco Bactrian king who reigned for a short time in southern Bactria or the Paropamisade during the mid 2nd century BCE. The style of Plato s coins suggests that he was a relative most likely a brother since Plato is a middle aged man on his coins of Eucratides Eucratides the Great , whose rise to power is dated to around 170 165 BCE. Some of Plato s coins have inscriptions which may be possibly be interpreted as dates using the Indo Greek era which started around 186 BCE. In that case Plato ruled around 140 BCE. This matches the dating given by numismatician Bopearachchi , who places Plato between 145 140  BCE, since his coins are not found in the ruins of Ai Khanoum , a Bactrian city which was destroyed during the reign of Eucratides. br clear all align center cellpadding 2 border 2 width 30 align center Preceded by br Eucratides I ? width 40 align center Greco Bactrian Greco Bactrian Ruler br Bactria or its tributaries br width 30 align center Succeeded by br Eucratides II ? See also Greco Bactrian Kingdom Seleucid Empire Greco Buddhism Indo Scythians Indo Parthian Kingdom Kushan Empire References The Shape of Ancient Thought. Comparative studies ... ISBN 81 208 0372 8 DEFAULTSORT Bactria, Plato of Category 166 BC deaths Category Greco Bactrian ... griechischer K nig es Plat n I fr Platon de Bactriane it Platone di Battria vi Plato c a Bactria zh ...   more details

  1. Plato, Magdalena

    other Plato disambiguation Infobox City official name Plato nickname motto image skyline imagesize image caption image flag image seal image map Colombia Magdalena Plato.svg mapsize 200px map caption Location of the municipality and town of Plato in the Department of Magdalena. subdivision type Country subdivision type1 Natural Regions of Colombia Region subdivision type2 Departments of Colombia Department subdivision name Colombia subdivision name1 Caribbean Region of Colombia Caribbean subdivision name2 Department of Magdalena Magdalena leader title Mayor leader name established title Foundation established date area magnitude area total sq mi area total km2 area land sq mi area land km2 area water sq mi area water km2 area water percent area urban sq mi area urban km2 area metro sq mi area metro km2 population as of 2005 population note ref http files censo2005 regiones magdalena plato.pdf es icon DANE 2005 Census Plato ref population total 48898 population metro population urban population density km2 population density sq mi timezone utc offset 5 timezone DST utc offset DST latd latm lats latNS longd longm longs longEW elevation m elevation ft website br http plato www.plato footnotes Plato is a town and municipality in Magdalena Department in Colombia . Area 1,501 km . Elevation 20 meters Population 66,362 Rural 18,625 Urban 47,737 Agricultural products livestock, corn, beans, tomatoes, yuca, tobacco Points of interest Park of the Caiman man Statue of Bolivar Statue of the Virgin of Carmen References reflist External links es icon http www.plato sitio.shtml Plato official website es icon http default.asp?id 10&mnu 10 Gobernacion del Magdalena Plato Municipalities magdalena department ... stub es Plato Magdalena fr Plato Magdalena it Plato Colombia nl Plato Colombia pt Plato Magdalena war Plato, Magdalena ...   more details

  1. Plato Tiburtinus

    Plato Tiburtinus Plato of Tivoli, Italy Tivoli was a 12th century Italian people Italian mathematics mathematician , astronomy astronomer and translation translator who lived in Barcelona from 1116 to 1138. ref Charles E. Butterworth, Blake Andr e Kessel, The Introduction of Arabic philosophy into Europe , Brill, 1994 , 11. ref He is best known for translating Hebrew language Hebrew and Arabic language Arabic documents into Latin language Latin , and was apparently the first to translate information on the astrolabe an astronomical instrument from Arabic. Plato of Tivoli translated the Arab astrologer Albohali s Book of Birth into Latin in 1136. ref http books?id 7CP7fYghBFQC&pg PA875 Houtsma, p.875 ref He translated Claudius Ptolemy s Tetrabiblos from Arabic to Latin in 1138 ref Jim Tester, Astrology of the Western World, 1987 , p. 54 ref , the astronomical works of al Battani , Theodosius Spherics and the Liber Embadorum by Abraham bar Chiia. ref David Eugene Smith, History of Mathematics , Dover Publications, Inc, 1951 , 201. ref See also Latin translations of the 12th century Notes reflist External links cite encyclopedia last Minio Paluello first Lorenzo title Plato of Tivoli url http doc 1G2 2830903444.html encyclopedia Dictionary of Scientific Biography Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography publisher origyear 1970 80 year 2008 http petersen alfonso esctra12.htm Translators Category Italian astronomers Category 12th century Italian mathematicians Category Medieval European mathematics Category Hebrew Latin translators Category Arabic Latin translators Category Christian Hebraists Italy astronomer stub de Plato von Tivoli fr Platon de Tivoli it Platone Tiburtino ht Plato Tiburtinus nl Plato Tiburtinus ja ru fi Plato Tiburtinus ...   more details

  1. Plato, Saskatchewan

    Plato is a small town in West Central Saskatchewan , Canada . The town is only accessible by gravel road, and several houses remain abandoned. References Cite cgndb id HAHOF name Plato accessdate November 17, 2010 Subdivisions of Saskatchewan towns yes state collapsed coord 51 10 00 N 108 27 03 W display title Category Populated places in Saskatchewan Category Snipe Lake No. 259, Saskatchewan Saskatchewan geo stub ...   more details

  1. PLATO (spacecraft)

    PLAnetary Transits and Oscillations of stars PLATO is a European Space Agency proposed space observatory that will use a group of photometer s to discover and characterize extrasolar planet s of all sizes and kinds around cool dwarf like our Sun and subgiant stars. The satellite is planned to be launched in 2017 or 2018 on a Soyuz rocket family Soyuz Fregat rocket, to the Earth Sun L2 Lagrangian point . It will differ from COROT and Kepler spacecraft Kepler in that it will study relatively bright stars between magnitudes 8 and 11 making it easier to confirm discoveries using follow up Doppler spectroscopy radial velocity measurements. It will have a much larger field of view than the Kepler mission which has 100 square degrees allowing it to study a larger sample of stars. The different versions of the project plan to observe stars in a 1250 3600 deg sup 2 sup area of the sky, thus tracking light curves of up to 260,000 cool dwarfs and subgiants Kepler had 25,000 stars of these types . References cite web url http science e www object doc.cfm?fobjectid 46018 title PLATO Next generation planet finder date December 2009 work publisher European Space Agency accessdate 13 March 2011 External links http science e www object index.cfm?fobjectid 42276 PLATO website Space observatories Exoplanet European Space Agency DEFAULTSORT Plato Spacecraft Category Space telescopes Category European Space Agency Category Proposed spacecraft astronomy stub Europe spacecraft stub es PLATO nave espacial fr PLATO hu PLATO rt vcs ru PLATO ...   more details

  1. Ann Plato

    Ann Plato was a nineteenth century mixed race African American and Native Americans in the United States Native American educator and author . She was the second woman of color to publish a book in America and the first to publish a book of essays and poems . Early years Plato was born during 1820 in Hartford , Connecticut . Like many people of color who lived in America during the 1800s, there exists very little information about her. Most of what is known about her comes from the introduction of her book, written by Reverend James W.C. Pennington , pastor of the Colored Congregational Church of Hartford and the first black man to attend classes at Yale University . Pennington called her Platoess. Plato had a Native Americans in the United States Native American father. Teacher and writer ... female friends and acquaintances. Some critics from later generations found Plato s essays and poetry ... valid throughout the British Empire . Nothing is known about Plato s life after her book was published ... Louis Gates as the general editor of the series. Plato s book was reprinted as a part of this collection. Trinity College Connecticut Trinity College , Connecticut , established the Ann Plato Fellowship ... us, to be perfectly resigned to our lot in life, whatever it may be. Ann Plato A good education is another name for happiness Ann Plato References Shockley, Ann Allen. Afro American Women Writers ... 452 00981 2 Further reading Plato, Ann. Essays Including Biographies and Miscellanoeus Pieces in Prose ... and Poetry http plato Essays by Ann Plato at http gradgrnt v14n2 plato.html Information about the Ann Plato Fellowship http womensstudies.htm Location of an edition of Ann Plato s book http us catalog ... Century Black Women Writers Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Plato, Ann ALTERNATIVE ... Plato, Ann Category 1820 births Category African American writers Category Native American writers ...   more details

  1. Plato (exarch)

    Unreferenced date November 2006 Plato was the Exarch of Ravenna from 646 to 649. He is known primarily for his monothelitism and his opposition to the Pope Theodore I . He convinced the Patriarch Paul II of Constantinople to break with the pope. S start S bef before Theodore I Calliopas S ttl title Exarch of Ravenna years c. 645 649 S aft after Olympius exarch Olympius End Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Plato ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Plato Category 7th century Byzantine people Category 7th century Italian people Category Exarchs of Ravenna Category 7th century deaths Byzantine bio stub ca Plat de Ravenna de Plato Exarch pt Plat o exarca ro Platon de Ravenna ru ...   more details

  1. Dana Plato

    Infobox person name Dana Plato image Dana Plato in 1983.jpg caption Plato in 1983 birth name Dana Michelle ... Death date and age mf yes 1999 05 08 1964 11 07 mf n ref cite news title Dana Plato, 34, Star of Diff ... plato 34 star of diff rent strokes.html?scp 2&sq dana 20plato&st cse accessdate 2010 08 10 ref death ... Lanny Lambert 1984 1990 children Tyler Lambert 1985 2010 Dana Michelle Plato November 7, 1964 &ndash ... , Oklahoma authorities gave Plato s date of birth as November 1, 1963 ref was an American actress notable ... rent Strokes . ref http person 57045 Dana Plato New York Times ref Plato appeared in over 100 television commercials as a young girl. After Diff rent Strokes , Plato s career declined ... shorttakes plato.htm title The Overdose Death of Dana Plato last Wilkins first Frank publisher accessdate 22 May 2011 ref Plato died on May 8, 1999, Mother s Day, when police ... Soma . ref cite web url http 1999 05 10 arts dana plato 34 star of diff rent strokes.html title Dana Plato, 34, Star of Diff rent Strokes date 1999 05 10 publisher The New York Times ...&id 79MiAAAAIBAJ&sjid GewDAAAAIBAJ&pg 6282,2811386 title Death of Actress Dana Plato in Oklahoma Ruled a Suicide date 1999 05 21 publisher The Deseret News accessdate 22 May 2011 ref Childhood Plato was born ... up for adoption . Dean August 16, 1926 &ndash February 24, 1997 and Florine Kay Plato December 27, 1938 ... Plato began taking Dana to auditions when she was very young. By the age of seven, Plato began doing ... Baby film Pretty Baby . According to Plato, her mother vetoed both jobs, either fearing Plato would be Typecasting acting typecast , or subjected to unsavory subject matter. ref name amhjlk Dana Plato s final http sounds dana plato 05 07 99.ra interview with Howard Stern ref ... s Least Wanted that he had no such recollection of Plato being offered the role. Plato made ... Suite film California Suite , High School U.S.A. and Exorcist II The Heretic . Plato was a trained ...   more details

  1. Plato Malozemoff

    Orphan date February 2009 File Plato Malozemoff house 141 W4 cloudy jeh.jpg thumb Plato Malozemoff House, New York Plato Malozemoff 1909 1997 was born in Russia and immigrated to the United States US as a child. He attended the University of California, Berkeley as an undergrad and did his graduate studies at the Colorado School of Mines . He got an entry level engineering position with Newmont Mining Corporation in 1945. Quickly rising up the corporate ranks, Malozemoff took the helm of the company in 1954. At the time it was valued at 147 million. He expanded it into a 2.3 billion firm via acquisitions and international expansion by the time he left in 1986. He died in 1997. References http leadership database leaders 558 Harvard Business School biography Accessed May 31, 2007 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Malozemoff, Plato ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1909 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1997 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Malozemoff, Plato Category 1909 births Category 1997 deaths Category Imperial Russian emigrants to the United States Category University of California, Berkeley alumni Category Colorado School of Mines alumni Category American businesspeople Category American people of Russian descent US business bio 1900s stub ...   more details

  1. Burr Plato

    Burr Plato c.1844 1905 was a Canadian political figure. Background Of an African American background, he was born into slavery in Virginia . Burr succeeded in moving to Canada in 1856 after an arduous journey culminating in a swim to freedom across the Niagara River to the Canada , where he settled . ref Black History , http blackhistory.html , ref Prominent in Niagara Falls Ontario affairs elected Councillor With a reputation locally in Niagara Falls, Ontario for his honesty in business affairs, Plato became a prominent property owner and served from 1886 to 1901 in Niagara Falls as an elected Councillor. Death Plato died in 1905. References reflist http blackhistory.html City of Niagara Falls Museums Black History bot generated title at Electoral firsts in Canada African Canadians Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Plato, Burr ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1844 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1905 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Plato, Burr Category 1844 births Category 1905 deaths Category Black Canadian politicians Category Ontario municipal councillors Category People from Niagara Falls, Ontario Ontario politician stub ...   more details

  1. Dan Plato

    Infobox Politician name Daniel Plato image imagesize 200px office 32nd Mayor of Cape Town term start 12 May 2009 term end 1 June 2011 predecessor Helen Zille successor Patricia de Lille office2 Minister for Community Safety in the Western Cape term start2 1 June 2011 term end2 predecessor2 office3 term start3 term end3 predecessor3 successor3 party Democratic Alliance South Africa Democratic Alliance birth date Birth date and age 1960 10 5 df y birth place spouse URL Daniel Dan Plato born 5 October 1960 ref cite web url http Pages profilefull.aspx?IndID 8954 title Mr Daniel Dan PLATO work Who s Who of Southern Africa accessdate 21 August 2009 ref is the Minister for Community Safety in the Western Cape and the former Executive Mayor of Cape Town , South Africa . ref cite web url http News24 South Africa Politics 0,,2 7 12 2514984,00.html title Cape Town names new mayor date 12 May 2009 ref References reflist Succession S start s off s bef before Helen Zille s ttl title Mayor of Cape Town years 2009 &ndash 2011 s aft after Patricia de Lille s bef before s ttl title Minister for Community Safety in the Western Cape years 2011&ndash present s inc S end Navigational templates CapeTownMayors Persondata NAME Plato, Daniel ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Mayor of Cape Town DATE OF BIRTH 1960 10 5 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Plato, Dan Category 1960 births Category Living people Category Mayors of Cape Town Category Democratic Alliance South Africa politicians SouthAfrica mayor stub fr Dan Plato pl Dan Plato ...   more details

  1. Plato Andros

    Unreferenced date September 2008 Infobox gridiron football person image ImageWidth 150px name Plato Andros birth date November 28, 1921 birth place Oklahoma City, Oklahoma death date death date and age 2008 9 22 1921 11 28 death place Norman, Oklahoma Position Guard American football Guard College University of Oklahoma DraftedYear DraftedRound DatabaseFootball ANDROPLA01 PFR AndrPl20 ProBowls years 1947 1950 teams Chicago Cardinals Plato Gus Andrecopoulos November 28, 1921 September 22, 2008 was a former College football college All American and professional American football football player. A 6 0 , 240  lbs. Guard American football guard from the University of Oklahoma , Andros spent four years in the United States Coast Guard fighting Germany German submarines before coming back to earn All American honors as a Sooner in 1946. He was selected by the Los Angeles Rams in the 7th round of the 1947 NFL Draft and played four years in the National Football League for the Chicago Cardinals from 1947 to 1950. Plato s brother Dee Andros was also a star lineman at Oklahoma and would eventually become the Head coach head football Coach sport coach and athletic director at Oregon State . References Reflist 1947 Chicago Cardinals Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata Persondata NAME Andros, Plato ALTERNATIVE NAMES Andrecopoulos, Plato Gus SHORT DESCRIPTION American football player DATE OF BIRTH November 28, 1921 PLACE OF BIRTH Oklahoma City , Oklahoma DATE OF DEATH September 22, 2008 PLACE OF DEATH Norman, Oklahoma DEFAULTSORT Andros, Plato Category 1921 births Category 2008 deaths Category People from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Category American people of Greek descent Category American football offensive linemen Category Oklahoma Sooners football players Category Chicago Cardinals players offensive lineman 1920s stub USCG bio stub ...   more details

  1. Plato's Retreat

    2005 month September accessdate 2007 12 02 ref Plato s relocated to 509 West 34th Street in 1980. ref ... work Disco accessdate 2007 12 02 ref Plato s Retreat, a members only establishment, required ... pool with waterfalls. ref name clubs During its heyday, Plato s Retreat was considered the world ... the heterosexual swingers clubs &ndash most notably Plato s Retreat &ndash to remain open, the city ... clubs, including Plato s Retreat, to close as well. The club s Manhattan location was shut ... doors shut City probe KO s Plato s url http artpages platos1.html accessdate 2007 11 08 ref Plato s Retreat relocated to Fort Lauderdale, Florida Fort Lauderdale , Florida , where it reopened under the name Plato s Retreat 2. Located at 321 West Sunrise, the new location was in operation ... until the last person left. Saturday night was for couples only. Plato s Retreat in Fort Lauderdale ... complimentary mixers, soft drinks, juices and ice. In 2006, Plato s Retreat closed, and then reopened ... operated under the business name Plato s Retreat 2 The Slammer. The 2009 documentary http ... of Plato s Retreat with archival footage and interviews. See also Continental Baths Ansonia Hotel ... history Category Nightclubs in New York City Category Swinging es Plato s Retreat ...   more details

  1. Samuel Plato

    Samuel M. Plato 1882 1957 was an African American architect and builder who is noted for contributions to the African American community in Louisville, Kentucky Louisville and imaginative designs elsewhere in the country. File Swallow Robin Hall.JPG thumb right 300px Swallow Robin Hall at Taylor University was designed by Samuel Plato ref name Echo Early years Plato was born in Waugh, Alabama. ref name Filson He graduated from State University Normal School now Simmons College of Kentucky in Louisville in 1902 and then completed a mail order program in architecture with International Correspondence Schools. ref name Filson http news v1n1 plato.html The Filson Historical Society ref Plato was a pioneer for African Americans. He spent 19 years after graduation in Marion, Indiana ending in the early 1920s. ref name Echo Citation last Kielisch first Erik title Plato s Influence ... Echo Historians state Plato was successful because of his persistent efforts and because his reputation for quality and integrity could not be ignored. ref name Echo ref name Filson Family Plato believed ... His second wife, Samuel an Elnora Plato 1891 1975 , helped put several nieces and nephews though college and graduate school, with Plato employing some of them on jobs in Louisville and Washington, D.C.. Elnora Plato was his constant travel companion and business manager. Having built her own successful ... Plato. She funded the cost of Samuel s sister s new house in Waugh and was able to keep Samuel s sister ..., front and side.jpg thumb right 200px Plato s Second Baptist Church Bloomington, Indiana Second Baptist Church in Bloomington, Indiana . Plato designed and built a wide variety of buildings from New ..., where he had been a special lecturer. He was admired and respected by everyone. Elnora Plato said ... Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Plato, Samuel ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1882 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1957 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Plato, Samuel ...   more details

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