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Phillips Samuel
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Encyclopedia results for Phillips Samuel

Phillips Samuel

Encyclopedia results for Phillips Samuel

  1. Frank Phillips

    Frank Phillips may refer to Frank Phillips oil industrialist 1873 1950 , founded Phillips Petroleum in Bartlesville, Oklahoma Frank Phillips cricketer 1873 1955 , English cricketer Frank Phillips golfer , Australian professional golfer Frank Phillips cinematographer Frank Phillips newsreader hndis Phillips, Frank ...   more details

  1. Bill Phillips

    Bill Phillips may refer to Bill Phillips author born 1964 , fitness and nutrition author Bill Phillips first baseman William B. Phillips, 1857 1900 , Canadian baseball player Bill Phillips pitcher William Corcoran Phillips, 1868 1941 , American baseball pitcher and manager Bill Phillips economist 1914 1975 , New Zealander known for the Phillips curve and Moniac hydraulic computer Bill Phillips film writer , author of the screenplay for Christine 1983 film Christine Bill Phillips singer , country music singer from the 1950s and 1960s Bill Bat Phillips , ice hockey player Billy Phillips , American soccer player See also William Phillips disambiguation hndis name Phillips, Bill DEFAULTSORT Phillips, Bill de Bill Phillips ...   more details

  1. Horace Phillips

    Horace Phillips may refer to Horace Phillips baseball 1853 1896 , Pittsburgh Pirates manager Horace Phillips diplomat 1917 2004 , British diplomat hndis Phillips, Horace ...   more details

  1. Alfred Phillips

    Alfred Phillips may refer to Alfred N. Phillips 1894 1970 , U.S. Representative from Connecticut Alfred Phillips diver 1908 1994 , Canadian diver hndis Phillips, Alfred ...   more details

  1. Ollie Phillips

    Ollie Phillips may refer to Ollie Phillips rugby union , rugby union player Ollie Phillips Home and Away hndis Phillips, Ollie ...   more details

  1. Dennis Phillips

    Dennis Phillips may refer to Dennis Phillips poet born 1951 Dennis Phillips poker player , amateur poker player hndis Phillips, Dennis ...   more details

  1. Jonathan Phillips

    Jonathan Phillips may refer to Jonathan Phillips actor born 1963 , English actor Sir Jonathan Phillips civil servant born 1952 , retired British civil servant hndis Phillips, Jonathan ...   more details

  1. Walter Phillips

    Walter Phillips may refer to Walter J. Phillips 1884 1963 , American artist Walter P. Phillips born 1846 , American inventor Walter Alison Phillips 1864 1950 , British historian Wally Phillips , American radio personality See also Walter Phillips Gallery hndis Phillips, Walter ...   more details

  1. Alex Phillips

    Alex Phillips January 11, 1900 Renfrew , Ontario &ndash June 14, 1977 was a Canadian born Mexico Mexican cinematographer and the father of Alex Phillips, Jr. , also a cinematographer. In his youth, his family moved to Russia , but he returned to Canada because of his dislike with the czar ist government. He enlisted in the Canadian Army where he met Mary Pickford who introduced him to Hollywood since he expressed his interest in becoming an actor. Hollywood He auditioned with 20th Century Fox Fox and Paramount Pictures but was unable to obtain a role.And studied under Stanley Shoemakers wing. He later approached Christie Comedies where he was advised to look for more stable positions in the movie industry and started his career in cinematography and film editing . He received an opportunity when an assistant fell sick and was able to travel to France with the Canadian Official Photography . After Christie Comedies went bankruptcy bankrupt , he was hired by Samuel Goldwyn while he attended evening classes. He received the opportunity of working with Barnes, Edison and Meyer, and learned techniques such as graduations, tridimensional vision and the sense of potential balance. Phillips then began experimenting with lights and camera movements. Mexico He moved to Mexico in 1931 and worked with directors such as Arcady Boytler , Roberto Gavald n , Julio Bracho and Luis Bu uel . He worked ... galeria phillipsalex.html Biography at Canal 22 . IMDb name id 0006384 name Alex Phillips Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Phillips, Alex ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION ... Phillips, Alex Category 1900 births Category 1977 deaths Category Canadian cinematographers Phillips, Alez place of birth Category Canadian emigrants to Mexico Category Mexican cinematographers Phillips, Alez Mexican citizen Category Golden Ariel Award winners Category Best Cinematography Ariel Award winners Category Mexican people of Canadian descent de Alex Phillips es Alex Phillips ...   more details

  1. Wayne Phillips

    Wayne Phillips may refer to Wayne N. Phillips born 1962 , Victorian cricketer Wayne B. Phillips born 1958 , South Australian cricketer Wayne Phillips politician born 1952 , Australian politician hndis Phillips, Wayne ...   more details

  1. Saul Phillips

    Saul Phillips is the name of Saul Phillips basketball coach , American basketball player and coach Sa l Phillips born 1984 , Costa Rican footballer See also Phillips disambiguation Philips disambiguation hndis Phillips, Saul ...   more details

  1. Stu Phillips

    Stu Phillips may refer to Stu Phillips composer , film music composer Stu Phillips country singer , country music performer and Grand Ole Opry member See also Stewart Phillips , English footballer hndis Phillips, Stu ...   more details

  1. Phillips County

    Phillips County is the name of several counties in the United States Phillips County, Arkansas Phillips County, Colorado Phillips County, Kansas Phillips County, Montana geodis uscounty de Phillips County es Condado de Phillips fr Comt de Phillips it Contea di Phillips nl Phillips County ja no Phillips County nds Phillips County pl Hrabstwo Phillips pt Condado de Phillips ru sv Phillips County zh ...   more details

  1. Phillips Academy

    ref established in 1778 by Samuel Phillips, Jr. . Phillips s uncle founded Phillips Exeter Academy three ... formerly Governor Dummer Academy , alma mater of Samuel Phillips, Jr., was founded in 1763, but was not given a state charter until after 1778. ref Phillips Academy s endowment stood around 800 ... as an all boys school in 1778 by Samuel Phillips, Jr. , a member of the revolutionary war family, the Phillipses ... Hampshire Exeter , New Hampshire by Samuel Phillips uncle, Dr. John Phillips . There is a Exeter ... Georgian style Samuel Phillips Hall, George Washington Hall, Samuel Morse Hall, Paul Revere ... Phillips Academy, Memorial Bell Tower Dismantled ref Samuel Phillips Hall ... thumb 200px right Samuel Phillips Hall Bulfinch Hall was designed by a student of architect Charles ... Pourri, the student run yearbook. Morse Hall is named after Samuel Morse , who graduated from Phillips ... thousands of titles electronically. Samuel Phillips Hall was built in 1924 and named after the founder ... Stowe is also buried on campus in a cemetery behind Samuel Phillips Hall. ref cite web url http ...Infobox school background f0f6fa border ccd2d9 name Phillips Academy image Image Phillips Academy Seal.jpg ... nickname mascot Big Blue Gunga the Gorilla archrival Phillips Exeter Academy homepage http Phillips Academy also known as Phillips Andover , Andover , Phillips Academy ... is located in Andover, Massachusetts , United States , 25 miles north of Boston . Description Phillips ... EBchecked topic 456592 Phillips Academy title Phillips Academy school, Andover, Massachusetts ... with higher endowments are Phillips Exeter 1.0 billion ref cite news title Age of Riches At Elite ... and Information Resources at Harvard Law School , was named the 15th Head of School. File Phillips Academy Andover.JPG thumb left 225px A view of Samuel Phillips Hall and the Bicentennial Statue Phillips Academy admitted only boys until the school became coeducational in 1973, the year of Phillips ...   more details

  1. Phillips River

    Infobox River river name Phillips River image name origin Mount Madden mouth Culham Inlet basin countries Australia length convert 120 km mi 0 elevation convert 188 m ft 0 ref cite web url http c a?a p&cmd sp&p 208576&st &s Phillips 20River title Bonzle Digital Atlas Map of Phillips River year 2009 accessdate 2009 04 14 ref mouth elevation sea level discharge 7300 ML annum watershed convert 2307 km2 sqmi 0 ref cite web url http infodata phillipsc phillipsr phillips.html title South Coast Rivercare Phillips River year 2009 accessdate 2009 04 14 ref The Phillips River is an ephemeral river in the Goldfields Esperance region of Western Australia . The headwaters of the river rise on the sanplains below Mount Madden and flow in a southerly direction, crossing the South Coast Highway approximately convert 20 km mi 0 West of Ravensthorpe, Western Australia Ravensthorpe then entering the Fitzgerald River National Park then veering eastward to follow a fault line in the Quartzite rocks around the Eastern end of the Barren Range. The river finally discharges into Culham Inlet and, when the inlet is open to the ocean, into the Southern Ocean . The river has six tributary tributaries including West River, Jackilup Creek, Yarracarrup Creek and Kybalup Creek. The rivers catchment is 35 cleared, with the southern half lying within the boundaries of the Fitzgerald River National Park . The entire catchment lies within the Fitzgerald River Biosphere . The river only flows for a short time during the year, mostly during the winter months. The river water is naturally saline but varies from almost fresh to more saline then seawater. Named by John Septimus Roe , who was the first European to discover the river in 1848. The river is named after his son in law, Samuel Pole Phillips . ref cite web url http biogs A050487b.htm title Australian Dictionary of Biography Phillips, Samuel Pole 1819 1901 year 2008 accessdate 2009 ...   more details

  1. Philip Phillips

    Philip Phillips may refer to Philip Phillips archbishop died 1787 , Roman Catholic archbishop of Tuam, Ireland Philip Phillips archaeologist 1900 1994 , American archaeologist Philip Phillips businessman 1874 1959 , American businessman and philanthropist Philip Phillips lawyer 1807 1884 , American lawyer and congressman Phil Phillips born 1926 , singer songwriter See also Phillip Phillips , American singer hndis Phillips, Philip de Philip Phillips ...   more details

  1. Nicholas Phillips

    Nicholas or Nick Phillips may refer to Nicholas Phillips, Baron Phillips of Worth Matravers , British judge Nicholas Harold Phillips , British peer Nicholas J. Phillips , English physicist Nick Phillips cricketer Nick Phillips ice hockey Nick Phillips producer , American actor and producer, co produced the 2005 film Hellraiser Hellworld hndis Phillips, Nicholas ...   more details

  1. Marion Phillips

    Marion Phillips 29 October 1881 &ndash 23 January 1932 was a Labour Party UK Labour Party politician and Member of Parliament in England . She was born to a family in Melbourne , Victoria Australia Victoria , Australia in 1881. She was educated at the Presbyterian Ladies College, Melbourne and Melbourne University , graduating in 1903 and in 1904 began a research scholarship at the London School of Economics . Between 1906 and 1910 she worked under the direction of Beatrice Webb on a Commission investigating the Poor Law s. A member of the Women s Labour League from 1908 she became its secretary in 1912. She also edited the League s leaflet, which by 1913 became Labour Woman . When World War I broke out she became a member of the War Emergency Workers National Committee. In 1916 Phillips was present at the formation of the Standing Joint Committee of Industrial Women s Organisations. Phillips was its secretary between 1917 and 1932. Phillips also served on a number of government committees before a woman had been elected to the country s parliament. The most significant were the Consumer Council of the Ministry of Food and the Women s Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Reconstruction. Unlike prominent suffragettes, her vision was not concentrated upon extending the franchise, she wanted state interventions in the free market to be better informed by considerations of life outside ... replaced all Labour men by Labour women . source A Woman of Vision A Life of Marion Phillips MP by Marian ... , Dr Phillips was elected as Member of Parliament MP for Sunderland UK Parliament constituency Sunderland ... Hansard contribs dr marion phillips Marion Phillips http gender lhasc phillips.doc ... Raine after Luke Thompson politician Luke Thompson and br Samuel Storey, Baron Buckton Samuel Storey S end Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Phillips, Marion ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT ... 1932 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Phillips, Marion Category 1881 births Category 1932 deaths Category ...   more details

  1. Michael Phillips

    Michael Phillips may refer to Michael Phillips consultant born 1938 , created MasterCard in 1966 Michael Phillips historian born 1960 , scholar of Texas race relations and author Michael Phillips producer born 1943 , film producer Michael Phillips psychiatrist , Canadian psychiatrist Michael Phillips figure skater , figure skater and ice dancer Michael Phillips critic born 1961 , film critic Michael Phillips footballer born 1983 , English footballer Michael Phillips barista See also Mike Phillips disambiguation hndis Phillips, Michael de Michael Phillips fr Michael Phillips it Michael Phillips ...   more details

  1. David Phillips

    David Phillips may refer to David Phillips actor born 1978 , Canadian actor and host David Phillips chemist born 1939 , British photochemist, President of the Royal Society of Chemistry and science broadcaster David Phillips climatologist , Environment Canada climatologist David Phillips CSI , a fictional character in the American crime drama CSI Crime Scene Investigation David Phillips entrepreneur born 1964 , American civil engineer Dave Phillips ice hockey born 1987 , British ice hockey player David Phillips gymnast born 1977 , New Zealand gymnast David Phillips Welsh footballer born 1963 , former professional and Welsh international footballer David Atlee Phillips 1922 1988 , CIA agent David Chilton Phillips 1924 1999 , British biologist David Graham Phillips 1867 1911 , American writer David L. Phillips , Massachusetts politician David H Phillips , Author See also Dave Phillips disambiguation hndis Phillips, David DEFAULTSORT Phillips, David de David Phillips ...   more details

  1. Nathan Phillips

    Nathan Phillips is the name of Nathan Phillips politician 1892 1976 , Canadian politician Nathan Phillips Square , the plaza in front of Toronto, Ontario s City Hall named in honour of the above Nathan Phillips actor born 1980 , Australian actor hndis name Phillips, Nathan id Nathan Phillips ...   more details

  1. Sid Phillips

    Incoming links date February 2012 Sid Phillips may refer to Sidney Phillips born 1924 , retired American physician and US Marine Sid Phillips musician 1907 1973 , English jazz musician List of Toy Story characters Sid Phillips Sid Phillips , the main antagonist in the film Toy Story hndis Phillips, Sid ...   more details

  1. Jack Phillips

    Jack Phillips may refer to Jack Phillips wireless officer 1887 1912 was the senior wireless operator on the RMS Titanic Jack Phillips first baseman 1921 2009 , Major League Baseball first baseman Jack Phillips pitcher 1919 1958 , Major League Baseball pitcher See also John Phillips disambiguation hndis Phillips, Jack ...   more details

  1. Josh Phillips

    Josh Phillips may refer to Josh Phillips actor , American actor Josh Phillips, author of the webcomic Avalon webcomic Avalon Josh Phillips musician , English musician Josh Phillips murderer , American murderer hndis Phillips, Josh Long comment to avoid being listed on short pages ...   more details

  1. Percy Phillips

    Percy Phillips may refer to Percy Phillips rugby player 1869 1947 , Welsh rugby union player Percy Francis Phillips 1896 1984 , sound engineer and owner of Phillips Sound Recording Services See also Edwin Percy Phillips 1884 1967 , South African botanist and taxonomist hndis Phillips, Percy ...   more details

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