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Peter Johann Nepomuk Geiger
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Encyclopedia results for Peter Johann Nepomuk Geiger

Peter Johann Nepomuk Geiger

Encyclopedia results for Peter Johann Nepomuk Geiger

  1. Johann Nepomuk Hiedler

    Johann Nepomuk Hiedler , also known as Johann Nepomuk H ttler 19 March 1807 &ndash 17 September 1888 , was a maternal great grandfather ref Adolf Hitler s mother was Klara, and Klara s mother was Johanna. Johanna and her sister Walburga were the children of Johann Nepomuk and his wife, Eva Maria Decker Hiedler. ref and possibly also the paternal grandfather of Adolf Hitler . ref See the Hitler family trees online and others shown and cited in article on Johann Georg Hiedler . ref Johann Nepomuk was named after a Bohemian Saint John of Nepomuk Johann von Nepomuk . Some view this name as evidence that Johann Nepomuk and subsequently his great grandson Adolf Hitler had some Czech blood. However, Johann von Pomuk Johann Nepomuk, was an important saint for Bohemians of both German and Czech ethnicity. Using Nepomuk just indicates ties to Bohemia, without indication of ethnicity. Johann Nepomuk became a relatively prosperous farmer and was married to Eva Maria Decker 1792 1888 who was fifteen years his senior. On 19 January 1830, Hiedler gave birth to Johanna Hiedler Johanna . Legally, he was the step ... Johann Georg Hiedler , a wandering miller. For reasons unknown, Johann Nepomuk took in Alois when ... is that Johann Nepomuk took pity on the ten year old Alois and took him in. Alois was, after all, the stepson of his brother Johann Georg, and Johann Nepomuk may have known that in fact Alois was Johann Georg s natural child. After the death of Alois mother Maria Anna Schicklgruber Maria , it could .... In any case, Johann Nepomuk left Alois a considerable portion of his life savings. Johann Nepomuk ... Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Hiedler, Johann Nepomuk ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION ... Hiedler, Johann Nepomuk Category Hitler family Category 1807 births Category 1888 deaths cs Johann Nepomuk Hiedler da Johann Nepomuk Hiedler fa no Johann Nepomuk Hiedler pt Johann Nepomuk Hiedler ...   more details

  1. Johann Nepomuk von Fuchs

    Johann Nepomuk von Fuchs 15 May 1774 5 March 1856 ref cite web url http cathen 06311c.htm title Johann Nepomuk Fuchs work Catholic Encyclopedia accessdate 2007 02 18 ref was a German chemist and mineralogist . He was born at Mattenzell , near Dennberg in the Bavaria n Forest. In 1807 he became professor of chemistry and mineralogy at the university of Landshut , and in 1823 conservator of the mineralogical collections at Munich , where he was appointed professor of mineralogy three years later, on the removal thither of the university of Landshut. He retired in 1852, was ennobled by the king of Bavaria in 1854, and died at Munich on 5 March 1856. His name is chiefly known for his mineralogical observations and for his work on soluble glass. References references 1911 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Fuchs, Johann Nepomuk von ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 15 May 1774 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 5 March 1856 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Fuchs, Johann Nepomuk von Category 18th century German people Category 19th century German people Category 18th century chemists Category 19th century chemists Category German chemists Category German mineralogists Category German nobility Category 1774 births Category 1856 deaths ca Johann Nepomuk von Fuchs de Johann Nepomuk von Fuchs es Johann Nepomuk von Fuchs it Johann Nepomuk von Fuchs ja sv Johann Nepomuk von Fuchs ...   more details

  1. Johann Nepomuk von Poi�l

    orphan date April 2010 Expand German topic culture date October 2009 Johann Nepomuk von Poi l Cleanup date October 2009 Johann Nepomuk von Poi l was a Bavaria n composer and Intendant . Live He was born on February 15, 1783 in the Haunkenzell Castle in Rattiszell , Straubing Bogen , Bavaria , and died on August 17, 1865 in Munich , Bavaria . Works Antigonus 1808 Ottaviano in Sicilia 1812 Athalia, J. G. Wohlbr ck nach Jean Racine 1814 1817 Der Wettkampf zu Olympia 1815 Dir wie mir 1816 Nittetis 1817 Issipile 1817 1818 Die Princessin von Provence 1825 Digitalisat des Librettos Der Untersberg 1829 Zayde 1843 See also Empty section date December 2009 Sources http Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Poissl, Johann Nepomuk Von ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1783 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1865 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Poissl, Johann Nepomuk Von Category German composers Category German nobility Category People from Straubing Bogen Category 1783 births Category 1865 deaths Germany composer stub de Johann Nepomuk von Poi l ...   more details

  1. Johann Nepomuk Czermak

    Image Czermak.jpg right thumb Johann Nepomuk Czermak Johann Nepomuk Czermak June 17, 1828 September 16, 1873 was an Austrian German physiologist who was a native of Prague . He studied in Prague , Vienna , Breslau and W rzburg . At Breslau he was greatly influenced by the work of physiologist Jan Evangelista Purkyn 1787 1869 . He became a professor at Graz in 1855, and proceeded to work at several European universities including Krakow and Leipzig . Czermak is remembered for his contributions made in the field of laryngology . Along with neurologist Ludwig T rck Ludwig Turck 1810 1868 , he is credited for introducing the laryngoscope into medicine. The laryngoscope was created by Spanish singing instructor Manuel Patricio Rodr guez Garc a Manuel Garcia in 1854, and soon afterwards, Czermak made modifications to the device, and it soon gained popularity in the medical world. Czermak is also credited for adapting the instrument for examination of the nose and nasopharynx . He had a keen interest in phonetics , and he performed extensive studies concerning the role of the larynx , nasal cavities, throat and mouth in the production of sound and the forming of consonant s and vowel s. Just prior to his death in 1873, Czermak founded a physiological institute in Leipzig called the Spectatorium . References This article is based on a translation of an article from the German Wikipedia ... title Czermak ermak , Johann Nepomuk volume 3 pages 530 531 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Czermak, Johann Nepomuk ALTERNATIVE NAMES Jan Nepomuk erm k SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH ... Czermak, Johann Nepomuk Category 1873 deaths Category 1828 births Category 19th century Czech ... Category People from Prague Czech bio stub Austria med bio stub Germany med bio stub de Johann Nepomuk Czermak es Johann Czermak fr Johann Nepomuk Czermak pl Johann Nepomuk Czermak ro Johann Nepomuk Czermak ru , sv Johann Nepomuk Czermak ...   more details

  1. Johann Nepomuk Fuchs

    Johann Nepomuk Fuchs 5 May 1842 15 October 1899 was an Austria n composer and conducting conductor , and the brother of Robert Fuchs . Fuchs was born at Frauental an der La nitz Frauental , Styria . He worked as a conductor in Bratislava , Brno , Cologne , Hamburg , and Leipzig , before he became Kapellmeister of the Vienna State Opera Wiener Hofoper in 1880 and Vice Kapellmeister in 1894. In 1888, he joined the faculty of the Universit t f r Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien Vienna Conservatory , where his pupils included Alexander von Zemlinsky , and was named Director of the institution five years later. Fuchs composed opera s and incidental music stage music . He also edited operas by Christoph Willibald Gluck , George Frideric Handel , and Franz Schubert , and acted as an advisor to Breitkopf & H rtel in the publication of the Schubert Gesamtausgabe Complete Schubert Edition . He died at Bad V slau , Lower Austria . References Citation title Obituary Johann Nepomuk Fuchs journal The Musical Times The Musical Times and Singing Class Circular volume 40 pages 768 year 1899 . Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Fuchs, Johann Nepomuk ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 5 May 1842 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 15 October 1899 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Fuchs, Johann Nepomuk Category 1842 births Category 1899 deaths Category Austrian composers Category Romantic composers Category Opera composers Category Austrian conductors music Category Austrian musicologists Category Austrian music educators Austria composer stub Austria conductor stub de Johann Nepomuk Fuchs it Johann Nepomuk Fuchs ja ru , sv Johann Nepomuk Fuchs ...   more details

  1. Johann Nepomuk von Ringseis

    File Johann Nepomuk Ringeis.jpg thumb Johann Nepomuk von Ringseis. Johann Nepomuk von Ringseis May 16, 1785 May 22, 1880 was a German physician born in Schwarzhofen , Oberpfalz . He received his education at the University of Landshut , where he was a student of Andreas R schlaub 1768 1835 . Afterwards he furthered his studies in Vienna 1812 1813 and Berlin 1814 1815 , and in 1816 moved to Munich as a personal physician to Ludwig I of Bavaria Crown Prince Ludwig . In 1818 he was appointed Medizinalrat medical health officer to the district of Isarkreis. In 1826 he became a professor at the Medical Faculty of the University of Munich . Ringseis took a religious approach towards medicine, and believed that the origin of disease was rooted in original sin . Among his written works was System der Medizin , a publication involving his lectures on general pathology and therapy . References This article is based on a translation of an article from the German Wikipedia. http sites entrez?Db pubmed&Cmd ShowDetailView&TermToSearch 11624196&log activity NCBI Medicine and religion in the work of Johann Nepomuk Ringseis Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Ringseis, Johann Nepomuk von ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH May 16, 1785 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH May 22, 1880 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Ringseis, Johann Nepomuk von Category German physicians Category 1785 births Category 1880 deaths Category People from Schwandorf district Category Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich faculty Germany med bio stub de Johann Nepomuk von Ringseis ...   more details

  1. Johann Nepomuk von Laicharting

    Johann Nepomuk von Laicharting was an Austria n entomologist . He was born in Innsbruck on 4 February 1754 and died in the same city on 7 May 1797, and was a Professor of Natural Science Naturgeschichte in Innsbruck. He described new species and genus genera ,of Coleoptera in Verzeichniss und Beschreibung der Tyroler Insecten. 1. Teil. Kaferartige Insecten. 1. Band. 1781 I XII, 1 248. Zurich, bey Johann Casper Fuessly 1781. In English, lists and descriptions of Tyrol state Tyrol insects beetles. Presumably this was intended to cover all Austrian insects but no further parts were published. Source Citation style date March 2012 Gaedicke and Groll with additions. Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Laicharting, Johann Nepomuk von ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1754 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1797 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Laicharting, Johann Nepomuk von Category 1754 births Category 1797 deaths Category People from Innsbruck Category Austrian entomologists Austria scientist stub Entomologist stub fr Johann Nepomuk von Laicharting ...   more details

  1. Johann Nepomuk Beck

    Johann Nepomuk Beck 5 May 1827 9 April 1904 was a Hungary Hungarian opera tic baritone . He possessed a flexible and strong voice that was particularly suited to the French and Italian operatic repertoire. Beginning in 1853, he sang for more than thirty years at the Vienna State Opera Hofoper now the Vienna State Opera , particularly excelling in works by Giacomo Meyerbeer , Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Giuseppe Verdi . He notably portrayed the role of King Solomon in the world premi re of Karl Goldmark s Die K nigin von Saba in 1875. ref name Grove Elizabeth Forbes musicologist Elizabeth Forbes Johann Nepomuk Beck , Grove Music Online ed. L. Macy Accessed January 31, 2009 , http subscription access ref Biography Born at Budapest , Beck first trained as a theology student there but was an active member of the choral society. During a touring season at Budapest from the Wiener Hofoper Vienna Hofoper in about 1847, he sought advice over his splendid baritone voice from the bass Karl Formes and tenor Josef Erl . Formes coached him in the role of Riccardo in I puritani and performed the opera with him in the same season. ref Karl Formes, My Memoirs Privately published, San Francisco 1892 , p.74. http stream cu31924022456549 page n89 mode 2up search Beck ... Johann 20Nepomuk 20Beck Biography of Johann Nepomuk Beck at in German ref In 1853 ... Africaine , Tsar Peter in Meyerbeer s L toile du nord , Count Almaviva in Mozart s Le nozze di Figaro ... modern Bratislava until Joseph became ill and died in 1903. Johann died the following year. ref name Riemens References reflist External links Cite NIE Beck, Johann Nepomuk year 1905 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Beck, Johann Nepomuk ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 5 May 1827 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 9 April 1904 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Beck, Johann Nepomuk Category 1827 births Category 1904 deaths Category People from Budapest Category Operatic baritones ...   more details

  1. Johann Nepomuk della Croce

    File Wolfgang01.jpg thumb right 300px Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with his sister Maria Anna Mozart Maria Anna and father Leopold Mozart Leopold , on the wall a portrait of his dead mother Anna Maria Mozart Anna Maria , ca. 1780 Johann Nepomuk della Croce , an Austrian painter, was born at Lavis Pressano , in the County of Tyrol Tyrol , in 1736. He studied under Pietro Antonio Lorenzoni Lorenzoni , and after travelling in Italy, Germany, Hungary, and France, he settled at Burghausen, Alt tting Burghausen . The portraits which he painted are estimated by Felix Joseph Lipowsky Lipowski at the immense number of 5000, and his historical pictures at 200. There are many altar pieces by him in the churches of Bavaria . He died in 1819. His son, Clemens de La Croce, who was also a painter, was born at Burghausen in 1783, and died in 1823. References Bryan article DE LA CROCE, Johann Nepomuk Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Della Croce, Johann Nepomuk ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1736 PLACE OF BIRTH Pressano DATE OF DEATH 1819 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Della Croce, Johann Nepomuk Category 1736 births Category 1819 deaths Category Austrian painters Category People from Trentino Austria painter stub ...   more details

  1. Johann Nepomuk Maelzel

    Johann Nepomuk Maelzel or M lzel August 15, 1772 July 21, 1838 was a Germany German inventor , engineer, and showman, best known for manufacturing a metronome and several music automatons, and displaying a fraudulent chess machine. Life and work Maelzel was born in Regensburg , Germany . The son of an organ music organ builder, he received a comprehensive musical education. ref name de de Johann Nepomuk M lzel German Wikipedia ref He moved to Vienna in 1792. After several years of study and experiment, he produced an orchestrion instrument, which was publicly exhibited, and afterward sold for 3,000 florins. In 1804, he invented the panharmonicon , an automaton able to play the musical instruments of a military band , powered by bellows and directed by revolving cylinders storing the notes. ref name de This attracted universal attention the inventor became noted throughout Europe, was appointed imperial court mechanician at Vienna, and drew the admiration of Ludwig van Beethoven and other noted composers. This instrument was sold to a Parisian admirer for 120,000 francs. Image Chess Turk.jpg thumb 400px right von Kempelen s Chess Turk In 1805 Maelzel purchased Wolfgang von Kempelen s half ... A short biography of M lzel Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Malzel, Johann Nepomuk ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH August 15, 1772 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH July 21, 1838 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Malzel, Johann Nepomuk Category 1772 births Category 1838 ... Category People from Regensburg ca Johann Mazel cs Johann Nepomuk M lzel de Johann Nepomuk M lzel es Johann M zel fr Johann Nepomuk Maelzel hu Johann Nepomuk M lzel nl Johann Nepomuk Maelzel pl Johann Nepomuk M lzl pt Johann Nepomuk M lzel ru , fi Johann Nepomuk M lzel sv Johann Nepomuk M lzel ... of facts in science and art 1856 References reflist Cite Appletons Maelzl, John Nepomuk year 1900 clear ...   more details

  1. Johann Nepomuk Sepp

    Johann Nepomuk Sepp Bad T lz , 7 August 1816 Munich , 5 June 1909 was a German historian, and politician. ref Dr. Joh. Nepomuk Sepp 1816 1909 . Ein Bild seines Lebens nach seinen eigenen Aufzeichnungen. 2 B nde. Regensburg 1917 ref File Johann Nepomuk Sepp.jpg thumb Johann Nepomuk Sepp. Life Johann Nepomuk Sepp was born the son of a tanner and dyer. He studied philosophy and Catholic theology, law, philology and history in Munich, 1834 1836 and 1837 1839. In 1836, he interrupted his university studies for a trip to Switzerland and Italy, after which he entered the seminary Gregorianum in Munich. In 1839 he graduated Phd., and established himself as a private scholar in Bad T lz. From 1844 1846 he taught as lecturer at the University of Munich. After he had traveled to Syria, Palestine and Egypt in 1845 and 1846, in 1846 he was appointed assistant professor in Munich, but was dismissed in 1847, along with seven of his colleagues as a result of involvement in opposition to Lola Montez , mistress of Ludwig I of Bavaria , being elected to the nobility. Sepp had his teaching qualification withdrawn was banished from the Bavarian capital. In 1848 he was elected to the Frankfurt National Assembly, and in 1849 to the Bavarian Chamber. In 1850, after the resignation of King Ludwig I of Bavaria Sepp was rehabilitated in 1850 1864 and from 1864 1867 was Associate Professor of History in Munich. In 1861 he bought the partially destroyed Wessobrunn Monastery, which was then being used as a quarry ... freedom in Munich , whose spokesman he was at times. Johann Nepomuk Sepp was buried in the Old South .... References references This article was in large part translated from de Johann Nepomuk Sepp German ... Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Sepp, Johann Nepomuk ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION ... Sepp, Johann Nepomuk Category 1816 births Category 1909 deaths Category People from Bad T lz Category ... de Johann Nepomuk Sepp ru , ...   more details

  1. Count Johann Nepomuk Wilczek

    w690406.htm Wilczek, Hans Johann Nepomuk Graf sterreich Lexikon ref He ordered the construction ... Wilczek, Johann Nepomuk Category 1837 births Category 1922 deaths Category History of Austria Category Austro Hungarian people Category Explorers of the Arctic austria bio stub de Johann Nepomuk Wilczek hu Johann Wilczek pl Johann Nepomuk Graf Wilczek sv Johann Nepomuk Wilczek ... wilczek.htm Biography in German Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Wilczek, Johann Nepomuk ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Austrian explorer DATE OF BIRTH December 7, 1837 PLACE ...   more details

  1. Johann Nepomuk Brischar

    Orphan date February 2009 Johann Nepomuk Brischar or Johann Nepomucene Brischar August 22, 1819, Horb , W rttemberg &mdash April 11, 1897, B hl Baden B hl was a Roman Catholic Church historian. He studied theology at the Eberhard Karls University of T bingen University of T bingen and was appointed parish priest of Buhl near Rottenburg in 1853, where he died in 1897. His principal work is the continuation of Count Friedrich Leopold zu Stolberg Stolberg Friedrich Leopold zu Stolberg s History of the Religion of Jesus Christ , of which he wrote volumes forty five to fifty four, bringing the history up to 1245 CE. His share of the work does not reach the high standard of his great predecessor. He is also the author of a work in two volumes on the controversies between Paolo Sarpi and Pallavicini , and of a monograph on Pope Innocent III . His Catholic Pulpit Orators of Germany in five volumes was published in Schaffhausen in the years 1866 71. He contributed many articles to Johann Gottfried Herder Herder s Kirchenlexicon . External links de icon http mdz.bib digbib lexika adb images adb047 ebt link?target idmatch entityref,adb0470261 Johann Nepomuk Brischar in Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie This article incorporates text from the 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia article http wiki Catholic Encyclopedia 281913 29 Johann Nepomucene Brischar?oldid 338083 Johann Nepomucene Brischar by B. Guldner, a publication now in the public domain . Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Brischar, Johann Nepomucene ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1819 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1897 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Brischar, Johann Nepomucene Category 1819 births Category 1897 deaths Category German historians de Johann Nepomuk Brischar ...   more details

  1. Johann Nepomuk Rust

    File Johann Nepomuk Rust.jpg thumb upright Johann Nepomuk Rust. Johann Nepomuk Rust April 5, 1775 &ndash October 9, 1840 was a surgeon and military physician born at J nsk vrch J nsk Vrh , Javorn k Jesen k District Javorn k , Austrian Silesia today in the Czech Republic . He studied medicine in Prague , earning his degree in obstetrics in 1799 and a doctorate in surgery in 1800. Afterwards he worked briefly in Vienna and Paris , and later taught classes at the Palack University of Olomouc Lyceum in Olomouc . From 1803 to 1810 he was a professor of surgery at the University of Krak w , where he established a local surgical clinic. From 1810 to 1815 he was chief surgeon at the Allgemeines Krankenhaus in Vienna. In 1815 he moved to Berlin and became a member of the Prussian military as a physician. The following year he became director of the new surgical ophthalmological clinic at the Charit , as well as adjunct professor at the medical surgical military academy in Berlin. In 1822 he was awarded with the military title of Generalstabsarzt Surgeon General , and in 1824 became a full professor at the University of Berlin . In 1834, he was elected a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences . In 1837 he was appointed director of surgical and pharmaceutical studies at the university ... Geschichte der Medizin Johann Nepomuk Rust s Theoretical practical textbook of surgery by Michael Stolberg ... reflist Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Rust, Johann Nepomuk ALTERNATIVE NAMES ... OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Rust, Johann Nepomuk Category 1775 births Category 1840 deaths Category People ... Austrian Silesia Category Austrian people of Silesian German descent de Johann Nepomuk Rust sv Johann Nepomuk Rust ... operations were performed by Johann Friedrich Dieffenbach 1792 1847 . ref http doctor.cfm 1421.html Johann Friedrich Dieffenbach Who Named It ref He died in 1840 on his estate Schloss ...   more details

  1. Johann Nepomuk Locherer

    Johann Nepomuk Locherer August 21, 1773 February 26, 1837 was a German Catholic theologian born in Freiburg im Breisgau . From 1790 he studied theology in Freiburg, and furthered his education at the seminary in Meersburg . In 1798 he received his ordination in Breisach , and subsequently served in parishes in Rottenburg am Neckar from 1799 and Endingen am Kaiserstuhl Endingen from 1805 . At Endingen he strove for educational reforms. In 1830 he became a professor to the Catholic theological faculty at the University of Giessen . Locherer is remembered for publication of a major work on church history called Geschichte der christlichen Religion und Kirche . It contained nine volumes and was published from 1824 to 1836. He was also the author of textbooks on Christian church archaeology Lehrbuch der christlich kirchlichen Arch ologie , 1832 and patristics Lehrbuch der Patrologie, f r akademische Vorlesungen bestimmt , 1837 . References BBKL l locherer j n band 20 autor Uwe Scharfenecker artikel Locherer, Johann Nepomuk spalten 933 937 http translate?hl en&sl de&u http bbkl l locherer j n.shtml&sa X&oi translate&resnum 1&ct result&prev search 3Fq 3D 2522Johann 2BNepomuk 2BLocherer 2522 26hl 3Den 26sa 3DG English translation Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Locherer, Johann Nepomuk ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH August 21, 1773 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH February 26, 1837 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Locherer, Johann Nepomuk Category German theologians Category University of Giessen faculty Category 1773 births Category 1837 deaths Category People from Freiburg im Breisgau Theologian stub ...   more details

  1. Johann Nepomuk Schelble

    File Johann Nepomuk Schelble.jpg thumb Johann Nepomuk Schelble Johann Nepomuk Schelble 16 May 1789 &ndash 6 August 1837 , was a German musician and composer. Schelble was born in H fingen in the Black Forest . At the age of 18 he obtained a position as court and opera singer in Stuttgart , and having there begun the study of composition, he wrote an opera Graf Adalbert and other smaller pieces for voices or instruments there too he was appointed teacher at the musical school of the city. Seven years later 1814 , in order to perfect himself in his art, he went to Vienna , where he made the acquaintance of Beethoven . Among other of his compositions during his stay is a Missa solemnis for four voices and orchestra. Upon his arrival in Berlin in 1818, Clemens Brentano , with whom he had formed a friendship, procured him a place as first tenor in Frankfurt . In this city he remained for the rest of his life, and there founded the Society of St. Cecilia, which worked to popularise classical music. He began by giving a weekly musical entertainment in his own house these meetings were popular, and before long he was able to give them a permanent form under the title C cilienverein . Its members steadily increased in numbers in 1818 he began with 21 members in a few years there were a hundred. The first concert given was the Magic Flute of Mozart soon followed works by H ndel , Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven, and after 1828 those of Bach , and earlier composers such as Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina Palestrina , Giovanni Battista Pergolesi Pergolesi , etc. In 1836 his health became impaired, and he returned to his native country to recuperate but in vain. The following year he died ... as his subject St. Paul oratorio References Catholic wstitle Johann Nepomuk Schelble Persondata ... 1789 births Category 1837 deaths Category German composers de Johann Nepomuk Schelble eo Johann Nepomuk Schelble ...   more details

  1. Johann Nepomuk von Triva

    File Johann Nepomuk von Triva.jpg thumb Johann Nepomuk Graf von Triva Johann Nepomuk Joseph Florian, Graf von Triva September 20, 1755 &ndash April 8, 1827 was a Bavaria Bavarian General der Artillerie ref former military rank below Colonel General ref . He was the first War Minister of the Kingdom of Bavaria Bavarian kingdom . Biography Von Triva, born in Munich , joined after the death of his parents the cadets corps of the Bavarian army on September 1, 1766. On September 26, 1772, he was transferred to the military engineer genie troops in the rank of a F hnrich , became Leutnant in 1777, Hauptmann in 1780, Major in 1785, Oberstleutnant in 1791 and Oberst in 1796. In 1779 he married Floriana von Velhorn, a daughter of the Privy Councillor in Amberg Johann Wolfgang Alois von Velhorn 1734 1789 and his wife Sybilla n e von Loefen zu Diepoltsdorf. ref http schnaittach.html Schanittach Ehemaliges Herrenhaus, Velhorn Schloss German . ref Floriana died in 1791. In 1797 he married his second wife, a valet of deceased Countess Elizabeth Augusta of Sulzbach Countess Elizabeth Augusta , traced as a n e Van der Stock. In 1799 he became commander of the Fortress and Regiment Command in Mannheim , and in 1800 commander of Karl Philipp von Wrede Wrede s brigade. In the same year he was advanced to Major General and became Chief of the General Staff Kingdom of Bavaria General ...?id 3033 Triva, Johann Nepomuk Graf von German , House of the Bavarian History HdBG . ref He was also ... wiki ADB Triva, Johann Nepomuk Joseph Florian Graf von ADB de ref The Trivastra e in the quarter ... 20, 1820 Bibliography Adolf Erhardt Johann Nepomuk von Triva K. B. General der Artillerie Der ... Triva, Johann Nepomuk von ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH September 20, 1755 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH April 8, 1827 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Triva, Johann Nepomuk von Category ... bar Johann Nepomuk Graf von Triva de Johann Nepomuk von Triva ...   more details

  1. Johann Nepomuk von Nussbaum

    File Generalarzt Dr. v. Nu baum.jpg right thumb Generalarzt Dr. von Nu baum Johann Nepomuk von Nussbaum September 2, 1829 &ndash October 31, 1890 was a German surgeon who was a native of Munich . In 1853 he earned his medical doctorate from the University of Munich , where he studied under Karl Thiersch 1822 1895 and Franz Christoph von Rothmund 1801 1891 . In the following years he continued his surgical studies with Auguste N laton 1807 1873 , Charles Marie Edouard Chassaignac Charles Chassaignac 1805 79 and Jules Germain Fran ois Maisonneuve Jules Maisonneuve 1809 1897 in Paris , and under Bernhard von Langenbeck 1810 1887 in Berlin . During the early 1870s he travelled to England, where he learned techniques of pelvic surgery under Thomas Spencer Wells 1818 1897 . From 1860 until 1890 Nussbaum was a professor of surgery at the University of Munich. During the Franco Prussian War he served as a medical consultant for Bavaria n troops. Nussbaum is remembered for the development of innovative surgical operations, and the introduction of Joseph Lister, 1st Baron Lister Lister s antiseptic practices into surgery at Munich . Prior to antisepsis at Munich, there was an extremely high rate of death due to operative infection . Nussbaum s popular book on antiseptic treatment of wounds called Leitfaden zur antiseptischen Wundbehandlung was later translated into several languages. He also published important treatises on eye surgery , ovariotomy and bone grafting bone transplantation ... Nussbaum, Johann von Nepomuk ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH September 2, 1829 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH October 31, 1890 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Nussbaum, Johann von Nepomuk Category ... of Munich faculty Category People from Munich Germany med bio stub de Johann Nepomuk von Nussbaum sv Johann Nepomuk von Nussbaum ... 11171b.htm biography the Catholic Encyclopedia http cgi bin omd?Nussbaum, Johann ...   more details

  1. Johann Nepomuk Krieger

    Johann Nepomuk Krieger 1865&ndash 1902 was a draftsman and selenography selenographer . The crater Krieger crater Krieger on the Moon is named in his honor. Krieger was born in Bavaria , the son of a master brewer. At an early age he gained an interest in astronomy . He only received school education up to the age of 15, when he departed. However he gained an inheritance, and used the money to build an observatory in the suburbs of Munich, Germany . He had been inspired by the director of the Cologne Observatory to make the study and observation of the Moon his life s work. Krieger decided to create a definitive map of the Moon. For this purpose he obtained a series of low resolution negatives of the lunar surface that had been taken at the Lick Observatory Lick and Paris Observatory Paris observatory observatories . He enlarged these images and used them to provide positional accuracy for his subsequent drawings. His illustrations of the Moon were made in charcoal, graphite pencil, and ink, and were considered superior to any previously produced lunar maps in their accuracy and level of detail, and continue to be considered works of art. He lived long enough to see his first 28 plates published as volume 1 of his Mond Atlas . However his health had suffered, possibly due to his long nightly labors at his telescope. About 10 years following his death, his remaining drawings and sketches were published in a second volume by the Austria n selenographer Rudolf K nig . His wife was named Pia, and her name was given to Krieger s Piu Observatory in Trieste, Italy . The asteroid 614 ... Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Krieger, Johann Nepomuk ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1865 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1902 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Krieger, Johann Nepomuk Category 1865 births Category 1902 deaths Category German astronomers Category People from the Kingdom of Bavaria Category Selenographers de Johann Nepomuk Krieger fr Johann Nepomuk Krieger ...   more details

  1. Archduke Johann Nepomuk of Austria

    Archduke Johann Nepomuk of Austria 30 August 1805 Vienna, Austria 19 February 1809 Vienna, Austria was a son of Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor , later Francis I of Austria after the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire, and Maria Teresa of the Two Sicilies .He was of the House of Habsburg Lorraine. Ancestry ahnentafel top width 100 ahnentafel compact5 style font size 90 line height 110 border 1 boxstyle padding top 0 padding bottom 0 boxstyle 1 background color fcc boxstyle 2 background color fb9 boxstyle 3 background color ffc boxstyle 4 background color bfc boxstyle 5 background color 9fe 1 1. Archduke Johann Nepomuk of Austria 2 2. Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor br small Francis I of Austria small 3 3. Maria Teresa of the Two Sicilies 4 4. Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor 5 5. Maria Louisa of Spain 1745 1792 Maria Louisa of Spain 6 6. Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies 7 7. Marie Caroline of Austria 8 8. Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor br small Francis III Stephen, Duke of Lorraine small 9 9. Maria Theresa of Austria br small Queen of Hungary & Bohemia small 10 10. Charles III of Spain 11 11. Maria Amalia of Saxony 12 12. Charles III of Spain 10 13 13. Maria Amalia of Saxony 11 14 14. Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor 8 br small Francis III Stephen, Duke of Lorraine small 15 15. Maria Theresa of Austria 9 br small Queen of Hungary & Bohemia small 16 16. Leopold, Duke of Lorraine 17 17. lisabeth Charlotte of Orl ans Princess lisabeth Charlotte of Orl ans 18 18. Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor 19 19. Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick Wolfenb ttel 20 20. Philip V of Spain 21 21. Elisabeth of Parma 22 22. Augustus III of Poland 23 23. Maria Josepha of Austria 24 24. Philip V of Spain ... 19 center Austrian archdukes Use dmy dates date January 2012 Persondata name Johann Nepomuk ... date of death 19 February 1809 place of death DEFAULTSORT Johann Nepomuk of Austria, Archduke Category ... Johann Nepomuk de Austria ...   more details

  1. Johann Nepomuk Ehrlich

    Johann Nepomuk Ehrlich February 21, 1810 October 23, 1864 was an Austrian theologian and philosopher who was born in Vienna . He initially studied philosophy in Krems an der Donau Krems 1828 1829 , and from 1829 to 1834 studied philosophy and theology at the University of Vienna . In 1834 he received his ordination , and from 1836 taught classes in philosophy, history and literature at the Gymnasium school gymnasium in Krems. In 1850 he obtained the theological doctorate in T bingen , and during the same year was appointed professor of moral theology in University of Graz Graz . Two years later he relocated to the Charles University in Prague University of Prague as a professor of moral theology, where in 1856 he became a professor of fundamental theology. In 1827, while still a teenager, Ehrlich joined the Piarists . In 1853 he became an associate member of the Bohemian Society of Sciences . Among his written works in theology and philosophy are the following Leitfaden der Metaphysik A Guide to Metaphysics , 1841 Metaphysik als rationale Ontologie Metaphysics as a Rational Ontology , 1841 Lehre von der Bestimmung der Menschen als rationale Teleologie Doctrine of the Determination of the People as Rational Teleology , Part 1 , 1842 Das Christentum und die Religionen des Morgenlandes Christianity and the Religions of the Eastern World , 1843 Lehre von der Bestimmung der Menschen als rationale Teleologie Doctrine of Determination of the People as Rational Teleology, Part 2 , 1845 Die neuesten Vorschl ge zur Reform der philosophische Ethik The Newest Proposals for Reform of Philosophical ... 3DG English translation Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Ehrlich, Johann Nepomuk ... October 23, 1864 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Ehrlich, Johann Nepomuk Category Austrian philosophers ... Category Piarists Category 1810 births Category 1864 deaths de Johann Nepomuk Ehrlich ... , 1864 References BBKL e ehrlich j n autor Feranc Daniel artikel Ehrlich, Johannes Nepomuk http ...   more details

  1. Johann Nepomuk David

    Johann Nepomuk David 30 November 1895 22 December 1977 was an Austria n composer. David was born in Eferding . He began his musical career in the monastery of Sankt Florian , and was a composition student of Joseph Marx . ref Annala, Hannu Matlik, Heiki Backman, Katarina transl. 2007 . Google books 8 cS jP7ntoC Handbook of Guitar and Lute Composers . Mel Bay Publications. page 68. ISBN 0786658444. ref David wrote a number of orchestral works including eight symphony symphonies of which the fifth has been recorded, as have some other works including a disc of organ music, several concertos including an organ music organ concerto and three violin concerto s, instrumental works including many for or with organ, and many choir choral works. His general style changed from the modal tendencies seen in his first two symphonies to the more acerbic though still tonality tonal sound of the later ones. David died, aged 83, in Stuttgart . His son, Thomas Christian David 1925 2006 , was also a composer. Selected worklist Eight Symphonies ref cite web title List of Works by David url http Default.aspx?TabId 2419&State 2872 2&composerId 2872 2580 publisher Schirmer accessdate 2009 01 10 ref No. 1 in A minor, op. 18 1937 No. 2, op. 20 1938 No. 3, op. 28 1941 ref OCLC 7558851 ref ... Virgil Writings cite book last David first Johann Nepomuk title Die Jupiter Symphonie eine Studie ... 1968 oclc 258753615 language German References reflist http www.johann nepomuk Site devoted to David s music Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME David, Johann Nepomuk ALTERNATIVE ... OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT David, Johann Nepomuk Category 1895 births Category 1977 deaths Category 20th ... and Theatre faculty Austria composer stub ca Johann Nepomuk David da Johann Nepomuk David de Johann Nepomuk David eo Johann Nepomuk David pt Johann Nepomuk David sv Johann Nepomuk David ... , op. 51 1957 ref cite web url http www.johann nepomuk chorwerke.html title Choral Works ...   more details

  1. Johann Nepomuk Huber

    Johann Nepomuk Huber August 18, 1830 &ndash March 20, 1879 , was a Germany German philosophy philosophical and theology theological writer, and a leader of the Old Catholic Church . Life He was born at Munich . Originally destined for the priesthood, he studied theology from childhood. The writings of Baruch Spinoza Spinoza and Lorenz Oken attracted him to philosophy, and it was in philosophy that he habilitated 1854 in the university of his native place, where he ultimately became professor extraordinarius, 1859 ordinarius, 1864 . With Johann Joseph Ignaz von D llinger D llinger and others he attracted a large amount of public attention. Firstly in 1869 by the challenge to the Ultramontane promoters of the First Vatican Council in the treatise Der Papst und das Koncil , which appeared under the pseudonym of Janus, . Secondly in 1870 by a series of letters R mische Briefe , a redaction of secret reports sent from Rome during the sitting of the council , which were published over the pseudonym Quirinus in the Allgemeine Zeitung . He died suddenly of heart disease at Munich. Works The treatise ber die Willensfreiheit 1858 , followed in 1859 by Die Philosophie der Kirchenv ter , which was promptly placed upon Index Librorum Prohibitorum the Index , and led to the prohibition of all Catholic students from attending his lectures. Johannes Scotus Erigena 1861 Die Idee der Unsterblichkeit 1864 Studien 1867 Der Proletarier Zur Orientirung in der sozialen Frage 1865 Der Jesuitenorden nach seiner Verfassung und Doctrin, Wirksamkeit und Geschichte 1873 , also placed upon the Index Der Pessimismus 1876 Die Forschung nach der Materie 1877 Zur Philosophie der Astronomie 1878 Das Ged chtnis ... 1879 . 1911 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Huber, Johann Nepomuk ALTERNATIVE ... OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Huber, Johann Nepomuk Category 1830 births Category People excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church Category 1879 deaths es Johann Nepomuk Huber ...   more details

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