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Encyclopedia results for Pesanggaran


Encyclopedia results for Pesanggaran

  1. Pesanggaran

    code blank name blank info blank1 name blank1 info website footnotes Pesanggaran is a village in Bali ... Bali geo stub nl Pesanggaran ...   more details

  1. Ujung

    , Pesanggaran 1.1 nm , Serangan 1.6 nm , Jimbaran 2.5 nm and Benoa 2.1 nm . References references Category ...   more details

  1. Pabeansanur

    0.8 nm , Sanur, Bali Sanur 0.8 nm , Pesanggaran 2.8 nm and Serangan 2.7 nm ref Fallingrain world gazetteer ...   more details

  1. Banyuwangi Regency

    Refimprove date July 2007 The Regency of Banyuwangi is located at the easternmost end of the Indonesia n island of Java island Java and it is a very strategic area for those who want to go to Bali , since it also serves as an important ferry port between Java and Bali. It is surrounded by mountains and forests to the west by sea to the east and south. Banyuwangi is only separated by Strait of Bali from Bali. The regency had a population of 1,488,791 at the Census held on 30 June 2000 by 2005 it was estimated to have risen to 1,514,605. The city of Banyuwangi is the administrative capital. Image locator kabupaten banyuwangi.png thumb Banyuwangi county in East Java province Administrative areas The Regency of Banyuwangi consists of 24 subdistricts Kecamatan div style moz column count 3 column count 3 Banyuwangi Kota Glagah Kalibaru Kalipuro Srono Kabat Glenmore Rogojampi Singojuruh Genteng Cluring Giri Pesanggaran Gambiran Wongsorejo Tegaldlimo Purwoharjo Sempu Muncar Songgon Tegalsari Bangorejo Siliragung Licin div Society and history File COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Gezicht op Banjoewangi Oost Java TMnr 60020438.jpg thumb View of Banyuwangi during Dutch East Indies colonial period . Banyuwangi is &mdash as are other Indonesian areas &mdash a heterogeneous area where many ethnic groups are mingled and live together under the same roof. One of the native groups is the Osing people Osing community which has a distinctly Hindu culture although they can be considered as a Javanese sub ethnic group. They live mainly in the central part of Banyuwangi and they sometimes consider themselves as Majapahit descendants. Other groups are Java island Javanese living mostly in the south and west , Madurese people Madurese mainly in the north and coastal area and Balinese people Balinese scattered but more concentrated in the east . Other smaller groups are Chinese Indonesian Chinese , Bugis Buginese , Arab Indonesian Arab s, etc. This heterogeneity reflects history of this region. Once ...   more details

  1. Kuta

    6.4 nm , Denpasar 4.5 nm , Ujung 1.8 nm , Pesanggaran 2.0 nm , Kedonganan 2.9 nm and Tuban 1.0 nm ...   more details

  1. Districts of East Java

    Perak, Jombang Pesanggaran, Banyuwangi Pesantren, Kediri Peterongan, Jombang Pilangkenceng, Madiun ...   more details

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