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Encyclopedia results for PHP-FPM


Encyclopedia results for PHP-FPM

  1. PHP-FPM

    merge PHP discuss Talk PHP FPM Merger proposal date March 2011 PHP FPM FastCGI Process Manager is a PHP FastCGI implementation. ref cite web url http php about title PHP FPM A simple and robust FastCGI Process Manager for PHP ref It is bundled with the official PHP distribution since version 5.3.3. ref cite web url http archive 2010.php id2010 07 22 2 title News Archive PHP 5.3.3 Released date 2010 07 22 ref References reflist External links Official website http php http install.fpm Official documentation PHP software stub Category PHP Category Web server software fr PHP FPM ru PHP FPM ...   more details

  1. FPM

    wiktionary FPM may refer to Fellow Programme in Management Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine Finite Pointset Method Family Practice Management, medical practice management journal published by American Academy of Family Physicians The Free Patriotic Movement , a Lebanese political party Flashes Per Minute for lighting accessories Fast Page Mode DRAM , a type of computer memory The Frente Patri tico Morazanista Morazanist Patriotic Front , a leftist guerrilla group in Honduras Fantastic Plastic Machine Feet per minute FKM Fluorinated propylene monomer elastomer Fluorine Rubber Viton resistant to heat and chemicals The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine PHP FPM FastCGI Process Manager an alternative PHP FastCGI implementation Effing Package Management a tool for use in automating package creation on Unix systems disambig de FPM fr FPM ja FPM ...   more details

  1. Froxlor

    support, PHP FastCGI , PHP FPM , etc., Froxlor is becoming more and more popular. External links ...   more details

  1. PHP

    fixes PHP FPM FPM SAPI. style background salmon 5.3.4 nowrap 2010 12 10 Mainly bug and security ... of PHP editors PHP accelerator PHP FPM PHP GTK Template processor EasyPHP XAMPP Zend Certified Engineer ...About the scripting language Infobox programming language name PHP logo File PHP logo.svg frameless PHP caption PHP Hypertext Preprocessor file ext .php, .phtml .php4 .php3 .php5 .phps paradigm imperative ... last Lerdorf first Rasmus title PHP on Hormones history of PHP presentation by Rasmus Lerdorf given ... 1995 or so, PHP looked like http show mysql07key 4 this . This isn t that far from what PHP looks like today, actually. ref designer Rasmus Lerdorf developer The PHP Group latest release ... language C operating system Cross platform license PHP License website URL http wikibooks PHP Programming PHP is a general purpose server side scripting language originally designed for Web ... data. Ultimately, the code is interpreter computing interpreted by a Web server with a PHP processor ... applications . ref cite web url http manual en intro whatcando.php work PHP Manual title Introduction What can PHP do? accessdate 2009 03 05 ref PHP can be deployed on most Web servers ... server side script engine ref cite web url http php default.asp title PHP Tutorial accessdate 2011 05 28 ref and similar languages, PHP is installed on more than 20 million Web sites ... 2007 accessdate 2008 07 07 ref PHP was originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995. The main implementation of PHP is now produced by The PHP Group and serves as the formal reference to the PHP language. ref name about PHP cite web accessdate 2008 02 25 url http history title History of PHP and related projects publisher The PHP Group ref PHP is free software released under the PHP ... of the term PHP . ref cite web title GPL Incompatible, Free Software Licenses url http ... publisher Free Software Foundation accessdate 2012 03 11 ref While PHP originally stood for Personal ...   more details

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