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Encyclopedia results for Order of operations

Order of operations

Encyclopedia results for Order of operations

  1. Operations order

    is messed up and I can t isolate the coding error Removed See discussion An Operations Order , often ... a military operation . An Operations Order will describe the situation facing the unit, the mission of the unit, and what activities the unit will conduct to achieve the mission goals. Normally an Operations Order will be generated at a regiment , brigade , division military division , or corps headquarters and then given to lower echelons to implement. Each lower echelon as they receive an operations order will in turn develop their own Operations Order which removes extraneous detail and adds details focused on what and how that subunit will implement the higher level OPORD. So an Operations Order at a particular level of the military organization will trigger units involved in the operation to develop their own Operations Order which will borrow from the Operations Order given them ... in a topic will move most of the material to an Annex or an Appendix to the order. This also allows an order be customized to a recipient by easily removing extraneous information for that recipient. Variations The OPORD is the primary order that is given for a mission however it is not the only type of order that may be issued for a mission. Other types of orders may be issued to tell units an Operations Order may be forthcoming, a Warning Order, or to inform units during the execution of an Operations Order that the situation has changed and identifying changes in situation and mission, Fragmentary Order. A Warning Order, or WARNO, is given in advance of the OPORD to let soldiers under the command know that they may be receiving an Operations Order. The WARNO contains a few basic ... Operations Order is still forthcoming. Once an OPORD is given the situation may change before the mission is actually begun or during the operation the situation may change so that the Operations Order must be modified. In these cases the commander will issue a Fragmentary Order, or FRAGO ...   more details

  1. Order of operations

    In mathematics and computer programming , the order of operations sometimes called operator precedence ... 5 sup 2 sup   75. To change the order of operations, originally a vinculum symbol vinculum an overline ... in the intro. The standard order of operations The order of operations, or precedence, used ... here ref cite web url http lessons simplifying oops title Order of Operations ... laws of addition and multiplication allow terms to be added in any order and factors to be multiplied in any order, but mixed operations must obey the standard order of operations. It is helpful ... reference id 3951 title Order of operations Use dmy dates date June 2011 DEFAULTSORT Order ... simple Order of operations fi Laskuj rjestys sv Operatorprioritet th tr lem ..., we can think of 1 2 3 as the sum of 1, negative 2, and 3, and add in any order 1 2 3 1 3 2 and in reverse order 3 2 1 1 1 2. The important thing is to keep the negative sign with the 2. The root ... exponents are applied from the top down. Symbols of grouping can be used to override the usual order of operations. Grouped symbols can be treated as a single expression. Symbols of grouping can be removed ... and subtraction. Using any of the above rules in the order addition first, subtraction afterward would ... symbols, there may be expressions involving several operations, which would need to be evaluated according to the correct order or operations which appear AFTER the P in the mnemonic. It is probably better to teach that grouping symbols are not operations themselves, but rather are used to change the precedence of operations from the default. Once logs are introduced they should be given the same ... of the term immediately to its left, before computing any of the lower precedence operations ... orders of operations. Most non scientific calculators without a stack work left to right without any ... precedence levels that conform to the order commonly used in mathematics, though some, such as APL ...   more details

  1. Order by

    a default sort order for Null SQL Null s. With the SQL 2003 extension T611, Elementary OLAP operations ...An code ORDER BY code clause in SQL specifies that a SQL code Select SQL SELECT code statement returns a result set with the rows being sorted by the values of one or more columns. The sort criteria do not have to be included in the result set. The sort criteria can be expressions, including but not limited to column names, user defined function user defined functions , arithmetic operations, or code CASE code expressions. The expressions are evaluated and the results are used for the sorting, i.e. the values stored in the column or the results of the function call. code ORDER BY code is the only way to sort the rows in the result set. Without this clause, the relational database system may return the rows in any order. If an ordering is required, the code ORDER BY code must be provided in the code SELECT code statement sent by the application. Although some database systems allow the specification of an code ORDER BY code clause in subselects or view database view definitions, the presence there has no effect. A view is a logical relational table, and the relational model mandates that a table is a set of rows, implying no sort order whatsoever. The only exception are constructs like code ORDER BY ORDER OF ... code not standardized in SQL 2003 which allow the propagation of sort ... NULLS LAST code clauses of the code ORDER BY code list, respectively. Not all DBMS vendors implement ... Structure code ORDER BY ... DESC code will order in descending order, otherwise ascending order is used ... FROM Employees ORDER BY LastName, FirstName source This sorts by the LastName field, then by the FirstName field if LastName matches. References Reflist SQL DEFAULTSORT Order By Category SQL keywords Category Articles with example SQL code database stub compu lang stub cs ORDER BY sq Order by SQL uk Order by ...   more details

  1. The Order

    The Order can refer to in comics The Order comics , the name of two fictional comic book superhero teams in the Marvel Comics universe in computer and video games The Order, a fictional terrorist faction in the video game Freelancer video game Freelancer 2003 The Order Deus Ex The Order Deus Ex , a fictional pseudo religious organization in the computer game Deus Ex Invisible War 2003 The Order, a fictional religious group in the video game franchise Silent Hill 1999 first in series in film The Order 2001 film The Order 2001 film , a 2001 film directed by Sheldon Lettich written by and starring Jean Claude van Damme The Order 2003 film The Order 2003 film also known as The Sin Eater , a 2003 film written and directed by Brian Helgeland starring Heath Ledger in organizations Kappa Alpha Order , a fraternity The Order, a common name for the Latter Day Church of Christ , a Mormon fundamentalist denomination in the Latter Day Saint movement The Order group , an white nationalist revolutionary organization active in the United States between 1983 and 1984 See also Order disambiguation disambig de The Order nl The Order pt The Order ...   more details

  1. Order

    Wiktionary Order may refer to TOC right Ordinality Collation , the sequencing and ordering of text Alphabetical order Lexicographical order Order of precedence Philosophy Natural order philosophy Implicate and explicate order according to David Bohm Science and mathematics Order and disorder physics , measured by an order parameter or more generally by entropy An ordered world, the cosmos , antithetical concept of chaos Order, the category number of lighthouse Fresnel lens es, defining size and focal length Order biology , a rank between class and family, or a taxon at that rank Order mathematics , various meanings Order of reaction , a concept of chemical kinetics Order of hierarchical complexity ... Social order , a concept used in sociology, history and other social sciences, referring to the conduct of society World order disambiguation , including the concept of a world government Topological order , an organized quantum state Computer science Order of computation , the computational complexity of an algorithm Canonical order disambiguation , the order of elements that obeys a certain set of rules or specifications Z order , which graphics cover up others on computer screens Electronics and telecommunications First order hold in signal processing Modulation order , the number of different symbols that can be sent using a given modulation The polynomial order of a Filter signal processing transfer function Economics and commerce Order business , an instruction from a customer to buy Order exchange , customer s instruction to a stock broker Money order Work order Legal, political, and military Court order , made by a judge, e.g. a restraining order Executive order disambiguation , issued by the executive branch of government General order , a published directive from a commander Standing order disambiguation , a general order of indefinite duration, and similar ongoing rules in a parliament Law and order politics Military command Tactical formation , an arrangement ...   more details

  1. Director of Operations

    Director of Operations can refer to any of the below. Chief operating officer in business Director of Operations military The Director of Operations can also be referred to as the Operations Director . The role can have a wide range of responsibilities within an organization. They are often within the order to cash segment of the business encompassing procurement, customer services and distribution. Disambig ...   more details

  1. Central Operations

    Central Operations CO is a major directorate of the London Metropolitan Police Service that provides operational support to the rest of the service. It is commanded by Assistant Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, formerly Chief Constable of Surrey Police. ref cite web url http News New assistant commissioners roles announced 1400004131243 1257246662242 title New Assistant Commissioners roles announced publisher date 2011 11 01 accessdate 2011 11 03 ref Units There are many units within central Operations. ref cite web url http co index.htm title Metropolitan Police Service Central Operations publisher date accessdate 2009 06 08 ref CO1 Central Operations HQ CO3 Emergency Preparedness Operational Command Unit CO5 Firearms Command Unit ref http committees mpa 2009 091029 minutes ?qu co5&sc 2&ht 1 ref CO10 Central Communications Command CO11 Public Order Operational Command Unit formerly stood for Public Order Intelligence Unit CO12 2012 Olympics preparation formerly stood for Public Order Training CO15 Traffic Operational Command Unit CO16 Metropolitan Police Traffic Criminal Justice Unit Traffic Criminal Justice Unit CO19 Specialist Firearms Command CO20 Territorial Support Group Operational Support Metropolitan Police Air Support Unit Air Support Unit Metropolitan Police Dog Support Unit Dog Support Unit http filmunit index.htm Film Unit Metropolitan Police Marine Policing Unit Marine Policing Unit Metropolitan Police Mounted Branch Mounted Branch See also Territorial Operations , the predecessor to Central Operations References reflist External links http co index.htm Central Operations website Metropolitan Police police stub Category Metropolitan Police units ...   more details

  1. Facility operations

    orphan date August 2010 Facility Operations as part of Facility Management br Facilities play a major ... with departments like Maintenance, repair and operations Maintenance , Engineering , Process Innovation, Production, etc. The following topics should be addressed in a Building Operations Plan 1. Tenant occupancy and operations schedule 2. Building and System level equipment performance 3. Computer ..., so Facility Operations will oversee two major departments, Building Operations and Event Production. Hierarchy Within Facility Operations, the two departments have several teams they must manage. In the chart, the hierarchy of Facility Operations is shown. The teams managed by Building Operations ... Operations of a sporting facility is divided into two departments. Each venue will have variations ... will work together on management and planning. Building Operations Building operations is the general name for the day to day operations of the venue. In baseball park s like Yankee Stadium , Fenway Park , and Camden Yards , this department is called Ballpark Operations. The general overview ... Operations would be responsible for the assembly and disassembly of these events. For example, the TD ... throughout the year. Building Operations would manage the change from hockey rink to basketball court .... Building Operations will also manage the maintenance staff, such as cleaning crews, renovations ..., the security, and the food and beverage. While Building Operations manages the actual facility ... room s for sporting events. Teams In order for a facility to operate, the following teams must be managed ... of Teamsters , and are managed by the Building Operations department within the facility. Labor .... The Building Operations department manages this team as well. Maintenance The Maintenance team ... sure all aspects of the facility are functioning at all times. This team is managed by Building Operations ... Operations. Wikimedia Commons. Web. 26 July 2010. http wiki File Facilities.JPG ...   more details

  1. Elementary operations

    Elementary operations can refer to the operations in elementary arithmetic addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. elementary row operations or elementary column operations. mathdab ...   more details

  1. Territorial Operations

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Orphan date December 2009 Territorial Operations was a group of eighteen specialist Metropolitan Police units which were set up in 1986 as part of Sir Kenneth Newman s restructuring of the Metropolitan Police Service . The Territorial Operations units were designed to support the Metropolitan Police areas while area based policing was designed to decentralise the operations of New Scotland Yard , the TO units were intended to provide central operational and logistic support to Areas and divisional OCUs Operational Command Unit s . TO designations Due to restructuring of the Metropolitan Police, Territorial Operations as a group has been disbanded. The current term Territorial Policing refers to the co operation of divisional OCUs with pan London units, many of them formerly TO units. The remaining pan London units are now the remit of Central Operations . Where units have been renamed or reassigned, these are listed in italics. TO1 General Department Services and HQ Support TO3 Area Support TO4 Public Carriage Office now the Transport for London Taxicabs of the United Kingdom Public Carriage Office TO5 Central Ticket Office now run by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or local borough authorities TO6 Central Services now the Firearms Enquiry Team TO7 Divisional Support now the Charities Office and Borough Licensing Officers TO9 Crime and Divisional Policing Policy Branch TO10 Courts Division TO14 Traffic now CO15 Traffic Operational Command Unit TO18 Public Order Training now CO11 Metropolitan Police Public Order Operational Command Unit TO20 Public Order now CO11 Metropolitan Police Public Order Operational Command Unit TO25 Central Communications Branch now Command, Control, Communication and Information C3i TO26 Metropolitan Police Air Support Unit Air Support Unit TO27 Metropolitan Police Mounted Branch Mounted Branch TO28 Police ... Groups TO32 Community Affairs Branch Partnership Branch See also Central Operations Specialist Operations ...   more details

  1. Specialist Operations

    otheruses Specialist Operations New South Wales Specialist Operations is a directorate of the Metropolitan Police . At its peak, SO was a group of twenty specialist units, which were formed to give the Metropolitan Police a specialist policing capability. The SO designation was implemented in 1986 as part of Kenneth Newman Sir Kenneth Newman s restructuring of the Metropolitan Police Service. Most of the units designated SO units were already in existence, many of them as departments of C Division and its branches, and all were presided over by an Assistant Commissioner of Special Operations ACSO . Current structure Specialist Operations is made up of three Commands commanded by Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick . Protection Command Protection Command is split into three branches Protection Command Specialist Protection Specialist Protection SO1 Provides armed personal protection services for Minister government ministers and public officials at threat from terrorism, including visiting heads of government and other public figures. Protection Command Royalty Protection Royalty Protection SO14 Provides protection of the Monarchy of the United Kingdom Monarch and other members of the British Royal Family Royal Family . The Operational Command Unit OCU is divided into Residential ... in order SO1 Specialist Protection Merged with SO14, forming the Protection Command SO2 Crime Support ... same name and role . SO10 Crime Operations Group now SCD10 Covert Policing SO11 Criminal Intelligence Branch Renamed to Metropolitan Police Public Order Operational Command Unit Public Order Operational Command Unit , Central Operations CO 11 SO12 Special Branch Merged with SO13 to create the Counter ... Command Unit , CO18 within Central Operations SO19 Force Firearms Unit Specialist Firearms Command , CO19 SO20 Forensic Medical Examiners Branch See also Central Operations Territorial Operations External links http so index.htm Metropolitan Police Specialist Operations References ...   more details

  1. Mental operations

    class infobox style text align center width 200px colspan 2 big Mental operations big Image Guilford model.jpg 170px Mental operations style font size 85 Approaches and Types br Piagetian theory Piagetian ... psychology Representation br Comparison mathematics Comparison br Memory Operations of memory br Temporal basic operating scheme br Systemic psychology Systemic br Cognitive Cognitive operations br Executive functions Practical operations br Affective Affective operations br Emotional expression Expressive operations br Eye hand coordination Perceptual motor operations br Self control Regulative operations Writers br Pierre Janet br Jean Piaget br Joy Paul Guilford br Silvio Ceccato br ... operations are operations that affect mind mental contents. Pierre Janet was one of the first using the concept in psychology. Mental operations have been investigated at a developmental level by Jean ... of mental operations ref name vals Valsiner, Jaan van der Veer, Ren 2000 . The social mind construction of the idea. Cambridge University Press, pp. 103 106. ISBN 0521589738. ref reality operations mental operations under the control of logic disinterested operations escaping the control of reason ... , on the basis of presence of mental operations as an adaptation tool. ref name gins Ginsburg, Herbert ... abilities organized along three dimensions Operations, Content, and Products. ref name guilf Guilford ... Measurement 48 1 4. ref According to most logicians, the three primary mental operations are apprehension ... argument. ref name hobh Developmental view Jean Piaget identifies several mental operations ... thumb Mental operations according to Jean Piaget 200px left Seriation the ability to sort objects in an order according to size, shape, or any other characteristic. For example, if given different ... among elements in a serial order, and perform transitive inferences for example, If A is taller ... , with formal operations of abstract thinking hypothesizing, hypothesis testing, and deductive reasoning ...   more details

  1. Operations security

    Refimprove date May 2010 Operations security OPSEC is a process that identifies critical information to determine if friendly actions can be observed by adversary intelligence systems, determines if information obtained by adversaries could be interpreted to be useful to them, and then executes selected measures that eliminate or reduce adversary exploitation of friendly critical information. Process Identification of Critical Information Identifying information needed by an adversary, which focuses the remainder of the OPSEC process on protecting vital information, rather than attempting to protect all classified or sensitive unclassified information. Analysis of Threats the research and analysis of intelligence, counterintelligence, and Open source intelligence open source information to identify likely adversaries to a planned operation. Analysis of Vulnerabilities examining each aspect of the planned operation to identify OPSEC indicators that could reveal critical information and then comparing those indicators with the adversary s intelligence collection capabilities identified in the previous action. Assessment of Risk First, planners analyze the vulnerabilities identified in the previous ... of risk action or, in the case of planned future operations and activities, includes the measures in specific OPSEC plans. ref cite web publisher The Operations Security Professional s Association ... by organizational security elements whether by open assessment or covert assessment in order to evaluate ... OPSEC site http doctrine jel new pubs jp3 13 3.pdf Operations Security JP 3 13.3 PDF U.S. DoD Operations Security Doctrine cite news url http wp dyn content article ... Post date March 20, 2008 http Operations Security Professionals http Conduct an Operations Security 28Opsec 29 Assessment How to Conduct an OPSEC Assessment References Reflist Category Information operations Category Espionage de Feind h rt mit fr OPSEC renseignement ...   more details

  1. Operations in the Tochi

    The Operations in the Tochi 28 November 1914&ndash 27 March 1915 were carried out by Indian Army during World War I on the North West Frontier Province 1901 1955 North West Frontier . The Tochi river flows East from the tribal territories, through North Waziristan , to join the Kurram and the Indus rivers. On the 28 and 29 November a raid by 2,000 tribesmen from Khost was defeated by the North Waziristan Militia near Miranshah , on the Tochi. The next January the militia again defeated a raid by tribesmen which had attacked Spina Khaisora . On the 25&ndash 26th March a force of over 7,000 tribesmen, threatened Miranshah , but was defeated by the Bannu Brigade together with the local militia. ref cite web accessdate 2009 09 09 title The Defence of India last Mackenzie first F A url http Great War Brits in Caucasus India 01.htm ref Captain Eustace Jotham It was during these operations when Captain Eustace Jotham was awarded the Victoria Cross . Citation quote For most conspicuous bravery on 7th  January, 1915, at Spina Khaisora Tochi Valley . During operations against the Khostwal tribesmen, Captain Jotham, who was commanding a party of about a dozen of the North Waziristan Militia , was attacked in a nullah and almost surrounded by an overwhelming force of some 1,500 tribesmen. He gave the order to retire, and could have himself escaped, but most gallantly sacrificed his own life by attempting to effect the rescue of one of his men who had lost his horse. The London Gazette, 23 July 1915 ref LondonGazette issue 29240 supp yes startpage 7279 date 23 July 1915 accessdate 26 November 2007 ref He was buried in the Miranshah Cemetery, North Waziristan , and is commemorated on the India Gate Delhi Memorial India Gate . ref cite web url http search casualty details.aspx?casualty 1437380 title Commonwealth War Graves Commission casualty details publisher CWGC accessdate 26 November 2007 ref References reflist coord missing India Category ...   more details

  1. Government operations

    government owned businesses for operations as well. Generally speaking, a statute passed by a legislature specifically sets up a government owned company in order to undertake a specific public purpose ... Financial Management Service DEFAULTSORT Government Operations Category Economic data Category Government ...   more details

  1. Operations research

    For the academic journal Operations Research A Journal of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences Use dmy dates date November 2011 Operations research , or Operational Research ... make better decisions ref cite web url http About INFORMS About Operations Research title About Operations Research publisher accessdate 7 January 2012 ref . It is often ... are sometimes used as more modern sounding synonyms ref cite web url http topic operations research title Definition of Operations Research publisher accessdate 7 January 2012 ... statistical analysis , and mathematical optimization , operations research arrives at optimal ... interaction and because of its focus on practical applications, operations research has overlap with other disciplines, notably industrial engineering and operations management , and draws on psychology and organization science . Operations Research is often concerned with determining the Maxima ... oco ocos044.htm title Operations Research Analysts publisher accessdate 27 January 2012 ref ... operational research, as identified by the journal Operations Research , ref cite web url http ... with a quantitative basis for decisions regarding the operations under their control. ref ..., George E, Methods of Operations Research , 1st Edition Revised, pub MIT Press & J Wiley, 5th ... to be taken. ref cite web url http EBchecked topic 682073 operations research 68171 History ref22348 title operations research industrial engineering History Britannica Online ... were. As most of them were from Bomber Command they were painted black for nighttime operations ... the aircraft for daytime operations in the grey North Atlantic skies. Tests showed that aircraft painted ... cite journal author Milkman, Raymond H. title Operations Research in World War II publisher United ... robotic systems in human driven operations processes Globalization globalizing operations processes ...   more details

  1. Operations architecture

    Please note that the term operations architecture is also used in an aerospace context. This use of the term is not discussed in the following article. Operations architecture allows the ongoing support and management of Information technology IT services infrastructure of an company enterprise . The IT infrastructure of an enterprise will typically comprise many different systems and platforms, often in different geographic locations. Operations architecture ensures that these systems perform as expected by centrally unifying the control of operational procedures and automating the execution of operational tasks. It also reports the performance of the IT infrastructure. The implementation of an operations architecture consists of a dedicated set of tools and processes which are designed to provide centralisation and automation. Scope and context Operations architecture is mainly centered around back office and data center infrastructure rather than Personal computer desktop computers . It supports a company s computing infrastructure to provide IT services which are required by business process es. Any organisation with a substantial amount of automated back office processes can have an operations architecture, such as banks, factories and government agencies. The focus of operations ... IT products such as the programming of applications. While operations architecture deals with the technical ... is not managed within the context of operations architecture. The operations architecture is the technical ... focuses on the conceptual design of the IT service, operations architecture focuses on the technical practicalities of implementing this concept. Geographically, operations architecture unites the control over increasingly disparate and mobile IT systems on a central operations bridge so named in analogy to a ship s command bridge . Elements of operations architecture Some of the commonest elements of operations architecture are Production scheduling monitoring System monitoring Performance ...   more details

  1. Operations plan

    image width 200px image caption First page of the Operations plan. date created 1810 ... government platform for the Primera Junta Operations plan in Spanish, Plan de Operaciones is a secret ... to lend a hand it was t needed but to let it sleep and forget it. Moreno Operations Plan, p. 278 ... Moreno Operations plan, p. 276 ref It compared the South American revolution, still in its ... to guide us, giving us your lights, to fill the goals we have proposed to ourselves Moreno Operations ... proposed themselves Moreno Operations plan, p. 281 282 ref The document divides people into three main ... Moreno Operations plan, p. 283 ref It proposes to give privileges to the loyals, and fill the state ... and rebellion Moreno Operations plan, p. 283 284 ref but using circunstancial honours rather than ... t generate a debt for the public treasury? Moreno Operations plan, p. 284 ref Moreno made an exception ... freedom, in the first steps of its infancy Moreno Operations plan, p. 278 279 ref Peninsulars ... Mariano Moreno Operations plan, p. 284 285 ref For this end, the Junta would need to create an espionage ... thus the thoughts of our enemies or any plot they may try Moreno Operations plan, p. 285 ref Top ... Moreno Operations plan, p. 286 ref This policy towards peninsulars is coherent with the actions ... an outside of them Moreno Operations plan, p. 287 ref Moreno thought that a blockade against Montevideo ... to seek other ways Moreno Operations plan, p. 291 ref He proposed instead to weaken Montevideo by getting ... ten than hundred, and defeat 20.000 lined soldiers than 10.000 as a mob Moreno Operations ... Jos Artigas Moreno Operations plan, p. 294 295 ref Once the city was captured, he proposed to confiscate ... every Spanish ship Moreno Operations plan, p. 299 ref All the people that could not prove loyalty ... a man s interest not only patriotism tremble but also good faith ... Moreno Operations plan, p. 289 ... bases and see the luck of the events in Spain Moreno Operations plan, p. 290 291 ref He thought that it was advisable ...   more details

  1. Operations management

    Operations management is an area of management concerned with overseeing, designing, controlling the process of production and redesigning business operations in the production of goods and or services. It involves the responsibility of ensuring that business operations are efficiency efficient in terms ... into outputs in the form of goods and or services . The relationship of operations management ... between roles over time. According to the U.S. Department of Education, operations management is the field ..., particularly those relating to development, production, and manufacturing. Operations ... 227&Itemid 48 ATMAE Membership Venn Diagram ref Management, including operations management, is like ... support and promote operations management Association for Operations Management APICS which supports the Production and Inventory Management Journal European Operations Management Association EurOMA which supports the International Journal of Operations & Production Management Production and Operations Management Society POMS which supports the journal Production and Operations Management Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences INFORMS The Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Society MSOM which supports the journal Manufacturing & Service Operations Management Institute of Operations Management UK Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering ATMAE Publications The following academic journals are concerned with Operations Management issues Management Science Manufacturing & Service Operations Management Operations Research Journal of Operations Management International Journal of Operations & Production Management Production and Operations Management Production and Inventory Management Journal Journal of Modelling in Operations Management See also APICS The Association for Operations Management Business process mapping Industrial ... Engineering Operations research Six Sigma Project management Silver Meal heuristic References ...   more details

  1. Special operations

    Special operations are military operations that are considered special that is, unconventional . Special operations SO are typically performed independently or in conjunction with conventional military operations. The primary goal is to achieve a political or military objective where a conventional force requirement does not exist or might affect the overall strategic outcome. Special operations are usually conducted in a low profile manner that typically aim to achieve the advantage of speed, surprise, and violence of action against an unsuspecting target. Special ops are typically carried out with limited numbers of highly trained personnel that are able to operate in all environments, utilize self reliance, are able to easily adapt and overcome obstacles, and use unconventional combat skills and equipment to complete objectives. Special operations are usually implemented through specific or tailored intelligence. ref http special operations research.html ShadowSpear About Special Operations ref Special operations forces Main Special forces Refimprove section date February 2012 Special operations forces SOF is a term primarily used in the West. It is an all encompassing ... by countries around the world to describe their specialized unit s . Examples of special operations ... actions. Special operations are sometimes associated with unconventional warfare , counter insurgency operations against Insurgency insurgents , operations against Guerrilla warfare guerrillas or Irregular military irregular forces , low intensity operations , and foreign internal defense . Special operations may be carried out by conventional forces but are often carried out by special operations ..., commandos, and special operators. See also United States Marshals Service Special Operations Group ... External links http united states special operations index.1.html List of US Special Operations Forces Category Military operations Category Special forces ja uk ...   more details

  1. Manufacturing operations

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 Manufacturing operations concern the operation of a facility, as opposed to maintenance, supply economics supply and distribution business distribution , health , and safety , emergency response, human resources , security , information technology and other infrastructure infrastructur al support organization s. Personnel that make up operations are Operator profession operators engineer s technician s management This is mainly in a manufacturing setting. DEFAULTSORT Manufacturing Operations Econ stub Category Economics ...   more details

  1. Operations room

    non descriptive Operations Center is a prevalent term. citation needed date October 2011 Regardless ... relative courses and relative speeds. The Operations Room in the naval context brings together .... The Operations Room or Operations Center in other command contexts has the same function, information ... or airplane. Some control, assistance, and coordination functions may be delegated to the operations ... and assets. CIC is sometimes referred to by Operations Specialists as Christ I m Confused . On aircraft carrier s this area is called the combat direction center CDC . Under British usages, an operations ... with the Operations Room they form an Operations Headquarters . ref Flight 1957 referring to the carrier ... the responsibility of the nascent CIC organization necessarily upset the old order of doing ... over time. Modern Operations Room equipment is built up from many connected embedded system s. ref ... CIC DEFAULTSORT Operations Room Category Military computers Category Naval warfare de Operationszentrale ...   more details

  1. International Operations

    Choi and Jim Lee . International Operations International Operations was founded in 1964 as a branch ... worked his way up and became Director of Operations, charged with safeguarding the American people ... killed himself in order to be resurrected as a cloned body of Sigma. While uploading his memories ... to Director of Operations again. Her tenure as Director of I.O. turned out to be a disaster the insane ... finally shut down by the U.S. government. Many I.O. agents now formed their own rogue operations ... Team Achilles , taking various resources from I.O. with him. Internal Operations John Lynch had temporary returned as Director of Operations to I.O. just before it ended to stop the dangerous criminal ... Operations. The goal of the new I.O. was to stop superhuman crime in general and specifically ... and other government agencies. Black Razors I.O. s fighting force, working for the Director of Operations ... when Craven no longer needed him. Deceased. John Lynch comics John Lynch Former Director of Operations ... Director of Operations, former interim Director of I.O., current head of Stormwatch Team Achilles ... aide to John Lynch and Ben Santini, deputy Director of Global Operations. Alicia Turner Former aide ... of Internal Operations. Notable agents Ordered alphabetically Salvador Joel Alonday aka Grail Wildstorm ...   more details

  1. Close operations

    Close operations are operations that are within the commander s area of operation AO in his battlespace see Area of responsibility . Most operations that are projected in close areas are usually against hostile forces in immediate contact and are often the decisive actions. It requires speed and mobility to rapidly concentrate overwhelming combat power at the critical time and place and exploit success. Dominated by fire support , the combined elements of the ground and air elements conduct maneuver warfare to enhance the effects of their fires and their ability to maneuver. As they maneuver to gain positions of advantage over the enemy, combined arms forces deliver fires to disrupt the enemy s ability to interfere with that maneuver. Commanders prioritize fires to weight the main effort and to focus combat power to achieve effects that lead to a decision. The effects of fires can be massed to strike the enemy at the decisive point and time, while reducing the risks to the force entailed in massing maneuver forces at a single point or in a single portion of the battlespace. ref Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication 1 0, Marine Corps Operations , Wash., DC HQMC, 2001 ref References Reflist Category Military operations military stub ...   more details

  1. Sales operations

    Refimprove date September 2011 Sales operations are a set of business activities and processes that help a sales organization run effectively, efficiently and in support of business strategies and objectives. Sales operations may also be referred to as sales operations, sales support or business operations . The set of sales operations activities vary from company to company but often include these nine categories Sales strategy design, planning, execution Measurement of results reporting, analytics & sales data Compensation, sales quota, policies Technology & tools, including CRM Training & sales communication Sales territory design & optimization Contests spiffs Lead generation sales programs Customer segmentation The sales operations team members are often the liaisons for sales to other parts of the organization such as finance , marketing and IT. They will represent the needs of sales in meetings and cross functional projects. Sales operations as a function More and more mid to large size companies are forming sales operations departments within their organizations. and, per the sales operations excellence center, 54 of sales operations groups are less than three years old. In the past, these functions were non existent, handled by sales managers or scattered throughout an organization. Companies are now recognizing the significant benefits of sales operations activities and the need for centralization and formal leadership. Citation needed date September 2011 The benefits of sales operations Sales operations activities help sales leaders make sound and timely business decisions to drive short term and long term performance, help sales leaders align selling resources with the greatest opportunities in the most cost effectiveness cost effective ways, help ensure all ... processes, technology and methodologies, help to improve employee morale Ultimately sales operations ... Sales Operations Excellence Center, a division of Corporate Executive Board http ...   more details

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