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Encyclopedia results for ObjVLisp


Encyclopedia results for ObjVLisp

  1. ObjVlisp

    ObjVlisp is a 1984 object oriented extension of Vlisp with a Reflection computer science Reflective architecture. Metaclasses are First Class The ObjVlisp Model , P. Cointe, SIGPLAN Notices 22 121 156 167 Dec 1987 OOPSLA 87 . References FOLDOC Category Object oriented programming languages Category Lisp programming language family Compu lang stub ...   more details

  1. ObjVProlog

    Orphan date February 2009 Logic programming and Object orientation programming object orientation , an adaptation of the ObjVlisp model to Prolog . ObjVProlog Metaclasses in Logic , J. Malenfant, ECOOP 89, Cambridge U Press 1989, pp.257 269 . FOLDOC Category Object oriented programming languages compu lang stub ...   more details

  1. VLISP

    VLISP refers to at least three distinct items. These are, in no particular order A Lisp programming language Lisp dialect implemented and formalized since 1971 at the University of Paris VIII Vincennes, France. VLISP for U V U incennes U LISP U Interpreter computing interpreter s and compiler s were designed to run on small machines and were extremely fast. This VLISP led to Le Lisp Le Lisp . A formal verification formally verified implementation of the Scheme programming language Scheme programming language Scheme programming language Scheme is a dialect of Lisp programming language Lisp . The Visual Lisp implementation included in recent versions of AutoCAD . See also ObjVlisp References http projects LISP index.html VLISP VLISP U V U incennes U LISP U at the History of LISP project from the Software Preservation Group, edited by Paul McJones. http www.artinfo en issues vlisp index.html VLISP documents U V U incennes U LISP U at ArtInfo MusInfo. J. Guttman, J. Ramsdell, M. Wand. VLISP A Verified Implementation of Scheme . FOLDOC DEFAULTSORT Vlisp Category Lisp programming language family Compu lang stub fr VLISP ...   more details

  1. EuLisp

    Infobox programming language name EuLisp logo File EuLispLogo.png family Lisp programming language Lisp paradigm Multi paradigm programming language multi paradigm Functional programming functional , procedural programming procedural , metaprogramming meta , Object oriented programming object oriented generation 3GL released 1990 designer developer latest release version latest release date latest test version http EuLisp Doc EuLisp 0.991 eulisp.pdf 0.991 latest test date 2010 standard reference http EuLisp Doc EuLisp 0.991 html eulisp.html Latest draft typing strong typing strong , dynamic typing dynamic implementations EuXLisp http Henry EuLisp , Youtoo http Henry EuLisp , Eu2C http Henry EuLisp dialects influenced by Common Lisp InterLisp LeLisp Lisp VM Scheme programming language Scheme T programming language T Common Lisp Object System CLOS , ObjVlisp , Oaklisp Dylan programming language Dylan influenced Dylan programming language Dylan , ISLISP operating system Linux file ext .em EuLisp is a Scope programming statically and Scope programming dynamically scoped Lisp programming language Lisp dialect developed by a loose formation of industrial and academic Lisp users and developers from around Europe. The Standardization standardizers intended to create a new Lisp programming language Lisp less encumbered by the past compared to Common Lisp , and not so Computing minimalism minimalistic as Scheme programming language Scheme . Another objective was to integrate the Object oriented programming paradigm well. Origin Language definition process first began in a meeting in 1985 in Paris and took a long time. The complete specification and a first implementation Interpreter computing interpreted only was available in 1990. Distinguishing features seealso Lisp programming language Its primary characteristics are that it is a Lisp 1 no separate function and variable namespaces , has a CLOS style Common ...   more details

  1. Metaclass

    , OpenC , OpenAda , CorbaScript , ObjVLisp , Object Z , MODEL K , XOTcl , and MELDC . Several ...   more details

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