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Norm Larsen
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Encyclopedia results for Norm Larsen

Norm Larsen

Encyclopedia results for Norm Larsen

  1. Norm Larsen

    . Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Larsen, Norm ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION ... Larsen, Norm Category 1923 births Category 1970 deaths Category American chemists Category American ...Multiple issues cleanup June 2008 unreferenced February 2009 Norman Bernard Larsen 1923 1970 was an industrial chemist whose most famous invention is WD 40 . Born in Chicago in the 1920s, he had an insatiable desire to create things that would help make life easier for people. In his later years, his love of history inspired him to seek techniques to preserve antiquities, saving many treasures. He invented WD 40 while attempting to concoct a formula to displace water , which was causing major problems in Atlas Rockets. Larsen s persistence paid off when he perfected the formula for the water displacer on his 40th try, hence the product name WD 40. A self taught chemist with a background in the paint business, Larsen was just a high school graduate everything he knew he learned by reading books. Much of his collection of antique chemistry books from the 18th and 19th centuries still survives today. When he died he had over a thousand books in his personal library. When Larsen sold WD 40 and Rocket Chemical in the early fifties for a mere 20,000.00 no royalties, no residuals, as he believed he would always be able to invent something better , to Sam Crivello, Gene DeFalco, and two other guys. Larsen went to work for CRC Industries not General Dynamics as their head chemist which would explain why their 5.56 formula is similar to WD 40 . He started his own manufacturing company and consulting firm a few years later outside Philadelphia , and created metal and wood preservation techniques for treasure hunter Mel Fisher , explorer Fred Dickinson of the Santa Maria Foundation, the Smithsonian Institution , the Marine Corps , where he came up with a pellet pack that was very useful ... of the 17th century Swedish ship the Vasa ship Vasa . Larsen also invented a very successful ...   more details

  1. The Norm

    The Norm may refer to The Norm comic strip The Norm comic strip , by Michael Jantze The Norm radio The Norm radio , a former CBC radio show The Norm, a character in the 1989 film Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds See also lookfrom intitle Norm disambiguation disambig ...   more details

  1. Norm

    wiktionarypar norm Norm or NORM may refer to In academia A designated standard of average performance of people of a given age, background, etc. Norm artificial intelligence , a set of statements used to regulate artificial intelligence software Norm philosophy , sentences within philosophy with practical implications Norm social , expected patterns of behaviour and belief, often studied in sociology, social psychology, and a myriad of other academic fields Peremptory norm , a fundamental principle of international law which is accepted by the international community of states as a norm from which no derogation is ever permitted Norm, a statistical concept in psychometrics representing the aggregate ... a subject is compared NORM, an abbreviation for naturally occurring radioactive material s NORM, an acronym ... Norm mathematics , a map that assigns lengths to vectors, with some variations Normed vector space Matrix norm Surface normal , a vector which is perpendicular to a surface Field norm in algebraic number theory and Galois theory Norm of an ideal , the ideal theoretic generalization of the field norm Norm group , a certain subgroup of a group Norm abelian group , generalization of norm to abelian ... , a norm group is a group that is the image of the multiplicative group of a field. People Norm Macdonald b. 1963 , a Canadian comedian Norm Abram , carpenter in the television show This Old House Fictional Norm Peterson , a character in the sitcom Cheers and its spin off Frasier Norm , a character from the Life. Be in it. campaign List of characters in Phineas and Ferb Norm the giant robot man from Phineas and Ferb Miscellaneous The Norm Show , a television series featuring Norm Macdonald as the titular character Grandmaster norm , a chess result required to qualify for an official title Norms ... Oriented Reliable Multicast NORM transport protocol , as defined in RFC 5740 See also The Norm disambiguation Norman disambiguation Normal disambiguation Norma disambiguation disambig da Norm de Norm ...   more details

  1. Larsen

    Larsen may refer to People with the surname Larsen Larsen surname Other Larsen & Toubro , an Indian engineering and construction conglomerate Larsen Bay , in Alaska Larsen Channel , in Antarctica Larsen effect , special kind of feedback which occurs when a loop exists between an audio input and an audio output Larsen Ice Shelf , in Antarctica Larsen Islands , in Antarctica See also Larson disambiguation Larsson Distinguish from Larceny , a form of theft disambig cs Larsen de Larsen es Larsen fr Larsen no Larsen pt Larsen ro Larsen ...   more details

  1. T-norm

    In mathematics , a t norm also T norm or, unabbreviated, triangular norm is a kind of binary operation ... logic . A t norm generalizes intersection set theory intersection in a lattice order lattice and logical conjunction conjunction in logic . The name triangular norm refers to the fact that in the framework ... metric space s. Definition A t norm is a function mathematics function T 0,  1 × 0,  ... element T a , 1 a Since a t norm is a binary operation binary algebraic operation on the interval 0,  1 , infix algebraic notation is also common, with the t norm usually denoted by  math math . The defining conditions of the t norm are exactly those of the partially ordered Abelian monoid ... ordered Abelian monoid L is therefore by some authors called a triangular norm on L . Motivations ... functions. Classification of t norms A t norm is called continuous if it is continuous function ... and right continuity . A t norm is called strict if it is continuous and monotonic function strictly monotone . A t norm is called nilpotent if it is continuous and each x in the open interval 0 ... x n   times equals  0. A t norm math math is called Archimedean if it has the Archimedean ... than those pointwise smaller. In the semantics of fuzzy logic, however, the larger a t norm, the weaker in terms of logical strength conjunction it represents. Anchor Minimum t norm Product t norm Lukasiewicz t norm Drastic t norm Nilpotent minimum t norm Hamacher product t norm Prominent examples Image MinimumTnorm graph contour.png thumb 270px Graph of the minimum t norm 3D and contours Minimum t norm math top mathrm min a, b min a, b , math also called the G del t norm , as it is the standard semantics for conjunction in G del fuzzy logic . Besides that, it occurs in most t norm based fuzzy logics as the standard semantics for weak conjunction. It is the pointwise largest t norm see ... 270px Graph of the product t norm Product t norm math top mathrm prod a, b a cdot b math the ordinary ...   more details

  1. Minkowski norm

    Minkowski norm may refer to The proper length in Minkowski space The norm defined in the tangent bundle of a Finsler manifold The vector p norm The norm defined by a Minkowski functional mathdab ...   more details

  1. Riiser-Larsen

    Riiser Larsen may refer to Hjalmar Riiser Larsen Riiser Larsen Ice Shelf Riiser Larsen Peninsula Riiser Larsen Sea Mount Riiser Larsen disambig ...   more details

  1. Norm Thompson

    Norm Thompson may refer to Norm Thompson American football b. 1945 , American football player in the 1970s Norm Thompson Outfitters , American catalog retailer founded by Norm A. Thompson hndis name Thompson, Norm ...   more details

  1. Karin Larsen

    Karin Larsen may refer to Britt Karin Larsen born 1945 , Norwegian poet Karin Larsen broadcaster born 1963 , Canadian CBC television newscaster Karin Larsen Communist Party candidate , Canadian political candidate hndis Larsen, Katrin ...   more details

  1. Dual norm

    Orphan date November 2009 The concept of a dual norm arises in functional analysis , a branch of mathematics. Let X be a Banach space with norm mathematics norm math cdot math . Then the dual space X is the collection of all continuous function continuous linear functional s from X into the base field which is either R or C . If L is such a linear functional, then the dual norm of L is defined by math L sup L x x in X, x leq 1 . math With this norm, the dual space is also a Banach space . For example, if p , q math 1, infty math satisfy math 1 p 1 q 1 math , then the sup p sup and sup q sup norms are dual to each other. In particular the L2 norm Euclidean norm is self dual p q 2 . Similarly, the Matrix norm Schatten p norm on matrices is dual to the Schatten q norm. Category Linear algebra mathanalysis stub ...   more details

  1. Gromov norm

    In mathematics , the Gromov norm or simplicial volume of a compact oriented n manifold is a norm on the homology theory homology with real coefficients given by minimizing the sum of the absolute values of the coefficients over all singular chains representing a cycle. The Gromov norm of the manifold is the Gromov norm of the fundamental class . It is named after Mikhail Gromov mathematician Mikhail Gromov , who with William Thurston , proved that the Gromov norm of a finite volume hyperbolic manifold hyperbolic n manifold is proportional to the hyperbolic volume. Thurston also used the Gromov norm to prove that hyperbolic volume decreases under hyperbolic Dehn surgery . External links http www.manifoldatlas.him.uni index.php Simplicial volume Simplicial volume at the Manifold Atlas. Category Homology theory Category Norms mathematics geometry stub ru ...   more details

  1. Claus Larsen

    Claus Larsen could refer to one of the following people Claus Bo Larsen , Danish football referee Claus Bj rn Larsen , Danish press photographer Claus Larsen, founder of Danish industrial acts Le ther Strip and Klut disambig ...   more details

  1. Larsen (surname)

    TOCright Larsen IPA da l sn , is a Denmark Danish Norway Norwegian patronymic surname , literally meaning ... Statistics Denmark ref . Larsen may refer to In engineering Henning Holck Larsen , a Dane who was co founder of the Indian engineering firm Larsen & Toubro In exploration Carl Anton Larsen , Norwegian Antarctic explorer Henry Larsen explorer Henry Larsen , Canadian Arctic explorer Torry Larsen , Norwegian adventurer and Arctic explorer In music Brian Larsen , American singer songwriter and producer Flemming Larsen, the drum technician for Lars Ulrich Kim Larsen , Danish rock musician. Libby Larsen born December 24, 1950 , is an United States American composer of contemporary classical music Magnus Larsen , the bass guitar player for the Norwegian pop rock band Di Derre Marit Larsen , a Norwegian singer and songwriter. In sports Art Larsen , American tennis player Don Larsen , American baseball player Gary Larsen , American football player Jens Larsen born 1969 , Danish volleyball player and coach Lyn Larsen , Australian cricketer Preben Elkj r Larsen born 1957 , Danish footballer S ren Larsen , Danish footballer Philip Larsen , Hockey Player, Ficker In other fields Bent Larsen 1935 2010 , Danish chess player Bryan Larsen , American artist David Larsen , American stage actor from Portland, Oregon Emanuel Larsen 1823 1859 , Danish artist Gry Larsen , Norwegian politician Frederick Niels Larsen , Leader of the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Henry Louis Larsen 1890 1962 , American Marine Corps General Governor of American Samoa and Guam Jakob Larsen 1888 1974 , an American classical scholar Jeffrey A. Larsen , American astronomer Ken Larsen , the Personal Choice Party candidate for governor of Utah in 2004 Leif Andreas Larsen Shetland Larsen 1906 1990 , Norwegian naval officer in World War II Matt Larsen , American combatives instructor. Nella Larsen 1891 1964 , novelist Niels G. Larsen , Danish born brewery owner in Mexico Sally Larsen , American ...   more details

  1. Birger Larsen

    Birger Larsen may refer to Birger Larsen footballer born 1941 , former Danish football player Birger Larsen director born 1961 , Danish film director and screenwriter Birger Larsen musician , bassist for the Norwegian blackened death metal band Grimfist band Grimfist hndis Larsen, Birger ...   more details

  1. Don Larsen

    Infobox MLB player name Don Larsen position Pitcher image DonLarsen.jpg width 250 caption Larsen at a Yankees ..., 1956 in Game 5 of the 1956 World Series against the Brooklyn Dodgers Donald James Larsen born August ... pitched from 1953 1967 for seven different teams. Larsen pitched for the Baltimore Orioles St. Louis ... Colt .45 s Houston Astros 1964 1965 , and Chicago Cubs 1967 . Larsen pitched the sixth perfect ... in recognition of his 1956 postseason. Early life Larsen was born in Michigan City, Indiana . Larsen ... father worked as a department store salesman. ref name Paper 11 Paper 2009 , p. 11 ref Larsen attended ..., and was offered several college scholarships to play basketball. ref name Paper 12 In baseball, Larsen ... to play for one of the Browns minor league teams in 1947, with Larsen receiving a 850 signing bonus formatnum Inflation US 850 1947 in current dollar terms .. ref name Paper 12 Larsen, on why he signed ... name Paper 12 Minor league baseball and military career Larsen started his career with the Aberdeen ... Don Larsen Minor League Statistics work Baseball publisher Sports Reference LLC. accessdate ... games. ref name minorstats Larsen started the 1949 season pitching for the Globe Miami Browns of the Class ... B Big State League for the first half of the 1950 season. Larsen was promoted to the Wichita Indians ... season. ref name minorstats With the Indians, Larsen had a 6 4 record with a 3.14 ERA in 21 games. ref name minorstats During that time, Larsen was developing a reputation as a fun loving guy who liked ... 2009 , p. 13 ref In 1951, Larsen was drafted to the United States Army for the Korean War . He spent ... DonLarsen1954bowman.jpg thumb left 200px Larsen as an member of the Baltimore Orioles in 1954. Larsen ... 26 March 2012 ref At the end of his rookie season, Larsen finished with an 7 12 record, 4.16 ERA ... players l larsedo01.shtml title Don Larsen Major League Baseball Stats work Baseball ... for the 1954 Baltimore Orioles season 1954 season . In 1954, Larsen went 3 21 with an 4.37 ...   more details

  1. Lars Larsen

    Lars Larsen may refer to Lars Larsen footballer born 1951 , Danish former footballer born 1951 Lars Larsen footballer born 1978 , Danish footballer for Randers FC born 1978 Lars Larsen footballer born 1970 , Danish footballer for rebro SK born 1970 Lars Larsen entrepreneur , founder of JYSK See also Lars Larson , American conservative talk radio show host Lars Larsson disambiguation hndis Larsen, Lars da Lars Larsen ...   more details

  1. Michael Larsen

    Michael Larsen may refer to Michael Larsen author , Danish author Michael Larsen footballer , Danish footballer who competed at the 1992 Summer Olympics Michael Larsen footballer born 1983 , Danish professional football defender Micheal Larsen, rapper known by the stage name Eyedea . See also Michael Larson , TV contestant hndis Larsen, Michael da Michael Larsen flertydig ...   more details

  1. Norm Peterson

    about the fictional character the politician Norm Peterson politician all plot date February 2012 overly ... br Norm series Cheers image File Norm1.jpg 230px caption George Wendt as Norm Peterson first last ... significantother children relatives religion nationality United States American Hillary Norman Norm ... . Norm s real first name was revealed to be Hillary, named after his grandfather. ref cite news ... 13&sq sam 20malone 20cheers&st cse accessdate 2010 08 16 first Jacques last Steinberg ref Norm appeared ... Sternin . Norm also made one guest appearance each in the three other sitcoms known to be set ... 112wendt The writers revised the script, and Wendt s role, George, expanded and then evolved into Norm ... Prior to the show, Norm was born in Chicago , and moved to Boston to become an accountant, ref Knights .... ref Where Have All The Floorboards Gone? ref Norm previously served in the United States Coast ... Friends, Romans and Accountants ref and becomes a housepainter. Norm was revealed to be an accomplished ... a single bottle. Ironically, even when unemployed, Norm is the bar s best customer. A running gag throughout the series are the numerous jokes made about the enormous size of Norm s tab at Cheers ... experience , Norm convinces her that the tab is a record of the beers for which he has already paid ... calculated by NASA . In the few instances when Norm drinks at another bar, he is immediately kicked out because the bartenders demand an immediate cash payment instead of a tab. Norm s best ... , which when pronounced in Cliff s Boston accent, sounds like Nommy rhyming with Mommy . Norm has ... at Cheers. Norm has a wife named Vera who is often mentioned but her face is never seen. When she ... and at one time her waving from a car which drives past cheers on her and Norm s 15th wedding anniversary. Vera is the brunt of many of Norm s jokes, but on many occasions, Norm has professed secretly an undying love for his wife, or defended her honor. Norm and Vera separated during the second season ...   more details

  1. Schatten norm

    In mathematics , specifically functional analysis , the Robert Schatten Schatten norm or Schatten Von Neumann norm arises as a generalization of p integrability similar to the trace class norm mathematics norm and the Hilbert Schmidt operator Hilbert Schmidt norm. Definition Let math H 1 math , math H 2 math be separable Hilbert spaces, and math T math a linear bounded operator form math H 1 math to math H 2 math . For math p in 1, infty math , define the Schatten p norm of math T math as math T p bigg sum n ge 1 s p n T bigg 1 p math for math s 1 T ge s 2 T ge cdots s n T ge cdots ge 0 math the singular values of math T math , i.e. the eigenvalues of the Hermitian matrix math T sqrt T T math . From functional calculus on the positive operator T T it follows that math T p p mathrm tr T p math Remarks The Schatten norm is unitarily invariant for math U math and math V math unitary operators, math U T V p T p math Notice that math 2 math is the Hilbert Schmidt norm see Hilbert Schmidt operator and math 1 math is the trace class norm see trace class . An operator which has a finite Schatten norm is called a Schatten class operator and the space of such operators is denoted by math S p H 1,H 2 math . With this norm, math S p H 1,H 2 math is a Banach space, and a Hilbert space for p 2 . Observe that math S p H 1,H 2 subseteq mathcal K H 1,H 2 math , the algebra of compact operator s. This follows from the fact that if the sum is finite the spectrum will be finite or countable with the origin as limit point, and hence a compact operator see compact operator on Hilbert space . Category Operator theory ...   more details

  1. Henry Larsen

    Henry Larsen may refer to Henry Larsen explorer , Canadian Arctic explorer CCGS Henry Larsen , Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker Henry Larsen Norwegian rower , Norwegian rower at the 1912 and 1920 Summer Olympics Henry Larsen Danish rower , Danish rower at the 1948 Summer Olympics Henry Kristian Larsen , Danish field hockey player Henry Louis Larsen , United States Marine Corp General and Governor of Guam See also Harry Larsen , Danish rower at the 1936 Summer Olympics hndis Larsen, Henry fr Henry Larsen ...   more details

  1. Matrix norm

    In mathematics , a matrix norm is a natural extension of the notion of a vector norm to matrix mathematics ... math A math denotes the conjugate transpose of matrix math A math . A matrix norm is a vector norm on math K m times n math . That is, if math A math denotes the norm of the matrix math A math ... for all matrices math A math and math B math in math K n times n . math A matrix norm that satisfies this additional property is called a sub multiplicative norm in some books, the terminology matrix norm is used only for those norms which are sub multiplicative . The set of all n by n matrices, together with such a sub multiplicative norm, is an example of a Banach algebra . Induced norm If vector norm s on K sup m sup and K sup n sup are given K is field of real number real or complex number s , then one defines the corresponding induced norm or operator norm on the space of m by n matrices ... p . math If m n and one uses the same norm on the domain and the range, then the induced operator norm is a sub multiplicative matrix norm. The operator norm corresponding to the Vector norm p norm p norm for vectors is math left A right p max limits x ne 0 frac left A x right p left x right p . math ... 2 the Euclidean norm and m n square matrices , the induced matrix norm is the spectral norm . The spectral norm of a matrix A is the largest singular value of A i.e. the square root of the largest eigenvalue ... define the subordinate matrix norm on math K m times n math induced by math cdot alpha math on math ... that induce them, giving math Ax beta leq A alpha, beta x alpha . math Any induced norm satisfies ... norm, since in this case the 2 norm is the spectral radius of math A math . For an arbitrary matrix ... vector norms. For example, using the p norm for vectors, we get math Vert A Vert p left sum i 1 m sum j 1 n a ij p right 1 p . , math This is a different norm from the induced p norm see above and the Schatten p norm see below , but the notation is the same. The special case p 2 is the Frobenius ...   more details

  1. Norm entrepreneur

    A norm entrepreneur is someone interested in changing social norms . Cass Sunstein coined the term in his 1996 paper Social Norms and Social Roles . He notes there that existing social conditions can frequently be more fragile than is typically supposed as they depend on social norms to which many may not be strongly allied. Sunstein identifies a category of people, who he calls norm entrepreneurs , who are interested in changing social norms. If they are successful in their endeavors they can produce what he calls norm bandwagons and norm cascades which lead to substantial changes in social norms. ref Sunstein, Cass R. 1996 Social Norms and Social Roles, Columbia Law Review , Vol. 96, No. 4, May, pp. 903 968 ref See also Moral entrepreneur References Reflist Uncategorized date April 2012 ...   more details

  1. Asymmetric norm

    In mathematics , an asymmetric norm on a vector space is a generalization of the concept of a norm mathematics norm . Definition Let X be a real number real vector space. Then an asymmetric norm on X is a function mathematics function p     X     R satisfying the following properties non negativity for all x     X , p x     0 Positive definite function definiteness for x     X , x     0 if and only if p x     p &minus x     0 homogeneous function homogeneity for all x     X and all &lambda     0, p &lambda x     &lambda p x the triangle inequality for all x ,  y     X , p x     y     p x     p y . Examples On the real line R , the function p given by math p x begin cases x , & x leq 0 2 x , & x geq 0 end cases math is an asymmetric norm but not a norm. More generally, given a strictly positive function g     S sup n &minus 1 sup     R defined on the unit sphere S sup n &minus 1 sup in R sup n sup with respect to the usual Euclidean norm , say , the function p given by math p x g x x x , math is an asymmetric norm on R sup n sup but not necessarily a norm. References cite journal last Cobza first S. title Compact operators on spaces with asymmetric norm journal Stud. Univ. Babe Bolyai Math. volume 51 year 2006 issue 4 pages 69&ndash 87 issn 0252 1938 mr 2314639 Category Linear algebra Category Norms mathematics Linear algebra stub ...   more details

  1. Norm form

    Unreferenced date December 2009 In mathematics , a norm form is a homogeneous form in n variables constructed from the field norm of a field extension L K of degree n . That is, writing N for the norm mapping to K , and selecting a basis e sub 1 sub , ..., e sub n sub for L as a vector space over K , the form is given by N x sub 1 sub e sub 1 sub ... x sub n sub e sub n sub in variables x sub 1 sub , ..., x sub n sub . In number theory norm forms are studied as Diophantine equation s, where they generalize, for example, the Pell equation . For this application the field K is usually the rational number field, the field L is an algebraic number field , and the basis is taken of some order ring theory order in the ring of integers O sub L sub of L . DEFAULTSORT Norm Form Category Field theory Category Diophantine equations Category Homogeneous polynomials ...   more details

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