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Encyclopedia results for NGX


Encyclopedia results for NGX

  1. VPN-1 VSX NGX

    Orphan date February 2009 Unreferenced date April 2008 Notability date April 2008 VPN 1 VSX is a software package from Check Point Check Point Software Technologies Ltd , based on Check Point VPN 1 VPN 1 . It allows to create multiple virtual firewalls, each one referred to as a Virtual System capable of processing traffic Firewalling, NAT, VPN, etc according to a separate set of configuration than the other Virtual Systems. VSX stands for Virtual System eXtension. External links For more information, see http products vpn 1 power vsx Category Computer network security ...   more details

  1. Manang Airport

    Infobox Airport name Manang Airport nativename image File Manang Airport.jpg thumb Manang Airport IATA NGX ICAO VNMA center Location map Nepal width 220 float center caption mark Airplane silhouette.svg marksize 10 label Manang Airport position bottom lat deg 28 lat min 38 lat sec lat dir N lon deg 84 lon min 00 lon sec lon dir E small Location of airport in Nepal small center type Public owner operator city served Manang , Nepal location if different than above elevation f 11,000 elevation m 3,353 coordinates coord 28 38 N 84 00 E region NP type airport website metric rwy y r1 number r1 length m 610 r1 length f 2,001 r1 surface footnotes Source ref name GCM GCM VNMA Manang, Nepal VNMA NGX ref Manang Airport airport codes NGX VNMA is an airport serving Manang valley, ref name GCM a town in the Manang district of the Gandaki zone in Nepal . The airport is situated 2,5 kilometer East of Manang town. birds eye distance Facilities The airport resides at an elevation of convert 11000 ft 0 above mean sea level . ref name GCM It has one runway which is convert 610 m 0 in length. The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has been carrying out the runway expansion and improvement work at Manang Airfield. It is hoped that the further improvement of airport will be able to increase the frequency of air flight services to and from this airport. There are no roads in the area and all local traffic is on foot or carried on mule backs. Airlines and destinations airport dest list Nepal Airlines Pokhara ref cite web url http ajadomsch.htm title Schedule Effective from 15 May, 2010 to 30 October, 2010 publisher Nepal Airlines accessdate 9 June 2010 ref Tara Air Kathmandu, Pokhara ref http ref References references External links ASN NGX NGX VNMA Category Airports in Nepal Category Gandaki Zone pl Port lotniczy Manang ...   more details

  1. Nggwahyi language

    Infobox language name Nggwahyi nativename states Nigeria region Borno State speakers 2,000 date 1995 ethnicity familycolor Afro Asiatic fam2 Chadic languages Chadic fam3 Biu Mandara languages Biu Mandara fam4 Biu Mandara A languages A fam5 Bura Marghi languages Bura Marghi fam6 Marghi ? iso3 ngx Nggwahyi Ngwaxi, Ngwohi is a minor Chadic language of Nigeria. It may be one of the Marghi languages. Category Biu Mandara languages Category Languages of Nigeria BiuMandara lang stub Nigeria stub ...   more details

  1. Check Point VPN-1

    NG AI R54 . Most recently, the version name has changed to NGX . The product is licensed in several ... while VPN 1 Pro provided more configurability. In NGX R62, the branding was changed to VPN 1 ... http press 2005 express ci 041105.html accessdate 2007 03 14 ref NGX R60 Aug 2005 ... NGX Version branches NGX R60A NGX R61 Mar 2006 Windows 2000 and 2003 Solaris 8, 9 and 10 RHEL 3.0 2.4 kernel , IPSO 3.9, 4.0 and 4.0.1, SecurePlatform NGX NGX R62 Nov 2006 Windows 2000 and 2003 Solaris 8, 9 and 10 RHEL 3.0 2.4 kernel , IPSO 3.9 and 4.1, SecurePlatform NGX NGX R65 Mar 2007 Windows ..., SecurePlatform, SecurePlatform 2.6 Version branches NGX R65 with Messaging Security Dec 2007 , ref ... protocols. Starting NGX R70 this feature has been rebranded as IPS. br Quality of service ... br Content Inspection Starting with NGX R65 this new feature has been introduced providing 2 services ...   more details

  1. Precision Manuals Development Group

    NGX has been permanently halted. Aircraft PMDG has created nine aircraft for Flight Simulator ... 400X . The http pages product ngx.html PMDG Boeing 737 NGX is for Flight ... 1900D 737NG Boeing 737 800 900 NGX 04AUG11 Boeing 747 747 400 747 400 737NG Boeing 737 600 700 Extension ...   more details

  1. Ronald Alepian

    Ronald Alepian born July 17, 1970 is Vice President and Group Head, Marketing and Corporate Communications http blogs streetwise tmx hires nortel marketing executive article1179753 for the TMX Group , which owns Toronto Stock Exchange , TSX Venture Exchange , Natural Gas Exchange NGX , Montreal Exchange , Boston Options Exchange BOX , among others. ref TMX Group appoints Ronald Alepian as head of Marketing and Communications http en releases archive June2009 29 c2734.html ref In February 2011, TMX Group announced plans to merge with London Stock Exchange Group. He is known as the founder of CYMA Canadian Youth Mission to Armenia , which he did with the cooperation and support of the late Senator Jacques H bert Canadian politician and the late Senator Shirley Maheu , both of whom sat on CYMA s honorary Board of Directors . ref CYMA Answering the Call, Armenian Reporter http topics Canadian Youth Mission to Armenia ref CYMA operated with the active guidance of Archbishop Hovnan Derderian , then Canadian head of the Armenian Church Disambiguation needed date June 2011 . Prior to TMX, he was head of communications for Nortel ref TMX hires Nortel Marketing Executive http globe investor investment ideas streetwise tmx hires nortel marketing executive article1179753 ref ref Nortel Gets Another New PR Head http 2006 12 22 nortel gets another new pr head ref he was also point man with the media during Nortel s bankruptcy proceedings ref Nortel nears sale of major business units http business local tech wire news story 5055237 ref and of Bell Canada where he was widely quoted in the media, ref Through wind, rain and blackout, The phone works It s Bell s ace vs. Net based phones http main index.php?option content&task view&id 497&Itemid 2 ref ref BCE s revamp continues, files for Telesat IPO by Catherine McLean and Andrew Willis http ...   more details

  1. Commercial products based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    There are a number of commercial products based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL . Information about these products and the version of RHEL they are based on is often difficult to come by, since this fact is not widely publicised. Examples Asianux Asianux 1.0 is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0. Asianux 2.0 is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0. Autodesk Media and Entertainment Autodesk s Smoke software Smoke , IFF software Flame and Autodesk Media and Entertainment Lustre Lustre software all run on HP z800 machines pre configured with a custom RHEL 5 distribution. An additional software package called the Discreet Kernel Unit or DKU is added for additional proprietary device drivers and resources. Avaya Avaya s Communication Manager VoIP PBX software is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4. F5 Networks BIG IP The BIG IP product line runs an operating system derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4. http kb en us solutions public 3000 600 sol3645.html Check Point SecurePlatform Check Point SecurePlatform NG is based on Red Hat Linux 7.2 http techsupport documentation FW 1 VPN 1 performance.html linux Check Point SecurePlatform NGX is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 Check Point SecurePlatform 2.6 has kernel based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and user space based on RHEL 3 http solutions partners downloads HP Agents Installation.pdf Check Point SecurePlatform R70 is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. Check Point SecurePlatform VSX R67 is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2. http dc download.htm?ID 10168 Cisco Cisco Global Site Selector Cisco Unified Communications Manager Crossbeam Systems COS operating system for C series of appliances XOS operating system for X series of appliances Egenera cBlade Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 Egenera BladeFrame OS 3.2 runs kernel 2.4.9 e.39 Egenera BladeFrame OS 4.0 runs kernel 2.4.9 e.43 Oracle Linux http Thales Comput ...   more details

  1. TMX Group

    NGX http www.watt Alberta Watt Exchange World Federation of Exchanges DEFAULTSORT Tmx Group ...   more details

  1. Norseman Gold Mine

    Infobox gold mine name Norseman image width caption pushpin map Australia pushpin label Norseman Gold Mine pushpin map caption Location in Australia latd 32 latm 11 lats latNS S longd 121 longm 46 longs longEW E coordinates region AU WA display inline,title place Norseman, Western Australia Norseman subdivision type States and territories of Australia State state province Western Australia country Australia owner Norseman Gold Plc official website http Norseman website acquisition year 2007 stock exchange Australian Securities Exchange ASX stock code http asx research asxCode&asxCode NGX NGX financial year 2008 09 amount 80,753 opening year 1940s closing year The Norseman Gold Mine is a Gold mining gold mine located at Norseman, Western Australia Norseman , Western Australia . It is operated by Norseman Gold Plc and is Australia s longest continuously running gold mining operation. The Norseman area lies at the southern end of the Norseman Wiluna, Western Australia Wiluna Greenstone Belt . ref name Norse http index.php?option com content&task view&id 16&Itemid 23 The Norseman Project Norseman Gold website, accessed 30 December 2009 ref History Gold was first discovered in the region at Dundas, Western Australia Dundas , 22  km south of present day Norseman, followed in august 1894 by a gold discovery near the future town of Norseman itself, by Laurie Sinclair his brother George Sinclair & Jack Alsopp, the deposit was name the Norseman Reward after his horse, Hardy Norseman . The family came to Western Australia in December 1863 from The shetland Isles. ref name Norse ref name Shire http tourism history.html History Shire of Dundas website, accessed 30 December 2009 ref In 1935, a new era of mining begun for the town, when WMC Resources Western Mining arrived in the region and invested in its infrastructure. ref name Shire Operated by Central Norseman Gold Corpor ...   more details

  1. Fort Allen, Puerto Rico

    , barber shop and a NGX Base Exchange for authorized patrons. External links http state ...   more details

  1. Crossbeam Systems

    FireWall 1, NGX, VPN 1 NGX, FireWall 1 GX, Power 1 VSX, Security Gateway Active IBM Proventia IPS Active ...   more details

  1. Extreme Tiger

    File Tiger in NGX.jpg thumb 150px right Extreme Tiger during a match in NGX Asistencia Asesor a ... ref name ReydeReyes2011 Nuevo Generation Extrema NGX Extreme Championship 2 times ref name XtremeTigerAAA ...   more details

  1. IntercontinentalExchange

    . ref ICE NGX https ngx.jhtml NGX Physical Gas and Power Products Coming to ICE ref ...   more details

  1. Puerto Rico National Guard

    ft m tall. There are barracks that can house military personnel on a temporarily basis, NGX has a Post ..., classrooms, maintenance shops, a community club, a Family Readiness Center, a post barbershop and NGX ...   more details

  1. Puerto Rico Air National Guard

    Readiness Center, a post barbershop and NGX has a Post exchange on base. Units 156th Airlift Wing ...   more details

  1. Nginx

    Lite module not updated since 2008 or since version 1.1.3 using the http en docs http ngx ...   more details

  1. Airline codes-N

    Nigeria NGA Nigeria Airways NIGERIA Nigeria NGR Nigerian Air Force NIGERIAN AIRFORCE Nigeria NGX Nigerian ...   more details

  1. Jos� Antonio Mu�iz

    shops, A Community Club, a Family Readiness Center, a post barbershop and NGX has a Post exchange ...   more details

  1. Armadillo

    wikispecies commons http splat ngx pathfinder templates output articles ...   more details

  1. List of airports in Nepal

    Mahendranagar Airport small valign top Manang VNMA NGX Manang Airport small coord 28 38 N 084 00 E ...   more details

  1. Joey Munoz

    Xtreme NGX Tag Team Championship w Supreme 1 time, 2007 ref name The Rock Superstar kAos cite web url ...   more details

  1. Xhosa language

    small IPA ngc IPA ngx IPA ngq small glottalized nasal small ref per Derek Nurse, The Bantu ...   more details

  1. Phuthi language

    total absence of prenasalised consonant NC sequences as syllable onsets , e.g. nx nkx ngx cf. ng ...   more details

  1. Halloween (wrestler)

    04 12 language Spanish ref Nueva Generacion Xtrema NGX World Tag Team Championship 1 time with Dami n ...   more details

  1. Electrical muscle stimulation

    . Product code http scripts cdrh cfdocs cfPCD classification.cfm?ID 4464 NGX ...   more details

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