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Mendoza, Argentina
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Encyclopedia results for Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza, Argentina

Encyclopedia results for Mendoza, Argentina

  1. Mendoza, Argentina

    name Argentina subdivision type1 Provinces of Argentina Province subdivision name1 Mendoza Province Mendoza subdivision type2 List of departments in Mendoza Department subdivision name2 Capital ... Mendoza IPA es men dosa is the capital city of Mendoza Province , in Argentina . It is located ... contest beauty pageant , where 17 beauty queens from each Departments of Argentina department of Mendoza ... box location Mendoza, Mendoza, Argentina 1981 1990 period metric first Yes single line Yes Jan high ... statistics c03550 title Climate Statistics for Mendoza, Argentina accessdate ... Provincial Executive Building gallery center People See cl People from Mendoza city , Argentina ... de Mendoza Santiago de Chile 1907 V. Blasco Ib nez, Argentina y sus Grandezas Madrid 1910 External ... IMPSA, Metallurgic Industries Provincial capitals of Argentina Category Populated places in Mendoza ... el es Ciudad de Mendoza eu Mendoza Argentina fa fr Mendoza ville ko id Mendoza, Argentina os it Mendoza Argentina he ka la Mendoza Argentina lv Mendosa lt Mendosa lij Mendoza Argentinn a mi Mendoza, Porowini o Mendoza nl Mendoza stad ja no Mendoza pnb pl Mendoza miasto pt Mendoza Argentina ro Mendoza ru ... vi Mendoza, Argentina war Mendoza, Argentina zh ...For the Argentine wine region Mendoza wine Infobox settlement official name Mendoza settlement type City image skyline Mendoza Ciudad.jpg image caption From top to bottom from left to right View of Mendoza ... Provincial Executive Building Provincial Judiciary and Entry to Parque San Mart n. pushpin map Argentina pushpin label position bottom pushpin map caption Location in Argentina pushpin mapsize 200 coordinates ... type leader title Intendant Argentina Intendant leader name V ctor Fayad, Radical Civic Union UCR ... censo2001s2 2 Datos 50000C22.xls title Annual Estimates of the Censo 2008 Resultados provinciales Mendoza ...   more details

  1. America/Argentina/Mendoza

    Infobox tz America Argentina Mendoza is a time zone identifier from zone file of the tz database . The data is as follows tz country code PAGENAMEE tz coordinates PAGENAMEE PAGENAMEE tz comments PAGENAMEE The reference point is Mendoza, Argentina . Covered area The two letter code MZ refers to Mendoza Province . See also Time in Argentina Category Time in Argentina Category Tz database ...   more details

  1. Mendoza

    About the Spanish surname the city in Argentina Mendoza, Argentina other uses Mendoza disambiguation Mendoza is a surname of Basque people Basque origin, also occurring as a place name. It means Cold Mountain , from words in the Basque language , mendi mountain and h otz cold definite article a Mendoza being mendi h otza . When related to Spain , it usually applies to the descendants of the Mendoza ... Roger Lee Mendoza , American economist and scholar In business Eugenio Mendoza , Venezuelan businessman Lorenzo Mendoza , Venezuelan businessman Tom Mendoza , Vice Chairman of NetApp, Inc. and namesake of Notre Dame s business school In the arts and entertainment Amalia Mendoza , Mexican singer Brillante Mendoza , Filipino film director Dayana Mendoza , Miss Universe 2008 Eduardo Mendoza Ceballos , Spanish novelist Grace Jones b. Grace Mendoza , Jamaican American singer, model, actress Hazel Ann Mendoza , Filipina actress Linda Mendoza , American film and television director Lydia Mendoza ... song 50 50 Marco Mendoza , bass player Natalie Mendoza , Hong Kong born Australian actress and musician Rebecca Jackson Mendoza , Australian actress, singer and dancer Thristan Mendoza , Filipino musician In fiction Rodrigo Mendoza , fictional character of the movie The Mission In military C sar Mendoza , Chilean soldier Pedro de Mendoza , conquistador In politics and government Antonio de Mendoza , first Viceroy of New Spain Bernardino de Mendoza , Spanish statesman and ambassador Carlos Antonio Mendoza , acting President of Panama C sar Mendoza , Chilean soldier Crist bal Mendoza , First President of Venezuela Eduardo Mendoza Goiticoa , a Venezuelan cabinet minister and scientist In s Mendoza , wife of Puerto Rico Governor Luis Mu oz Mar n Juan Gonz lez de Mendoza , Spanish minister and historian Leandro Mendoza , Philippine Secretary of Transportation and Communications Pedro Gonz lez de Mendoza , Spanish cardinal and statesman Susana Mendoza , Chicago, Illinois politician Victoria ...   more details

  1. Mendoza (disambiguation)

    Mendoza is a popular Spanish surname. It may also refer to Places Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza Department , surrounding the Argentine Mendoza Mendoza Province , of which the above is the capital Mendoza wine , the Argentine wine region located in the Mendoza province Mendoza River , in Argentina Mendocino, California , a town north of San Francisco Mendocino County, California , a county on the state s north coast Rodr guez de Mendoza Province , in Peru s Amazonas region Mendoza del Valle del Momboy , in Venezuela s Trujillo state Mendoza College of Business , at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, United States Mendoza, Florida a town in Florida, Uruguay Other uses Codex Mendoza , a pre Columbian document of Mexico Jackson Mendoza , short lived Australian pop duo Monkey stick , called mendoza or mendozer a musical instrument Mendoza genus is a genus of jumping spiders Mendoza Line , a baseball term Mendoza wine , from the Argentine province of the same name disambig br Mendoza ca Mendoza desambiguaci de Mendoza es Mendoza fr Mendoza homonymie gl Mendoza hom nimos ko it Mendoza he lt Mendosa reik m s nl Mendoza pl Mendoza pt Mendoza ru sk Mendoza sl Mendoza sv Mendoza olika betydelser uk ...   more details

  1. Greater Mendoza

    Gran Mendoza Greater Mendoza is the name given to the large urban conurbation around the city of Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza in Argentina . The 2001 Census estimated the population of Gran Mendoza as 848,660 ref cite web url http censo2001s2 2 Datos 50000C22.xls title Annual Estimates of the Censo 2008 Resultados provinciales Mendoza publisher INDEC year 2008 accessdate 2010 07 24 ref making it the 4th largest urban conurbation in Argentina. The population of Gran Mendoza represents nearly 54 of the population of Mendoza Province. Component towns class wikitable style text align center Town Department Population align center Guaymall n Department Guaymall n Guaymall n Department 223,365 align center Godoy Cruz, Mendoza Godoy Cruz Godoy Cruz Department 182,563 align center Las Heras, Mendoza Las Heras Las Heras Department 169,248 align center Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza Capital Department, Mendoza Capital Department 110,993 align center Maip , Mendoza Maip Maip Department, Mendoza Maip Department 89,433 align center Luj n de Cuyo Luj n de Cuyo Department 73,058 Total 848,660 References reflist coord missing Argentina Category Metropolitan areas of Argentina Mendoza Category Mendoza Province es Gran Mendoza ...   more details

  1. Argentina

    Use dmy dates date September 2011 For alternative meanings, see Argentina disambiguation and Argentine ... Argentina conventional long name Argentine Republic ref name Nombre common name Argentina image flag ... Red image map Argentina orthographic.svg map width 220px map caption p style margin top 0 margin ... title1 President of Argentina President leader name1 Cristina Fern ndez de Kirchner leader title2 Vice President of Argentina Vice President and President of the Senate leader name2 br Amado Boudou leader title3 Supreme Court of Argentina Supreme Court President leader name3 Ricardo Lorenzetti legislature ... article 77606 argentinas population at 40 117096 says indec title Argentina ...&a title Argentina World Economic Outlook Database, September 2011 publisher date 2006 09 14 ... Argentine peso Peso Dollar sign currency code ARS time zone Time in Argentina ART utc offset 3 date format Common Era CE drives on right trains ride on the left cctld .ar calling code 54 Argentina ... lang es link no Rep blica Argentina IPA es re pu lika a xen tina , is the second largest country in South ... of Argentina provinces and an autonomous city , Buenos Aires . It is the List of countries and outlying ... Hispanophone Spanish speaking nations . Argentina s continental area is between the Andes mountain ... Antarctic Territory United Kingdom , are suspended by the Antarctic Treaty of 1961. Argentina also claims ... Powers Initiative Briefing Paper , GSI ref Argentina is Latin America s third largest economy, ref cite news url http 2 hi americas country profiles 1192478.stm title Argentina country ... United Nations accessdate 2 November 2011 ref Within Latin America, Argentina has the fifth ... 42nd Argentina s economy appears stable, but confidence in financial institutions remains low The 2010 ... of total manufactured goods , and it is classed by investors as an emerging economy . Argentina ... of the Group of 15 G 15 and G 20 major economies . Etymology Main Name of Argentina Argentina is derived ...   more details

  1. Potrerillos, Mendoza

    Image Potrerillos, Mendoza 1 .jpg thumb right 240px Villa Potrerillos, Mendoza, Argentina. Potrerillos is an area of the Luj n de Cuyo Department of the provinces of Argentina province of Mendoza Province Mendoza , Argentina . It includes a number of small settlements along Provincial Routes 82 and 89, National Route 7 Argentina National Route 7 , and the rivers Blanco River Argentina Blanco and Mendoza River Mendoza . The center of Potrerillos is 63 km south from Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza City . Potrerillos used to be a group of farms and agricultural facilities, that gained importance after the railroad system reached it. It then became a residential area, as well as a rest area for temporary residents, and a tourist resort. Image Potrerillos, Mendoza 2 .jpg thumb left 180px The Potrerillos reservoir A large dam on the Mendoza River Presa Embalse de Potrerillos forms an reservoir water artificial lake that measures 12 km in length and 3 km in maximum width. Uphill near its shore, the settlement of Villa Potrerillos, over 1,380 meters above mean sea level , serves as a base for activities such as hiking in the hills surrounding the area , rafting in the river, and paragliding . References commons Category Potrerillos Potrerillos http Turismo Aventura Mendoza Touristic information in Spanish and English http Touristic information in Spanish http maps?ll 32.883333, 68.833333&spn 0.3,0.3&t k Google Maps Potrerillos Dam and Potrerillos Lake http C mara de Turismo de Potrerillos Touristic information in Spanish http Potrerillos Mendoza Touristic information in Spanish coord 32.950 S 69.183 W display title source eswiki Category Mendoza Province Category Resorts in Argentina es Potrerillos Mendoza ...   more details

  1. Governor of Mendoza

    The Constitution 1916 of Mendoza Province , Argentina states that the Executive government executive power of the Province will be led by a citizen chosen as a Governor by the people for a four year term, and not allowed to be re elected for the immediately following term. Before it was constituted as a Province in 1920, Mendoza Province was known as the Province of Cuyo . Before 1813, it was part of C rdoba Province Argentina C rdoba Province . The office of Governor came into existence when the independent Province was created. Since that time Mendoza Province has had almost a hundred Governors, as well as other types of officials in charge of the executive power. The office of the Governor of Mendoza is on the 4th floor of the Government House building, inside the Civic Center of the Mendoza, Argentina City of Mendoza . The Civic Center is a park with administrative buildings of the Executive and Judicial Powers and the Mendoza Province Federal Court. The office of the Governor is commonly known as The Seat of San Mart n , since Jos de San Mart n was one of the first Governors of the Province. This was the only executive office that Jos de San Mart n San Mart n ever held in the history of Argentina. External links http Government of Mendoza in Spanish language Spanish ArgentinaGovernors Category Governors of Mendoza Province ...   more details

  1. Jun�n, Mendoza

    Infobox settlement See Template Infobox settlement for additional fields and descriptions name Jun n native name native name lang es ISO 639 2 code e.g. fr for French. If more than one, use lang instead settlement type List of cities in Argentina Town image skyline image alt image caption image shield shield alt nickname motto image map map alt map caption pushpin map Argentina pushpin label position pushpin map alt pushpin map caption Location of Jun n in Argentina latd 33 latm 08 lats latNS S longd 68 longm 28 longs longEW W coor pinpoint coordinates type region AR type city coordinates display inline,title coordinates footnotes subdivision type List of sovereign states Country subdivision name flag Argentina subdivision type1 Provinces of Argentina Province subdivision name1 Mendoza Province Mendoza subdivision type2 Departments of Argentina Department subdivision name2 Jun n Department, Mendoza Jun n established title established date founder government footnotes leader party leader title leader name unit pref Metric or US or UK area footnotes area total km2 area note elevation footnotes elevation m 657 population footnotes population total 6084 population as of population density km2 auto population demonym juninense population note timezone1 Time in Argentina ART utc offset1 3 timezone1 DST utc offset1 DST postal code type Argentine postal code CPA base postal code ISO 3166 2 AR M 5573 area code type Telephone numbering in Argentina Dialing code area code 54 2623 website http footnotes Jun n is a town in Mendoza Province , Argentina . It is the head town of Jun n Department, Mendoza Jun n Department . The town was founded on January 18, 1859. External links ar mi muni MZA007 es icon http Municipal website Category Populated places in Mendoza Province Category Populated places established in 1859 MendozaAR geo stub es Jun n Mendoza fr Jun n Mendoza pt Jun n Mendoza ...   more details

  1. Mendoza River

    Image Rafting Mendoza River.jpg thumb left Rafting at Mendoza River The Mendoza River is a river in the provinces of Argentina province of Mendoza Province Mendoza , Argentina . ref name refname1 http informa menicircuitostur.htm Argentina Tur stica Mendoza Circuitos Tur sticos ref It is formed in the Andes range between the Aconcagua and the Tupungato , by the confluence of the Vacas, the Cuevas and the Tupungato River s, the last being its major tributary. Image RioMendoza 01.jpg thumb right Mendoza River The upper valley of the Mendoza begins at around 2,600 m above mean sea level , and it is U shaped, of glacier glacial origin. The river reaches Uspallata , then crosses the Precordillera through the Potrerillos, Mendoza Potrerillos Valley , flows along the Cacheuta Canyon and reaches the plain. It forms an arc and turns northeast, finally emptying into the Ba ados de Guanacache , which join the San Juan River Argentina San Juan River , part of the system of the Desaguadero River . The river has a mean flow of 50 m s, and supplies water for the main oasis in the otherwise arid province. Its course through Potrerillos, at about 1,350 m AMSL, features rapid ... destinations along the river. Mendoza River irrigates the Maip C3 BA Department, Mendoza Maip and Luj C3 A1n de Cuyo Department Lujan vineyards, located in Mendoza piedmont, at 30 south latitude. This region hosts 17 of the Mendoza wine Mendoza vineyards , and 360 wineries. ref name refname2 http wine tourism argentina 02 wine routes argentina 05 argentina mendoza.htm Vineyards in the high zone of Mendoza River ref References Reflist coord missing Argentina Category Rivers of Argentina Category Rivers of Mendoza Province M Category Rivers used for whitewater recreation MendozaAR geo stub es R o Mendoza fa fr R o Mendoza ka lt Mendosa up pl Mendoza rzeka ru uk zh ...   more details

  1. Luciana Mendoza

    Luciana Mendoza born 14 March 1990 is a team handball player from Argentina . She plays on the Argentina women s national handball team Argentine national team , and participated at the 2011 World Women s Handball Championship in Brazil. ref cite web url http files CompetitionData 121 PDF ARG.PDF title XX Women s World Handball Championship 2011 Brasil &ndash Team Roaster Argentina publisher International Handball Federation accessdate 15 December 2011 ref References Reflist Argentina squad 2011 World Women s Handball Championship Persondata NAME Mendoza, Luciana ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 14 March 1990 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Mendoza, Luciana Category 1990 births Category Living people Category Argentine handball players Category Handball players at the 2011 Pan American Games Argentina sport bio stub da Luciana Mendoza ...   more details

  1. Maip�, Mendoza

    in Argentina Dialing code area code 54 261 website http footnotes Maip is a city in Mendoza Province , Argentina . It is the capital of the Maip Department, Mendoza Maip Department . It is located a short distance from the provincial capital, Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza ... note timezone1 Time in Argentina ART utc offset1 3 timezone1 DST utc offset1 DST postal code type ... of 89,433 census ar 2001 . See also Mendoza wine External links http VISITE ... building File Mendoza vineyard landscape.jpg A vineyard with the Andes in the background. gallery DEFAULTSORT Maipu, Mendoza Category Populated places in Mendoza Province MendozaAR geo stub es Maip Mendoza fr Maip Mendoza pt Maip ...   more details

  1. Mendoza Province

    Chamber of Deputies of Argentina Deputies leader name1 List of current Argentine deputies Mendoza ... mountain range. Its capital city is the homonymous city of Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza . Covering an area ... 1550 from the Viceroyalty of Peru . In 1561 Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza was founded by the conquistador ... Luis Province San Luis and San Juan Province Argentina San Juan Provinces. Image Mendoza city.jpg ... since Argentina s return to democracy in 1983. Though Mendoza has generally prospered since then, its ... statistics.html ref the Mendoza economy Argentina s fifth largest is, however, quite diversified ... VII. E Democracia. es icon ref Capital Department, Mendoza Capital Department Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza ... Provinces of Argentina Category Mendoza Province Category Wine regions of Argentina Category States ... fa fr Province de Mendoza ko id Provinsi Mendoza Argentina it Provincia ... provincija lmo Mend za pruincia argentina mk mr ms Wilayah Mendoza ...Cleanup date November 2009 Infobox province name Mendoza native name native name lang es settlement type Provinces of Argentina Province image skyline image alt image caption Clockwise from top Mount Aconcagua , Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza City , Monument to the Army of the Andes , on the summit of Cerro de la Gloria , Mendoza wine Mendoza vineyards under the Andes . image flag Flag of Mendoza Province, Argentina.svg border flag alt image seal seal alt image shield Mendoza province COA.png shield alt nickname motto image map Provincia de Mendoza Argentina .svg map alt map caption Location of Mendoza within Argentina pushpin map pushpin label position pushpin map alt pushpin map caption latd latm ... footnotes subdivision type List of sovereign states Country subdivision name Argentina subdivision type1 Capital political Capital subdivision name1 Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza subdivision type2 Departments of Argentina Departments subdivision name2 Political division 18 subdivision type3 Districts ...   more details

  1. Trolleybuses in Mendoza

    in Argentina Mendoza es Trolebuses de Mendoza ...unreliable sources date October 2011 Infobox trolleybus system color name Mendoza trolleybus system system logo image Mendoza trolley.jpg caption An ex Solingen TS trolleybus since withdrawn in Mendoza, 2007. Operation locale Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza , Argentina open Start date 1958 02 14 df y close status Open routes 4 owner operator Empresa Provincial de Transporte de Mendoza EPTM Infrastructure ... de Transportes es icon The Mendoza trolleybus system lang es Sistema de trolebuses de Mendoza is part of the public transport network in Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza , the capital city of Mendoza Province , Argentina . Opened in 1958, the system presently comprises four lines, which link the city centre with some of Greater Mendoza its metropolitan suburbs . History The system traces its origins ..., at the intersection of 9 de Julio and Necochea streets, Dr. Isidoro Bousquet formally opened Mendoza ..., the Empresa Provincial de Transporte de Mendoza EPTM , was the Park line, also known as line number ... Sur Mer, Jorge A. Calle, Per and Godoy streets . ref name los trolebuses The Mendoza trolleybus system has grown in recent years, with the authorization of branches connecting Godoy Cruz, Mendoza Godoy Cruz with Las Heras Mendoza Las Heras , and the bus terminal with the National University of Cuyo . Lines The system currently has four lines. Fleet Past fleet Mendoza s initial trolleybuses ... these German trolleybuses, known as Trolleybus Solingen TS buses, had arrived in Mendoza, the EPTM ... reactivated. All of the TS trolleybuses were provided with new numbers in Mendoza, and in 1997 they were reliveried in blue. Due to their German origins, they were also known in Argentina as los alemanes ... From April 2009, Mendoza s TS trolleybuses were successively replaced. By early March 2010, there were ... lines that were already in service. See also portalbox Buses Argentina List of trolleybus systems ...   more details

  1. Metrotranv�a of Mendoza

    Infobox Public transit name Metrotranv a of Mendoza locale Mendoza, Argentina transit type light rail began operation scheduled for 2012 ended operation system length convert 12.5 km mi abbr on lines 1 vehicles 11 stations 16 ridership track gauge RailGauge sg standard gauge el 600 Volt V Direct current DC , overhead lines reporting marks operator Empresa Provincial de Transporte de Mendoza EPTM owner Mendoza City The Metrotranv a of Mendoza Mendoza Metropolitan Area Tramway, or Mendoza Light Rail will be a public light rail transport system for the city of Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza , Argentina, served by Articulated tram articulated light rail cars operating on newly relaid tracks in former ... See also Rail transport in Argentina Trolleybuses in Mendoza References reflist Related News http ... will run between Mendoza Central Station and General Gutierrez in Maip , in Double track double track ... in Mendoza so far. ref name t&ut jan2012 Stations The Metrotranv a of Mendoza will serve the metropolitan area of Mendoza, which includes the departments of Las Heras, Downtown, Godoy Cruz, Maip and Luj n de Cuyo. Railway line header center UKrail header Metrotranv a of Mendoza line CCCCFF BS table ... in Argentina The following related news is in font color Grey Spanish language Spanish font http ... news proyecto metrotranvia de mendoza Presentation of the Metrotranv a ... of Mendoza http edimpresa 2009 05 06 nota212097.html China offers Mendoza trams 25 cheaper http website index.php?option com content&task view&id ... com content&task view&id 1986&Itemid 176 Metrotranv a works for the city of Mendoza ... of the Metrotranv a will commence coord missing Argentina Urban public transport in Argentina Category Light rail in Argentina Category Mendoza Province es Metrotranv a de Mendoza fr Metrotranv a de Mendoza ...   more details

  1. The Vines of Mendoza

    second acts wine mendoza malbec planting roots.html Harvesting Profits in Argentina s Wine Country ... content article 2009 01 03 AR2009010301199.html The Toast of Argentina. Budget Travel. February 2009. ref ref http Travel story?id 7051645&page 1 Mendoza, Argentina s Wine Country. ABC ... acts wine mendoza malbec planting roots.html Harvesting Profits in Argentina s Wine Country. Forbes. March 2010. ref Pablo Gimenez Riili, Co Founder br Pablo Gimenez Riili , Co Founder, grew up in Mendoza Argentina. After a career in law and real estate, he opened the Gimenez Riili winery with three ... of Argentine Wine. Global Post. March 2009. ref See also Argentine wine Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza Province ... , The Vines of Mendoza is an enterprise that sells private vineyard estate land estates and distributes Argentine wines . It is located in the Uco Valley of Mendoza Province Mendoza , Argentina. ref http dispatch argentina 090302 the rise argentinian wine The Rise of Argentine ...&Ntt Vines of Mendoza Get in Position to Profit. Investors Business Daily. October 2009. ref Private ... Argentine Winery. December 2009. ref ref http dispatch argentina 090302 the rise ... program that ships Argentine wines not often available outside of Argentina to participating parties ... 2030 bewitched by argentinas own napa valley .Retrieved on 10 8 10. ref The Vines of Mendoza Tasting Room is a central tasting room in the region where visitors can taste wines from 90 Argentina wineries. It is located in the Park Hyatt in Mendoza. ref http ?p 1087 10 Questions ... Evans, CEO & Founder br Michael H. Evans Michael Evans established The Vines of Mendoza in 2006 ... In 2006, Riili, with Evans and investors, created The Vines of Mendoza. ref http dispatch argentina 090302 the rise argentinian wine The Rise of Argentinian Wine. Global Post. March 2009. ref Santiago Achaval, Consulting Winemaker Santiago Ach val Santiago Ach val s winery in Mendoza ...   more details

  1. Rivadavia, Mendoza

    . ar mi muni MZA012 Category Populated places in Mendoza Province MendozaAR geo stub ...   more details

  1. Mendoza wine

    other uses Mendoza disambiguation File Provincia de Mendoza, Argentina.png right thumb The Mendoza Province,Argentina The Mendoza Province is one of Argentina s most important Argentina wine wine regions ... sea level . The principal wine producing areas fall into two main Departments of Argentina departments Maip Department, Mendoza Maip and Luj n de Cuyo Department Luj n which includes Argentina s first ... Press, 2006 ISBN 0198609906 ref Mendoza is considered the heart of the winemaking industry in Argentina with the vast majority of large wineries located in the provincial capital of Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza . ref name Wine pg 840 844 A. Domine ed. Wine , pp. 840 844, Ullmann Publishing, 2008 ... Monica grape M nica grown in Sardinia as well as Spain. ref name pozo1 The region of Mendoza Province Mendoza , or historically Cuyo Argentina Cuyo , experienced an unprecedented wine boom in the 19th ... a 50 minute airplane trip from the capital of Mendoza,Argentina. Unlike the nearby maritime influenced ... pg 29 33 Argentina s most highly rated Malbec wines originate from Mendoza s high altitude wine regions ... name flys http mendoza wine malbec wine mendoza malbec WINE TOURS Argentina ... pages Map Argentina new.htm Wine Map of Mendoza Category Argentine wine Category Mendoza Province Category Wine regions of Argentina de Mendoza Weinbaugebiet ... TPStory Travel Sipping and celebrating in Mendoza Globe and Mail, Jan 17th 2004 ref History ... Pozo, Jos del. Historia del vino chileno . pp. 24 34. ref The principal old Mendoza stock Criolla chica ... polos vitivin colas siglos XVI al XX ref The establishment of the Rail transport in Argentina Buenos Aires Mendoza railroad in 1885 ended the lenghty and costly trade with cart s that connected these two regions of Argentina and sparkled development of vineyards in Mendoza. ref name Lacoste Furthermore immigration to Argentina massive immigration to R o de La Plata mainly from Southern Europe increased ...   more details

  1. Alejandro Mendoza

    Notability biography date February 2012 Infobox Politician name Alejandro Mendoza image name Alex Mendoza.JPG imagesize 250px caption Alex Mendoza in Los Angeles , CA on October 16, 2011, the day after his nomination for Vice President of the United States party Socialist Party USA Socialist otherparty birth date Birth date and age 1977 25 4 birth place Riverside, California Riverside , California , United States alma mater Riverside Community College , University of Texas at Dallas religion spouse Louise website children Zyanya Alejandro Alex Mendoza born April 25, 1977 is an American ex United States Marine Corps Marine , owner of a Lawn Lawn care and maintenance lawn care business and democratic ... 2011 10 16 socialist party chooses national ticket ref Mendoza, of Texas, is running with Stewart ... taps stewart alexander for president ref Mendoza is currently serving as the State Chair for the Socialist Party of Texas . Mendoza was born in Riverside, California to parents who immigrated from Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. Mendoza graduated from Palm Springs High School in 1995. Shorty after graduation, Mendoza joined the United State Marine Corps for four years, and served with the most decorated regiment in the Marine Corps, the 5th Marine Regiment. Mendoza moved to Texas shortly after honorably serving in the Marines. Mendoza has spent the previous years working in the Information Technology field and has worked all over the world Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, England, and Argentina . Mendoza is now an independent business owner of a local, sustainable, lawn care business. ref ... 1 January 2012 ref Currently, Alejandro Mendoza is attending University of Texas at Dallas pursuing ... Party USA Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Mendoza, Alejandro ALTERNATIVE NAMES Mendoza, Alex SHORT DESCRIPTION American politician DATE OF BIRTH April 25, 1977 PLACE OF BIRTH Riverside, California DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Mendoza, Alejandro Category Businesspeople ...   more details

  1. Franco Mendoza

    pcupdate 01 45, 14 August 2011 UTC Franco Daniel Mendoza born 18 August 1981 in Sunchales is an Argentina ... to the Primera Divisi n Argentina Argentine Primera . Atl tico were relegated after one season, but Mendoza stayed on with the club until 2005. Mendoza was signed by Primera division side Club Atl tico ... . NAME Mendoza, Franco ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Argentine footballer DATE OF BIRTH 18 August 1981 PLACE OF BIRTH Sunchales , Argentina DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Mendoza, Franco ...Infobox football biography name Franco Mendoza image fullname Franco Daniel Mendoza height convert 1.80 m ftin 0 abbr on birth date birth date and age 1981 8 18 birth place Sunchales , Argentina currentclub Gimnasia y Esgrima de la Plata Gimnasia LP clubnumber position Striker youthyears1 youthclubs1 years1 2000 2005 years2 2005 2006 years3 2006 years4 2007 years5 2007 2008 years6 2008 years7 2009 2010 years8 2010 2011 years9 2011 years10 2011 clubs1 Atl tico de Rafaela clubs2 Club Atl tico Banfield Banfield clubs3 Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba Godoy Cruz clubs4 Atlante F tbol Club Atlante clubs5 Club Atl tico Hurac n Hurac n clubs6 Olimpia Asunci n Olimpia clubs7 Club Sport Emelec Emelec clubs8 Total Chalaco clubs9 Arsenal de Sarand clubs10 Gimnasia y Esgrima de la Plata caps1 70 caps2 14 caps3 ... Plata Gimnasia LP . Mendoza started his playing career in 2000 with Atl tico de Rafaela in the Argentine ... Mexican club Atlante F tbol Club Atlante in 2007. Mendoza joined newly promoted Club Atl tico Hurac n ... football Apertura 2007 , and finished as the clubs topscorer in the tournament. On 2009 Mendoza joined Ecuadorian Club Sport Emelec Emelec . Mendoza has become known for coming off the bench in the 2nd ... and in la Copa Sudamericana 2009. Titles class wikitable Season Team Title 2002 2003 flagicon Argentina ...?ID 12936&SEOFutbolista Mendoza Franco Daniel Argentine Primera statistics http ... Category Expatriate footballers in Ecuador es Franco Daniel Mendoza ...   more details

  1. Alexis Mendoza

    Infobox football biography name Alexis Mendoza image fullname Alexis Antonio Mendoza Barrina height birth date Birth date and age 1961 11 8 birth place Barranquilla , Colombia currentclub clubnumber position Defender football Defender youthyears1 youthclubs1 years1 1983 1990 years2 1990 1992 years3 1993 1996 years4 1997 clubs1 Atl tico Junior Junior clubs2 Am rica de Cali clubs3 Atl tico Junior Junior clubs4 CD Veracruz Veracruz caps1 caps2 caps3 caps4 15 goals1 goals2 goals3 goals4 0 nationalyears1 1987 1997 nationalteam1 Colombia national football team Colombia nationalcaps1 67 nationalgoals1 2 pcupdate April 2008 Alexis Antonio Mendoza Barrina born November 8, 1961 in Barranquilla is a retired football defender who was capped 67 times and scored 2 international goals for Colombia national football team Colombia between 1987 and 1997. ref http miscellaneous col recintlp.html rsssf Colombia record international footballers ref International career Mendoza played one match at the Football World Cup 1994 1994 World Cup , and was an unused substitute for the Football World Cup 1990 1990 World Cup . Mendoza also played in 4 editions of the Copa Am rica in Copa Am rica 1987 1987 , ref http tables 87safull.html rosters rsssf Copa Am rica 1987 ref Copa Am rica ... ref Club career Mendoza played most of his club career for Atl tico Junior Junior . He also played for Am rica ... Colombian league championships. Towards the end of his career Mendoza played for CD Veracruz ... Cup Colombia Squad Copa America 1995 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Mendoza, Alexis ... , Colombia DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Mendoza, Alexis Category 1961 births Category Living ... Category CD Veracruz players Category Expatriate footballers in Argentina Category Expatriate footballers ... 1995 Copa Am rica players Colombia footy bio stub de Alexis Mendoza es Alexis Mendoza fr Alexis Mendoza it Alexis Mendoza nl Alexis Mendoza no Alexis Mendoza pl Alexis Mendoza pt Alexis Mendoza ...   more details

  1. Mendoza Open

    The Mendoza Open , or the Western Open , is a golf tournament on the TPG Tour , the official professional golf tours professional golf tour in Argentina . Founded in 1939, the first two events were held at the Andino Golf Club in Mendoza, Argentina Mendoza , Mendoza Province . The tournament was not played again until 1956, when it was held at the Club de Campo Golf Club in Mendoza, where it has remained except for 1993 and 2009, when the tournament was again played at Andino. In 2010 was played The YPF Classic in Golf Club Andino. Winners class wikitable Year Winner Runner Up 2010 Mauricio Molina Rodolfo Gonzalez, Felix Cordoba 2009 Sebasti n Fern ndez golfer Sebasti n Fern ndez Martin Monguzzi , Gustavo Acosta 2008 colspan 2 No tournament 2007 Rafael Echenique Rub n Alvarez 2000&ndash 06 colspan 2 No tournament 1999 Mauricio Molina 1995&ndash 98 colspan 2 No tournament 1994 Jos C ceres 1993 Armando Saavedra 1992 Antonio Ortiz 1991 Ra l Fretes 1980&ndash 90 colspan 2 No tournament 1979 Raul Travieso 1978 1977 1976 Fidel de Luca 1958&ndash 75 colspan 2 No tournament 1957 Antonio Cerd 1956 Antonio Cerd br Fidel de Luca br Romulado Barbieri tie 1942&ndash 55 colspan 2 No tournament 1941 Marcos Churio 1940 Carlos Blasi 1939 Carlos Blasi External links http TPG Tour &ndash official site golf tournament stub Category Golf tournaments in Argentina ...   more details

  1. Humberto Mendoza

    Infobox Football biography playername Humberto Mendoza image fullname Humberto Antonio Mendoza dateofbirth Birth date and age 1984 10 2 cityofbirth Bucaramanga, Santander countryofbirth Colombia height height meter 1.92 position Defender association football Defender currentclub Real Cartagena clubnumber 2 youthyears1 youthclubs1 years1 2002 2004 years2 2005 2010 years3 2011 years4 2011 clubs1 Atl tico Bucaramanga clubs2 Atl tico Nacional clubs3 Club Atl tico Col n Col n loan clubs4 Real Cartagena caps1 35 caps2 148 caps3 3 caps4 12 goals1 0 goals2 14 goals3 0 goals4 4 nationalyears1 2004 nationalteam1 Colombia national football team Colombia nationalcaps1 12 nationalgoals1 2 pcupdate 18 00, 21 November 2011 UTC Humberto Antonio Mendoza born October 2, 1984 is a Colombia n Association football football Defender association football defender currently playing for Real Cartagena in the F tbol Profesional Colombiano Liga Postobon . Club career Mendoza debuted as a professional in 2002 playing for Atl tico Bucaramanga . He was then transferred to Atl tico Nacional . In January 2011, the defender was transferred to Club Atl tico Col n Col n of Argentina, for his first experience outside his native country. After an unsuccessful six months spell at Col n he returned to Colombia to play for his current club. International career Mendoza s first call for the Colombia national football team was in 2005, to play the 2005 CONCACAF Gold Cup CONCACAF Gold Cup . Honours Club Atl tico Nacional ... mendoza 2008 2009 profile 138 default 90949 Career Stats Colombia Squad 2005 CONCACAF Gold Cup Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Mendoza, Humberto Antonio ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT ... PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Mendoza, Humberto Category 1984 births Category Living people Category ... in Argentina Category Primera Divisi n Argentina players Category Colombian expatriate footballers Colombia footy bio stub es Humberto Mendoza it Humberto Mendoza ...   more details

  1. Eduardo Mendoza

    Eduardo Mendoza may refer to Eduardo Mendoza Ceballos , Spanish novelist Eduardo Mendoza Goiticoa , Venezuelan scientific researcher, politician, and statesman hndis Mendoza, Eduardo ...   more details

  1. Tony Mendoza

    Tony Mendoza may refer to Tony Mendoza politician , California State Assemblyman Tony Mendoza photographer , Cuban American photographer Tony Mendoza artist , Miami based, Cuban American artist hndis name Mendoza, Tony ...   more details

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