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Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency
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Encyclopedia results for Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency

Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency

Encyclopedia results for Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency

  1. Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency

    Infobox Law enforcement agency agencyname Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency nativename Agensi Penguatkuasaan ... sizearea sizepopulation legaljuris Malaysian Maritime Zone governingbody Government of Malaysia constitution1 Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency Act 2004 Act 633 coast guard Yes local military ... http footnotes Refimprove date May 2009 The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency ... for the MMEA. Background The history of the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency began with the report ... Section 4 1 of the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency Act 2004 Act is responsible for the operational ... 5 1 of the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency Act 2004 Act and are considered civil servants under ... links Commons category Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency http Malaysian Maritime ... Mohd Amdan bin Kurish RMN chief1position Director General of Malaysian Maritime Enforcement parentagency ... 2004 and was gazetted on 1 July of the same year. On 15 February 2005, the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement ... Director General of Malaysian Maritime Enforcement A Director General of Malaysian Maritime ... the head of the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Service. The Director General is assisted by three Deputy ... under Section 4 4 . At present the Director General of Malaysian Maritime Enforcement is Admiral ... flagcaption jurisdiction Malaysian Maritime Zone motto Mengawal Melindung Menyelamat mottotranslated ... in the Malaysian Maritime Zone and on the high seas. It is in effect the Coast Guard coast guard of Malaysia . The Agency is not part of nor are there any plans for it be integrated into the Malaysian Armed Forces . The Agency and its members are part of the Malaysian Civil Service and report ... the creation of the Agency. The Agency was formally established with the enactment of the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency Act 2004 Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency Act 2004 Act 633 by the Parliament of Malaysia Malaysian Parliament in May 2004. Subsequently, the Malaysian Maritime ...   more details

  1. Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency Act 2004

    The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency Act 2004 is an act to establish the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency to perform enforcement functions for ensuring the safety and security of the Malaysia Maritime Zone with a view to the protection of maritime and other national interests in that zone. It came into force on 15 February 2005. External links wikisource statute stub malaysia stub Category 2005 in law Category Malaysian legislation ...   more details

  1. Malaysian Maritime Academy

    Malaysian Maritime Academy or Akademi Laut Malaysia ALAM is a maritime training academy in Malaysia . The main campus and training centre are located in Kuala Sungai Baru , Melaka . External links http Malaysian Maritime Academy ALAM website Malaysia stub Category Water transport in Malaysia Category Government of Malaysia main campus at kuala sungai baru, campus at batu rakit c o INSTEP,terengganu. good college to ms Akademi Laut Malaysia ...   more details

  1. Maritime Law Enforcement Academy

    File USCG Maritime Law Enforcement Academy Emblem.jpg right 100px United States Coast Guard Reserve The Maritime Law Enforcement Academy MLEA is a United States Coast Guard school located at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Federal Law Enforcement Training Center FLETC in Charleston, South Carolina . It was created from the relocation and merger of the former Law Enforcement School at Yorktown, Virginia , and the former Boarding Team Member School at Training Center Petaluma Petaluma , California. ref http mlea default.asp MLE Academy website ref Training File Maritime Law Enforcement Academy boarding.jpg thumb right 180px A boarding officer student conducts a mock boarding Courses offered at the MLEA include Boarding Officer Course BOC The purpose of the BOC is to prepare Boarding Officers for the arduous duties associated with enforcing laws and treaties at sea. The course consists of twenty three training days over five weeks and is open to U.S. Coast Guard personnel and foreign naval officers. ref http mlea courses boc.asp Boarding Officer Course ref Boarding Team Member BTM Course The BTM course consists of nine training days over two weeks and trains Coast Guard personnel to serve as Boarding Team Members under the supervision of a Boarding Officer. ref http mlea courses btm.asp Boarding Team Member Course ref Radiation Detection Level II Operators Course This is a three day course that prepares Coast Guard personnel to conduct radiation detection operations on board vessels and ashore. ref http mlea courses radhaz.asp Radiation Detection Level II Operators Course ref Ports, Waterways, and Coastal Security ... 16 19. ref The Academy is also home to the Maritime Enforcement Specialist A school. See also Joint Maritime Training Center References Reflist US Coast Guard navbox Category United States Coast Guard ... and experience necessary to safely conduct Security Boardings and Law Enforcement Ashore at facilities ...   more details

  1. Malaysian Qualifications Agency

    Infobox Organization name Malaysian Qualifications Agency image Malaysian Qualifications Agency logo.png image border size 200px caption map msize mcaption abbreviation MQA motto formation extinction type GO status Statutory body purpose Educational accreditation headquarters Petaling Jaya , Malaysia location region served Malaysia membership language leader title Chairman leader name Tan Sri Dato Dr. Mohamed Salleh Mohamed Yasin main organ parent organization Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia Ministry of Higher Education affiliations num staff num volunteers budget website http remarks The Malaysian Qualifications Agency Agensi Kelayakan Malaysia or the MQA is a statutory body in Malaysia set up under the Malaysian Qualifications Act 2007 to accredit academic programs provided by educational institutions providing post secondary or higher education and facilitate the accreditation and articulation of qualifications. The role of MQA The main role of the MQA is to implement the Malaysian Qualifications Framework MQF as a basis for quality assurance of higher education and as the reference point for the criteria and standards for national qualifications. Specifically, the functions of the MQA are ref Malaysian Qualifications Agency http eng introduction.cfm MQA In Brief ref To implement MQF as a reference point for Malaysian qualifications To develop standards and credits and all other relevant instruments as national references for the conferment ... under the Malaysian Qualifications Agency Act 2007. See also Education in Malaysia Malaysian Qualifications ... http Malaysian Qualifications Agency Category Education in Malaysia Category School ... and articulation of qualifications To maintain the Malaysian Qualifications Register MQR The MQA also evaluates foreign qualifications and assesses it for equivalency with Malaysian secondary school ... from the jurisdiction of the MQA. History Under Malaysian law, all institutions of higher education ...   more details

  1. Malaysian National Space Agency

    About the Malaysian National Space Agency the Indonesian Department of Transport state enterprise Angkasa Pura Infobox Space agency name Malaysian National Space Agency native name Agensi Angkasa Negara ... URL URL The Malaysian National Space Agency MNSA Malay language Malay Agensi Angkasa Negara , ANGKASA is the national space agency of Malaysia . It was established in 2002 and its ... by Muslim astronauts for instance, how can one face the qibla while orbit ing the Earth . The Malaysian National Space Agency, in co operation with other Malaysian agencies, developed the Guidelines ... and coordinated efforts by developing and applying space technologies. The agency is headed ... abroad. Tiung SAT Tiung SAT is the first Malaysian Miniaturized satellite microsatellite . The satellite ... 3875, formerly Binariang Satellite Systems Sdn. Bhd. , is a Malaysian communications satellite operator ... Bhd. RazakSAT RazakSAT is a high resolution Malaysian Low Earth Orbit LEO satellite that was launched ... says federal auditor ref Angkasawan program The Angkasawan program was an initiative by the Malaysian government to send a Malaysian to the International Space Station on board Soyuz TMA 11 . The program ... becoming the first Malaysian in space on October 10, 2007. The program was officially announced ... of Sukhoi SU 30MKM fighter jets for the Royal Malaysian Air Force. Under this agreement the Russian ... Shukor becoming the first Malaysian in space on October 10, 2007. The evidence suggests that the main ... greater interest in Maths and Science. At the launch,the Malaysian Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Seri Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis said It is not merely a project to send a Malaysian into space ... Malaysian Goes Into Space, Nation Sets History October 10, 2007. ref Later, Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis was more ... Malaysian Conf. Probes How Muslim Astronauts Pray ref of scientists and religious authorities ... Equator ial spaceport in Tawau in Sabah in Malaysian part of Borneo island. ref http ...   more details

  1. Specialist law enforcement agency

    A specialist law enforcement agency is a law enforcement agency which specialises in the types of laws it enforces, or types of activities it undertakes, or geography it enforces laws in, or these in combination. The specialisation may be imposed voluntarily by policy, consensus with other agencies, or logistical constraints, or it could be imposed legally by law and jurisdiction , or it is result of the historical evolution of the agency, or combinations thereof. For example, some agencies only enforce laws related to tax ation or customs . Other agencies can only operate in certain areas, for example government occupied buildings and land, or on waterways. Some agencies have otherwise unrestricted jurisdiction, but specialise in certain types of operations, for example highway patrol s. Specialities can include Specialist lea type descr institution For example, United States Department of Veterans Affairs Police . Specialist lea type descr border For example, United States Border Patrol . Specialist lea type descr water For example, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Office for Law Enforcement . Specialist lea type descr envher For example, United States Park Police . Specialist lea type descr postal For example, United States Postal Inspection Service . Specialist lea type descr property For example, Polizei beim Deutschen Bundestag . Specialist lea type ... lea type descr vehicle For example, Iowa Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Enforcement Agency . Specialist lea type descr protection For example, Special Protection Group . Specialist lea ... lea type descr nohead 1 nodiv 1 text specialist lea types See Category Specialist law enforcement agencies Specialist law enforcement agencies for a list of specialist agencies. See also Law enforcement organization Category Specialist law enforcement agencies Category Law enforcement law enforcement agency stub ...   more details

  1. Law enforcement agency

    In North American English , a law enforcement agency LEA is a government agency responsible for the enforcement ... agency multinat multinational law enforcement agency fedlea federal law enforcement agency fedpol federal police natlea national law enforcement agency natpol national police relpol religious ... secpol secret police Law enforcement agency jurisdiction Image ACTPol AFP officers & patrol car.jpg ... enforcement agency. LEAs which have their ability to apply their powers restricted in some way are said ... of law enforcement agency jurisdiction Jurisdictionally, there can be an important difference ... , even in official documents. An span id internat international law enforcement agency has jurisdiction ... Interpol . A span id multinat multinational law enforcement agency will typically operate in only ... of ways to provide law enforcement throughout the country. A law enforcement agency s jurisdiction ... of law enforcement agency jurisdiction into operations areas Often a LEA s jurisdiction will be geographically ... in the United States Local policing ref Federal and national law enforcement agency jurisdiction When ... or national. Federal law enforcement agency jurisdiction and responsibilities When the country has ... law enforcement agency . The responsibilities of a federal LEA vary from country to country. Federal ... agency jurisdiction and responsibility A span id natlea national law enforcement agency is a LEA ... federated country. National LEAs are usually divided into Division of law enforcement agency jurisdiction ... law enforcement agency, for example the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation does this. ref name usfbifaq Types of law enforcement agency and responsibility LEAs can be responsible for the enforcement ... countries, the term law enforcement agency when used formally includes agencies other than only police agencies. The term law enforcement agency is often used in the United States United States of America ... responsibilities of a law enforcement agency Other responsibilities of LEAs are typically related ...   more details

  1. Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency

    Infobox law enforcement agency agencyname Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency nativename Kawanihan ng ... of Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency badge badgecaption flag flagcaption imagesize 100px mission ... Drug Enforcement Agency PDEA Filipino Kawanihan ng Pilipinas Laban sa Droga is the lead anti drugs law enforcement agency , responsible for preventing, investigating and combating any narcotic ... within the Philippines . The agency is tasked with the enforcement of the penal and regulatory ... and prevention, it created the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency under the Malaca ang Palace Office of the President . The new law abolished the National Drug Law Enforcement and Prevention Coordinating ... TV show Intelligence agency List of intelligence agencies List of law enforcement agencies References ... operational supervision over drug enforcement units of other law enforcement agencies, and to coordinate ... formedmonthday July 07 preceding1 National Drug Law Enforcement and Prevention Coordinating Center preceding2 Drug Enforcement Units of Philippine National Police PNP , National Bureau of Investigation ... Act of 1972, had been the backbone of the drug law enforcement system in the Philippines. Despite the efforts of various law enforcement agencies mandated to implement the law, the drug problem alarmingly .... Recognizing the need to further strengthen existing laws governing Philippine drug law enforcement ... drug law enforcement system. While the Dangerous Drugs Board remains as the policy making ... BOC CNIU . However, these law enforcement agencies have organized the following anti illegal drugs ... Cabinet rank of Undersecretary, who is responsible for the general administration and management of the agency ... Affairs Service ICFAS Special Enforcement Service SES Preventive Education and Community Involvement ... of RA 9165 and the policies, programs, and projects of the agency in different regions. Regional ... in the field of dangerous drugs, and in any of the following fields law enforcement, law ...   more details

  1. European Maritime Safety Agency

    Infobox organisation name European Maritime Safety Agency image EMSA logo.svg location Lisbon , Portugal formation 2002 ratified leader title Director leader name Willem de Ruiter website http The European Maritime Safety Agency EMSA is a Agencies of the European Union European Union agency charged with reducing the risk of Shipwreck maritime accidents , marine pollution from ships and the Search and rescue loss of human lives at sea by helping to enforce the pertinent EU legislation. It is headquartered in Lisbon . Mission EMSA has the following mission ref Much paraphrased from article 2 of the Regulation EC No 1406 2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 June 2002 establishing a European Maritime Safety Agency , http eur lex pri en oj dat 2002 l 208 l 20820020805en00010009.pdf OJ L 208, 5.8.2002, p.1 PDF , as amended by the Regulation ... a European Maritime Safety Agency , http eur lex pri en oj dat 2004 l 129 l 12920040429en00010005.pdf ... Prestige . It was felt that a specialised technical agency was necessary to overview the enforcement ... maritime it Agenzia europea per la sicurezza marittima hu EMSA nl Europees Agentschap voor maritieme veiligheid no European Maritime Safety Agency pl Europejska Agencja ds. Bezpiecze stwa na Morzu pt ... EU legislation in the field of maritime safety and prevention of pollution by ships assist the Commission in the effective implementation of EU legislation on maritime safety and maritime security, in particular ... of EU legislation help develop a common methodology for investigating maritime accidents provide data on maritime safety and on pollution by ships and help improve the identification and pursuit ... maritime services. History and structure File EMSA building in Lisbon.JPG thumb left 300px New building ... to maritime security in the wake of major shipping disasters in European waters, such as those ... Maritime safety Category Transport and the European Union Category Government agencies established in 2002 ...   more details

  1. Spanish Maritime Safety Agency

    CN 235 SASEMAR.JPG CASA CN 235 maritime patrol aircraft. Image Helicoptero de Salvamento Maritimo ...   more details

  1. Maritime Security Agency

    , Pakistan Category Military of Pakistan Maritime Security Agency Category Paramilitary forces of Pakistan Maritime Security Agency Category Federal law enforcement agencies of Pakistan Category Coast ... military unit unit name Maritime Security Agency image File Pakistan Navy emblem.svg 100px caption ... aircraft transport aircraft tanker The Maritime Security Agency Urdu language Urdu reporting name PMSA is a Law enforcement in Pakistan law enforcement service and the one ... of History accessdate 18 April 2012 ref The Maritime Security Agency is operationally tasked ... having the Admiralty law maritime law enforcement mission with jurisdiction in both domestic and international waters . ref name MSA Directorate of History The Maritime Security Agency is the executive ... September 2011. ref name E Government MSA Mission The mission of Maritime Security Agency states ... to regulate and protect maritime interests of Pakistan sign Maritime Security Agency source ref cite web title Official site url http ref Roles and Functions The Maritime Security Agency has roles in maritime homeland security , maritime national and international law enforcement ... any threat within the Maritime Zones MZ . ref name MSA Functions and Roles The agency performs ... The Maritime Security Agency MSA is usually a paramilitary branch of the Pakistan Navy , not a separate ... under the Ministry of Defence consisting the members of Navy. The Maritime Security Agency ... structure of Maritime Security Agency are same and as equivalent of Pakistan Navy as the officers ... interdiction MIO operation. The Maritime Security Agency is equipped with a one former Pakistan ... and navigation. The Maritime Security Agency currently operates former Pakistan Navy vessels ... Defender Defender similar to the one above in the photo. The Maritime Security Agency operates only .... ref name MSA Directorate of History cite web last MSA title Martime Securty Agency History ...   more details

  1. Maritime and Coastguard Agency

    Image Mcga logo.png thumb The Maritime and Coastguard Agency s Logo The Maritime and Coastguard Agency is a United Kingdom UK executive agency working to prevent the loss of lives at sea and is responsible for implementing British and International maritime law and safety policy. br This involves coordinating search and rescue SAR at sea through Her Majesty s Coastguard HMCG , ensuring that ships meet international and United Kingdom UK safety standards, monitoring and preventing coastal water pollution and testing and issuing Merchant Navy Certificates of Competency licenses for ships officers and crew to STCW requirements. The organisation is led by Alan Massey Sir Alan Massey , its Chief Executive, who took up post in July 2010. ref Organisation Chart http about dftorganisationchart orgchartjune10.pdf , Department for Transport . Retrieved on 2010 08 11. ref The MCA has three distinct outward facing elements provision of search and rescue and prevention activity through Her Majesty s Coastguard , port and flag state control of shipping through a network of Marine Offices and the development of international standards and policy for shipping through the International Maritime Organisation . The MCA has now established an Automatic Identification System AIS network around the UK coast, for real time tracking and monitoring of shipping movements from the shore. Its motto is Safer Lives, Safer Ships, Cleaner Seas . See also Royal National Lifeboat Institution Her Majesty s Coastguard Code of safe working practices British Merchant Navy Merchant Navy External links http Maritime and Coastguard Agency official site References references Department ... of the United Kingdom government Category Maritime transport authorities Category Sea rescue organisations of the United Kingdom Category Department for Transport ja fr Maritime and Coastguard Agency ...   more details

  1. Law Enforcement Agency Resource Network

    Law Enforcement Agency Resource Network LEARN is a website run by the Anti Defamation League ADL designed to help Law enforcement agency law enforcement . It provides news, information and analysis but it also facilitates inquiries, on a daily basis, from law enforcement officials looking for information. It provided key information to the FBI regarding a suspected synagogue firebombing firebomber in Oklahoma City . It supports the ADL fighting hate activity, extremism and terrorism and providing assistance, support and resources on security to the Jewish community. External links http LEARN Homepage with the ADL PDFlink http adl in action gfi irc.pdf Background information 668  Kibibyte KiB application pdf, 684689 bytes Category Anti Defamation League Category Law enforcement websites Website stub law enforcement stub ...   more details

  1. Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency

    Infobox law enforcement agency agencyname Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency nativename nativenamea nativenamer commonname abbreviation fictional patch patchcaption logo Scdea logo.png logocaption badge badgecaption flag flagcaption imagesize motto mottotranslated formedyear 2001 formedmonthday preceding1 dissolved superseding employees volunteers budget legalpersonality country United Kingdom countryabbr UK national federal international divtype Areas divname Scotland divdab subdivtype subdivname subdivdab map ScotlandNational.PNG mapcaption dmap sizearea sizepopulation legaljuris governingbody ... uniformedas stationtype stations website http Agency web site footnotes reference The Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency SCDEA is a Special police force United Kingdom ... footing and renamed it as the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency , funded through ... Organised Crime Agency HM Revenue and Customs Police Intelligence References reflist External links http Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency http Association ... Government de Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency no Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency .... Despite its title, it is formally not a police agency but a police force, whose officers are constables ... Ministers through the Scottish Police Services Authority . The Director of the agency is responsible ... matters. Some functions are shared with the UK national Serious Organised Crime Agency SOCA .... On 17 January, the Police and Fire Reform Scotland Bill was published, which will see the agency merged ... Unit Scottish Witness Protection Unit e crime Unit Scotland History The Scottish Drug Enforcement Agency SDEA was established on 1 Apr 2001. The http legislation scotland acts2006 ... Law enforcement agencies of Scotland Category Organisations based in Scotland Category Police forces ...   more details

  1. National Drug Law Enforcement Agency

    The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency NDLEA is a Federal agency in Nigeria charged with eliminating the growing, processing, manufacturing, selling, exporting, and trafficking of hard drugs. The agency was established by Decree Number 48 of January l990. The NDLEA is present in international airports, seaports and border crossing. It tries to eradicate cannabis by destroying plantings. The NDLEA also targets the leaders of narcotics and money laundering organizations. ref cite web url http intell world nigeria ndlea.htm title National Drug Law Enforcement Agency publisher Global Security accessdate 2009 09 27 ref Drug cultivation Alhaji Ahmadu Giade , the Chairman, NDLEA has described illicit drugs as alien to Nigeria. Cannabis , now locally grown in most states of the federation, was introduced to the country by foreigners. Ms Dagmar Thomas, the Country Representative of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime UNODC , says Nigeria was one of the largest cannabis growers in Africa, with over 8 of the population abusing cannabis. Annual cannabis seizures increased from 126 metric tones in 2005 to 210 metric tones in 2007. ref cite web url http ... 585 grams. ref cite web url http naijafeed 2009 7 7 nigerian drug enforcement agency arrest 50 year old woman wi.html title Nigerian drug enforcement agency arrest 50 year old ... title NIGERIA S NATIONAL DRUG LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY CONVICTED HUNDRED PERSONS IN KATSINA STATE publisher ... Drug Law Enforcement Agency issued a report that identified a cartel of senior NDLEA members ... news africa news nigerian agency arrests guinean woman over illicit drug 2009092235284.html title Nigerian agency arrests Guinean woman over illicit drug date 2009 09 22 publisher Afrique ... of NDLEA in 2008 said the agency had seized N270 million worth of shares from drug barons, as well ... Category Law enforcement in Nigeria ...   more details

  1. Maritime law enforcement agencies in the People's Republic of China

    ChineseText The People s Republic of China PRC operates several separate maritime law enforcement agencies. These services operate ships as well as their own small aviation units to assist their maritime patrol capabilities. Services Coast Guard File China Coast Guard logo.jpg thumb 150px Emblem of the China Coast Guard The China Coast Guard CCG simplified Chinese is the maritime branch of the Public Security Border Troops , a paramilitary police force under the leadership of the Ministry of Public Security of the People s Republic of China Ministry of Public Security MPS . It is staffed by People ... XX , where XX is a number. ref name Information Dissemination 2010 Maritime Safety Administration The China Maritime Safety Administration Chinese is a government agency which coordinates maritime ... Marine Surveillance CMS was created on 19 October 1998 as a paramilitary maritime law enforcement agency under the auspices of the PRC s State Oceanic Administration . It is responsible for law enforcement ... cite news last Feng title A more indepth look at Chinese maritime law enforcement url http ... for the enforcement of laws concerning fishing and maritime resources in PRC territorial waters ... with protecting the maritime environment, natural resources, navigation aids and other facilities, and can carry out maritime surveys. In emergencies, it also engages in search and rescue missions ... newspaper Information Dissemination date 21 August 2010 ref Fisheries Law Enforcement Command The China Fisheries Law Enforcement Command FLEC is an organ of the Fisheries Management Bureau under the Ministry ..., resolving disputes in fishing activities, preventing illegal fishing, and protecting maritime resources. ref name FLEC cite web title China Fisheries Law Enforcement Command FLEC url ... Dissemination 2010 Customs The PRC s General Administration of Customs operates a maritime anti ... Army Navy Category Law enforcement in Taiwan Category Law enforcement agencies of the People s Republic ...   more details

  1. Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency

    Infobox organization name Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency image Nimasa logo.jpg image ... staff num volunteers budget website http remarks The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency NIMASA , formerly the National Maritime Authority NMA is responsible for regulations related to Nigeria n shipping, maritime labor and coastal waters. The agency also undertakes inspections ... was encouraging Nigerians to enter the maritime industry. The agency was enforcing the directive ... was involved in the debate over a proposal to create a Maritime Security Agency MASECA as a successor to the Presidential Implementation Committee on Maritime Safety and Security PICOMSS . The objective ... 2011 url http articles how imo law stalled new maritime security agency 92566 title How IMO Law Stalled New Maritime Security Agency work ThisDay author John Iwori date 3 June ... type status purpose Regulate the maritime industry of Nigerian headquarters Maritime House ... National Maritime Authority The National Maritime Authority NMA , predecessor of NIMASA, was established ..., and the decree recognized the role of maritime cargo carriage in defense. sfn Bassey Dokubo ... . sfn Iheduru 1996 pp 211 In the 1980s and 1990s the National Maritime Authority administered ... entrepreneurs and the National Maritime Authority merely play the role of rent collectors ... Maritime Authority was merged with the Joint Maritime Labour Industrial Council. Both were formerly ... NIMASA, 5 of annual income would support the Maritime Academy of Nigeria MAN and 35 of income would be used to develop maritime infrastructure. sfn Airahuobhor 2011 06 09 The agency provided funding to MAN for a jetty and boat project. sfn Nigerian Compass 2 June 2011 In December 2009 the agency said ... shortage of trained sailors. sfn Ogbuokiri 2010 As of 2011 the agency was still spending large ... NIMASA was mediating between the Seaport Terminal Operators Association of Nigeria and the Maritime ...   more details

  1. Iowa Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Enforcement Agency

    Infobox law enforcement agency agencyname Iowa Office of Motor Vehicle Enforcement commonname abbreviation patch IA Motor Vehicle Enforcement.png patchcaption logo logocaption badge badgecaption flag flagcaption motto mottotranslated mission formedyear 1975 preceding1 Iowa Highway Commission Traffic Weight Officers preceding2 Officers of the Iowa Commerce Commission preceding3 Department of Public Safety Motor Vehicle Investigators dissolved superseding employees volunteers budget country United States divtype State divname Iowa speciality vehicle headquarters Office of Motor Vehicle Enforcement, Ankeny, Iowa sworn 130 chief1name chief1position parentagency Iowa Department of Transportation vehicles1 ... the Iowa Department of Public Safety were combined into the modern Motor Vehicle Enforcement Agency ... omve enforcehistory.htm title Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement History accessdate 2008 04 06 date 2007 05 09 publisher Iowa Department of Transportation ref See also List of law enforcement agencies in Iowa References Reflist DEFAULTSORT Iowa Department Of Transportation Motor Vehicle Enforcement Agency Category State law enforcement agencies of Iowa ... website http omve index.htm Office of Motor Vehicle Enforcement The Iowa Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Enforcement Agency is a law enforcement agency located in the state of Iowa . Like the Iowa State Patrol , the Motor Vehicle Enforcement Agency is a statewide agency, however unlike the Patrol it is primarily concerned with the enforcement of laws and regulations concerning ... appropriate insurance. The officers are certified law enforcement officers, and can assist with other law enforcement duties as required. ref cite web url http omve enforceduties.htm title Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement Officer Duties accessdate 2008 04 06 date 2007 05 09 publisher Iowa Department of Transportation ref There are 131 sworn peace officers in the agency. Like many ...   more details

  1. Enforcement

    Other uses Enforcement disambiguation Enforcement is the processing of set schedules via dispatching to execution . The latency of any type of human work force to escape under avert conditions from set demand for fulfilment with parameter s of punctuality , performance and quality is compensated by procedures of enforcement, as e.g. reminder s admonition discipline disciplinary action demand note hierarchy hierarchical challenge etc. Category Training ru ...   more details

  1. Maritime

    wiktionary maritime Maritime is primarily an adjective that describes objects or activities related to the sea . Maritime or Maritimes as a noun may also refer to Geography The Maritimes , the Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island Primorsky Krai lang en Maritime Province , Russia Music Maritime , a song from Oceanic Isis album Track listing Oceanic Isis album Maritime album Maritime album , by Minotaur Shock Maritime band , an indie pop group See also European Atlas of the Seas International Maritime Organization Maritime history List of maritime colleges List of maritime museums in the United States Al Hashemi II Al Hashemi II Marine Museum in Kuwait , formerly called the Maritime Museum Related terms Fluvial of or relating to a river Lacustrine disambiguation of or relating to a lake Oceanic disambiguation of or relating to an ocean Palustrine of or relating to a marsh disambig de Maritim Adjektiv ja no Maritim sv Maritim ...   more details

  1. The Agency

    The Agency may refer to A nickname for the Central Intelligence Agency The Agency 2001 TV series The Agency 2001 TV series The Agency 2006 TV series The Agency 2006 TV series The Agency Covert Ops The Agency video game The Agency comics The Agency comic book The Agency film The Agency film The Agency , name of the fictional secret government organization in the TV series The Invisible Man 2000 TV series The Agency The Invisible Man . See also Agent disambiguation Agency disambiguation Disambig fr The Agency ...   more details

  1. Agency

    Wiktionary Agency may refer to Agency country subdivision Agency law , refers to a person who acts on behalf of another person. Agency LDS Church Agency sociology , the ability of social actors to make independent choices. Agency philosophy , relating to action theory philosophy . Advertising agency , a service business dedicated to creating, planning and handling advertising for its clients. Employment agency , a business that serves as a representative, acting on behalf of another. Free agency , the availability status of a rostered player on a team or franchise who is a free agent . Government agency , a department of a local or national government responsible for the oversight and administration of a specific function. International agency , an inter governmental body. News agency . Moral agency , capacity for making moral judgments. Structure and agency , ability of an actor to organize future situations and resource distribution. Agency film Agency film , a 1980 film starring Lee Majors . bond finance , a debt security, in which the authorized issuer owes the holders a debt. Organizations Central Intelligence Agency CIA , colloquially called the Agency Food and Drug Administration FDA , colloquially called the Agency International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA when context allows this abbreviation without ambiguity official term for internal use Places Agency, Iowa , USA Agency, Missouri , USA Agency, Montana , USA See also Agent disambiguation Agency Township disambiguation The Agency disambiguation disambig bg de Agency es Agencia fr Agence it Agenzia nl Agency ja pl Agency pt Ag ncia th tr Ajans vo Agency ...   more details

  1. Law enforcement

    Law enforcement broadly refers to any system by which some members of society act in an organized ... offenders. ref name ILE K ren M. Hess, Christine Hess Orthmann, Introduction to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice 2008 , p. 1. ref Furthermore, although law enforcement may be most concerned with the prevention .... Organizations See also Category Law enforcement agencies List of law enforcement agencies Most law enforcement is conducted by some type of law enforcement agency , with the most typical agency fulfilling this role being the police . Societal investment in law enforcement through such organizations ... professionally engaged to perform those functions. ref name ILE Law enforcement agencies tend to be limited ... organizations for example, in the United States , each state has its own statewide law enforcement ... in any state. Various specialized segments of society may have their own internal law enforcement ... 11, 2001, U.S. Congress and the present Administration have granted law enforcement considerable new powers in the enforcement and prevention of terrorism related crime. Collectively labeled ..., arbitrary application of sanctions, and violation of privacy laws. One of federal law enforcement ... 40sessionmgr13&bdata JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ 3d 3d db i3h&AN 16409560 ref See also Outline of law enforcement structured list of topics related to law enforcement, organized by subject area Coming into force Law enforcement organization Law enforcement agency powers Specialist law enforcement agency Law and order politics Law enforcement and society Secret police Law disambiguation Police disambiguation References reflist External links wiktionary law enforcement Category Law enforcement Africa topic Law enforcement in Asia topic Law enforcement in North America topic Law enforcement in Europe topic Law enforcement in South America topic Law enforcement in lt Teis s taikymas ru zh simple Law enforcement ...   more details

  1. Malaysian English

    ?id 474426 Malaysian National News Agency ref The suffix lah , a very common feature in Manglish ...Distinguish2 Manglish Life in Malaysia Original research date July 2007 Refimprove date May 2007 Malaysian English MyE , formally known as Malaysian Standard English MySE , is a form of English language English used and spoken in Malaysia as a second language. Malaysian English should not be confused with Malaysian Colloquial English which is famously known as Manglish , a portmanteau of the word Malay and English, or Street English. Features Malaysian English is generally Rhotic and non rhotic accents non rhotic , regardless of the fact that all IPA r s are pronounced in native Malay. Malaysian ... Eastern British English, Malaysian English employs a broad A accent, as such words like cab and tab ... of English fricatives H dropping h dropping in words like head. Malaysian English does not have ... mesolect English. Malaysian English belongs to mesolect, and it is Malaysian English that is used ... form of Malaysian English. It is the most common form of spoken English on the street, but is discouraged at schools where only Malaysian Standard English is taught. Imported words are actually minimal ... effect. Malaysian English and British English In the first half of the 20th century, Malaysian English was exactly similar to British English BrE albeit spoken with a Malaysian accent . However in the post colonial era after 1957 , the influx of American TV programmes has influenced the usage of Malaysian ... and standard usage of Malaysian English, because after independence, Malay language Malay replaced ... which is a compulsory subject for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia Malaysian Certificate of Education the English Language paper set by the Malaysian Ministry of Education is the same as the English ... Times , the oldest English language daily in Malaysia is often used as the reference point for Malaysian ..., Malaysian English is descended from British English, largely due to the country s British Malaya ...   more details

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