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Encyclopedia results for MAI Basic Four

MAI Basic Four

Encyclopedia results for MAI Basic Four

  1. MAI Basic Four

    File Basic Four terminal.jpg right thumb Terminal for a MAI Basic Four minicomputer MAI Basic Four sometimes written as BasicFour or Basic 4 refers to a variety of Business Basic , the computers that ran it, and the company that sold them its name given variously as MAI Basic Four Inc., MAI Basic Four Information Systems, and MAI Systems Corporation . Basic Four Corporation was created as a subsidiary of Management Assistance, Inc. in Irvine, California . Basic Four sold small business minicomputers that were assembled from Microdata Corporation CPUs. MAI Basic Four Business Basic was one of the first commercially available business BASIC interpreters. MAI Basic Four the company originally sold minicomputer s but later offered superminicomputer s and microcomputer s. The computers ran a proprietary operating system, with the BASIC interpreter integrated. In 1988, Wall Street financier Bennett S. LeBow , who had acquired a controlling interest in the company, used it as a platform for an unsuccessful attempted hostile takeover of much larger Prime Computer . ref cite web url http gst fullpage.html?res 940DE0D8133CF937A15752C1A96E948260&n Top 2fReference 2fTimes 20Topics 2fPeople 2fL 2fLeBow 2c 20Bennett 20S. title COMPANY NEWS MAI Basic Pursues Prime Computer author Associated Press date November 24, 1988 work New York Times accessdate April 12, 2011 ref The Basic4 system was utilized by many small banks and credit unions. It was only when the system ran out of dates, due to a design flaw in the operating system, that the company died. Citation needed date April 2010 References Reflist External links http topic mai systems corporation History of MAI http mai M.A.I. S10 Basic Four microcomputer system description Category BASIC interpreters Category Defunct computer companies of the United States de MAI Systems ...   more details

  1. Mai

    Wiktionary mai Mai Mai may refer to Given name Mai Arabic name , an Arabic female name Mai or Maj, a Swedish female name from Maja, a nickname for Maria, see Mary given name Mai, a female Vietnamese name Mai, the title of Sayfawa dynasty kings of Chad Mai, Old French for Maia mythology Maia , the Italic goddess of spring, the daughter of Faunus, and wife of Vulcan Omai , also known as Mai, the first person from the Pacific Islands to visit Europe Mai Charoenpura , a Thai pop singer from Bangkok Mai Kadowaki , a Japanese seiy Mai Hoshimura born 1981 , a J pop singer under the Sony Music Japan label Mai Hagiwara born 1996 , a J pop singer under Hello Project and a member of C ute Mai singer born 1984 , formerly known as Ruppina, J Pop singer Mai Kuraki born 1982 , a J pop singer Mai Matsumuro , born 1983 , a Japanese singer, composer and a former member of J pop band Dream Mai Yamada , Japanese actress Mai Yamane , born 1958 , a Japanese English language blues singer Mai Zetterling , Swedish actress and film director Surname Mai Chinese surname , the Chinese surname simplified , pronounced Mak in Cantonese Mai Ch N m , the Vietnamese pronuciation of Mei surname Jeannie Mai , American makeup artist, fashion expert, actress, and TV personality Fictional characters Mai, a supporting List of Avatar The Last Airbender characters Mai character from the television show Avatar The Last Airbender Mai, List of Dragon Ball characters Emperor Pilaf one of Pilaf s henchmen in Dragon Ball Mai, a main List of Popotan characters Mai character from the anime and eroge game in Popotan Mai Kawasumi, a List of Kanon characters Mai Kawasumi character from the visual novel, anime, and manga in Kanon Mai Kuju, from Mai the Psychic Girl , a 1985 manga Mai Mish , co protagonist of Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star Mai Shiranui , a character in The King of Fighters series of video games Mai Taniyama, a Ghost Hunt Characters character in the anime and manga Ghost Hunt Mai Tokiha , the title ...   more details

  1. Mai-Mai

    disambiguation The term Mai Mai or Mayi Mayi refers to any kind of community based militia group active ... term Mai Mai include armed forces led by warlords, traditional tribal elders, village heads, and politically motivated resistance fighters. Because Mai Mai have had only the most tenuous internal cohesion, different Mai Mai groups allied themselves with a variety of domestic and foreign government and guerilla groups at different times. The term Mai Mai does not refer to any particular movement, affiliation or political objective but to a broad variety of groups. The Mai Mai were particularly ... and conflicts caused large numbers of town dwellers to form Mai Mai. Although the Mai Mai, either as a group ... has been problematic for the peace process. Mai Mai in North and South Kivu Image Zaire 97 kivus.jpg thumb 400px right East central DRC According to a 2001 UN report, 20,000 to 30,000 Mai Mai were active in the two Kivu provinces. The two most powerful and well organized Mai Mai groups in the Kivus ... the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo and are widely viewed by other Mai Mai groups as the leaders, though not the commanders, of the Kivu Mai Mai. A number of smaller Mai Mai groups, such as the Mudundu ... and Masisi north of Goma were the centres of Mai Mai activity in North Kivu. In South Kivu ... Shabunda , between the Rwandan border and Kindu. Mai Mai outside of the African peninsula There was a large Mai Mai presence in Maniema , in particular around Kindu and Kalemie . Province Orientale also hosts a number of Mai Mai, but these groups were apparently involved in long standing ethnic disputes. Mai Mai and the mountain gorillas In May 2007, Mai Mai killed two wildlife officer s in Virunga National Park and threatened to kill mountain gorilla s if the government retaliated. The Mai Mai ... weapons. Leaders A former leader of the Mai Mai, G d on Kyungu Mutanga , turned himself over to MONUC ... groups in the Congo wars de Mai Mai es Mai Mai fr Ma Ma it Mai Mai ja ru ...   more details

  1. Basic

    wiktionary basic Basic may refer to Computing BASIC , a computer programming language Basic access authentication in HTTP Visual Basic , a computer programming language Visual Basic .NET , a computer programming language based on the .NET Framework Other BASIC countries , Brasil, South Africa, India and China in climate change negotiations Basic cigarette , a brand of cigarettes manufactured by the Altria Group Philip Morris Company Basic chemistry , having the properties of a base Basic dance move , the dance move that defines the character of a particular dance Basic film Basic film , a 2003 film by John McTiernan and starring John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson Basic Instinct , a 1992 erotic thriller by Paul Verhoeven , starring Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone Basic Robert Quine and Fred Maher album Basic Robert Quine and Fred Maher album , 1984 Basic Glen Campbell album Basic Glen Campbell album , 1978 Languages in Star Wars Basic the common intergalactic language Basic , the common intergalactic language in Star Wars British American Security Information Council See also Base disambiguation Bassic Swedish musician and composer Martin Lindhe disambiguation de Basic Begriffskl rung fr Basic ko it Basic ja simple Basic ...   more details

  1. BASIC A+

    Infobox software name BASIC A logo screenshot caption developer Optimized Systems Software Release date 1983 latest release version latest release date operating system Atari 8 bit family Atari 400 800 XL XE Media floppy disk genre BASIC programming language BASIC license Copyright 1983 Optimized Systems Software Proprietary software Proprietary BASIC A was developed by Optimized Systems Software of Cupertino, California , USA , to provide the Atari 8 bit family with an extended BASIC programming language BASIC compatible with, but faster than, the simpler read only memory ROM based Atari BASIC . While Atari BASIC came on an 8 kilobyte KB ROM cartridge, BASIC A was delivered on floppy disk and took 15 KB of the computer s RAM, leaving 23 KB available for user programs in a 48 KB Atari 800. BASIC A was offered at a price of US 80.00 in 1983, including the products OS A and EASMD Editor Assembler , and being an extension of Atari BASIC, came with a supplement to the latter s reference manual as its documentation. In addition to being faster than its ROM bound counterpart, BASIC A provided a number of extra commands for DOS operations, sprite computer graphics player missile graphics, and debugging . See also Turbo Basic XL External links http v2n2 productreviews.html BASIC A product review &ndash by Richard E. DeVore, in ANTIC Vol.2, No.2, May 1983 DEFAULTSORT Basic A Category BASIC interpreters Category Optimized Systems Software de BASIC A es BASIC A it BASIC A ...   more details

  1. BASIC

    About the programming language other uses Basic disambiguation Infobox programming language paradigm ... logo File AtariBasicExample.png frameless caption Screenshot of Atari BASIC , an early BASIC language ... Eugene Kurtz developer latest release version latest release date typing implementations Apple BASIC , Atari BASIC , Sinclair BASIC , Commodore BASIC , Microsoft BASIC , Liberty BASIC , BBC BASIC , TI BASIC dialects influenced by ALGOL 60 , Fortran FORTRAN II , JOSS influenced COMAL , Visual Basic , Visual Basic .NET , Realbasic , GRASS programming language GRASS , AutoIt , AutoHotkey BASIC is a family ... Instruction Code . The original Dartmouth BASIC was designed in 1964 by John George Kemeny and Thomas ... feature, and often part of the firmware of the machine. BASIC remains popular in numerous programming language dialect dialect s and new languages influenced by BASIC such as Microsoft Visual Basic . In 2006, 59 of developers for the .NET Framework used Visual Basic .NET as their only programming language. ref Steven Vaughan Nichols, http c a News Mono brings Visual Basic programs to Linux Mono brings Visual Basic programs to Linux , LinuxDevices, 20 February 2007 ref ... of intense research during the 1960s and 70s. Origin main Dartmouth BASIC The original BASIC ... BASIC , The Jargon File ref BASIC was designed to allow students to write programs for the Dartmouth ..., BASIC concentrated on supporting straightforward mathematical work, with matrix math matrix .... In the following years, as other dialects of BASIC appeared, Kemeny and Kurtz s original BASIC dialect became known as Dartmouth BASIC . Spread on minicomputers As a result of its free availability, knowledge of BASIC became relatively widespread for a computer language and BASIC was implemented ... Equipment Corporation DEC Programmed Data Processor PDP series and the Data General Nova . The BASIC language was also central to the HP Time Shared BASIC system in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and the Pick ...   more details

  1. Business Basic

    Business Basic is the name given collectively to variants of the BASIC computer programming language which were specialised for business use on minicomputers in the 1970s and 1980s. Business Basics added indexed file access methods to the normal set of BASIC commands, and were optimised for other input output access, especially computer terminal display terminal control. The two major families of Business Basic are MAI Basic Four , and Data General Business Basic . In the 1980s, Business Basics were ported from their original proprietary environments to many Unix platforms, and to DOS . In the 1990s, some Business Basics were ported to Linux and Microsoft Windows Windows , and Business Basic integrated development environment s became available. Business Basic continues to be widely used due to the very large base of application software. See also Applesoft BASIC Apple Business BASIC Apple Business BASIC Apple AlphaBasic Alpha Microsystems , AMOS B32 Business Basic Data General Eclipse MV, UNIX, MS DOS BBx BBj Rexon Dartmouth BASIC see also True BASIC Data General Business Basic Data General Nova and later DG minicomputers Hewlett Packard Business Basic HP 3000 minicomputers MAI Basic Four ProvideX Thoroughbred BASIC Production BASIC http My Business Basic http projects mybusinessbasic External links http The Business Basic Page b Business Basic Business Basic at Wikibooks http products ubl Transoft s Universal Business Language http projects mybusinessbasic An open source Business Basic http faq.htm Business Basic FAQ http BASIS International Ltd. http Thoroughbred Software International Inc. Category BASIC programming language family de Business Basic pl Business Basic ...   more details

  1. Mai Dire Mai

    Mai Dire Mai may refer to Mai dire mai An album by Italian singer Anna Tatangelo Mai Dire Mai Alexia Mai Dire Mai a single by Italian singer Alexia disambig ...   more details

  1. Mai Shiranui

    188 July 1997 , p. 76 ref Mai s basic look changes only slightly through most of the Fatal Fury ... of Fighters 99 , the teams were expanded to four members, and so Mai goes to the Fatal Fury ...Infobox VG character name Mai Shiranui image File Mai mi2.png caption Mai Shiranui in NeoGeo Battle Coliseum ... Fan nihongo Mai Shiranui Shiranui Mai is a player character in both the Fatal Fury series Fatal ... appearing in a large number of other games. Since her first appearance in 1992, Mai has been converted ... of women in video games female characters of video gaming in general. Mai Shiranui is the granddaughter ... between the two is often ambiguous usually on the part of Andy . Mai has also studied at her grandfather ... for will o the wisp . Character design Prior to the creation of Mai for Fatal Fury 2 , the Fatal Fury ... to replace him with Mai. Inspiration for Mai s physical appearance and attributes were culled ... ref The characteristic bounce effect of Mai s breasts was inspired by tales of kunoichi female ... Due to censorship, Mai s chest motions were stilled in the international home version of The King of Fighters 94 ref cite web url http english character index.php?num mai title Successive characters Mai work King of Fighters 10th anniversary accessdate 2009 01 22 ref as well .... Mai has been subject to much regional censoring and her famous breast bouncing animation was removed ... or Alive series Dead or Alive series. In KOF Maximum Impact 2 2006 , one of Mai s second outfit color schemes is exactly Andy Bogard s standard palette, even giving Mai blonde hair. Another of her outfits ... , stated that designing Mai s alternate design was one of the ones he felt unforgivable , as he felt ... 21 jp icon ref Shinkiro , an illustrator from The King of Fighters , commented that Mai was the most ... 24 Dead link date September 2010 bot H3llBot ref In video games Fatal Fury Mai stars in Fatal Fury ... 1999 retells the story of Fatal Fury King of Fighters , which originally did not feature Mai. The King ...   more details

  1. Mai Hoshimura

    BLP sources date May 2011 Infobox musical artist See Wikipedia WikiProject Musicians name Mai Hoshimura ... notable instruments Nihongo Mai Hoshimura Hoshimura Mai born April 18, 1981 in Matsue ... with Sony ended. ref http news music 66312 full ref Biography Mai Hoshimura was born ... the piano at the age of four. Her mother, a teacher, had hoped she would become a classical pianist ... left No. align left Information align center 1 align left Soup Mai Hoshimura album Soup Singles Stay With You Mai Hoshimura song Stay With You , Cherish Mai Hoshimura song Cherish , and Get Happy Mai ... 2 align left Joyful Mai Hoshimura album Joyful Singles Believer Mai Hoshimura song Believer , Himawari Mai Hoshimura song Himawari , Melodea , Every song Every , Sunao ni Narenai , and Merry Go Round Mai Hoshimura song Merry Go Round Released January 25, 2006 Rank 70th on Oricon album weekly chart align center 3 align left My Life Mai Hoshimura album My Life Singles Sakura Biyori , Shunkan, Strobe. , Kakegae no Nai Hito e , Regret Mai Hoshimura song Regret , and Hikari Mai Hoshimura song Hikari ... With You Mai Hoshimura song Stay With You Released October 23, 2002 From album Soup Mai Hoshimura album Soup Rank 92nd on Oricon single chart align center 3 align left Cherish Mai Hoshimura song Cherish Released February 19, 2003 From album Soup Mai Hoshimura album Soup Rank 125th on Oricon single chart align center 4 align left Get Happy Mai Hoshimura song Get Happy Released May 14, 2003 Rank 24th on Oricon single chart align center 5 align left Believer Mai Hoshimura song Believer Released December 3, 2003 From album Joyful Mai Hoshimura album Joyful Rank 133rd on Oricon single chart align center 6 align left Himawari Mai Hoshimura song Himawari Released June 9, 2004 From album Joyful Mai ... 16, 2005 From album Joyful Mai Hoshimura album Joyful Rank 122nd on Oricon single chart align center 8 align left Every song Every Released May 25, 2005 From album Joyful Mai Hoshimura album Joyful ...   more details

  1. Chiang Mai

    , more than half the total of Chiang Mai Province . The city is subdivided into four ward division ... can squeeze in four passengers fare increases with distance. Chiang Mai s local bus service was relaunched ...About the city Chiang Mai refimprove date October 2011 Infobox settlement name Chiang Mai official name ... Chiang Mai City.png imagesize image caption Chiang Mai image flag image seal seal size image shield ... map caption Location of in Chiang Mai Province image map1 mapsize1 map caption1 image dot map dot ... type1 Provinces of Thailand Province subdivision name1 Chiang Mai Province subdivision type2 subdivision ... code blank name Airport blank info Chiang Mai International Airport IATA CNX ICAO VTCC blank1 name blank1 info website footnotes Chiang Mai lang th IPA th t i m j Th Chiang Mai.ogg , lang ... significant city in northern Thailand . It is the capital of Chiang Mai Province , a former capital ... Kings of Chiang Mai Kingdom of Chiang Mai from 1774 until 1939. It is located convert 700 km mi 0 abbr ... , a major tributary of the Chao Phraya River . Chiang Mai means new city and was so named because it was the new ... kingdom. In recent years, Chiang Mai has become an increasingly modern city and has been attracting ... in Thai dead link date December 2011 ref Chiang Mai gained prominence in the political sphere in May 2006, when the Chiang Mai Initiative was concluded here between the ASEAN nations and the 3 countries China , Japan , and South Korea . Chiang Mai is one of three Thai cities contending to host ... positioned itself to become a Chiang Mai Creative City Creative City and is considering to apply ... Mai Citylife Chiang Mai a Creativity City by James Austin Farrell . 2011 01 01 . Retrieved on 2011 12 14. ref Chiang Mai s historic importance is derived from its strategic location ... thesaban nakhon of Chiang Mai only covers most parts of the Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai Mueang Chiang Mai district with a population of 160,000, the urban sprawl of the city now extends into several ...   more details

  1. Mai X�, Gio Mai

    with Mai Th , and western borders with social Gio Quang. Administrative divisions Mai X is divided into four main hamlets X m ng X m R c X m Ch X m Soi Mai X Ch nh Communal House Mai X Ch nh Communal ...Wikify date February 2010 Image Mai Xa Communal House.JPG thumb right 250px Panorama of Mai X Ch nh Communal House The Symbol of Village. Image Fishing on Hieu River.jpg thumb right 250px Fishing on Hieu River. Mai X in Vietnamese language Vietnamese Mai X is an ancient village in Gio Mai Commune, Gio Linh District , Quang Tri Province , Vietnam . This village is not only famous for its historical relic but also possessed of traditional fondness for learning on over the world. History Etymology The village s name derives from Sino Vietnamese vocabulary Sino Vietnamese H n T wikt wikt . Village is located where three rivers of the three major rivers in Quang Tri , the Thach Han River , Hieu River and river wing Today. So, trade in marine Mai X is very convenient. And because the village is located along the river so from the new formation, Mai X has quickly become a place teeming with population. In particular, the lord Nguyen Phuc Tan , when he dredged, canalize rivers wing day, the location of Mai X village consecutive become a bustling commercial . Geography Mai X village ... and build a life of no warmth. The following section is a place and put incense altar. Mai X ... rain sunshine, village has degraded, it should be soon restored. Today the village of Mai X ... landscape of Mai X village. This is a primitive forests, many birds that gathers most stork . Speciality Mai X s b n h n, most famous noodle dish appointment. This is a dish is made from small clam ... links http home Official Website vi L ng Mai X L ng Mai X Vietnamese language Vietnamese ... Mai X Ch nh http saigonthubay 2007 9 118928 D ng h Tr ng Quang v cu n gia ph ... L ng Mai X ...   more details

  1. Mai TV

    Today, Fiji Focus, Mai Fiji, Misiki and Digicel InTunes filling up their prime time hours. Mai TV also airs TVNZ News and four hour blocks of Al Jazeera and Australia Network daily. Mai TV is the only ...Infobox TV channel name Mai TV logofile mai tv 1.png logosize 200px logocaption Mai TV logo launch 2006 picture format slogan country Fiji language English language English broadcast area Nationally sister names owner Richard Broadbridge network web http former names share share as of share source terr serv 1 terr chan 1 terr serv 2 terr chan 2 sat serv 1 sat chan 1 sat serv 2 sat chan 2 cable serv 1 cable chan 1 cable serv 2 cable chan 2 Mai TV is a commercial free to air TV network. br based on the Fiji Islands. History The company was founded by Richard Broadbridge in 2006 and began broadcasts in June 2008. It is full privately owned and broadcasts to 80 of the Fiji group of islands. Mai TV s head office is at Garden City Suva. Mai TV owned the exclusive Pacific rights to the 2008 Rugby League World Cup ref http broadcast pi.aspx Official Broadcaster Pacific Island States ref along with rights to some major properties including CSI franchise CSI series , Survivor ... Mai TV secures FIFA World Cup rights ref . In 2011 MAI TV aired three FIFA World .... Mai TV is credited with increasing the profile of football on television and in congunction with Oceania Football Confederation provided LIVE TV and internet coverage of OFC qualifiers. Mai ... faces new competition in Fiji it is well grounded to grow in the region. Mai TV also owns Click ... TV stations for different clients across Oceania. MAI TV outsources all its production needs to SKYLITE ... monthly lifestyle magazine MAI LIFE ref http aboutus.php About MaiTV ref References ... Mai TV http maitv blog.aspx Fiji Times http Skylite http Mai Life Category Television stations in Fiji ...   more details

  1. Marie-Mai

    Infobox musical artist name Marie Mai image Marie Mai en spectacle juillet 2009 .jpg caption Marie Mai ... name Marie Mai Bouchard alias birth date birth date and age mf yes 1984 07 07 death date origin Varennes ... acts Simple Plan , David Usher Marie Mai Bouchard born July 7, 1984 in Varennes, Quebec also known as her stage name Marie Mai , is a French Canadian singer from Quebec . She was initially known ... Background As her father was also a musician, ref name Qu bec Info Musique MARIE MAI cite web url http artistes biographie.asp?artistid 606 title Qu bec Info Musique MARIE MAI Bot generated title ref Marie Mai began her interest in music in her early years when practising piano lessons ... talent. In the following years, she would help Marie Mai improve her singing abilities even further .... On July 1, 2009, Marie Mai performed Mentir and Emm ne Moi for Canada Rocks The Capital held in Ottawa ... album Image Marie Mai Inoxydable.jpg thumb 220pxl right Marie Mai s debut album Inoxydable 2005 Her ... Info Musique MARIE MAI ref name cite web url http lcn artsetspectacles general archives 2007 08 20070829 205108.html title Un deuxi me album pour Marie Mai LCN Culture et .... European tour In the fall of 2006, Marie Mai had already reached the international stage, when she opened for Garou singer Garou for four shows at the Paris Olympia Olympia in Paris where several ... in Paris, Claude Charron , Marie Mai mentioned she was thrilled about the experience and was amazed ... ref Second album Image Marie Mai Dangereuse attraction.jpg thumb left Marie Mai s second album Dangeureuse ... Radio nergie . Marie Mai mentions that her second album is much more personal than Inoxydable ... tu t en ailles You Have to Leave Marie Mai, Fred St Gelais , Antoine Sicotte Inoxydable Stainless ... One More Night Marie Mai Un million d ann es The One That Got Away Fred St Gelais Rien Nothing Dave Richard Marie Mai, Fred St Gelais Take the money Fred St Gelais, Martin Rannou Salaud Bastard Luc ...   more details

  1. Angelo Mai

    infobox cardinalstyles cardinal name Angelo Mai dipstyle His Eminence offstyle Your Eminence See Roman Curia File Angelo Mai.JPG right thumb Angelo Mai. Angelo Mai March 7, 1782&ndash September 8, 1854 was an Italy Italian Cardinal Catholicism Cardinal and philologist . ref CathEncy wstitle Angelo Mai ref He won a European reputation for publishing for the first time a series of previously unknown ancient texts. These he was able to discover and publish, first while in charge of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan and then in the same role at the Vatican Library . The texts were often in parchment palimpsests he was able to read the lower text using chemicals such as Gallic acid . In particular he was able to locate a substantial portion of the long known of and much sought after De re publica of Cicero. Biography He was born of humble parents at Schilpario in what is now the province of Bergamo , Lombardy . In 1799 he entered the Society of Jesus , and in 1804 he became a teacher of classics in the Jesuit college of Naples . After completing his studies at the Collegium Romanum , he lived ... Miollis General Miollis in 1808 necessitated Mai s withdrawal to Milan , where in 1813 he was made custodian .... Works It is on his skill as a reader of palimpsest s that Mai s fame chiefly rests. To the period ... ostensibly the ground of inaccuracies till four years after his death 1858 , is the least satisfactory ... much to be desired. Although Mai was not as successful in textual criticism as in the decipherment ... Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Mai, Angelo ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION ... Mai, Angelo Category 1782 births Category 1854 deaths Category People from the Province of Bergamo Category ... Jesuits Category Members of the Sacred Congregation of the Council de Angelo Mai es Angelo Mai fr Angelo Mai it Angelo Mai la Angelus Mai nl Angelo Mai no Angelo Mai pl Angelo Mai sl Angelo Mai sv Angelo Mai ...   more details

  1. Hoang Mai

    Hoang Mai can refer to Hoang Mai, Hanoi , a district of Hanoi Hoang Mai, Nghe An , a district of Nghe An Hoang Mai politician , a politician in Quebec. disambig geo human name Long comment to avoid being listed on short pages vi Ho ng Mai zh ...   more details

  1. Mai Charoenpura

    Infobox musical artist See Wikipedia WikiProject Musicians name Mai Charoenpura image Maicharoenpura.jpg caption Mai in 2000. image size background solo singer birth name Siriwimol Charoenpura alias birth date birth date and age 1969 1 5 birth place Bangkok , Thailand death date origin instrument genre Pop music Pop , String Thai pop string occupation Singer , actress years active 1980s present label GMM Grammy associated acts website http current members past members notable instruments Siriwimol Mai Charoenpura , lang th born January 5, 1969 , is a Thai people Thai singer and actress. Biography Early life Born in Bangkok , Thailand , she is one of four daughters of Thai actor Surin Charoenpura stage name Ruj Ronnapop and Winee Sontikool. She has three sisters, Venic White, Ploy Charoenpura and Vipavee Maguire, and a half sister, actress Intira Jaroenpura . Mai was educated in England , at Farringtons School. Music career As a singer, since 1989 Charoenpura has released dozens of albums, music videos and performed in many concerts. In 2007, Charoenpura performed in Manchester , for a concert organized by former Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra , to celebrate his ownership of Manchester City F.C. ref cite web title Thai fever hits City date 2007 08 06 publisher The Nation Thailand url http 2007 08 06 headlines headlines 30043848.php accessdate 2007 08 07 ref Acting career Since the 1980s, Charoenpura has acted in numerous roles on Thai television and in films. As an actress, she came to international notice ... IMDb name id 1028605 name Mai Charoenpura Yes, no sorting workaround is needed for Thai names. Please ..., Mai ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1969 01 05 PLACE OF BIRTH chao praya DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Charoenpura, Mai Category 1969 births Category Living people Category Thai singers Category Thai actors Thailand bio stub es Mai Charoenpura nl Mai Charoenpura ...   more details

  1. Mai Th?y

    Infobox Settlement See the Table at Infobox Settlement for all fields and descriptions of usage Basic info name Mai Th y other name native name for cities whose native name is not in English nickname settlement type Communes of Vietnam Commune motto images and maps image skyline imagesize image caption image flag flag size image seal seal size image shield shield size image map mapsize map caption pushpin map the name of a location map as per http wiki Template Location map pushpin label position top pushpin mapsize 300 pushpin map caption Location in Vietnam Location subdivision type Country subdivision name flag Vietnam subdivision type1 Provinces of Vietnam Province subdivision name1 Quang Binh Province subdivision type2 Districts of Vietnam District subdivision name2 L Th y District subdivision type3 subdivision name3 Politics government footnotes government type leader title leader name leader title1 for places with, say, both a mayor and a city manager leader name1 established title Settled established date Area area magnitude unit pref Imperial Enter Imperial, if Imperial metric is desired area footnotes area total km2 ALL fields dealing with a measurements are subject to automatic unit conversion area land km2 See table Template Infobox Settlement for details on automatic unit conversion Population population as of population footnotes population note population total population density km2 population density sq mi population metro population density metro km2 population density metro sq mi population blank1 title Ethnicities population blank1 population density blank1 km2 population density blank1 sq mi General information timezone UTC 7 utc offset 7 timezone DST utc offset DST latd latm lats latNS N longd longm longs longEW E coordinates type ... website footnotes Mai Thuy is a communes of Vietnam commune in the district of Le Thuy , Quang Binh ... Category Communes of Quang Binh Province ia Mai Thuy ms Mai Th y bug Mai Th y vi Mai Th y war Mai Thuy ...   more details

  1. Mai Goto

    Mai Goto may refer to Mai Goto actress , a Japanese people Japanese actress and gravure idol . Mai Goto voice actress , a Japanese seiy voice actress . disambig ko ja ...   more details

  1. Mai Mai Miracle

    Infobox Japanese film name Mai Mai Miracle image border yes caption alt kana romaji Maimai ... Mayuko Fukuda Nako Mizusawa Ei Morisako Manami Honjou These are the four main actors as listed on the Japanese ... 01 22 ref Nihongo Mai Mai Miracle Maimai Shinko to sen nen no mah lit. Mai Mai Shinko ... Film Festival Locarno Films & Screening Schedule Mai Mai Miracle ref It was released in Japan on November 21, ref name mai cite web year 2009 last first work accessdate 2009 08 12 url http www.mai index.html title Mai Mai Miracle Official Website ja icon ref and ultimately had a rare ... 05 08 url http global mai mai miracle dvd english subtitled hong kong version 1023886969 ... more. In the Mai Mai Miracle year of 1955, rice paddies and wheat fields dominated the countryside ... which she calls mai mai in her forehead, which she believes makes her able to imagine things ... in June. ref cite news title Mai Mai Miracle Film s English Subbed Trailer Posted url http news 2009 06 02 mai mai miracle film english subbed trailer posted publisher ... on August 28, ref cite news title Negima, Duel Masters, Penguin no Mondai, Mai Mai Promos url http news 2009 09 02 negima duel masters penguin no mondai mai mai promos ... second trailer on September 16. ref cite news title Mai Mai Miracle Film s 90 Second Trailer Streamed url http news 2009 09 16 mai mai miracle film 90 second trailer streamed ... It was released in Japan on November 21, ref name mai and ultimately had a rare ... of 1950s Japan. Thus Mai Mai Miracle has things in common with Hayao Miyazaki s My Neighbor ... 2010 last first work accessdate 2011 05 08 url http reviews 2010 07 fantasia 2010 mai mai miracle review.php title English language translation of review from 12 July 2010, posted at ... 2010 last first work accessdate 2011 05 08 url http en blog elisabeth mai mai miracle ...   more details

  1. Gio Mai

    unreferenced date March 2010 Gio Mai is a Communes of Vietnam commune of Quang Tri Province , Vietnam . The commune is divided into three villages Mai Xa , Mai Thi , Lam Xuan . coord missing Vietnam Category Communes of Quang Tri Province Vietnam geo stub vi Gio Mai ...   more details

  1. Mai Asada

    BLP sources date June 2009 Infobox figure skater name Mai Asada image Mai Asada 2006 Skate America.jpg caption Mai Asada in 2006 country Japan birth date birth date and age 1988 7 17 residence Nagoya , Japan height convert 1.63 m ftin 0 abbr on weight coach Takeshi Honda ref http profile mai.html Official profile Retrieved 8 May 2010 ja icon ref formercoach Rafael Arutunian , Machiko Yamada , Higuchi Mihoko choreographer Lori Nichol , Tatiana Tarasova formerchoreographer Nikolai Morozov figure skater Nikolai Morozov skating club Grand Prix Tokai FSC retired combined total 141.65 combined date Four Continents Championships 2006 4CC SP score 55.80 SP date ISU Junior Grand Prix 2005 Andorra Cup FS score 89.63 FS date 2006 Skate America Nihongo Mai Asada Asada Mai born July 17, 1988 in Meito ku, Nagoya is a Japanese figure skater . She was the 2004 2005 Japanese Junior Figure Skating Championships Japanese junior national silver medalist . Mai Asada studied ballet before taking up skating at the age of eight or nine. ref name gs060104 cite news url http articles 2003 060104.shtml title Mai Asada Asada is a True Ballerina on Ice first Barry last Mittan date June 1, 2004 work GoldenSkate accessdate April 13, 2011 ref She is the elder sister of Mao Asada , ref cite web url http bios isufs00006587.htm title Biography Mai Asada date 1 April 2009 publisher International Skating Union accessdate 30 April 2011 ref 2008 and 2010 ... 2006 2006 2007 2007 2008 2008 2009 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships Four Continents ... Brilliance on Ice Official website isu name id 00006587 name Mai Asada Commons category Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Asada, Mai ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Figure skater ... Asada, Mai Category 1988 births Category Living people Category People from Nagoya Category ... skating bio stub fr Mai Asada ja ru , zh ...   more details

  1. Volker Mai

    Image Bundesarchiv Bild 183 1987 0611 037, Volker Mai.jpg thumb Volker Mai competing in Neubrandenburg in 1987 Volker Mai born 3 May 1966 in Templin is a former triple jump er who represented East Germany . Representing SC Neubrandenburg , he holds the current World junior records in athletics world junior record with 17.50 metres, achieved on 23 June 1985 in Erfurt. ref http wrecj.htm World Junior Records . GBR Athletics. Retrieved on 2012 01 05. ref Mai won his first international medal at the 1985 European Athletics Indoor Championships , where he cleared 17.14  m to take the bronze medal . ref name EIC http ic ei.htm European Indoor Championships . GBR Athletics. Retrieved on 2012 01 05. ref He then secured a triple jump and long jump double at the 1985 European Athletics Junior Championships held in Cottbus . ref http ic ejm.htm European Junior Championships Men . GBR Athletics. Retrieved on 2012 01 05. ref That same year he ranked second in the triple jump at the 1985 European Cup athletics 1985 European Cup . ref http ic epm.htm European Cup Men . GBR Athletics. Retrieved on 2012 01 05. ref ... Championships . Nationally, he was a four time East German Indoor triple jump champion 1984, 1985, 1987 ... German Indoor Championships . GBR Athletics. Retrieved on 2012 01 05. ref Mai was implicated in state ... . Based upon research of leaked Stasi files, Franke and Berendonk deduced that Mai had undergone ... professor at the University of Florida since 2007. ref http 2011 10 31 volker mai World ... iaaf name 1698 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Mai, Volker ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT ... DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Mai, Volker Category 1966 births Category Living people ... University of Georgia alumni Category People from Uckermark district cs Volker Mai de Volker Mai fr Volker Mai pl Volker Mai ...   more details

  1. Mai Sekiguchi

    Orphan date January 2011 Deleted image removed File Kaori Minami.jpg right thumb 300px Mai Sekiguchi as Kaori Minami in the film Battle Royale . nihongo Mai Sekiguchi Sekiguchi Mai born January 11, 1983 is a Japan ese actress. She played Kaori Minami in Battle Royale film Battle Royale . ref http ohta pro profile se mai index.html Mai Sekiguchi . Ohta Pro . Retrieved on January 22, 2009. ref References reflist External links http ohta pro profile se mai index.html Mai Sekiguchi Ohta Pro imdb name 1179182 ann people 17757 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Sekiguchi, Mai ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1983 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Sekiguchi, Mai Category Living people Category Japanese actors Category 1983 births Japan actor stub ja tl Mai Sekiguchi ...   more details

  1. Megami no Mai

    Infobox single See Wikipedia WikiProject Songs Name Megami no Mai Cover Megami no Mai.jpg Alt Artist Alisa Mizuki Album History Alisa Mizuki Complete Single Collection A side B side Released August 23, 2000 Format Compact Disc single CD single Recorded Genre Pop music Pop Length 4 22 Label Avex Group Avex Tune Writer Tsunku Producer Tsunku Last single Break All Day br 2000 This single Megami no Mai br 2000 Next single Hitomi no Chikara br 2002 Misc nihongo Megami no Mai lit. Goddess Dance is the nineteenth single by Japanese recording artist Alisa Mizuki . It was released on August 23, 2000 as the second single from Mizuki s fourth compilation album History Alisa Mizuki Complete Single Collection . The title track was written and produced by Tsunku , whose background vocals are featured in the choruses of the song. The song served as theme song for the second half episodes 15 24 of the third season of the Fuji TV drama Nurse no Oshigoto , starring Mizuki herself. The single also includes the B side Believe in Your Way, written by Y ko Ebine and ja Kazuhiro Hara and composed and produced by Hara, and a remix of Megami no Mai by ja CHOKKAKU Chokkaku . Chart performance Megami no Mai debuted on the Oricon Weekly Singles chart at number 20 with 17,230 copies sold in its first week. ref name Weekly cite web url http search result.php?kbn js&types rnk&year 2000&month 9&week 1&submit4.x 36&submit4.y 18 title 2000 09 1 accessdate 2011 08 08 language Japanese publisher Oricon ref The single charted for four weeks and has sold a total of 32,740 copies. ref name Run cite web url http music release d 45567 1 title accessdate ... yes extra column Arranger s total length 19 00 title1 Megami no Mai note1 nihongo Goddess Dance ... no Mai Fu Fha Ha H aa Mix lyrics3 Tsunku music3 Tsunku extra3 ja CHOKKAKU Chokkaku length3 4 58 title4 Megami no Mai Instrumental music4 Tsunku extra4 Matsubara length4 4 22 Charts and sales class wikitable ...   more details

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