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Encyclopedia results for Larry Dean

Larry Dean

Encyclopedia results for Larry Dean

  1. Larry Dean

    Infobox NFL player name Larry Dean image image size caption currentteam Minnesota Vikings currentnumber 51 currentpositionplain Linebacker birth date birth date and age mf y 1988 8 7 birth place Tifton, Georgia death date death place heightft 6 heightin 0 weight 226 college Valdosta State University Valdosta State undraftedyear 2011 debutyear debutteam finalyear finalteam pastteams nowiki nowiki Minnesota Vikings NFL Year 2011 present status Active highlights nowiki nowiki None statweek 14 statseason 2011 statlabel1 Tackle football move Tackles statvalue1 8 statlabel2 Quarterback sack Sacks statvalue2 0 statlabel3 Interception American football INTs statvalue3 0 nflnew larrydean 2530498 Larry Dean born August 7, 1988 in Tifton, Georgia is an American football linebacker for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League . He was signed by the Vikings as an undrafted free agent in 2011. He played college football at Valdosta State University Valdosta State . External links http team roster Larry Dean e1155a2b 5993 414e a908 44ab79a3a722 Minnesota Vikings bio Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Dean, Larry ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION American football player DATE OF BIRTH August 7, 1988 PLACE OF BIRTH Tifton, Georgia DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Dean, Larry Category 1988 births Category Living people Category Players of American football from Georgia U.S. state Category American football linebackers Category Valdosta State Blazers football players Category Undrafted National Football League players Category Minnesota Vikings players ...   more details

  1. Dean

    Wiktionary dean Dean may refer to Dean given name Dean surname Title TOC right Dean education Dean Christianity , persons in certain positions of authority within a religious hierarchy The head of a Bar association or equivalent body in some jurisdictions The title is also given less formally to the longest serving member of certain groups, as Dean of the Diplomatic Corps , the most senior ambassador in a country s diplomatic corps Dean of the House disambiguation , the most senior member of a country s legislature Places in Australia Dean, Victoria , Australia in Canada Dean, Nova Scotia , Canada in China De an County , in Jiujiang, Jiangxi, China in the United Kingdom Lower Dean , Bedfordshire, England Upper Dean , Bedfordshire, England Dean, Cheshire , England Dean, Cumbria , England Dean, Devon , England Dean, Dorset , England Dean, Hampshire , England Dean, Lancashire , England Dean, Oxfordshire , England Dean, Somerset , England Dean Village , Scotland Forest of Dean , England in the United States Dean, California Dean, Pennsylvania Dean, Texas Companies Dean Foods , a dairy processor in Dallas, Texas Dean Guitars , manufacturer of guitars and other stringed instruments Other Hurricane Dean USS Dean II SP 98 USS Dean II SP 98 , a United States Navy patrol boat in commission from 1917 to 1918 Dean number a dimensionless group in fluid mechanics, which occurs in the study of flow in curved pipes and channels See also Deane disambiguation disambig Category Place name disambiguation pages cs Dean de Dekan fr Dean it Dean ja pl Dean ujednoznacznienie pt Dean ru sr fi Dean sv Dean ...   more details

  1. Larry

    Infobox Given Name Revised name Larry image imagesize caption pronunciation gender meaning region origin ... style width 25em text align left font size 90 colspan 2 style text align center font size large Larry Gender Male Origin Hella English language English Meaning Laurel crowned From Laurentum, Italy Larry ... be a shortened form of those names. Larry may refer to the following Notable people named Larry Art Larry D. Alexander , Artist Writer Entertainment and media Larry the Cable Guy , stage name of American comedian Daniel Lawrence Whitney Larry Boone , country singer Larry Collins, member of The Collins Kids Larry David , Emmy winning actor, writer, comedian, producer, and film director Larry Emdur , Australian TV host Larry Feign , American cartoonist working in Hong Kong Larry Fine actor , of the Three Stooges Larry Flynt born 1942 , American pornographer Larry Gatlin , country singer Larry Hagman , actor, best known for the TV drama Dallas Larry Kenney , radio DJ and voice actor on Imus in the Morning Larry King , talk show host of Larry King Live on CNN Larry Miller actor , actor and stand up comedian Larry McMurtry , novelist, best known for Lonesome Dove Larry Mullen , drummer and founder of the group U2 Larry Niven , science fiction author best known for Ringworld Larry Wachowski , one half of the Wachowski brothers, directors, most famously for The Matrix series Larry cartoonist , British cartoonist Information technology Larry Ellison , co founder of Oracle Corporation Larry Page , co founder of Google Inc. Larry Sanger , co founder of Wikipedia Larry Wall , creator of the Perl computer language Politics Larry Craig , former Republican US senator from the state of Idaho Larry C. Johnson , former CIA intelligence officer and political commentator M. Larry Lawrence , U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland Larry Wu Tai Chin , Chinese double agent who worked in the CIA Sports American football Larry Csonka , National Football League Hall of Famer Larry Johnson football player ...   more details

  1. T. Dean

    Notability date June 2011 T. Dean full name and details unknown was an England English cricket er who played for Gloucestershire County Cricket Club Gloucestershire . Dean made a single first class appearance for the team, during the 1908 season, against Surrey County Cricket Club Surrey . Dean scored 11 runs in the first innings in which he batted, and 4 runs in the second, in a match curtailed to just a single day s play. External links http Archive Players 29 29027 29027.html T. Dean at Cricket Archive Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Dean, T ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION English cricketer DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Dean, T Category English cricketers Category Gloucestershire cricketers England sport bio stub ta . ...   more details

  1. Dean Rosenthal

    Dean Rosenthal born 1974 is an American composer ref http resources American Composer Timeline.htm American Composer Timeline Bot generated title ref of electronic and instrumental music and a co editor of The Open Space Web Magazine. ref http member Dean Rosenthal.htm Dean Rosenthal Bot generated title ref ref http www.the open webmag.html The Open Space Web Magazine ref His music is associated with American composers Lou Harrison , Tom Johnson , Larry Polansky and John Cage , ref http member Dean Rosenthal.htm ref ref http unbound index.html ref and he has conducted and performed experimental music since 1996. ref lanza, a auditory perceptions.. , Musicworks 65, Summer 1996 ref He has been commissioned to write music by Morton Subotnick and Barbara Galli . ref http member Dean Rosenthal.htm ref His own music, Underpinnings, was released as part of a compilation of postminimalism ref http 03page artiste postmini.htm Pupusse & patrack D s le matin Bot generated title ref in 2007. Our Gazes, a round for 3 voices that sets the poetry of American poet Henry Lyman is published in Rounds Unbound by Frog Peak Music . ref http unbound index.html Rounds Unbound ref Notes references External links http Dean Rosenthal Website & Archive http member Dean Rosenthal.htm Dean Rosenthal at Vox Novus Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Rosenthal, Dean ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1974 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Rosenthal, Dean Category American composers Category Living people Category 21st century classical composers Category 1974 births US composer 20thC stub de Dean Rosenthal ...   more details

  1. Larry Shinn

    Larry Shinn born January 16, 1942 is president of Berea College , Kentucky. Prior to this appointment he was Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dean of Humanities and Head of the Religious Studies Department at Bucknell University . Larry Shinn received his undergraduate degree from Baldwin Wallace College located in Berea, Ohio Berea Ohio . In 1972 he defended his dissertation Krsna s Lila An Analysis of the Relationship of the Notion of Deity and the Concept of Samsara in the Bhagavata Purana and received a Ph.D. in history of religions from Princeton University . Shinn has studied ISKCON Hare Krishnas in America for more than forty years and, among his other writings, published, The Dark Lord, a study of the Hare Krishnas and the cult controversy. ref name Shinn Harvnb Shinn ICJ 1994 loc 2.1 ref Notes Reflist External references http president people larryshinn.asp Office of the President Berea College Prof. Dr. Larry D. Shinn. Publications Krishna Consciousness in the West , David G. Bromley, Larry D. Shinn , 1989 http books?id F EuD3M2QYoC&printsec frontcover&dq Larry Shinn Abingdon Dictionary of Living Religions , Keith Crim, Roger Aubrey Bullard, Larry D. Shinn, 1981 http books?id boQYAAAAIAAJ&dq Larry Shinn The Dark Lord Cult Images and the Hare Krishnas in America by Larry D. Shinn, 1987 http books?id qZhfAAAACAAJ&dq Larry Shinn ICJ reference http icj 2 1 contributors.html ls Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Shinn, Larry ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION college president DATE OF BIRTH January 16 1942 PLACE OF BIRTH Alliance, Ohio DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Shinn, Larry Category American theologians Category American Indologists Category Living people Category Christian writers Category American Methodists Category Berea College faculty Category Bucknell University faculty Category Religion academics Category 20th century theologians Category Princeton ...   more details

  1. Dean of Invention

    primary sources date January 2011 Infobox television show name Dean of Invention image File Dean of Invention Title Screen.jpg Dean of Invention title screen caption show name 2 genre Documentary format creator developer writer director creative director presenter starring Dean Kamen br Joanne Colan ... website title production website Dean of Invention is a television show starring Dean Kamen and Joanne ... tv dean of invention about the show 2.html About Dean Of Invention A New Show Dedicated ... article.cfm?id kamen dean of invention title The Dean of Invention Segway Mastermind Probes Sci Tech s Future author Larry Greenemeier date October 21, 2010 work publisher Scientific ... as fun, accessible, and important. ref name Scientific American At commercial breaks, Dean Kamen made ... tv dean of invention dean of invention episodes meet the microbots.html ... tv dean of invention dean of invention episodes building the bionic body.html title Building ... tv dean of invention dean of invention episodes the mind unchained.html title The Wired Brain ... of humans. ref name Robot Revolution cite web url http tv dean of invention dean of invention episodes robot revolution.html title Robot Revolution author date August 4 ... tv dean of invention dean of invention episodes gonzo for guano.html title Gonzo ... and driverless car s. ref name Forward Motion cite web url http tv dean of invention dean of invention episodes forward motion.html title Forward Motion author date August ... dean of invention dean of invention episodes the future of transit a flying car.html title The Future ... technology digital fact vs fiction dean of invention q and a kamen title Behind the Scenes With Dean Kamen on Dean of Invention author Rob Goodier date October 22, 2010 work publisher Popular ... web url http tv dean of invention dean of invention episodes re gen revolution.html ...   more details

  1. East Dean

    East Dean may refer to East Dean, Gloucestershire East Dean, Hampshire East Dean and Friston , a civil parish in East Sussex East Dean, West Sussex geodis pl East Dean ...   more details

  1. Dean Williams

    Dean Williams may refer to Dean Williams squash player Dean Williams basketball Dean Williams footballer Dean Williams cricketer hndis Williams, Dean ...   more details

  1. Larry Crowne

    night with Dean goes horribly wrong, a drunken Mercedes demands to be let out of the car. Larry ... they ride by Dean getting arrested by a couple of police officers. When Larry gets Mercedes to her ... to take advantage of her. After she closes the door, Larry appears happy over their kiss. Dean ...Infobox film name Larry Crowne image Larry Crowne Poster.jpg caption Theatrical release poster director ... movies larry crowne 2011?q larry 20crowne ref Larry Crowne is a 2011 in film July.E2.80.93September ..., who co wrote its screenplay with Nia Vardalos . Larry Crowne was released on nowrap July 1 , 2011 in the United States and Canada. Plot Larry Crowne Tom Hanks , a middle aged United States Navy .... Larry, who is divorced and lives alone, cannot find a job and he almost loses his house. Larry ... an education in order to get better opportunities in the future. Larry then decides to check out the college campus, and as he is looking over the college catalog, he meets the college dean, Dave ... Larry to haggle with Lamar over a scooter that Lamar is selling at his never ending yard sale. At the first day of school, Larry meets Talia Gugu Mbatha Raw , a free spirit who also drives a scooter ... delight. Suddenly, Larry appears and wonders if he is not too late for class. With Larry now being the tenth student registered in class, Mercedes reluctantly begins teaching class. Larry and Talia share ... in his teachings. He appears to pay strict attention to Larry and confiscates Larry s cell phone due to his texting habits with Talia. Mercedes comes home to her husband Dean Bryan Cranston , who ... in the act. Apparently, Mercedes already knows of his porn browsing, and Dean s defense is that he ... takes a strong liking to Larry and invites him to join a gang of people who ride scooters that is led ... Talia gives Larry. Talia and her friends raid Larry s living room and rearrange his furniture, while one of her friends gives Larry a haircut. Talia also gives Larry a bunch of clothes she ...   more details

  1. Dean Zelinsky

    Use mdy dates date September 2010 Essay like date July 2010 Infobox person name Dean Zelinsky occupation Chief executive officer CEO of DBZ Guitars years active 1976 Present Dean B. Zelinsky born February 20, 1957 , also known as Dean Z, Dean Barrett Zelinsky or DBZ, is an American guitar luthier who founded Dean Guitars in 1976 ref name Dean Zelinsky Interview http archive interviews dean zelinsky1.htm Dean Zelinsky Interview ref and founded DBZ Guitars in 2008. ref http web story.html DBZ Story ref History Dean s guitar creations have been played by artists ... Hagar , Def Leppard , Nils Lofgren , Larry Crane John Mellencamp Band , ZZ Top and Karl Sanders of Nile . Many others can be seen playing Dean s guitar designs in photographs, on the Internet, in music videos, and in concerts around the world today. Dean s guitar designs have been featured on the Howard ... host Mike Huckabee 2008 U.S. presidential candidate , owns and plays a Dean Bass. Anheuser Busch once commissioned Dean DBZ , to design and make a limited set of specially shaped Budweiser ref http customshop style guitars beer.htm Dean Budweiser Guitar ref and Busch Beer ref http guitars.html Dean Budweiser and Busch Beer Guitar ref guitars used in promotions across North America . It should also be noted that Dean Zelinsky created the spinning fur guitars ... founded by Dean, Jeff Diamant of Diamond Amplification along with his partner Terry Martin of Houston, TX. In 2008, Dean Zelinsky, founder of Dean Guitars, parted ways with Dean Corporate. ref http www.gear dean zelinsky leaves dean guitars Dean Zelinsky Leaves Dean Guitars ref DBZ Guitars ... communicate with fans of his guitars. ref http www.gear tag dark side of dean Guitar Icon Dean Zelinsky Launches DBZ Guitars Web Site ref Early years Dean Barrett Zelinsky was the second of three ... United States Space Program rockets. Dean began tinkering with electronics early on in his childhood ...   more details

  1. Dean Buntrock

    Dean L. Buntrock born 1931 is the founder and former chairman and Chief executive officer CEO of Waste Management company Waste Management, Inc. Early career Born in Columbia, South Dakota , Buntrock began learning about business working for his father, Rudy Buntrock, who managed the International Harvester farm equipment dealership, hardware store, and Standard Oil Bulk Station. At an early age, Dean showed signs that he was an entrepreneur by raising his own chickens and growing potatoes to sell to local restaurants. In 1952, during the Korean War , Dean went into the army. He attended finance school at Fort Benjamin Harrison . After he was discharged, Dean went back to St. Olaf College where the current student center, Buntrock Commons, is named after him and graduated in 1955. In 1956, when Dean s father in law died, Dean was brought to manage the family business. The company at that time operated 12 garbage trucks and had revenues each year of 750,000. Dean quickly realized the largest profits were in the disposal of garbage. Buntrock formed a national association for waste management and served as its first president. Merger In 1968, Dean combined his company with Wayne Huizenga s and Larry Beck s disposal companies. Their merger formed Waste Management, Inc. After going public, the company saw tremendous growth over the next 20 years. In the early 1970s, Waste Management, Inc. grew to a worldwide waste disposal company operating in 21 countries. They provided clean water, clean energy, and environmental consulting services, as well as the waste disposal service which ... . Indictments In 2002, Dean Buntrock, as well as the other officers of Waste Management Inc., were ..., Dean ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1931 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Buntrock, Dean Category 1931 births Category Living people Category American chief executives Buntrock, Dean Category Waste managers Category St. Olaf College alumni ...   more details

  1. Larry Stock

    unreferenced date January 2009 Larry Stock 1896 May 4, 1984 was a songwriter. He co wrote the Fats Domino hit Blueberry Hill song Blueberry Hill , the Dean Martin hit You re Nobody till Somebody Loves You , Morning Side of the Mountain , and You Won t Be Satisfied Until You Break My Heart . He was born in New York City . His mother emigrated to the USA from Erlich, near Budapest in Hungary with her mother and sister, Bella. One of Bella s grandsons became well known in a different music field and coined the phrase, Rhythm and the Blues and was one of the founders of Atlantic Records Jerry Wexler. Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Stock, Larry ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1896 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH May 4, 1984 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Stock, Larry Category 1896 births Category 1984 deaths Category Songwriters from New York Category People from New York City US songwriter stub ...   more details

  1. Dean Ho

    Dean Ho is the name of Dean Ho professor , an American bio nano technology professor Dean Higuchi , aka Dean Ho , a professional American wrestler hndis name Ho, Dean ...   more details

  1. Dean Cannon

    Infobox State Representative name Dean Cannon image office Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives term 2010 Present preceded Larry Cretul successor Incumbent state house2 Florida state2 Florida district2 35 term2 2004 preceded2 successor2 Incumbent birth date Birth date and age 1968 08 02 spouse Ellen Friedley profession Attorney religion party Republican Party United States Republican Dean Cannon born August 2, 1968, Bitburg, Germany is a Representative in the Florida House of Representatives House of Representatives of the Florida Legislature. He received his Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Florida in Journalism, and his Juris Doctorate from the University of Florida as well. While at the University of Florida Dean served as Student Body President and was named to Florida Blue Key . He currently resides in Winter Park, Florida with his family. The Orlando Sentinel named Cannon the 5th most powerful person in Central Florida. ref cite news url http news local orl maxwell2808dec28,0,689864.column title Who is the most powerful person in Central Florida? last Maxwell first Scott date 2008 12 29 publisher Orlando Sentinel ref Representative Cannon is the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives in 2010. References references External links http Official Dean Cannon Website http Sections Representatives details.aspx?MemberId 4340&SessionId 54 Florida House of Representatives Current Florida statewide political officials Current Speakers of U.S. state Houses of Representatives Florida House of Representatives Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Cannon, Dean ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION American politician DATE OF BIRTH August 2, 1968 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Cannon, Dean Category University of Florida alumni Category Florida Republicans Category 1968 births Category Living people Category Members of the Florida House of Representatives ...   more details

  1. Larry Johnston

    Larry Johnston may refer to Larry Johnston politician Larry Johnston ice hockey See also Larry Johnson disambiguation hndis Johnston, Larry Category Article Feedback 5 ...   more details

  1. Jason Dean

    Jason Dean may refer to Jason Dean magician Jason Dean, character played by Christian Slater in the film Heathers Jason Dean Charmed Jason Dean Charmed , character from the television series Charmed Hndis Dean, Jason ...   more details

  1. West Dean

    West Dean may refer to West Dean, Gloucestershire West Dean, West Sussex West Dean, Wiltshire Westdean , East Sussex geodis Long comment to avoid being listed on short pages nl West Dean pl West Dean ...   more details

  1. Dean Young

    Dean Young may refer to Dean Young poet Dean Young rugby league , Australian professional rugby league footballer Dean Young cartoonist , scripter for the Blondie comic strip hndis name Young, Dean DEFAULTSORT Young, Dean ...   more details

  1. Dean, Bedfordshire

    Dean sometimes known as Over Dene refers to a pair of villages located in the Dean and Shelton Civil parish parish of Bedfordshire , England Lower Dean Upper Dean See also Dean disambiguation geodis sv Dean, Bedfordshire ...   more details

  1. Dean Richards

    Dean Richards may refer to Dean Richards rugby union , English rugby union player and coach Dean Richards footballer , English association football player Dean Richards reporter , Chicago TV reporter hndis Richards, Dean DEFAULTSORT Richards, Dean ...   more details

  1. Larry Sanders

    Larry Sanders may refer to The Larry Sanders Show , a satirical television sitcom List of characters on The Larry Sanders Show Larry Sanders Larry Sanders , a fictional character on The Larry Sanders Show played by Garry Shandling L.V. singer born 1957 , American R&B singer Larry Sanders basketball , American basketball player hndis Sanders, Larry ...   more details

  1. Larry Thomas

    Larry Thomas may refer to Larry Thomas actor Larry Thomas , an American actor best known for portraying The Soup Nazi on the NBC sitcom Seinfeld . Larry Thomas baseball Larry Thomas , a baseball player Larry D. Thomas , Texas poet laureate Larry Thomas NASCAR driver Larry Thomas , a NASCAR driver Larry Hand Larry Thomas Hand , former Detroit Lions football player hndis Thomas, Larry ...   more details

  1. Dean Garnier

    Dean Garnier may refer to Thomas Garnier dean of Winchester father Thomas Garnier dean of Lincoln son hndis Garnier, Dean ...   more details

  1. Dean Marney

    Dean Marney may refer to Dean Marney author Dean Marney footballer hndis Marney, Dean Long comment to avoid being listed on short pages ...   more details

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