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Encyclopedia results for Ladakh


Encyclopedia results for Ladakh

  1. Ladakh

    Infobox Indian Jurisdiction type region native name Ladakh state name Jammu and Kashmir skyline Tanglanglapass.jpg ... skyline caption Tanglang La Taglang La mountain pass in Ladakh base map Kashmir map.svg Disputed Territory LADAKH Full.svg base map label no map caption Map of Ladakh region in violet color Ref label ... web year 2001 url http census.htm title Census 2001 work Roof of the World publisher Ladakh ... 9818554?dopt Abstract title The ecology of low natural fertility in Ladakh publisher Department ... 22 ref 1981 website footnotes Ladakh bo t script yes w la dwags , Ladakhi language ... descent. ref cite book title Ladakh The Land and the People last Jina first Prem Singh year 1996 publisher ... and Kashmir . quote Ladakh, the Persian transliteration of the Tibetan La dvags, is warranted by the pronunciation ... , in the east, and the Nubra valley s to the north. Contemporary Ladakh borders Tibet Autonomous Region ... and Baltiyul regions to the west, and the trans Kunlun territory of Xinjiang to the far north. Ladakh ... been strongly influenced by culture of Tibet Tibetan culture . In the past Ladakh gained importance ... Traders in Ladakh publisher Oxford India Paperbacks ref but since the Chinese authorities ... for tourism. Since 1974, the Government of India has successfully encouraged tourism in Ladakh . Since Ladakh is a part of the Kashmir dispute Citation needed date April 2011 , the Indian military maintains a strong presence in the region. The largest town in Ladakh is Leh . It is one of the few remaining ... called for Ladakh to be constituted as a union territory because of its religious and cultural differences ... Council For Greater Ladakh work publisher The Statesman, August 9, 2003 accessdate 2006 08 22 ref ref name LoramCharlie cite book last Loram first Charlie origyear 2000 year 2004 title Trekking in Ladakh edition 2nd Edition publisher Trailblazer Publications ref History Main History of Ladakh File The Territorial Extent of Ladakh during the period of King Nyimagon about 975 A. D. 1000 A.D. as depicted ...   more details

  1. Gya, Ladakh

    Image Gya.jpg thumb right 300px Gya Gompa and accompanying chortens stupas on a rocky crag above the Gya river valley. Photograph Ian A. Inman Beefy SAFC . Gya is a village overlooking river of same name in India n Ladakh between the Indus river valley and Tanglang La Pass on the Leh Manali Highway . Reachable from Upshi in the Indus River Valley, the village nestles in the gorge created by the River Gya. A Buddhist Gompa with accompanying chortens or stupas shown below overlooks the village and gorge. External links http Ladakh Adventure Trekking Tour http www.leh ladakh adventure tour.html Ladakh Adventure Tour http india picture gya.html Gya village Ladakh Leh Manali Highway coord 33 39 N 77 44 E region IN type city display title JammuKashmir geo stub Category Villages in Leh district ru ...   more details

  1. Tourism in Ladakh

    Image Lake India.jpg thumb 250px Ladakh is known for its natural beauty Ladakh bo t script yes .... The Indian portion of Ladakh is composed of the Leh District Leh and Kargil District Kargil ... and Kashmir, of which it is the eastern part. Adventure tourism in Ladakh started in the 19th ... Neves The Tourist s Guide to Kashmir, Ladakh and Skardo , first published in 1911. ref Garry ... visit Ladakh every year. Bounded by two mighty mountain ranges, it is a popular place for adventure ... travel. Image Ladakh Highway.jpg left thumb 250px A vehicle on the Leh Kargil highway Roads within Ladakh, except to Zangskar, are open all year round. Khardong La Pass to Nubra has an alternate ... highway, it is advisable to fly in to Ladakh and go out by the Manali road. The passes on that road ... sickness in most passengers. Travellers already acclimatised to the altitude of Ladakh, however, should ... to Ladakh, the Nubra valley, the Indus valley, Markha valley , Ladakh monastery trek, South Zangskar, Trans Zangskar Expedition, Spiti to Ladakh, Spiti to Pitok to Hemis, Rupshu, the Great Salt ... to visit most of Ladakh, including Leh and Kargil towns. Permits are required for both domestic ... to the west. There are no border crossings open between Ladakh and neighbouring regions of Baltistan under Pakistan or Tibet under China . Ecotourism in Ladakh Due to the strain that tourism can cause on local resources, the concept of Ecotourism has been introduced in Ladakh by non governmental ... index Himalayan Homestays ref and Women s Alliance of Ladakh WAL , ref http ... ref http Eco Ladakh ref and Ladakhi Women s Travel Company, ref http ... who are trekking in Ladakh, instead of bringing tents and supplies that often has to be carried by horses ... since it puts money directly into the local villages. In May 2001 The Mountain Institute , Ladakh ... in Rural Ladakh ref http www.himalayan pdf opportunities.pdf Ecotourism Opportunities ...   more details

  1. Geography of Ladakh

    Unreferenced date April 2007 Image Ladakhtop2.jpg thumb right Topology of the Ladakh region, with Srinagar ... visible to north. Vertical scale is exaggerated. Image Kashmir top.jpg thumb Ladakh region has high altitude. Image Ladakh2.svg thumb Map of the central Ladakh region Image Ladakh Landscape During Summers.JPG thumb right Landscape in Ladakh Ladakh is the highest altitude plateau region in India ... of sediment from the ocean floor, and the Ladakh Range of granite was born of the immense heat generated by the friction between the two plates. In Ladakh, the suture zone between the continental ... through a gorge in the Zanskar range, to join the Indus at Nyemo in Central Ladakh. Zanskar suffers ... valley is virtually treeless. The Indus river is the backbone of Ladakh all the major places historically and currently, Shey , Leh , Basgo , and Tingmosgang , are situated close to the river. The Ladakh ... passes are less than 5000 m. Within Ladakh it forms the northern boundary wall of the Indus valley, though when the river enters Ladakh at Demchok, some 250  km south east of Leh, it is actually flowing ... gorge close to its confluence with the Hanle river. The Pang gong range runs parallel to the Ladakh ... the valley of Shyok and Nubra rivers is known as Nubra. The Karakoram range in Ladakh is not as mighty ... Ladakh range, Karakoram range, and Kun lun . Nevertheless, a major trade route was established between Leh and Yarkand. Image Sedimentary.jpg thumb 300px Sedimentary rock formations in Ladakh The enormous ... monsoon . Ladakh is thus, a high altitude desert. The main source of water is the winter ... are the staple crops all over Ladakh, along with mustard for oil , lentils and other pulses ... to be the highest fields in the world. Historic Ladakh consists of a number of distinct areas mainly ... and Nubra Valley Nubra valleys to the north over Khardung La in the Ladakh mountain range, a high ... Kargil being the second most important town in Ladakh . The Baltistan and Skardu Skardo area, under ...   more details

  1. History of Ladakh

    File Kashmir map.svg thumb 300px Map of Kashmir with modern Ladakh highlighted in purple. Image Hemis Monastery Ladakh 1876.jpg thumb 250px Hemis Monastery in the 1870s Information about Ladakh before the birth of the kingdom during the 10th century is scarce. Ladakh can hardly be considered a separate ... Rizvi 1996, p. 56 Rizvi 1996 , p. 56. ref Earliest history The earliest layer in the population of Ladakh .... Herrmann argues that the tale ultimately goes back to a hazy knowledge of gold washing in Ladakh ... the K a la rtse Khalatse bridge on the Indus, showing that in around the 1st century, Ladakh was a part ... been found in Ladakh. The Chinese pilgrim monk, Xuanzang , c. 634 CE, describes a journey from Chuluduo ... sa , would seem to be synonymous with Mar yul , a common name for Ladakh. Elsewhere, the text remarks .... In the 8th century, Ladakh was involved in the clash between Tibetan expansion pressing from the East ... consists of Hu therefore, they are believers. Petech, The Kingdom of Ladakh , p. 10 . ref name Rizvi ... eight century, the region of modern Ladakh was under Tibetan suzerainty, but that the people belonged .... The first West Tibetan dynasty File The Territorial Extent of Ladakh during the period of King ... thumb The Territorial Extent of Ladakh during the period of King Nyimagon about 975 A. D. 1000 ... Tibetan royal house founded the first Ladakh dynasty. Nyima Gon s kingdom had its centre well to the east of present day Ladakh. This was the period in which Ladakh underwent Tibetanization, eventually making Ladakh a country inhabited by a mixed population, the predominant racial strain of which ... c. 870 900 , swore an oath to develop the B n religion in Ladakh and was responsible for erecting ... books?id WG4J4IKd014C&pg PA76&lpg PA76&dq list of ladakh kings&source bl&ots BiwjbEbzld&sig ... of Ladakh A Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom publisher Ladakh accessdate October 9, 2009 ref Around ... having anything to offer from a Buddhist point of view, and Ladakh began to seek and accept guidance ...   more details

  1. Ladakh Range

    Unsourced date June 2010 Unreferenced auto yes date December 2009 The Ladakh Range is a segment f the Karakoram Range, that extends southeastward for 230 miles 370  km from the mouth of the Shyok River in the Ladakh region to the Tibet Autonomous Region Tibetan border . With a crest line of about 20,000 feet 6,100 m , the range parallels the northeast bank of the Indus River . The nomadic Changpa rely mostly on sheep and yak herding for existence in the Ladakh range, which give an idea of comfort level which can be expected while venturing into this high dry desert region. Tibet s Chang Tang plain, most remote section of Himalayas, is extreme high country, here the valleys, are about 14,000 feet above sea level.Area s like Lake Morari a verdant oasis and Stok Kangri highest of Ladakh s peaks & can spend some time by exploring the Buddhist monasteries around city Leh . Ladakh is a beautiful desert region. Culturally geographically close to Tibet.It has few resources with an extreme climate, the Buddhist Ladakhis with their traditions and intimate knowledge of local environment have survived & actually prospered. In spite of centuries of invasions from the Mongols from central Asia , the Baltis from west , the Dogras from south and even Tibetans from east . The mixed ethnic origins are reflected in their faces. The main town of Ladakh Leh was for centuries trade centre for fine pashmina wool once worth its weight in gold yak and pony caravans brought in pashmina from Tibet, turquoise, coral and silver from Yarkand and Kashgar, spices,fabrics from India and silk from Kashmir ... a town of such wealth located in midst of obviously arid desert land. The extension of the Ladakh ... source GNS enwiki Category Geography of Jammu and Kashmir Category Geography of Ladakh Category Mountain ranges of India India geo stub lt Ladako kalnag bris nl Ladakh Range ru simple Ladakh Range ...   more details

  1. The Ladakh Scouts

    Infobox Military Unit unit name Ladakh Scouts image Image Emblem of Ladakh Scouts.jpg 200px center caption Regimental Insignia of the Ladakh Scouts dates 1963 Present country India allegiance branch Indian Army Army type Infantry role Specialized Mountain Warfare Infantry Troops High Altitude & Glacial Warfare size 5 battalions command structure garrison garrison label Headquarters equipment equipment label nickname Snow Warriors or Snow Tigers patron motto colors Ki Ki So So Lhargyalo Victory to God . colors label War Cry march mascot battles anniversaries decorations 1 Ashok Chakra , 11 Mahavir Chakra , 2 Kirti Chakra , 2 Ati Vishisht Seva Medal s, 26 Vir Chakra , 6 Shaurya Chakra , 3 Yudh Seva Medal s, 64 Sena Medal s, 13 Vishisht Seva Medal s, 13 Mentions in Dispatches, 67 Chief Of Army ... symbol 2 identification symbol 2 label The Ladakh Scouts , also known as the Snow Warriors ... India s borders in the high altitude areas of the Ladakh region, as well as Jammu & Kashmir in general. Raised as a paramilitary unit, the Ladakh Scouts were converted into an Army regiment in 2000. The Ladakh Scouts are recruited mainly from India s Ladakhi and Tibetan communities and are among ... border in the Ladakh region. ref name ia lshist http Site FormTemplete frmTempSimple.aspx ... was also raised from Ladakh in 1959. On 1 June 1963, following the Sino Indian War of 1962 , the Ladakh ... role of the unit is reconnaissance and interdiction in the high altitude border regions. The Ladakh ... War of 1971 . Kargil War Main Kargil War The Ladakh Scouts were one of the first units to be deployed ... Official Website of Indian Army Bot generated title ref Among the awards conferred on the soldiers of the Ladakh ... Sports The Ladakh Scouts have produced notable winter sport athletes, including Jamyang Namgial and Tashi ... pages Ladakh Scouts 264627666916085 More Notes Indian Army Infantry Regiments Category ... in 1963 Category Ladakh hi mr ru ...   more details

  1. Brokpa (Ladakh)

    among Brokpas of Ladakh, Ethno Med., 2 2 77 102 2008 ref See also Shin of Hindukush References ... The Far East in Words and Pictures Category Ladakh Category Social groups of Jammu and Kashmir Category ...   more details

  1. Wildlife of Ladakh

    The flora and fauna of Ladakh was first studied by Ferdinand Stoliczka , an Austria n Czech people Czech palaeontologist , who carried out a massive expedition in the region in the 1870s. The fauna of Ladakh ... the summer in Ladakh. For such an arid area, Ladakh has a great diversity of birds &mdash a total ... charismatic birds of Ladakh Many species of finches, robins, redstarts like the Black Redstart and the Hoopoe ... species found scattered in the Tibetan plateau, and is also found nesting in summer in parts of Ladakh ..., srakpa ref Namgail, T. 2005 . Winter birds of the Gya Miru Wildlife Sanctuary, Ladakh, Jammu ... 2004 title Birds and Mammals of Ladakh publisher Oxford University Press, New Delhi ref ref cite journal title Birds recorded during visits to Ladakh, India from 1994 to 1997 author Pfister, Otto year ... and Asia, and numbers several thousand in Ladakh trekkers often spot them. The Bharal or blue sheep napo is even more common, ranging in the Himalayas from Ladakh east as far as Sikkim . The Tibetan ... animals with huge horizontal curving horns, they are extremely rare in Ladakh, numbering only ... the Tibetan border in southeastern Ladakh. The musk deer lhawa has not been seen in Ladakh for decades ... species , are believed to live in Ladakh The Snow Leopard Ladakhi shan once ranged throughout the Himalaya .... It is believed there are about 200 in Ladakh. While tourists are unlikely to see leopards themselves, during winter the footprints and other marks are not uncommon. Other cats in Ladakh are even rarer ... and as such is the most persecuted. There are only about 300 wolves left in Ladakh. There are also ... hodgsoni Bharal Pseudois nayaur Ibex Capra ibex Tibetan Argali Ovis ammon hodgsoni Ladakh Urial ... Lepus oiostolus Plateau Pika Ochotona curzoniae Ladakh Pika Ochotona ladacensis Nubra Pika Ochotona ... of Ladakh http publications basiafeats ladakh.html Birding Hotspot Ladakh ... details biggameofbaltist00adairich Scanned book Ladakh Category Ladakh Category Biota of India ...   more details

  1. Ladakh Buddhist Association

    Update date October 2010 Ladakh Buddhist Association LBA is an organization in Ladakh , Jammu and Kashmir , India concerned with interests of Buddhists in Ladakh. It was founded in 1933 by Kalon Tsewang Rigzin and Munshi Sonam Tsewang. http lsbackissues assets LS16.pdf In 1989, there were violent riots between Buddhists and Muslims, provoking the Ladakh Buddhist Association to call for a social and economic boycott of Muslims, which was lifted in 1992. In early 2000, representatives of the LBA claimed that many Buddhist women were taken forcibly from their home villages and forced to convert to Islam, and accused the state government in Jammu and Kashmir of allowing this to happen. ref Tundup Tsering and Tsewang Nurboo, in Ladakh visited , Pioneer, 4 12 1995. ref ref http 2000 20000113 j&k.htm 2 Conversions LBA blames govt The Tribune Online edition, 12 January 2000 ref References reflist Category Buddhist organizations Category Ladakh Category Religious conversion in India Category Buddhism in India Category Religious organizations established in 1933 India org stub Buddhism stub ru ...   more details

  1. Ladakh Union Territory Front

    Unreferenced date August 2008 Ladakh Union Territory Front is a political party in Jammu and Kashmir in India . The party demands union territory status for Ladakh . A consortium of political parties formed in 2002 decided that a regional party shall be formed under a single flag and carry on with the struggle for the Union territory status for Ladakh. Things changed when few of the nominated candidates shifted sides and joined national and Kashmiri parties. Since then the political scene in Ladakh has been uncertain. While LUTF demands the Union territory status of just the Leh district, the general consensus among the people in Kargil and Ladakh is that these districts should be included in the demand for the Union Territory status. The Party lost its image after it indulged into narrowminded politics and led to the suspension of educational movements like the Operation New Hope, implemented jointly by Students Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh SECMOL . Category Political parties in India India party stub ...   more details

  1. Namgyal dynasty of Ladakh

    The Namgyal dynasty of Ladakh was founded by Bhagan , a Basgo king, who reunited Ladakh by overthrowing the king of Leh . He took the surname Namgyal meaning victorious and founded a new dynasty which still survives today. King Tashi Namgyal 1555 1575 managed to repel most Central Asia n raiders, and built a royal fort on the top of the Namgyal Peak. Tsewang Namgyal temporarily extended his kingdom as far as Nepal . During the reign of Jamyang Namgyal, concerted efforts were made to convert Ladakh to Islam by destroying Buddhist artifacts. Today, few gompas exist from before this period. File The Territorial Extent of Ladakh during the period of King Nyimagon about 975 A. D. 1000 A.D. as depicted in A History of Western Tibet by A.H. Francke, 1907.jpg thumb The Territorial Extent of Ladakh during the period of King Nyimagon about 975 A. D. 1000 A.D. as depicted in A History of Western Tibet by A.H. Francke, 1907 File The empire of King Tsewang Rnam Rgyal 1., and that of King Jamyang Rnam Rgyal., about 1560 and 1600 A.D.jpg thumb The empire of King Tsewang Rnam Rgyal 1., and that of King ... made efforts to restore Ladakh to its old glory by an ambitious and energetic building program including .... Also, all of Ladakh s valuable pashmina wool had to go to Kashmir. The Treaty of Temisgam in 1684 settled the dispute between Tibet and Ladakh, but its independence was seriously restricted. By the beginning ..., the greatest of whom was Maharaja Gulab Singh 1792 1857 his General Zorawar Singh invaded Ladakh ... This list is not complete Lhachen Bhagan 1470 ? Tashi Namgyal Ladakh Tashi Namgyal 1555 1575 Tsewang ... ? 1834 See also Chogyal Footnotes Reflist References http ladakh history.asp History of Ladakh Rizvi, Janet Ladakh Crossroads of High Asia . Second Edition. 1996 . Oxford University ... royalark India sikkim.htm Sikkim Category Rulers of Ladakh Category History of Jammu and Kashmir India royal stub nl Namgyal dynastie van Ladakh ...   more details

  1. Ladakh (Lok Sabha constituency)

    Ladakh Lok Sabha constituency is one of the six Lok Sabha parliamentary constituencies in Jammu and Kashmir state in northern India . Assembly segments Ladakh Lok Sabha constituency is composed of the following assembly segments ref cite web url http Constituencies.html title Assembly Constituencies Corresponding Districts and Parliamentary Constituencies of Jammu and Kashmir publisher Chief Electoral Officer, Jammu and Kashmir accessdate 2008 11 01 ref Nobra Politics Nobra assembly constituency no. 47 Leh Politics Leh assembly constituency no. 48 Kargil town Politics Kargil assembly constituency no. 49 Zanskar Politics Zanskar assembly constituency no. 50 Members of Parliament 1967 K.G. Bakula , Indian National Congress 1971 K.G. Bakula , Indian National Congress 1977 Parvati Devi , Indian National Congress 1980 P. Namgyal , Indian National Congress 1984 P. Namgyal , Indian National Congress 1989 Mohamad Hassan Commander , Independent 1996 P. Namgyal , Indian National Congress 1998 Syed Hussain , Jammu & Kashmir National Conference 1999 Hassan Khan , Jammu & Kashmir National Conference 2004 Thupstan Chhewang , Independent 2009 Hassan Khan , Independent Election results Election box begin title Indian general elections, 2004 General Election, 2004 Ladakh Lok Sabha constituency Ladakh Election box candidate with party link party Independent politician candidate Thupstan Chhewang votes 66,839 percentage 51.84 change Election box candidate with party link party Jammu & Kashmir National Conference candidate Hassan Khan votes 41,126 percentage 31.90 change Election box candidate with party link party Independent politician candidate Wazir Mohd. Ali votes 18,117 percentage 14.05 change Election box candidate with party link party Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Sonam Palzor votes 2,849 percentage 2.21 change Election box majority votes 25,713 percentage ... constituencies of Jammu and Kashmir coord missing Jammu and Kashmir DEFAULTSORT Ladakh Lok Sabha ...   more details

  1. Music of Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh

    . Ladakh region One of the main features of a Ladakh marriage is the recitation of lengthy narrative s by singers in unusual costumes. Popular dances in Ladakh include the Khatok Chenmo only when headed ... steps from western Ladakh , Chaams sacred dance by lamas , Chabs Skyan Tses dance carrying a pot , Raldi ... part of Ladakh s cultural life. Hemis monastery , a leading centre of the Drukpa Lineage Drukpa ... accessdate 2006 08 21 ref Weaving is an important part of traditional life in eastern Ladakh. Both ... cgi bin biblio?inkey 62 0834805219 0 title Living Fabric Weaving Among the Nomads of Ladakh ..., elaborately embroidered waistcoats and boots and hats. The Ladakh Festival is held every year .... The yak, lion and Tashispa dances depict the many legends and fables of Ladakh. Buddhist monasteries ... and horse polo are the some highlights of this festival. ref cite book title Tourism in Ladakh ... Jammu and Kashmir topics Azad Kashmir topics DEFAULTSORT Music Of Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh Category ...   more details

  1. Military operations in Ladakh (1948)

    Military operations took place in Ladakh in 1948 during the Indo Pakistani War of 1947 conflict in Jammu and Kashmir between the Indian Army and Pakistan i raiders infiltrated to capture the Kashmir and Jammu princely state kingdom of Jammu and Kashmir . The eviction of this invading force of tribal raiders, who enjoyed numerical superiority, better lines of communication, commanding high ground and superior logistics, was a major military achievement for the small force of India Indian soldiers . Relief of Leh Pakistani raiders had besieged and reduced Skardu in early 1948. ref name Offl Hist 1947 cite book title History of Operations In Jammu and Kashmir 1947 1948 last1 Prasad first1 S.N. last2 Dharm Pal year 1987 publisher History Department, Ministry of Defence, Government of India. printed at Thomson Press India Limited location New Delhi isbn page pages 418 url accessdate . ref Rp 300 305 It was vital that Leh, the next likely target, be relieved before it was attacked by the raiders. Maj Prithi Chand, a Lahaul and Spiti district Lahauli officer with a band of 40 volunteers from the 2nd Battalion, Dogra Regiment began a hazardous mid winter ascent of Zojila pass on 16 February 1948, with rifles and ammunition for the garrison. They reached Leh on 8th March, where an ad hoc force for defence was organised, followed soon by a Jammu and Kashmir State Forces detachment bringing additional weapons. ref name Slender cite book title Slender Was the Thread Kashmir Confrontation 1947 48 last Sen first Maj Gen L. P. year 1969 publisher Orient Longman location New Delhi isbn 0861316924 page pages 308 url http books?id lYHXmx4cOUsC accessdate 4 August 2010 ref rp 195 199 Reinforcement of Leh The slow advance of raiders permitted reinforcement of Leh by air by a coy of 2nd Battalion, 4 Gorkha Rifles 2 4 GR and later a coy of 2nd Battalion, 8th Gorkha Rifles ... when a ceasefire was called. References reflist Category Ladakh Category 1948 in India Category History ...   more details

  1. Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council

    Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council can refer to two separate bodies administering neighboring districts of the Ladakh region in the Jammu and Kashmir northern state of India Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Leh of Leh district Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Kargil of Kargil district See also Autonomous regions of India disambig ...   more details

  1. Students' Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh

    Wikify date January 2011 Infobox company company name Students Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh SECMOL company type Non governmental organization foundation 1988 location Ladakh , India homepage http The Students Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh is an India Indian non governmental organization based i Ladakh . History The Students Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh SECMOL is an organisation founded in 1988 aimed at reforming the educational system of Ladakh , by a group of young Ladakhis returning from university who understood the problems of the younger generation with modern education, their lack of focus and the cultural confusion. Their activities include working to reform the government school system, helping village students in their education, awakening youth to the problems stemmed from the inappropriate and insensitive schooling, producing related videos and radio programmes, and designing and building solar heated eco friendly buildings. ref name Official Website http Official Website ref ref http Non Governmental Organisations.htm Reach Ladakh ref Phey campus File Main building SECMOL campus.jpg thumb Main building SECMOL campus 300px SECMOL Campus is located near the village of Phey in the Indus valley 18 km from Leh . It was developed between 1994 and 1999 and was inaugurated in 1998 by His Holiness the Dalai Lama . Built using simple, low cost traditional techniques, the campus .... Ladakh has over 300 sunny days per year and the sun is therefore a reliable source of energy and an alternative ... Csq csq article.cfm?id 1713 Rewriting the Books in Ladakh http news lesson from leh son meet ladakhs man of hope 60328 3.html Lesson from Leh son Meet Ladakh s man of hope References Reflist 2 See also IndicText Ladakh Tourism in Ladakh Thinlas Chorol Green building External ... Educational And Cultural Movement Of Ladakh Category Ladakh Category Organisations based in Jammu ...   more details

  1. Ladakh Ecological Development and Environmental Group

    Infobox Non profit Non profit name Ladakh Ecological Development and Environmental Group Non profit logo Image LEDeG.jpg centre 150px foundation 1983 area served Ladakh key people Helena Norberg Hodge ... The Ladakh Ecological Development and Environmental Group LEDeG is an environmental NGO based in Karzoo , Leh , Ladakh , Jammu Kashmir in northern India . Goals Established independently in 1983, its goal is to promote ecological and sustainable development of Ladakh, focusing mainly on the promotion ... url http books?id aFezoGn 4kC&pg RA1 PA288&dq Ladakh Ecological Development and Environmental Group v onepage&q Ladakh 20Ecological 20Development 20and 20Environmental 20Group&f false title Ladakh then and now cultural, ecological, and political publisher Mittal Publications year ... and cultural issues affecting disadvantaged communities in Ladakh. ref name LEDeG cite web url http pages about us.php title About us publisher Ladakh Ecological Development and Environmental ... our mission.php title Our Mission publisher Ladakh Ecological Development and Environmental Group accessdate ... culture in Ladakh s development, ref name LEDeG2 To encourage the use of perpetually renewable natural resources in Ladakh, ref name LEDeG2 To test and demonstrate low cost technologies ... and Culture ISEC claims to have been originally established the organization in Ladakh in 1978 and by 1980 had become a small group under the leadership of a notable environmental activist in the Ladakh ... title The Ladakh Project publisher International Society for Ecology and Culture accessdate November 14, 2009 ref ref cite book url http books?id R kDAAAAMBAJ&pg PA108&dq Ladakh Ecological Development and Environmental Group v onepage&q Ladakh 20Ecological 20Development 20and ... and sustainability in Ladakh. ref name ISEC LEDeG has over a hundred staff members and is presided by Tsewang Rigzin. ref name ISEC LEDeG have made some considerable development in Ladakh towards renewable ...   more details

  1. Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh

    Ancient Futures Learning from Ladakh is a book by Helena Norberg Hodge . The book was published in 1991. The 1st part of the book described the untouched land of Ladakh , when Helena first arrived in 1975, on how everyone is so happy and contented. ref Reed Business Information, Inc., Donald Clay Johnson, Univ. of Minnesota Lib., Minneapolis http Ancient Futures Learning Helena Norberg Hodge dp 0871566435, Library Journal ref In the olden world, Ladakhis women enjoyed high social status and families and communities ties were very strong. 2nd part of the book described how the peaceful land of Ladakh changed Social change socially , ecological ly and economical ly when development set in. ref name IECancient http publications books and reports books and reports Ancient Futures Learning from Ladakh , International Society for Ecology and Culture ref Ladakhis starts to enjoy the comfort and convenience of modernization , at the same time, increasing greed, Toleration intolerance , unemployment , inflation , pollution etc. set in and is threatening the ecological balance and social harmony which were maintained over the past centuries. The book raises important questions about the whole notion of progress, and explores the root causes of the problems faced by a highly industrialize d society. ref http books?id g4wdAQAAIAAJ&q Ancient Futures Learning from Ladakh questions progress&dq Ancient Futures Learning from Ladakh questions progress&hl en&ei RZvXTYCrM4u1hAentsClBg&sa X&oi book result&ct result&resnum 2&ved 0CDMQ6AEwAQ People & the planet , Volume 5 ref This book was translated into almost 40 languages and use regularly at the grassroots to raise awareness. ref name IECancient References reflist Category 1991 books Category Anthropology books Category Books about indigenous rights nonfiction book stub ...   more details

  1. Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Leh

    Infobox Legislature background color D3D3D3 text color 000000 name Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Leh native name transcription name legislature coa pic LAHDC Leh logo.jpg coa res coa alt house type Autonomous Hill Council body Leh District houses leader1 type Chief Executive Councillor leader1 Rigzin Spalbar party1 Congress election1 leader2 type leader2 party2 election2 leader3 type leader3 party3 election3 leader4 type leader4 party4 election4 leader5 type leader5 party5 election5 leader6 type leader6 party6 election6 members 30 Councillors house1 house2 structure1 structure1 res structure2 structure2 res political groups1 political groups2 committees1 committees2 joint committees voting system1 26 Plurality voting system plurality voting voting system2 4 nominated last election1 last election2 session room session res session alt meeting place Leh website http footnotes The Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Leh is an Autonomous regions of India Autonomous Hill Council that administers the Leh District of Jammu and Kashmir , India . ref http lahdc.htm ref History The council was created under the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council Act 1995 , following demands of Ladakhi people to make Leh District a new Indian Union Territory because of its religious and cultural differences with the rest of Jammu and Kashmir. In October 1993, the Indian government and the State government agreed to grant Ladakh the status of Autonomous Hill Council. The council came into being with the holding of elections on August 28, 1995. The inaugural meeting of the council was held at Leh on September 3, 1995. An Autonomous Hill Council has also been established in neighbouring Kargil District Structure The council is composed ... Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Leh India stub Category Ladakh Category Autonomous ... and Kashmir ru Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council ...   more details

  1. Ladakh Environment and Health Organization (LEHO)

    Infobox Non profit Non profit name Ladakh Environment and Health Organization LEHO Non profit logo Image Leho1.jpg centre 150px foundation 1991 area Ladakh reagion key people Dr. Mohammed Deen Darokhan & Razia Sultana founder num members num volunteers homepage http LEHO Founded Dr. Mohammed Deen and Razia Sultana. Location G H Road,Skara Juk, Leh, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, 194101, India Description Ladakh Environment and Health Organisation LEHO came into existence on the 1st July 1991. The founders felt that an organization was needed to work on the issues of sustainable development, ecology, and health. This action was in response to the changes in agriculture farming, food habits, social values and culture of the different Ladakhi societies. The concept of sustainable development would base on the holistic approach for utilization of natural resources such as land, water, vegetation and livestock of the villages integrating with the age old traditions and cultures Mission To work towards promoting sustainable societies at the village and town level through self sustaining development modules based on local renewable natural resources. Aims and Objectives 1. To sustain and improve the ecological farming system in Ladakh which is the back bone of the economy. 2. To raise awareness about health issues mainly related to environmental cleanliness, nutrition, preventive measures against drugs, smoking, alcoholism, pollution etc. 3. To actively promote afforestation, biodiversity and ecological restoration. 4. To facilitate exchange of experiences and information among different communities and groups. 5. To practice and improve environmentally friendly, time tested indigenous knowledge and technologies. 6. To encourage and preserve the diversity of culture, tradition and language. 7. To encourage and to give equal gender justice. 8. To achieve self sustainability ... ladakh environment and health organization.html LEHO . ref ref http ...   more details

  1. Lhachen Bhagan

    unsourced date January 2009 Lhachen Bhagan was a Basgo king who united Ladakh in 1470 by overthrowing the king of Leh. He took on the surname Namgyal meaning victorious and founded a new dynasty which still survives today. Rulers of Ladakh DEFAULTSORT Bhagan Category Rulers of Ladakh es Bhagan nl Lhachen Bhagan ...   more details

  1. Pangong

    Pangong may refer to Pangong Lake , endorheic lake in India and China Pangong range , mountain range in Ladakh, Indian disambig ...   more details

  1. Namgyal dynasty

    Namgyal dynasty may refers to Chogyal Namgyal dynasty of Sikkim Namgyal dynasty of Ladakh Disambig ...   more details

  1. Tegar

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 Tegar is a high altitude village in the Nubra Valley in Ladakh in north India . coord missing Jammu and Kashmir Category Ladakh Category Villages in Leh district JammuKashmir geo stub ...   more details

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