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Encyclopedia results for LCR meter

LCR meter

Encyclopedia results for LCR meter

  1. LCR meter

    An LCR meter Inductance L , Capacitance C , and Resistance R is a piece of electronic test equipment used to measure the inductance , capacitance , and electrical resistance resistance of a electrical component component . In the simpler versions of this instrument the true values of these quantities are not measured rather the electrical impedance impedance is measured internally and converted for display to the corresponding capacitance or inductance value. Readings will be reasonably accurate if the capacitor or inductor device under test does not have a significant resistive component of impedance. More advanced designs measure true inductance or capacitance, and also the equivalent series resistance of capacitors and the Q factor of inductive components. Usually the device under test DUT is subjected to an alternating current AC voltage source . The meter measures the voltage across and the electrical current current through the DUT. From the ratio of these the meter can determine the magnitude of the impedance. The phase angle between the voltage and current is also measured in more advanced instruments in combination with the impedance, the equivalent capacitance or inductance, and resistance, of the DUT can be calculated and displayed. The meter must assume either a parallel or a series model for these two elements. The most useful assumption, and the one usually adopted, is that LR measurements have the elements in series as would be encountered in an inductor coil and that CR measurements have the elements in parallel as would be encountered in measuring a capacitor with a leaky dielectric . An LCR meter can also be used to judge the inductance variation with respect to the rotor position in permanent magnet machines. Bridge circuits Inductance, capacitance, resistance ... impedance and phase angle. See also ESR meter Q meter Electrical and electronic measuring equipment ... fi LCR mittari ...   more details

  1. LCR

    The three letter acronym LCR may stand for Molecular biology Leucocyanidin reductase , an enzyme in the leucocyanidin biosynthesis pathway Ligase chain reaction , a method for DNA amplification similar to the polymerase chain reaction Locus Control Region , a term used in epigenetics in molecular biology Low copy repeats Organizations LifeWay Christian Resources , a Nashville, TN based Christian publisher Revolutionary Communist League France Ligue Communiste R volutionnaire , a political party in France Revolutionary Communist League Belgium Ligue Communiste R volutionnaire , a political party in Belgium Lutheran Churches of the Reformation Log Cabin Republicans , an LGBT organization that supports the U.S. Republican Party London and Continental Railways , a railway company based in the United Kingdom, owners of the contract to build and operate High Speed 1 Louis Christen Racing , a company, named after its owner, that manufactures Sidecar road racing chassis. Other Landing Craft Rubber , an inflatable rubber boat used to carry troops Lake County Railroad , a railroad company based in Lakeview, Oregon, United States, owned by the Lake County government and operated by the Modoc Northern Railroad RLC circuit LCR circuit LCR dice game , a game using dice marked with the letters L, C and R LCR meter Lead and copper rule , a regulation issued under the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act Least cost routing , the process of selecting the path of outbound communications traffic based on cost Left Center Right, a speaker designation type used in Surround sound Standard speaker channels surround sound . Line Concentration Ratio in a Remote concentrator Liquidity Coverage Ratio, a global ... of the two transmission modes of UMTS TDD 3G standard Ruger LCR , a revolver made by the Ruger company Team LCR , a motorcycle team currently competing in MotoGP disambig ca LCR da LCR de LCR es LCR eu Liga Komunista Iraultzailea argipena fr LCR homonymie it LCR nl LCR ja LCR level crossing ratio ...   more details

  1. Ruger LCR

    Infobox Weapon name Ruger LCR image Image Ruger LCR 38 sp front quarter.jpg 300px Ruger LCR caption origin flag USA type Revolver Type selection is ranged yes Service history service used by Production history designer Joseph Zajk, others design date manufacturer Sturm, Ruger unit cost production date 2009 number variants General specifications spec label weight convert 13.5 oz abbr on length convert 6.5 in mm abbr on part length convert 1.875 in mm abbr on width convert 1.283 in mm abbr on height convert 4.5 in mm abbr on Ranged weapon specifications cartridge .38 Special overpressure ammunition P , .357 Magnum action Double Action feed 5 Round Cylinder sights Fixed U Notch rear and pinned ramp front sight later models with the XS tritium dot front sight The Ruger LCR is a compact .38 Special caliber revolver built by Sturm, Ruger & Co. Ruger and announced in January 2009. The LCR acronym ... grip and trigger housing, ref http article 10233683 the ruger lcr ref monolithic receiver ... LCR specs.html Ruger LCR Specs ref the LCR is nearly 50 lighter than the stainless steel Ruger ... and synthetic glass filled polymer finished in matte black with Synergistic Hard Coat. The LCR operates ... in two models the LCR and the LCR LG, with the LG featuring Crimson Trace Laser Grips. In June 2010, Ruger released two new models of the LCR. The LCR 357 is chambered for .357 Magnum rather than .38 Special . The LCR BGXS has a Hogue smooth boot grip and a Tritium illumination Small arms sights tritium dot sight. ref http products lcr models.html ref With the rising popularity of the LCR, Ruger has announced in December 2011 the new Ruger LCR 22 chambered in 22LR with 8 round ... Ruger Product Page refend External links http www.ruger LCR Ruger LCR official page http ... of Ruger LCR from American Rifleman http 2011 09 ryan finn gun review ruger lcr 357 revolver Review of Ruger LCR 357 from The Truth About Guns Ruger Category Ruger revolvers Category ...   more details

  1. Team LCR

    team Short name Team LCR Logo Deleted image removed Image Team LCR logo.jpg 200px Last season 2012 Long name LCR Honda MotoGP Base Monte Carlo , Monaco Principal Lucio Cecchinello Riders 6 Stefan Bradl Motorcycle Honda RC213V Tyres Bridgestone Riders champ Team LCR is a motorcycle racing team ... LCR Honda MotoGP . The team is founded in 1996 by Italy Italian rider Lucio Cecchinello . They are represented ... up were the best result so far in the team history. Stoner were also the first LCR rider to have more ... Media Group accessdate 24 November 2011 ref With Stoner leaving the team, Team LCR had to put their MotoGP ... December 2005 work publisher Crash Media Group accessdate 24 November 2011 ref Team LCR immediately ... title Stoner moves up, confirmed at LCR date 30 December 2005 work publisher Crash Media ... in 2006 Turkish motorcycle Grand Prix Turkey saw LCR and Stoner record their first podium in MotoGP ... left 125cc align left Spidi Honda LCR align left Honda align left flagicon ITA Lucio Cecchinello 15 ... LCR align left rowspan 3 Honda align left flagicon ITA Lucio Cecchinello 13 1 3 0 1 130 5th align ... 51 15th scope row rowspan 2 MGP 1999 align left rowspan 2 125cc align left rowspan 2 Givi Honda LCR ... align left rowspan 2 Givi Honda LCR align left rowspan 2 Honda align left flagicon JPN Noboru Ueda 16 ... 2001 align left rowspan 2 125cc align left rowspan 2 MS Aprilia LCR align left rowspan 2 Aprilia ... Race LCR align left rowspan 2 Aprilia align left flagicon AUS Casey Stoner 15 0 0 0 0 68 12th align ... Safilo Oxydo Race LCR align left rowspan 2 Aprilia align left flagicon ITA Lucio Cecchinello 16 3 5 ... left 250cc align left Safilo Oxydo LCR align left Aprilia align left flagicon FRA Randy de Puniet 16 3 9 5 2 208 4th align left rowspan 2 125cc align left rowspan 2 Safilo Oxydo LCR align left rowspan ... Sunglasses Carrera LCR align left Aprilia align left flagicon FRA Randy de Puniet 16 1 8 2 0 214 ... LCR align left rowspan 2 Aprilia align left flagicon ITA Roberto Locatelli 16 2 6 1 1 192 bgcolor ...   more details

  1. S meter

    Image pmeter t.jpg thumb right 238px S Meter of a Ten Tec Orion amateur radio transceiver. An S meter signal strength meter is an indicator often provided on communications receiver s, such as amateur radio receivers or shortwave broadcast receivers. The scale markings are derived from a subjective system of reporting signal strength from S1 to S9 as part of the RST code . The term S unit can be used to refer to the amount of signal strength required to move an S meter indication from one marking to the next. IARU Region 1 Technical Recommendation R.1 The International Amateur Radio Union IARU Region 1 agreed on a technical recommendation for S Meter calibration for High frequency HF and Very high frequency VHF Ultra high frequency UHF transceivers in 1981. ref name iaru standard International Amateur Radio Union Region I 1981 . http k jarl ssa IARU smeter.html IARU Region 1 Technical Recommendation R.1 . Brighton, England, UK. ref IARU Region 1 Technical Recommendation R.1 defines S9 for the HF bands to be a receiver input power of 73 dBm . This is a level of 50 volt microvolts at the receiver s antenna input assuming the input Electrical impedance impedance of the receiver is 50 Ohm unit ohms . For VHF bands the recommendation defines S9 to be a receiver input power of 93 dBm . This is the equivalent of 5 microvolts in 50 ohms. The recommendation defines a difference of one S unit corresponds to a difference of 6 decibel s dB , equivalent to a voltage ratio of two, or power ratio of four. Signals stronger than S9 are given with an additional dB rating, thus S9 20dB , or, verbally, 20 decibels over S9 . Examples A weak signal with signal strength of S2 corresponds to received power of 115 dBm or 0.40 microvolts in 50 ohms on HF. A strong signal with signal ... 20Radio Experimentation SMeterBlues.htm Measurements of amateur radio transceiver S Meter calibrations References reflist Category Amateur radio de S Meter fr S m tre ru S ...   more details

  1. LCR (dice game)

    Image LCR Tubes.jpg thumb LCR Left Center Right comes with three dice and numerous chips. LCR, or Left Center Right is a dice game for three or more players, published by George & Company LLC in 1992 in games 1992 . It is entirely a game of chance. The players make no decisions of any kind, even as to wagering. Gameplay Each player receives three Casino token chip s. Players take it in turn to roll the six sided dice, each of which is marked with L , C , R on one side, and a single dot on the three remaining sides. For each L or R thrown, the player must pass one chip to the player to his left or right, respectively. A C indicates a chip to the center Pot poker pot . A dot has no effect. If a player has fewer than three chips left including zero he is still in the game but his number of chips is the number of dice he rolls on his turn, rather than rolling all three. The winner is the last player with chips left. He does not roll the dice, and wins the center pot. ref George and Company LLC. LCR Game Rules , 2010 edition. ref ref http 0002.php LCR on the George & Co. website ref LCR can also be played as a gambling game by substituting money for chips. When it s down to two players and an L and R is rolled you still pass one coin or chip to the left and the right, meaning the other player would get both coins or chips. Variants An LCR card game is also available. ref http 0531.php LCR card game on the George & Co. website ref References reflist External links http George and Company LLC http boardgame 3522 lcr BoardGameGeek Entry for LCR http how 4524516 play left right center.html Left Right Center DEFAULTSORT Lcr Dice Game Category Dice games dice game stub ...   more details


    UTRA TDD LCR , an acronym for UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access UTRA time division duplex Time Division Duplex TDD Low Chip Rate LCR , is a 3GPP standardized channel access method based on a combination of Time division multiple access TDMA and S CDMA known as TD SCDMA . ref name Forkel cite web url http viewdoc summary?doi title Performance Comparison Between UTRA TDD High Chip Rate And Low Chip Rate Operation accessdate 2009 02 16 author Forkel et al. date 2002 ref References Reflist Mobile telecommunications standards Category Universal Mobile Telecommunications System ...   more details

  1. Utility meter

    A utility meter is any of the following metering devices used on utility mains electricity meter water meter gas meter disambig ...   more details

  1. Compound meter

    Compound meter may refer to Meter music Compound meter Compound meter music Compound meter water meter Disambig Long comment to avoid being listed on short pages ...   more details

  1. Prepayment meter

    Prepayment meter can refer to Electricity meter Prepayment meters Electricity meter Water meter Gas meter Parking meter See also Pay as you go disambiguation disamb ...   more details

  1. Q meter

    A Q meter is a piece of equipment used in the testing of radio frequency circuits. It has been largely replaced in professional laboratories by other types of Electrical impedance impedance measuring device, though it is still in use among radio amateurs. It was developed at Boonton Radio Corporation in Boonton, New Jersey in 1934 by William D. Loughlin ref http hpinfo abouthp histnfacts museum earlyinstruments 0010 Boonton Q Meter Type 160 A, 1946 HP Virtual Museum ref . A Q meter measures Q, the quality factor of a circuit, which expresses how much energy is dissipated per cycle in a non ideal reactive circuit math Q 2 pi times frac mbox Peak Energy Stored mbox Energy dissipated per cycle . , math This expression applies to an RF and microwave filter , bandpass LC filter , or any resonator. It also can be applied to an inductor or capacitor at a chosen frequency. For inductors math Q frac X L R frac omega L R math Where math X L math is the reactance of the inductor, math L math is the inductance, math omega math is the angular frequency and math R math is the resistance of the inductor. The resistance math R math represents the loss in the inductor, mainly due to the resistance of the wire. For LC band pass circuits and filters math Q frac F BW math Where math F math is the resonant frequency center frequency and math BW math is the filter bandwidth. In a band pass filter using an RLC circuit LC resonant circuit , when the loss resistance of the inductor increases, its Q is reduced, and so the bandwidth of the filter is increased. In a coaxial cavity filter, there are no inductors and capacitors, but the cavity has an equivalent LC model with losses resistance and the Q factor can be applied as well. See also LCR meter Sources and external links http users ldbutler QMeter.htm An experimental Q meter article by Lloyd Butler originally published in Amateur Radio , November 1988 revised April 2004 references Electrical and electronic measuring ...   more details

  1. Capacitance meter

    to farads. Combined LCR meter s that can measure inductance, resistance, and capacitance are available ...A capacitance meter is a piece of electronic test equipment used to measure capacitance , mainly of discrete capacitor s. Depending on the sophistication of the meter, it may display the capacitance only, or it may also measure a number of other parameters such as Leakage Electronics leakage , equivalent series resistance ESR , and inductance . For most purposes and in most cases the capacitor must be disconnected from electronic circuit circuit ESR can usually be measured in circuit. Simple checks without a true capacitance meter Some checks can be made without a specialised instrument, particularly on aluminium electrolytic capacitor s which tend to be of high capacitance and to be subject to poor leakage. A multimeter in a resistance range can detect a short circuited capacitor very low resistance or one with very high leakage high resistance, but lower than it should be an ideal capacitor has infinite DC resistance . A crude idea of the capacitance can be derived with an analog multimeter in a high resistance range by observing the needle when first connected current will flow to charge the capacitor and the needle will kick from infinite indicated resistance to a relatively low value, and then drift up to infinity. The amplitude of the kick is an indication of capacitance. Interpreting results requires some experience, or comparison with a good capacitor, and depends upon the particular meter and range used. Simple and non bridge meters Many DVMs Voltmeter digital volt meter s have a capacitance measuring function. These usually operate by charging and discharging the Device under test capacitor under test with a known Electric current current and measuring the rate of rise of the resulting voltage the slower the rate of rise, the larger the capacitance. DVMs can usually ... meter as such, a dedicated ESR meter will measure the equivalent series resistance but not the capacitance ...   more details

  1. Meter (disambiguation)

    wiktionary metre meter Meter or metre is a unit of measurement of length. Meter or metre may also refer to Meter poetry , the regular linguistic sound patterns of a verse Meter music , the regular underlying temporal grid of music Meter hymn , the syllable patterns in hymn stanzas Meter goddess or Cybele, an Anatolian Aegean mother goddess The Meters , a funk band See also Electricity meter , a device for measuring electricity usage Water meter , a water flow measurement device Gas meter , a device to measure consumption of natural gas Postage meter , device measuring monetary usage of postage fees Parking meter , device to measure vehicle parking time for fees Metre Rule or International Rule, for measuring and rating of yachts intitle Meter disambiguation be x old el es Metro desambiguaci n eu Metro argipena fr M tre homonymie hy hr Metar razdvojba it Metro disambigua la Metrum discretiva ml ja ru sr uk vls Meter ...   more details

  1. Van Meter

    Van Meter , Van Metre and Van Mater are American surnames derived from the Netherlands Dutch surname Van Meteren. Most are descendants of Jan Joosten van Meteren who in 1662 settled in Wiltwijck, New Netherlands , now Kingston, New York . ref Amelia Clay Lewis Van Meter Rogers, http wynkoop webdocs vanmeter.htm The Van Meteren s of Holland and America 1934 ref ref James T. Van Meter, http Papers van meter pioneers in america.htm Van Meter ... , the Netherlands. People Daniel Van Meter 1913 2000 , an American eccentric Edwin V. Champion Edwin Van Meter Champion 1890 1970 , an American politician from Illinois Homer Van Meter 1906 1934 , an American criminal and bank robber Jen Van Meter , an American comic book writer Solomon Lee Van Meter, Jr. 1888 1937 , American inventor of the backpack parachute and the ejection seat Tom Van Meter 1943 1992 , an American politician in Ohio Vicki Van Meter 1982 2008 , an American pilot Van Matre ... activist Places Van Meter, Iowa Van Meter , a town and Van Meter Township, Dallas County, Iowa ... van meter.htm Jacob Rhoads Van Meter 1824 ? The Heater from Van Meter is a nickname for baseball pitcher Bob Feller , who was born and raised in Van Meter Van Meter, Pennsylvania , a settlement in Westmoreland County and site of the 1907 Darr Mine Disaster Buildings Fort Van Meter , an 18th century frontier fort in West Virginia , USA named after Isaac Van Meter who settled there in 1744 Fort Pleasant Isaac Van Meter House , a nearby historic home built in the late 18th century. Garrett VanMeter House , a nearby historic home built in 1830 Ralph A. Van Meter House Van Meter Hall , a dormitory ... A. Van Meter Van Meter Hall , a Western Kentucky University campus building named after Captain Charles J. Van Meter, a local riverboat captain and developer Other Van Meter State Park in Missouri named ... Harry von Meter 1871 1956 , an American silent film actor disambig de Van Meter ...   more details

  1. Power meter

    Power meter may refer to Electricity meter measures electrical energy electrical power supplied to a residence, business or machine over time Wattmeter measures the electrical power circulating in any electric circuit Optical power meter measures energy in an optical signal Google PowerMeter is a tool to track a household s energy usage A cycling power meter measures the power output of a bicycle rider disambig ...   more details

  1. Meter stamp

    File MeterCatCoverArt.JPG thumb A selection of meter stamps. File Japanese meter mail.jpg thumb A selection of Japanese meter franked airmail letters. A meter stamp , or meter mark , is the impression made by a postage meter machine that indicates that postage has been paid on a letter or parcel. ref Cite book last Mackay first James authorlink James A. Mackay title Stamp collecting philatelic terms illustrated, Edition 4 publisher Stanley Gibbons Ltd. date 2003 location London pages 86 url isbn 0852595573 ref Meter stamps are widely used by businesses and organisations as they are more efficient than using postage stamps. The usual components of a meter stamp are The country of issue. The date. The postal value. The license number. The meter manufacturer. optional A slogan relating to the user. optional Meter stamps are not adhesive postage stamps in the normal sense, although they may be printed on adhesive labels before being applied to mail. Meter stamps are normally in red, although a variety of colours are found. The international use of meter marks was approved by the Universal Postal Union in 1920 ref Sutton, R.J. & K.W. Anthony. The Stamp Collector s Encyclopaedia . 6th edition. London Stanley Paul, 1966, p.190. ref , effective 1 January 1922. ref name scott Carlton, R. Scott. The International Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Philately . Iola WI Krause Publications, 1997, p.158. ISBN 0873414489 ref See also Indicia philately McInroy Collection A collection of meter stamps in the British Library Philatelic Collections . References Reflist External links commonscat Meter stamps wikibooks International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog http Meter Stamp Society Philately stub Category Philatelic terminology cs Frankotyp ja pl Frankatura mechaniczna ru sv Frankost mpel ...   more details

  1. TDS meter

    A TDS Meter indicates the Total dissolved solids Total Dissolved Solids TDS of a solution , i.e. the concentration of dissolved solids in it. Since dissolved ion ionized solids such as salt s and mineral s increase the Conductivity electrolytic conductivity of a solution, a TDS meter measures the conductivity of the solution and estimates the TDS from that. Dissolved organic solids such as sugar and microscopic solid particles such as colloids, do not significantly affect the conductivity of a solution so a TDS meter does not include them in its reading. Units of TDS A TDS meter typically displays the TDS in parts per million ppm . For example, a TDS reading of 1 ppm would indicate there is 1 milligram of dissolved solids in each kilogram of water. See also EC meter pH meter Salinometer Total dissolved solids TDS Category Measuring instruments measurement stub ...   more details

  1. Muni Meter

    Muni Meter is the name used by the New York City New York City Department of Transportation Department of Transportation NYCDOT for its pay and display centralized parking meter system. The Muni Meter system was introduced broadly in 2009, following a period of experimentation that began in 1999. ref cite news title New Meter Is Said to Ease Parking, Once You Get Used to It first Thomas J. last Lueck url http 1999 06 19 nyregion new meter is said to ease parking once you get used to it.html newspaper New York Times date 1999 06 19 accessdate 2010 02 24 ref Muni Meters are located on streets adjacent to a group of parking spots, with no designated striping that separates spots. A driver parks their car, pays at the Muni Meter using coins or prepaid parking cards , and takes a receipt provided by the Meter. They then display that receipt on their vehicle s dashboard. The system reduces the number of individual meter devices required, increases the number of parking spots available by allowing as many cars to park as can fit and, some argue, reduces losses due to unused time left on meters which may then be reused by subsequent parkers . References reflist External links http html dot html motorist municard.shtml New York City department of Transportation Muni Meter information Category Transportation in New York City Category Parking NYC transport stub ...   more details

  1. Lane meter

    According to the University of North Carolina s How Many? A Dictionary of Units of Measurement blockquote ref http rowlett units dictL.html Units L Bot generated title ref A lane meter is blockquote a unit of Deck ship deck area for roll on roll off ships Cargo ship cargo vessels designed so that containers or other cargo can be rolled on and off the decks of the ship. A lane is a strip of deck 2 meters wide. A lane meter is an area of deck one lane wide and one meter long, that is, 2 square meters 21.528 square feet . References references DEFAULTSORT Lane Meter Category Units of area de Lane Meter et Rajameeter fi Kaistametri ...   more details

  1. Site Meter

    Orphan date November 2006 Notability date October 2008 Site Meter is a service which provides counter and tracking information for Web site s. By logging IP address es and using JavaScript or HTML to track visitor information, Site Meter provides Web site owners with information about their visitors, including how they reached the site, the date and time of their visit, and more. On August 1, 2008, Site meter experienced a system wide bug that caused all sites displaying its tracking code to fail to load when browsed with Internet Explorer v6.0 and v7.0. This problem persisted for over 16 hours. Firefox and Safari users were not affected. On September 14, 2008, Site meter attempted to migrate. Complaints began immediately, and Site meter decided to roll back its migration on September 14, 2008, though reasons for the rollback are pending. Controversy In March 2007, it was revealed by Site Meter s rival tracking service StatCounter that they had been offered large sums of money to include advertising tracking cookie s through their service. ref name statcounter http 2007 03 statcounter says no StatCounter Blog, 25 3 2009, StatCounter Says No ref Soon, bloggers noted ref name michaelsync http 2007 04 11 things you should know before using sitemeter Michael Sync, 11 4 2007, Things you should know before using Sitemeter ref ref name ericodom http EricOdom 2007 03 26 did sitemeter sell out to spyware Eric Odom, 26 3 2007, Did Sitemeter sell out to Spyware? ref that Site Meter had introduced tracking cookies for the service. References Reflist External links http Site Meter Web page http 2007 05 site meter gets brand new face and more.html Site Meter Gets A Brand New Face And More http general sitemeter crashing internet explorer sites august ... stub zh Site Meter ...   more details

  1. VU meter

    A Volume Unit VU meter or Standard Volume Indicator SVI is a device displaying a representation of the signal ... features a VU meter, either because it is useful, or just for its looks. Image VU Meter.jpg thumb An analog VU meter with peak LED The original VU meter is a passive electromechanical device, namely ... mounted within the meter case. The mass of the needle causes a relatively slow response, which in effect integrates the signal, with a rise time of 300ms. The meter was designed not to measure the signal ... the response of the needle they are VU meters inasmuch as they respect the standard. The VU meter intentionally ... meter PPM meters. For this reason many audio practitioners preferred it to its alternatives, though the meter indication hardly reflects some of the key features of the signal, most notably its peak level ... was standardized only recently. Lead Since a VU meter does not reflect the signal peaks for complex ... system. To protect against this, a lead or margin of safety may be inserted in the meter circuit. This consists, in effect, in an amplifier making the VU meter commonly 6 or 8 dB more sensitive ... units volume unit.htm http phone decibels.html Rise time Image VU meter reponse graph.svg thumb The response of a VU meter black line compared to instantaneous input level grey ... it takes for the needle to reach 99 of the distance to 0dB when the VU meter is submitted to a signal ... mentions only sinusoid waveforms. Given the electromechanical principle of the meter, the deviation ... waveform by far, even if they all fall within the VU meter bandpass. The reading is not an indication ..., provided that they used exclusively sinus waves as test signals. Impedance The VU meter and its atenuator ... signal that sets the indicator to 0dB. History The VU meter was originally developed in 1939 by the combined ... VU meter.jpg thumb Another miniature magnetoelectric meter See also Audio equipment Crest factor Decibel Acoustics Decibel Loudness monitoring Mixing console Nominal level Peak meter Peak programme meter ...   more details

  1. Heat meter

    unreferenced date October 2010 image W rme bergabestation 300 kW.jpg thumb right Heat meter in a District heating substation in a residential neighborhood. Right in whit blue the calculator in the center in bronze the ultrasonic flow meter A heat meter is a device which measures thermal energy provided by a heater source or delivered to a heat sink sink , by measuring the flow rate of the heat transfer fluid and the change in its temperature Psychrometrics T between the outflow and return legs of the system. It is typically used in industrial plants for measuring boiler output and heat taken by process, and for district heating systems to measure the heat delivered to consumers. It can be used to measure the heat output of say a heating boiler, or the cooling output from a chiller unit. Elements A heat meter consists of a fluid flow meter typically a turbine type flow meter, or alternatively an ultrasonic flow meter a means of measuring the temperature between the outflow and the inflow usually a pair of thermocouples a means of integrating the two measurements over a period of time typically half an hour and accumulating the total heat transfer in a given period. See also District heating Heat cost allocator Heating system Thermometer Universal Metering Interface UMI tech stub Category Thermometers de W rmez hler pl Licznik ciep a ru uk ...   more details

  1. Meter operator

    A Meter Operator MO or MOP in the Energy in the United Kingdom UK energy industry is an organization responsible for installing and maintaining electricity and gas meters. Since 1998 there has been full competition for Meter Operators, allowing the Meter Operator for a particular supply to be contracted with the energy supplier by either the supplier s discretion or at the customer s direction. Consumption data from the installed metering is then collected by the appointed Data Collector to be submitted for billing. There is a requirement for all UK electricity meters to undergo a health, safety and security inspection and meter reading every 2 years. ref Supplier Standard Licence Condition 12 cite web url http document fetch.php?documentid 14269 title Ofgem SLC ref ref name EnergyShop cite web url http Markets RetMkts Compl SLR WorkGrps Metering Documents1 14284 Minutes Final 18 Jan 2006.pdf title SLR Metering Workgroup author Elexon year 2006 accessdate 2008 06 09 ref Electricity meters need to be replaced every 10 to 30 years, depending on the model. ref http Content.aspx?SC ID 345 NMO Certification ref See also Meter Point Administration Number Electricity billing in the UK Electricity meter Gas meter References reflist cite web title National Measurement Office url http content.aspx?SC ID 289 accessdate 2009 06 08 cite web title Association of Meter Operators url http accessdate 2009 06 08 External links http Association of Meter Operators AMO Official website of the Trade Association of Meter Operators. Includes contact details for members and FAQs. Energy in the United Kingdom sources Category Electricity Category Energy in the United Kingdom energy stub ...   more details

  1. Additive meter

    merge Time signature discuss Talk Additive meter Merger proposal date April 2010 In music, additive meter refers to a pattern of Beat music beats that subdivide into smaller, irregular groups. This is opposed to divisive or multiplicative rhythms or meters, which are produced by multiplying some integer unit into regular groupings forming beats of equal length London 2001 . Such meters are sometimes called imperfect , in contradistinction to perfect meters in which the Bar music bar is first divided into equal units Read 1964, Page number date December 2010 . Additive meter is common in Music of Eastern Europe Eastern European musics , and contemporary compositions attempting to emulate such a sound. For example, a time signature like 9 8 is normally subdivided as 3 3 3, or nine eighth notes with three to a beat. However, the composer or Conducting conductor may specify an additive meter for passages of music where it is more natural to conduct with a different pattern. Hence, a meter like 9 8 may instead be subdivided as 2 3 2 2 for musical effect most commonly such an additive meter is used when Accent music accented notes or Syncopation syncopated patterns do not match up with the normal subdivision. Flamenco music, for instance, is full of additive meter, particularly in rhythms of 10 3 3 2 2 . Alfred Reed s Armenian Dances Part I contains a movement written in the nonstandard time signature of 5 8, which can be conducted as either 2 3 or 3 2 depending on which is more musically natural. See also Additive rhythm Meter music Sources London, Justin. 2001. Rhythm, I Fundamental Concepts & Terminology, 8 Additive Versus Divisive Rhythm . The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians , second edition, edited by Stanley Sadie and John Tyrrell professor of music John Tyrrell . London Macmillan Publishers. Read, Gardner. 1964. Music Notation A Manual of Modern Practice . Boston Allyn and Bacon, Inc. DEFAULTSORT Additive Meter Category Musical notation Category Musical ...   more details

  1. Peak meter

    Unreferenced auto yes date December 2009 A peak meter is a type of visual measuring instrument that indicates the instantaneous level of an sound audio signal that is passing through it a sound level meter . In sound reproduction , the meter, whether peak or not, is usually meant to correspond to the perceived loudness of a particular signal. In modern audio equipment, peak meters are usually made up of a series of LED s small lights that are placed in a vertical or horizontal bar and lit up sequentially as the signal increases. There are many variations on how this is implemented. They typically have ranges of green, yellow, and red, to indicate when a signal is starting to overload . The term peak is used to denote the meter s ability, regardless of the type of visual display, to indicate the highest output level at any instant. A peak meter can also be implemented with a classic moving needle device such as those on older analog equipment similar in appearance in some ways to a pressure gauge on a bicycle pump , or by other means. Older equipment used actual moving parts instead of lights to indicate the audio level. Because of the mass of the moving parts and mechanics, the response time of these older meters could have been anywhere from a few millisecond s to a second or more. Thus, the meter might not ever accurately reflect the signal at every instant of time, but the constantly changing level, combined with the slower response time, led to more of an average indication. By comparison, peak type metering is designed to respond so quickly that the meter display reacts ... ear works much more like an average meter than a peak meter. The analog VU meter s are actually ... to what a human listener will experience in terms of relative loudness. See also Peak programme meter A quasi peak meter originally developed by the BBC VU meter Audio equipment Decibel Acoustics Various ... Peak Meter Category Measuring instruments Tech stub de Aussteuerungsmesser ...   more details

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