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Encyclopedia results for Kanina


Encyclopedia results for Kanina

  1. M?ln�k District

    Kanina M ln k District Kanina Kly M ln k District Kly Kojetice M ln k District Kojetice Koko n Kostelec ...   more details

  1. Mahendragarh district

    sub tehsils, namely, Nangal Chowdhary, Ateli Nangal and Kanina. Narnaul tehsil comprises 3 blocks Narnaul, Nangal Chowdhary and Ateli Nangal. Mahendragarh tehsil divided in to 2 blocks Mahendragarh and Kanina ...   more details

  1. Gaddang language

    Ano ang kinain mo kanina? What did you eat a while ago? nenay inaccan diaw sin kabbulan Ano ang kinain ninyo kanina ? What did you, all eat? nenay inaccan nu Ano ang kinain mo? What did you eat? nenay ...   more details

  1. Kovachevitsa

    sites in the Rhodopes and in the valley of Kanina river. Tourists can visit Leshten another historical ...   more details

  1. Tim Bueler

    BLP sources date November 2008 Tim Bueler born 1987 is a media and political consultant and is currently serving as the Director of Media Relations for the Minuteman Project an immigration reform advocacy group. ref Press Democrat http apps pbcs.dll article?AID 20070406 NEWS 704060305 1033 NEWS01 20target Tim Bueler profile ref Radio station KLAV in Las Vegas, briefly aired Tim Bueler s Conservative Report . Bueler spoke about current issues and offered advice to callers. Bueler traveled to Kenya with his media client, Jerome Corsi , to launch Corsi s book The Obama Nation which alleged secret ties between Barack Obama and Kenyan leaders. Bueler and Corsi were detained on October 7, 2008, by Kenyan immigration officials and police just before the commencement of an a press conference. ref NPR http templates story story.php?storyId 95484240 Kenyans Deport Author ref ref cite news last Crilly first Rob title Jerome Corsi, anti Obama author, detained in Kenya publisher Times Online date 2008 10 07 url http tol news world africa article4897758.ece accessdate 2008 10 07 location London ref ref cite news last Kanina first Wangui coauthors Humphrey Malalo title Kenya to deport US author of critical Obama book publisher Reuters date 2008 10 07 url http top news usnJOE4960HW.html accessdate 2008 10 07 ref They were eventually deported. ref cite news title Kenya to deport Obama critic Corsi publisher Daily Nation date 2008 10 07 url http News 1056 478016 tkxv0p index.html accessdate 2008 10 07 ref ref name timego cite news last Wadhams first Nick url http time world article 0,8599,1847965,00.html?imw Y title Corsi in Kenya Obama s Nation Boots Obama Nation Author publisher TIME date 2008 10 07 accessdate 2009 01 31 ref References Reflist cite news url http cgi bin article.cgi?file c a 2004 01 31 MNGTG4MBG31.DTL title Student fights for the right to be right ...   more details

  1. Nangal Choudhary

    , Darauli, Suruora, Jatusana, Rohria, Turkiawas Rewari Tahsil , Nautana, Bawana, Kuksi, Kanina, Patherwa ...   more details

  1. List of state highways in Haryana

    The state highways are arterial routes of a state, linking district headquarters and important towns within the state and connecting them with national highways or Highways of the neighboring states. Introduction Haryana state has a good road network. There are 29 List of National Highways in India Haryana national highways with total length of 1,461  km and many state highways with total length of 2,494  km. List of state highways in Haryana class wikitable sortable State highway Route Passes through district s Length in km 1 Jagadhri Bilaspur Sadhaura Naraingarh Raipur Rani Road 64.1 2 Surewala Chowk to Fatehabad 47.91 4 Kala Amb Sadhaura Shahbad Thol 75.5 5 Shaha to Ambala 15.14 6 Sharanpur Radaur Pipli Pehowa Chika 103.64 6 A Jagadhri Paonta 4.9 7 Karnal Ladwa Shahbad 59.25 8 Kunjpura Karnal Kaithal Khanauri 96.05 9 Kaithal to Pehowa Patiala 60.25 10 Gohana Jind Barwala Agroha Adampur Bhadra 135.82 11 Meerut Sonepat Gohana Assandh Kaithal Patiala 183.71 11 A Deoban Naguran 30 12 Karnal Assandh Jind Hansi Tosham Sodiwas 192.32 13 Gurgaon Sohna Nuh Nagina Badkali Chowk Ferozepur Jhirka Alwar Gurgaon , Mewat 137.4 14 Panipat Safidon Jind Bhiwani Loharu 177.21 15 Shahjahanpur Rewari road. 21 15 A Jhajjar Farraqnagar Gurgaon 43.03 16 Sanauli Panipat and Rohtak Bhiwani 62.28 16 A Gohana Lakhan Majra Meham Chang 68.91 17 Nizampur Narnaul Mohindergarh Dadri Bhiwani Hansi Barwala Tohana Munak. 199.74 18 Rohtak Kharkhoda Delhi Border 41.1 19 Siwani Singhani road 49.5 20 Murthal Sonepat Kharkhoda Sampla Jhajjar Jahajgarh Chhuchakwas Dadri Loharu 156.59 21 Budhlada Ratia Fatehabad Bhattu Bhadra 65.51 22 Bahadurgarh Jhajjar Kosli 77.11 23 Sardulgarh Sirsa Ellenabad 68.48 24 Rewari Dahina Kanina Mohindergarh Satnali Loharu 92.45 26 Gurgaon Rewari Narnaul Singhana 119.88 31 Saha to Shahbad 17 32 Sirsa Rania Dabwali road 70.43 References http www.haryanapwd national.html Haryana PWD Site Indian Highways Network Category Roads in Haryana State Highways Category ...   more details

  1. Rebellion of Albanon (1257?1259)

    The Rebellion of Albanon 1257 1259 was one of the greatest Albanians Albanian rebellions in the Middle Ages , against the Empire of Nicaea . The rebels were active in Dyrrhachium , Ochrid , Dibra and Mat . The rebellion was a reaction to the imposition of Niceaan rule in the person of governor Constantine Chabaron . The locals sided with the Despot of Epirus , Michael II Komnenos Doukas , who fought against the Nicaeans over the supremacy of the Albanian lands. The Nicaean forces were under the command of George Akropolites , who described the events himself. In the autumn of 1257, Akropolites left Thessalonica and by way of Kastoria entered Kounavia , Mat and Dibra in an effort to convince the local chieftains to abandon Michael II and submit to imperial rule. Yet, in February 1258 the Nicaean garrisons were annihilated. Taking advantage of the situation, Michael II of Epirus started his campaign against the Nicaeans and captured Chabaron in Kanin Castle Kanina . The Albanians drove back the imperial troops sent as reinforcements and Akropolites set fresh troops in the move, opening his way to Ochrid and Prespa, but without having a chance to engage the rebels in the inner regions. He was forced to return to Prilep and fell captive to Michael II. The revolt was suppressed after troops from Asia Minor were sent in the spring of 1259, headed by John Komnenos. The most decisive battle was fought in the city of Deabolis . After suffering heavy losses, the Byzantines were finally able to control the situation, but in the years 1260 1270 the Albanian rulers revolted again in the region of Dyrrhachium . ref Setton, Kenneth Meyer The Papacy and the Levant, 1204 1571 The Thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, Volume 1. American Philosophical Society, 1976. page 74. http books?id 5Gm79HuBY0cC&pg PA74&dq Constantine Chabaron&hl en&ei znXhS PaAYKB AaVv6HODg&sa X&oi book result&ct result&resnum 1&ved 0CDMQ6AEwAA v onepage&q Constantine 20Chabaron&f false ref ref ...   more details

  1. ?arko (nobleman)

    Infobox person name arko title Lord Gospodin image caption spouse Teodora Dejanovi children Mrk a arkovi Mrk a parents birth place birth date around 1336 ref name AI Rodoslovne tablice i grbovi srpskih dinastija i vlastele prema tablicama Alekse Ivi a drugo znatno dopunjeno i pro ireno izdanje , Beograd, 1991. ISBN 86 7685 007 0 ref death date before 1371 religion Serbian Orthodox Christianity arko 1336 before 1371 was a 14th century Serbian nobleman who after the death of Serbian Emperor Du an the Mighty r. 1331 1355 is mentioned as a lord of the coasts of the Zeta region, under the succeeding Emperor Uro the Weak r. 1355 1371 . Around 1356 he marries Teodora Dejanovi , ref name AI the daughter of Dejan Draga and Theodora Nemanji sister of Du an and Symeon Sini a , together they have a son, Mrk a arkovi Mrk a , in 1363. He is mentioned in records from 1356, when he raided some traders from Dubrovnik , not far from Sveti Sr at Lake Skadar . Zeta itself was held by the widow of Du an, Helena of Bulgaria Jelena , who at the time was in Serres where she had her court. The next year, in june, he becomes a citizen of the Republic of Venice , where he is known as baron lord of the Serbian King, with holdings in the Zeta region and Bojana river Bojana of the Pomorje maritime . In 1360, Bal a I and his sons are mentioned as lords of Skadar , thus, he may have either lost the rule or died. ref Andrija Veselinovi Rado Lju i , Srpske dinastije , Novi Sad, 2001. ISBN 86 83639 01 0 ref After his death, the widow Teodora remarries with ura Bal i . His son Mrk a marries with Ru ina Bal i , the daughter of Bal a II , in 1396 and holds the oblasts around Valona and Kanina . See also ura Iliji , contemporary Lord of Upper Zeta start s reg other s new reason hr Stefan of De ani br as Prince of Zeta s ttl title Gospodin of Lower Zeta maritime br small Under Uro the Weak br Serbian Empire small years fl. 1356 7 s aft after Bal a I end References refbegin Reflist So ...   more details

  1. Siege of Berat (1280?1281)

    Castle Kanina , and Berat for Manfred surrendered them to Charles, and soon afterwards Charles s troops ... the fortress of Kanina and then advancing to central Albania and laying siege to Berat. The situation ... a small remnant managed to cross the river Vjos and reach the safety of Kanina. ref harvnb Setton ...   more details

  1. Jatusana

    Rewari Tahsil , Nautana, Bawana, Kuksi, Kanina, Patherwa, Bawania, Maupura Mahendragarh Tahsil , Hudiana ...   more details

  1. Bedri Spahiu

    imprisonment, which he served first in Kanina and January 1958 in Tirana. Shortly after his release ...   more details

  1. Garmen Municipality

    the valley fo the river Kanina and the second is the so called Village Baths . The Town ... Kanina. In this area you can find various birds species which include the black stork, short toed ...   more details

  1. Ardenica Monastery

    of Kanina, Felix said the mess in the wedding in the presence of all the Albanian princes, members ...   more details

  1. Gjergj Arianiti

    third battle 1434 , in order to recapture Vlor and Kanina, Arianiti used numbers, expediency and his ... was the only Albanian leader to have two capitals one near the coast in Kanina, and another near ...   more details

  1. Vlora War

    Aliu Forces from Kanina Commander Beqir Velo Forces from Salari Commander Selam Musai Forces from ...   more details

  1. Albanian principalities

    Use dmy dates date April 2012 histalbania The term Albanian Principalities refers to a number of principalities created in the Middle Ages in Albania and Epirus that were ruled by Albanians Albanian noblemen. The 12th century marked the first Albanian principality, the Principality of Arb r , however it is in the 14th century and the beginning of the 15th century that these principalities became stronger, especially because of the fall of the Serbian Empire. Most of these principalities were united in 1444 under the military alliance called League of Lezha . List of Albanian principalities bgcolor ececec Nr Principality Flag Years 1 Principality of Arb r File Flag of the Principality of Arber.JPG 30x33px 1190 1255 2 Despotate of Angelokastron and Lepanto File Flag of the Despotate of Arta.jpg 30x33px 1358 1374 3 Principality of Valona and Kanina File Stratemirovic Coat of Arms.jpg 30x33px 1332 1417 4 Despotate of Arta File Flag of the Despotate of Arta.jpg 30x33px 1358 1416 5 Principality of Gjirokast r 1386 1434 6 League of Lezha File Coa Kastrioti Family.svg 30x33px 1444 1479 7 Muzakaj Principality of Berat File Flag of Muzakaj.jpg 30x33px 1335 1444 8 Principality of Kastrioti File Coa Kastrioti Family.svg 30x33px 1389 1444 9 Principality of Dukagjini 1387 1444 10 Princedom of Albania File Flag of the Topiaj principality.jpg 30x33px 1368 1444 11 State of Arianiti 1432 1444 Principality of Arb r main Principality of Arber The Principality of Arb r 1190 1255 was the first Albanian state during the Middle Ages . The proclamation of the feudal state of Arberia, in the north of Albania, with Kruja as the capital took place on 1190. As the founder of this state is known Progoni and later on Gjini and Dhimiter. Nderfandina is known as the most important center of this principality. For this was spoken clearly by the emblem of Arber found carved on a stone in the Catholic Church of Saint Maria. After the fall of House of Progon Progon Dynasty the principality came under G ...   more details

  1. John Komnenos Asen

    Kanina and the inland castle of Berat to the northeast. Other than that, the extent of his domain ...   more details

  1. Kada?

    mentioned in connection with the town, but is a mistake because locality of this name Canburg Kanina ...   more details

  1. Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania

    religious jurisdiction Metropolis of Berat , Vlor , Kanina and all Myzeqe Ignatios Giannakos Triantis ...   more details

  1. Albanian Declaration of Independence

    , Murat bej Toptani Vlora Ismail Qemali, Zihni Abaz Kanina , Zyhdi Efendi Vlora , Qazim Kokoshi , Jani ...   more details

  1. Lordship of Zeta

    II received a generous dowry in land, including Vlor Avlona , Berat , Kanin Kanina , and some ...   more details

  1. Ibanag language

    English Anni y kinnam mu ganguri? Ano ang kinain mo kanina? What did you eat? Anni y kinnan nu ...   more details

  1. Gjon Kastrioti

    &dq kanina kastrioti&q 22Dokumentet p C3 ABrmendin p C3 ABr her C3 AB t C3 AB par C3 AB nj C3 AB Kastriot ...   more details

  1. All-Albanian Congress

    Qemali , Zihni Abaz Kanina , Aristidh Ruci , Qazim Kokoshi , Jani Minga , Eqerem bej Vlora Albanian ...   more details

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