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Encyclopedia results for Journalism


Encyclopedia results for Journalism

  1. Journalism

    Journalism Journalism is the Research investigation and reporting of events, issues and Fads and trends trends to a broad audience. Though there are many variations of journalism, the ideal is to inform ... about public affairs but the role and status of journalism, along with other forms of mass media ... journalism newsvalues title News values immediacy and technology ref This has resulted in a shift ... organizations believe that journalism is in dire shape, and the triumph of digital is to blame, but Rupert Murdoch insists the future of journalism is more promising than ever limited only by editors ... Crier to Bloggers How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age? publisher Vital Speeches of the Day ... ref The first dedicated school for journalism, Missouri School of Journalism , was founded in 1908 .... 2008 . http books?id qCpBXQVX4LMC&lpg PP1&pg PA1 v onepage&q&f false A Journalism of Humanity A Candid History of the World s First Journalism School . University of Missouti Press, Columbia. Page 1. ref Role Main Freedom of the press In the 1920s, as modern journalism was just taking form, writer Walter Lippmann and American philosopher John Dewey debated over the role of journalism in a democracy . Their differing philosophies still characterize a debate about the role of journalism in society and the nation state. Lippmann understood that journalism s role at the time ... journalism . This concept of community journalism is at the centre of new developments in journalism ... structure present in Lippman s understanding of journalism and society. According ... and Tom Rosenstiel propose several guidelines for journalists in their book The Elements of Journalism ref http node 72 ref . Because journalism s first loyalty is to the citizenry, journalists ... and institutions within society. The essence of journalism is to provide citizens with reliable ... in a news organization to prevent undue influence on the news department. One journalism magazine, COLUMBIA ...   more details

  1. Public journalism

    Public journalism may mean Citizen journalism , journalism as practiced by non professionals Civic Journalism Civic journalism , a brand of politically engaged journalism practiced by certain news organizations disambig ...   more details

  1. Outline of journalism

    Contents Outlines . Further improvements are on the way. construction See also Index of journalism articles The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to journalism Journalism &ndash Research investigation and reporting of events, issues and Fads and trends trends to a broad audience. Though there are many variations of journalism, the ideal is to inform the intended audience. What type of thing is journalism? Journalism can be described as all of the following Mass media &ndash Types of journalism Branches of journalism Journalism by areas of coverage Arts journalism Business journalism Entertainment journalism Environmental journalism Fashion journalism Medical journalism Political journalism Science journalism Sports journalism Technology journalism Trade journalism Traffic reporting Weather forecasting World news Genres of journalism Advocacy journalism Analytic journalism Broadcast journalism Citizen journalism Civic Journalism Collaborative journalism Comics journalism Community journalism Database journalism Gonzo journalism Investigative journalism Creative nonfiction Muckraker Narrative journalism New Journalism Non profit journalism Online journalism Opinion journalism Peace Journalism Photojournalism Scientific journalism Visual journalism Watchdog journalism History of journalism History of journalism History of American newspapers General journalism concepts News News style style Journalism ethics and standards Journalist Objectivity journalism News values Journalism sourcing Defamation Editorial independence Journalism school List of journalism articles of journalism articles Citizen Journalism Creative nonfiction Journalism ethics and standards Journalism genres Non profit journalism Objectivity journalism Reporters without ... Press service Yellow journalism News media News media Newspaper s Magazine s News broadcasting and radio ... News presenter Photojournalism Pundit expert Political commentator Journalism education Journalism ...   more details

  1. Entertainment journalism

    journalism Entertainment journalism is an umbrella term used to describe all forms of journalism that focus on the entertainment business and its products. Like fashion journalism , entertainment journalism covers industry specific news while targeting general audiences beyond those working in the industry itself. Common forms include television and film criticism , music journalism , video game journalism and celebrity coverage. See also Journal of Religion and Theatre Category Entertainment journalism Category Journalism bynterta field journalism stub ...   more details

  1. Trade journalism

    unreferenced date August 2007 Journalism Trade journalism reports on the movements and developments of the business world by way of articles or analysis. Trade journalism also refers to industry specific news, such as exclusive focus on commodities e.g. oil , gas and metal s or sectors finance , travel , food . Due to its business nature, trade journalism is often expected to process and interpret a substantial amount of market commentary. Category Journalism genres Business stub journalism stub pt Jornalismo empresarial ...   more details

  1. Technology journalism

    Journalism A journalism branch that uses the art of reporting to deliver information, preview and reviews about technology to the public. E.g. http PCWorld , http c net , http Engadget , http Bijarnya See also Portal Journalism The Verge website Environmental journalism Frontiers of Science comic strip Popular science magazine Public awareness of science Scientific literature Category Journalism by field Journalism stub de Wissenschaftsjournalismus es Periodismo cient fico it Divulgazione scientifica pt Jornalismo cient fico sv Vetenskapsjournalistik ...   more details

  1. Opinion journalism

    journalism Opinion journalism is journalism that makes no claim of objectivity journalism objectivity . Although distinguished from advocacy journalism in several ways, both forms feature a subjective viewpoint, usually with some social or political purpose. Common examples include newspaper column newspaper column s, editorial s, editorial cartoon s, and pundit expert pundit ry. Citation needed date September 2010 Unlike advocacy journalism, opinion journalism has a reduced focus on detailed facts or research, and its perspective is often of a more personalized variety. Its product may be only one component of a generally objective news outlet, rather than the dominant feature of an entire publication or broadcast network . Citation needed date September 2010 DEFAULTSORT Opinion Journalism Category Opinion journalism Journalism stub az Publisistika be bg ca Article d opini cv cs Publicistika es Periodismo de opini n hr Publicistika he ka kk pl Publicystyka kaa Publitsistika ru sk Publicistika sv Publicist uk ...   more details

  1. Diploma of Journalism

    A Diploma of Journalism or Diploma in Journalism is an Academic degree academic qualification in journalism ... with diploma s in general, diplomas in journalism are often more practical or applied than a course leading to a bachelor s or master s degree in journalism. Some universities offer Postgraduate education postgraduate Diplomas of Journalism. Historically, the emergence of journalism diplomas reflected the somewhat condescending view of journalism education which emerged in Britain and British ... universities were uninterested in formal journalism education , and entered the field only at sub degree level between 1919 and 1939 the only University Diploma for Journalism in Britain was offered at London ... started journalism diploma courses as sub degree programs, but none of the courses survived ... been debate about comparisons between diploma and degree programs in journalism, with advocates of diplomas ... a national diploma of journalism, establishing a curriculum which is followed by accredited training ... colleges and universities offering diplomas and degrees in journalism. ref http index.php ref Another development has been the specialist diploma in a particular field of journalism, such as sports journalism, science journalism or business journalism, generally taught at postgraduate ... journalism education.html ref English language institutions offering the Diploma of Journalism are mainly ... of journalism diploma courses are Cardiff University , Wales http jomec degreeprogrammes pgdiploma index.html City University, London http journalism modules index.html ... Indian Institute of Mass Communication http index1.html Jschool Journalism Education ... journalism Rhodes University , South Africa http jms degreesanddiplomas ...?uname University Of Mysore 2C Mysore&action Diploma In Journalism References reflist 2 Bibliography ..., 2005 Rod Kirkpatrick, Diploma to degree 75 years of tertiary journalism studies, Australian Studies ...   more details

  1. Computational journalism

    wikify date September 2011 merge Data driven journalism date October 2011 Computational journalism can be defined as the application of computation to the activities of journalism such as information gathering, organization, sensemaking, communication and dissemination of news information, while upholding values of journalism such as accuracy and verifiability. ref Nick Diakopoulos http 2011 04 22 a functional roadmap for innovation in computational journalism A functional roadmap for innovation in computational journalism ref The field draws on technical aspects of computer science including artificial intelligence, content analysis NLP, vision, audition , visualization, personalization and recommender system s as well as aspects of social computing and information science . History of the Field The field emerged at the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2006 where a course in the subject was taught in http classes AY2007 cs4803cj spring 2007 and http www.computational class2008 2008 . In February 2008 Georgia Tech hosted a http www.computational symposium index.php Symposium on Computation and Journalism which convened several hundred computing researchers and journalists in Atlanta, GA. In July 2009, The Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences CASBS at Stanford University hosted a http ... Journalism ref Related fields Database journalism Computer assisted reporting Data driven journalism ... http Computational Journalism courses at Georgia Tech http a computational journalism reading list A computational journalism reading list by Jonathan ... systematicinnovation.pdf Cultivating the Landscape of Innovation in Computational Journalism http magazines 2011 10 131400 computational journalism fulltext Communications of the ACM , October 2011, Computational Journalism References Reflist Category Types of journalism es Periodismo ...   more details

  1. Bachelor of Journalism

    Unreferenced date September 2008 The Bachelor of Journalism B.J. degree is a professional degree awarded at some universities to students who have studied journalism in a three or four year undergraduate ... of Arts, Journalism B.A.J. , or Bachelor of Science, Journalism BSJ that is often part of or in conjunction ..., conferred by The Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University ... on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Kansas accredits university level journalism programs in the United States. There are currently 109 such accredited programs in 40 states. Bachelor of Journalism in India In India, Bachelor of Journalism is of 3 years. Journalism Courses in India are known by various names like B.J. Bachelor of Journalism , B.C.J. Bachelor of Communication and Journalism , B.M.M. Bachelor of Mass Media , B.J.M.C. Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication , B.A. J.M.C Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication , B.A. Mass ... options after the completion of the course. Bachelor of Journalism BJourn in South Africa In South Africa, Rhodes University offers the primary accomplishment for Journalism students. While other ... depart with a 3 Year B.A. Degree, with Journalism and Media Studies as one of their majors. http jms degreesanddiplomas bjourn Schools of journalism Asia http Take One School of Mass Communication, New Delhi, India Best School for Mass Communication and Journalism in New Delhi,India Thammasat University Thammasat University Faculty of Journalism and Mass ... Amity School of Journalism & Communication,Saket, New Delhi, India Indian Institute of Journalism, Janakpuri, New Delhi, India http Institute of Journalism & Mass Communication, Aligarh ... Rhodes University United States Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism New York University Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute University of Maryland Philip Merrill College of Journalism ...   more details

  1. Preventive journalism

    Preventive journalism is a Journalism journalistic discipline that reports on urgent social problems at an early stage and on solutions proposed for these problems. It complements traditional investigative journalism and recognizes that journalism can alert government and society to problems before they become crises. Michael O Neill, editor of the New York Daily News from 1975 to 1982 and former president of the American Society of Newspaper Editors , wrote in http reports 99 4 00 1NR O Neill Media Power.html 1985 that preventive journalism should search in advance for the hidden forces of change and try to identify the underlying causes of crises before, rather than after, they explode so that an alerted society might have time to protect itself from the ambushes of history. The concept was also used in a 1996 Kofi Annan speech http community older archives L 1996 B un961953.html 1 where he stressed the need for such a kind of journalism without further detailing its characteristics. Peace Journalism follows similar tenets as preventive journalism, though preventive journalism extends its action range to social , economic , institution al, human rights , and Environmentalism environmental concerns. External links http The International , a publication that encompasses preventive journalism standards. http index.php Web of the Institute of Preventive Journalism and International An lisis IPPAI ,based in Madrid, Spain http Magazine of the Institute of Preventive Journalism and International An lisis IPPAI ,based in Madrid, Spain http Web site of Understanding Government, based in Washington, D.C., USA, sponsor of the Prize for Preventive Journalism DEFAULTSORT Preventive Journalism Category Journalism genres journalism stub es Periodismo preventivo Spoken Wikipedia en preventativejournalism.ogg 2010 03 08 ...   more details

  1. Jazz journalism

    Multiple issues refimprove May 2010 orphan March 2008 Jazz journalism was the period of journalism that followed yellow journalism , and lasted from approximately 1919 1924. Jazz journalism tended to cover subjects such as Hollywood, sex, violence, and money, with an emphasis on photography rather than writing. History The beginning of jazz journalism was Joseph Medill Patterson s The New York Daily News in 1919. It was followed by William Randolph Hearst s New York Daily Mirror .In 1920, William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer extended yellow journalism into tabloid journalism with an emphasis on sex, violence, murder, and celebrity affairs. Papers such as the New York Daily News used big headlines, large photos, and short, punchy text. It was a New York Daily News reporter that secretly took a photo of Ruth Snyder as she was being electrocuted at Sing Sing prison in 1928. Style The original tabloids put a heavy emphasis on blood and gore. When supermarket sales became a major outlet, this was replaced by emotional stories, celebrity gossip, psychic tales, religious anecdotes, and various bizarre accounts. Advertisements were an important part of these newspapers, and were usually for soaps and various creams, ointments and tonics. Rerefences nofootnotes date March 2008 http 1920 media american decades newspapers http Jazz 20Journalism Category Jazz culture Category Music journalism journalism stub es Jazz journalism pl Jazz journalism ...   more details

  1. Innovation journalism

    Multiple issues unreferenced November 2010 advert November 2010 notability June 2011 Innovation Journalism Injo is journalism covering innovation . It covers innovation processes and innovation system ... on a market or in a community. Innovation journalism covers how innovation happens. Traditional newsbeats like business, technology, science and political journalism look only at certain aspects of innovation ... picture is chopped up to fit into a specific news slot, usually technology or business journalism. The concept of Innovation Journalism InJo was http vinnova shop ItemView 9176.aspx coined in 2003 by David Nordfors . For Innovation Journalism the process of innovation itself is the central ... traditional newsbeats. One example where innovation journalism is applied is Data driven journalism data driven journalism , where stories are created based on analysis and visualization of data ... The Innovation Journalism Program at Stanford The first innovation journalism program the Innovation Journalism Program at Stanford http blog was started by David Nordfors .... The initial activity of the program was the Innovation Journalism Fellowships, where each year ... an affiliated Finnish national innovation journalism program was spearheaded by Seppo Sis tt ... on Innovation Journalism, which has run yearly since 2004. Research Projects At an academic workshop at Stanford University April 2004 a group of researchers suggested Innovation Journalism as a useful theme in scholarly research through which to investigate the interplay of journalism ... et al. . This involves investigating how journalism plays a part in connecting innovation with public ... journalism and how news organizations may be organized to perform the task. It outlines examples ... of journalism as practice, and possible scipes for the research theme. http ... as suggested by the report, intended to form a base for developing innovation journalism as a theme ...   more details

  1. Political journalism

    Journalism Political journalism is a broad branch of journalism that includes coverage of all aspects of politics and political science , although the term usually refers specifically to coverage of civil government s and political power . Political journalism is a frequent subject of opinion journalism , as current political events are analyzed, interpreted, and discussed by news media Pundit expert pundit s and editorial ists. The term does sometimes have negative connotations advertising materials for the first issue of United Kingdom British newspaper The Daily Mail boasted that, Four leading articles, a page of Parliament and columns of speeches will NOT be found. ref name historyandpolicy cite web url http papers policy paper 27.html title Monitoring the popular press an historical perspective last Bingham first Adrian date May 2005 work History & Policy publisher History & Policy language English language English accessdate 9 December 2010 location United Kingdom ref Subsets Election journalism or electoral journalism is a subgenre of political journalism which focuses upon and analyzes developments related to an approximate election and political campaigns ref cite web url http html index.php?id 504 title Towards an electoral journalism author Jorge Bravo publisher Mundo Electoral Electoral World date Year 3 No. 8 May 2010 ref . This subgenre makes use of statistics, polls and historic data in regards to a candidate s chance of success for office or a party s change in size in a legislature. Defense journalism or military journalism is a subgenre which focuses upon the current status of a nation s military, intelligence and other defense related faculties. Interest in defense journalism increases during times of violent conflict, with military leaders being the primary actors. See also Afghanistanism Common Sense ... Jonathan Swift The Washington Post References reflist Category Journalism by field journalism ...   more details

  1. Arts journalism

    Journalism File Jornalista RTP Guimar es .jpg thumb left 200px Portugal Portuguese journalist interviewing for Guimar es 2012 European Capital of Culture Arts journalism is a branch of journalism concerned with the reporting and discussion of the arts. This can include, but is not limited to, film , literature , music , theater , and architecture . Traditionally, journalists and critics writing about the arts had a background in writing and the arts there was no formal advanced training in this field. In 2005, Syracuse University founded the Goldring Arts Journalism Program, the first arts master s degree masters program at an accredited school to teach journalists to write about arts and culture. ref http Newhouse School of Public Communications ref In the Year 2009 CEPT University, Ahmedabad has made a step towards starting this course for the first time in India. Citation needed date July 2011 References reflist See also Journal of Religion and Theatre Ethical Journalism Initiative Journalism stub Arts criticism navigation Category Journalism by field pt Jornalismo cultural sv Kulturjournalistik ...   more details

  1. Analytic journalism

    Journalism Portal Journalism Analytic journalism seeks to make sense of a complex reality in order to create public understanding. It combines some aspects of investigative journalism and explanatory reporting . Analytic journalism can be seen as a response to professionalized communication from powerful ..., Nalini edt 2005 . Practising Journalism Values, Constrains, Implications, New Delhi Sage ref ... ed. 2006 . Journalism. The Democratic Craft, New York Oxford University Press. ref The journalist ... best, investigative journalism is deeply analytic, but its intent is primarily to expose analytic journalism s primary aim is to explain. It contextualizes its subject by describing background, historical ... s perception of the phenomenon. Analytic journalism aspires to collect disparate data and make ... of an issue. What do analytic journalists make use of As analytic journalism attempts to transcend ... Hard news Infotainment versus journalism hard news . Analytic journalism often applies the scientific ... & Roy Peter Clark ed. 2006 . Journalism. The Democratic Craft, New York Oxford University Press page ... to enlarge journalism so that it incorporates more knowledge and methods generated by historians ... of Analytic Journalism employs a rather general definition and positions it within a critical ... Institute for Analytic Journalism Welcome to the IAJ Bot generated title ref A more pragmatic definition ... about story ref De Burgh compares analytic journalism with news reporting news reporting is descriptive ... or moving, regardless of medium. Analytic journalism, on the other hand, seeks to take the data available ... way. ref de Burgh, Hugo ed. 2008 2000 . Investigative journalism page 14 ref Therefore ... ross How analytic journalism supplements other forms of journalism While investigative journalism aims at exposing, analytic journalism aims at explaining. Following a trail of evidence, investigative journalism is more inclined to follow a particular guilty party, while analytic journalism is more ...   more details

  1. Immersion journalism

    unreferenced date April 2008 Image Barbara Ehrenreich by David Shankbone.jpg thumb Barbara Ehrenreich Immersion Journalism or Immersionism is a style of journalism similar to gonzo journalism . Like Gonzo, immersionism details an individual s experiences from a deeply personal perspective. An individual will choose a situation, and immerse themselves in the events and people involved. Unlike Gonzo, however, it is less focused on the writer s life, and more about the writer s specific experiences. Proponents of immersion journalism claim that this research strategy allows authors to describe the internal experience of external events and break away from the limiting pseudo objectivity of traditional journalism. Critics of immersionism who sometimes call it stunt journalism argue that by using such methods, writers are just playing tourist in the lives and often tragedies of other people. Book length examples of immersion journalism include H.G. Bissinger s Friday Night Lights A Town, a Team, and a Dream Friday Night Lights John Howard Griffin s Black Like Me Ted Conover s Rolling Nowhere , Coyotes and Newjack Guarding Sing Sing Barbara Ehrenreich s Nickel and Dimed On Not Getting By in America 2001 , Bait and Switch The Futile Pursuit of the American Dream 2005 and Matthew Thompson s My Colombian Death 2008 . journalism stub Category Journalism genres ...   more details

  1. Envelope journalism

    Envelope journalism also envelopmental journalism, ref name autogenerated2 http media ontherecord prog5.htm A Question Of Influence Dead link date July 2010 ref red envelope journalism, ref name autogenerated3 cite web url http tbrislin asiaeth.html title An Update on Journalism Ethics in Asia Values and Practices as Context for Meaning in Japan, China and Korea last Brislin first Tom publisher University of Hawaii ref Otoshidama white envelope journalism, ref name autogenerated3 Ch ongi , ref name autogenerated3 wartawan amplop ref name autogenerated1 http 06 07 indonesia and envelope journalism.html Indonesia and Envelope Journalism Dead link date March 2008 ref is a colloquial term for the practice of bribing journalist s for favorable media coverage . The term seems to be most commonly used in Asia the Philippines ref name autogenerated2 Japan and Korea , ref name autogenerated3 Indonesia . ref name autogenerated1 The term arose from the envelopes used to hold cash bribes, given ostensibly as tokens of appreciation for attending a press conference. ref name autogenerated2 More recently, the term Automated teller machine ATM journalism has arisen, to indicate the change to electronic transfer of bribes to journalists bank accounts. ref name autogenerated2 References reflist 2 Category Journalism ethics journalism stub ...   more details

  1. Database journalism

    Database journalism or structured journalism is a principle in information management whereby news content ... Wiebke Loosen defines database journalism as supplying database s with raw material articles, photos ... issue7 8 loosen The Second Level Digital Divide of the Web and Its Impact on Journalism , First ... , talk of structured journalism as a means to maximize the shelf life of news content and extracting more value out of content. ref Citation last Chua first Reg title Structured Journalism date August 2010 url http structured journalism ref History and development of database journalism Computer programmer Adrian Holovaty wrote what is now considered the manifesto of database journalism in September 2006. ref Adina Levin, http ?p 1391 Database journalism ... between database journalism and traditional journalism is that the latter produces Article publishing ... maintained and improved. 2007 saw a rapid development in database journalism. ref Rich Gordon, http blog2 2007 11 data as journalism journalism as data.html Data as journalism, journalism .... The importance of database journalism was highlighted when the John S. and James L. Knight ... Moment for Journalism ref head of the The New York Times New York Times technology team, hinting that database journalism has been accepted by the trade and will develop, much like Computer assisted journalism CAR did in the early 1990s. Seeing journalistic content as data has pushed several news ... in journalism, and in digital journalism or cyberjournalism. ref Suzana Barbosa Beatriz Ribas 2008 ... journalism, expanding their meaning and identifying them with a specific code, as opposed ..., according to some of the systematized studies in the 90s. Difference with data driven journalism Data driven journalism is a Systems engineering process process whereby journalists build stories using numerical data or databases as a primary material. In contrast, database journalism is an organizational ...   more details

  1. Visual journalism

    journalism Visual journalism is the practice of strategically combining words and images to convey information. Universal Visual journalism is premised upon the idea that at a time of accelerating change, often words cannot keep pace with concepts. Visual journalism incorporates ancient symbol s that resonate with humans across cultures and time and conveys meaning instantaneously at a deep level. Visual journalism is an outgrowth of the practice of graphic facilitation and recording that began entering corporate board rooms, conferences, and think tank meetings in the 1970s with the leadership of David Sibbet, founder of The Grove Consultants International. But its roots date back to ancient cave painting s and carry forward in the work of designers, architects, and engineers. Only recently has interactive visualization of this sort moved out into common use in all kinds of group engagements. The scholarly father of this visual form of communication is Robert Horn , Ph.D. , a fellow at Stanford University and author of the book Visual Language . Meaning is suggested Visual journalism is not a series of symbols with precise meanings but rather images that suggest complex meanings and, in the Ancient Egypt Egyptian tradition of the cartouche , contain words. The symbols do not simply represent but participate in the meaning and, in combination with evocative phrases, are designed to provoke creative thinking. Visual language is one tool described by author Daniel Pink in his book A Whole New Mind for the emerging conceptual age where people must tolerate ambiguity and communicate quickly, often before concepts are ready to be captured in traditional writing. See also div style column count 1 moz column count 1 webkit column count 1 Portal Journalism Broadcast journalism Photojournalism Video journalism News design div Online resources Visual Editors The social network of http ... DEFAULTSORT Visual Journalism Category Journalism genres Journalism stub ru ...   more details

  1. Civic journalism

    Journalism The civic journalism movement also known as public journalism is, according to professor David ... are spectators in political and social processes. In its place, the civic journalism movement ..., civic journalism has become as much of a philosophy as it is a practice. Definition According to the now dormant Pew Research Center Pew Center for Civic Journalism, the practice is both a philosophy and a set of values supported by some evolving techniques to reflect both of those in journalism . At its heart is a belief that journalism has an obligation to public life an obligation that goes beyond just telling the news or unloading lots of facts. The way we do our journalism affects the way public life goes. ref Pew Center for Civic Journalism, Doing Civic Journalism, at http ... dormant Pew Research Center Pew Center , the Kettering Foundation, the Civic and Citizen Journalism Interest Group in the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication AEJMC and the Public Journalism Network assist with the spread of civic journalism across the country one university and one paper at a time. Main tenets According to The Roots of Civic Journalism by David K. Perry, ref David K. Perry, em Roots of Civic Journalism Darwin, Dewey, and Mead. em Lanham, MD Rowman and Littlefield, 2003. ref the practitioners of civic journalism who saw the movement s most drastic growth in the early 1990s have always adhered to the basic tenets of public journalism Attempting to situate ... and debate among members of a community. Attempting to use journalism to enhance social capital. Structure Usually formulated by a few devoted members in a newsroom , civic journalism projects are typically ... of organized town meetings and adult education programs. The Public Journalism Network explains that journalism and democracy work best when news, information and ideas flow freely when news portrays ... consumers. ref Public Journalism Network, 2003. A Declaration for Public Journalism, 25 January ...   more details

  1. Collaborative journalism

    journalism Collaborative journalism is a mode of journalism where multiple reporters or news organizations ... Collaborative journalism involves the aggregation of information from numerous individuals or organizations ... sDefinition 0,,sid26 gci1090596,00.html What is collaborative citizen journalism? 2006 ... daily updates. ref name CCJ Through combined authorship, collaborative journalism is thought by some ... to Other Sites 12 October 2008, New York Times ref . Successful collaborative journalism projects ... commented on wiki style collaborative journalism ref name Glaser Glaser, Mark. http ojr ... Online Journalism Review ref blockquote Most user generated content isn t content, but conversation ... Collaborative journalism emerged through the internet in the early 2000s, and developed gradually .... Differentiation from Other Styles of Journalism Collaborative journalism should not be confused with citizen journalism , which is practiced only by amateur reporters who develop stories by actively .... It is not community journalism or Civic Journalism civic journalism , which are practiced only by professionals In community journalism , professional reporters focus their coverage on smaller ... coverage. Civic Journalism Civic journalism is the philosophy and practice of professional journalists ... journalism is similar, but not identical, to interactive journalism , in which consumers contribute to a professional news story through commenting and conversing with the reporter. Wiki journalism is a type of collaborative journalism. Link Journalism Link Journalism , a phrase coined by Scott Karp in 2008, is a form of collaborative journalism in which a news story s writer provides external ..., Brian. http 2008 02 25 how link journalism could have transformed the new york times reporting on mccain ethics How Link Journalism Could Have Transformed the New York Times Reporting on McCain Ethics 2008 , Publish 2.0 Blog ref ref name Link Journalism Publish2 http ...   more details

  1. Enterprise journalism

    Enterprise journalism refers to reporting that is not generated by news or a press release , but rather generated by a reporter or news organization based on developed Journalism sourcing sources . ref cite web url http id 2193558 sidebar 2193648 title What is enterprise journalism author slate ref Tied to Shoe leather reporting shoe leather reporting and beat reporting , enterprise journalism gets the journalist out of the office and away from the traditional news makers. It also enlists some of the traditional traits of good investigative reporting, such as reading documents. ref cite web url http politics enterprise going the extra mil.php title Enterprise Going the Extra Mile author Columbia Journalism Review ref Enterprise journalism does not involve reporting which is based purely on press releases or news conferences. On the other hand, this kinds of reporting involves stories where a reporter unearths one on his her own, a lot of people refer to these as scoops. The enterprise reporting goes ahead of just reporting events, it discovers the forces that shape such events. ref cite web url http od reporting a enterprise.htm title Developing Stories That Go Beyond Press Releases author ref Recognizing the essence of enterprise journalism, Philadelphia started the enterprise journalism awards program. J Lab has developed an awards program for enterprise reporting which is aimed at helping enterprise projects get off the ground ... links http 2008 03 13 enterprise journalism is not a commodity Enterprise journalism is not a commodity http cmuir 2010 10 21 enterprise journalism Enterprise Journalism Cartoon http 2009 11 making enterprise journalism web reader friendly Making enterprise journalism web reader friendly http pages Enterprise journalism 120257754687644 Enterprise Journalism on Facebook Category Types of journalism journalism stub ...   more details

  1. Interactive journalism

    Interactive journalism is a new type of journalism that allows consumers to directly contribute to the story ..., If journalism is distributed in a community but no one pays attention to it, is it journalism? Can journalism exist without an audience? ref cite news last Kolodzy first Janet title Convergence journalism ... clips and social media in their reporting process. Interactive journalism allows media outlets to include ... Convergence journalism Writing and Reporting across the News Media. url http books ... v onepage&q interactive 20journalism&f false accessdate 21 April 2012 ref Interactive journalism ... by the Internet, journalists are also in the process of redefining their roles. Interactive journalism ... stories almost from the start. ref cite web last Hume first Janice title Community Journalism ... journalism is similar, but not identical, to collaborative journalism , in which rather than converse ... and provide news items and reports. Joyce Y.M. Nip identifies five models of public journalism. 1 Traditional journalism, 2 public journalism, 3 interactive journalism, 4 participatory journalism and 5 citizen journalism. ref cite web last Nip first Joyce Y.M. title Routization of Charisma The Institutionalization of Public Journalism Online. In Public Journalism 2.0 The Promise and Reality of a Citizen ... journalism involving the least degree of participation and citizen journalism involving the most. One of the most popular interactive journalism tools are blogs , which allow grassroot news ... journalism is often associated with civic journalism for its ability to explore new and creative ... journalism is being pioneered and supported by http www.j about jlabstaff Jan Schaffer and http www.j J Lab The Institute for Interactive Journalism, of which Schaffer is the Executive ... Center for Civic Journalism. J Lab s Knight Batten Awards for Innovations in Journalism honor spotlight news and information that is more than multimedia journalism and rewards novel efforts to involve ...   more details

  1. Journalism genres

    The term journalism genres refers to various journalism styles, fields or separate genre s, in writing ... organizations. Ambush journalism Ambush journalism refers to aggressive tactics practiced by journalists ... displays and in the time allowed for an uninterrupted answer. Celebrity or people journalism Another area of journalism that grew in stature in the 20th Century is celebrity or people journalism ... columnist s and gossip magazine s, celebrity journalism has become the focus of national tabloid newspapers ... provide some coverage of celebrities and people. Celebrity journalism differs from feature writing ... to obtain potentially embarrassing photographs, have come to characterize celebrity journalism ... wire stories and other unoriginal material. Convergence journalism An emerging form of journalism, which combines different forms of journalism, such as print, photographic and video, into one piece or group of pieces. Convergence journalism can be found in the likes of CNN and many other news sites. Gonzo journalism Main Gonzo journalism Gonzo journalism is a type of journalism popularized by the American .... Gonzo journalism is characterized by its punchy style, rough language, and ostensible disregard ... of the journalist is given up through immersion into the story itself, as in New Journalism, and the reportage ... such as Thompson s Raoul Duke . Gonzo journalism attempts to present a multi disciplinary perspective ... sources. Gonzo journalism has been styled Eclecticism eclectic or untraditional. It remains ... journalism and on line journalism see above . A modern example of gonzo journalism would be Robert ... sponsored series on war zones called In The Hot Zone Investigative journalism Main Investigative journalism Investigative journalism is a primary source of information. ref name Yale cite web title ... first Zachary M. title DocumentCloud adds impressive list of investigative journalism outfits url http 2009 09 documentcloud adds impressive list of investigative journalism outfits ...   more details

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