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IBM Web Services Flow Language
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Encyclopedia results for IBM Web Services Flow Language

IBM Web Services Flow Language

Encyclopedia results for IBM Web Services Flow Language

  1. Web Services Test Forum

    The Web Services Test Forum WSTF provides a framework in which members of the Web Service community can develop interoperability scenarios and test implementations of those scenarios against other implementations. The WSTF does not charge dues and has no central governing authority i.e. board . The WSTF was patterned by its initial creators BEA , Fujitsu , IBM , and Oracle Corporation Oracle after the SoapBuilders mailing list community. While its main focus is to test the various Web Service specifications, it also serves as a forum where the entire Web Service community can share ideas and concerns in an open fashion. Principles The WSTF is founded on the following basic principles Low barriers to participation the WSTF seeks to be as inclusive as possible. Consequently it does not charge dues or any other form of membership fee. All that is required to join is have the individual or organization sign a http docs PA.pdf Participation Agreement . No centralized control past experience has shown that, if a subset of members is allowed to control what is and isn t tested, they tend to try and direct testing efforts towards technologies and standards that they favor and discourage testing on technologies that, for whatever reason, they do not like. In the WSTF any member is free to propose a scenario, contribute to an existing scenario, or implement a scenario as they choose. Interoperability by consensus many interoperability issues arise either because the relevant specifications simply do not cover a particular area or there are conflicting, but equally valid interpretations of a specification. The WSTF seeks to resolve such cases using a common sense, consensus approach. Independent testing any test that requires two or more people from separate organizations ... case using web services technologies. External links http WSTF Home Page Category Web services ... to be solved and the constraints on that solution. An architecture that describes the services ...   more details

  1. Web Services for Devices

    Multiple issues refimprove September 2009 notability October 2009 Web Services for Devices or Web Services on Devices WSD , is a Microsoft Application programming interface API to simplify programming connections to web service enabled devices, such as Printers, Scanners and File Shares ref http library windows desktop aa826001.aspx Web Services on Devices Overview ref . Such devices conform to the Devices Profile for Web Services DPWS . It is an extensible framework that serves as a replacement for older Windows networking functions and a common framework for allowing access to new device APIs. ref http dev null archives 2007 01 where oh where.html ref Operation The Microsoft Web Services for Devices API WSDAPI uses WS Discovery for device discovery. Devices that connect to the WSDAPI must implement the DPWS ref http en ca library windows desktop bb204788.aspx ref . See Also Devices Profile for Web Services WS Discovery External links http b askperf archive 2008 02 11 ws2008 the wsd port monitor.aspx The WSD Port Monitor References Reflist Category Network protocols Web services Computer stub ...   more details

  1. IBM Lotus Web Content Management

    Infobox Software name IBM Web Content Manager logo screenshot Image LotusWebContentManagementICON.png caption developer IBM released Start date 2003 latest release version 7.0 latest release date Start date and age 2010 08 31 ref cite web url http common ssi cgi bin ssialias?subtype ca&infotype an&appname iSource&supplier 897&letternum ENUS210 260 title IBM Lotus Web Content Management 7.0 for engaging, exceptional online experiences publisher IBM date August 31, 2010 ref latest preview version operating system IBM AIX , IBM i , Linux , Solaris operating system Solaris , Microsoft Windows operating system desc platform Java programming language Java genre Enterprise web content management software license Proprietary website http lotus webcontentmanagement IBM Lotus Web Content Management IBM Web Content Manager or WCM is a Proprietary software proprietary web content management Application software application by the Lotus Software division of IBM . Overview IBM Web ... creation and maintenance The software is available in two editions IBM Web Content Manager and IBM ... April 3, 2009 title IBM s Web CMS Gets a New HTML Editor for Non Techies url http cms ... to the Java Portlet Specification version 2 standard. History IBM Web Content Manager was originally ... bought the company in 2003, Aptrix was renamed IBM Workplace Web Content Management. ref name lwcm history citation last Darrow first Barbara date July 15, 2003 title IBM Snaps Up Aptrix For Web Content ... publisher CRN ref It was renamed IBM Lotus Web Content Management in 2008 with the version 6.1 release of the product. In 2011, the product was renamed again to IBM Web Content Manager. References reflist External links http lotus webcontentmanagement IBM Web Content Manager product ... IBM developerWorks Portal Zone Category Lotus Software software Web Content Management ... s web page s using a rich text format rich text editor Store web pages to a central repository with access ...   more details

  1. Web Services Management Agent

    Menu Manager , Tcl and Service Diagnostics. WSMA Details WSMA defines a web service infrastructure and a set of web services through which a network device can be managed in the areas of deployment ... four web services are exposed, but WSMA s framework allows for additional web services to be delivered ... of each of the web service, please refer to WSMA Web Services Details WSMA supports the following ... and initiator modes. Listener Mode The WSMA listens for inbound Web Service session requests in a traditional Web Services client server architecture. Initiator Mode The WSMA agent can establish ... wsma agent config exec filesys notify counters WSMA Web Services Details Configuration service Configuration ... can be operated as an atomic operation. Reduced Development Effort WSMA frees up Web Services developers to use their existing Web Services tools and expertise to rapidly build management application. Based on Technical standard industry standard Web Services protocols SOAP 1.1, SOAP 1.2, etc. and transports .... Improved Accuracy WSMA brings the benefits of XML and Web Services accuracy and consistency. Using ... type mac address interface type string value Step 4 Monitor and Maintain WSMA services show ... system with the accuracy of XML access. References cite web url http en US docs ios ...   more details

  1. Work Flow Language

    Work Flow Language , or WFL wiffle is the process control language for the Burroughs large systems , including the Unisys Burroughs MCP ClearPath MCP series, and their operating system Burroughs MCP Master Control Program . Developed soon after the B5000 in 1961, WFL is the ClearPath equivalent of the Job Control Language JCL on IBM mainframes and the shell script s of Unix like operating systems. Unlike JCL, WFL is a high level structured language complete with subroutine s procedures and functions with Parameter computer science arguments and high level program control flow instructions. WFL programs are compiler compiled to binary executables like any other MCP subject. WFL ref Work Flow Language WFL Programming Reference Manual. ClearPath MCP Release 10.0 or Later. 8600 1047 507 Unisys Corporation. 2005 ref is used for high level system operations, such as running tasks, moving and copying files, providing high level recoverability. Thus it is not a general purpose language in that you would not use it to do general computations. You can open and close files to check their attributes for example however, you cannot read or change their contents in WFL that you do in a general purpose language, and invoke it as a task from WFL. WFL has a high level ALGOL like readable syntax. It has none of the low level assembler like commands of JCL like code SYSIN DD code , etc. in order to connect hardware devices and open files for programs. All WFL constructs deal with the high level abstractions of tasks and files. Parameters are also real HLL parameters, not the 1, 2... style position parameters of shell scripts. WFL also has an instruction block command which is used to give operators instructions needed to run the current job. These instructions are displayed using the IB operator command. See also Burroughs large systems Sources references Category ALGOL 60 dialects Category Scripting languages pt WFL ...   more details

  1. Comparison of web map services

    Channel TMC Virtual globe Online virtual globes Online virtual globes , with more web map services Category Street view services Sources references http maps Bing Maps http ..., the UK, and the United States Unknown Australia and United States Officially Supported Web Browsers ... 10 25 nokia maps for web update ref Walking Directions Yes beta No Yes bgcolor orange Yes via http ... Integration Yes , via Android Maps app, upcoming feature for full web mode No Yes Yes GPS Integration ... Live current traffic situation http 2011 10 25 nokia maps for web update DEFAULTSORT Comparison Of Web Map Services Category Online services comparisons Web mapping Category Web mapping Category Transport ...   more details

  1. IBM Generalized Markup Language

    Infobox file format name IBM Generalized Markup Language icon logo screenshot extension mime type code uniform type magic owner IBM genre container for contained by extended from extended to SGML standard Generalized Markup Language GML is a set of Macro computer science macros that implement intent based procedural markup Tag metadata tag s for the IBM text formatter , SCRIPT markup SCRIPT . SCRIPT VS is the main component of IBM s Document Composition Facility DCF . A starter set of tags in GML is provided with the DCF product. GML was developed in the 1960s by Charles Goldfarb , Edward Mosher ... used internally at IBM. See also HyperText Markup Language Standard Generalized Markup Language XML ... TheRootsOfSgml cite web url http history roots.htm year 1996 title The Roots of SGML ... itself. The Standard Generalized Markup Language SGML , an International Organization for Standardization ISO standard technology for defining generalized markup language s for documents, is descended from GML. ref name TheRootsOfSgml The XML Extensible Markup Language XML was initially a streamlined ... tags to be omitted for the h1 and p elements. Related Programs In the early 1980s, IBM developed a dedicated publishing tool called Information Structure Identification Language ISIL based on GML. ISIL was used to generate much of IBM documentation for the IBM PC and other products at this time ... the early 1980s, Don Williams at IBM developed DWScript to use the SCRIPT VS on the IBM PC. ref DWScript Document Composition Facility for the IBM Personal Computer Version 4.6 Updates, DW 04167, Nov ... dsm05m00 CCONTENTS GML Starter Set Reference Category Markup languages Category IBM software Generalized Markup Language de IBM Generalized Markup Language es Generalized Markup Language fr Generalized Markup Language id GML nl Generalized Markup Language ja Generalized Markup Language pl Generalized Markup Language ...   more details

  1. IBM Web-based System Manager

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 IBM Web based System Manager WSM is a management software GUI for administering AIX operating system AIX 5L host on RS 6000 systems, it can be run in standalone mode or in a client server environment. Image IBM WSM on AIX53.jpg thumb 250 px WSM running on a Windows System used to manage an AIX cluster Introduced in AIX operating system AIX 4.3 and installed by default in AIX 5.1 if there is a graphical adapter in the machine at time of installation. See also IBM AIX SMIT IBM Systems Director Console for AIX IBM Hardware Management Console DEFAULTSORT Web Based System Manager Category Unix configuration utilities Web software stub ...   more details

  1. IBM Basic assembly language

    BAL Basic Assembly Language is a low level language used on IBM mainframe computer mainframes from the earliest ... IBM System 360 Basic Programming Support Basic Assembler Language Category IBM software Basic assembly ... 360 in 1964 the latest version is known as the IBM High Level Assembler HLASM . Programmers utilizing this family of assemblers refer to them as ALC, for Assembly Language Coding, or simply assembler . A note on the name Properly speaking, Basic Assembly Language was the name of the extremely ... use to all assembly language dialects on the System 360 and its descendants. General characteristics The architecture of IBM mainframes has taken many forms over the years, including System 360, System ... to make up for this drawback, but with the advent of optimizing compilers, C programming language C for the mainframe, and other advances, assembler has lost much of its appeal. IBM continues to upgrade ... is defined as a large set of assembly language macro instructions, that typically invoke Supervisor .... Assembler Statement Format The format of assembler language statements reflects the layout of an 80 ... of the operand field, separated by at least one blank. Basic Assembly Language did not allow ... of any character in column 72 of the statement being continued. Basic Assembly Language required that column ... contained sequence numbers for resorting a jumbled card deck. Basic Assembly language also permitted ... R through EQU statements elsewhere in the program to ease the readability of assembler language ... to be placed in the object code. Macros and conditional assembly Basic assembler language did not support ..., executing under an IBM operating system such as OS VS 1 or MVS , display the words Hello World on the operator ... program invoked directly by the operating system Job control language JCL like this EXEC PGM ... system macros Most programs will require services from the operating system , and the OS provides standard macros for requesting those services. These are analogous to Unix system call s. For instance ...   more details

  1. Web Application Description Language

    Refimprove date March 2009 The Web Application Description Language WADL is an XML based file format that provides a machine readable description of Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP based World Wide Web web applications. These applications are typically Representational State Transfer REST web service s. WADL is a W3C Member Submission., ref http Submission wadl Web Application Description Language, 31 August 2009 ref but W3C has no plans to take up work based on this Submission . ref http Submission 2009 03 Comment Team Comment on the Web Application Description Language Submission, 14 October 2009 ref The purpose of WADL is to allow services on the Internet or any other Internet Protocol IP network to be described in a machine processable way, to make it easier to create Web 2.0 style applications and create a dynamic way of creating and configuring services. Prior to this, it was necessary to go to an existing web service, study it and write the application manually. WADL can be thought of as the REST equivalent of Web Services Description Language version 1.1. Version 2.0 of WSDL can be used to describe REST Web services, ref http developerworks webservices library ws restwsdl ref thus competing with WADL. Citation needed date March 2009 WADL is intended for applications that are based on the existing architecture of the Web. Like WSDL, it is platform and language independent and aims to promote re use of applications beyond the basic use in a web browser. WADL models the resources provided by a service, and the relationships between them. The service is described using a set of resource elements. Each of these contains param elements to describe the inputs, and method elements which describe the request and response of a resource. The request ... WADL? blog post by Joe Gregorio Category Web 2.0 Category Web services Category World Wide Web de Web Application Description Language pl Web Application Description Language ...   more details

  1. Web Rule Language

    Orphan date February 2009 The Web Rule Language WRL is a rule based Ontology computer science ontology language for the Semantic Web . The language is characterised by formal Semantics of programming languages semantics . See also Web Ontology Language OWL Resource Description Framework RDF XML External links http Submission WRL Web Rule Language WRL W3C Member Submission 09 September 2005 Category Semantic Web compu lang stub ...   more details

  1. IBM Scale-out File Services

    file services architecture first used within IBM to store employees files since 2001. All of the SoFS ... designs. References IBM Corp. 2007 10 07 . http www services us its pdf sofs ds gtd01407 usen 01 102307.pdf IBM Storage Optimization and Integration Services scale out file services . Data sheet GTD01407 USEN 01 retrieved on 2008 01 07. IBM Corp. 2008 01 18 . http www press us en pressrelease 23332.wss Kantana Selects IBM Scale Out File Services to Boost Its Data Storage System for Animation Production . Press release retrieved on 2008 01 23 IBM Corp. 2008 06 18 . http www services us its pdf sofs am journal final 070108.pdf IBM Scale out File Services Reinventing network attached storage IBM video 2011 01 11 http ibmvideos p u 7 4w58M0MVwNo ... storage network sonas IBM Scale Out Network Attached Storage SONAS http www services us index.wss offerfamily gts a1027725 IBM storage optimization and integration services SoFS IBM General ... 2010 DEFAULTSORT Ibm Scale Out File Services Category Storage software Category Storage systems Category Computer storage technologies Category IBM storage devices ja IBM Scale out File Services ...Infobox software name IBM SoFS screenshot caption developer IBM latest release version 1.5 latest release ... Storage license Proprietary software Proprietary website http services us its html sofs landing.html Scale out File Services SoFS is a highly scalable, grid based Network attached storage NAS solution developed by IBM . It is based on IBM s high performance shared disk computer cluster clustered file system IBM General Parallel File System GPFS . SoFS exports the clustered ... Petabytes in size. SoFS combines proprietary IBM technology storage & server hardware and GPFS with open ... 2010, IBM is offering a hardened appliance version better evolution of SoFS, called Scale Out Network ... support matrix, integrated high density disk storage and a delivery model with standard IBM product ...   more details

  1. Web Ontology Language

    Infobox W3C Standard title OWL Web Ontology Language status Published year started 2002 editors Mike ... title OWL 2 Web Ontology Language status Published year started 2008 editors W3C OWL Working Group base ... Web website http TR owl2 overview OWL2 Overview The Web Ontology Language OWL is a family ... Web Consortium W3C ref cite web url http TR owl2 overview title OWL 2 Web Ontology Language ... Web Ontology Language publisher W3C date 2006 12 19 ref W3C announced the new version of OWL on 27 ... book lacy owl c10 cite book title OWL Representing Information Using the Web Ontology Language last ... on Agent Markup Languages was convened to develop DAMLplusOIL DAML OIL as a web ontology language. This group ... representation language influenced by ideas from knowledge representation World Wide Web ... Activity.html title RDF Vocabulary Description Language 1.0 RDF Schema author World Wide Web Consortium date 2002 08 23 work RDF Vocabulary Description Language 1.0 publisher World Wide Web Consortium ... OWL Representing Information Using the Web Ontology Language last Lacy first Lee W. year 2005 publisher ... 20061219 title OWL 1.1 Web Ontology Language last1 Patel Schneider first1 Peter authorlink1 Peter ... title OWL 2 The next step for OWL journal Web Semantics Science, Services and Agents on the World ... title OWL Web Ontology Language Concrete Abstract Syntax first1 Sean last1 Bechhofer authorlink1 Sean ... first3 Bijan authorlink3 Bijan Parsia date 27 October 2009 work OWL 2 Web Ontology Language publisher ... TR 2009 REC owl2 mapping to rdf 20091027 title OWL 2 Web Ontology Language Mapping to RDF Graphs ... F. Patel Schneider date 27 October 2009 work OWL 2 Web Ontology Language publisher World Wide Web ... url http TR 2009 REC owl2 xml serialization 20091027 title OWL 2 Web Ontology Language ... October 2009 work OWL 2 Web Ontology Language publisher World Wide Web Consortium accessdate 18 April ... syntax title OWL 2 Web Ontology Language Manchester Syntax last1 Horridge first1 Matthew authorlink1 ...   more details

  1. Web Services Security Kerberos Binding

    Web Services Security Kerberos Binding is a Web Services specification, authored by IBM and Microsoft , which details how to integrate the Kerberos protocol Kerberos authentication mechanism with the Web Services Security model. The most recent draft of the specification was released in 2003 and is identified as being for review and evaluation only. ref http ws security.html Cover Pages Web Services Security Specification WS Security, WS Security 2004 Bot generated title ref External links http library en us dnglobspec html ws security kerberos.asp Web Services Security Kerberos Binding specification See also List of Web service specifications WS Federation References references Category Web service specifications Security compu network stub ...   more details

  1. Multimedia Web Ontology Language

    the ontology representation for web based applications. The Web Ontology Language OWL , standardized ... and S. Chaudhury. Knowledge Representation for Web based Services in a Multi cultural Environment ... interpretation of textual documents. Multimedia Ontology language M OWL is an ontology representation language that enables such perceptual modeling. It assumes a causal model of the world, where ... with their media properties. M OWL has been proposed as an ontology language that enables such perceptual ... Conference , October 2010. S Chaudhury and H Ghosh. Ontology based access to heritage artefacts on the web ... . http iwi06 wi International conference on Web Intelligence , Hong Kong, 2006 ... Category Semantic Web Category Ontology languages ...   more details

  1. Semantic Web Rule Language

    of the OWL Web Ontology Language XML Presentation Syntax with the RuleML XML syntax . source lang ..., whereas SWRL is roughly the union of them. ref name Parsia2005 In DLP, the resultant language is a very peculiar looking description logic and rather inexpressive language overall Citation needed date March 2010 . See also Description Logic Web Ontology Language OWL Datalog query and rule language Semantic Web Semantic Grid Ontology computer science Business Intelligence 2.0 BI 2.0 Semantic wiki References reflist External links http Submission SWRL SWRL A Semantic Web Rule Language ... TR owl xmlsyntax OWL Web Ontology Language XML Presentation Syntax , W3C Note 11 June 2003 Semantic Web Use dmy dates date January 2011 Category Semantic Web Category Knowledge representation languages fr Semantic Web Rule Language ... cgi bin R2ML REWERSE Rule Markup Language supports SWRL. http oxygen.informatik.tu ...   more details

  1. Java Web Services Development Pack

    The Java Web Services Development Pack JWSDP is a free software development kit SDK for developing Web Services , Web application s and Java programming language Java applications with the newest technologies for Java. Oracle replaced JWSDP with GlassFish . ref cite web accessdate 2011 05 17 location http publisher ORACLE title Web Services Downloads Web Services Previous Releases quote Project GlassFish replaces our previous release vehicle for providing new web services and XML developer tools between releases of the Sun Java System Application Server, the Java Web Services Developer Pack. url http technetwork java index jsp 136025.html ref All components of JWSDP are part of GlassFish and Web Services Interoperability Technology WSIT and several are in Java SE 6 Mustang . The source is available under the Open Source Initiative approved CDDL license. Java APIs These are the components and API s available in the JWSDP 1.6 Java API for XML Processing JAXP , v 1.3 Java API for XML Registries JAXR Java Architecture for XML Binding JAXB , v 1.0 and 2.0 JAX RPC v 1.1 JAX WS v 2.0 SAAJ SOAP with Attachments API for Java Web Services Registry Starting with JWSDP 1.6, the JAX RPC and JAX WS implementations support the Fast Infoset standard for the binary encoding of the XML infoset. Earlier versions of JWSDP also included Java Servlet JavaServer Pages JavaServer Faces Related technologies There are many other Java implementations of Web Services or XML processors. Some of them support the Java standards, some support other standards or non standard features. Related technologies include Apache Axis web services framework XINS RPC web services framework xmlenc XML output library JBossWS web services stack from JBoss References Reflist 2 External links ... platform Web Services Development Pack Category Web services Interwikies de Java Web Services Development Pack es Java Web Services Development Pack ja Java Web Services Development Pack ...   more details

  1. Java API for XML Web Services

    The Java API for XML Web Services JAX WS is a Java programming language Java programming language Application programming interface API for creating web service s. It is part of the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition Java EE platform from Sun Microsystems . Like the other Java EE APIs, JAX WS uses Java annotation annotation s, introduced in Java Platform, Standard Edition Java SE 5 , to simplify the development and deployment of web service clients and endpoints. It is part of the Java Web Services Development Pack . The Reference implementation computing Reference Implementation of JAX WS is developed as an open source project and is part of project GlassFish , an open source Java EE application server. It is called JAX WS RI For Reference Implementation and is said to be production quality implementation contrary to the former Reference Implementation being a proof of concept . This Reference Implementation is now part of the GlassFish Metro Metro distribution http blog kohsuke archive 2007 06 introducing met.html . JAX WS also is one of the foundations of Web Services Interoperability Technology WSIT . Name change JAX WS 2.0 replaced the JAX RPC API in Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5. The name change reflected the move away from Remote procedure call RPC style and toward document style web services. External links project pages http jax JAX WS project page http GlassFish project page Documentation http javaee 5 docs tutorial doc ?wp405739&JAXWS.html wp72279 JAX WS in the Java EE 5 Tutorial http jax jax ws 20 fcs jax ws20fcsJavadoc.html JAX WS 2.0 Javadoc http jax 2.1 fcs javadoc.html JAX WS 2.1 Javadoc http en jsr detail?id 224 JAX ... Sun s JAX WS info http webservices Java Technology and Web Services http webservices jaxws index.jsp Sun s JAX WS page Category Java API for XML de Java API for XML Web Services ...   more details

  1. Java API for RESTful Web Services

    JAX RS Java API for RESTful Web Services is a Java programming language Java programming language Application programming interface API that provides support in creating web service s according to the Representational State Transfer REST architectural style. ref Hadley, p. 1. ref JAX RS uses Java annotation annotation s, introduced in Java Platform, Standard Edition Java SE 5 , to simplify the development and deployment of web service clients and endpoints. From version 1.1 on, JAX RS is an official part of Java Platform, Enterprise Edition Java EE 6. A notable feature of being an official part of Java EE is that no configuration is necessary to start using JAX RS. For non Java EE 6 environments a small entry in the web.xml deployment descriptor is required. Specification JAX RS provides some annotations to aid in mapping a resource class a POJO as a web resource. The annotations include tt Path tt specifies the relative path for a resource class or method. tt GET tt , tt PUT tt , tt POST tt , tt DELETE tt and tt HEAD tt specify the HTTP request type of a resource. tt Produces tt specifies the response MIME media types. tt Consumes tt specifies the accepted request media types. In addition, it provides further annotations to method parameters to pull information out of the request. All the tt Param tt annotations take a key of some form which is used to look up the value required ... 311 JAX RS The Java API for RESTful Web Services. Jersey implements support for the annotations defined in JSR 311, making it easy for developers to build RESTful web services with Java and the Java ... 6 docs tutorial doc giepu.html Building RESTful Web Services with JAX RS and Jersey ref Notes Reflist ... Java Sun Java API for RESTful Web Services DEFAULTSORT Jax Rs Category Java API for XML de Java API for RESTful Web Services fr Java API for RESTful Web Services hu JAX RS zh JAX RS ... ref Apache CXF , an open source Web service framework. http Jersey , the reference ...   more details

  1. Directory Services Markup Language

    Directory Services Markup Language DSML is a representation of directory service information in an XML syntax. The DSML version 1 effort was announced by creator Bowstreet on July 12, 1999. Initiative supporters include AOL Netscape , Sun Microsystems , Oracle corporation Oracle , Novell , Microsoft , and IBM . It resulted in a Document Type Definition for a file containing the XML representation of entries in the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol LDAP data model, similar in spirit to LDAP Data Interchange Format LDIF . The DSML version 2 effort was promulgated in OASIS organization OASIS in 2001. It resulted in an XML schema for the representation of directory access operations based on that of LDAP, that could be carried in Simple Object Access Protocol SOAP . The SPML Service Provisioning Markup Language SPML also from OASIS is based on the concepts of DSMLv2, but does not have such a tight coupling to the LDAP information model. DSML is often pronounced dismal . External links http www.oasis committees dsml docs DSMLv2.doc DSML v2.0 Specification http www.oasis committees dsml errata DSMLv2errata.doc DSML v2.0 Specification errata http www.oasis committees dsml docs DSMLv2.xsd DSML v2.0 Schema http www.oasis committees dsml faq.php DSML V2 FAQ http DSML Tools http dsml.html Coverpages on DSML http javaworld jw 11 2000 jw 1110 dsml.html An article at JavaWorld http news articles 01 12 08.html XML and Security OASIS Standards Category XML based standards de Directory Service Markup Language fr Directory Service Markup Language ...   more details

  1. Language Line Services

    Language Line Services is an American company headquartered in Monterey, Calif., which provides language interpretation and translation services worldwide for law enforcement, healthcare organizations, the courts and businesses in over 170 languages. The company handles the majority of the over the phone interpretations for 911 emergency calls nationwide about 90 percent . Language Line Services is the largest interpretation services provider in the world. ref cite web title The National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters url http national board accessdate November, 29, 2011 ref San Jose, Calif., policeman Jeff Munks ref cite web title Munks, Jeffrey url http business quotes officerProfile?symbol CHN.V&officerId 695311 work China Education Resources Inc CHN.V publisher Reuters accessdate 1 December 2011 quote Mr. Munks was a co founder of Language Line Services, a company which allows interpreters in 140 languages to be available via the telephone to support virtually any application. ref founded Language Line Services in 1982 to help fellow officers communicate with 65,000 Vietnamese refugees. ref cite web last Munks first Jeff title Jeff Munks url http info pEtBV0N JeffMunks work Spoke publisher Spoke ... staff globally who answer 40 million calls each year. ref cite web last Gonsalves first Antone title Language Line Plans a Roll Up as Translation Demand Soars url http news 2011 10 14 language line plans a roll up as translation demand soars.html publisher Bloomberg accessdate 30 November 2011 date 2011 10 14 month October quote Language Line s 5,000 employees and freelancers ... services Telephone interpreting On site interpretation Video interpretation Translation Document translation ... business language translation firm growing article c4919708 c9ba 5e45 a737 d5712209f4f6.html Language translation firm growing Arizona Star. June 8, 2009. Category Language interpretation ...   more details

  1. Comparison of free web hosting services

    hosting Category Free web hosting services Category Online services comparisons Free Web Hosting Services, Comparison of Category HTML editors Category Web development software website stub ...This is a comparison of notable free web hosting service s. IF YOU DON T PAY ATTENTION TO THIS MESSAGE, YOUR EDIT WILL BE ROLLED BACK WITHOUT WARNING. Only place entries here that are links to actual Wikipedia articles about notable free web hosting services. External links, redlinks, or non notable sites. If you have questions, use the talk page. Please try to keep entries in alphabetical order. class wikitable style font size 85 text align center width auto style width 10em Company Founding Since Network storage Storage Bandwidth computing Bandwidth File size File size limit File Transfer Protocol FTP upload Secure Shell SSH WYSIWYG Page builder Website templates Templates Adware Ad free Blog hosting service Blog Domain name registrar Domain registration Archive site Custom HTML Custom CSS Custom Javascript Custom File hosting API Languages Free AdSense Angelfire Lycos 1996 20 MiByte 1 GiByte mo ? Paid Only ? ? yes ? yes yes ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Edicy Edicy 2008 100 MiByte Unlimited 50 MiByte no ? yes yes yes yes yes yes ? ? ? ? no ? ? Google Sites Google 2008 100 MiByte ? limited No ? Yes yes yes Yes no ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Jimdo Jimdo 2007 500 MiByte Unlimited 10 MiByte no ? yes yes no yes yes ? yes yes yes ? ? ? ? Lifeyo Scape Networks 2010 500 MiByte ? 10 MiByte no ? yes yes yes yes yes ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Lycos 1995 20 MiByte 1 GiByte ? no ? yes yes no yes Yes ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? uCoz uCoz Media 2005 400MiByte Unlimited 15MiByte yes ? yes yes no yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes ? ? Webnode Webnode 2008 100 MiByte 1 GiByte 100 MiByte no ? yes yes yes yes yes no ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Webs web hosting Webs FreeWebs 2001 40 MiByte 100 MiByte ? Paid Only ? yes yes No yes yes Yes ? ? ? ? yes ? ? Weebly Weebly 2006 unlimited unlimited 5 MiByte 100 MiByte with the Weebly pro service no ? yes ...   more details

  1. French Language Services Act

    The French Language Services Act is a law in the province of Ontario , Canada which is intended to protect the rights of Franco Ontarian s, or French language French speaking people, in the province. The Act does not give the French language full official language status in the province, which has no official language defined in law but is primarily an English speaking province in practice. The Act, however, ensures that provincial government services are offered in French in 25 designated areas ... basis by individual ministries, until the French Language Services Act was introduced in 1986 ... around the provision of French language services. The Act guaranteed francophones in 23 ... ministries. The provision and coordination of French language services is managed by the Office of Francophone Affairs . The French Language Services Act does not cover public agencies such as hospitals ... provide French language services just as the ministries do. ref http en flsa agencies.html ... regarding French language services. For instance, Ontario public libraries within FLSA designated areas ... seek to provide library services in the French language, where appropriate . ref http ... responsibilities upon individual municipalities to provide French language services, although a municipality ... Language Services Commissioner is the agency whose primary mandate is to ensure compliance with the French Language Services Act in the delivery of government services by means of independent investigations ... language is a historic and honoured language in Ontario and recognized by the Constitution of Canada Constitution as an official language in Canada and whereas in Ontario the French language is recognized as an official language in the courts and in education and whereas the Legislative Assembly ... the use of the French language in institutions of the Legislature and the Government of Ontario ... 17 , which forbade the use of French as a language of school instruction in Ontario. Regulation ...   more details

  1. National Language Services

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 Orphan date February 2009 The National Language Service promotes and facilitates communication across languages in South Africa . In keeping with the language requirements of the Constitution of South Africa Constitution , the NLS manages the linguistic diversity of South African society and is responsible for harnessing all the languages of the people by putting into practical effect policy measures aimed at promoting the use of these languages, including those languages which have historically been neglected. The NLS core business is to meet the language requirements of the Constitution by facilitating, promoting and providing a translation and editing service in all the official languages and by managing language diversity through language planning and terminology projects. The NLS functions as the Government s professional language support system by translating official documents in all the official languages. Its terminology service assists with the development and modernisation of the technical vocabularies of the official languages. The language planning functions include advising the Government on the development of language policy and implementation strategies. Category Languages of South Africa Category Government agencies of South Africa Category Organisations based in South Africa SouthAfrica stub af Nasionale Taaldiens de National Language Service es National Language Services xh Iinkonzo Zeelwimi Zesizwe zu Uphiko Lwezilimi Kuzwelonke nl Nationale taaldienst ru st Tshebeletso ya Setjhaba ya Puo tn Tirelo ya Dipuo tsa Boset haba ss Luphiko lwemSebenti wetiLwimi taVelonkhe ve Tshumelo ya Nyambo dza Lushaka ts Mintirho ya swa Ririmi ya Rixaka ...   more details

  1. IBM

    cite web url http articles 2012 01 20 intel ibm exceed earnings estimates google falls ... Corporation. ref cite web url http www ibm history documents pdf faq.pdf title IBM Archives ... Fast cite web url http Brand detail.aspx?brandID 6 title IBM rankings author ... patents cite web url http news us en 2006 01 2006 01 10.html title IBM maintains patent ... 2011 accessdate 25 October 2011 ref ref name CEO Transition cite web url http ibm sjp announcement.html ... and extension of its activities . ref cite web url http www ibm history history ... and personal responsibility in all relationships . ref cite web url http ibm sjp .... ref cite web url http www press us en pressrelease 19527.wss title IBM Extends Enhanced ... Fast Company For 2010, IBM s brand was valued at 64.7 billion. ref cite web url http ..., Vault ranked IBM Global Technology Services 1 in tech consulting for cyber security , operations ... but equal workplaces. ref cite web url http employment us diverse 50 tc.shtml title IBM ... cite web url http employment us diverse heritage ibm 1980.shtml title IBM Valuing Diversity ... The company invests billions of dollars in services and software based on Linux through the IBM Linux Technology Center , which includes over 300 Linux kernel developers. ref cite web title IBM invests ... for the design, display, and reporting of Internet surveys. IBM History Flow tool IBM History Flow ... processor , which was designed and produced by IBM in less than 24 months. ref cite web url http ... as an Internet Explorer competitor  the Mozilla Firefox web browser. IBM plans to install Open ... cite web url http www software lotus openclient title IBM Client for Smart Work publisher ... IBM and Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Turn Up Watts on Solar Energy Production . ref ref cite web url http ...About the technology company sometimes referred to as Big Blue other uses of these terms IBM disambiguation ...   more details

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