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Higgs boson
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Encyclopedia results for Higgs boson

Higgs boson

Encyclopedia results for Higgs boson

  1. Higgs boson in fiction

    refimprove date March 2009 The Higgs boson has appeared in several works of fiction in popular culture ... the precise mass of the Higgs boson particle. The particle colliders used to perform the calculations ... This upper bound for the Higgs boson mass is a prediction within the minimal Standard Model assuming ... a Higgs boson research experiment. Following the explosion, gateways to other worlds are opened and a war ... , the real science behind the Higgs boson is used as a backdrop for a satire on Washington politics ... Trance Fusion contains an instrumental track called Finding Higgs Boson . In the Japanese science .... Larry Fleinhardt is working as part of a team in search of the Higgs boson. More realistically, CERN ... , a science fiction radio drama set at CERN, dealing with the discovery of the Higgs boson. In the anime ... s novel Nation novel Nation , there is a character named Bo sn Higgs. The Higgs boson is mentioned ... boson particle as well as containing several of the property the Higgs boson is theorized to have. In an episode ... Aura called Higgs boson. The Coen brothers 2009 film, A Serious Man , reveals endless layers of references ... Higgs Boson Particle is the solution to Dr. Sheldon Cooper s Pictionary puzzle. In the February, 21 2012 edition of the Dilbert comic strip by Scott Adams , Dilbert finds the Higgs boson, which ... Particle References references DEFAULTSORT Higgs Boson In Fiction Category Physics in fiction ... of the SM, but can be circumvented in special cases. http 2010 reviews rpp2010 rev higgs ... s. In Steven Soderbergh s 2002 Solaris 2002 film film adaptation , the script has a reference to Higgs bosons, absent in the original So, if we created a negative Higgs field , and bombarded them with a stream of Higgs anti bosons, they might disintegrate. White Mars In Brian Aldiss s White Mars , an expedition is established to go to Mars to find Higgs bosons which is believed to hold the key to solving ... a Higgs particle has passed through the fluid. Flashforward In Robert J. Sawyer s Flashforward ...   more details

  1. Boson

    of particles includes photon s and gluon s, as well as the hypothetical Higgs boson . The word boson derives from the name of the Indian physicist Satyendra Nath Bose . ref cite web url http www.merriam dictionary boson title boson dictionary entry publisher Merriam Webster s Online ... Model , there are six bosons which are elementary the four gauge boson s Subatomic particle link yes Photon Subatomic particle link yes Gluon Subatomic particle link yes W boson Subatomic particle link yes Z boson the Higgs boson Subatomic particle link yes Higgs Boson the graviton graviton G . Unlike the gauge bosons, the Higgs boson and graviton have not yet been observed experimentally. ref ... . In addition, the standard model postulates the existence of Higgs boson s, which give other particles their mass via the Higgs mechanism . Finally, many approaches to quantum gravity postulate a force carrier for gravity, the graviton , which is a boson of spin 2. Composite bosons see also List of particles ...For other meanings, see Boson disambiguation . pp move indef Image Standard Model of Elementary Particles.svg ... elementary bosons are all gauge boson s photon s, W and Z bosons and gluon s. Photons are the force ... between spin and statistics, a particle containing an even number of fermions is a boson, since ... a composite particle made up of simple particles bound with a potential has no effect on whether it is a boson ... bs Bozon ca Bos cs Boson de Boson et Bosonid el es Bos n eo Bosono eu Bosoi fa fr Boson ga B s n gl Bos n ko hi hr Bozoni id Boson is B seind it Bosone fisica he kk la Boson lv Bozoni lt Bozonas hu Bozon mk ml ms Boson mn nl Boson deeltje ja no Boson uz Bozon pnb nds Boson pl Bozon pt B son ro Boson ru simple Boson sk Boz n sl Bozon szl Boz n sr sh Bozon su Boson fi Bosoni sv Boson tl Boson th tr Bozon uk ur vi Boson zh ...   more details

  1. Higgs

    Higgs may refer to Alan Higgs , English businessman and philanthropist Sir Derek Higgs , an English business leader and merchant banker Eric Sidney Higgs , English archaeologist Griffin Higgs Henry Higgs 1864 1940 English civil servant, economist and historian of economic thought Joe Higgs , Jamaican singer and musician The Archers Silent characters John Higgs , Jack Woolley s chauffeur and handyman in BBC Radio 4 s daily soap The Archers Ken Higgs , English cricketer Peter Higgs , physicist Higgs mechanism , an explanation for electroweak symmetry breaking named for Peter Higgs Higgs boson , a hypothetical elementary particle arising from the Higgs mechanism Ray Higgs , Australian rugby league footballer Rebekah Higgs , Canadian singer Robert Higgs , American economist Shane Higgs , an English footballer Fiction Higgs, narrator in Samuel Butler s 1872 novel Erewhon disambiguation de Higgs fr Higgs homonymie ja pl Higgs ru sl Higgs ...   more details

  1. Scalar boson

    Refimprove date December 2009 A scalar boson is a boson whose spin physics spin equals zero. Boson means that it has an integer valued Spin physics spin the scalar fixes this value to 0. The name scalar boson arises from quantum field theory . It refers to the particular transformation properties under Lorentz transformation . Examples Various known composite particles are scalar bosons, e.g. the alpha particle and the pi meson . Among the scalar mesons, one distinguishes between the Scalar meson scalar and Pseudoscalar meson pseudoscalar mesons, which refers to their transformation property under Parity physics parity . The only fundamental scalar boson in the standard model of elementary particle physics is the Higgs boson . It is the only elementary particle in the Standard Model that has not yet been experimentally measured February 2012 . There are various other hypothetical fundamental scalar bosons, including the inflaton . One very popular quantum field theory, which uses scalar bosonic fields and is introduced in many introductory books to quantum field theories ref cite book author Michael E. Peskin and Daniel V. Schroeder title An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory publisher Westview Press year 1995 isbn 0 201 50397 2 ref for pedagogical reasons, is the so called Quartic interaction math Phi 4 math theory . It usually serves as a toy model to introduce into the basic concepts of the field. See also Scalar meson Pseudoscalar meson Quantum field theory Scalar field theory Vector boson References reflist Particle stub date January 2012 DEFAULTSORT Scalar Boson Category Bosons Category Mesons Category Quantum field theory ...   more details

  1. Gauge boson

    the remaining gauge boson remains massless the photon . This theory also predicts the existence of a scalar Higgs boson , which has not yet been observed. Beyond the Standard Model Grand unification ...In particle physics , a gauge boson is a force carrier , a boson ic particle that carries any of the fundamental interaction s of nature. ref cite book author Gribbin, John title Q is for Quantum An Encyclopedia of Particle Physics publisher Simon & Schuster year 2000 isbn 0 684 85578 X ref ref cite book author Clark, John, E.O. title The Essential Dictionary of Science publisher Barnes & Noble year 2004 isbn 0 7607 4616 8 ref Elementary particle s, whose interactions are described by a gauge theory ... , the gauge group is U 1 U 1 in this simple case, there is only one gauge boson. In quantum ... to the Standard Model, the W and Z bosons gain mass via the Higgs mechanism . In the Higgs ... couple to a Higgs field . This field undergoes spontaneous symmetry breaking due to the shape of its interaction potential. As a result, the universe is permeated by a nonzero Higgs vacuum expectation ... The fourth fundamental interaction, gravity , may also be carried by a boson, called the graviton ... whether this would be a gauge boson or not. The role of gauge invariance in general relativity ... papers Boson Glueball Quantum chromodynamics Quantum electrodynamics References Reflist External links http watch?v 4TX7CcAPF44&feature related Explanation of gauge boson and gauge fields ... es Bos n de gauge eo Kalibra bosono eu Gauge bosoi fr Boson de jauge ko hr Ba darni bozoni id Boson tolok it Bosone di gauge he lv Nes jda i as mk ml ms Boson tolok nl IJkboson ja no Gauge boson nds Liekboson pl Bozony cechowania pt B son de calibre ru simple Gauge boson sk V menn astica sl Umeritveni bozon fi Mittabosoni tl Sukatang boson th tr Ayar bozonu uk ur vi Boson gauge ...   more details

  1. Boson (disambiguation)

    Boson may refer to A boson a particle that has integer spin. Boson computer game a real time strategy game. Au, Boson the 1960s experimental musician. John Boson , a woodworker. John Boson writer , a writer in the Cornish language. Nicholas Boson , a writer in Cornish. Thomas Boson , a writer in Cornish. Boso of Provence Boson , 9th century See also Boatswain , bo s n, bos n, or bosun The Bosonid dynasty , a dynasty of Franks disambig Category Cornish language surnames fr Boson homonymie ja ...   more details

  1. Goldstone boson

    , though they typically remain relatively light they are then called pseudo Goldstone boson s or pseudo ... called a Nambu Goldstone boson for each generator of the symmetry that is broken , i.e., that does ... there is no Goldstone boson with exactly zero mass. In other words, the Goldstone bosons are infraparticle ... by the gauge boson s. The latter become massive and their new, longitudinal polarization is provided by the Goldstone boson. A simple example Consider a complex number complex Scalar field theory ... any constraint by math phi v e i theta , math where is the Nambu Goldstone boson actually v is , and the U ... generators may now give rise to the same Nambu Goldstone boson. For example, in a superfluid , both ... is the Goldstone boson for both. In general, the phonon is effectively the Nambu Goldstone boson ... and it is the Goldstone boson of the spontaneously broken Galilean symmetry. In solid s, the situation .... The pion s are the pseudo Goldstone boson s that result from the spontaneous breakdown of the chiral ... third polarization degree of freedom. This is described in the Standard Model through the Higgs ... flux exclusion from a superconductor , cf. the Ginzburg Landau theory . See also Pseudo Goldstone boson Majoron Higgs mechanism Mermin Wagner theorem References references Further reading http ... Brout Higgs Guralnik Hagen Kibble mechanism Proof of the theorem Scholarpedia proof particles Category ... physics de Goldstonetheorem es Bos n de Goldstone fr Boson de Goldstone ko it Bosone ...   more details

  1. Matilda Boson

    Matilda Boson born 1981 is a Swedish team handball handball player who plays for the Sweden women s national handball team . She participated at the Handball at the 2008 Summer Olympics Women s tournament 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing , where Sweden placed 8th. ref name sref cite web url http www.sports olympics athletes bo matilda boson 1.html title Matilda Boson publisher Sports accessdate 4 May 2010 ref References reflist Navboxes colour title Sweden squads bg FFF01C fg 005B99 bordercolor 005B99 list1 Sweden squad 2010 European Women s Handball Championship Sweden squad 2011 World Women s Handball Championship Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Boson, Matilda ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1981 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Boson, Matilda Category 1981 births Category Living people Category People from Link ping Category Swedish handball players Category Olympic handball players of Sweden Category Handball players at the 2008 Summer Olympics Sweden handball bio stub da Matilda Boson de Matilda Boson fr Matilda Boson no Matilda Boson pl Matilda Boson sv Matilda Boson ...   more details

  1. Thomas Boson

    Thomas Boson 1635 1719 was a writer in the Cornish language and the cousin of Nicholas Boson Nicholas and John Boson writer John Boson . Thomas helped William Gwavas in his Cornish language research, and wrote an inscription in Cornish for Gwavas s Cornish hurling hurling ball. He also made translations of the Ten Commandments , the Apostles Creed , the Lord s Prayer and Hymn 166, and provided a genealogy of the Gwavas family. He is buried in Paul, Cornwall Paul Paul Parish Church churchyard , where both Nicholas and John Boson are also buried. References Matthew Spriggs, Boson family per. c.1675 1730 , Oxford Dictionary of National Biography , Oxford University Press , 2004 http view article 74428 accessed 11 Oct 2007 External links http cornish texts.html Site with Cornish language texts by Thomas Boson Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Boson, Thomas ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1635 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1719 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Boson, Thomas Category 1635 births Category 1719 deaths Category People from Paul, Cornwall Category Cornish writers Category Cornish language writers Category Cornish speaking people Cornwall stub ...   more details

  1. Slave boson

    Orphan date February 2009 The Slave Boson method is a method for dealing with models of strongly correlated material strongly correlated systems . It is mainly used as an approximation for the Anderson impurity model in the limit that the Coulombic repulsion tends to infinity. However, it has been used for Hubbard model s, ref cite journal title Superconductivity in the single band hubbard model mean field treatment of slave boson pairing author T. Kopp, F. J. Seco, S. Schiller, P. W lfle journal Phys. Rev. B volume 38 issue 16 pages 11835 11838 year 1988 url doi 10.1103 PhysRevB.38.11835 bibcode 1988PhRvB..3811835K ref such as in the theory of the High temperature superconductivity high Tc superconductor s It involves coupling the fermion Creation operator operators math f math to a boson field math b math such that math f dagger rightarrow f dagger b math Bibliography reflist P. Coleman. Phys. Rev. B 29 1984 , p.  3035. DEFAULTSORT Slave Boson Category Condensed matter physics condensedmatter stub fr Boson esclave ...   more details

  1. Nicholas Boson

    Nicholas Boson 1624 1708 was a writer in, and preserver of, the Cornish language . He was born in Newlyn to a landowning and merchant family involved in the pilchard fisheries. Nicholas s mother had prevented their neighbours and servants speaking Cornish to him, so he only became fluent in the language when he needed it for business with fishermen. He assisted both William Scawen and Edward Llwyd Edward Lhuyd in their recording of Cornish. Boson wrote three significant texts in Cornish Nebbaz gerriau dro tho Carnoack A Few Words about Cornish , between 1675 and 1708 Jowan Chy an Horth, py, An try foynt a skyans John of Chyannor, or, The three points of wisdom , published by Edward Lhuyd in 1707, though according to Lhuyd written about forty years earlier and The Dutchess of Cornwall s Progress , partly in English and now known only in fragmentary quotations. The first two are the only known surviving Cornish prose texts from the 17th century. He is buried in Paul, Cornwall Paul Paul Parish Church churchyard , where his son John Boson writer John Boson and cousin Thomas Boson , fellow writers in Cornish, also rest. References Matthew Spriggs, Boson family per. c.1675 1730 , Oxford Dictionary of National Biography , Oxford University Press , 2004 http view article 74428 accessed 11 Oct 2007 External links http cornish texts.html Cornish language texts by Nicholas Boson Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Boson, Nicholas ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1624 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1708 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Boson, Nicholas Category 1624 births Category 1708 deaths Category People from Newlyn Category Cornish writers Category People in Cornish history Category Cornish language Category Cornish speaking people Category Cornish language writers Cornwall stub ...   more details

  1. Vector boson

    Refimprove date December 2009 In particle physics , a vector boson is a boson with the spin physics spin quantum number equal to 1. The vector bosons considered to be elementary particle s in the Standard Model are the gauge boson s or, the force carrier s of fundamental interaction s the photon of electromagnetism , the W and Z bosons of the weak interaction , and the gluon of the strong interaction . There also exist composite particle s that are vector bosons, such as the vector meson s, made of a quark and antiquark . For some time, through the 1970s and 80s, intermediate vector bosons , vector bosons of intermediate mass, were a major topic in high energy physics . Citation needed date January 2009 Explanation The name vector boson arises from quantum field theory . The vector component component of such a particle s spin along any axis has the three eigenvalue s , 0, and where is the reduced Planck constant , meaning that any measurement of it can only yield one of these values. This is, at least, true for massive vector bosons the situation is a bit different for massless particles such as the photon, for reasons beyond the scope of this article. ref Weingard, Robert. http content 40 2 287.full.pdf Some Comments Regarding Spin and Relativity ref The space of spin states therefore has three Degrees of freedom physics and chemistry degrees of freedom Citation needed date September 2011 , the same as the number of components of a vector physics vector in three dimensional space. Quantum superposition s of these states can be taken such that they transform under rotation s just like the spatial components of a rotating vector Citation needed date September 2011 . If the vector boson is taken to be the quantum of a field, the field is a vector field , hence the name. Notes Reflist See also Pseudovector meson Scalar boson DEFAULTSORT Vector Boson Category Bosons Category Mesons Category Quantum field theory Particle stub es Bos n vectorial ...   more details

  1. Little Higgs

    In particle physics , little Higgs models are based on the idea that the Higgs boson is a pseudo Goldstone boson arising from some global symmetry breaking at a TeV energy scale. The main goal of little Higgs models is to use the spontaneous breaking of such approximate global symmetries to stabilize the mass of the Higgs boson s responsible for electroweak symmetry breaking . Although the idea was first suggested in the 1970s, ref Steven Weinberg, Approximate Symmetries and Pseudo Goldstone Bosons , Physical Review Letters 29 1698 1972 . ref ref Howard Georgi and A. Pais, Calculability and naturalness in gauge theories , Physical Review D10 539 1974 . ref ref http abstract PRD v12 i2 p508 1 Howard Georgi and A. Pais, Vacuum symmetry and the pseudo Goldstone phenomenon , Physical Review D12 508 1975 . ref a viable model was only constructed by Nima Arkani Hamed , Andrew G. Cohen Andy Cohen , and Howard Georgi in the spring of 2001. ref http abs hep ph 0105239 Nima Arkani Hamed, Andrew G. Cohen, Howard Georgi, Electroweak symmetry breaking from dimensional deconstruction ... theories may be reproduced even though the little Higgs theory is 3 1 dimensional. The little Higgs model abstract models are able to predict a naturally light Higgs particle. The main idea behind the little Higgs models is that the one loop contribution to the tachyonic Higgs boson mass coming .... This protects the Higgs boson mass for about one order of magnitude, which is good enough to evade ... appeared that refined the ideas of little Higgs theories, notably the Littlest Higgs by Nima Arkani ..., A. G. Cohen, E. Katz, A. E. Nelson, The Littlest Higgs , JHEP 0207 034 2002 . ref Little Higgs ... on a pedagogical review on Little Higgs models. ref http abs hep ph 0502182 Martin Schmaltz and David Tucker Smith, Little Higgs Review , Ann.Rev.Nucl.Part.Sci.55 229 270,2005. ref References reflist Category Particle physics particle stub pt Pequeno Higgs ...   more details

  1. John Boson

    dablink This article is about the woodworker. For the Cornish writer, see John Boson writer . Refimprove date December 2008 John Boson was a cabinet maker and carver whose work is associated with that of William Kent . It is said that if he had not died at such a relatively young age then his place would have been assured in the history of furniture making in the United Kingdom . He was born around the year 1705 and it is most likely that he learned his trade and served his apprenticeship near the naval ship yards of Deptford , for by the 1720s he had a yard and workshop in Greenwich . His name first appeared as that of a carver when he worked on St. George s Church, Bloomsbury in London . In 1725 his first domestic work is recorded when he made carvings for 4 St James s Square, London. He was at the same time one of the craftsmen employed to work on the Fifty New Churches designed by Sir Christopher Wren . He did not neglect the secular and domestic market and he is recorded as a worker at East India House , Leadenhall Street in 1730 ref Mildred Archer, The East India Company and British art , Apollo November 1965 401 09 p. 405 John Bosson was paid 189 19s 7d for carver s work , 22 April 1730. ref this time with a partner named John How. He is well known for his carved chimney pieces and there are good examples in the Great Room at Baylies , Stoke Poges , Buckinghamshire and another example at Sir Michael Newton s seat of Culverthorpe , Lincolnshire . The 1730s were the years of Boson s greatest success and it was during this time that he regularly carried out work for Frederick, Prince of Wales at his houses at Leicester Fields , Kew Palace , and Cliveden , Buckinghamshire. There are very few pieces that are recorded as being the work of John Boson and only seven pieces ... Persondata . NAME Boson, John ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Boson, John Category Year of birth missing Category Year of death ...   more details

  1. Boson Books

    notability Companies date March 2012 ref improve date March 2012 Boson Books is an independent publisher based in Raleigh, North Carolina . It was founded in 1994 by Nancy McAllister, President and Director of Acquisitions, and David McAllister, ref cite web title Computer Science at North Carolina State url http directories faculty info.php?id 238 accessdate 3 7 12 ref Vice President and Director of Technical Operations. The company publishes e books and paperbacks it also features a limited number of titles from The New South Company. History Initially, Boson Books published acclaimed contemporary writers of American Southern literature , such as Fred Chappell ref cite web title Fred Chappell to receive Caldwell Award url http news 2010 07 29 fred chappell receive caldwell award publisher North Carolina Humanities Council accessdate 3 7 12 ref and Kelly Cherry , named by Virginia governor Bob McDonnell in 2011 as the state s new poet laureate. ref cite news title Kelly Cherry named Virginia Poet Laureate url http local breaking news virginia gov bob mcdonnell has named.html accessdate 3 7 12 newspaper The Washington Post date 1 28 2011 ref ref cite web last Elliot first Okla title What Kelly Cherry Knows url http blogs the education of oronte churm what kelly cherry knows publisher Inside Higher Ed accessdate 3 7 12 ref Over time, the company published more broadly, including American and international authors of fiction, non fiction, and drama. As of 2012, the company publishes 140 titles. From the time of its founding, Boson embraced emerging technologies such as e books and participated in academic conferences of the IEEE ref cite web last David F. McAllister, Steven Vivian, Nancy McAllister, title The IEEE Society on the Social Implications of Technology url http conferences sub.asp?Level2ItemID 23&Level3ItemID 95 work The Impact of Digital Books upon Print Publishing ...   more details

  1. Higgs bundle

    In mathematics, a Higgs bundle is a pair E, consisting of a holomorphic vector bundle E and a Higgs field , a holomorphic 1 form taking values in End E such that         0. Such pairs were introduced by harvs txt last Hitchin author link Nigel Hitchin year 1987 , who named the field after Peter Higgs because of an analogy with Higgs boson s. The term Higgs bundle , and the condition         0 which is vacuous in Hitchin s original set up on Riemann surfaces was introduced later by Simpson. See also Hitchin system References Citation last1 Gothen first1 Peter B. last2 Garc a Prada first2 Oscar last3 Bradlow first3 Steven B. title What is... a Higgs bundle? url http notices 200708 tx070800980p.pdf id MR 2343296 year 2007 journal Notices of the American Mathematical Society issn 0002 9920 volume 54 issue 8 pages 980 981 Citation last1 Hitchin first1 N. J. title The self duality equations on a Riemann surface url http 10.1112 plms s3 55.1.59 doi 10.1112 plms s3 55.1.59 id MR 887284 year 1987 journal Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society. Third Series issn 0024 6115 volume 55 issue 1 pages 59 126 Citation last1 Simpson first1 Carlos T. title Higgs bundles and local systems url http item?id PMIHES 1992 75 5 0 id MR 1179076 year 1992 journal Publications Math matiques de l IH S issn 1618 1913 issue 75 pages 5 95 Category Vector bundles Category complex manifolds ...   more details

  1. Higgs mechanism

    as Higgs boson s. In the standard model , the phrase Higgs mechanism refers specifically to the generation ... Higgs bosons theory and searches , Reviews of Particle Data Group Hypothetical particles and Concepts, 2007, http 2008 reviews higgs s055.pdf ref Although the evidence for the electroweak Higgs mechanism is overwhelming, experiments have yet to discover the single Higgs boson predicted ... are now massive while the one remaining degree of freedom becomes the Higgs boson a new scalar particle ... in the direction of the Higgs boson makes the vacuum expectation value of H the spinor 0,v . The generators ... .jpg thumb 150px Number six P. Higgs 2009 Wikinews Prospective Nobel Prize for Higgs boson work disputed ... of the Higgs boson journal Comptes Rendus Physique volume 8 issue 9 pages 970 972 doi 10.1016 ... representations of the symmetry group these are the Higgs boson s. The three papers by Brout and Englert ... call it the god particle higgs boson cern lhc Anything but the God particle by Ian Sample ref One of the first ... boson is proportional to H , so the Higgs boson becomes infinitely massive and disappears. The vector ... condensate in this model has infinitesimal charge, so interactions with the Higgs boson do not violate ... mass Ginzburg Landau theory Goldstone boson Higgs boson Higgs bundle QCD vacuum Quantum triviality ... Praises Teams for Higgs Boson Theory. http 50years milestones 1964 Physical Review ...Quantum field theory cTopic Some models In particle physics , the Higgs mechanism is the process that gives mass to elementary particles . The particles gain mass by interacting with the Introduction to the Higgs field Higgs field that permeates all space. More precisely, the Higgs mechanism endows gauge bosons in a gauge theory with mass through absorption of Goldstone boson Nambu Goldstone boson ... Higgs field to the gauge theory. The spontaneous symmetry breaking of the underlying local symmetry triggers conversion of components of this Higgs field to Goldstone bosons which interact with at least ...   more details

  1. Eric Higgs

    Eric Higgs may refer to Eric Sidney Higgs 1908 1976 , English archaeologist Eric Higgs philosopher born 1958 , Canadian philosopher and ecological planner hndis Higgs, Eric DEFAULTSORT Higgs, Eric ...   more details

  1. Higgs sector

    unreferenced date January 2009 In particle physics , the Higgs sector is the collection of quantum field s and or particles that are responsible for the Higgs mechanism i.e. for the spontaneous symmetry breaking . The word sector refers to a subgroup of the total set of fields and particles particle stub Category Particle physics ...   more details

  1. Cecil Higgs

    Orphan date February 2009 Infobox Person name Cecil Higgs birth name Cecil Marcia Higgs image image size 175px caption birth date Birth date 1898 06 28 df yes birth place Thaba Nchu , Orange Free State death date Death date and age 1986 06 16 1898 06 28 df yes death place Cape Town , South Africa occupation Artist spouse parents Clement Higgs and Florence Morgan children Cecil Higgs 28 June 1898, Thaba Nchu , Orange Free State 16 June 1986, Cape Town , South Africa was a South African artist. She was the third child and second girl of the five children of Clement Higgs and his wife Florence. In 1912, Higgs s father died at the age of 50. In 1916, Higgs became a boarder a the Wesleyan Girls High School in Grahamstown . Her oldest brother, Clement jr., was killed in 1916 in World War I . Higgs briefly enrolled in the Grahamstown School of Art in 1918, however in 1920 she sailed to England and stayed ... and, from 1926, at the Royal Academy of Arts . Higgs was called back to South Africa, however, due to the illness of her mother which resulted in her death in 1934. Higgs held her first solo exhibition ... Laubser and Lippy Lipshitz . In 1938 she returned to Paris , however she left due to World War II . Higgs joined the New Group which was revolting against tradition forms of art. In 1939, Higgs began ... in the Organ Free State . Higgs eventually settled in Sea Point , however the influence of the sea in her paintings led to her label as a marine painter. In 1964, she built a house in Onrust . Higgs ... where she died on 16 June 1986. In 1964, Higgs was awarded the gold medal of the Suid Afrikaanse Akademie van Wetenskap en Kuns . References Bertram, Dr. Dieter, Cecil Higgs Close Up Fransen, Hans, Three Centuries of South African Art Holloway, Victor, Cecil Higgs Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Higgs, Cecil ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 28 June 1898 PLACE ... Africa DEFAULTSORT Higgs, Cecil Category South African artists Category 1898 births Category 1986 ...   more details

  1. Alan Higgs

    Alan Edward Higgs was a successful self made businessman who became a multimillionaire mainly from his house building business in Coventry , as well as from other businesses in Birmingham , England . ref name MT 2002 cite web url http search article 407452 the mt interview matthew lynn derek higgs date 2002 11 01 publisher Management Today title The MT interview by Matthew Lynn Derek Higgs accessdate 20 October 2007 ref He died in 1979, and because he thought that inherited wealth did more harm than good, he made provision for a charity to be created after his death to help deprived children from Coventry and nearby localities. ref name Bristol U 2005 cite web url http cms go hon degree 2005 jul higgs.html publisher University of Bristol date 2005 07 13 title Sir Derek Higgs Doctor of Laws accessdate 20 October 2007 ref Alan Edward Higgs Charity The Alan Edward Higgs Charity sometimes incorrectly called the Alan Higgs Trust benefited from Higgs entire estate of approximately 26 million. ref cite news url http tol comment obituaries article3842018.ece title Sir Derek Higgs publisher The Times timesonline accessdate 29 April 2008 location London date 30 April 2008 ref It was set up specifically to help deprived children from Coventry and within 25 miles of Coventry. Higgs s son Derek Higgs , who was knighted in 2004, and his daughter became the trustees. ref name MT 2002 ref name April 2008 cite news url http business 2008 apr 29 allianceleicesterbusiness.banking title Sir Derek Higgs dies suddenly ... name MT 2002 It gave the money to build The Alan Higgs Centre , a leisure centre in southeast Coventry, ref name RHWL AHC cite web title The Alan Higgs Centre publisher RHWL architects url http ... reflist Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Higgs, Alan ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1979 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Higgs, Alan ...   more details

  1. Higgs phase

    Unreferenced date October 2006 Lead rewrite date December 2008 In theoretical physics , it is often important to consider gauge theory that admits many physical phenomena and phases , connected by phase transition s, in which the vacuum may be found. Gauge symmetry may be broken by the Higgs mechanism . In more general theories such as those relevant in string theory , there are often many Higgs field s that transform in different representations of the gauge group . If they transform in the adjoint representation or a similar representation, the original gauge symmetry is typically broken to a product of U 1 factors. Because U 1 describes electromagnetism including the Coulomb field, the corresponding phase is called a Coulomb phase . If the Higgs fields that induce the spontaneous symmetry breaking transform in other representations, the Higgs mechanism often breaks the gauge group completely and no U 1 factors are left. In this case, the corresponding vacuum expectation value s describe a Higgs phase . Using the representation of a gauge theory in terms of a D brane , for example D4 brane combined with D0 branes, the Coulomb phase describes D0 branes that have left the D4 branes and carry their own independent U 1 symmetries. The Higgs phase describes D0 branes dissolved in the D4 branes as instanton s. DEFAULTSORT Higgs Phase Category Quantum field theory particle stub ...   more details

  1. Kenny Higgs

    Kenneth Kenny Lee Higgs born January 31, 1955, in Owensboro, Kentucky is a retired United States American professional basketball player. He is a 6 0 183  cm 180  lb 81.5  kg point guard and he played collegiately at Louisiana State University . Higgs was selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers with the 13th pick in the third round in the 1978 NBA Draft . ref http draft draftyear.htm?yr 1978&lg N 1978 NBA Draft , ref Higgs s best season was in 1980 81 NBA season 1980 81 with the Denver Nuggets when he averaged 7.8 points, 2.0 rebounds and 5.7 assists per game. His brother, Mark Higgs , is a former National Football League NFL running back . ref http Libraries NKAA record.php?note id 197 Kenny Higgs profile , University of Kentucky Libraries ref Notes references External links http players playerpage.htm?ilkid HIGGSKE01 Kenny Higgs NBA stats , Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Higgs, Kenny ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION American basketball player DATE OF BIRTH January 31, 1955 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Higgs, Kenny Category 1955 births Category Living people Category American basketball players Category LSU Tigers basketball players Category Cleveland Cavaliers players Category Denver Nuggets players Category Parade High School All Americans boys basketball Category People from Owensboro, Kentucky Category Point guards 1950s US basketball bio stub es Kenny Higgs it Kenny Higgs ...   more details

  1. Tracy Higgs

    Tracy Higgs also known as T.J. Higgs born 1970 is a psychic medium who appears regularly in the media in the United Kingdom. ref cite web url http meet the psychics.php?psychic higgs title Psychic Private Eyes Meet The Psychics T.J. Higgs publisher phpBB date 2006 ref She writes for Spirit and Destiny magazine, and has appeared on the Richard & Judy television programme. ref cite web url http www.esoteric gallery view photo.php?set albumName album02celeb&id greenroom07041 best picture richard and judy reduced size title Psychic Celebrities publisher Gallery v1 date 2006 ref In 2006 Higgs filmed a series for Zone Reality , with Tony Stockwell and Colin Fry called Psychic Private Eyes . References reflist 2 Bibliography cite book date 16 July 2009 title Living with the Gift last Higgs first TJ publisher Rider Books isbn 9781846041952 cite book date 5 August 2010 title Signs from the Afterlife last Higgs first TJ publisher Rider Books isbn 9781846041983 External links Official http Home.html http Psychic Private Eyes Zone Reality TV Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Higgs, Tracy ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1970 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Higgs, Tracy Category 1970 births Category Living people Category British television personalities Category British psychics tv bio stub ...   more details

  1. Higgs prime

    A Higgs prime is a prime number with a totient one less than the prime that evenly divides the square of the product of the smaller Higgs primes. This can be generalized to cubes, fourth powers, etc. To put it algebraically, given an exponent a , a Higgs prime Hp sub n sub satisfies math phi Hp n prod i 1 n 1 Hp i a mbox and Hp n Hp n 1 math where &Phi x is Euler s totient function . For squares, the first few Higgs primes are 2 number 2 , 3 number 3 , 5 number 5 , 7 number 7 , 11 number 11 , 13 number 13 , 19 number 19 , 23 number 23 , 29 number 29 , 31 number 31 , 37 number 37 , 43 number 43 , 47 number 47 , ... OEIS id A007459 . So, for example, 13 is a Higgs prime because the square of the product of the smaller Higgs primes is 5336100, and divided by 12 this is 444675. But 17 is not a Higgs prime because the square of the product of the smaller primes is 901800900, which leaves a remainder of 4 when divided by 16. From observation of the first few Higgs primes for squares through seventh powers, it would seem more compact to list those primes that are not Higgs primes Exponent 75th Higgs prime Not Higgs prime below 75th Higgs prime 2 827 17, 41, 73, 83, 89, 97, 103, 109, 113, 137, 163, 167, 179, 193, 227, 233, 239, 241, 251, 257, 271, 281, 293, 307, 313, 337, 353, 359, 379, 389, 401, 409, 433, 439, 443, 449, 457, 467, 479, 487, 499, 503, 521, 541, 563, 569, 577, 587, 593, 601, 613, 617, 619, 641, 647, 653, 673, 719, 739, 751, 757, 761, 769, 773, 809, 811, 821, 823 3 521 17, 97, 103, 113, 137, 163, 193, 227, 239, 241, 257, 307, 337, 353, 389, 401, 409, 433, 443, 449, 479, 487 4 419 97, 193, 257, 353, 389 5 397 193, 257 6 389 257 7 389 257 Observation further reveals that a Fermat prime math 2 2 n 1 math can t be a Higgs prime for the a th power if a is less than 2 sup n sup . It s not known if there are infinitely many Higgs primes for any exponent a greater than 1 ... below a million are Higgs prime, and they concluded that even if the sequence of Higgs primes ...   more details

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