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Hand Warmer Mug Right-Handed
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Encyclopedia results for Hand Warmer Mug Right-Handed

Hand Warmer Mug Right-Handed

Encyclopedia results for Hand Warmer Mug Right-Handed

  1. The Brass Mug

    Multiple issues orphan April 2010 notability April 2010 primarysources April 2010 Image Brass mug.jpg thumb 300px The Brass Mug entrance facing Fletcher Ave The Brass Mug is a live music venue bar located on Fletcher Ave in Tampa, Florida . It is known for being a gritty, smoky bar where live music is hosted every weekend, as well as select weekday evenings. The venue has been in continuous operation since 1982 and has become a haven for live rock music, death metal and occasionally alternative groups. Acts such as Nirvana band Nirvana , Green Day , No Doubt among others have played at The Brass Mug in their infancy while touring The United States. External links http brassmug The Brass Mug on Myspace http results?search query the brass mug&aq f The Brass Mug videos on Youtube http tbt 2010 04 review the ataris bring poppunk hits to the brass mug in tampa.html The Ataris show review at The Brass Mug coord missing Florida also known for hosting metal bands as alter reign AND capital offense. Category Buildings and structures in Tampa, Florida Category Music venues in Florida Category Visitor attractions in Tampa, Florida music venue stub ...   more details

  1. Mug Nuadat

    In Irish mythological history Mug Nuadat slave of Nuada was a legendary, supposed King of Munster in the 2nd century AD. He was, according to later medieval tradition, a rival of the High King of Ireland High King , Conn of the Hundred Battles , and for a time after the year 123 was the de facto ruler of the southern half of Ireland. Everything south of a line drawn between Galway Bay and Dublin was known as Leth Moga Mug s half , and everything north of that line was Leath Cuinn Leth Cuinn Modern Irish Leath Cuinnn Conn s half . Conn later invaded Leth Moga and drove Mug from Ireland. He took refuge in Spain and returned with an army, but was defeated and killed by Conn at Mag L na Kilbride, County Offaly Kilbride , County Offaly although in some versions Conn treacherously killed Mug in his bed . Mug s son was Ailill Ollamh . His grandson ogan ogan M r fought alongside Conn s son Art mac Cuinn Art at the Battle of Maigh Mucruimhe , and is credited with founding the E ganachta dynasty. T. F. O Rahilly T.F. O Rahilly speculated that Mug Nuadat may in fact have been the God Nuada rather than an actual historical person. ref O Rahilly, T.F. Early Irish History and Mythology 1946 p490 ref Equally it could be that ogan M r was the earthly representation of the God. See also Deirgtine Nia Segamain References Reflist DEFAULTSORT Mug Nuadat Category Cycles of the Kings Category E ganachta Category 2nd century Irish people Category 2nd century Irish monarchs Category Medieval Gaels Category Legendary High Kings of Ireland de Mug Nuadat it Mug Nuadat sh Mug Nuadat ...   more details

  1. Fair and Warmer!

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Fair and Warmer Type studio Artist June Christy Cover Fairandwarmer.jpg Released 1957 Recorded January 3, 15, 21, 1957 Genre Jazz , Pop music pop , vocal Length Label Capitol Records Capitol Producer Last album The Misty Miss Christy br 1956 This album Fair and Warmer br 1957 Next album Gone For the Day br 1957 Album reviews rev1 Allmusic rev1score Rating 3 5 ref Allmusic class album id r24677 pure url yes Allmusic review ref Fair and Warmer is a 1957 studio album by singer June Christy . The songs were all arranged by Pete Rugolo , and players on the record include the well known jazz musicians Don Fagerquist on trumpet, trombonist Frank Rosolino , altoist Bud Shank , and tenor saxophonist Bob Cooper musician Bob Cooper who was also Christy s husband ref Allmusic class album id r24677 pure url yes ref none of the notable musicians were credited in the album s brief liner notes. ref Allmusic class album id r24677 pure url yes ref The record peaked at 16 on the Billboard Charts Billboard Pop Music Charts . ref Allmusic class album id r24677 pure url yes ref Fair and Warmer would later be repackaged on a 2 albums on 1 CD release along with her record Gone For the Day . Track listing I Want to Be Happy small Vincent Youmans , Irving Caesar small Imagination 1940 song Imagination small Jimmy Van Heusen , Johnny Burke lyricist Johnny Burke small I ve Never Been in Love Before small Frank Loesser small Irresistible You small Don Raye , Gene De Paul small No More small Bob Russell songwriter Bob Russell , Toots Camerata small Better Luck Next Time small Irving Berlin small Let There Be Love 1940 song Let There Be Love small Lionel Rand, Ian Grant small When Sunny Gets Blue small Jack Segal , Marvin Fisher small The Best Thing for You Would Be Me The Best Thing for You small Irving Berlin small Beware My Heart small Sam Coslow .... References reflist External links Allmusic class album id r24677 pure url yes Fair and Warmer ...   more details

  1. Mug shot

    thumb 1931 mug shot of American gangster Al Capone File Benito Mussolini mugshot 1903.jpg thumb Benito Mussolini s booking photograph from 1903 A mug shot , mugshot , police photograph, or booking ... year 2003 ref The purpose of the mug shot is to allow law enforcement to have a photographic record of the arrested individual to allow for identification by victims and investigators. Most mug shots are two part, with one side view photo, and one front view. They may be compiled into a mug book in order to determine the identity of a criminal. In high profile cases mug shots may also be published by the media. History File Elvis mugshot.jpg thumb 1970 mug shot of Elvis Presley . The photos were probably taken when Elvis Presley was in Washington D.C. visiting the FBI headquarters. The mug ... Old West Wild West days. By the 1870s the agency had amassed the largest collection of mug shots ... derives from mug, an English slang term for face, dating from the 18th century. ref http ?term mug Online Etymology Dictionary ref The phrase is also sometimes used to refer to any small picture of a face used for any other reason. ref http www.merriam dictionary mug shot ... left mug shot Police photograph of Vladimir Lenin Lenin , December 1895 The U.S. legal system has long held that mug shots can have a negative effect on juries. The United States Court of Appeals for the District ... to the defendant inherent in the admission of photographs of the mug shot variety, judges and prosecutors ... v. Martin admission of a defendant s mug shot is laden for characterizing the defendant as a careerist ..., to the extent possible, the mug shots should be taped over or cut to delete all reference to booking information and be undated. The photographs should not be referred to as either mug shots or booking ... Access to mug shot photographs Federal booking photographs can be obtained by anyone through the Freedom ... facilities and county jails have mug shots of their inmates and make them available on the internet ...   more details

  1. Mug book

    A mug book is a collection of photographs of criminals, typically in mug shot s taken at the time of an arrest. A mug book is used by an eyewitness to a crime, with the assistance of law enforcement, in an effort to identify the perpetrator. ref http id77.htm Thetford, Robert T., Mug Shots, Mug Books, and Photo Spreads, Institute for Criminal Justice Education, Inc ICJE ref ref http nij eyewitness identification.html NIJ training manual on the use of mug books and composites with eyewitnesses ref Research has shown that grouped photos result in less false positive s then individually displaying each photo. ref name Stewart2001 cite journal last Stewart first Heather A. coauthors Hunter A. McAllister year 2001 title One at a time versus grouped presentation of mug book pictures Some surprising results. journal Journal of Applied Psychology volume 86 issue 6 pages 1300 1305 issn 0021 9010 doi 10.1037 0021 9010.86.6.1300 pmid 11768071 url http journals apl 86 6 1300 accessdate November 9th 2010 ref Mug book also has a meaning in genealogy and history , referring to local biographical histories published in the US in the late 19th century. ref http www.common vol 03 no 01 tales Frevert, Rhonda, Tales From The Vault Mug Books, Common Place Vol. 3 No. 1 October 2002 ref ref http learn library article.aspx?article 2244 Collected Biography, Ancestry Magazine Vol. 13 No. 4 July August 1995 ref ref Conzen, Michael P., Local Migration Systems in Nineteenth Century Iowa , Geographical Review, Vol. 64 No. 3 July 1974 , p. 341 ref References Reflist Category Photography by genre Category Law enforcement techniques Category Personal identification documents Category Genealogy Crime stub ...   more details

  1. The Mug House

    refimprove date August 2010 Image Mug house.jpg thumb The view of the Mug House from the churchyard of Claines church. Image Wattledaub mughouse.jpg thumb An original wattle and daub panel at the Mug House. The Mug House is a traditional public house located in the village of Claines , ref http mughouse.html The Mug House, Claines , http Friends of Claines , UK. ref Worcestershire , England , which dates back to the 15th century. Overview The Mug House pub is owned by Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries and offers several Banks s bitters along with one or two other guest ale s which rotate every few weeks. The current when date August 2010 landlady is Judy Allen, fact date August 2010 who has chosen to maintain a traditional atmosphere by not introducing games machines or music to the pub. The Mug House has featured in the local news several times over the last few years due to stories that the pub is in some way ghost haunted . citation needed date August 2010 The past few landlords have all claimed that there are regularly strange occurrences at the pub such as glasses smashing or dull knocking noises coming from the beer cellar at night. This has only increased the popularity of the pub. Location The Mug House is situated in the village of Claines, about three miles north of the city of Worcester . The exact location of the pub ... http en wm wychavon claines pubs mug house wr37rn.html Mug House , http ... pubs 3339470 Worcestershire Pub Guide The Mug House Claines.html Worcestershire Pub Guide The Mug ... Claines Church behind which the Mug House is situated. The Malvern Hills are visible in the background ... the other rooms are fully occupied. The ceilings inside the Mug House are quite low and as the building ... in a separate outhouse. The building is timber frame d but there is a cellar. Awards The Mug .... References reflist coord 52.227721 2.218927 display title DEFAULTSORT Mug House, The Category Public ...   more details

  1. Get Warmer

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Get Warmer Type Album Artist Bomb The Music Industry Cover GetWarmer.jpg Released July 31, 2007 Genre Ska punk , Indie rock Length 38 28 Label Quote Unquote Records br Asian Man Records USA br Banquet Records UK Producer Bomb The Music Industry Reviews 78 http showthread.php?t 309133 link Rating 4 5 http review 6658 link Sputnikmusic Rating 3.5 5 http album.php?albumid 20264 link Last album Goodbye Cool World br 2006 This album Get Warmer br 2007 Next album Scrambles br 2009 Get Warmer is the fourth full length album by DIY collective Bomb the Music Industry . This was the first BtMI album to feature a live band, which was made up of over 20 different musicians. It is also the first BtMI album to be released on CD with artwork and liner notes, via Asian Man Records in the United States ref See http basket getwarmer.html Release page on ref and Banquet Records in the United Kingdom ref See http index.jsp?item 7921 Release page on ref . It is also available free through Quote Unquote Records website. Originally, the band were going to follow up 2006 s Goodbye Cool World with an EP entitled No No New York . This concept was abandoned in favor of recording this album. A song from the abandoned EP, entitled The Soul Crushing Northeast can be heard here http tracks 04 20The 20Soul 20Crushing 20Northeast.mp3 . No Rest For the Whiny was previously titled Screamin for a Wage a.k.a. 2006 World Series of Craig s List Failure The title track ... Bomb the Music Industry albums, Get Warmer uses phone messages as samples in between songs rather than ... Trust a Man Without a Horribly Embarrassing Secret 3 55 Get Warmer 6 50 The Last Party Foul 1 17 ... qur013.htm Get Warmer on Quote Unquote Records References Reflist Category Bomb the Music ...   more details

  1. Magic mug

    Image Yahoo answers cup.JPG thumb right A promotional magic mug. A magic mug is a mug that, when filled with a hot liquid, changes colour. This effect is created by using a special oxidized ink . ref http latimes access 66443817.html?dids 66443817 66443817&FMT ABS&FMTS ABS FT&date Apr 30 2C 1989&author JANICE ARKATOV&pub Los Angeles Times pre 1997 Fulltext &desc Paris Opera Rises on Bunker Hill Setting the stage for opening of 60The Phantom 27&pqatl google Paris Opera Rises on Bunker Hill Setting the stage for opening of The Phantom , Janice Arkatov, Los Angeles Times LA Times , 30 April 1989 ref These mugs are often manufactured and sold as Souvenir memorabilia . For example, a mug may reveal a picture of the town or monument where it was sold. They are sometimes given away to promote organisations. ref http 1 hi uk politics wales 5368570.stm Going back to the Plaid future , BBC News, 23 September 2006 ref Customers can also have their own photograph s printed on the mugs. ref http video item 1 Personalized Magic Mug Coloured printing on ceramic launched , Indian Express Newspapers Mumbai Ltd., 19 June 2008 ref References reflist Category Drinkware Category Memorabilia drinkware stub ...   more details

  1. Mug Race

    Infobox sports league logo caption fame World s longest river race sport Sailing sport Sailing founded 1954 ref cite web url http 2011MugRaceBrochure.pdf publisher http index.html title 2011 Mug Race Brochure date 2011 04 02 ref country international champion most champs website http index.html The Mug Race is an annual sailboat race held on Florida s St. Johns River . It claims to be the world s longest river race. Course placement is based on masts size. Masts 44 feet and under compete on the south course which starts in Palatka, Florida Palatka . Masts 44 feet and up compete on the north course starting in Jacksonville, Florida Jacksonville . The Mug Cup is awarded to the first boat to complete the 38.5 mile course from Palatka to Jacksonville. ref cite web url http sports outdoors 2010 05 01 story tack another victory mug race publisher Florida Times Union title Tack on anther victory at Mug Race date 2010 05 01 . ref additionally, there are over 100 class specific trophies ref cite web url http index.html publisher Rudder Club title Mug Race date 2011 04 02 . ref External links http index.html The Rudder Club References reflist 2 PCFPEI Category Sports trophies and awards Category 1954 establishments Category Sailing races Category Visitor attractions in Putnam County, Florida Category Sports in Florida ...   more details

  1. Leg warmer

    Image legwarmers1.jpg thumb right Leg warmers worn as fashion pieces. Leg warmers are coverings for the lower legs, similar to socks but thicker and generally footless. They were originally used as dancewear by ballet and other classic dancers in order to keep the leg muscles warm and to prevent cramping or other muscle injuries. Traditionally knitted from pure wool, modern variants are more typically made of cotton, synthetic fiber s, or both. Some are made of other materials, such as Chenille fabric chenille . Leg warmers can vary in length, though not in width, due to the material s stretchiness. They are commonly worn to just below the knee, though many dancers prefer it to extend to cover the lower parts of the thigh. Some cover the entire foot these warmers usually have a pad that grips the floor so the dancer does not slip however this has been known to cause career ending injury citation needed date December 2011 . Some leg warmers are particularly short and made of thinner material these are also known as ankle warmers . Globalize date November 2009 Originally worn by dancers to keep their muscles from cramping after stretching, in the early 1980s leg warmers became a fad and wearing them was fashionable among teenage girls. Their popularity was partly due to the influence of the films Fame 1980 film Fame and Flashdance and the concurrent aerobics craze. They were worn with leggings, jeans, and tights or as part of aerobic wear. See also Spats footwear References ref name Leg warmers of the 80s http culture legwarmers.html Leg warmers of the 80s . ref references hosiery Clothing DEFAULTSORT Leg Warmer Category History of fashion Category 1980s fashion Category 2000s fashion Category 2010s fashion Category Dancewear Category Hosiery ca Escalfador mitja de Gamasche es Calentador prenda eu Zango berogailu fr Jambi re it Scaldamuscoli he nl Beenwarmers pl Getry sv Benv rmare ...   more details

  1. Arm warmer

    Image Armwarmers.jpg thumbnail right 200px Arm warmers are knitted sleeves worn on the arms. Usually worn by dancers to warm up their bodies before class, they have also become somewhat of a fashion item, appearing in the fall. These arm warmers are virtually identical in fabric and style as those worn by dancers. Arm warmers can also describe any glove like articles of clothing that lack finger coverings and or were originally designed to keep wrists and lower arms warm. Today, many competition and sport bicyclists as well as distance runners marathoners wear spandex compression arm warmers. Various sub cultures, such as the Punk fashion punk , emo and Gothic fashion goth subcultures, have also adopted arm warmers as a fashion statement. Stores such as Hot Topic sell arm warmers with chains and designs of skulls, piano keys, band logos, and other alternative inspired designs. Recently in mid late 2000 , cyclists have adopted them for use in cold weather. For the 2010 FIFA World Cup , arm warmers featuring the participating national teams became a phenomenon in the host country South Africa and abroad. ref http unique arm warmers have taken the world by storm Unique Arm Warmers Have Taken the World By Storm . Cape Town Partnership . Retrieved on July 5, 2010. ref See also Gloves Leg warmer Wendy References Reflist Category Sports clothing Category Armwear Category Gloves Category 2000s fashion de Pulsw rmer fr Gant Moufle ou mitaine ru ...   more details

  1. Mug Travel

    Infobox Korean film name Mug Travel image Mug Travel film poster.jpg caption Theatrical poster hangul hanja rr Bbaekkomui meogeujan yeohaeng mr Ppaekkom i m k chan y haeng director Lim Ah ron producer writer starring music cinematography editing distributor RG Animation Studios br CJ CGV released 22 March 2007 runtime 76 min. country South Korea language Korean budget admissions 135,261 gross United States dollar 608,835 Mug Travel ko hhrm hangul rr Ppaekkom ui meogeu jan yeohaeng is a List of South Korean films of 2007 2007 South Korean computer animated film, directed by Lim Ah ron and based on his animated TV series, Backkom . Plot A little girl named Bebe, all alone on Christmas Eve, is given a magical pendant from Santa Claus and embarks on a fantastical adventure. Travelling in a mug with the power of teleportation, Bebe explores a variety of exotic locations from the desert to the North Pole, accompanied by a host of characters including Backkom the polar bear and Konkongee the penguin. Production Produced by RG Animation Studios and directed by Lim Ah ron, Mug Travel is a feature film adaptation of Lim s computer animated TV series Backkom . ref name Paquet Paquet, darcy. http article VR1117971111.html?categoryid 13&cs 1 Aaron Lim a recognized animator . Variety , 30 August 2007. Retrieved on 21 November 2008. ref ref name Bynum Bynum, Aaron H. http article.php?articleID 1320 Korea s Mug Travel Wins at Bimini Animation Festival . Animation Insider , 4 April 2007. Retrieved on 21 November 2008. ref The film and TV series were made at the same time on a combined budget of United States dollar 5.9 million ... Mug Travel was released in South Korea on 22 March 2007, ref name http .... ref Mug Travel was screened at the Fifth Bimini Animation Festival, held in Latvia in March 2007 ... ko icon kmdb film 08895 Mug Travel hancinema film Mug Travel Mug Travel Cinema of Korea Category ...   more details

  1. Mug Ruith

    Mug Ruith or Mogh Roith , slave of the wheel is a figure in Irish mythology , a powerful blind druid of Munster who lived on Valentia Island , County Kerry . He could grow to enormous size, and his breath caused storms and turned men to stone. He wore a hornless bull hide and a bird mask, and flew in a machine called the roth r mach , the oared wheel . He had an ox driven chariot in which night was as bright as day, a star speckled black shield with a silver rim, and a stone which could turn into a poisonous eel when thrown in water. Stories about Mug Ruith are set in various periods of Irish history. Some say he lived during the reign of 3rd century High King of Ireland High King Cormac mac Airt , while others put him in Jerusalem during the time of Christ . In Lebor Gab la renn he is said to have died in the reign of Conmael , nearly two thousand years before Cormac s time. Perhaps due to this array of times and settings, poets attributed the druid with extraordinary longevity he lived through the reign of nineteen kings according to one story . His powers and long lifespan have led some to conclude he was a euhemerised solar deity sun or storm god. The various medieval legends about his adventures in the Holy Land at the dawn of Christendom paint him as an interesting and mysterious character. He is said to have been a student of Simon Magus , who taught him his magic skills and helped him build the flying machine roth r mach . In at least two other poems Mug Ruith is identified ... of southern Munster , from whom Cormac had been trying to levy taxes. Mug Ruith s daughter was Tlachtga ... there. The territory Mug Ruith received for his descendants was Fir Maige F ne, later known as Fermoy ... Carey Celticist Carey, John ed. . An Old Irish poem about Mug Ruith. Journal of the Cork Historical ... of the Siege of Knocklong the story of Mug Ruith s battle against Cormac http ... Sky and weather gods Category Solar gods fr Mog Ruith it Mug Ruith ...   more details

  1. Mug Corb

    Mug Corb servant of the chariot , sometimes called Mac Corb , son of the chariot , son of Cobthach C em, son of Rechtaid R gderg , was, according to medieval Irish legend and historical tradition, a High King of Ireland . He took power when he killed his predecessor, Meilge Molbthach . He ruled for six years, until he was killed by engus Ollom , grandson of Labraid Loingsech . ref name lge R. A. Stewart Macalister ed. & trans. , Lebor Gab la renn The Book of the Taking of Ireland Part V , Irish Texts Society, 1956, p. 281 ref He is said to have got his name when he repaired a broken chariot for his son. ref name ffe Geoffrey Keating , Foras Feasa ar irinn http celt published T100054 text040.html 1.30 ref The Lebor Gab la renn synchronises his reign with that of Ptolemy III Euergetes of Ptolemaic Egypt Egypt 246 222 BC . The chronology of Geoffrey Keating s Foras Feasa ar irinn dates his reign to 362 355 BC, the Annals of the Four Masters to 506 499 BC. ref Annals of the Four Masters http celt published T100005A text019.html M4694 4701 ref s start succession box before Meilge Molbthach title List of High Kings of Ireland High King of Ireland after engus Ollom years Lebor Gab la renn LGE 3rd century BC br Geoffrey Keating FFE 362 355 BC br Annals of the Four Masters AFM 506 499 BC s end References reflist DEFAULTSORT Mug Corb Category Legendary High Kings of Ireland Category 4th century BC rulers ireland stub fr Mog Corb it Mog Corb pl Modcorb sh Mug Corb ...   more details

  1. Hand in Hand

    wiktionary Hand in Hand Hand in Hand may refer to The Hand in Hand Fire & Life Insurance Society , founded in London in 1696 Title of the Feyenoord club song Hand in Hand Olympics , the theme song of the 1988 Summer Olympics Hand in Hand , an anthology of love poems edited by Carol Ann Duffy A song on both the Music of Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack and the Kingdom Hearts II Original Soundtrack Hand in Hand Grace song , a song and single by English dance act Grace Hand In Hand Beatsteaks song , a song and single by German punk rock group Beatsteaks Hand in Hand beFour song Hand in Hand The Winter album , the second studio album by pop group beFour Hand in Hand film , a 1960 film Hand in Hand Center for Jewish Arab Education in Israel , a network of public schools in Israel where Jewish and Arab students learn in a bilingual Arabic Hebrew , multicultural environment Hand in Hand Tamil Nadu , an Indian NGO active in the state of Tamil Nadu, working with child labour elimination, microfinance and job creation, democracy, health, and environment Hand in Hand TV series Hand in Hand TV series , a Ugandan soap opera promoting the benefits of vocational training A batch song in Raffles Institution Secondary , a high school in Singapore disambig ...   more details

  1. Hand

    Other uses pp move indef Infobox Anatomy Name Hand Latin manus GraySubject GrayPage Image Human Hands Front Back.jpg Caption Palmar and Dorsal aspects of human right hand Width 240 Image2 Handskelett.png Caption2 X ray of human hand Precursor System Artery Vein dorsal venous network of hand Nerve ulnar nerve , median nerve , radial nerve Lymph MeshName Hand MeshNumber A01.378.800.667 DorlandsPre DorlandsSuf A hand Medicine med. Latin lat. manus, pl. man s is a Prehensility prehensile , multi finger ... has two opposable thumbs on each hand and fingerprints remarkably similar to human fingerprints are often .... Like other paired organs eyes, feet, legs , each hand is dominantly controlled by the opposing Cerebral hemisphere brain hemisphere , so that handedness , or the preferred hand choice for single handed activities such as writing with a pen, reflects individual brain functioning. Some evolutionary anatomist s use the term hand to refer to the appendage of digits on the forelimb more generally  for example, in the context of whether the three Digit anatomy digit s of the bird hand involved the same Homology biology homologous loss of two digits as in the dinosaur hand. ref name Xing ... pmid 19536256 bibcode 2009Natur.459..940X ref The human hand has 27 bones, 14 of which are the phalanges ... and the wrist. Each human hand has 5 metacarpals. ref cite book title Human Anatomy & Physiology ... 237 ref Definitions Many mammal s and other animal s have grasping appendages similar in form to a hand ... hands. The scientific use of the term hand in this sense to distinguish the terminations of the front ... title Primate Feet publisher accessdate December 2009 JPG ref The word hand is sometimes ... researching the homology between the three Digit anatomy digit s of the bird hand and the dinosaur hand. ref name Xing Human anatomy The human hand consists of a broad palm metacarpus with 5 digits, attached ... hand OED hand ref The back of the hand is formally called the opisthenar. Digits File Hand parts.jpg ...   more details

  1. Hand-for-hand

    Unreferenced date August 2007 Hand for hand situations in the card game of poker arise exclusively during ... measurement of player elimination. Hand for hand play requires all hands be dealt at the same time. When a table has finished a hand, the Card game Deal dealer must wait until all tables have finished to commence the next hand. This does not affect how a particular table plays their hands only the deals must be simultaneous. Another reason for the use of hand for hand play is to prevent players from stalling , or deliberately taking as long as possible to act on their hand in the hope of moving ... the same number of hands, the incentive to stall is removed. Hand for hand play usually starts when ..., for example. In this scenario, hand for hand may commence with 21 and 18 players remaining. At the 2005 World Series of Poker Main Event, day 4 started in hand for hand, with eliminations required until 561 players remained. Fact date February 2007 Hand for hand play eliminates tie draw ties , except ... one hand run hand for hand, assuming all players all in are eliminated, the players are ranked according to chip count, the amount the player had in front of them at the beginning of the hand. Players are only awarded a tied rank if they have identical pre hand chip counts, in which case the prizes are customarily split by both players. In some situations, pre hand chip counts may not be available, in which case, all players eliminated on a given hand are considered to have tied for the same ... to be in the money, hand for hand play was held with 226 players. Two players were eliminated on the same hand, and were considered tied for 225th they initially split the 10,000 prize before the casino ... for round play was used instead of hand for hand. Here, a round is defined as the blinds going around the table once. Therefore, at a nine handed table one round would consist of nine hands. The difference from hand for hand play is that in round for round play, each table finishes one round of play ...   more details

  1. H.a.n.d.

    lowercase Infobox company name h.a.n.d. Inc. logo File H.a.n.d. Inc..png type foundation February 26, 1993 founder location city Sapporo location country Japan locations area served key people Teruaki Matoba, representative and president br Toshinori Imata, director and vice president industry Video game s products services market cap revenue operating income net income assets equity owner num employees Approximately 80 ref cite web url http English HP outline.html title Company Profile accessdate 2008 07 09 publisher h.a.n.d. Dead link date October 2010 bot H3llBot ref parent divisions subsid homepage http footnotes intl nihongo h.a.n.d. Inc. is a Japanese video game developer founded in 1992. The company originally started as a service selling Macintosh hardware and software to universities before the Mac platform was widely known. When competition in the field increased, h.a.n.d. reorganized to develop original software. ref name Siliconera cite web author Sahdev, Ishaan date September 23, 2010 title Company Profile A h.a.n.d. In Game Development url http 2010 09 23 company profile a h a n d in game development work accessdate 2010 10 04 ref h.a.n.d. s earliest known game is Treasure Strike Full Swing , developed in collaboration with publisher, Kid, who released the PC follow up to the Dreamcast original in 2004. The company consists of two other divisions North Point Inc. for the development of mobile phone apps and other software, and S.N.S. Inc. who work on social games for Facebook and Mixi for external publishers. List of works Treasure Strike Full Swing 2004 One Piece Pirates Carnival 2005 Final Fantasy Fables Chocobo Tales 2006 Tamagotchi Party On 2007 Ape Escape SaruSaru Big Mission 2007 List of DS Style products Oishiku Kiwameru Gourmet DS 2007 Final Fantasy Fables Chocobo s Dungeon ... stub it H.a.n.d. ja pt H.a.n.d. ...   more details

  1. Mug Root Beer

    Unreferenced date October 2010 Infobox Beverage name Mug Root Beer image Image MugRootBeer.jpg 100px Mug s current can type Root beer manufacturer PepsiCo origin United States introduced 1950s discontinued related A&W Root Beer , Dad s Root Beer , Hires Root Beer , Barq s variants Mug Root Beer is a brand name of root beer made by the Pepsi company. Mug was first produced by the Belfast Beverage Company in San Francisco, California during the early 1950s. Its name was changed Clarify date October 2010 to Mug Old Fashioned Root Beer. In the late 1960s, Sugar Free Mug now Diet Mug Root Beer was introduced. Mug cream soda Cream Soda and Diet Mug Cream Soda were later introduced, but they are not as widely available. Mug was purchased by Pepsi in 1986. The Mug can features the company s mascot, a bulldog named Dog, holding a mug of root beer. On the Mug Root Beer website there is a free online comic to view the dog s adventures. External links http Official Website PepsiCo Root beer brands Cream soda brands Category Root beer Category Cream sodas Category PepsiCo soft drinks Category PepsiCo brands Category Cuisine of the San Francisco Bay Area Category Cuisine of the Western United States food product stub FR Mug Root Beer ...   more details

  1. Starbucks City Mug

    softredirect b Transwiki Starbucks City Mug Short pages monitor This long comment was added to the page to prevent it being listed on Special Shortpages. It and the accompanying monitoring template were generated via Template Longcomment. Please do not remove the monitor template without removing the comment as well. pl Starbucks City Mug zh ...   more details

  1. Bench Warmer International

    worn by Bench Warmer celebrities. To increase collectibility, 25 cards are signed by each celebrity ... haired nude seen from behind still appears as the Bench Warmer logo as is the preference of Wallos. Celebrity ... margolispress cite press release title Cindy Margolis Bench Warmer Swatch Card Fetches 335 on eBay ... Colleen Shannon Devin DeVasquez References reflist External links http Bench Warmer official website http nightsites gallery bench warmer back to school party at empire ... p articles mi m0EIN is 2002 Dec 19 ai 95622911 Cindy Margolis Bench Warmer Swatch Card Fetches 335 ...   more details

  1. Bye Bye Mr. Mug

    Infobox Single Name Bye Bye Mr. Mug Type Single Artist The Brilliant Green Cover Released September 21, 1997 Recorded Genre J Pop Length 16 45 Label Sony Music Entertainment Japan SMEJ Producer The Brilliant Green Reviews Last single This single Bye Bye Mr. Mug br 1997 Next single Goodbye and Good Luck song Goodbye and Good Luck br 1997 Bye Bye Mr. Mug is the debut single released by The Brilliant Green on September 21, 1997. Track listing tracklist collapsed headline all lyrics Tomoko Kawase , all songs arranged by The Brilliant Green lyrics credits no music credits yes title1 Bye Bye Mr. Mug music1 Shunsaku Okuda length1 title2 Sunny Mood Shirt music2 Ryo Matsui length2 title3 Love Baby music3 Shunsaku Okuda length3 title4 Green Wood Diary music4 Shunsaku Okuda length4 Category 1997 singles Category Japanese songs Category Songs written by Tomoko Kawase ja Bye Bye Mr. Mug ...   more details

  1. Don't Mug Yourself

    Infobox Single Name Don t Mug Yourself Cover Artist The Streets Album Original Pirate Material Released Start date 2002 10 small United Kingdom UK small Format CD single CD Recorded 2002 Genre Electronica , UK garage , hip hop music Hip Hop Length 2 40 Label Locked On Records Locked On Producer Mike Skinner Last single Weak Become Heroes This single Let s Push Things Forward br 2004 Next single Fit But You Know It Don t Mug Yourself is a song first released in October 2002 by UK rapper The Streets . It was the fourth single taken from his debut album Original Pirate Material . The song is performed by The Streets Mike Skinner and a friend of his, Calvin Bailey. ref Citation last first title THE STREETS RUM NEW TUNE url http news the streets 10788 accessdate 2009 01 09 ref It reached number 21 in the UK Singles Chart . The song featured as a plot point in the 2005 Doctor Who episode Father s Day Doctor Who Father s Day , playing briefly and anachronistically on a car radio in 1987. Track listing CD 1 Don t Mug Yourself Video Edit Don t Mug Yourself Out Takes Streets Score Don t Mug Yourself Enhanced CD Rom Video CD 2 Don t Mug Yourself Album Version Weak Become Heroes R yksopp s Memory Lane Mix Has It Come To This? High Contrast It s Come To This Remix References reflist The Streets Category The Streets songs da Don t Mug Yourself ...   more details

  1. The Warmer Side of Cool

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name The Warmer Side of Cool Type studio Artist Wang Chung band Wang Chung Cover The Warmer Side of Cool album art.JPG Released May 23, 1989 Recorded 41B Studios, Westlake Village, CA from 1988 1989 Genre Rock music Rock Pop music Pop Length 52 04 Label Geffen Records Geffen br small 24222 small Producer Peter Wolf Last album Mosaic Wang Chung album Mosaic br 1986 This album The Warmer Side of Cool br 1989 Next album Everybody Wang Chung Tonight Wang Chung s Greatest Hits br 1997 Singles Name The Warmer Side of Cool Type studio single 1 Praying to a New God single 1 date April 1989 Album ratings rev1 Allmusic rev1score Rating 2 5 ref Allmusic class album id r21469 pure url yes Allmusic review ref Automatically generated by DASHBot The Warmer Side of Cool is Wang Chung s fifth studio album and fourth on Geffen Records. Released in May 1989, the album was a commercial disappointment, peaking at 123 on the Billboard 200 in its final week on the chart. ref name Discography on Billboard http bbcom discography index.jsp?pid 5981&aid 18100 review Discography for The Warmer Side of Cool on ref Despite poor sales, the album managed to provide a minor hit with Praying to a New God , which peaked at 63 on the Billboard Hot 100 on May 27, 1989. ref name Singles Chart on Allmusic class album id r21469 charts awards billboard single pure url yes Praying for a New God Charts on ref Track listing CD tracklist total length 52 04 writing credits yes title1 Praying to a New God writer1 Jack Hues , Nick Feldman , David Chandler length1 3 58 title2 What s So Bad About Feeling Good? writer2 ... writer6 Feldman length6 4 53 title7 At the Speed of Life writer7 Hues length7 5 26 title8 The Warmer ... credits yes title1 At the Speed of Life writer1 Hues length1 5 26 title2 The Warmer Side of Cool ..., and D.W. Drums References references Wang Chung DEFAULTSORT Warmer Side of Cool, The Category 1989 ...   more details

  1. Jos� N��ez (right-handed pitcher)

    s helmet the earflap covered his left ear rather than his right, which faced the pitcher. So Nunez ...   more details

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