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Encyclopedia results for Grey matter

Grey matter

Encyclopedia results for Grey matter

  1. Matter of Confidence

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 Orphan date December 2009 A Matter of Confidence is an important Act of Parliament bill such as a budget passed by the responsible Parliament house i.e. the house directly elected by the people . If a government fails to pass a bill considered a matter of confidence, it is assumed the government has lost the confidence of the house and the bill is treated as a Motion of No Confidence . See also Motion of No Confidence DEFAULTSORT Matter Of Confidence Category Government Category Confidence motions UK gov stub ...   more details

  1. Matter cannon

    Matter cannon is a physics concept used as a weapon in Stephen R. Donaldson s Science fiction Sci fi Book series series , The Gap Cycle . The actual implementation and use as a weapon is completely fictional however, the underlying theory and operational details are realistic. In essence, the weapon is described in terms of a set of viable concepts that have not been properly assembled to explain how or if the weapon could work in the real world . Method of operation Donaldson describes the concept of matter cannon primarily in terms of chaos theory in particular, he describes matter as organized or frozen energy , likening matter to Order and disorder physics order as organized or frozen chaos ..., Stephen R. The Gap into Madness Chaos and Order . Ancillary Documentation Matter Cannon. ref Based on this assumption, the possibility to create organized forms of energy which collapse into matter under the correct conditions must also exist. Matter cannon uses a controlled Light beam beam of speed of light light constant energy which collapses when encountering physical matter, producing either ... are not met, the beam simply disperses matter cannon fire has a limited effective range. Due to charge conservation , it would be impossible for matter cannon to produce either individual protons ... as a weapon Matter cannon is mainly used as a ship to ship weapon in space . Donaldson dismissed the usefulness of matter cannon fire for orbital strikes on bodies which hold atmosphere the beam can only ... gas into the atmosphere with an impressive but harmless shock wave . For similar reasons, matter ... portable matter cannon to a few charges at best. Matter cannon as a ship to ship weapon in space ... constant speeds, even for a few picoseconds. Matter traveling at the speed of light effectively has ... of hydrogen or neutron matter impacting the side of a ship at the speed of light would have the same impact as several hundred billion teragrams and more of neutron star matter impacting the side ...   more details

  1. Emphasis of matter

    Unreferenced date April 2010 Emphasis of matter is a type of paragraph in, or section of, an audit ors report on financial statement s. Such a paragraph is added to indicate a significant uncertainty or other matter, which is disclosed appropriately in the notes forming part of the financial statements, but which the auditor considers is significant or important enough to warrant a mention in their report. An emphasis of matter paragraph does not qualify the auditors opinion in fact, such paragraphs typically begin by stating Without qualifying our report... . Under the framework of the International Standards on Auditing ISA , the emphasis of matter paragraph section is placed after the opinion paragraph and, consequently, towards the end of the report , in the auditor s report. Category Financial statements finance stub ...   more details

  1. Voices That Matter

    Orphan date February 2009 Voices That Matter is a professional conference Convention meeting convention ... That Matter Conference Series puts emphasis on its opportunities for learning from and social network ..., author of the Don t Make Me Think series. ref 3 ref Background Voices That Matter is organized and produced ... Conferences cite web url http webdesign2007 title Voices That Matter Web ... gwt2007 title Voices That Matter Google Web Toolkit Conference December 3 6, 2007 Palace Hotel, San Francisco, CA cite web url http webdesign2008 title Voices That Matter ... ruby2008 title Voices That Matter Professional Ruby Conference November ... Voices That Matter Web Design Conference April 27 30, 2009 Grand Hyatt San Francisco, San Francisco, CA cite web url http iPhone2009 title Voices That Matter iPhone Developers ... iPhone2010 title Voices That Matter iPhone Developers Conference April 24 25, 2010 Bell ... title Voices That Matter Web Design Conference June 28 29, 2010 Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco, CA cite web url http iphonefall2010 title Voices That Matter ... url http title Voices That Matter iPhone Developers Conference April ... http title Voices That Matter iOS Developers Conference November 11 12 ... news press 070921VoicesThatMatter.html title New Riders Announces Voices That Matter ... theblog 2007 10 26 unforgettable moments at voices that matter title Unforgettable Moments at Voices That Matter accessdate April 3, 2008 work 3. cite web url http digital news g12269.html title Voices That Matter Web Design Conference accessdate June 17, 2008 work ... Voices That Matter Web Design Conference accessdate April 3, 2008 work Trading 5 ... cms events event voices that matter in web design 001833.php title Event Voices That Matter ...   more details

  1. Organic matter

    required Organic matter or organic material , Natural Organic Matter , or NOM is matter that has come ... compound s. The definition of organic matter varies upon the subject for which it is being used. Organic matter is broken down organic matter that comes from plant s and animal s in the natural environment environment . ref Natural Organic Matter, GreenFacts, 22 Apr, 2007 http glossary mno natural organic matter NOM.htm. ref Organic matter is a collective term, assigned to the realm of all of this broken down organic matter. Basic structures are created from cellulose , tannin ... Matter is created All living and growing matter on this planet contains organic components. Different types of matter include human s, animals, plants, and microorganism s. After the living matter dies, it decomposes. The organic matter from them and their excretions is broken down through an unknown reactive process into natural organic matter. Larger molecules of organic matter can be formed from the polymerization of different parts of already broken down matter. The relative size, shape, and composition of a molecule of organic matter is very random. NOM can vary greatly, depending on its ... Huang, Biophysico Chemical Processes Involving Natural Nonliving Organic Matter in Environmental Systems, New York IUPAC, 2006. ref Natural ecosystem functions Natural organic matter is present throughout ..., Jerry Leenheer, and Bob Wershaw, comps, Stochastic Synthesis of Natural Organic Matter, UNM, ND, KSU ... of natural organic matter too organic matter deposits, such as kerogen and coal soil and sediment organic matter organic matter infiltrating into the subsurface from rivers, lakes, and marine systems ref George Aiken, United States of America, United States Geological Survey, Organic Matter in Ground ... source of groundwater is soil organic matter and sedimentary organic matter . The major method of movement ... as with the soil. Importance of the cycle Natural organic matter uses all these different phases ...   more details

  1. Herbert Matter

    File Herbert Matter World War II poster.jpg thumb World War II poster by Herbert Matter Herbert Matter April 25, 1907 May 8, 1984 was a Swiss born American photographer and graphic designer known for his pioneering use of photomontage in commercial art. The designer s innovative and experimental work helped shape the vocabulary of 20th century graphic design. Biography Born in Engelberg , Switzerland, Matter studied painting at the cole des Beaux Arts in Geneva and at the Acad mie Moderne in Paris with Fernand L ger and Am d e Ozenfant . He worked with Adolphe Mouron Cassandre , Le Corbusier and Deberny ... in photography in 1980 and the AIGA medal in 1983. As a photographer, Matter won acclaim for his .... ref IMDb title 0122321 Works of Calder ref Close friends of Matter and his wife Mercedes Matter ... Frank and Alberto Giacometti . Matter s wife Mercedes was the daughter of the American modernist painter ... of pomposity was characteristic of this guy, said another designer, Paul Rand , about Matter ... s. Matter died on May 8, 1984, in Southampton town , New York Southampton, New York . ref The Historisches ... , New York, as his place of death. ref Bibliography Herbert Matter Modernist Photography and Graphic ... post 2487049254 herbert matter the art of photo graphics published in Herbert Matter ... film.html The Visual Language of Herbert Matter 2009 , documentary film on the life and work of Matter ref IMDb title 1094615 The Visual Language of Herbert Matter ref References Refimprove date February 2012 references HDS 27258 External links http Essay on Herbert Matter ... Matter Photograph Collection&sort title&browse 1 Herbert Matter Photographs at the Stanford University Libraries IMDb name 0559814 Persondata NAME Matter, Herbert ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION ... Engelberg, Switzerland DATE OF DEATH May 8, 1984 PLACE OF DEATH Southampton, New York DEFAULTSORT Matter ... Yale University faculty de Herbert Matter fr Herbert Matter ...   more details

  1. Hacking Matter

    Advert date December 2007 Infobox book italic title see above title Hacking Matter Levitating Chairs, Quantum Mirages, and the Infinite Weirdness of Programmable Atoms image include the file, px and alt File Example.jpg 200px alt Cover image caption author Wil McCarthy language English subject Material science, nanotechnology publisher Basic Books pub date 2003 pages isbn ISBN 0 465 04428 X Hacking Matter is a 2003 book by Wil McCarthy . It deals with programmable matter like colloid al films, bulk crystal s, and quantum dot s that, he predicts, will someday be able mimic the properties of any natural atom , and ultimately also non natural atoms. McCarthy predicts that programmable matter will someday change our lives as much as any invention ever has. He predicts that we will have the ability to program matter itself to change it, with the click of a cursor, from hard to soft, from paper to stone, from fluorescent to super reflective to invisible. In his science fiction , he calls this technology Wellstone . Wil McCarthy visits the laboratories of major companies and talks with the researchers who are developing this technology describes how they are learning to control its electronic, optical, thermal, magnetic, and mechanical properties and tells us where all this will lead. External links http hm.htm Book home page , includes free PDF version. http wired archive 9.10 atoms.html Ultimate Alchemy . This article in Wired magazine Wired 9.10 was expanded into this book. Beyond the Periodic Table Artificial Atoms and Programmable Matter , Analog Science Fiction , Jan 2002 Programmable matter moves from sci fi to real , Wil McCarthy explains what led to the book in a Discover magazine article, http 2008 oct 09 programmable matter moves from sci fi to sci real Category 2003 books Category Futurology books Category Books by Wil McCarthy science book stub engineering stub ...   more details

  1. Matter of Dayz

    Infobox album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Matter of Dayz Type Studio Artist Daz Dillinger Cover Matterofdayz.jpg Released November 30, 2010 Recorded 2009 2010 Genre West Coast hip hop Length 45 36 Label Gangsta Advisory Records Gangsta Advisory Recordingz Inc Producer Soopafly , Daz Dillinger Reviews Last album Public Enemiez br 2009 This album Matter of Dayz br 2010 Next album D.A.Z. br 2011 Matter of Dayz is the twelfth studio album by rapper Daz Dillinger . ref cite web url http Matter Dayz Daz Dillinger dp B0049AVKEW title Matter Of Dayz Daz Dillinger Music publisher date accessdate 2012 03 01 ref It was released on November 30 of 2010, by the Gangsta Advisory Records . Track listing The Track listing and guest features were confirmed by iTunes . ref cite web url http album matter of dayz id402286137?v0 9988&ign mpt uo 3D1 title iTunes Music Matter of Dayz by Daz Dillinger publisher date 2010 11 30 accessdate 2012 03 01 ref tracklist title1 Gott Damn length1 3 56 title2 I m Hard length2 3 57 title3 Niggaz Knooo length3 4 39 title4 Matter Of Dayz note4 featuring Kurupt length4 2 53 title5 X sposed 2 Tha Game note5 featuring Playaz Circle Dolla Boy & Kurupt length5 4 39 title6 We Don t Die We Multiply note6 featuring Goldie Loc length6 4 27 title7 Pussy Azz Nigga length7 4 39 title8 In Tha Caddilac note8 featuring Snoop Dogg & Hustle Boyz length8 4 48 title9 Freeze length9 4 17 title10 Keep It Gangsta length10 4 09 References Reflist Daz Dillinger Category 2010 albums Category Daz Dillinger albums Category Albums produced by Daz Dillinger ...   more details

  1. Matter of Fact

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 Wiktionary matter of fact A Matter of Fact , in the David Hume Humean sense, is the type of knowledge that can be characterized as arising out of one s interaction with and experience in the external world as compared to a Relations of Ideas Relation of Ideas . In a Immanuel Kant Kantian framework, it is equivalent to the Synthetic proposition synthetic a posteriori . Examples br The sun will come out tomorrow. Not reason but habitual br There are people outside the room. One cannot know what is outside one s own experience How We Know br It is impossible to know. br Depend upon Inductive reasoning The Principles of Induction and Uniformity of nature The Uniformity of Nature . br Denying these do not lead to a contradiction. DEFAULTSORT Matter Of Fact Philo stub Category David Hume ...   more details

  1. Matter (venue)

    Infobox venue name Matter image File Matter logo.png 250px caption location The O2 London The O sub 2 sub , Greenwich , London , England type Music venue and nightclub genres opened 2008 seating capacity 2,600 owner Cameron Leslie br Keith Reilly website http coord 51.5042 0.0032 type landmark region GB GRE display title Image Matter dancefloor 2009.JPG thumb right The dance floor from the gallery Matter was a London music venue and nightclub that opened in September 2008, after three years of planning. A 2,600 capacity live music venue and nightclub , it was the second project for owners Cameron Leslie and Keith Reilly, founders of the London club Fabric club Fabric . Matter is the third venue to open at The O2 London The O sub 2 sub in south east London. Matter housed several visual installations, a sound system of some 200 speakers and a version of Fabric club Fabric s BodySonic dance floor, the BodyKinetic floor. Matter s music policy was set by London promoter Will Harold. It featured three bimonthly residencies, Hospitality Hospital Records , RAMatter Ram Records and FWD Rinse Rinse FM . Architect William Russell, of Pentagram design studio Pentagram , was commissioned to design the venue with partner Angus Hyland, who was responsible for the branding. In May 2010 the venue announced it would close for the summer ref name RA cite news url http news.aspx?id 12151 work RA title matter closes for the summer date ... ref The venue formerly housing Matter is now home to a nightclub called Proud2 which opend in March ... s new club matter .html http story.asp?storycode 1034575 http 170365 http music news Fabric Creators Launch New Club Matter 5356 http earworm 2008 06 23 fabric founders creating matter small London Clubs Use dmy dates date June 2011 DEFAULTSORT Matter Venue Category Music venues in London Category Nightclubs in London Category ...   more details

  1. Programmable matter

    Programmable matter refers to matter which has the ability to change its physical properties shape, density ... input or autonomous sensing. Programmable matter is thus linked to the concept of a material which inherently has the ability to perform information processing. History Programmable matter is a term originally ..., programmable matter refers to compute models similar to cellular automata and Lattice Gas ... to programmable matter. ref name dra As semiconductor technology nanotechnology and self replicating machine technology have advanced, the use of the term programmable matter has changed to reflect ... properties in reality, not just in simulation . Thus, programmable matter has come to mean ..., in a discussion on artificial atoms and programmable matter, Wil McCarthy and G. Snyder coined ... matter. McCarthy has used the term in his fiction. In 2002, Seth Goldstein and Todd Mowry ... and software mechanisms necessary to realize programmable matter. In 2004, the DARPA Information Science and Technology group ISAT examined the potential of programmable matter. This resulted in the 2005 2006 study, Realizing Programmable Matter which laid out a multi year program for the research and development of programmable matter. In 2007, programmable matter was the subject of a DARPA research ... dso thrusts physci newphys program matter DARPA Strategic Thrusts Programmable Matter dead link date April 2011 bot AnomieBOT ref Approaches to programmable matter In one school of thought ..., a liquid crystal display is a form of programmable matter. A second school of thought is that the individual ... in the ensemble s physical properties. An example of this more ambitious form of programmable matter .... There are many proposed implementations of programmable matter. Scale is one key differentiator between different forms of programmable matter. At one end of the spectrum reconfigurable modular robotics pursues a form of programmable matter where the individual units are in the centimeter ...   more details

  1. Matter + Form

    refimprove date January 2011 Infobox album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Matter Form Type Album Artist VNV Nation Cover VNV Nation Matter Form cover.jpg Released 4 April 2005 EU Recorded 2005 Genre electro industrial br electropop Length 55 08 Label Metropolis Records Metropolis Producer Humate and Ronan Harris Last album Futureperfect br 2001 This album Matter Form br 2005 Next album Judgement VNV Nation album Judgement br 2007 Misc Singles Name Matter Form Type studio Single 1 Chrome Single 1 date March 7, 2005 Album ratings rev1 Allmusic rev1score Rating 3.5 5 ref cite web url Allmusic class album id r734555 pure url yes title Allmusic review ref Matter Form is the fifth full length album by futurepop artists VNV Nation . It was co engineered by German Trance music trance DJ Humate Gerret Frerichs and released on April 12, 2005. Chrome was released as a one track single. Track listing tracklist title1 Intro length1 1 27 title2 Chrome length2 4 47 title3 Arena length3 5 44 title4 Colours of Rain length4 4 06 title5 Strata length5 4 00 title6 Interceptor length6 3 25 title7 Entropy length7 5 17 title8 Endless Skies length8 5 55 title9 Homeward length9 5 34 title10 Lightwave length10 7 00 title11 Perpetual length11 7 54 References reflist VNV Nation album Category 2005 albums Category VNV Nation albums 2000s electronic album stub ca Matter Form sv Matter and Form ...   more details

  1. Exotic matter

    In physics , exotic matter is a term which refers to matter which would somehow deviate from the norm and have exotic properties. There are several uses of the term. Hypothetical subatomic particle particles which have exotic physical property physical properties that would violate known laws of physics , such as a particle having a negative mass . Hypothetical particles which have not yet been encountered, such as exotic baryon s, but whose properties would be within the realm of mainstream physics if found to exist. It has been speculated that by the end of the 21st century it may be possible by using femtotechnology to create new chemical element s composed of exotic baryons that would eventually constitute a new periodic table of elements in which the elements would have completely different properties than the regular chemical elements. ref Ray Kurzweil Kurzweil, Ray The Age of Spiritual Machines 1999 ref State of matter States of matter which are not commonly encountered, such as Bose Einstein condensate s and quark gluon plasma , but whose properties are perfectly within the realm of mainstream physics. States of matter which are poorly understood, such as dark matter . Negative mass main Negative mass Negative mass would possess some strange properties, such as accelerating ... and negative matter particles will have the positive matter portion increase in temperature without bound. However, the negative matter portion gains negative temperature at the same rate, again ... behavior of normal matter, negative mass is completely mathematically consistent and introduces no violation ... matter is the region of pseudo Pressure Negative pressures negative pressure density produced ... with normal matter. citation needed date November 2010 In quantum field theory, imaginary ... Reflist Physics footer DEFAULTSORT Exotic Matter Category Particle physics Category Gravitation Category Wormhole theory Category Warp drive theory Category Exotic matter Category Hypothetical objects ...   more details

  1. Matter Master

    . ref Secret Society of Super Villains No. 7 May June 1977 ref In Hawkman vol. 4 No. 23 March 2004 , the Matter .... The battle lasts only a few seconds, ending when Hawkman uses his axe to sever Matter .... ref JLA 115 117 August October 2005 ref Powers and abilities Matter Master has no innate superpowers ... matter. The effect vanishes over time or as soon as he loses contact with the wand, explaining why ... Matter Master appears in the comic book Justice League Adventures Justice League Unlimited No. 31, which ... his powers upon himself, restoring his body and dubbing himself the new Matter Master. ref Batman Beyond No. 2 February 2011 ref Matter Master had a cameo in Batman The Brave and the Bold comics The All ... chronology.php?name mattermaster Matter Master at the Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe ... Kubert Category Characters created by Gardner Fox Hawkman it Matter Master pt Mestre da Mat ria tl Matter Master ...   more details

  1. QCD matter

    Quark matter or QCD matter refers to any of a number of theorized phase matter phases of matter whose .... Under such extreme conditions, the familiar structure of matter, where the basic constituents ..., is disrupted. In quark matter it is more appropriate to treat the quarks themselves as the basic degrees ... interaction becomes the dominant feature of the physics. Such phases are called quark matter or QCD matter. The strength of the color force makes the properties of quark matter unlike gas or plasma, instead leading to a state of matter more reminiscent of a liquid. At high densities, quark matter ... quantum mechanics perturbative regime quark matter . The equations of QCD predict that a quark gluon ... of this phase of matter ? Occurrence Natural occurrence In early Universe, at high temperature ... of matter took the form of a hot phase of quark matter called the quark gluon plasma QGP . Compact ... by its own weight to such high densities that it is reasonable to surmise that quark matter may exist in the core. Compact stars composed mostly or entirely of quark matter are called quark star s or Quark ... lumps of strange matter comprising nearly equal amounts of up, down and strange quarks. Cosmic ray ... Jacob title Evidence for a New State of Matter an Assessment of the Results from the CERN Lead Beam ... nucl th 0508062 author1 Berndt M ller title Quark Matter 2005 Theoretical Summary class nucl th year 2005 ref Thermodynamics The context for understanding the thermodynamics of quark matter is the standard ... matter depends on the physical context. For large quantities that exist for long periods of time ... of matter must be electrically and color neutral, which determines the electric and color charge ... potential, lepton chemical potential, and temperature. In compact stars quark matter would occupy cubic ... escape, violating lepton number, so the phase space for quark matter in compact stars ... form of the phase diagram of QCD matter Conjectured form of the phase diagram of QCD matter ref ...   more details

  1. Soft matter

    for the journal Soft Matter journal Soft matter is a subfield of condensed matter comprising a variety ... of soft matter, ref Rheology Bulletin Volume 74 Number 2 July 2005, p. 17 ref received the Nobel ... matter, in particular, to the behaviors of liquid crystal s and polymers. ref cite web url http ... January 27, 2008 ref Distinctive physics Interesting behaviors arise from soft matter in ways that cannot .... This is often because soft matter Self organization self organizes into Mesoscopic scale mesoscopic ... of contrast, in hard condensed matter physics it is often possible to predict the overall behavior ... as soft matter. Liquid crystals, another category of soft matter, exhibit a responsivity to electric .... Research The realization that soft matter contains innumerable examples of symmetry breaking , generalized ... common aspects . Soft condensed matter is directly related to studies in biophysics. One possible roadblock to the development of biophysics as an established field is that soft condensed matter ... the Chicago Soft Matter Collective http Dynamics of Complex Fluids department ... research wzi scm Soft Matter Group at van der Waals Zeeman Institute, University of Amsterdam , NL http scm Soft Matter Chemistry Group, University of Leiden , NL http www.frias.uni matter research FrontPage en view?set language en Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies FRIAS , School of Soft Matter Research, University of Freiburg, D http page home Center for Soft Matter Research New York University , US http softmatter.fmf.uni Physics of Soft and Partially Ordered Matter http www.fmf.uni Faculty of Mathematics and Physics University of Ljubljana , Slovenia SLO http Soft Matter and Molecular Biophysics ... Equipe Matiere Molle ?lang en Soft Matter Team, Laboratoire Charles Coulomb, CNRS and University .... Martin O. Steinhauser s Research Group Shock Waves in Soft Biological Matter at the Fraunhofer Institute ...   more details

  1. Dark matter

    Dark Matter disambiguation Physical cosmology cTopic Components File 080998 Universe Content 240.jpg thumb right 375px Estimated distribution of dark matter and dark energy in the universe, today top and when the CMB was released bottom . In astronomy and physical cosmology cosmology , dark matter is a currently unknown type of matter hypothesized to account for a large part of the total mass in the universe. Dark matter neither blackbody spectrum emits nor absorbs light or other electromagnetic ... authorlink Virginia Trimble last Trimble first Virginia title Existence and nature of dark matter in the universe ... url http abs 1987ARA 26A..25..425T ref Dark matter is estimated to constitute 83 of the matter in the universe and 23 of the mass energy. ref cite web last Hinshaw first Gary F. title ... http universe uni matter.html accessdate 2010 03 17 ref Dark matter came to the attention ... from their gravitational effects, and mass calculated from the luminous matter they contain such as stars ... have indicated the presence of dark matter in the universe, including the galaxy rotation problem rotational .... According to consensus among cosmologists, dark matter is believed to be composed primarily of a new ... matter observational evidence and detection methods journal Reports on Progress in Physics volume ... Silk first3 Joseph title Particle dark matter evidence, candidates and constraints doi 10.1016 ... of dark matter is generally accepted by the mainstream scientific community, several alternative theories have been proposed to try to explain the anomalies that dark matter is intended to account for. Overview Dark matter s existence is inferred from gravity gravitational effects on visible matter ... means, and calculations based on the mass of the visible luminous matter these objects contain star ... matter exists and that it is most likely ref name Copi 1995 composed of weakly interacting massive ... evidence to determine which is correct. Many experiments to detect proposed dark matter particles ...   more details

  1. Don't Matter

    dablink Don t Matter redirects here. Not to be confused with It Don t Matter . Infobox single Name Don t Matter Artist Akon from Album Konvicted Cover Akon Don t Matter.jpg Released start date 2007 1 18 ... Wanna Love You Akon song I Wanna Love You br 2007 This single Don t Matter br 2007 Next single Mama Africa song Mama Africa br 2007 Don t Matter is a Reggae fusion contemporary R&B R&B song recorded by Akon ... performance Don t Matter was released in the U.S. in mid January 2007. The song made its debut ... 5,600,000 copies both in the US and Internationally. Covers Fall Out Boy performed a cover of Don t Matter ... of Don t Matter live in Festival de Ver o Salvador with Akon in January 2010. Music video The video ... with Akon singing Don t Matter throughout the course of his date. It is set in a Caribbean beach ... UK CD Single European CD Single 1 Don t Matter 4 09 Shake Down Remix Feat. Red Cafe 4 28 European CD Single 2 ref http Akon Dont Matter Remixes release 2393321 ref Don t Matter Konvict Remix 5 46 Don t Matter Calypso Remix 5 38 Don t Matter Original Radio Edit 4 09 Don t Matter Video 4 15 Australian CD Single Don t Matter Radio Edit 3 02 Shake Down Remix Feat. Red Cafe 4 28 Easy Road 3 59 Don t Matter Video 4 15 Release history class wikitable Region Date United States start date ... Australia 9 artist Akon song Don t Matter singlechart Austria 31 artist Akon song Don t Matter singlechart Canada 4 artist Akon song Don t Matter artistid 491541 singlechart Czech Republic 9 year 2007 week 35 singlechart Denmark 18 artist Akon song Don t Matter year 2007 week 18 singlechart Billboardeuropeanhot100 6 artist Akon song Don t Matter artistid 491541 singlechart France 6 artist Akon song Don t Matter singlechart Germany 29 artist Akon song Don t Matter singlechart Hungary 1 year 2007 ... Dutch100 23 artist Akon song Don t Matter singlechart New Zealand 1 artist Akon song Don t Matter singlechart Norway 7 artist Akon song Don t Matter singlechart Slovakia 3 year 2007 week 28 ...   more details

  1. Printed matter

    Image 1925toHungary.jpg thumb right 1925 Printed Matter Registered Airmail Letter from Denmark to Hungary Printed matter is a term to describe printed material produced by printers or publishers, such as book s, magazine s, booklets, brochures and other publicity materials and in some cases, newspaper s. Because much of this material is mailed, it is also a category of mail , accepted for delivery by a postal administration , that is not considered to be first class mail and therefore qualifies for a special reduced printed matter postal rate. Depending on the specific postal regulations of the country, it is usually non personal correspondence and printed in multiple quantities. Most postal authorities do not permit additional services, like Registered mail registration or Express mail express services, to be added to items mailed as printed matter. In the Postal Convention between the United States United States of America and the Republic of Mexico , proclaimed on June 20, 1862, terms were specified relating to the rates for printed matter between the two countries. ref cite web title Postal Convention Between the United States of America and the Republic of Mexico December 11, 1861 work The Avalon Project publisher Yale Law School url http 19th century mx1861b.asp accessdate 2007 06 20 ref The rate was one cent for every ounce or fraction of an ounce. By country United States As of June 2007, the USPS has a printed matter classification known as Bound Printed Matter , BPM, defined as, advertising, promotional, directory, or editorial material that is securely bound and at least 90 is imprinted by a process other than handwriting or typewriting and is only ... Matter Limited to Permit Imprint work publisher USPS date 2008 09 11 url http Bound Printed Matter.txt accessdate 2008 11 27 ref For international shipment of printed matter, the USPS provides ... 2 Conditions for Mailing http text imm immc2 022.htm 260 Direct Sacks of Printed Matter ...   more details

  1. Matter (philosophy)

    about matter in philosophy Matter disambiguation Refimprove date March 2009 Wiktionary matter Matter is the substrate from which physical existence is derived, remaining more or less constant amid changes. anything that occupies space and has mass and weight. The word matter is derived from the Latin word m teria , meaning wood in the sense material , as distinct from mind or form . ref Oxford English Dictionary Matter ref Greek Prose date March 2009 Expand section date March 2009 In ancient Greek philosophy , arche is the beginning or the first principle of the world. Thales Miletus of Miletus claimed that the first principle of all things is water. His theory was supported by the observation of moisture throughout the world and coincided with his theory that the earth floated on water. Thales s theory was refuted by his pupil and successor, Anaximander . Anaximander noted that water ..., mystic, and scientist, taught that number, rather than matter, constitutes the true nature of things ... there is no need for or possibility of matter. Leucippus held that there exist indivisible ... Socrates ideal form into a theory which aimed to explain existence through the composition of matter and form. He conceived of matter as a passive possibility that something might be actualized by an active principle, a substantial form, giving it real existence. The theory of matter and form came to be known ... all existence without reference to anything incorporeal . Philo held that matter is the basis ... . Science From a philosophical viewpoint, the term matter still is used to distinguish the material aspects of the universe from those of the spirit. ref name Bergson cite book title Matter and Memory ..., complicate the picture through the identification of matter and energy , Elementary particle particle ... Laycock, H., Theories of matter essay PDF http shievak StuffBibliography.doc. A bibliography on Stuff and Things maintained by Shieva Kleinschmidt metaphysics DEFAULTSORT Matter ...   more details

  1. Mercedes Matter

    Infobox artist name Mercedes Matter Born New York, NY birth date 1913 birth place New York , New York death date 2001 death place Long Island , New York nationality American field Painting , Drawing training Arthur B. Carles father , Bennett College New York Bennett College , Maurice Sterne, Alexander Archipenko, Hans Hofmann movement Abstract Expressionism Mercedes Matter n e Carles 1913  &ndash December 2001 ref http 2001 12 16 nyregion mercedes matter and the east end s aura.html New York Times archive ref was an United States American Painting painter and drawing draughtswoman . Her father was the American Modernism American modernist painter Arthur Beecher Carles who had studied with Henri Matisse . Her mother, Mercedes de Cordoba, was a model for Edward Steichen . Matter ... York City with Maurice Sterne, Alexander Archipenko and Hans Hofmann . In the late 1930s, Matter ... Matter , the Swiss graphic designer and photographer whom she married in 1939. He also resided ... de Kooning . In 1943, the Matters moved to California . Matter was raising an infant son but the environment ..., Matter taught at the Philadelphia College of Art now University of the Arts Philadelphia University ... as some from Philadelphia, to ask Matter to form a school based on her ideas. The school was originally ... lived on Macdougal Alley for years, where Mr. Matter had a studio in one of the eight small ... . In later life, the Matters moved to Long Island. Matter suffered a serious illness in 1979 and thereafter ... husband s photographs of Giacometti, published in 1987, four years after his death. Matter died ... http mishkin matter index.html Mercedes Matter Retrospective Exhibition 2009 http hanshofmann mercedes matter 001.html PBS Hans Hofmann Legacy Mercedes Matter Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Matter, Mercedes ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION ... , New York DEFAULTSORT Matter, Mercedes Category 1913 births Category 2001 deaths Category American ...   more details

  1. Grave Matter

    Doctorwhobook title Grave Matter series Past Doctor Adventures number 31 featuring Sixth Doctor br Peri Brown Peri cover Grave Matter.jpg writer Justin Richards publisher BBC Books isbn ISBN 0 563 55598 X set between Right after Vengeance on Varos pages 246 date May 2000 preceding Verdigris Doctor Who Verdigris following Heart of TARDIS Grave Matter is a BBC Books original novel written by Justin Richards and based on the long running United Kingdom British science fiction on television science fiction television series Doctor Who . It features the Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown Peri . DWspinoff Synopsis The Doctor and Peri arrive on a fog shrouded island, not even aware of which century they have landed in. They soon discover that they are on a remote island of the coast of Britain where the local people have put aside modern inventions and lifestyle. However, when a dead body rises from its grave, and the local school children display uncanny adaptivity, the Doctor must discover the secrets of the scientific research carried out by the island s benefactor. External links Doctor Who RG id whobbk31 title Grave Matter http cloisterlibrary grave.htm The Cloister Library Grave Matter TardisLibrary id 268 Reviews OG review id bbcp 31 title Grave Matter DWRG id grave title Grave Matter Doctorwho stub BBC stub Category Past Doctor Adventures Category Sixth Doctor novels Category 2000 novels Category Novels by Justin Richards ...   more details

  1. No Matter Who

    Infobox single See Wikipedia WikiProject Songs. Name No Matter Who Cover No Matter Who.jpg Artist Phil Collins B side In the Air Tonight br Both Sides of the Story Album Dance into the Light Released 3 February 1997 Format Compact Disc single CD , Cassette single cassette Genre Pop music Pop Label Atlantic Records Atlantic , Virgin Records Virgin , Warner Music Group WEA Producer Phil Collins , Hugh Padgham Last single You Ought to Know... br 1997 This single No Matter Who br 1997 Next single Wear My Hat br 1997 No Matter Who is a song by Phil Collins released as the fourth single from his album Dance into the Light . The single received only a limited release across the world. The song only charted in Germany, where it reached 69. A music video was made for the song, showing a half sized Collins, his supporting band and the audience playing the song live on television. The other two tracks on the CD single are In the Air Tonight and Both Sides of the Story , both recorded for MTV Europe Unplugged. Track listing No Matter Who In the Air Tonight MTV Europe Unplugged Both Sides of the Story MTV Europe Unplugged Charts class wikitable align left Chart 1997 align center Peak br position align left German Singles Chart align center 69 Credits Phil Collins Drum kit drums , Singing vocals , slide and rhythm guitar s Nathan East Bass instrument bass Ronnie Caryl rhythm and lead guitar Solo music solo Notes Discogs release 786527 Phil Collins 1990s song stub Category 1997 singles Category Phil Collins songs ka No Matter Who ...   more details

  1. Mirror matter

    Distinguish antimatter In physics , mirror matter , also called shadow matter or Alice matter , is a hypothetical counterpart to ordinary matter. Modern physics deals with three basic types of spatial ... the mirror partners are lighter or heavier. Mirror matter, if it exists, would have to be very weakly interacting with ordinary matter. This is because the forces between mirror particles are mediated ... partners. The only way mirror matter can interact with ordinary matter via forces other ... be very weak. Mirror particles have therefore been suggested as candidates for the inferred dark matter ... . ref ref name hodg H. M. Hodges, Mirror baryons as the dark matter , Phys. Rev. D 47 , 456 459 1993 http abstract PRD v47 p456 article . ref In another context, mirror matter has been ... , Phys.Lett. B489 420 426,2000 ref Observational effects of mirror matter If mirror matter is present ... mirror matter is analogous to ordinary matter, it is then to be expected that a fraction of the mirror matter exists in the form of mirror galaxies, mirror stars, mirror planets etc. These objects ..., Mirror matter MACHOs. Phys. Lett. B, 462 , 302 309 1999 http abs 1999PhLB .... Lett. B 471 , 191 194 1999 http abs astro ph 9908276 preprint . ref What if mirror matter does exist but has almost zero abundance? Like magnetic monopole s, mirror matter could have been ... dark matter via the invisible decay of orthopositronium in vacuum , Int. J. Mod. Phys. A 19 , 3833 3848 2004 http abs hep ex 0311031 preprint . ref If mirror matter does exist in large abundances in the universe and if it interacts with ordinary matter via photon mirror photon mixing, then this could be detected in dark matter direct detection experiments such as DAMA NaI and its successor DAMA LIBRA . In fact, it is one of the few dark matter candidates which can explain the positive DAMA NaI dark matter signal whilst still being consistent with the null results of other dark ...   more details

  1. It's a Matter of Survival

    Infobox Book name It s a Matter of Survival title orig translator image image caption author Anita Gordon, David Suzuki illustrator cover artist country language series subject genre publisher Harvard University Press pub date 1991 english pub date media type pages isbn 0674469704 dewey 363.7 20 congress GF75 .G66 1991 oclc 22420142 preceded by followed by It s a Matter of Survival is a 1991 book by Anita Gordon and David Suzuki . Written for the general reader, the book looks ahead 50 years and explores the condition of human society and the environment biophysical environment . Suggestions are given about how to improve the future. The book originated as a radio series aired in 1989 by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation . ref http content n60xg17u67704676 Review in Biodiversity and Conservation ref ref http catalog GORITS.html It s a Matter of Survival ref See also List of books by David Suzuki References Reflist International dev stub Category Environmental books Category 1991 books Category Books by David Suzuki Category Harvard University Press books ...   more details

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