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Encyclopedia results for Grey matter

Grey matter

Encyclopedia results for Grey matter

  1. Grey matter

    other uses Infobox Anatomy Name Grey matter Latin substantia grisea GraySubject GrayPage Image spinal nerve.svg Caption The formation of the spinal nerve from the dorsal and ventral roots. Gray matter labeled at center right. Image2 Grey matter and white matter very high mag.jpg Caption2 Micrograph showing grey matter, with the characteristic neuron neuronal cell bodies right of image dark shade of pink , and white matter with its characteristic fine meshwork like appearance left of image lighter shade of pink . HPS stain . System MeshName MeshNumber Dorlands nine 100008780 DorlandsID Gray matter Code Terminologia Anatomica TA A14.1.00.002 Grey matter or gray matter is a major component of the central ... 7 ref The color difference arises mainly from the whiteness of myelin. In living tissue, grey matter actually has a grey brown color, which comes from capillary blood vessels and neuronal cell bodies. Function Grey matter is made up of neuronal cell bodies. The grey matter includes regions of the brain .... Distribution Grey matter is distributed at the surface of the cerebral hemisphere s cerebral ... nuclei and spinal cord spinal grey matter Anterior horn spinal cord anterior horn , lateral horn , posterior ... Significant positive correlations have been found between grey matter volume in elderly persons and measures of semantic and short term memory. No significant correlations with white matter volume were ... Some structural differences in grey matter may be associated with psychiatric disorders. There was no difference in whole brain grey matter volume between patients with bipolar I disorder and healthy ... Research Neuroimaging accessdate 2011 04 21 ref Effects of smoking Older smokers lose grey matter and cognitive ... Cerebral cortex DEFAULTSORT Grey Matter Category Neuroanatomy Category Central nervous system ... unmyelinated axons , glial cell s astroglia and oligodendrocytes and Capillary capillaries . Grey matter contains neural cell bodies, in contrast to white matter , which does not and mostly contains ...   more details

  1. Grey matter (disambiguation)

    wiktionary grey matter Grey matter is a major component of the central nervous system. Grey matter may also refer to Education GrayMatter , a nonprofit organization based in the United States aiding public school students Music Gray Matter band , a post hardcore band from Washington, D.C. Grey Matter song Grey Matter song , a 1982 New Wave song Grey Matter album Debut album from Canadian Folk Rock band Wool on Wolves Computing Gray Matter video game Gray Matter video game , a 2010 video game designed by Jane Jensen Gray Matter Interactive , a computer game developer Greymatter software , a popular early blogging software package Literature and entertainment Gray Matter Breaking Bad Gray Matter Breaking Bad , a 2008 television episode Gray Matter short story Gray Matter short story , a 1978 horror short story List of Ben 10 aliens Grey Matter Grey Matter , a fictional character in the cartoon series Ben 10 TV series Ben 10 Grey Matters Fringe Grey Matters Fringe , an episode of the television series Fringe See also Gray Matters disambiguation Dark matter disambig es Materia gris desambiguaci n ...   more details

  1. Grey Matter (album)

    Infobox album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Grey Matter Type Studio Artist Wool on Wolves Cover Wool on Wolves Grey Matter.jpg Released November 9, 2010 Genre Indie Rock br Folk Rock Label Self Released Producer Nik Kozub Last album Hate is Poor EP This album Grey Matter Next album Grey Matter is the debut full length album from Canadian indie rock band Wool on Wolves . It was self released on November 9, 2010 and produced by Nik Kozub of Shout Out Out Out Out . Track Listing Thick as Thieves Ain t Seen Mississippi G Arp Honeybee The Distance Between Us Ports of Glass Harbour Bird in the Bush Red Roses One Second Cocaine and Bellows Reap and Sow Reception Grey Matter was positively received, with Wool on Wolves drawing comparisons to The Band , Ryan Adams , and early Wilco ref http 2010 11 27 review wool on wolves grey matter ref ref http reviews 2011 jan 07 wool on wolves E2 80 94 grey matter ref . Grey Matter was nominated for a 2011 Western Canadian Music Award in the Best Rock category, and named the 7th best album of 2010 by Edmonton Journal writer Sandra Sperounes. References See http wiki Wikipedia Footnotes on how to create references using ref ref tags which will then appear here automatically Reflist Category 2010 albums ...   more details

  1. Grey Matter (film)

    Infobox film name Grey Matter image caption director producer Scarab Studio, POV Productions writer starring Ruth Shanel Nirere, Shami Bizimana, Herv Kimenyi, Jean Paul Uwayezu, Natasha Muziramakenga, Kennedy Mazimpaka distributor Scarab Studio Films released film date 2011 runtime 100 minutes country film Rwanda br film Australia language budget gross screenplay Kivu Ruhorahoza cinematography editing Antonio Rui Ribeiro music Grey Matter is a 2011 Rwandan film directed by Kivu Ruhorahoza. ref cite web url http festival features Kivu Ruhorahoza Grey Matter.html .T2sF dVKF00 title Kivu Ruhorahoza Grey Matter publisher accessdate 22 March 2012 ref ref cite web url http 2012 films graymatter kivuruhorahoza gasparilla2012 title Gray Matter publisher Gasparilla International Film Festival accessdate 22 March 2012 ref Synopsis The film tells three stories which are separate and at times connected. In the first one, the young filmmaker Balthazar is looking for money in Kigali to produce his debut film, Le cycle du cafard , but the government refuses to finance a film based on the aftermath of the Rwandan Genocide genocide in Rwanda . In the second, Balthazar s film takes shape and portrays a man, locked up in an asylum, who was an assassin during the war. In the third story, Yvan and Justine, brother and sister, are two young survivors who are trying to rebuild their lives. ref RefFCAAAL 838 22th ref Awards Tribeca Film Festival 2011 Warsaw Film Festival 2011 References references Category 2011 films Category Rwandan films Category Australian films Africa film stub ...   more details

  1. Matter

    about the concept in the physical sciences pp move indef Matter is anything that occupies space and has ... name mcgrawhill cite web title Matter physics url http abstract.aspx?id 410600 ... Science Encyclopedia of Science and Technology Online accessdate 2009 05 24 ref Typically, matter includes ... of matter in an object and volume is the amount of space occupied by an object, but this definition confuses mass and matter, which are not the same. ref name Mongillo cite book author J. Mongillo ... incompatible ways there is no single agreed scientific meaning of the word matter, even though the term mass is better defined. Contrary to the previous view that equates mass and matter, a major difficulty in defining matter consists in deciding what forms of energy all of which have mass are not matter. In general, massless particles such as photons and gluons are not considered forms of matter ... to them. For example, almost 99 of the mass of ordinary atomic matter consists of mass associated .... In this view, most of the mass of ordinary matter consists of mass which is not contributed by matter ... nature of matter. The idea that matter was built of discrete building blocks, the so called particulate theory of matter , was first put forward by the Greek philosophers Leucippus 490 BC and Democritus ... & Bartlett isbn 0815184506 ref Over time an increasingly fine structure for matter was discovered physical ... bVbEC&pg PA6 page 6 publisher Cambridge University Press isbn 0521578833 ref Matter is commonly said to exist in four state of matter states or phase matter phases solid , liquid , gas and Plasma physics ... on an elementary particle view of matter also leads to new phases of matter, such as the quark gluon ... accessdate 2009 09 15 ref In physics and chemistry , matter exhibits both wave like and Subatomic ... of the term matter are invoked to include Dark matter dark matter and Dark energy dark energy ... rotation curve . These exotic forms of matter do not refer to matter as building blocks , but rather ...   more details

  1. In the Matter of S---

    Indigenous Peoples of Canada In the Matter of S , 1 I. & N. Dec. 309 1942 , is a United States Department of Justice , Board of Immigration Appeals BIA decision holding that a white woman born in Canada married to a Canadian Indian and deemed a member of an Indian tribe under the Indian Act Canadian Indian Act is an American Indian within the meaning of the Section 289 of the of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act INA , and as such is entitled to pass the borders of the United States without regard to the INA. Facts and procedural posture Three plaintiffs appeared before a board of special inquiry held in Montreal, Canada, for admission for indefinite residence to the United States, and two other plaintiffs applied at the port of Oroville, Wash., and another two in Van Buren, Me., for admission for indefinite residence. All claimed the right of entry to the United States without documents as an Indian, and each one of them was of white blood but made claim to Indian status under the provisions of the Canadian Indian Act and therefore the right to pass under the Act. The respective boards of special inquiry denied their claims to Indian status and excluded them on the grounds above stated by reason of their lack of passports and visas. Holding The BIA overturned the lower tribunals. The Board noted that the Jay Treaty and the Treaty of Ghent put emphasis upon the terms tribes or nations of Indians . Thus from the historical point of view it is tribal affiliation that determines Indian status, although the statute explicitly rejected affiliation by adoption. The court reasoned that the adoption exception was subject to application of the maxim expressio unius est exclusio alterius or in this instance, exclusio unius est expressio alterius . The adoption exception is thus read to mean that a tribal status may be acquired by marriage, which is harmonious with the historical emphasis upon tribal affiliation. Foreign Legislation as a tool ...   more details

  1. Grey

    pp move indef small yes Other uses infobox color textcolor white title Grey spelling color pic Image Color icon gray v2.svg symbolism Depression mood depression , boredom, neutrality, fog, wikt grey area ... 5uykwMclM date 2010 12 14 ref Grey or gray is an achromatic or neutral color. Complementary ... or grayscale greyscale . The first recorded use of grey as a color name in the English language was in AD 700. ref Maerz and Paul A Dictionary of Color New York 1930 McGraw Hill Page 196 ref Grey is the British ... American spelling, although grey is an accepted variant. ref cite web title Gray Definition and More ... Merriam Webster accessdate 6 April 2012 ref ref cite web title Grey Definition and More url http www.merriam dictionary grey work Merriam Webster Online Dictionary publisher Merriam Webster accessdate 6 April 2012 ref In color theory Most grey pigment s have a cool or warm cast to them ... 2007 which grey pigments ? Yellow , Orange colour orange , and red create a warm grey . Green , blue , and Violet colour violet create a cool grey . ref http gcg sv.743colpal.html ... at all, it is referred to as neutral grey , achromatic grey or simply grey . style border ... align center colspan 2 File grays.svg 310px align center Warm grey Cool grey align center Mixed with 6 yellow . Mixed with 6 blue . Two colors are called complementary color s if grey is produced when they are combined additive color additively . Grey is its own complement. Web colors There are several tones of grey available for use with HTML and Cascading Style Sheets CSS in word form, while ... grey and will render it as green. Another anomaly is that gray is in fact much darker than the X11 color marked darkgray this is because of a conflict with the original HTML grey and the X11 grey ... 256, including black and white number of Saturation colour theory unsaturated tones of grey, there are actually two grey tones straddling the midpoint in the 8 bit grayscale greyscale . The color ...   more details

  1. The Grey

    film name The Grey image The Grey Poster.jpg caption Promotional poster director Joe Carnahan producer ... Film US language English budget 25 million ref name thenumbers cite web title The Grey url http www.the movie Grey The publisher The Numbers accessdate 30 January 2012 ref gross 75,149,178 ref name mojo cite web title The Grey url http movies ?id grey.htm publisher Box Office Mojo accessdate 29 February 2012 ref The Grey is a 2012 American thriller film directed ... using little more than their wits, as a pack of gray wolf grey wolves stalks them. Plot John Ottway ... Bray as Hernandez Anne Openshaw as Ottway s Wife Production The Grey reunited director Joe Carnahan ... replaces much younger Bradley Cooper in survival thriller The Grey url http 2010 09 03 liam neeson replaces much younger bradley cooper in survival thriller the grey work Entertainment ... title No Grey areas for Carnahan last Sneider first Jeff work Variety date 2012 01 14 accessdate ... ref Release The world premiere of The Grey took place on January 11, 2012, at the Regal Entertainment ... pictures twO3SeoydqZ Stars LA Premiere Grey title Stars at the LA Premiere of The Grey date January ... 27, 2012. ref http liam neeson the grey release date sandy 127548 The Grey Gets ... for The Grey , in part, targeted Christian groups by issuing a film companion , which highlighted the spiritual value of the film. ref name variety grey cite news last Stewart first Andrew title The Grey looks to lead box office pack url http article VR1118049336 work Variety accessdate ... to highlight the hazardous filming conditions. ref name variety grey ref Open Road Films incorporated comments Twitter tweeted by movie critics to promote the film in the third trailer for The Grey . This was the first ... 2012 ref Music Infobox album Name The Grey Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Type film Artist Marc ... for The Grey was released on CD February 14, 2012. A digital version available for download was released ...   more details

  1. White matter

    Infobox Anatomy Name White matter Latin substantia alba GraySubject GrayPage Image Grey matter and white matter very high mag.jpg Caption Micrograph showing white matter with its characteristic fine meshwork like appearance left of image lighter shade of pink and grey matter , with the characteristic ... grey matter the darker outer parts , and white matter the inner and prominently whiter parts . System MeshName MeshNumber Dorlands nine 100008782 DorlandsID White matter Code Terminologia Anatomica TA A14.1.00.009 White matter is one of the two components of the central nervous system and consists mostly ... component of the brain is grey matter actually pinkish tan due to blood capillaries , which is composed ... matter can sometimes appear darker than grey matter on a Optical microscope microscope Microscope slide slide because of the type of Staining stain used. White matter, long thought to be passive tissue, actively affects how the brain learns and dysfunctions. Whilst grey matter is primarily associated with processing and cognition, white matter modulates the distribution of action potentials, acting ... and spinal white matter do not contain dendrite s, which can only be found in grey matter along with Soma biology neural cell bodies , and shorter axons. Citation needed date May 2008 White matter ..., deep cerebellar white matter called the arbor vitae anatomy arbor vitae and aggregates of grey matter ... and between the cerebrum and lower brain centers. White matter tissue of the freshly cut brain ... Fields first Douglas title White Matter journal Scientific American year 2008 month March volume 298 issue 3 pages 54 61 ref Structure Large scale White matter is composed of bundles of myelin ated neuron nerve cell processes or axon s Not all of the axons are myelinated , which connect various grey matter areas the locations of nerve cell bodies of the brain to each other, and carry nerve impulse ... matter Quantitative aspects of cortico cortical long range connectivity . Cortical Areas Unity and Diversity ...   more details

  1. Matter (disambiguation)

    Wiktionary matter Matter is the substance of which objects are made. Matter may also refer to Matter philosophy Matter novel Matter novel , by Iain M Banks matter venue , in the O sub 2 sub London Matter Valley , a Swiss valley containing Zermatt Medieval myths and story cycles Matter of Britain Matter of France Matter of Rome disambig az Materiya d qiql dirm de Matter ...   more details

  1. A Matter of Time

    A Matter of Time or Matter of Time may refer to Music Matter of Time album Matter of Time album , a 2002 album by Axium, or the title song A Matter of Time Hilltop Hoods album A Matter of Time Hilltop Hoods album , a 1999 album by Hilltop Hoods A Matter of Time Jason Sellers album A Matter of Time Jason Sellers album , a 1999 album by Jason Sellers, or its title track A Matter of Time song A Matter of Time song , a 2003 song by Bec Cartwright A Matter of Time Mike Posner mixtape A Matter of Time Mike Posner mixtape , 2009 Other fields A Matter of Time film A Matter of Time film , a 1976 film starring Ingrid Bergman and Liza Minnelli A Matter of Time Stargate SG 1 A Matter of Time Stargate SG 1 , an episode of the second season of Stargate SG 1 A Matter of Time Star Trek The Next Generation A Matter of Time Star Trek The Next Generation , a 1991 episode of the fifth season of Star Trek The Next Generation See also It s Just a Matter of Time disambiguation Just a Matter of Time disambiguation disambiguation ...   more details

  1. It Doesn't Matter

    It Doesn& 39 t Matter may refer to It Doesn t Matter album It Doesn t Matter album , a 2000 album by The Underdog Project It Doesn t Matter Wyclef Jean song It Doesn t Matter Wyclef Jean song It Doesn t Matter September song It Doesn t Matter September song It Doesn t Matter , a song by Ratt from Dancing Undercover It Doesn t Matter , a 1984 song by Depeche Mode from Some Great Reward It Doesn t Matter Two , a 1986 song by Depeche Mode from Black Celebration It Doesn t Matter , a song by Alison Krauss from So Long So Wrong It Doesn t Matter , a song by the Chemical Brothers from Dig Your Own Hole See also It Don t Matter disambiguation It Doesn t Matter Anymore , a song by Paul Anka It Doesn t Matter Anymore album It Doesn t Matter Anymore album , an album by The Supernaturals Doesn t Matter Anyway EP Doesn t Matter Anyway EP , an EP by Savatage Doesn t Really Matter , a song by Janet Jackson It Doesn t Really Matter , a song by Platinum Blonde from Standing in the Dark disambiguation ...   more details

  1. Dark?Matter

    163 as Dark Matter Shades of Grey . In September 2006, Dark Matter was officially made into a d20 Modern campaign setting with the publication of d20 Dark Matter . References references External ...About the roleplaying campaign setting the concept in physics Dark matter Infobox game title Dark Matter image Image Dark Matter Cover.jpg 200px caption Dark Matter cover designer Wolfgang Baur , Monte Cook publisher TSR, Inc. Wizards of the Coast date 1999 genre Science fiction , near future conspiracy system Custom Alternity footnotes Dark Matter is a science fiction conspiracy theory campaign setting that was originally published in 1999 in games 1999 by Wizards of the Coast as the second campaign setting for the Alternity role playing game . ref name history cite web url http dnd DnDArchives History.asp title The History of TSR publisher Wizards of the Coast accessdate 2005 08 20 archiveurl http query?url http 3A 2F 2Fdnd 2FDnDArchives History.asp&date 2008 10 04 archivedate 2008 10 04 ref It was written by Wolfgang Baur and Monte Cook . It was later converted to d20 Modern rules and published as a stand alone book in 2006 in games ... theories in preparation for writing the Dark Matter game. ref name Dragon 265 cite journal ... hide this truth from the average person. ref cite web title Alternity Dark Matter Campaign Setting url ... was not unique to Dark Matter , having first been used as the basis for a role playing game in Bureau ... into chapters covering the background of the Dark Matter setting to include an introduction to the Hoffmann ... magazine Dragon magazine. The Dark Matter Arms and Equipment Guide provided a more detailed list of equipment ... period of time as a pdf file d20 Modern system Some of the Dark Matter material has since been incorporated into the d20 Modern role playing game and its d20 Menace Manual supplement. Dark Matter was first ... es Dark Matter ...   more details

  1. Book:Matter

    saved book title Matter subtitle cover image Phase change en.svg cover color Matter Main article Matter Phases of ordinary matter Phase matter Phase Phase diagram State of matter Solid Liquid Gas Plasma physics Plasma Astrophysical plasma Bose Einstein condensate Fermionic condensate Superconductivity BCS theory Neutron star Pulsar Magnetar Quark gluon plasma QCD matter Gluon Hadron Structure of ordinary matter Quark Baryon Degenerate matter Lepton Other types of matter Antimatter Dark matter Lambda CDM model Weakly interacting massive particles WIMPs Galaxy formation and evolution Dark matter halo Dark energy Exotic matter Category Wikipedia books on physics Matter ...   more details

  1. No Matter What

    No Matter What may refer to No Matter What , song by Aretha Franklin feat. Mary J. Blige , from the album So Damn Happy Aretha Franklin album So Damn Happy No Matter What Badfinger song No Matter What Badfinger song , a song by Badfinger No Matter What Boyzone song No Matter What Boyzone song , from the musical Whistle Down the Wind by Andrew Lloyd Webber, famously covered by Boyzone No Matter What George Lamond song No Matter What George Lamond song , a song by George Lamond No Matter What , a song by Heavy D . No Matter What , a song by Kerrie Roberts No Matter What , a song by Mistabishi . No Matter What T.I. song No Matter What T.I. song , a song by T.I. disambig ...   more details

  1. Subject matter

    Subject matter , in general, is anything which can be content for some theory . Subject matter may refer to Patentable subject matter or statutory subject matter , defining whether patent protection is available subject matter jurisdiction , determining the kinds of claims or disputes over which a court has jurisdiction Subject matter expert , an expert in a particular area Subject matter expert Turing test , a variation of the Turing test where a computer system attempts to replicate an expert in a given field disambig ...   more details

  1. It Don't Matter

    It Don& 39 t Matter may refer to It Don t Matter , a song by Def Leppard from their 1980 album On Through the Night It Don t Matter , a song by Donavon Frankenreiter from his 2004 album Donavon Frankenreiter album Donavon Frankenreiter It Don t Matter , a song by Gang of Four from their 1983 album Hard Gang of Four album Hard It Don t Matter , a song by Loverboy from their 1980 album Loverboy Loverboy album Loverboy It Don t Matter , a song by Rehab from their 2000 album Southern Discomfort Rehab album Southern Discomfort See also It Doesn t Matter disambiguation Don t Matter , a song by Akon disambiguation ...   more details

  1. Mind and matter

    Mind and matter may refer to What Is Life? Mind and Matter , a 1958 book by physicist Erwin Schr dinger Mind body dichotomy disambig ...   more details

  1. No Laughing Matter

    No Laughing Matter may refer to No Laughing Matter 1967 novel , a novel by Angus Wilson No Laughing Matter book No Laughing Matter 1986 book , an autobiographical work by Joseph Heller about his Guillain Barre Syndrome No Laughing Matter , an episode of the M A S H tv series No Laughing Matter film , a 1998 film about alcoholism, starring Suzanne Somers No Laughing Matter Garfield and Friends , an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends No Laughing Matter band , an early Christian Gothic rock band from the USA. disambig ...   more details

  1. Sibylle Matter

    Sibylle Matter born 2 September 1973 is an athlete from Switzerland and physician . She competes in triathlon . Matter competed at the first Olympic triathlon at the 2000 Summer Olympics . She took thirty sixth place with a total time of 2 13 25.38. External links http kader athleten2003 matter.htm Trisuisse profile Sibylle Matter Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Matter, Sibylle ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 2 September 1973 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Matter, Sibylle Category 1973 births Category Living people Category Triathletes at the 2000 Summer Olympics Category Olympic triathletes of Switzerland Category Swiss triathletes Category Female triathletes Switzerland sport bio stub triathlonbio stub de Sibylle Matter nl Sibylle Matter ...   more details

  1. Changes in matter

    Changes in matter may refer to Chemical change Chemical changes in matter Physical change Physical changes in matter disambiguation Short pages monitor This long comment was added to the page to prevent it being listed on Special Shortpages. It and the accompanying monitoring template were generated via Template Longcomment. Please do not remove the monitor template without removing the comment as well. ...   more details

  1. Mani Matter

    Mani Matter August 4, 1936, Herzogenbuchsee , Canton of Bern &ndash November 24, 1972, officially Hans Peter Matter was a popular Switzerland Swiss singer songwriter . He grew up in Bern , and performed his own chansons in contemporary Bernese German at local venues and on the radio he accompanied himself on the guitar. Mani Matter was an active Boy Scout in the Pfadicorps Patria in Bern and he performed his first own songs during Boy Scout evenings. Mani Matter also performed together with the Berner Troubadours Bernese troubadour s . He was killed in a car accident on his way to a concert and is buried in the Bremgartenfriedhof in Bern. His Bernese German songs remain very popular in the German speaking part of Switzerland, and Matter is a great influence on the dialect music scene in Bern, and his songs are frequently cover version covered . A collection of cover versions was published in 1992 on the album Matter Rock . Mani Matter s chanson s are often taught at school including classes for adults wanting to learn Bernese German and are famous for their soft irony. Discography 1966 I han en Uhr erfunde EP 1967 Alls wo mir id Finger chunnt EP 1970 Hemmige EP 1972 Betrachtige ber nes S ndwitsch EP 1973 Ir Ysebahn LP 1973 I han es Z ndh lzli az ndt double LP External links http Official website of his family http manimatter.php?lang e Mani Matter information about the film Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Matter, Mani ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH August 4, 1936 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH November 24, 1972 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Matter, Mani Category 1936 births Category 1972 deaths Category People from Oberaargau District Category Swiss singer songwriters Category Road accident deaths in Switzerland Category Scouting and Guiding in Switzerland als Mani Matter de Mani Matter fr Mani Matter it Mani Matter nl Mani Matter rm Mani Matter ru , fi Mani Matter ...   more details

  1. Matter of Honour

    A Matter of Hono u r or Matters of Hono u r may refer to any of the following A Matter of Honor 1989 , an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation A Matter of Honor 1976 , an episode of Columbo TV series Columbo A Matter of Honour 1986 , a novel by Jeffrey Archer Matters of Honor Babylon 5 Matters of Honor Babylon 5 1995 , an episode of Babylon 5 Matters of Honor novel Matters of Honor novel 2007 , a novel by Louis Begley disambig ...   more details

  1. Active matter

    multiple issues notability February 2010 unreferenced February 2010 Active matter is a new field in soft matter physics . It studies the properties of assemblages of self propelled particles , which is to say objects which can convert energy to movement. Active matter can include objects such as schools of fish and flocks of birds as well as cytoskeleton cytoskeletal filament s like microtubule s and actin , which move under the influence of molecular motor s. Category Soft matter physics stub ...   more details

  1. Strange matter

    pp move indef about physics the book series Strange Matter Strange matter is a particular form of quark matter , usually thought of as a liquid of up quark up , down quark down , and strange quark strange quark s. It is to be contrasted with nuclear matter , which is a liquid of neutron s and proton s which themselves are built out of up and down quarks , and with non strange quark matter, which is a quark liquid containing only up and down quarks. At high enough density, strange matter is expected to be Color superconductivity color superconducting . Strange matter is hypothesized to occur in the core ... femtometer s strangelet s to kilometers quark star s . Two meanings of the term strange matter In particle ... ref name Madsen 1998 J. Madsen, Physics and astrophysics of strange quark matter http ... F. Weber, Strange quark matter and compact stars , http abs astro ph 0407155 arXiv astro ph 0407155 , Prog.Part.Nucl.Phys.54 193 288,2005. ref The broader meaning is just quark matter ... pressure and an associated critical density, and when nuclear matter made of protons and neutrons ... matter probably strange matter . The narrower meaning is quark matter that is em more stable than nuclear matter em . The idea that this could happen is the strange matter hypothesis of Bodmer ref name ... pressure is zero the true ground state of matter is em always em quark matter. The nuclei that we see in the matter around us, which are droplets of nuclear matter, are actually metastable , and given enough time or the right external stimulus would decay into droplets of strange matter, i.e. strangelet s. Strange matter that is only stable at high pressure Under the broader definition, strange matter might occur inside neutron star s, if the pressure at their core is high enough i.e. above ... matter would probably be strange matter. It could conceivably be non strange quark matter, if the effective ... occur at much higher densities. A neutron star with a quark matter core is often ref name Madsen 1998 ...   more details

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