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Encyclopedia results for Greenock


Encyclopedia results for Greenock

  1. Greenock

    other uses2 Greenock infobox UK place country Scotland official name Greenock gaelic name Grianaig scots name Greenock population 45,467 population ref United Kingdom Census 2001 2001 Census os grid reference ... Inverclyde constituency scottish parliament Greenock and Inverclyde Scottish Parliament constituency Greenock and Inverclyde post town GREENOCK postcode district PA15, PA16 postcode area PA dial code ... Greenock and the River Clyde, with the Golden Princess at Greenock Ocean Terminal small Greenock ... to the west and Port Glasgow to the east. Greenock s population was recorded as being 45,467 ... on the local Co op UK Co operative Society emblem. The myth that Greenock derives from Green Oak ... above the motto God Speed Greenock . Early history File Cormalees 31806.jpg thumb left 180px The Cut visitor centre. File Greenock Cut 011006 nr Overton.jpg thumb left 180px The Cut aqueduct . The area on which Greenock was founded included two estates Easter Greenock Castle Cartsburn and Easter Greenock and Wester Greenock. Barony of Cartsburn Cartsburn and Easter Greenock had existed as a single ... prior to 1592. By 1670 a Crown Charter united the estates as the Burgh and Barony of Greenock ... of Barony of Crawfurdsdyke or Cartsdyke. Greenock was quickly established as a port, and was the location ... the Act of Union 1707 , Greenock s facilities made it the main port on the West Coast and it prospered ... as a reservoir with The Cut aqueduct , bringing water to power industry. Greenock Central railway ... Line the Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway west to Gourock this line was built to run inland through deep cuttings and tunnels to avoid disturbance to the villas of Greenock s west end. The Gourock line opened in 1889. Custom House The Greenock Custom House building was designed by William ... and now lies empty. Victoria Tower File Greenock muni blgs2.jpg thumb 220px right The Municipal Buildings with the Victoria Tower and Cowan s Corner , and the Mid Kirk spire of 1781 to the left. Greenock ...   more details

  1. Greenock by-election

    Greenock by election may refer to one of six by elections for the British House of Commons constituency of Greenock, in Renfrewshire, Scotland Greenock by election, 1845 Greenock by election, 1878 Greenock by election, 1884 Greenock by election, 1936 Greenock by election, 1941 Greenock by election, 1955 See also Greenock UK Parliament constituency disambig ...   more details

  1. Greenock and Inverclyde

    Greenock and Inverclyde may mean or refer to Greenock and Inverclyde UK Parliament constituency Greenock and Inverclyde Scottish Parliament constituency disambig ...   more details

  1. Greenock (disambiguation)

    Greenock is a town in Inverclyde, Scotland, United Kingdom. Greenock can also refer to In Scotland Greenock Blitz , the attack on the town of Greenock, Scotland by the Luftwaffe in May 1941 Greenock Dockyard Company , a shipbuilding firm Easter Greenock Castle , a demolished castle Greenock Morton FC , a Scottish football team Greenock Telegraph , a local newspaper serving Inverclyde Greenock UK Parliament constituency , a former constituency of the British House of Commons Greenock and Port Glasgow UK Parliament constituency , a former constituency of the British House of Commons Greenock and Inverclyde Scottish Parliament constituency , a former constituency of the Scottish Parliament Greenock HM Prison , a facility in the Scottish Prisons Service Greenock Water , a river in East Ayrshire Other places Australia Greenock, South Australia , a town in the Barossa Valley Canada Greenock Township, Ontario , a historic township in Brockton, Ontario Other uses Lord Greenock, a courtesy title held by Earl Cathcart Greenockite , a cadmium mineral disambig geo DEFAULTSORT Greenock Category Scottish toponyms Category English toponyms bg ...   more details

  1. Overton, Greenock

    unreferenced date June 2011 Image Greenock Cut 011006 at Overton.jpg thumb right 250px Shaws Water Works compensation reservoir and water engineer s house overlooking the houses of Overton. Overton is an area in the suburbs of Greenock , Inverclyde . Overton offers excellent views across the River Clyde and suburban Greenock . The area is the closest in Greenock to Loch Thom The Cut which was completed in 1827, bringing a water supply convert 9 km mi abbr on from Loch Thom to Overton, where the Shaws Water Works provided power to mills down the hill slope from Overton as well as the water supply for the town of Greenock. The nearly horizontal pathway beside the cut soon became a popular walk, offering views over the town and beautiful scenery. An alternative track goes over the hill from Overton to Loch Thom and is more challenging. coord 55.93701 N 4.77879 W type landmark region GB display title Category Neighbourhoods of Inverclyde Inverclyde geo stub ...   more details

  1. Greenock West

    Unreferenced auto yes date December 2009 Infobox UK place country Scotland official name Greenock West gaelic name scots name population os grid reference NS271769 longitude 4.77087 latitude 55.95392 unitary scotland Inverclyde lieutenancy scotland Renfrewshire historic Renfrewshire constituency westminster constituency scottish parliament post town postcode district PA16 postcode area dial code 01475 static image static image caption Greenock West , also known simply as the West End , is an area of Greenock , Inverclyde , Scotland . The streets are in a grid like layout referred to as blocks as opposed to the irregular street patterns elsewhere in the town. Union Street is the longest before it cuts off into Newark Street. Greenock Academy is located at the far end of Brisbane Street on Madeira Street in the west end, and numerous churches exist within the west end, such as Ardgowan, St Luke s, Old West Kirk, St John the Evangelist s Church, Greenock St  John s , St George s North, Finnart St Paul s as well as many smaller independent churches. Also located on Finnart Street is the James Watt College . Greenock West railway station lies at the border between the west end and the town centre. Fort Matilda railway station is located at the other edge of the West End, at the foot of the Lyle Hill, Greenock Lyle Hill , near where Gourock begins. In the middle is the famous Tontine Hotel at one end of the green Ardgowan Square with the Ardgowan Bowling Club and two tennis courts and the Evangelical church at the other end. The West End is also host to Glenpark home of the 2002 SNCL champions, Greenock Cricket Club . The ground has been credited as one of the most pleasant ... operates Junior and Lower league teams under the Greenock or Glenpark XI name, and has full clubhouse facilities. As well as the current railway line, a Greenock and Ayrshire Railway former rail link ... and container ship s are re supplied. Category Greenock Inverclyde geo stub ...   more details

  1. Greenock Telegraph

    Use British English date August 2011 Use dmy dates date August 2011 Infobox Newspaper name Greenock Telegraph image Image Greenocktelegraphfront.jpg 120px Greenock Telegraph Front Page type Daily newspaper format Tabloid newspaper format Tabloid foundation 1857 price 0.35 owners Clyde & Forth Press headquarters 2 Crawfurd Street, Greenock PA15 1LH managing editor Tom McConigley circulation 14,342 January June 2011 ref name circ cite news url http 2011 news norwich daily tops regional circulation league title ABC figures How the regional dailies performed work HoldTheFrontPage location UK accessdate 25 September 2011 date 31 August 2011 ref website http http The Greenock Telegraph is a local daily newspaper serving Inverclyde the council area containing the towns of Gourock , Greenock and Port Glasgow , Scotland. Founded in 1857, it was the first halfpenny British pre decimal coin halfpenny daily newspaper in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Britain . It was for a time Greenock Telegraph and Clyde Shipping Gazette , owing to the massive amount of maritime traffic moving in and out of Greenock s harbours. This information is still published, but only as a column entry. Originally based in Charles Street, Greenock, the printing works were bombed during the Greenock Blitz in May 1941. However the printers worked on to produce emergency editions, despite sustaining multiple cuts from the shattered glass lodged in the printing press presses . It is known locally as The Tele although this is pronounced Tilly . Several features such as Viator Latin for traveller have formed part of the Telegraph for decades. Although it concerns itself primarily with news from Inverclyde, West Renfrewshire and North Ayrshire it occasionally runs national stories on its front and inner pages. The paper has been printed at its current location in Crawfurd Street in Greenock since the 1960s. Long published ...   more details

  1. Larkfield, Greenock

    Larkfield is the largest council housing estate in Greenock , Scotland . It is named after Larkfield Farm but Larkfield Road is mostly in Gourock rather than Larkfield itself. The main road through the estate is Burns Road all of Larkfield lower than Burns Road is known as the bottom end with everything above it the top end . Larkfield Primary and Sacred Heart Primary Schools are both situated in Larkfield as was Springfield until recently. St Andrew s Church is on Auchmead Road, as is Ravenscraig, Inverclyde s athletics stadium, home to Greenock Juniors association football Football Club. It is also home to an amateur football club which was formed in 2005 06 coord 55 56 36 N 4 49 23 W type city 2000 region GB display title Category Visitor attractions in Inverclyde Category Neighbourhoods of Inverclyde Inverclyde geo stub ...   more details

  1. Greenock Blitz

    The Greenock Blitz is the name given to two nights of intensive bombing of the town of Greenock , Scotland during the Second World War when the Nazi German Luftwaffe attacked in May 1941. The raids Strategic bombing during World War II targeted the many ships and shipyard s around the town but like the Clydebank Blitz the previous March the brunt of the bombing was taken by civilians. Over the two nights 280 people were killed and over 1,200 injured. From a total of 18,000 homes nearly 10,000 suffered damage and 1,000 were destroyed outright. An Air Ministry decoy behind Loch Thom prevented the number of casualties being even higher. The decoy was lit on the second night of the blitz. It consisted of a large number of mounds of combustible materials scattered over a wide area of the moorland to simulate a burning urban area. Scores of large bomb craters were found after an inspection of the decoy after the air raids. ref Greenock James L. Dow Greenock Corporation, 1975 ref The Blitz began around midnight on 6 May when around fifty bomber s attacked the town in an apparently random fashion. Bombs fell all over the town and surrounding area serious damage being inflicted on East Crawford Street and Belville Street. Many civilians fled to the tunnels in the east end of the town, significantly reducing casualties the next night. Air raid sirens at 12 15am on 7 May marked the beginning of a second night of bombing. Initially, incendiary bomb s were dropped around the perimeter of the town. The second wave attacked primarily the east end and centre of Greenock the distillation distillery in Ingleston Street had been set alight in the first wave, providing a Firestorm huge fire which ... ZONE ref References Greenock Revisited, is an ebook about these raids written by author Stewart Gemmill. It can be downloaded at http Greenock Revisited references WWII city bombing Category World War II Western European Theatre Category Airstrikes Category Greenock ...   more details

  1. Greenock Academy

    Use dmy dates date December 2011 Use British English date December 2011 Infobox UK school name The Greenock ... Madeira Street city Greenock West county Renfrewshire country Scotland flagicon Scotland postcode PA16 ... 3 free 3 website http website name Greenock Academy The Greenock ... end of Greenock , Scotland . The Greenock Academy and Gourock High School merged into a new school ... , Russell Steele, Greenock Telegraph , 4 March 2008 ref is known as Clydeview Academy and opened ... 2012 ref On Friday 24 June 2011, Greenock Academy closed its doors for the last time to pupils after ... secondary school, the Greenock Academy is used as the location for the filming of TV Drama ... 2012 03 15 ref History The Greenock Academy was opened as a fee paying secondary and primary establishment in September 1855 in Nelson Street , Greenock. The school lay at this central Greenock location ... in Madeira Street of Greenock s west end, in the site of the old Balclutha mansion. The Nelson ... open through into the new millennium as Greenock Academy clocked up its 150th year in 2005. Three ... as an outstanding academic institution and a noble face of the community. Greenock Academy ... taught from 1967 73 Daniel Turner Holmes James Brunton Stephens , poet Rectors of The Greenock ... 1855 1860 5 First rector of Greenock Academy. Resigned from office in 1860. Dr Archibald Montgomerie ... of formal Games at The Greenock Academy. Mr William Baird Taylor 1930 1941 11 Previously the principal ... 1990 2000 10 Final male rector of Greenock Academy. Retired from the post in March 2000. Mrs Moira A. McColl 2000 2011 11 Final rector of Greenock Academy and the first and only female rector in the school s history. In office at the close of the school in June 2011. Notable Greenock Academy Alumni See also Category People educated at Greenock Academy Helen Doherty, TV producer ref http ... Company and a leader of many projects at CERN , Switzerland . The Greenock Academy was also the school ...   more details

  1. Braeside, Greenock

    Braeside is a neighbourhood situated on the far west side of Greenock , in Inverclyde , Scotland . It has two primary schools in its vicinity, Ravenscraig and St. Gabriels, a high school Inverclyde Academy as well as a special school for handicapped children, Glenburn. Like many of Greenock s estates it is named after the farm which once stood on its site. Citation needed date August 2009 During drainage work in 1955 a cow horn was found, about 4  feet 1.2  m below ground level. It contained around sixty Scottish coins dating from 1543 to around 1570, implying that the hoard was buried in the mid 1570s. The earlier coins date from the reign of Mary, Queen of Scots , and Shilling British coin testoons and other coins are from the reign of James I of England James VI of Scotland . The horn disintegrated, and while some of the coins were given to children and have not been traced, 20 coins were placed in the collection of the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh , and 30 went to the McLean Museum in Greenock. ref cite web url http Gallery.aspx?id 989&catid 1047 title Gallery Greenock Coin Hoard publisher Inverclyde Council accessdate 2009 08 07 ref References reflist External links cite web url http title Larkfield, Braeside & Branchton Community Council Home accessdate 2009 08 07 coord 55 56 17 N 4 49 11 W region GB type landmark display title Category Neighbourhoods of Inverclyde Inverclyde geo stub ...   more details

  1. Greenock Water

    Greenock Water is a river in East Ayrshire , Scotland . It flows out of the Dippal Burn, about 2 miles south of Dungavel Hill. A tributary of the River Ayr , it joins it about 4 miles west of the small town of Muirkirk . coord 55 31 N 4 10 W display title region GB type river source GNS enwiki Category East Ayrshire Category Rivers of Scotland Scotland geo stub ...   more details

  1. Jimmy Greenock

    Infobox football biography name Jimmy Greenock image caption fullname James Sneddon Greenock birth date birth date 1930 4 5 df y birth place Motherwell , Scotland death date April 2005 aged 75 death place Balfron , Scotland height position Left half youthyears1 youthclubs1 years1 19xx 1951 clubs1 Wishaw F.C. Wishaw Juniors caps1 goals1 years2 1951 1959 clubs2 Queen of the South F.C. Queen of the South caps2 188 goals2 13 years3 1959 19xx clubs3 Elizabeth Falcons Falcons S.C. caps3 goals3 totalcaps totalgoals James Jimmy Greenock born 5 April 1930  April 2005 was a Scotland Scottish professional association football footballer who played as a midfielder . Career Greenock was born in Motherwell and was originally a Motherwell F.C. Motherwell FC supporter. ref name Jimmy Archive He was keen to play for them, however despite two trials and scoring for them he failed to earn a contract as he wasn t home when they tried to contact him. ref name Jimmy Archive cite web title April 2005 Archive url http apr5.htm work publisher Queen of the South F.C. accessdate 13 September 2011 ref During his career he played predominantly as wing half left half ref name Jimmy Database which would be a modern day central midfielder. He started his playing career at Wishaw F.C. Wishaw Juniors ref cite web url http page25.htm title Wishaw Juniors Notable Players publisher Wishaw Juniors accessdate 13 September 2011 ref before joining Queen of the South F.C. Queen of the South in July 1951. ref name Jimmy Database cite web title QUEEN OF THE SOUTH 1946 47 2010 11 url http queenofthesouth queenofthesouth.htm work Neil Brown publisher Post War English & Scottish Football League A Z Player s Database accessdate ... Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Greenock, Jimmy ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Footballer ... OF DEATH Balfron , Scotland DEFAULTSORT Greenock, Jimmy Category 1930 births Category 2005 deaths ...   more details

  1. Greenock Dockyard Company

    The Greenock Dockyard Company was a Scottish shipbuilder shipbuilding and ship repair firm located at Greenock , on the River Clyde . History The company was established by J E Scott of Greenock, with the yard at Cartsdyke being taken over in 1879 by Russell and Company, of Greenock, which later became Lithgows . The dockyard had been well established when it merged with the Grangemouth Dockyard Company Grangemouth Dockyard Co Ltd to become the Grangemouth and Greenock Dockyard in 1900. The company operated under this name for eight years, becoming the Greenock & Grangemouth Dockyard Co . The Greenock yard was then sold to the operators of the Clan Line in 1918 and in 1920 it was Incorporation business incorporated as the Greenock Dockyard Co Ltd. In 1935, the Greenock Dockyard exchanged its yards with those of their neighbour, Scotts Shipbuilding and Engineering Company . The Greenock Dockyard Company built a large number of merchant ships for British merchant lines before, during and after the wars. In 1966 the company was taken over by Scotts Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd, and then became part of Scott Lithgow in 1967. The Cartsdyke yard eventually ceased building ships and closed in 1979. References http news 0504greenock.html The company s archives Category Defunct shipbuilding companies of the United Kingdom Category Shipbuilding companies of Scotland Category Companies based in Inverclyde Scotland company stub industry company stub ...   more details

  1. Greenock and Wemyss Bay Railway

    Greenock and Wemyss Bay Railway The Greenock and Wemyss Bay Railway was a railway owned by the Caledonian Railway , providing services between Greenock and Wemyss Bay . History The line was authorised on 17 July 1862, opened on 15 May 1865 and was merged with the Caledonian Railway on 1 August 1893. ref name Awdry78 Connections to other lines Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway at Port Glasgow Current operations Today, this line together with the former Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway is fully operational as part of the Inverclyde Line , however several stations have closed and opened during its lifetime. References Notes reflist Sources Awdry RailCo Butt Stations Jowett Atlas http Greenock and Wemyss Bay Railway frame.htm RAILSCOT on Greenock and Wemyss Bay Railway Historical Scottish railway companies Category Pre grouping British railway companies Category Closed railway lines in Scotland Category Railway lines opened in 1865 Category Railway companies disestablished in 1893 Scotland rail transport stub ...   more details

  1. Upper Greenock railway station

    Infobox UK disused station name Upper Greenock other name image name caption locale Greenock borough Inverclyde platforms 2 latitude 55.940 longitude 4.758 original Greenock and Wemyss Bay Railway pregroup Caledonian Railway postgroup London Midland and Scottish Railway LMS years 15 May 1865 events Opened ref name Butt Butt 1995 ref years1 5 June 1967 events1 Closed Upper Greenock railway station was a train station railway station serving the town of Greenock , Inverclyde , Scotland , originally as part of the Greenock and Wemyss Bay Railway and later owned by the Caledonian Railway . History The station opened on 15 May 1865 and closed permanently on 5 June 1967. The station was directly replaced by Branchton railway station Branchton station , approximately 2.8  km due west. Historical Rail Start rail line previous stnlnk Ravenscraig br small Line open station closed small next stnlnk Port Glasgow br small Line and station open small route Caledonian Railway br p style background Caledonian light small Greenock and Wemyss Bay Railway small col Caledonian colour end box References Notes reflist Sources Butt Stations Jowett Atlas Jowett Nationalised Category Disused railway stations in Inverclyde Category Railway stations opened in 1865 Category Railway stations closed in 1967 Scotland railstation stub ...   more details

  1. Greenock by-election, 1941

    The Greenock by election, 1941 was a by election parliamentary by election held on 10 July 1941 for the British House of Commons United Kingdom constituencies constituency of Greenock UK Parliament constituency Greenock in Renfrewshire historic Renfrewshire . The seat become vacant when the Labour Party UK Labour Member of Parliament MP Robert Gibson UK politician Robert Gibson resignation from the British House of Commons resigned , to take up the post of Chairman of the Scottish Land Court . Gibson had held the seat since a Greenock by election, 1936 by election in 1936 . Candidates The Labour Party UK Labour Party selected as its candidate Hector McNeil , a journalist and trade union ist and former councillor from Glasgow who had contested four previous Parliament of the United Kingdom parliamentary elections. The parties in the Coalition Government 1940 1945 war time Coalition Government had agreed not to contest vacancies in seats held by other coalition parties, but other by elections were contested by independent politics independent candidates or those from minor parties. Results No other candidates were nominated in Greenock, so McNeil was returned unopposed. He held the seat through four general elections, until his death shortly after the United Kingdom general election, 1955 1955 general election . See also Greenock UK Parliament constituency Greenock constituency Greenock by election, 1936 Greenock by election, 1955 Greenock List of United Kingdom by elections 1931 1950 References cite book last Craig first F. W. S. authorlink F. W. S. Craig title British parliamentary election results 1918 1949 origdate origyear 1969 edition 3rd edition year 1983 publisher Parliamentary Research Services location Chichester id ISBN 0 900178 06 X Rayment hc date March 2012 By elections to the 37th UK Parliament Category 1941 elections in the United Kingdom Category 1941 in Scotland Category By elections to the United Kingdom Parliament in Scottish constituencies Category ...   more details

  1. Greenock West railway station

    Infobox UK station name Greenock West other name lang gd Grianaig an Iar image name Greenock West station 61106.jpg caption View looking west, with the original station building to the left of the new road bridge and a train at the eastbound platform. The James Watt College Finnart Campus stands behind houses to the right. manager First ScotRail locale Greenock borough Inverclyde symbol rail latitude 55.947 longitude 4.768 code GKW usage0405 pad 1em 0.417 usage0506 increase 0.453 usage0607 increase 0.475 usage0708 decrease 0.472 usage0809 increase 0.685 platforms 2 years events years1 events1 Greenock West railway station is a station in Greenock , Scotland , located on the Inverclyde Line which runs from Gourock to Glasgow Central. The route is currently operated by First ScotRail under the auspices of Strathclyde Partnership for Transport . Each service to and from Glasgow on the Inverclyde ... Old Greenock place Glasgow publisher Stenlake Publishing Ltd. year 2004 isbn 1 84033 314 6 ref It is a staffed ... Matilda railway station Fort Matilda , and to the east a cutting then a tunnel takes the line to Greenock Central railway station Greenock Central . The main A78 road bridge which takes Inverkip Street ... system so that it takes southbound traffic only. A busy commuter station, services at Greenock West ..., so a large number of students use Greenock West. gallery Image Greenock West station 6207.jpg ... formed from central window openings Image Greenock West station 6207b.jpg The station building seen from the new road bridge Image Greenock West station 71006.jpg View down from the new road bridge ... next stnlnk Greenock Central route First ScotRail br p style background 5EAB87   small Inverclyde ... stnlnk Greenock Central route Caledonian Railway br p style background e5e4e6   small Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway small col 496799 end box Category Railway stations in Inverclyde Category ... Category Railway stations served by First ScotRail Scotland railstation stub nl Station Greenock ...   more details

  1. Easter Greenock Castle

    Image Easter Greenock Castle.jpg thumb right 300px The ruins of Easter Greenock Castle at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Easter Greenock Castle was a castle of unknown design near the burgh of Greenock , Scotland . Built sometime in the mid sixteenth century, the castle formed the centre of the lands and estates of Barony of Cartsburn Cartsburn and Easter Greenock. These belonged to the Crawfords of Kilbirnie in Ayrshire who acquired them during the reign of Mary, Queen of Scots . Cartsburn extends from the Carts Burn on the west along the River Clyde to the point where the boundary falls out at Old Clyde Forge. The lands of Cartsburn were originally part of the barony of Kilbirnie and became the Property patrimony of a younger brother of that family, whose posterity ended in the person of David Crawford of Cartsburn in the reign of Charles I of England Charles I . By the mid seventeenth century the lands of Cartsburn and Cartsdyke belonged to John Crawford of Kilbirnie who in 1641, because of his distinguished services to the Crown during the early years of the Wars of the Three Kingdoms 1638 to 1651 , was made a baronet by Charles I. He died in 1662 and left two daughters ... and fishings and free entry to and exit from the moor and marsh of Greenock, with the mill lands of Greenock in the barony of the same. Under this document Margaret and her heirs could sell and dispose of the lands of Easter Greenock and Cartsburn. In 1669, Margaret Crawford, by now Lady Kilbirnie, with the consent of her husband sold the lands of Easter Greenock to Sir John Schaw of Wester Greenock to whom was granted in 1670 a Crown Charter containing a clause by which Easter and Wester Greenock were to be united into a single barony, later called the Burgh of the Barony of Greenock ... Crawford of Easter Greenock who built a quay wall or dyke at Greenock in the middle of the sixteenth ... of Easter Greenock above ground. References references coord 55 56 12 N 4 44 08 W region GB display ...   more details

  1. Greenock and Ayrshire Railway

    Greenock and Ayrshire Railway The Greenock and Ayrshire Railway ran from Greenock , Scotland to Bridge of Weir . It closed progressively between 1959 and 1983. Despite its name it never reached Ayrshire however by means of the line to Johnstone railway station Johnstone on the Bridge of Weir Railway trains could head directly to Ayrshire. Formation The Greenock and Ayrshire Railway was authorised on 5 July 1865 and opened to passengers on 23 December 1869. It was involved with a price cutting war with the Caledonian Railway and amalgamated with the Glasgow and South Western Railway on 1 August 1872. From Bridge of Weir, it had stations at Kilmacolm , Lynedoch and Greenock Prince s Pier, which allowed boat train s to connect with the passenger ships. ref cite web url http The 20Cunarder 20Boat 20Train.html title The Cunarder boat trains accessdate 27 December 2008 ref The large and attractive terminal station at Princes Pier was built on the quayside, attracting passengers who boarded Clyde steamer s there to visit holiday resorts down the Firth of Clyde or to commute in summer to their villas around the shores of the firth . It took most of the steamer trade away from the Caledonian Railway whose Greenock Central railway station Cathcart Street station was a short but inconvenient walk through part of Greenock to the Custom House quay, leading them to organise an extension to Gourock , with Gourock railway station opening as a rival terminal in 1889. ref name mcr McCrorie 1989 ref Closure Stopping passenger services ceased running beyond Kilmacolm in February 1959. ref name thomas Thomas 1971 ref However the Glasgow St Enoch railway station to Greenock ... at Greenock Prince s Pier was reopened in June 1971 to service the Firth of Clyde Clyde Port Authority ... to Gourock , Inverclyde Line at Cartsburn, Greenock Cartsburn Junction. Passenger services continued ... & South Western Railway Association http Greenock and Ayrshire Railway frame.htm ...   more details

  1. Greenock, South Australia

    other uses2 Greenock Infobox Australian Place type town name Greenock state sa image caption lga Light Regional Council postcode 5360 ref http postcodes index.asp?Locality Greenock&sub 1&State SA&Postcode &submit1 Search Australia Post Postcode Greenock, SA 18 July 2008 ref pop 685 small 2006 Census small est 1851 stategov Electoral district of Schubert Schubert , Electoral district of Light Light , Electoral district of Stuart Stuart fedgov Division of Wakefield Wakefield dist1 66.2 dir1 North location1 Adelaide Greenock is a small town on the north west edge of the Barossa Valley . Located 66  km from Adelaide on the Sturt Highway A20 , Greenock is characterised by tree lined streets with shady peppercorn trees which offer welcome relief from the blistering summers which are characteristic of the area. The town was named by James Smith, the secretary of George Angus George Fifie Angas , after Greenock on the Clyde River in Scotland and is sometimes called Little Scotland in the Barossa Valley . ref http greenock Greenock Kapunda & Light Tourism 18 July 2008 ref The town is also located on the famous Heysen Trail . Residents According to the 2006 Census the population of the Greenock census area was 685 people. Approximately 51.4 of the population were male, 82.9 are Australian born, over 92.6 of residents are Australian citizens and 0 were native born indigenous people. The most popular industries for employment were Beverage Manufacturing 17.4 , Packaging Services, Fruit and Tree Nut Growing and School Education all 3.5 , while the unemployment rate is approx 5.3 . The median weekly household income is A 1,057 or more per week, compared with 924 in Adelaide. 29.6 of the population identify themselves as Lutheran , while ... Greenock Urban Centre Locality quick on accessdate 2008 06 25 ref References Reflist Light Regional ... in South Australia Category Barossa Valley SouthAustralia geo stub de Greenock South Australia ...   more details

  1. Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway

    Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway The Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway was an early railway, which merged with the Caledonian Railway . It was created to provide train services between Greenock and Glasgow . History The railway company was formed by Act of Parliament on 15 July 1837 and the line opened on 31 March 1841, having been delayed from the previous year after difficulties constructing a tunnel at Bishopton, Renfrewshire Bishopton . ref name thomas John Thomas author Thomas 1971 , Chapter VII The River Clyde and Loch Lomond ref The contract for the first seven miles of the railway was agreed in 1839, the engineer being Joseph Locke and the contractor Thomas Brassey . ref Helps, Arthur 1872 2006 . The Life and Works of Mr Brassey . Republished Nonsuch, 2006, page 106. ISBN 1 84588011 0 ref ref name webster Webster ref This was to be the first work of Locke in Scotland and Brassey ... Press. ref The company was set up to provide through train services between Greenock and Glasgow. Its line originally ran from Greenock to Paisley , where it joined the Glasgow and Paisley Joint ... name thomas The Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway merged with the Caledonian Railway in 1847 ... provided several new stations from Greenock to Gourock, and allowed the Caledonian Railway to have ... Western Railway s Greenock Princes Pier railway station Princes Pier . Connections to other lines ... at Paisley Gilmour Street Paisley and Barrhead District Railway at Paisley St James Greenock and Wemyss Bay Railway at Port Glasgow Current operations Today, this line together with the former Greenock ... Georgetown Houston station on the Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway, and various stations on the Greenock and Wemyss Bay Railway, having closed. References Notes Reflist Sources Awdry RailCo ... March year 1843 edition XVI http Glasgow Paisley and Greenock Railway frame.htm RAILSCOT on Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway http Gourock Extension frame.htm ...   more details

  1. Greenock Sugar Porters' Association

    Unreferenced date October 2006 Orphan date November 2009 The Greenock Sugar Porters Association was a trade union in the United Kingdom . It merged with the Transport and General Workers Union in 1922. See also List of trade unions Transport and General Workers Union TGWU amalgamations Category Former British trade unions UK trade union stub ...   more details

  1. James Stewart (Greenock MP)

    James Stewart 1827 28 May 1895 was a Scottish Scottish Liberal Party Liberal politician. He was elected as a Member of Parliament for Greenock UK Parliament constituency Greenock in 1878, resigning in 1884 by becoming Steward of the Manor of Northstead . References Rayment hc date March 2012 S start s par uk succession box title Member of Parliament for Greenock UK Parliament constituency Greenock years 1878 1884 before James Johnston Grieve after Thomas Sutherland MP Thomas Sutherland S end Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Stewart, James ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Scottish politician DATE OF BIRTH 1827 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 28 May 1895 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Stewart, James Category 1827 births Category 1895 deaths Category Deputy Lieutenants of Ayrshire Category Scottish Liberal Party MPs Category Politics of Inverclyde Category UK MPs 1874 1880 Category UK MPs 1880 1885 Category 19th century Scottish people Category 19th century politicians Scotland MP stub Liberal UK MP stub ...   more details

  1. Greenock Wanderers RFC

    Infobox rugby team teamname Greenock Wanderers image Wandies.gif founded 1873 ground Fort Matilda location Greenock , Scotland countryflag Scotland league Scottish Premiership Scottish Premiership Division 3 url president Douglas Sloan coach David McVey, Robert Adams Greenock Wanderers R.F.C. is a rugby union team based in Greenock , Scotland . It consists of 1st XV, 2nd XV, under 18s, under 17s, under 16s, under 15s, S2 and S1 plus a complete Mini rugby Mini section a mini rugby tournament is organised every year. ref cite web url http sport rugby articles 2009 04 22 38650 a great mini adventure title Greenock Wanderers Mini tournament 2009 author publisher Greenock Telegraph date 2009 04 22 accessdate 2009 09 01 ref Greenock Wanderers was formed in 1873, making it one of the oldest clubs in Scotland. They won the 2009 10 Scottish National League Scottish National League Division Two ref cite web url http community component option,com joomleague p,115 func,showRanking Itemid,302 title Scottish Hydro National 2 League Table author publisher date accessdate 2009 09 01 ref losing only one game and thus being promoted to the Scottish National League Scottish National League Division One . They now compete in the Scottish Premiership Scottish Premiership Division 3 . Greenock Wanderers Rugby ... title Greenock Wanderers history author publisher Greenock Wanderers ... http new clubhouse clubhouse drawings.asp title Greenock Wanderers clubhouse plans author publisher Greenock Wanderers date accessdate 2009 09 01 ref providing top notch ... news view.asp?id 81 title Greenock Wanderers clubhouse opening author publisher Greenock Wanderers ... Greenock Chamber of Commerce date accessdate 2009 09 01 ref flagicon SCO L. Harvey Scotland, 1899 ... Rugby union in Scotland Category Sports clubs established in 1873 Category Greenock Category ...   more details

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