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Encyclopedia results for Giselle


Encyclopedia results for Giselle

  1. Giselle

    about the ballet Mergefrom Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis date November 2009 Infobox Ballet name Giselle image Giselle Carlotta Grisi 1841 2.jpg image size caption Carlotta Grisi as Giselle 1841 choreographer ... Giselle br Albrect br Hilarion br Bathilda br Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis set designer setting created for Carlotta Grisi and Lucien Petipa genre Romanticism Romantic type Classical ballet Giselle French language French Giselle ou les Wilis is a ballet in two acts with a libretto by Jules Henri ... tells the story of a peasant girl named Giselle whose ghost, after her premature death, protects ... of Slavic fairy also spelled Vila, Wila, Wi a, Veela . Giselle was first presented by the Ballet du .... When the curtain rises on the first act, the cottage of Giselle and her mother Berthe are seen ... with Giselle, who falls completely in love with him. Hilarion, a gamekeeper, is also in love with Giselle and warns the girl against trusting the stranger, but Giselle refuses to listen. Albrecht and Giselle dance a love duet, with Giselle picking the petals from a daisy to divine her lover s sincerity. The couple is interrupted by Giselle s mother, who, worried about her daughter s fragile health .... Giselle returns to the scene, dances for the party, and receives a necklace from Bathilde. When the party departs, Loys reappears with the grape harvesters. A celebration begins. Giselle and the harvesters .... The truth about Loys Albrecht is learned and Giselle goes mad and dies. Although Giselle takes ... glade near Giselle s grave. Hilarion is grieving Giselle s death. He is frightened from the glade ... and seek revenge upon men by dancing them to death. Giselle is summoned from her grave and welcomed by the supernatural creatures who then quickly disappear. Albrecht enters searching for Giselle s grave, and she appears before him. He begs forgiveness. Giselle, her love undiminished, readily forgives him and the two dance. The scene ends with Albrecht in pursuit of Giselle as she disappears into the forest ...   more details

  1. Giselle (disambiguation)

    Giselle or Gisele may refer to Giselle , the ballet Gisele B ndchen , a Brazilian Model person model celebrity often referred to by just her first name Giselle given name An album by Parzival band Giselli Monteiro , a Brazilian model and actress disambig pt Gisele ...   more details

  1. Giselle Villard

    image image Giselle portrait.jpg 210px caption Giselle in Mystic 3 comic color background c0c0c0 character name Giselle Villard publisher CrossGen Entertainment debut Mystic comics Mystic creators Mark Alessi, Gina M. Villa alliance color background ffc0c0 real name Giselle Villard species Human alliances ..., Cosmic power Giselle Villard is the main character in the American comic book Mystic comics Mystic ... Comics. Fictional character biography Giselle starts out very light hearted and frivolous, with a devil ... magic. Her desire is to have a good time in life. Giselle was the younger sister who spent her time ... of the Nouveau guild. On that day, Giselle is given the Sigil on her hand and consequently absorbs ... and the sudden absorption of the spirits of the guild masters is a very unpleasant shock for Giselle .... Image Giselle2 Mystic.jpg 260px left caption A new look for Giselle Giselle is a reluctant ... guild but she learns to accept Giselle s new position and helps defend her against the plotting and attacks by the other guild leaders. With the failure of their first effort to kill Giselle ... . This sets in motion a conflict which lasts for the next twelve issues between Giselle and her sister ... Giselle, rapidly switches sides and supports Animora. With the reluctant aid of the spirits of the former guild leaders, Giselle is able to defeat all her enemies 14 and 20 but at a cost. After her second defeat, Animora was able to establish a psychic link to Giselle and over time this turned into a form of possession. Eventually Animora brought Giselle into direct conflict with Ingra and after a battle in which Ingra easily defeats Giselle Ingra breaks Animora s hold over Giselle and imprisons Animora 23 . Part of the reason why Ingra is able to defeat Giselle is that due to Giselle s recent behavior, the spirits of the guild leaders refuse to help her. Giselle, without their aid ... with learning the magic of the Shaman s guild 26 . Giselle is a very attractive woman and many men ...   more details

  1. Giselle Khoury

    Unsourced image removed Image Giselle Kh.jpg thumb right Widow of Samir Kassir, Giselle Khoury Giselle Khoury lang ar is a talk show host on the Al Arabiya news channel. She has her own Television program program , Bil Arabi , hosting many prominent and high profile guests, political decision makers, heads of states , prime ministers and ministers of foreign affairs. ref http en aa programs.html Al Arabiya Programs ref The show covers current events and the latest political developments from the Arab world and beyond. Khoury was married to Samir Kassir until his assassination on June 2, 2005, by political rivals. Since her husband s death, Giselle Khoury has been active in promoting and supporting the Democratic Left Lebanon Democratic Left Movement , the party Samir Kassir Kassir helped found. She has a son, Marwan, and a daughter, Rana. Footnotes Reflist Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Khoury, Giselle ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Khoury, Giselle Category Year of birth missing living people Category Living people Category Lebanese television presenters Category Greek Orthodox Christians from Lebanon Category Lebanese people Category Lebanese women TV bio stub ar ...   more details

  1. A Portrait of Giselle

    Infobox film name A Portrait of Giselle image caption director Muriel Balash producer Joseph Wishy writer narrator starring Patricia McBride , Anton Dolin music cinematography editing distributor released 1982 runtime country Film US br Film Canada language English budget A Portrait of Giselle is a 1982 documentary film , produced by Joseph Wishy and directed by Muriel Balash . It features Patricia McBride and Anton Dolin along with famous ballerinas who danced the role of Giselle in the past. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Academy Award for Documentary Feature Best Documentary Feature . ref name NY Times cite web url http movie 38768 Portrait of Giselle details title NY Times A Portrait of Giselle accessdate 2008 11 16 work NY Times ref References reflist External links Imdb title id 0084524 http pictures1982 portgiselle.htm Description at the Oscar Web site DEFAULTSORT Portrait Of Giselle Category 1982 films Category American films Category Canadian films Category English language films Category American documentary films Category Canadian documentary films Category Ballet films Category Documentary films about dance Category 1980s documentary films arts documentary film stub ...   more details

  1. Creole Giselle

    December 2011 Creole Giselle is a version of the ballet Giselle in which the story s events are moved to 1940s Louisiana and given an African American focus. Creole Giselle For centuries, classical ballet ... European Giselle on the Dance Theatre of Harlem . To many, this restaging was seen as inappropriate ... Giselle, 269. ref To others, Creole Giselle was a ground breaking achievement. Dance Theatre of Harlem ... advisor of the Dance Theatre of Harlem. Traditional Staging of Giselle The award winning ballet, Giselle, was set in the Rhineland of the Middle Ages during the grape harvest. Giselle, a peasant girl ... , Hilarion, loves Giselle, but she pays him no mind. During Giselle s celebration of the end of the grape ..., Albrecht s future wife, arrive and are welcome by the peasants. Hilarion tells Giselle the truth about Loys, just as she is being crowned Queen of the Village. In shock, Giselle tries to Suicide ... to their graveyard dance themselves to death. One night, Hilarion visits Giselle s grave and the Wilis kill him. Albrecht brings lilies to Giselle s grave and she appears to him. As the Wilis attempt to kill Albrecht, Giselle asks Myrtha, the Queen of the Wilis, to save him. Albrecht is spared, but Giselle must return to her grave. Reconstruction of Giselle The adaptation by the Dance Theatre of Harlem of this traditional version of Giselle is very similar to the original, except for a few changes ... by French composer Adolphe Charles Adam are kept the same as the original Giselle. Giselle s character ... one s family was from slavery . In the DTH version, Giselle faces the same social obstacles as did many African Americans in the 1840s. One reason that Giselle cannot marry Albert is because of her ... Giselle, the dancers perform with a sassy attitude characteristic of African Americans in the 1840s ... American heritage. Another difference in this version of Giselle is that African Americans ... to the reconstruction of the piece. DTH s version of Giselle consists of an all African American ...   more details

  1. Giselle Loren

    Giselle Loren , sometimes credited as Giselle Achecar , is an actress most famous for her voice over work in animation and video games. Her credits include an appearance in Happy Feet , a recurring role as Courtney Whitmore comics Stargirl in Justice League Unlimited and a part as the wife of Curt Connors in Spider Man The Animated Series the 1990s Spider Man animated series . She is perhaps best known by fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer for having voiced the character of Buffy Summers in two Buffy video games Buffy the Vampire Slayer video games Buffy the Vampire Slayer Xbox Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Chaos Bleeds . She also played Buffy in the unaired Television pilot pilot episode of the Buffy the Animated Series Buffy the Vampire Slayer animated series and she would have reprised the role of Buffy for the series had it been produced. Her live action work has been limited so far. She appeared in the short film The Caretaker and also played the role of a female police officer in detective drama Nancy Drew in 2002. She is a graduate of Duke University and is a licensed attorney. citation needed date November 2011 See also Buffy the Animated Series Buffy video games Buffy Video Games Justice League Unlimited Producer Black Batman Batman Evolution Black Batman Evolution short Film TV soon External links IMDb name id 1018409 name Giselle Loren http article.php3?id article 4817 Giselle Loren profile at Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Loren, Giselle ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION American actor DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Loren, Giselle Category Year of birth missing living people Category Living people Category American voice actors Category Place of birth missing living people Buffyverse stub US voice actor stub fi Giselle Loren ...   more details

  1. Giselle Laronde

    Infobox pageant titleholder name Giselle Laronde photo caption alias Giselle Laronde West br Giselle Laronde birth date Birth date and age df yes 1963 10 24 Citation needed date November 2010 birth name Giselle Jeanne Marie Laronde title nowrap Miss Trinidad & Tobago World 1986 br Miss World 1986 nationalcompetition Miss Trinidad & Tobago World 1986 br Winner br Miss World 1986 br Winner br Miss World Americas measurements 86 64 89 34 25 35 ref name gazette birth place Port of Spain , Trinidad & Tobago height convert 1.65 m ftin abbr on ref name gazette eye color Brown eyes Brown ref name day hair color Black hair Black Giselle Jeanne Marie Laronde West born October 24, 1963 Citation needed date November 2010 won the 1986 Miss World Miss World 1986 contest, representing Trinidad and Tobago . She became the first woman from that nation to win the title. The pageant was held in London . In that year, the USA was represented by aspiring actress Halle Berry . ref name missworld Early life Giselle was born in Port of Spain, but moved with her family to San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago San Fernando at the age of 10. One of four children, she attended St. Peter s school at Pointe Pierre and St. Francois Girls High School. After Miss World After winning the Miss World title she used her prize money to attend the University of London where she completed a degree in Sociology and Communication. Laronde West was awarded the National Awards of Trinidad and Tobago Chaconia Medal and had ... Giselle Laronde Miss World Asia flagicon PHI 1919 Sherry Rose Byrne Miss World Europe flagicon DEN ... 1986 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata NAME Laronde, Giselle ALTERNATIVE NAMES Laronde, Giselle Jeanne Marie birth name Laronde West, Giselle married name SHORT DESCRIPTION Miss World ... OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Laronde, Giselle Category 1963 births Category Living people Category Miss ... and Tobago beauty pageant winners it Giselle Laronde pl Giselle LaRonde pt Giselle LaRonde vi Giselle ...   more details

  1. Giselle Iti�

    Infobox person birth name Giselle Iti Ramos birth date birth date and age 1981 10 3 mf yes birth place ... artigo161890 3.asp title Giselle Iti mais bela do que nunca work Corpo a Corpo publisher Universo Online ... Gisele Iti , 2011. website URL Giselle Iti Ramos born October 3, 1981 is a Mexican ... url http noticia celebridades gisele itie quis ser feia brasil title Giselle Iti ... October 6, 2011 ref for the Colombia n Yo soy Betty, la fea . Giselle Iti also took part in the film ... . Biography Giselle came to Brazil as a child. The father and Mexican mother in Sao Paulo lost ... url http giselleitie p1237867340456.html title Biografia da atriz Giselle Iti publisher ... celebridade 218 perfil de giselle itie.html title Giselle Iti work Te contei accessdate December 18, 2011 ref Giselle had to lie to the family to pursue her artistic career. She told her ... as Lola in the miniseries. ref name Te contei Image Giselle Iti .jpg left 180px thumb Giselle Iti in 2006. The character was a courtesan who forced the actress to lose some of their shyness, as some spicy scenes starring in the miniseries. But Giselle admits that he felt frustrated after ... 0,,OI838025 EI6048,00 Giselle Itie aprende sarcasmo com seriado.html title Giselle Iti aprende ... Sabine Giselle Iti publisher accessdate December 18, 2011 ref In 2007, he attended the show ... ilustrada ult90u333471.shtml title Atriz Giselle Iti sofre traumatismo durante Dan a no Gelo work ... 9798,00 GISELLE ITIE SOFRE TRAUMATISMOS CRANIANO E FACIAL E ESTA INTERNADA.html title Giselle Iti sofre ... of Edu Felistoque. ref cite web url http cinema noticias giselle itie vive criminosa insensivel no longa inversao 20110526.html title Giselle Iti vive criminosa insens vel no longa ... tv novelas famosos reportagem acontece giselle itie nova bela feia 487949.shtml title Giselle Iti , a nova Bela, a feia work M de Mulher publisher date July 28, 2009 accessdate ...   more details

  1. Giselle Pascal

    Giselle Pascal 1921 2007 was a French actress. ref http sift individual 131239 ref Selected filmography Last Refuge 1946 Mademoiselle Has Fun 1948 The Chocolate Girl film The Chocolate Girl 1950 Endless Horizons 1953 Royal Affairs in Versailles 1954 If Paris Were Told to Us 1956 References references External links imdb name 0664263 Persondata NAME ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1921 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 2007 PLACE OF DEATH Category 1921 births Category 2007 deaths Category People from Cannes Category French film actors France film actor stub fr Giselle Pascal ...   more details

  1. Giselle Gonz�lez

    Infobox pageant titleholder name Giselle Gonz lez photo caption birth name Giselle Amelia Gonz lez Aranda title Se orita Panam Miss Panama Universe 1992 nationalcompetition Se orita Panam Se.C3.B1orita Panam.C3.A1 Se orita Panam 1992 , Miss Universe 1993 . birth date birth place Veraguas , Panam hair color Black height height m 1.75 ethnicity eye color hazel represented Veraguas Giselle Amelia Gonz lez Aranda , born Santiago de Veraguas Panam , is a Panamanian beauty contest beauty pageant contestant winner of the Se orita Panam 1992 title. Also represented Panama in Miss Universe 1993 , the 42nd Miss Universe pageant was held at Auditorio Nacional, Mexico City , Mexico on May 21, 1993. ref http international Universe 1993.htm ref Gonz lez who is height ft 5 in 9 tall, competed in the national beauty pageant Se C3 B1orita Panam C3 A1 Titleholders Se orita Panam 1992 , on September, 1992 and obtained the title of Se orita Panam Universo . She represented Veraguas state. Also is the second woman from Veraguas to win the title of Se orita Panam , the first was Gilda Garc a L pez in 1986. ref http mensual 2010 08 06 contenido 266146.asp ref References Reflist External links http Se orita Panam official website http s start succession box before Ana Orillac title Se orita Panam Miss Panam Universe years 1992 1993 after Mar a Sof a Vel squez s end Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata NAME Gonz lez, Giselle ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH Veraguas , Panam DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Gonzalez, Giselle Category Living people Category Se orita Panam Category Panamanian beauty pageant winners Category Miss Universe 1993 contestants Category Year of birth missing living people ...   more details

  1. Giselle Blondet

    , Giselle ALTERNATIVE NAMES Blondet, Alba Giselle SHORT DESCRIPTION Actress DATE OF BIRTH January 9, 1964 PLACE OF BIRTH San Juan, Puerto Rico DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Blondet, Giselle ... television talk show hosts de Giselle Blondet es Giselle Blondet it Giselle Blondet ...   more details

  1. Giselle Rosselli

    Infobox musical artist name Giselle Rosselli image birth name genre Alternative Electronica Folk instrument vocals , piano , accordion , percussion and Record producer production background solo singer Birth date Birth year and age 1990 Replace with birth date and age YYYY MM DD when full birth date is known origin Sydney , Australia label Independent website http gisellerosselli gisellerosselli Giselle Rosselli is an Australian singer songwriter. Rosselli is known mainly for her voice, melody and lyrics on the first original song by Flight Facilities , Crave You , but also for her song They Stay Down Deep which was featured on the UK television series Skins TV series Skins series 4, episode 7 . ref cite web url http skins music series4 episode7.html title Skins Episode 7 Music accessdate 29 June 2010 ref She is currently recording her debut EP, scheduled for release in 2011. ref cite web url http gisellerosselli title Myspace Page Giselle Rosselli accessdate 29 June 2010 ref ref cite web url http gisellerosselli status 43123754804576256 title Giselle s tweet accessdate 9 April 2011 ref Crave You was featured as the soundtrack to Myer s 2010 Spring Racing Carnival television commercial campaign. The song Crave You was also featured on MTV s Ourstage dot com through American Rapper Hip Hop artist The Kid Bilal or TKB as a remix called She Craves Me . ref cite web url http blog tag kid bilal.html title Pop Ed February 14, 2012 SXSW, The Panel, Whitney, And More accessdate 29 February 2012 ref Background Rosselli was born and raised in Sydney , Australia . She grew up in a creative family amongst ... resides in Sydney. ref cite web url http gisellerosselli title Myspace Page Giselle ... . NAME Rosselli, Giselle ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Musician DATE OF BIRTH 1990 PLACE OF BIRTH Sydney, Australia DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Rosselli, Giselle Category Living ...   more details

  1. Giselle Galos

    Giselle Galos , commonly known as C. Galos , sometimes misspelled Galas , was a mysterious 19th century Italians Italian or French people French musician and composer ref name musicaltimes cite book editor title The Musical Times and Singing Class Circular volume 22 publisher Novello, Ewer & Co ref who is responsible for composing two popular pieces of salon music , Le chant du Berger Nocturne Op. 17 and Le Lac de Come Nocturne Op. 24 . Both pieces are in the form of easy nocturne s. ref name ellagodecomo cite book editor title Coleccion de Piezas Celebres Para Piano url http c galos lago como nocturno op 24 para piano editorial musica moderna x8000552 volume 711 publisher Editorial Musica Moderna language Spanish ref Galos pieces are composed of stock salon clich s and often appear in collections of famous piano pieces ref name ellagodecomo . Galos did not perform in public and her music was typically published under the pseudonym C. Galos. For many years there was debate regarding whether Galos was male or female. Music historians disagreed over what the composer s first name was, with suggestions from Celestino to Charles, based on the C. Galos pseudonym. Early publications of Galos Le Lac de Como have subsequently been discovered under the names Giselle Galos and Madmoiselle Giselle Galos , finally confirming the composer s full name. ref http processed NUKAT 7Cn 202010124544 VIAF . Database Entry. Retrieved on 2011 03 19. ref External links http watch?v WTVUsQYL1B0 C. Galos Le Lac de C me Lake Como , 6th Nocturne http watch?v hkkL6q76QxM C. Galos Le Chant du Berger, 3rd Nocturne, Op. 17 References reflist Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Galos ALTERNATIVE NAMES C. Galos, C. Galas, Giselle Galos, Madmoiselle Giselle Galos SHORT DESCRIPTION A mysterious 19th century salon composer ... DEFAULTSORT Galos, Giselle Category Year of birth missing Category Year of death missing Category ...   more details

  1. Giselle Klein

    Infobox racing driver name Giselle Klein image GKlein.jpg imagesize defaults to 180px unless a value is entered caption Klein Racing at Castrol Raceway nationality Canada Canadian birth date Birth date and age 1992 07 21 birth place related to Desiree Klein, br Kelly Klein, br Colette Klein current series Sportsman Sprints first year 2009 current team Just 4 Fun Racing car number 08 current standings 5 current points 1024 wins 0 poles 0 fastest laps best finish 6 year 2009 prev series Mini Sprints prev series years 2003 2008 titles Mini Sprints Champion title years 2008 awards Numerous Top Finishes br Rookie of the Year br Female Racer Award award years 2003 2008 br 2009 Giselle Paige Klein is a Canadian Sprint car racing Sprint Car driver, racing her second year at Castrol Raceway in Edmonton, Alberta . 2003 2008 Mini Sprints Giselle Started racing with Mini Sprint cars in 2003, at age 11. She held strong competitiveness and high ranks and finally at the end of the 2008 season, won her Championship title. This prompted her to move up two car classes. Her sister Desiree, moved up one class the same year to participate in the trial run for 600 Class Mini Sprints. ref Giselle Klein Interview ..., Klein moved up two car classes. As a rookie in the class, Giselle had an outstanding racing season ... class.The 2009 Extreme Cup showcased her finishing 10th on Night One and 19th on Night Two. Giselle ..., let Giselle take her rookie ribbons used to warn other experienced drivers that she is new at driving ... totals, Giselle Klein received Rookie of the Year in the Castrol Series . 2010 Season Due to weather ... run 4 of 9 . Regardless, Giselle finished the season with an 8th place finish in her final race ... see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Klein, Giselle ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH July 21, 1992 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Klein, Giselle Category Female racing ... of birth missing living people simple Giselle Klein ...   more details

  1. Giselle Ka�evsky

    Infobox field hockey player name Giselle Andrea Gisi Ka evsky image Giselle Ka evsky.jpg birth date birth date and age 1985 8 4 birth place Buenos Aires , Argentina death date height convert 1.62 m ftin position Defender clubs1 N utico Hacoaj , Buenos Aires years1 caps goals 1 nationalteam1 nationalyears1 nationalcaps goals 1 updated medaltemplates MedalSport Women s Field Hockey MedalCountry ARG MedalCompetition Olympic Games MedalBronze 2008 Summer Olympics 2008 Beijing Field hockey at the 2008 Summer Olympics Team MedalCompetition Women s Hockey World Cup World Cup MedalBronze 2006 Women s Hockey World Cup 2006 Madrid Team MedalGold 2010 Women s Hockey World Cup 2010 Rosario Team MedalCompetition Hockey Champions Trophy Champions Trophy MedalGold 2009 Women s Hockey Champions Trophy 2009 Sydney Team MedalSilver 2007 Women s Hockey Champions Trophy 2007 Quilmes Team MedalCompetition Hockey at the Pan American Games Pan American Games MedalGold Field hockey at the 2007 Pan American Games 2007 Rio de Janeiro Team Giselle Andrea Gisi Ka evsky born August 4, 1985, in Buenos Aires is an Argentine field hockey player who is a defender on the national women s hockey team Las Leonas . ref cite web url http news hockey hockeyroos suffer injury blow in warmup draw 2008 08 02 1217097610148.html title Hockeyroos suffer injury blow in warm up draw work The Sydney Morning Herald date August 3, 2008 accessdate July 6, 2011 ref ref cite news url http poli Las Leonas Estados Unidos 0 261573953.html title Hockey Sobre Cesped El primer rugidito work Ol & 124 Diario ... olympics athletes ka giselle kanevsky 1.html sports reference br Navboxes title Gisele Ka evsky ..., Giselle ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Field hockey player DATE OF BIRTH August 4, 1985 PLACE OF BIRTH Buenos Aires , Argentina DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Kanevsky, Giselle Category ... Argentina Olympic medalist stub es Giselle Ka evsky hr Giselle Andrea Ka evsky ...   more details

  1. Giselle Fern�ndez

    Infobox person name Giselle Fern ndez birth date Birth date mf yes 1961 5 15 birth place Mexico City , Mexico occupation television news news presenter anchor nationality Mexican American spouse John Farrand awards Five Emmy Award s website http giselle.html Casa Giselle Giselle Fern ndez born May 15, 1961 is an United States American television journalist . Her appearances on network television ref name aldrich89 include as reporter and guest anchor for CBS Early Show , CBS Evening News , NBC Today , NBC Nightly News , regular host for Access Hollywood , and guest on Dancing with the Stars . Life and career Fern ndez was born in Mexico City , Mexico , and was brought to east ... her Jewish mother was a student of Mexican folklore . ref name telgen kamp Giselle attended California ... , then president of Cuba. ref name heit12 4 19 From 1996 to 1999, Giselle was the co host for Access ... chapter Giselle Fernandez year 1995 title Famous People of Hispanic Heritage volume III publisher Mitchell ... web title Giselle Fernandez work The Women s Conference url http giselle ... google accessdate 2010 03 21 ref ref name fernandez04 cite book first Giselle last Fernandez year ...?id YYctiU85pnUC&pg PA108 ref ref name abc060123 cite news title Giselle Fernandez Finds Her Hidden ... Los Angeles title Childrens Hospital Los Angeles Trustee Giselle Fernandez Farrand Named Outstanding ... State University, Sacramento title Giselle Fernandez work Sac State Magazine url http sacstatemagazine ... sells L A home for 5 94M accessdate 2011 06 26 ref External links cite web title Casa Giselle the Giselle Fernandez homepage url http giselle.html accessdate 2011 06 26 IMDb ..., Giselle ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1961 05 15 PLACE OF BIRTH Mexico City , Mexico DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Fernandez, Giselle Category 1961 births Category ... Jewish descent Category Hispanic and Latino American female journalists fr Giselle Fernandez ...   more details

  1. Giselle Salandy

    Refimprove date January 2009 Infobox Boxer name Giselle Salandy realname Joenette Giselle Ife Salandy nationality Trinidad ian Although her country of birth is Trinidad and Tobago, Salandy was born in Trinidad nickname Magic height height ft 5 in 7 weight Light middleweight birth date Birth date 1987 1 25 df y birth place Fyzabad , Trinidad and Tobago death date death date and age df y 2009 1 4 1987 1 25 death place Port of Spain , Trinidad and Tobago style Orthodox stance Orthodox total 17 wins 17 KO 6 losses 0 draws 0 no contests 0 Joenette Giselle Ife Salandy 25 January 1987 &ndash 4 January 2009 , also known as Gizelle Salandy , Jizelle Salandy or Jizelle Joseph , was an unbeaten world class female boxer from Trinidad and Tobago . She is ranked as the 1 female light middleweight boxer all time by the Boxrec. She died in a car accident on 4 January 2009. Career Joenette Giselle Ife Salandy was born on 25 January 1987, in Fyzabad, South of Trinidad and Tobago. At age 11, her mother Maureen died. She then stayed with Ivy Corian who took care of her till she was fourteen. She attended .... Controversy Relatives of Giselle Salandy are questioning why she was allowed to drive herself on Sunday ...?id 7166 Giselle Salandy is laid to rest Video courtesy C News. http news local news 103 giselle salandy dies tragically in a car accident.html Giselle Salandy dies tragically in a car accident. http blog ?p 797 World Boxing Champion Giselle Salandy ... do you know gizelle salandy Do you know Giselle Salandy? http LocalArticles.aspx?id 7014 T&T s undefeated world class female boxer Giselle Salandy dead in vehicular accident Start box ..., Giselle ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 25 January 1987 PLACE OF BIRTH Fyzabad ... Use dmy dates date October 2011 DEFAULTSORT Salandy, Giselle Category 1987 births Category 2009 ... Women boxers Category Light middleweight boxers de Giselle Salandy fr Giselle Salandy ja ...   more details

  1. Giselle (given name)

    Infobox given name name Giselle image imagesize caption pronunciation Jiz ell gender Female meaning Pledge region origin Old German related names Gisela, Gisele footnotes Giselle is a forename . The name is from Old German gesel meaning to pledge . They may refer to Giselle Disney Princess Giselle , from the Disney film Enchanted film Enchanted Gisele Abramoff , vocalist of the Brazilian musical group Dalimas Giselle Blondet , Puerto Rican actress and show host O Clone Gisele Bomentre , Brazilian Belly Dancer and Brazilian Arabic Singer Gisele B ndchen , Brazilian supermodel Giselle Fern ndez , an American television journalist Giselle Grape , Australian musician Gisele Jackson , American house music diva Giselle Khoury , Lebanese talk show host and widow of Samir Kassir Giselle Klein , Canadian sprint car driver. Giselle Laronde , won the 1986 Miss World representing Trinidad and Tobago Giselle Loren , sometimes credited as Giselle Achecar, a voice over actress in video games and animated series Gisele MacKenzie , Canadian singer Gisele Miro , Brazilian tennis player Giselle Salandy , Trinidad and Tobago Trinidadian female boxer Giselle singer Giselle , a Puerto Rican merengue singer Giselle of Bavaria , Queen of Hungary from 995 to 1038 AD Gisele de Raz s , a Merovingian Queen of Austrasia from 652 to 678 AD. Daughter of King Bera II, who also was Count of Raz s and Countess Gizlica de Raz s. Gisele married the Merovingian Dagobert II , King of Austrasia in 674 AD. Mother of Sigisbert IV , King of Austrasia. See also Gisela name Category Given names given name stub de Gisele ...   more details

  1. Giselle V. Steele

    , was meant to aid her son in his own experience with the problem. Writing Giselle is also the author ... at YouTube http Giselle V. Steele Official website http Stuart ..., Giselle V. ALTERNATIVE NAMES Steele, G.V. SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH January, 1957 PLACE OF BIRTH ... American poets Category 1957 births Steele, Giselle ...   more details

  1. Giselle O. Martin-Kniep

    Giselle O. Martin Kniep is an American educator, researcher, program evaluator, and writer. As the president of Learner Centered Initiatives, and the CEO of Communities for Learning Leading Lasting Change ref http html ref previously called the Center for the Study of Expertise in Teaching and Learning. Martin Kniep has worked with hundreds of schools and districts nationally and internationally in the areas of alternative assessment , Learning Standards standards based design , school improvement and action research . ref http pressrelease.html Press Release , AGATE Conference 2006. Retrieved 2 5 08. ref Most recently 2011 , her work in appraisal review systems has been accepted by New York State Department of Education as an adoption system for use with public school district wide APPR work. About Martin Kniep has multiple graduate degrees in communication and development, social sciences in education, and educational evaluation from Stanford University and the Stanford University School of Education . She has served on the faculty at Adelphi University , the University of British Columbia and the University of Victoria . ref http president president Giselle Martin Kniep , Learner Centered Initiatives. Retrieved 2 5 08. ref ref http authorDetails.nav?contribId 524998 Giselle Martin Kniep , SAGE Publishing. Retrieved 2 5 08. ref Bibliography 1998 Why Am I Doing This Purposeful Teaching with Portfolio Assessment. Heinemann publisher Heinemann . 1999 Capturing the Wisdom of Practice Portfolios for Teachers and Administrators and Becoming a Better Teacher Eight Innovations that Work. ASCD 2003 Developing Learning Communities Through Teacher Expertise. Corwin Press ref http ... see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Martin Kniep, Giselle ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1956 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Martin Kniep, Giselle Category ...   more details

  1. Giselle Zado Wasfie

    BLP sources date May 2011 Giselle Zado Wasfie is a journalist and author ref cite news url http mycentraljersey access 1770989831.html?FMT ABS&FMTS ABS FT&type current&date Mar 14 2C 2006&author LAURA FRANTZ&pub Courier News&desc RAP IT UP&pqatl google title Rap it up last Frantz first Laura date March 14, 2006 work Courier News New Jersey Courier News pages Fea 15 quote One of the genre s latest novels is So Fly St Martin s Griffin, 2005 by Giselle Zado Wasfie. With its pink cover and many popculture references this chicklit ... accessdate 5 May 2011 ref who currently runs the blog Imaginary Frend . cn date May 2011 Background Wasfie received her bachelor s degree from the University of Michigan , Ann Arbor and her master s in International Journalism from City University, London . She was a student at St Peter s College, Oxford and attended New York University s prestigious Summer Publishing Institute , as well as the University of California, Los Angeles Professional Program in Screenwriting . cn date May 2011 Career After graduating from U of M, Wasfie moved to Manhattan where she began with an editorial internship at US Weekly magazine. From there, she moved to Glamour magazine Glamour magazine where she was an editorial assistant to the books editor under Bonnie Fuller . Simultaneously, Wasfie moonlighted as a music correspondent for, which was eventually bought out by MTV Networks . She then became a features editor at SOHH where she interviewed Gang Starr , Nas , Nelly , and Wyclef Jean . cn date May 2011 In 2005, Wasfie s debut novel So Fly was published by St. Martin s Press . From there, she moved to Los Angeles to be an editor ... People , Source magazine Source , HX, CosmoGirl , and MTV.Com. cn date May 2011 Book So Fly , Giselle ... Wasfie, Giselle Zado ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION American journalist DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Wasfie, Giselle Zado Category American journalists ...   more details

  1. Angel of Music, or The Private Life of Giselle

    Orphan date February 2009 Angel of Music, or The Private Life of Giselle 2007 is a fictional novel by Russian author Maria Andrianova . It is a sequel to original Gaston Leroux s novel The Phantom of the Opera 1910 . This book is the first officially published Russian fanfiction work on the Phantom of the Opera theme and it is illustrated by the author, who is a professional artist. Plot summary Erik has not died, though his spirit is dead to the world. The Persian, the daroga called Aslan in this novel , helps Erik out of mere pity, feeling sorry for him. Erik stays in the Opera but he has lost interest in life. But someone in the Opera has not lost interest in him. It is a beautiful and talented young ballerina, Camilla Fonteyn, a brave and charming girl, and a ball of fire. She adores mysteries and wants to solve the secret behind the Phantom of the Opera and that obscure affair of Christine Daae. She is persistent and quite soon encounters Erik and in time her caring and love will bring him back to life and recover his spirits. But her charms work not only on Erik, but also on the poor daroga, who becomes her admirer, and unfortunately on a rich aristocrat, Anri Nerval, who turns out to be a mysterious Parisian Vampire a maniac and sadist who haunts the night streets of Paris. He kills for the pleasure of seeing young women bleeding to death. He patronizes Camilla in her ballet career, as her greatest dream is to dance the part of Giselle in the ballet of the same name. She is truly bewildered by the fate of Giselle, the girl who died because of a broken heart but remained true to the man she d loved even after her death. Nerval helps Camilla to receive the part, but later it turns out that he even may kill Camilla, if she won t fit in his plans or desires. He also pursues Erik, the Phantom of the Opera , along with the Secret Police of France who wants Erik s inventions and tricks . Unreferenced date October 2007 DEFAULTSORT Angel Of Music, Or The Private Life Of Giselle ...   more details

  1. Genevieve Villard

    hair short and is almost never seen out of her formal if somewhat revealing guild robes. In Giselle ... for her awesome power, not always with success. Genevieve and Giselle work together to defeat the other magic guild leaders and then they work together to defeat Animora , but Giselle s power is vastly greater than Genevieve. Ultimately success or failure seems to rest in Giselle s hands. The young and handsome artist, Thierry Chevailier, who first falls in love with Giselle, later transfers his attentions to Genevieve as together they try to guide Giselle on a more responsible path. Giselle s mystery ... Chevailier for help with Giselle. It turns out the yellow eyed cat is a part of Danik . Category ...   more details

  1. Galos

    Galos may refer to G los , the Hungarian name of the town of Gols, Austria Giselle Galos , a 19c. musician and composer Adam Galos , a Polish historian See also Galo disambiguation Gallo disambiguation intitle Galos disambig ...   more details

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