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Encyclopedia results for Gap analysis

Gap analysis

Encyclopedia results for Gap analysis

  1. Gap analysis

    Unreferenced date June 2009 For gap analysis in wildlife conservation, see Gap analysis conservation In business and economics , gap analysis is a tool that helps companies compare actual performance with potential ... is similar to the base case of being below the production possibilities frontier . Gap analysis .... Gap analysis involves determining, documenting, and approving the variance between business requirements and current capabilities. Gap analysis naturally flows from benchmarking and other assessments ... that expectation with the company s current level of performance. This comparison becomes the gap analysis. Such analysis can be performed at the strategic or operational level of an organization. Gap analysis is a formal study of what a business is doing currently and where it wants to go in the future ... Business direction Business process es Information technology Gap analysis provides a foundation ... . Note that GAP analysis has also been used as a means for classification of how well a product or solution meets a targeted need or set of requirements. In this case, GAP can be used as a ranking of Good ... The gap analysis also can be used to analyse gaps in processes and the gap between the existing ... engineering Market gap analysis Many marketers would question the worth of the theoretical gap ... or additions to existing lines may emerge from portfolio analysis, in particular from the use of the Boston ... of following trends in the requirements of consumers. At some point, a gap emerges between what existing products offer and what the consumer demands. The organization must fill that gap to survive and grow. Gap analysis can identify gaps in the market. Thus, comparing forecast profits to desired profits reveals the planning gap . This represents a goal for new activities in general, and new products in particular. The planning gap can be divided into three main elements Usage gap This is the gap ... bureaucratic sense but are less helpful in marketing terms. The usage gap is thus usage gap market ...   more details

  1. Gap analysis (disambiguation)

    Gap or GAP analysis can refer to Gap analysis , a business assessment tool. Gap analysis conservation , a spatial analysis tool employing geographic information system GIS to improve nature reserve design for the conservation of wildlife. disambig ...   more details

  1. Fit/gap analysis

    Orphan date September 2008 Fit gap analysis is an important component in the Project life cycle . In this phase a study is made to identify whether the present system fits the requirements, and if any such gaps are identified, they are recorded in a prescribed format. See also Gap analysis External links http dms public methodology dev gapanal.html Princeton document http SAP thought leadership Documents methods fit gap analysis.pdf Methods of Fit Gap Analysis in SAP ERP projects March 2011 Pol Prakash, Paturkar Madhup Infosys Technologies Limited. Category Systems engineering Category Software requirements ...   more details

  1. Gap Analysis Program

    orphan date December 2009 The Gap Analysis Program is a nationwide program in the United States to assess and support the overall conservation status of wildlife. The program is directed and coordinated under the United States Geological Survey , but is implemented in coordination with state and regional programs. GAP works to ensure that common species those that are not officially endangered remain common by identifying those species and plant communities that are not adequately represented in existing conservation lands. The GAP program began in the 1980s, based on analysis of Hawai i an bird species by J. Michael Scott . GAP has produced national land cover and protected areas datasets, which it uses to assess the conservation status of mammal, bird, reptile, and amphibian species in the U.S. A GAP program normally has three principal components 1. Landcover analysis 2. Vertebrate species distribution prediction 3. Land stewardship database Each component is normally performed as a GIS layer. References US GAP official website http environment stub Category Environment of the United States Category Geographic information systems Category United States Geological Survey Category Wildlife ...   more details

  1. Gap analysis (conservation)

    Gap analysis ref Scott, J.M. and Schipper, J. 2006. Gap analysis a spatial tool for conservation planning. Pp. 518 519 in M.J. Groom, G.K. Meffe, C. Ronald Carroll and Contributors. Principles of Conservation Biology 3rd ed. . Sunderland, MA Sinauer. ref is a tool used in wildlife conservation to identify gaps in conservation lands e.g., protected area s and nature reserve s or other wildlands where significant plant and animal species and their habitat or important ecological features occur. Conservation managers or scientists can use it as a basis for providing recommendations to improve the representativeness of nature reserves or the effectiveness of protected areas so that these areas provide the best value for conserving biodiversity biological diversity . With the information that a gap analysis yields, the boundaries of protected areas may be designed to subsume gaps containing significant populations of wildlife species that can enhance the long term survival of a larger metapopulation of the species already within the managed or protected area, or to include a diversity of wildlife species or ecosystem s that merit protection but are inadequately represented in an existing protected area network. Gap assessments can be done using the geographic information system land maps that delineate topography, biological and geological features forest cover, plains, rivers, etc. , boundaries, land ownership and use are overlaid with the distribution of wildlife species. How much of the species distribution fall within or without the conservation lands, or within a highly exploited area etc. can be identified. ref Clem Tisdell Tisdell, C. , Wilson, C. and Swarna Nantha, H. 2005. Policies for saving a rare Australian glider economics and ecology. Biological Conservation 123 2 237 248. ref ref Fearnside, P.M. and Ferraz, J. 1995. A conservation gap analysis of Brazil s Amazonian ... de Gap Analyse kologie ...   more details

  1. Gap

    Wiktionary gap Gap or The Gap may refer to tocright General Gap ecology , a spacing between large trees in a forest Gap landform , a mountain pass, often carved by a river Gap year , a prolonged period between a life stage Places Gap, Hautes Alpes , France Gap, Pennsylvania , United States The Gap, Queensland , a suburb in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia The Gap, New South Wales , farming community in the central east part of the Riverina close to Wagga Wagga The Gap Sydney , an ocean cliff at Watsons Bay, New South Wales, Australia Cumberland Gap , a pass through the Cumberland Mountains at the juncture of the U.S. states of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia Loughborough Gap , a disused section of the Great Central Railway in England Mid Atlantic Gap , in World War II, an area in the Atlantic Ocean with no air coverage Garmisch Partenkirchen , Germany, license plate code GAP Darien Gap , Central ... and South America Entertainment The Gap Band , an American music group Gap Mangione , jazz pianist and bandleader The Gap Joan of Arc album , a 2000 album by Joan of Arc The Gap Cycle , a science fiction novel series by Stephen Donaldson El Boquete The Gap , a 2006 Argentine film Gap FC , a French ... GAP computer algebra system Groups, Algorithms and Programming , a software package Generic ... Gimp Animation Package, a plug in for the GIMP Science GaP, Gallium III phosphide , a semiconductor material GAP, Glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate , a 3 carbon molecule metabolite important in both glycolysis and the Calvin cycle GAPs, GTPase activating protein s, a family of regulatory proteins Gap or Accidental gap , a form predicted by grammatical rules but missing from a language Gap junction or nexus is a specialized intercellular connection between a multitude of animal cell types Band gap or energy gap , the energy interval in which particles cannot propagate Organizations and businesses Gap ... retailer, ticker symbol GAP Government Accountability Project , a United States nonprofit organization ...   more details

  1. The Gap

    The Gap may refer to Places The Gap, Coconino County, Arizona The Gap, Queensland , a suburb in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia The Gap Sydney , an ocean cliff at Watsons Bay, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia The Gap, New South Wales , a locality near Wagga Wagga, Australia Brecon Beacons The Gap, Brecon Beacons , a mountain pass in Wales Fort Indiantown Gap , a US Army fort located in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania The Gap No. 39, Saskatchewan , a rural municipality in Canada The Gap in Mountain passes in Montana M Z Mountain passes in Montana Albums and books The Gap Band , an American music group The Gap Joan of Arc album The Gap Joan of Arc album , a 2000 album by Joan of Arc The Gap Steve Lacy album The Gap Steve Lacy album , a 1972 studio album by jazz saxophonist Steve Lacy The Gap Bryn Haworth album The Gap Bryn Haworth album , a 1980 studio album by Bryn Haworth The Gap Cycle , a science fiction novel series by Stephen Donaldson Other Gap clothing retailer or The Gap, a chain of retail clothing stores The Gap film The Gap film El Boquete , a 2006 Argentine film See also Gap disambiguation Gaap disambig de The Gap pt The Gap ...   more details

  1. Into the Gap

    Infobox album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Into the Gap Type Album Artist Thompson Twins Cover Thompsons into the gap.jpg Released November 30, 1984 Recorded 1983 Length 42 33 Producer Alex Sadkin and Tom Bailey Label Arista Genre New Wave music New Wave , Synthpop Review Allmusic Rating 5 5 Allmusic class album id into the gap r20110 pure url yes link Last album Quick Step and Side Kick Quick Step and Side Kick Side Kicks br 1983 This album Into the Gap br 1984 Next album Here s To Future Days br 1985 Extra album cover Upper caption Alternative cover Type studio Cover Into the gap2.jpg Lower caption Alternative cover Into the Gap is the fourth album by the British pop group Thompson Twins . It was released in February 1984 and reached no.1 on the UK Albums Chart , and no.10 on the U.S. Billboard 200 . Album history After the commercial success of Quick Step and Side Kick , the band ... , and The Gap US 69 . The first four of these singles all had music video s that were shot to promote .... Doctor Doctor , You Take Me Up and Sister of Mercy were directed by Dieter Dee Trattmann. Into The Gap ... Day After Day 3 49 Sister of Mercy 5 09 No Peace for the Wicked 4 09 The Gap 4 44 Hold Me Now Thompson ... for the Wicked 4 09 The Gap 4 44 Sister of Mercy 5 09 Storm on the Sea 5 32 Who Can Stop the Rain 5 16 The UK cassette version of Into the Gap contained an additional side of remixes and B sides, most ... extended version Funeral Dance remix of No Peace For The Wicked Compass Points remix of The Gap Still Water remix of Storm on the Sea 2008 expanded edition In March 2008, Into the Gap was reissued ... for the Wicked 4 04 The Gap 4 43 Hold Me Now 4 42 Storm on the Sea 5 26 Who Can Stop the Rain ... Plains Mixer UK 12 single of You Take Me Up Out of the Gap Megamix Extended Version 8 57 B Side ... Doctor , We Are Detective , Lies , Hold Me Now , and The Gap Personnel Tom Bailey musician Tom Bailey ... Jones end Thompson Twins DEFAULTSORT Into The Gap Category 1984 albums Category Thompson Twins albums ...   more details

  1. Analysis

    Other uses Wiktionary Analysis analysis Analysis is the process of breaking a complexity complex topic ... analysis as a formal concept is a relatively recent development. ref http entries analysis Analysis ref The word is a transcription of the ancient Greek language Greek analusis ...?term analysis Online Etymology Dictionary ref As a formal concept, the method has variously ... . Applications Chemistry See also Analytical chemistry List of chemical analysis methods The field of chemistry uses analysis in at least three ways to identify the components of a particular chemical compound qualitative analysis , to identify the proportions of components in a mixture quantitative analysis , and to break down chemical process es and examine chemical reaction s between chemical element elements of chemical matter matter . For an example of its use, analysis of the concentration ... activation analysis neutron activation to develop discrete measurements within vast samples. A matrix chemical analysis matrix can have a considerable effect on the way a chemical analysis is conducted and the quality of its results. Analysis can be done manually or with a analyser device . Chemical analysis is an important element of national security among the great power major world powers with Materials ... See also Isotope analysis Isotope geochemistry Chemists can use isotope s to assist analysts with issues ... of environmental radioactivity . Business Financial statement analysis the analysis of the accounts and the economic prospects of a firm Fundamental analysis a stock valuation method that uses financial analysis Technical analysis the study of price action in securities markets in order to forecast future prices Business analysis involves identifying the needs and determining the solutions to business problems Price analysis involves the breakdown of a price to a unit figure Market analysis ... Computer science Requirements analysis encompasses those tasks that go into determining the needs ...   more details

  1. Gap buffer

    unreferenced date April 2012 A gap buffer in computer science is a dynamic array that allows efficient insertion and deletion operations clustered near the same location. Gap buffers are especially common ... computers cursor . The text is stored in a large buffer in two contiguous segments, with a gap between them for inserting new text. Moving the cursor involves copying text from one side of the gap ... adds new text at the end of the first segment. Deletion increases the size of the gap. Text in a gap ... list s. However, operations at different locations in the text and ones that fill the gap requiring a new gap to be created may require copying most of the text, which is especially inefficient for large files. The use of gap buffers is based on the assumption that such recopying occurs rarely enough that its cost can be amortized analysis amortized over the more common cheap operations. Example Below are some examples of operations with buffer gaps. The gap is represented pictorially by the empty ..., the endpoints of the gap are tracked using pointer computer programming pointer s or array indices, and the contents of the gap are ignored this allows, for example, deletions to be done by adjusting ... a semi open interval for the gap pointers, i.e. the start of gap points to the invalid character following the last character in the first buffer, and the end of gap points to the first valid character .... This is the way the world started out. User adds text filling the gap system creates new gap This is the way the world as we know it started out. See also Dynamic array , the special case of a gap buffer where the gap is always at the end Zipper data structure , conceptually a generalization of the gap ... Implementation of a cyclic sorted gap buffer in .NET C http archive apps ecce hmd e915.imp.html Use of gap buffer in early editor. First written somewhere between 1969 and 1971 http software emacs elisp html node Buffer Gap.html emacs gap buffer ...   more details

  1. Inflationary gap

    war finance. Keynes starts the analysis of the inflationary gap from the level of full employment equilibrium ... the Keynesian inflationary gap on the grounds that gap analysis can be used only under special circumstances ... analysis of the gap only to the goods market, leaving out the factor market.According to him, the gap ...Orphan date December 2011 Merge to Output gap date March 2012 File Actual potential GDP output gap CBO ... Budget Office. An inflationary gap , in economics , is the amount by which the real Gross domestic ... s economy is at full employment. It is one type of output gap , the other being a recessionary gap . Overview The concept of the inflationary gap was first given by John Maynard Keynes in his work ... national income, which is known as the inflationary gap. ref name Lipsey 1992 573 cite book last ... and Nicolson location London isbn 0 297 79556 2 pages 573 edition 7th ed. ref If this gap is positive, it is known as recessionary gap . The inflationary gap is always an ex ante phenomenon, it is always ... Milton title Discussion on the Inflationary Gap journal The American Economic Review year 1942 month ... ref He defined an inflationary gap as an excess of planned expenditure over the available output ... gap. Thus Keynes used the concept of the inflationary gap to show the main determinants that cause an inflationary rise of prices. File Inflationary Gap.jpg thumb Inflationary Gap When an initial ..., i.e. above the aggregate supply at full employment . The gap created between real GDP and potential GDP is the consequence of inflation, this is one of the reasons this type of gap is called an inflationary gap. Obviously, this situation cannot last forever, because there is a shortage of labour. The shortage ... pressure on the price level, consequently causing inflation. The once created gap between real GDP and potential GDP was the sign of forthcoming inflation, this is another reason this type gap is called an inflationary gap. Causes, Effects and Solutions The main cause of the gap is considered ...   more details

  1. Leibniz's gap

    Orphan date February 2009 Leibniz s gap is a philosophy of mind term that is used to refer to the problem that thoughts cannot be observed or perceived solely by examining brain properties, events, and processes. Here the word gap is a metaphor of a subquestion regarding the mind body problem that allegedly must be answered in order to reach more profound understanding of consciousness and emergence . A theory that could correlate brain phenomena with Psychology psychological phenomena would bridge the Gap. The term is named after Gottfried Leibniz who first presented the problem in his work The Monadology in 1714. Leibniz s passage describing the Gap goes as follows cquote It must be confessed, moreover, that perception, and that which depends on it, are inexplicable by mechanical causes, that is, by figures and motions, And, supposing that there were a mechanism so constructed as to think, feel and have perception, we might enter it as into a mill. And this granted, we should only find on visiting it, pieces which push one against another, but never anything by which to explain a perception. This must be sought, therefore, in the simple substance, and not in the composite or in the machine. author Gottfried Leibniz source http philosophy phil206 Leibniz.html Monadology Leibniz himself sought to bridge the Gap by introducing monads to explain the existence of immaterial, eternal souls. Leibniz s Gap, however, applies to materialism and dualism alike. This brought late 19th century scientists to conclude that psychology must build on introspection thus introspectionism was born. Computationalism seeks to answer the problem proposed by Leibniz s Gap through functional analysis of the brain and its processes. Today the term Leibniz s gap is still in wide use in scientific debate as the mind body problem remains unsolved. See also Gottfried Leibniz Monadology Cognitive science Philosophy of mind Emergence Category Arguments in philosophy of mind Category ...   more details

  1. Buffalo Gap

    Buffalo Gap is the name of several places in the United States Buffalo Gap, South Dakota Buffalo Gap, Texas Buffalo Gap, a mountain pass in Augusta County, Virginia Buffalo Gap, Saskatchewan Buffalo Gap High School , a public high school in Swoope, Virginia named for the nearby gap Buffalo Gap National Grassland , a national grassland in South Dakota geodis de Buffalo Gap it Buffalo Gap nl Buffalo Gap pl Buffalo Gap ...   more details

  1. Bridging the Gap

    Bridging the Gap may refer to Bridging the Gap Black Eyed Peas album Bridging the Gap Black Eyed Peas album , 2000 Bridging the Gap Charlie Wilson album Bridging the Gap Charlie Wilson album , 2000 Bridging the Gap Roger Troutman album Bridging the Gap Roger Troutman album , 1991 Bridging the Gap song Bridging the Gap song by Nas, 2004 Bridging the Gap Ali Vegas album Bridging the Gap Ali Vegas album , 2011 disambiguation it Bridging the Gap ...   more details

  1. Output gap

    mergefrom Inflationary gap date March 2012 Image Actual potential GDP output gap CBO Jan 09 outlook.png thumb 250px Potential light and actual bold GDP estimates from the Congressional Budget Office. The difference between the two represents the GDP gap. Image 2009 Output Gap IMF.png thumb 250px IMF estimates of the 2009 output gaps as of GDP by country The GDP gap or the output gap is the difference between potential GDP and actual GDP or actual output. The calculation for the output gap is Y Y where Y is actual output and Y is potential output. If this calculation yields a positive number it is called an inflationary gap and indicates the growth of aggregate demand is outpacing the growth of aggregate supply possibly creating inflation if the calculation yields a negative number it is called a recessionary gap possibly signifying deflation . ref Richard G. Lipsey and Alec Chrystal. Economics . Oxford University Press. 11th edition. January 2007. p. 423. ref The percentage GDP gap is the actual GDP minus the potential GDP divided by the potential GDP. math GDP actual GDP potential over GDP potential math . Okun s Law The relationship between output and unemployment Okun s Law is based on regression analysis of US data that shows a correlation between unemployment and GDP. Okun s law can be stated as For every 1 increase in Unemployment Cyclical or Keynesian unemployment cyclical unemployment actual unemployment natural rate of unemployment , GDP will decrease by . Output gap x Cyclical unemployment This can also be expressed as Y Y Y u where Y is actual output Y is potential output u is actual unemployment is the natural rate of unemployment is a constant derived from regression show the link between deviations from natural output & natural unemployment. References reflist See also Phillips Curve ZIRP External links http economics content topics ... Domestic Product Econ stub de Produktionsl cke fr cart de production it Output gap ja no Produksjonsgap ...   more details

  1. Rocky Gap

    Rocky Gap may refer to Rocky Gap, Virginia Rocky Gap State Park in Allegany County, Maryland. Rocky Gap in Mountain passes in Montana M Z Mountain passes in Montana disambig ...   more details

  1. Petaluma Gap

    The Petaluma Gap is a geographical region in Sonoma County, California which extends in a band from the Pacific Ocean to San Pablo Bay . It is an area of low land 22 to 31 miles 35 to 50 kilometers wide in the California Coast Ranges coast ranges of the North Bay San Francisco Bay Area northern San Francisco Bay Area . The western edge of the gap is located in the coastal lowlands between Bodega Bay and Tomales Bay . The eastern edge of the gap is located at San Pablo Bay around the mouth of the Petaluma River . The city of Petaluma, California Petaluma is near the center of the gap. The Petaluma Gap affects wind patterns and thus microclimate s and air quality in the San Francisco Bay Area . Fresh marine air generally blows eastward through the gap, branching into southward and northward streams which blow toward the Carquinez Strait and Santa Rosa, California Santa Rosa respectively. The southward stream brings marine air overland into the central Bay Area from the northwest. Warm air rises from the land and allows cold, moist air, plus winds and fog to move into the area. ref name baaqmd cite web url http dst papers bay area climate.pdf title Bay Area Climate accessdate 2008 01 05 archiveurl http web 20071105195703 http dst papers bay area climate.pdf Bot retrieved archive archivedate 2007 11 05 ref During the 1990s, the Sonoma County wine industry adopted the term Petaluma Gap to help differentiate its products. The gap is a part of the Sonoma Coast AVA , a designated American Viticultural Area , but is not itself an AVA. Wine grapes growing in the Petaluma Gap are said to be influenced enough by this climate to give the area ... Gap Grape and Wine Alliance. ref cite web url http news news wine060426.html ... Sonoma County Climatic Zones http r2 mwr v134i7 f.html A Multiwinter Analysis of Channeled Flow through a Prominent Gap along the Northern California Coast during CALJET and PACJET ...   more details

  1. Seismic gap

    shock and aftershock s of the 1989 event occurred within the previous seismic gap. Central Kuril gap, Russia Immediately following the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , a seismic gap analysis of the seismic ...A seismic gap is a segment of an active fault that has not slipped in an unusually long time when compared with other segments along the same structure. Seismic gap hypothesis theory states that, over long periods of time, the displacement on any segment must be equal to that experienced by all the other parts of the fault. ref http content l00354272m4x15l6 McCann, W.R., Nishenko, S.P., Sykes, I.R. & Krause, J. 1979. Seismic gaps and plate tectonics seismic potential for major boundaries. Pure and applied geophysics, 117, 1082 1147 ref Any large and longstanding gap is therefore considered to be the fault segment most likely to suffer future earthquake s. The applicability of this approach has been criticised by some seismologist s, ref http pubs crossref 1991 91JB02210.shtml Kagan, Y.K. & Jackson, D.D. 1991. Seismic Gap Hypothesis Ten Years After. Journal of Geophysical Research, 96 B13 , 21,419 21,431 ref although earthquakes have occurred in previously identified seismic gaps in some cases. Examples Image USGS 1045 Fig5.jpg right 400px thumb Cross sections along the San Andreas fault showing recorded seismic activity A 20 years before the Loma Prieta event, B The main shock large circle and aftershocks for the Loma Prieta event, USGS Circular 1045 Loma Prieta Seismic Gap, California Prior to the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake , that segment of the San Andreas fault system recorded much less seismic activity than other parts of the fault. ref http djvu CIR circ 1045.djvu Lessons Learned from the Loma Prieta, California, Earthquake ... earthquake earthquake of 13 January 2007 occurred within the defined gap. References reflist External ... Seismic Gap Category Seismology and earthquake terminology ja ...   more details

  1. Opportunity gap

    Opportunity gap can refer to in business, a Market opportunity a company or individual is not addressing in politics, a euphemism for a lack of equal opportunity See also Business opportunity Market Intelligence Marketing management Marketing plan Product management Strategic planning Achievement gap Digital gap Generation gap Income gap Marriage gap Disambiguation ...   more details

  1. Parasitic gap

    In grammar , a parasitic gap is a construction wherein the dropping of an argument linguistics argument is dependent on a co varying argument having been wh fronting fronted in a local context. Discovery The phenomenon appears to have been discovered by John Robert Ross in the 1960s, ref cite book title Constraints on Variables in Syntax author Ross, John Robert publisher MIT PhD dissertation year 1967 ref but remained undiscussed until papers by Knut Tarald Taraldsen and Elisabet Engdahl explored the properties of parasitic gaps in great depth. This work was extended by Noam Chomsky in 1982, ref cite book author Chomsky, Noam title Some Concepts and Consequences of the Theory of Government and Binding. Linguistic Inquiry Monograph Six year 1982 publisher MIT Press ref arguing that parasitic gaps are actually silent pronouns, licensed under particular conditions predicted by the general theory of grammar. Aspects of this analysis were developed in the framework of Generalized Phrase Structure Grammar GPSG in the mid 1980s, and refined in the Head driven Phrase Structure Grammar HPSG , done by Carl Pollard and Ivan Sag. More recent research by Chomsky and his student Jonathan Nissenbaum ref cite book author Jonathan Nissenbaum title Investigations of Covert Phrase Movement year 2000 publisher MIT PhD dissertation ref has refined this view, arguing in effect that the pronouns themselves ... ? The key feature here is that both review and reading have a gap where their objects should be indicated ... i.e. Which book x did she review x without reading x? . The second gap is considered to be parasitic on the first, since it unlike the first gap cannot easily stand on its own, shown by the following ... supporters of hosts the parasitic gap licensed by the true gap following dislike . This example further shows that parasitic gaps need not follow their licensing gap. Which candidate do even supporters ... Parasitic gap ...   more details

  1. Marriage gap

    women respond as being Democrats 11 percent more. ref Ibid. ref Political issues The marriage gap ... 14 comment.uknews Guardian of 17 7 2007 ref blockquote Interpreting the data The marriage gap is susceptible ... comment.uknews Guardian of 17 7 2007 ref blockquote See also Achievement gap Balanced parenting disambiguation Digital gap Generation gap Income gap Equal opportunity Opportunity gap Cost of raising a child ... news washington 2006 09 26 marriage gap x.htm title Marriage gap could sway elections accessdate ... press release title Marriage Gap Bigger than Gender Gap publisher National Annenberg Election Survey ... the Marriage Gap accessdate 2007 04 27 last Varian first Hal R. date 2004 07 29 publisher The New ... The Spouse in the House What Explains the Marriage Gap in Canada? accessdate 2007 05 01 last Wilson ... of Social Research http p iza izadps dp1591.html An Analysis of the Male Marital Wage Differential in Denmark DEFAULTSORT Marriage Gap Category Marriage Category Socioeconomics ...   more details

  1. Pine Gap

    Image As map.png thumb right 250px Pine Gap is just southwest of Alice Springs, near the geographic centre of Australia. Image PineGap sign.jpg right thumb 250px Warning sign on the road to Pine Gap Pine Gap is the commonly used name for a satellite tracking station at Coord 23.799 S 133.737 E region ... called the Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap since 1988, previously it was known as Joint Defence ... Pine Gap celebrates 40 years periodical Defence Magazine volume 2007 8 issue 3 pages 28 31 url http ... Hill , United Kingdom. United States government personnel at Pine Gap are believed to be mostly ... Safety Authority CASA the airspace around Pine Gap is the only area in Australia designated as prohibited ... Des Ball from the Australian National University was called to give an outline of Pine Gap. According ... the Pine Gap treaty, Pine Gap had grown from the original two antennas to about eighteen in 1999 ... Analysis Section , from which Australians were barred until 1980. Australians are now ... Facility Nurrungar Nurrungar base in 1999, an area in Pine Gap was set aside for the United States ... While much of its operation is secret, Pine Gap is known to be involved in numerous military satellite ... activists to the Pine Gap gates where they fell silent for 11 minutes to mark Remembrance Day and the arrival ... notice to be closed by the people in a Close the Gap campaign there was a protest by both women ... Gap, including some politicians. They were objecting to its use in the then impending Iraq war and missile ... Pine Gap. Four of them subsequently broke into the facility and were arrested. Their trial began on 3 .... ref cite press release title Christian Pacifists Challenge Pine Gap In Court url http ... 2009 The Pine Gap four cross appealed to have their convictions quashed. In February 2008 the four ... a jury that Pine Gap was not a defence facility for Australia. ref cite web url http ... of operation of the Joint Defence Facility at Pine Gap . Report 26. Parliament of the Commonwealth ...   more details

  1. Woody Gap

    unreferenced date August 2010 Woody Gap is a mountain ridge gap in northern Georgia U.S. state Georgia where the Appalachian Trail crosses State Highway 60. Perched at 3,160  ft altitude, the gap affords scenic vistas of Yahoola Valley below. External links http georgia wildlife viewing northeast ga mtns 12.html Sherpa s Guide Woody Gap http trails appal2.html Georgia Trails Woody Gap to Neal s Gap Category Mountains on the Appalachian Trail ...   more details

  1. Missile gap

    About the military concept the Charles Stross novel Missile Gap File MissileGap NIE11 8 60.png thumb Projected numbers of Soviet ICBM Program A CIA, B USAF, C Army&Navy The missile gap was the term used ... and United States U.S. ballistic missile arsenal s during the Cold War . The gap only existed ... count. Like the bomber gap of only a few years earlier, it is believed that the gap was known to be illusionary ... ITM Who ever believed in the missile gap? John F. Kennedy and the politics of national security. ref ... missile 20gap missile gap ref the numbers started to inflate. A similar report gathered ... article 523 1 Of myths and missiles the truth about John F. Kennedy and the Missile Gap ref ... the issue. The Oxford English Dictionary lists the first use of the term missile gap in 14 August ... the missile gap. ref name kennedy http coms2 summary 0199 1230060 ITM Who ever believed in the missile gap? John F. Kennedy and the politics of national security. ref According ... gap was a common theme. Eisenhower refused to publicly refute the claims, fearing that public disclosure ... on the missile gap are a little dated, since Mr Kennedy has now told us that it scarcely ever existed ... was behind the Soviets in a missile gap was that Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev and senior ... Crisis placing nuclear missiles in Cuba in 1962 . Kennedy was informed the missile gap was a fiction ... title Who Ever Believed in the Missile Gap ? John F. Kennedy and the Politics of National Security ... of Eisenhower s permanent SciencE Advisory Committee, explained that the missile gap was a fiction ..., a bomber gap had exercised political concerns a few years previously. What was different about the missile gap was the fear that a distant country could strike without warning from far away with little ... culture The whole idea of a missile gap was parodied in the 1964 film Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned ... a Doomsday Gap . Also in the movie, the President of the United States is warned by his generals against ...   more details

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