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GPS Live Tracking Device Child Finder System
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Encyclopedia results for GPS Live Tracking Device Child Finder System

GPS Live Tracking Device Child Finder System

Encyclopedia results for GPS Live Tracking Device Child Finder System

  1. Special Needs Evacuation Tracking System

    Orphan date October 2008 The Texas Special Needs Evacuation Tracking System SNETS is a tracking system for emergency evacuees developed by AT&T for the state of Texas . ref Citation title AT&T to Deliver Country s First Statewide Citizen Evacuation Management System date 2007 12 03 year 2007 url http gen press room?pid 4800&cdvn news&newsarticleid 24841 accessdate 2008 01 07 ref The system is based on tracking RFID tags attached to the wrists of evacuees via the AT&T Cingular wireless network and a data center at the University of Texas Center for Space Research. Evacuees are indirectly tracked using GPS locators mounted on the vehicles in which they are traveling. The http dem pages index.htm Texas Governor s Division of Emergency Management GDEM awarded the contract to AT&T in December 2007. Parts of the system were deployed as early as 2006, prior to AT&T s involvement, ref name rfidupdate Citation title Texas Turns to RFID for Emergency Evacuation System date 2008 01 03 year 2008 url http news 01032008.html accessdate 2008 01 07 ref but AT&T has taken over overall responsibility for its operation. The system has been tested three times. Texas officials planned to use the system during Hurricane Dean , ref name rfidupdate but the storm changed course and missed Texas. In 2008, SNETS is nominated in the Laureates Class of Computerworld Honors Program honoring those who uses Information Technology to benefit society. ref Citation title Computerworld Honors Program date 2008 06 02 url http viewCaseStudy2008.asp?NominationID 757 ref References references Category Radio frequency identification ...   more details

  1. Finder

    Wiktionary Finder may refer to Finder software , a core component of the Apple Macintosh operating system, is the graphical representation of the computer s file system Finder comics Finder comics , a comic book series by Carla Speed McNeil Finder Wyvernspur , a fictional deity of the Forgotten Realms universe Sat Finder, for locating satellites FINDER is the name of one of the American Miniature UAVs For Finder , an episode of the animated television series Lilo and Stitch The Series , see List of Lilo & Stitch The Series episodes See also The Finder disambiguation Find Disambig de Finder ko ja ...   more details

  1. S-GPS

    expert subject Technology date August 2009 Simultaneous GPS or S GPS is a method to enhance a mobile phone s satellite based position reporting ability to a carrier. Ordinarily, a built in GPS device is used to determine the location of an E911 call made from CDMA phones. By using a time multiplexed scheme called TM GPS , the reception of the telephone call and the GPS signal are alternated one after the other, requiring only one radio frequency RF radio. As the name implies, Simultaneous GPS allows a cellphone to receive both GPS and voice data at the same time, which improves sensitivity and allows service providers to offer location based services . The use of two radios with a single antenna imparts new design challenges, but the commercial availability of S GPS chipsets, from manufacturers such as Qualcomm , has led to adoption of the method in newer handsets. ref cite web url http Improving S GPS sensitivity article farr avago jun2008 html.aspx title Improving S GPS sensitivity publisher Avago Technologies ref References reflist Category Mobile technology Category Satellite navigation systems Category GPS wireless stub ru S GPS ...   more details

  1. Child abduction alert system

    3053540.stm ref ref cite web title Child Rescue Alert System Goes Live date 2006 03 17 accessdate ...A child abduction alert system is an alert system designed to produce a coordinated response, by the emergency service s and News media media , if a child is Kidnapping abducted . Europe At present, there are alert ... Service , have adopted a similar program called the Child Rescue Alert system . Sussex was the first to launch the system, on November 14, 2002. ref cite web title Child Rescue Alert url http ... 7475&bctrail 0 ref ref cite web title Child Rescue Alert system launched date 2006 03 27 accessdate ... Abduction Alert System Category Child safety Category Emergency Alert System Category Emergency telephone ... Tribune However, the European Union EU does not have a Union wide alert system. Gerry and Kate ... , on 10 April 2008, and pressed for the establishment of an EU system. ref name International ... of Madeleine McCann ask the European Union to set up alert system agency Associated Press publisher International Herald Tribune date 2008 04 10 accessdate 2008 04 10 ref The McCanns are setting up a child ... accessdate 2008 04 10 ref United Kingdom The United Kingdom UK has developed the Child Rescue Alert ... Center for Missing & Exploited Children accessdate 2006 06 06 ref The system works in a way, where ... to the American system. ref cite news title Snatch alert swings into action publisher BBC News ... cite web url http News And Appeals News Police Launch Child Rescue Alert.htm date 2006 03 20 accessdate 2006 06 06 publisher Suffolk Constabulary title Police Launch Child Rescue ... launches Child Rescue Alert date 2006 03 27 accessdate 2006 06 06 publisher Wiltshire Police archiveurl ... 03 24 accessdate 2006 06 06 title Child Rescue Alert Introduced To The County publisher Northamptonshire ... Child kidnap alert scheme starts date 2006 03 19 accessdate 2006 06 06 publisher BBC News ref ref cite web url http reduction victimsofcrime child alert index.htm title Child ...   more details

  1. Commodity Classification Automated Tracking System

    refimprove date April 2007 Commodity Classification Automated Tracking System CCATS is an alphanumeric code assigned by Bureau of Industry and Security BIS to products that it has classified against the Export Administration Regulations EAR . Software companies provide the CCATS number because some encryption exports require the exporter to make post shipment reporting to BIS on a bi annual basis and the CCATS number is amongst one of the mandatory elements required for reporting. References http licensing ExportingBasics.htm Bureau of Industry and Security http Licensing CCLRequestGuidance.html Guidelines for requesting commodity classification Category Commercial item transport and distribution Category International trade ...   more details

  1. Child Care Management System

    Multiple issues wikify March 2012 orphan February 2009 unreferenced May 2008 The Child Care Management System CCMS is a national child care computer system that provides information on child care supply and usage for families, services and the Australian Government. The decision to introduce a national system recognises the need for better management of, and information about child care. The system complemented the compliance strategy announced in May 2006. Who date March 2011 Citation needed date March 2011 CCMS builds on the recently introduced changes to the Child Care Access Hotline CCAH . The CCAH gives families access to up to date information on child care vacancies. CCMS will simplify reporting arrangements to the CCAH for child care services. Child care services submit information to CCMS via Third Party Software. External links http ChildCarePlus is designed for the Australian childcare industry and is registered with CCMS . Category Child care ...   more details

  1. Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System

    morefootnotes date October 2009 The Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System TDRSS is a network of American communications satellite s each called a Tracking and Data Relay Satellite TDRS and ground stations used by NASA for space communications. The system was designed to replace an existing network .... Torrance, California Microcosm Press. TDRS DEFAULTSORT Tracking And Data Relay Satellite System ... that could be transferred. Many Tracking and Data Relay Satellite s were launched in the 1980s and 1990s ... Tracking and Data Acquisition Network STADAN . when date December 2011 Consisting of parabolic dish ... performance space based communication system arose. At the end of the Apollo program, NASA ... networks to create the STDN Spacecraft Tracking and Data Network STDN . Even after consolidation, STDN ... to augment the system with a space based communication nodes. The space segment of the new system ... that a minor system modification was needed to achieve 100 global coverage. A small area would .... The space based network study created a system that became the plan for the present day TDRSS network ... 2009 tdrs review.html title NASA Tracking and Data Relay Satellite Mission Passes Major Review ... in any one segment could have catastrophic impact on the rest of the system. For this reason all segments ... in 1994, completing the system after Flight 6 s on orbit checkout earlier in the year. Additionally ... at WSGT. The system architects moved remaining SGLT to Guam to provide full network support for the satellite ... system was located at Diego Garcia . Incorporation into the STDN The major parts of the Spaceflight Tracking and Data Network STDN are the NASA Integrated Services Network NISN , network control ... or the High Data Rate System HDRS . IPONET uses the TCP IP protocol common to all computers connected to the Internet, and is a standard way to ship data. The High Data Rate System transports data ... project and tracking network support. Flight project support consists of orbital and attitude determination ...   more details

  1. The Finder

    The Finder may refer to The Finder Australian TV series The Finder Australian TV series first broadcast 1991 , an Australian television series for children broadcast The Finder U.S. TV series The Finder U.S. TV series first broadcast 2012 , an American television series DEFAULTSORT Finder, The Disambiguation ...   more details

  1. Destiny's Child: Live in Atlanta

    italic title Infobox album Name Live in Atlanta Type Live Longtype DVD Artist Destiny s Child Cover Dc001 ... English Label Columbia Records Columbia Director Destiny s Child br Frank Gatson Jr. br Julia Knowles Producer Sharon Ali br Mathew Knowles br Destiny s Child Reviews Compiler Last album Destiny s Child World Tour br 2003 This album Live in Atlanta br 2005 Next album Misc Destiny s Child Live in Atlanta features Destiny s Child performing live in Atlanta , Georgia U.S. state Georgia at Philips ... detailview.html?KEY SICP 1057 title Live In Atlanta DESTINY S CHILD CD& 93 publisher ... bs Live in Atlanta fr Destiny s Child Live in Atlanta id Destiny s Child Live in Atlanta lv Live in Atlanta pl Live in Atlanta pt Destiny s Child Live in Atlanta ru Live in Atlanta simple Live in Atlanta fi Live in Atlanta vi Destiny s Child Live in Atlanta ... Music World Entertainment Destiny s Child ref Recorded July 15, 2005 Genre contemporary R&B R&B ... s , it was also known as the last tour of Destiny s Child. It has been released on March 28, 2006 ...?table SEARCH Type Live In Atlanta ref This was also released as a two disc CD but only seemingly ... My Name 4 30 3. Independent Women Part I 3 01 4. No, No, No Destiny s Child song No, No, No Part 2 ... Dance Interlude 4 31 10. Soldier Destiny s Child song Soldier featuring T.I. and Lil Wayne 5 ... 6 54 20. Girl Destiny s Child song Girl 5 15 21. Free 3 40 22. If 1 29 23. Through with Love ... in Love By Beyonc 4 12 28. Salsa Dance Break 2 03 29. Survivor Destiny s Child song Survivor 6 45 30 ... 7 15 Girl JS Club Mix 6 42 Lose My Breath Paul Johnson s Club Mix 6 07 Bonus features Destiny s Child ... Special features PCM Stereo Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround References Reflist Destiny s Child Category Destiny s Child video albums Live in Atlanta Category Destiny s Child albums Category Live video albums Category 2006 video albums Category 2006 live albums Category 2006 remix albums Category Columbia ...   more details

  1. System Center Mobile Device Manager

    Infobox Software name System Center Mobile Device Manager developer Microsoft latest release version 1.0 latest release date april, 2008 operating system Microsoft Windows Windows , Windows Mobile license Proprietary software Proprietary website http windowsmobile en us business solutions enterprise mobile device manager.mspx System Center Mobile Device Manager is a Mobile device management MDM solution providing Wireless over the air OTA management of Windows Mobile Smartphone security, applications and settings. System Center Mobile Device Manager supports devices running the Windows Mobile 6.1 and above operating system. Features Through ActiveDirectory based policies, the product provides the following functions Provisioning of device settings provisioning the managed devices with settings, such as E mail accounts and access points. Settings monitoring setting and verifying the settings of managed devices, gathering diagnostics information and application inventory. Device security back up, restore, lock, wipe and set up functionality restrictions for managed devices. Asset and application management install remove, update, gather inventory, version check and the starting or stopping of mobile applications, such as virus protection, encryption and mobile email clients. Client System Center Mobile Device Manager client is located in Read only memory ROM . All device management activities are centrally managed from the server side. Server System Center Mobile Device Manager server components are deployed on multiple server computers, including a Mobile VPN server , a Windows Update server,and an ActiveDirectory domain controller. See also http windowsmobile en us business solutions enterprise mobile device manager.mspx Official product page http communications 0,1000000085,39290265,00.htm ZDNet Microsoft ... Mobile software Category Windows Mobile de System Center Mobile Device Manager ...   more details

  1. Closed system drug transfer device

    expert subject Pharmacology date October 2009 A closed system drug transfer device is a drug transfer device that mechanically prohibits the transfer of environmental contaminants into a system and the escape of hazardous drug or vapor concentrations outside the system. History In response to the initial reports of occupationally linked cancer within the scientific community ref Skov T, Maarup B, Olsen J, Rorth M, Winthereik H and Lynge E. Leukaemia and reproductive outcome among nurses handling antineoplastic drugs. Br J Ind.Med 1992 49 855 61 ref ref Sessink PJM, Kroese ED, van Kranen HJ and Bos ... of a closed system drug transfer device was first published in an alert warning released by the American ... alert recommended that a closed system drug transfer device be used whenever hazardous drugs were to be handled. NIOSH NIOSH, in response to the need for a working model as to what a closed system and what a closed system drug transfer device was, provided the following definitions A closed system is a device that does not exchange unfiltered air or contaminants with the adjacent environment. ref ... date October 2009 completely sealed drug delivery system where hazardous drugs could be transferred ... 165 2004 165d.html accessdate October 26, 2009 ref This closed system definition originally referred ... containment devices. A drug containment device is one that is both airtight and leakproof. ref name name A closed system drug transfer device is a drug transfer device that mechanically prohibits the transfer of environmental contaminants into the system and the escape of hazardous drug or vapor concentrations outside the system. ref name NIOSH The NIOSH definition is the only definition that includes ..., the International Society of Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners splits the definition of a closed system ... prohibit the transfer of environment contaminants into the system and the escape of hazardous drug or vapour concentrations outside the system. ISOPP, however, agree that the NIOSH definition ...   more details

  1. Assisted GPS

    . See also Wide Area Augmentation System As an additional benefit, in some A GPS device implementations ...Assisted GPS , generally abbreviated as A GPS or aGPS , is a system which can, under certain conditions ... system GPS satellite based positioning system. It is used extensively with GPS capable cellular ..., some standalone GPS navigation device s may not be able to work out a position due to the fragmentary ... ref An Assisted GPS system can address these problems by using data available from a network ... receiver The device captures a snapshot of the GPS signal, with approximate time, for the server .... Many mobile phones combine A GPS and other location services including Wi Fi Positioning System and Mobile phone tracking cell site triangulation and sometimes a hybrid positioning system . ref http iphone.html iPhone Networking iPhone A GPS Hybrid system ref High Sensitivity GPS is an allied ... concepts Standalone GPS provides first position in approximately 30 40 seconds. A Standalone GPS system ... Mobile Station Assisted MSA In MSA mode A GPS operation, the A GPS capable device receives acquisition ... of the above data, the A GPS device receives signals from the visible satellites and sends the measurements ... device. Mobile Station Based MSB In MSB mode A GPS operation, the A GPS device receives ephemeris ... of the above data, the A GPS device receives signals from the visible satellites and calculates ... with Assisted GPS Mobile phone tracking References Reflist Satellite navigation DEFAULTSORT Assisted ... ca GPS Assistit de Assisted Global Positioning System et A GPS es GPS Asistido fr Assisted GPS ... System pl AGPS pt GPS assistido ru A GPS fi A GPS sv Assisted GPS th zh ... cite web url http gps assisted gps a low infrastructure approach 734 title Assisted GPS A Low Infrastructure Approach publisher GPS World date March 1, 2002 accessdate 2008 06 11 ref Description Standalone or Autonomous GPS operation uses radio signals from GPS satellite satellites ...   more details

  1. Tracking

    also Tracing disambiguation Tracing Track disambiguation Tracker disambiguation Tracking system disambig ...Tracking can refer to Tracking education , separating children into different classes according to their academic ability Tracking, in computer graphics, a vital part of match moving Tracking, in portfolio management, matching or comparing with a stock market index Tracking, in automotive engineering, a synonym for Toe automotive Tracking, a subject of dead reckoning , concerning setting up a track on other objects momentarily viewed from the observer s own location Tracking typography , the process ... of a satellite tracker disambiguation Tracking commercial airline flight , the means of tracking civil airline flights in realtime. Tracking hunting , the science and art of learning about a place via animal trails and other environmental evidence Tracking Scouting , a Scouting activity Tracking, an electrical pre breakdown phenomenon, see Electrical treeing Tracking shot , a filming technique also known as a dolly shot The association of individual detections from a radar system, performed by a radar tracker Target tracking, one of the elements of Missile guidance GOT systems Go Onto Target ... the current and past locations and other status of property in transit. Tracking and tracing is the completion ... for, applied in or disposed of usage. Mobile asset management Asset tracking technology Asset tracking provides regular information about objects of an inventory or any stock of mobile entities In sports Tracking freeflying , in skydiving, the technique of moving horizontally while in free fall Tracking dog , the act of a dog following a scent trail Tracking trial , a dog competition In technology Optical motion tracking Video tracking , finding the location of an object of the scene on each frame of the sequence, when processing a video sequence Video tape tracking , alignment of the magnetic tape of a video tape recorder with respect to the reading head Tracking, composing music ...   more details

  1. Trailer tracking

    Onesource date March 2009 The term trailer tracking refers to the concept of tracking the position of an Semi trailer truck articulated vehicle s Semi trailer trailer unit. This position is determined through a tracking device fitted to the trailer. ref Name Donath cite book title The IOMA Handbook of Logistics and Inventory Management last Donath first Bob authorlink year 2002 publisher John Wiley and Sons location isbn 9780471209355 page 320 pages url ref A communication network or satellite network is then used to transfer this positional data to a centralised collection point. Trailer tracking is used to increase productivity by optimising the use of trailer fleets. Trailer Tracking System Trailer tracking systems can provide essential information to trailer operators on status, location, door activity and history. These systems utilize the information to provide reliable and protected services to shippers of perishable commodities. File Trailer Tracking System.jpg thumb Trailer Tracking System br Trailer tracking systems require 4 essential components to operate. 1. Tracking Device br 2. Communication Network br 3. Back end Server and Database br 4. User Interface Software br See also GPS tracking server GPS tracking unit References reflist http Trailer Tracking Explained Category Logistics ...   more details

  1. Blackline GPS

    company company.html http blackline gps snitch review 2420314 http ... http 2009 05 11 free blackberry app blackline gps one ups google latitude http press release Blackline Gps Corp TSX VENTURE BLN 1079322.html http ... system companies Category Companies based in Calgary ...   more details

  1. GPS (disambiguation)

    GPS can refer to Global Positioning System Informally, any GPS navigation device , especially an automotive navigation system Seymour Airport IATA code GPS , the main airport serving the Gal pagos Islands in Ecuador Athletic Association of the Great Public Schools of New South Wales , an association of private boys schools Fareed Zakaria GPS Global Public Square Generalized processor sharing General Problem Solver http resources standard.html Genealogical Proof Standard , also known as Cluster genealogy Geometrical Products Specification Geo Political Simulator , a political simulation game Gilbert Public Schools , a school district in Gilbert, Arizona Girls Preparatory School , an all girls prep school in Chattanooga, Tennessee GNAT Programming Studio Gold Piece s, a form of currency used in some computer and video games GPS band , a progressive rock band gps Linux , a command for process management Great Portland Street , London Great Public Schools Association of Queensland Inc. Grosse Pointe South High School , a public high school in Grosse Pointe, Michigan Gunner s Primary Sight , a part of the targeting and fire control system on the M1 Abrams tank Global Production System aka Trans national Production System TPS GPS Rugby , an Australian rugby union club disambiguation Category Initialisms da GPS flertydig de GPS Begriffskl rung es GPS desambiguaci n fr GPS homonymie it GPS disambigua ja GPS sl GPS razlo itev ...   more details

  1. Live File System

    Live File System is the term Microsoft uses to describe the packet writing method of creating discs in Windows Vista and later, which allows files to be added incrementally to the media. ref cite web url http window on windows ?p 536 title Take advantage of Vista s Live File System optical disc format last Shultz first Greg date September 20th, 2007 publisher accessdate 2008 11 22 ref These discs use the Universal Disc Format UDF file system. The Live File System option is used by default by AutoPlay when formatting erasing a CD DVD R or RW. Compatibility issues Older Windows versions do not have support reading the latest UDF versions. ref cite web url http Windows en US help 2af64e60 60aa 4d79 ab6c 3a5db5806cbe1033.mspx section 2 title Understanding the difference between the Live File System and Mastered disc formats work Which CD or DVD format should I use? publisher Microsoft accessdate 2008 11 22 ref If users create DVD CDs in Windows Vista using UDF 2.50, these may not be readable on other systems, including Windows XP and older Apple systems unless a third party UDF reader driver is installed. To ensure compatibility of disks created on Windows Vista, UDF 2.01 or lower should be selected. See also Image Mastering API References reflist Category Computer storage media Category Microsoft Windows file system technology Compu storage stub Windows stub de Live File System ru Live File System ...   more details

  1. The Amnesic Incognito Live System

    infobox OS name The Amnesic Incognito Live System logo screenshot caption developer family Unix like source model working state active released 23 June 2009 latest release version 0.10.1 latest release date Start date and age 2012 01 30 df yes latest test version latest test date kernel type Linux Linux kernel ui Gnome license GNU General Public License website https index.en.html TAILS updatemodel package manager supported platforms x86 The Amnesic Incognito Live System or Tails is a Linux distribution aimed at preserving privacy and anonymity. It is the next iteration of development on the Incognito operating system Incognito Linux distribution. It is based on Debian , with all outgoing connections forced to go through Tor anonymity network Tor . The system is designed to be booted as a live cd or usb and no trace is left on local storage unless explicitly told to. Version history class wikitable Version number Release date version 0.10.1 Monday 30 January 2012 version 0.10 Wednesday 4 January 2012 version 0.9 Friday 11 November 2011 version 0.8.1 Sunday 16 October 2011 version 0.8 Wednesday 21 September 2011 version 0.7.2 Monday 13 June 2011 version 0.7.1 Saturday 30 April 2011 version 0.7 Thursday 7 April 2011 License agreement The Amnesic Incognito Live System is free software released under the GNU GPL version 3 or above . External links https index.en.html Official website https projects projects.html.en Tails at Tor website Linux distro stub Category Operating system security Category Operating system distributions bootable from read only media Category Internet privacy Category Debian based distributions ...   more details

  1. GPS watch

    A GPS watch is a GPS navigation device with integrated GPS receiver that is worn as a single unit on a wrist, in the manner of a watch . Features Other than a built in GPS receiver for tracking, pacing or navigation a GPS Watch can have other features and capabilities depending on its intended purpose Mandatory Internal GPS receiver Wrist strap mount Optional Time keeping ability and display Route tracking ability Heart rate monitor compatibility Cadence sensor compatibility Power meter compatibility Map display Compatibility with sport transitions Such as triathlons Training programs such as intervals Routes Display Illuminated or passive Rechargeable battery Purpose A GPS watch may be designed for one particular purpose, or be designed with features to make it compatible with several. Examples of common purposes Data logging Navigation Fitness training Many GPS watches can be used on many sports such as running, walking, cycling or swimming Specific sport assistance Such as Golf List of GPS Watches Casio Pathfinder Garmin Foretrex 301 Garmin Foretrex 401 Garmin Garmin Forerunner Forerunner 110 Garmin Garmin Forerunner Forerunner 205 Garmin Garmin Forerunner Forerunner 305 Garmin Garmin Forerunner Forerunner 405 Garmin Garmin Forerunner Forerunner 405CX Garmin Garmin Forerunner Forerunner 410 Garmin Garmin Forerunner Forerunner 610 Garmin Garmin Forerunner Forerunner 310XT Garmin Garmin Forerunner Forerunner 910XT Garmin Garmin Forerunner Forerunner FR60 Garmin Garmin Forerunner Forerunner FR70 Nike SportWatch GPS Soleus GPS 1.0 Suunto G6 Suunto G9 Suunto X9 Suunto X10 Timex Group Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS Timex Group Timex Ironman Triathlon GPS Pyxis RGPS 3000 Kogan GPS Watch GlobalSat GH 625 MyTach Category Geographical technology Category GPS Category Hiking equipment Category Navigational equipment Category Wireless locating ...   more details

  1. Reflex finder

    A reflex finder is a viewfinder system with a mirror placed behind a lens optics lens . The light passing through the lens is reflected by the mirror to a focusing screen , usually ground glass . The image formed on this ground glass can be observed directly, giving a waist level reflex finder, or through a redressing optical device set of mirrors or prism for eye level viewing, giving an eye level reflex finder . With a reflex finder, you can focus the image on the ground glass and frame your picture at the same time. It is common to find a device on the center of the ground glass to help precise focusing, for example a Split image focusing screen split image or a microprism device. Today s reflex cameras usually incorporate autofocusing . Reflex finders are found in Single lens reflex camera Single lens reflex SLR cameras, with one lens for both viewing and taking the picture Twin lens reflex camera Twin lens reflex TLR cameras, with one lens for viewing and one lens for taking the picture From Camerapedia Reflex finder Category Cameras ...   more details

  1. Tracking collar

    File Canis lupus with radio collar.jpg Radio collared wolf in Yellowstone National Park thumb Tracking collars are collars used as a Electric beacon radio beacon to tracking animal migration track animal migration for research. ref cite book last Mech first L. David authorlink coauthors title Handbook of animal radio tracking publisher University of Minnesota Press date 1983 location pages url doi id isbn 978 0816612222 ref Some pet owners use these collars for GPS tracking and Geofence geofencing of their pets. ref cite web url http 2004 08 24 global pet finder gps pet collar title Global Pet Finder GPS pet collar accessdate 2009 03 17 last Fehrenbacher first Katie date 2004 08 24 publisher Engadget ref References commonscat Animals with radio transmitters references Category Tracking Category Digital technology Category Radio technology Category Animal migration fr Collier metteur fi Koiratutka ...   more details

  1. Finder (software)

    date operating system Mac OS history System Software , Mac OS , Mac OS X programming language C Finder .... As such, the Finder acts like the operating system shell shell on other operating systems, but using ... of Konqueror in KDE . The Finder maintains a view of the file system that is rendered using a desktop ... System 0.85 The original Finder, used with the MFS Macintosh File System always included a blank ... were maintained only by Finder, and were not stored by the file system. As such, no two files ... System 1.2C 2.2C 3 and 4 System 1.0 .97 through 1.x only. cref a Finder 4.x It was Finder 4.1 in April ... System 1 System 1.x through Mac OS history System 2 2.0 only. Finder 5.x Deleted image removed ... File System in September 1985, as part of Finder 5.0 which was introduced along with the Mac s first ... organization on the disk. Finder 5.0 also added several cosmetic changes to the look of the system ... the previously supported disk capacity. Finder 5.4 added support for file system permissions in January 1987, as part of the AppleShare release. Finder 5.x would support Mac OS history System 2 System 2.1 through Mac OS history System 4 4.1 . Finder Software 6.x Image with inadequate rationale removed Image Finder608.png thumb The Finder in System Software 6 System Software 6.0.8 . Early versions ... 5 System Software 5.x version came with Finder 6.0 and the new MultiFinder , which allowed cooperative ... with the next restart. System Software 6 System Software 6.0.x came with Finder 6.1.x and introduced a much improved version of MultiFinder, among other enhancements. From System 6 forward, the Finder ... by often significantly different System and Finder versions. The original Mac OS Finder featured a universal ... thumb Finder 7.0 screenshot In 1991 Apple released System 7 Macintosh System 7 , a significant rewrite of their operating system. Like every other component of the OS, the Finder received a major .... The Finder s trash icon took on a more refined appearance, and the Color feature in System 6 on color ...   more details

  1. Planet finder

    Planet finder may refer to Terrestrial Planet Finder , a NASA project for a telescope system to detect extrasolar terrestrial planets Automated Planet Finder , a telescope at Lick Observatory, California disambiguation ...   more details

  1. ISight GPS

    lowercase iSight GPS vehicle tracking systems were introduced by RFTrax in June 2008 to provide consumers and small businesses inexpensive real time vehicle GPS using RFTrax asset tracking technologies. The iSight CT model was designed for parents to monitor their most valuable and often at risk asset their teenage drivers. A simple under dash or windshield mounted device transmits the car s location, speed and direction every 30 seconds to a secure database via the GSM cellular network. The data can be viewed and mapped in real time from any internet enabled computer using a secure login to the company s proprietary web site. Parents can set speed limits and establish geofence s that can deliver email or Short message service SMS text message notices when guidelines they have established with their young drivers have been stretched. Category GPS ...   more details

  1. GPS puck

    Orphan date February 2009 GPS puck is a term for the Antenna radio antenna on GPS navigation device s, which receives GPS signals from GPS satellite s. The early antennas were round, and thus had the appearance of a puck sports hockey puck . Category GPS technology stub ...   more details

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