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  1. To Be Free

    To Be Free may refer to To Be Free Mike Oldfield song To Be Free Mike Oldfield song , a single by musician Mike Oldfield, released in 2002. It is from the album Tres Lunas . The main vocalist is the Jazz singer Jude Sim To Be Free Arashi song To Be Free Arashi song , a 2010 song recorded by Japanese boy band Arashi To Be Free Alyosha song disambiguation ...   more details

  1. .free

    Infobox Top level domain name .free background D2B48C introduced Not officially introduced proposed in 2010 type Proposed top level domain status Unofficial proposal registry dotFree Group s.r.o. sponsor ... disputepolicy UDRP website http dotFree .free dotFree is a proposed new top level domain Top level domain TLD . It is a Sponsored top level domain intended to be a free top level domain. According to the dotFree Group s.r.o. organization .free will allow every individual to register free domain names under .free ref cite web url http dotfrees free domain names explained title dotFree s free domain names explained ref Along with TLDs such as .travel , .asia and .eu , .free and other proposed TLDs fall into the new category of GeoTLD s. The issue of new top level ... by proponents of the .free proposal is as follows blockquote The initiative for the top level domain .free is supported by a multitude of companies and individuals and is the first initiative for top level domains which will be 100 free. The .free top level domain will give people from all over the world the chance to own their free top level domain and offers companies the chance to market their products with the .free domain extension. The .free community is run by the dotFree Group s.r.o. a Czech ... of freedom. ref cite web url http ?page id 183 title WHAT ARE .FREE DOMAINS? ref blockquote Conflicting use in alternative DNS Roots A .free TLD is currently in operation by the OpenNIC ... with Microsoft to become a role model for the free domain industry, establishing industry best practices ... Reflist External links http The initiative for .free .free official site http dotfrees free domain names explained Interview with dotFree chief executive Dominique ... newtlds New gTLD initiatives that are known to exist DEFAULTSORT FREE GTLD expanded Proposed Category Proposed top level domains compu domain stub cs .free fa .free fi .free ...   more details

  1. Be Free

    Infobox single Name Be Free Artist Belinda entertainer Belinda from Album Belinda Belinda album Belinda Cover Be Free Belinda single cover art .jpg Released 2005 Format CD single Recorded 2003 Genre Pop music Pop Length 3 35 Label Sony International Writer Belinda ref Allmusic class song id t6468005 pure url yes Be Free by Belinda credits ref Producer Graeme Pleeth Certification Chart Position Last single I Don t Understand You No Entiendo No Entiendo br 2004 This single Be Free br 2005 Next single D nde Ir Yo? br 2005 Be Free is the sixth single released by Mexican singer Belinda entertainer Belinda , taken from her debut album Belinda Belinda album Belinda . Information It reached an unexpected 3 in Mexico , 62 in Slovenia and 99 in Bosnia and Herzegovina . Belinda was the first Mexico Mexican artist who released a song in English language English and entered the Yugoslavia Yugoslav charts. This song was written mostly to introduce Belinda to an English speaking audience, but the attempt failed however she later achieved this by later starring in the Disney Channel original movie The Cheetah Girls 2 . Tracklist CD Single ref http Belinda Be Free release 2541841 Belinda Be Free Discogs ref ref http MLM 63613700 belinda cd single be free bim JM Belinda Cd Single Be Free Mercado Libre ref Be Free References reflist External links http watch?v 8hoebZAQOk4 Be Free music video Category 2005 singles Category Belinda entertainer songs Category Pop ballads Belinda es Be Free canci n de Belinda ...   more details

  1. The Free

    About the band Free disambiguation Free unreferenced date September 2009 Infobox musical artist name The Free genre euro house origin Germany years active 1994&ndash 1996 past members Felix Gauder br Olaf Bossi br Charles Simmons musician Charles Simmons br Iris Trevisan br Ayla J background group or band The Free were a German euro house band. The band was formed in 1994 by Felix Gauder and Olaf Bossi . Then to the band joined Charles Simmons musician Charles Simmons the music school graduate and singer Iris Trevisan and they started recording songs in a professional recording studio studio . In 1995 Trevisan was replaced by Ayla J because of Trevisan s health problems. The band released ten single music singles and one LP. Discography LP Crazy Worlds 1995 Singles Born Crazy 1994 Born Crazy Remix 1994 Lover on the Line 1995 Lover on the Line Remix 1995 Dance the Night Away single Dance the Night Away 1995 Dance the Night Away Remix 1995 Shout single Shout Disambiguation needed date June 2011 1996 Shout Remix 1996 Loveletter from Space 1996 Loveletter from Space Remixes 1996 External links http thefree.htm Information about The Free DEFAULTSORT Free Category German musical groups Category German dance music groups Category Musical groups established in 1994 Category Musical groups disestablished in 1996 Germany band stub pl The Free ru The Free fi The Free ...   more details

  1. Free...

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Free... Type EP Artist Acid King Cover Acid King Free.jpg Released February 6, 2001 Recorded Genre Stoner metal Length 25 36 Label Man s Ruin Records Producer Billy Anderson Reviews Last album Busse Woods br 1999 This album Free... br 2001 Next album Acid King III III br 2005 Free... is an EP by stoner metal band Acid King . It was released in February 2001 on Man s Ruin Records , as a split compact disc CD with Clearlight band Clearlight . The first four songs are performed by Acid King, and the remaining two by Clearlight. The Clearlight portion is entitled The Father, the Son and the Holy Smoke . Free... features Guy Pinhas performing bass, and is the first Acid King album on which he appears. Pinhas left the band after performing bass on their next album, Acid King III III . The cover artwork is a photograph of Acid King s frontwoman Lori S. holding her motorcycle helmet. Track listing Acid King portion Blaze In 6 03 Free 7 48 Four Minutes 8 19 Blaze Out 3 27 Category Acid King albums Category 2001 EPs Category Man s Ruin Records EPs 2000s metal album stub ...   more details

  1. Be-Free

    multiple issues orphan August 2010 refimprove October 2009 wikify November 2009 Be Free is a humanitarian organization in Bahrain that aims to protect children from abuse and neglect. It was started on 19 March 2002, with the support of the former Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Human Rights Commissioner Mary Robinson Citation needed date October 2009 . Be Free has 3 phases, that started successively and are ongoing. Phase 1 Empowering Children This phase started with the launch of the program in March 2002, and concentrated on empowering children with the essential protection skills. Be Free believes that children can be less likely to be abused if they have some of the essential protection skills, such as my body is mine , good touch and bad touch , good secret and bad secret , etc. Therefore Be Free trains children on these skills in a fun and interactive ways. A website was created for children to teach them these skills, Children and parents can contact Be Free for counseling or inquiries through the website or the help email provided. Phase 2 Supporting the Parents and Caregivers This phase focuses on helping parents and caregivers on how to protect their children from abuse, and how not to abuse their own children. Phase 3 Having a dedicated center In January 2006, and with the support of Esterad Investment Company Be Free ... and emotionally abused by her father and his girlfriend. Be Free held a campaign It was considered ... until now Citation needed date October 2009 . Protecting children under war In 2006 Be Free ... with UNICEF , Be Free started a program for Teaching child rights to children, under ... of the Child . Protection of children over the Internet In July 2008, Be Free started a new ... 2009, Be Free launched a special protection program for Children with disability I am a Strong, Smart ... Be Free Center http Children Website Category Philanthropic ...   more details

  1. Free will

    About the philosophical questions of free will File Toppledominos.jpg thumb A domino effect domino s movement ... that this is a threat to free will, but Compatibilism compatibilists argue that, even if we are similar to dominoes, we can have a form of free will. freedom File DeterminismXFreeWill.svg right thumb 250px A simplified taxonomy of the most important philosophical positions regarding free will. Free will is the ability of Agency philosophy agents to make choice s free from certain kinds of constraints. The existence of free will and its exact nature and definition have long been debated in philosophy ... libertarianism , the claim that determinism is false and thus that free will exists or is at least possible and hard determinism , the claim that determinism is true and thus that free will does ... in the question of free will, are classed as incompatibilism incompatibilists . Those who deny that determinism ... compulsions or phobias . The principle of free will has religion religious , ethics ethical , and science scientific implications. For example, in the religious realm, free will implies that individual .... In science, neuroscience of free will neuroscientific findings regarding free will may ... determinist. Incompatibilism is the position that free will and determinism are logically incompatible, and that the major question regarding whether or not people have free will is thus whether ... d Holbach , are those incompatibilists who accept determinism and reject free will. Libertarianism ... philosopher Robert Kane , are those incompatibilists who accept free will and deny determinism, holding the view that some form of indeterminism is true. ref name Wagen van Invagen, P. 1983 An Essay on Free ..., which state that free will is incompatible with both determinism and indeterminism . This view is defended by Derk Pereboom. ref name Derk1 Pereboom, D. 2003 Living without Free Will . Cambridge ..., a billiard ball, a puppet, or a robot, then people must not have free will. ref name Wagen ref cite ...   more details

  1. Free Scotland

    Free Scotland may refer to Free Scotland Party A Constitution for a Free Scotland Radio Free Scotland dab ...   more details

  1. Context free

    Context free may refer to Concepts context free grammar deterministic context free grammar stochastic context free grammar weighted context free grammar context free language Software Context Free , a computer language for context free grammars disambig ...   more details

  1. Free will (disambiguation)

    wiktionary free will Free will is used in a number of contexts. Most notably, it refers to the problem of free choice as a faculty of human will discussed from the point of view of free will Philosophy free will Free will in theology Theology free will But it may also refer to Neuroscience of free will Volition psychology Will philosophy Will sociology Free will may also refer to Free Will album Free Will album , a 1972 soul album Free Will , a Japanese independent record label Freewill song , a song by Rush See also Free Willy disambig ...   more details

  1. Free program

    Free program may refer to Free software Free skating disambig Excess long comment to prevent listing on Special Shortpages ............................................................   more details

  1. Free Democrats

    For organisations and political parties known as the Free Democratic Party or similar Free Democratic Party disambiguation Free Democratic Party Free Democrats may refer to Alliance of Free Democrats Hungary Association of Free Democrats East Germany Free Democrats of Arjeplog Free Democrats Czech Free Democrats Italy Free Democrats Norway Our Georgia Free Democrats Party of Free Democrats Ukraine The Free Democrats Denmark The Free Democrats Denmark, historical Union of Free Democrats Bulgaria disambig Category Political party disambiguation pages ...   more details

  1. Free For All

    wiktionary free for all Free For All may refer to Free For All The Prisoner , an episode of the British television series The Prisoner Free for All Ted Nugent album Free for All Ted Nugent album , a 1976 album by Ted Nugent Free for All song , the album s title track Free for All Michael Penn album a 1989 album Free for All TV series , a US American animated series created by Brett Merhar Free 4 All , a US American game show on the USA Network Free For All link page , a search engine optimization technique Deathmatch gaming , a video game mode, sometimes referred to as free for all Free for All album , a 1964 Blue Note album by Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers Free for All 1949 film disambig it Free For All nl Free for All ...   more details

  1. Radio Free

    The term Radio Free is prefixed to several radio station s which were set up by United States Central Intelligence Agency to deliver news to countries strategically important to the foreign relations of the United States . The official stations are Radio Free Afghanistan Radio Free Asia Radio Free Europe Radio Free Iraq Radio Free Syria The term is also applied to other local radio and internet radio stations, such as Free Radio San Diego Radio Free Brighton Radio Free Chosun Radio Free Dixie Radio Free Georgia Radio Free Hawaii Radio Free Nashville WVQC LP Radio Free Queen City Radio Free Santa Fe Radio Free Scotland Radio Free Vietnam Radio Free Virgin The term has also been applied to subjects that are not radio shows Radio Free America disambiguation Radio Free America Radio Free Albemuth Radio Free Roscoe a teen comedy drama sitcom, which has a fictional radio show of the same name Radio Free Vestibule Radio Free Zion Radio Free Wasteland, a term used to describe one of the two major radio stations in the videogame Fallout 3 . disambig ...   more details

  1. Free Church

    The proper noun Free Church may refer to Europe wide Evangelical Lutheran Free Church in Germany Evangelical Lutheran Free Church Germany Independent Evangelical Lutheran Church in Iceland Reykjav k Free Church in Norway Evangelical Lutheran Free Church of Norway in Scotland Free Church of Scotland 1843 1900 Free Church of Scotland post 1900 Free Church of Scotland Continuing in the United States Lutheran Free Church , 1897 to 1963 Association of Free Lutheran Congregations , 1962 Present Powers Church , in Steuben County, Indiana, near Angola, also known as Free Church and listed as that on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places NRHP Evangelical Free Church of America , Southbridge, Massachusetts, NRHP listed First Congregational Free Church , Oriskany Falls, New York, NRHP listed Free Church Parsonage , Rhinecliff, New York, NRHP listed Free Church of the Good Shepherd , Raleigh, North Carolina, NRHP listed See also Nonconformism Free Presbyterian Church disambiguation Free church , for wider information on churches not under government control dab ...   more details

  1. Free Me

    Free Me may refer to Free Me album Free Me album , a 2004 album by Emma Bunton Free Me Emma Bunton song Free Me Emma Bunton song Free Me Cast song Free Me Cast song , 1997 Free Me Debbie Gibson song Free Me Debbie Gibson song , 1993 Free Me Joss Stone song Free Me Joss Stone song , 2009 Free Me , a song by Jenny Berggren from My Story Jenny Berggren album My Story Free Me , a song by Otis Redding from Love Man disambiguation ...   more details

  1. Scott Free

    Scott Free is an alternate spelling of the phrase wiktionary scot free scot free , meaning without consequences or penalties . Scott Free may also refer to Scott Free album Scott Free album , a 1984 album by jazz drummer Max Roach Mister Miracle , the DC Comics character also known as Scott Free Ridley Scott s and Tony Scott s film production company Disambiguation de Scot free ...   more details

  1. Free at Last

    Free at Last may refer to TOC right Music Free at Last DC Talk album Free at Last DC Talk album Free at Last Extended Play Remixes Free at Last the Movie , a 2002 documentary about the release of the DC Talk album Free at Last Free album Free at Last Free album Free at Last Freeway album Free at Last Freeway album Free at Last Mal Waldron album Free at Last Mal Waldron album Free at Last Stretch Arm Strong album Free at Last Stretch Arm Strong album Free at Last Yukmouth album Free at Last Yukmouth album Free at Last , a song by G. Love & Special Sauce from Electric Mile Free at Last , a song from the musical Big River musical Big River Literature Free at Last , a book by E. E. Cleveland Free at Last , a book by Daniel Greenberg about the Sudbury Valley School Free at Last A Documentary History of Slavery, Emancipation, and the Civil War , a book by Barbara J. Fields Other uses I Have a Dream , a 1963 speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. that concludes Free at last Free at last Thank God Almighty, we are free at last Free at Last , a section of James Furman s oratorio I Have a Dream oratorio I Have a Dream , based on Dr. King s speech Free at Last, the 2002 theme of the Next Wave Festival 2002 Next Wave Festival Free at Last Next Wave Festival , Melbourne, Australia Free at Last horse , a Thoroughbred racehorse, the 1991 Canadian Champion Two Year Old Colt Free at Last, a Thoroughbred racehorse, dam of Coretta disambig it Free at Last pt Free at Last ...   more details

  1. Free skate

    Free skate may refer to Inline skates Free skating disambig Excess long comment to prevent listing on Special Shortpages ............................................................   more details

  1. Free Money

    Free Money may refer to Free Money movie Free Money movie , starring Marlon Brando, Donald Sutherland and Charlie Sheen. Free Money song Free Money song , by Patti Smith Freigeld Free Money lang de Freigeld , concept introduced by German economist Silvio Gesell to define the money used only as exchange unit and free from usury . disambig it Free Money ...   more details

  1. Free economy

    Free economy may refer to Freiwirtschaft Market economy Calculation in kind Money free economy Disambiguation es Econom a libre ...   more details

  1. Free Radio

    Free Radio TV series US television series Free Radio network UK radio station network disambiguation ...   more details

  1. Free transfer

    Free transfer has the following meanings Free transfer public transit , the ability to transfer between two transit lines for free Free transfer association football , the release of a player from a team at the expiration of the contract dab ...   more details

  1. Free House

    Free House may refer to Free House horse , an American Thoroughbred racehorse. Free house pub , a British pub that is owned independently of the breweries that supply it. disambig ...   more details

  1. Forever Free

    Forever Free can refer to Forever Free non fiction Forever Free non fiction or Forever Free Elsa s Pride , third in the Born Free series of books written by Joy Adamson, published in 1962 Forever Free novel , a science fiction novel by Joe Haldeman, published in 1999 Forever Free Saxon album , an album by heavy metal band Saxon, released in 1992 Forever Free tribute album , a tribute album to the band Sublime, released in 2006 Forever Free , a song by the band If All Else Fails on this album Forever Free W.A.S.P. song , a song by the heavy metal band W.A.S.P Forever Free Stratovarius song , a song by Stratovarius from the album Visions Stratovarius album Visions disambig it Forever Free ...   more details

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