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Flip-flop (electronics)
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Encyclopedia results for Flip-flop (electronics)

Flip-flop (electronics)

Encyclopedia results for Flip-flop (electronics)

  1. Flip-flop (electronics)

    gate gates . Red and black mean logical 1 and 0 , respectively. In electronics , a flip flop or latch ... than the Flip flop electronics JK flip flop JK flip flop . The JK latch follows the following state ...&q flip flap flop core&dq flip flap flop core , and in cite journal journal Electronics and Power ... title Research into ternary edge triggered JKL flip flop journal Journal of Electronics China volume ... ru simple Flip flop electronics sk Prekl pac obvod sl Bistabilni multivibrator sr ... ee42 History Image Eccles Jordan trigger circuit flip flip drawings.png right thumb 300px Flip flop ... feedback path, and the other as a symmetric cross coupled pair The first electronic flip flop ... as a flip flop. However, this terminology has been somewhat variable, historically. For example 1942 ... CUP Archive year 1942 page 68 ref 1942 multivibrator as a particular flip flop circuit Such circuits were known as trigger or flip flop circuits and were of very great importance. The earliest ... author volume 128 issue publisher pages date Feb. 13, 1942 ref 1943 flip flop as one shot pulse generator It should be noted that an essential difference between the two valve flip flop and the multivibrator is that the flip flop has one of the valves biased to cutoff. ref cite book title Time bases ... as flip flop Monostable multivibrators have also been called flip flops . ref cite book title Waveforms ... year 1949 page 167 ref 1949 monostable as flip flop ... a flip flop is a monostable multivibrator ..., a JPL engineer, the flip flop types discussed below RS, D, T, JK were first discussed in a 1954 ... phister j k flip flop ref Lindley was at the time working at Hughes Aircraft under Dr. Eldred Nelson, who had coined the term JK for a flip flop which changed states when both inputs were on. The other ... explains that he heard the story of the JK flip flop from Dr. Eldred Nelson, who is responsible ... letters to flip flop inputs as follows 1 A & B, 2 C & D, 3 E & F, 4 G & H, 5 J & K. Nelson used the notations ...   more details

  1. Flip-flop

    Flip flops are a simple type of footwear in which there is a band between the big toe and the other toes. Flip flop may also refer to Flip flop electronics , the bistable multivibrator, a circuit with two stable states Flip flop politics , a sudden change of position on an issue, also called a U turn Flip flop, per Top, bottom and versatile , a role reversal between two men during a single sexual encounter Flip flop hub , a type of hub used in bicycle wheels Flip Flop Doctor Who audio Flip Flop Doctor Who audio , a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the British science fiction television series Doctor Who Flip Flop, a List of The Price Is Right pricing games pricing game played on The Price Is Right Flip Flop album Flip Flop album , the fourth album by Guadalcanal Diary Handspring gymnastics or flip flop Flip flop, the translocation of a phospholipid in cell membranes carried out by flippase proteins Flip algebraic geometry and flop, operations in algebraic geometry Flip flop kinetics , a phenomenon in pharmacokinetics when a drug is released at a sustained rate instead of immediate release disambig no Flippflopper ...   more details

  1. Flip & Flop

    Infobox VG title image File Flip & Flop Cover.jpg 250px caption developer First Star Software publisher First Star Software designer Jim Nangano engine released 1983 genre Platform game modes Single player , Two players alternating ratings platforms Atari 8 bit family Atari 8 bit , Commodore 64 C64 media Floppy disk , Compact audio cassette Cassette , ROM cartridge Cartridge requirements input Joystick Flip & Flop was a Platform game platform computer game released in 1983 by First Star Software . Overview Flip & Flop is a kind of Pac Man in isometric projection isometric graphics on platforms which are connected by ladders. The player controls alternately Flip, a kangaroo, who jumps around on the platforms and Mitch, an ape, who layaways along the platforms. A zoo keeper tries to catch Flip, and Mitch is being chased by a net. There are sticky fields on which one may lure keeper and net, where they are caught for some seconds. If the player runs beyond the border, he falls off the playing field and loses a life, just as by being caught. Already revealed field remain revealed. The goal is to pass all marked fields. Every five levels the is a short sequence with a small circus presentation. When the character approaches the border, scrolling is carried out. In Level 19, the maximum playing field size is reached, later fields must be uncovered twice, and even later there aren t any more sticky fields in the level. Reception The german 64 er stated that it was the best example of the genre. ref http 64er 8404 0016.html 64 er issue 4 April 1984, p. 48 49 ref Clones In 1989, Clown O Mania appeared as an extended clone for the Amiga and Atari ST . ref http 3046 Clown O Mania on the Amiga Hall of Light. Retrieved on 2010 02 12. ref One may positively .... References reflist External links http games details.php?ID 943 Flip & Flop ... graphics Category Atari 8 bit family games Category Commodore 64 games de Flip And Flop ...   more details

  1. Flip-Flop (audio drama)

    Other uses Flip flop disambiguation Bigfinishbox title Flip Flop series Doctor Who number 46 featuring Seventh Doctor br Melanie Bush Mel cover writer Jonathan Morris author Jonathan Morris director Gary Russell producer Gary Russell br Jason Haigh Ellery executive producer Jacqueline Rayner production code 7EB set between Bang Bang a Boom and br Delta and the Bannermen length 2 hrs 6 mins date July 2003 Flip Flop is a Big Finish Productions List of Doctor Who audio plays by Big Finish audio drama based on the long running United Kingdom British science fiction television series Doctor Who . This audio drama is presented on two Compact disc CDs , one white and the other black. The discs can be listened to in either order due to the construction of the plot. Plot Black disc It is Christmas Eve , 3090, and the Seventh Doctor and Mel arrive on the planet Puxatornee searching for leptonite crystals to fight The Dominators the Quarks . They discover a world where the human citizens are slowly becoming in thrall to the alien Slithergees. White disc It is Christmas Eve , 3090, and the Seventh Doctor and Mel arrive on the planet Puxatornee searching for leptonite crystals. They find the world a ruined radioactive wasteland. Cast The Doctor Doctor Who Doctor Sylvester McCoy Melanie Bush Mel Bonnie Langford Mitchell Richard Gibson Slithergee Voices Daniel Hogarth Potter Trevor Littledale Stewart Francis Magee Professor Capra Trevor Martin Bailey Pamela Miles Reed Audrey Schoellhammer Notes Puxatornee and the events in this strange episode loosely resemble the bizarre events in the time travel Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day film Groundhog Day where the same day happens over and over ... 46 Doctor Who Flip Flop Big Finish Productions Flip Flop Doctor Who RG id who bf46 title Flip Flop Reviews OG review id bf 46 title Flip Flop DWRG id flip title Flip Flop Clear Seventhdoctoraudios DEFAULTSORT Flip Flop Audio Drama Category 2003 audio plays Category Seventh Doctor audio plays ...   more details

  1. Flip-Flop (album)

    Other uses Flip flop disambiguation Infobox album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Flip Flop Type Album Artist Guadalcanal Diary band Guadalcanal Diary Cover GDFlipFlop.jpg Released 1989 Recorded ? Genre Alternative rock Alternative Length Label Elektra Records Elektra Producer Don Dixon musician Don Dixon Reviews Allmusic Rating 3 5 Allmusic class album id r79030 review pure url yes link Last album 2X4 Guadalcanal Diary album 2X4 br 1987 This album Flip Flop br 1989 Next album Live at Your Birthday Party br 1999 Flip Flop is the fourth and final album by Marietta, Georgia jangle pop pers Guadalcanal Diary band Guadalcanal Diary . It was released in 1989 on Elektra Records . Track listing Look Up 2 33 Always Saturday 4 15 The Likes of You 3 06 Barometer 4 07 Happy Home 2 53 Whiskey Talk 3 36 Pretty Is As Pretty Does 4 08 Everything But Good Luck 2 53 Ten Laws 3 44 Fade Out 4 59 ...Vista 3 05 Category Guadalcanal Diary albums Category Albums produced by Don Dixon Category Elektra Records albums Category 1989 albums 1980s alt rock album stub ...   more details

  1. Flip, Flop and Fly

    Infobox single See Wikipedia WikiProject Songs Name Flip, Flop and Fly Cover Flip, Flop and Fly single cover.jpg Border Alt Caption Artist Big Joe Turner Album A side B side Ti Ri Lee Released Start date 1955 02 Format Gramophone record 7 45 rpm & 10 78 rpm record Recorded New York br January 28, 1955 Genre Jump blues Length Duration m 2 s 49 Label Atlantic Records Atlantic small Cat. no. 1053 small Writer Charles E. Calhoun aka Jesse Stone , Lou Willie Turner Producer Certification Chronology Last single Well All Right br 1954 This single Flip, Flop and Fly br 1955 Next single Hide and Seek br 1955 Misc Flip, Flop and Fly is a jump blues style song recorded by Big Joe Turner in 1955. Called a prototypical rocker , ref Cite book last Dahl first Bill authorlink coauthors title All Music Guide to the Blues publisher Miller Freeman Books year 1996 location page 254 url doi id isbn 0879304243 ref the song was a hit reaching number two in Billboard magazine Billboard magazine s R&B chart. ref Cite book last Whitburn first Joel authorlink coauthors title Top R&B Singles 1942&ndash 1988 publisher Record Research, Inc year 1988 location page 419 url doi id isbn 0898200687 ref Flip, Flop and Fly has been recorded by a variety of artists, including early rock and roll performers such as Elvis Presley . Original song Flip, Flop and Fly has an arrangement similar to Big Joe Turner s 1954 number one R&B hit Shake, Rattle and Roll ref Cite journal last first authorlink coauthors title Flip, Flop and Fly &ndash Record Review journal Billboard volume issue page 57 publisher location date February ... s follow up hit, Flip, Flop and Fly . ref Cite web last Koda first Cub authorlink coauthors title Shake ... versions Elvis Presley performed Flip, Flop and Fly during his first television appearance on January ... of Flip, Flop and Fly , including Johnnie Ray 1955 , Bill Haley and His Comets from the album ... Brothers from Briefcase Full of Blues 1978 . References Reflist DEFAULTSORT Flip, Flop And Fly Category ...   more details

  1. Flip-flop kinetics

    Orphan date February 2009 In pharmacokinetics , flip flop phenomenon happens when a drug is released at a sustained rate instead of immediate release, such as sustained release formulation vs. immediate release formulation Tablet pharmacy tablet , Intravenous therapy IV . In flip flop kinetics, k sub a sub absorption constant is much slower than k sub e sub elimination constant . ref http press 2011 02 determination of absorption rate constant Determination of Absorption Rate Constant ref This apparent difference shift the slope of logCp vs time curve in which now the apparent part of k sub e sub looks much smaller than it is if the drug is administered intravenously or by immediate release formulation. The part of downward curve becomes a reflection of actual k sub a sub while the upward part of the curve is the actual representation of k sub e sub . That flip flop part of curve is the so called flip flop kinetics. The application of flip flop kinetics is very important in the development of sustained release and controlled release formulation in pharmaceutical manufacturing. References Reflist http csps JPPS1 283 29 H.Boxenbaum flip flop.htm Wagner J G Nelson E. Kinetic analysis of blood levels and urinary excretion in the absorptive phase after single doses of drug. J Pharm Sci, 53 1392 1403, 1964. Wagner J G. Pharmacokinetic absorption plots from oral data alone or oral intravenous data and an exact Loo Riegelman equation. J Pharm Sci, 72 838 842, 1983. Katakam M Ravis W R Golden D L Banga A K. Controlled release of human growth hormone following subcutaneous administration in dogs. Int J Pharm, 152 53 58, 1997. Category Pharmacokinetics ...   more details

  1. Flip-Flop Girl

    Infobox Book name Flip Flop Girl title orig image File Flip Flop Girl cover.jpg 200px image caption First edition cover author Katherine Paterson illustrator cover artist country United States language English language English series genre Children s fiction publisher Dutton Juvenile release date March 1, 1994 media type Print Hardcover pages 120 pp hardcover edition isbn ISBN 978 0 525 67480 hardback edition preceded by followed by Flip Flop Girl is a 1994 children s novel written by U.S. novelist Katherine Paterson . The book focuses on a nine year old girl named Lavina but is called Vinnie whose life has been in turmoil following her father s death. Vinnie and her five year old brother Mason, who has turned mute following their father s funeral, are sent to live with their grandmother in a rural Virginia community. Vinnie has difficulty adjusting to her new school, where the only signs friendship are extended to her by a poor Latina named Lupe and a supportive male teacher. Vinnie reacts poorly to this outreach, vandalizing the teacher s automobile and pinning the blame on Lupe, but she later learns to deal with her anger and makes amends for her inappropriate behavior. This is a very good story for children who are trying to adjust in a new school. ref http gst fullpage.html?res 9901E6DA1039F931A15756C0A962958260&n Top Features Books Book 20Reviews CHILDREN S BOOKS Nobody Understands Vinnie, New York Times, May 22, 1994 ref ref http childrenslit mai paterson katherine.html Meet Authors & Illustrators Katherine Paterson, Children s Literature Independent Information and Reviews, September 22, 2002 ref References reflist Category 1994 novels Category American children s novels Category Novels set in Virginia child novel stub Katherine Paterson ...   more details

  1. Flip-flop (politics)

    Use mdy dates date February 2012 A flip flop used mostly in the United States , U turn used in the politics ... be accused of flip flopping. Ben Bernanke , chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board , was accused of an apparent flip flop in 2007. ref name jbiht Broder, John M., http article.aspx ..., but declined to do so after taking office. Candidate A could now cite this as a flip flop ... this as a flip flop while C might claim that both positions were based on his interpretation of evidence at the time. Example 4 Some well known political figures have been known to flip flop . United ... On Language column in The New York Times , William Safire wrote in 1988 that flip flop has a long history ... mention of flip flop as a change in someone s opinion, is in an October 23, 1890, report of a campaign ... opponents I would like to hear Mr. Nicoll explain his great flip flop, for three years ago, you know ... p Search results for flip flop , New York Times archives, 1850 1981, retrieved June 23, 2008 ... the flip flop and its larger context can be crucial factors in whether or not a politician ...?nav wp The Flip Flop Brothers Both McCain and Obama wobbled. Who will pay the price? , Slate magazine ... results or logical proofs which cause him her to flip flop on a previously held belief. Example ... between politics and scientists, observes, To the scientist, failure to flip flop in the face of contradictory evidence is irrational and dangerous behavior. And scientists will often flip flop at almost light speed. Often it takes only a single observation to flip flop thousands of scientifically learned people. ref Lewis D. Eigen, Flip Flop Political Vice Scientific Virtue. Scriptamus , 2009, http 2009 10 23 flip flop political vice scientific virtue ref In the scientific field a flip flop is generally positive as it indicates new learnings and breakthroughs. See also Election promise Volte face References Reflist 2 DEFAULTSORT Flip Flop Politics Category Political ...   more details

  1. Flip-flop hub

    unreferenced date July 2009 cleanup date February 2008 File Fixed gear cogs.jpg thumb Flip flop hubs , also called double sided hubs , are rear bicycle hubs that are threaded to accept fixed cog s and or freewheels on both sides. There are several different types of flip flop hubs available for different applications. Their main purpose is to allow changing between two different size Gear ratio gear ratios on one rear wheel without the added complications of a Derailleur gears derailleur or Hub gear internal hub gear , or between a Fixed gear bicycle fixed and Cogset Freewheels freewheeling option. By removing the rear wheel and flipping the rear wheel around, the rider can switch between the two options. They are traditionally found on Track bicycle track bicycles , but can also be found on other single speed bicycles. Types Fixed gear track bicycles Usually, one side has a fixed type stepped threading, and the other side is threaded for a standard freewheel. Occasionally you may find double sided fixed hubs with stepped threading on both sides, but these are rare and only a few companies offer them Phil Wood in the US, Goldtec in the United Kingdom UK , and Formula in Taiwan are three ... different variations of flip flop hubs for BMX use that are different from the track style. The most common type of BMX flip flop hub has standard ISO freewheel threads on one side and smaller ... drive cranks to drive the timing chain. Left side drive introduced a different type of flip flop hub for BMX. This hub is a Right Hand Left Hand flip flop hub. One side of the hub allows the use of normal ... is a BMX Left Right drive flip flop hub with the smaller sized metric 30 mm x 1 mm BMX threads for 13T ... enabled the use of much smaller rear cogs. Drum Disk brake Tandem Hubs A third type of flip flop hub is rather rare and not truly a flip flop hub by design, although it can be used in that way. This type ... for use as single speed flip flop hubs using any combination of two ISO English threaded freewheels ...   more details

  1. Mary Lou's Flip Flop Shop

    One source date November 2009 Mary Lou s Flip Flop Shop , a children s television series featuring Olympic champion gymnast Mary Lou Retton , was created to motivate young children to believe in themselves and get moving. The show takes place in a wacky Flip Flop shop and features 4 real children per episode and five characters Jumpy, Mr. Bump, Miss Warble, Professor Blinky, and L.Z. Bones. Jumpy, a green and blue monkey, serves as Mary Lou s silent and energetic sidekick. Mr. Bump, a clumsy yet charming delivery man, rides around on a noisy bike with a box full of interesting packages. Miss Warble, the singing custodian, constantly keeps watch over the cleanliness of the Flip Flop Shop. Professor Blinky, an owl puppet, never fails to share wise proverbs and stories with the members of the Flip Flop Shop. L.Z. Bones always tries to get out of physical activity and must be persuaded by the others to get up and join in the fun. The show was produced by KUHT Houston, Texas Houston and was shown on Public Broadcasting Service PBS affiliates. In 2008 the program was added to FamilyNet s Saturday morning children s program block. Cast Cast members include Mary Lou Retton as Herself Luci Christian as Jumpy Ralph Ehntholt as Mr. Bump Jeffrey S. Lane as L.Z. Bones Paula Nielsen as Miss Warble Scott Young as Mouse Alicia Church as Fruit Lady Chelsea Ricketts Connor Konz Shelbie Bruce Gabi Chennisi Mary Moon Jimmy Moon Mary Moran Lauren Story References http flipflopshop pressroom.html imdb title 0331129 Category PBS network shows Category 2001 American television series debuts Category American children s television series Category Exercise television programs ...   more details

  1. Electronics

    electronics Adders Flip flop electronics Flip Flops Counter s Processor register Registers Multiplexer ...About the technical field of electronics personal use electronic devices consumer electronics the scientific magazine Electronics magazine Image Arduino ftdi chip 1.jpg thumb right 250px Surface mount technology Surface mount electronic components Electronics is the branch of physics , engineering and technology ... board s, electronics packaging technology, and other varied forms of communication infrastructure complete circuit functionality and transform the mixed components into a working system . Electronics ... of electronic circuit s to solve practical problems come under electronics engineering . This article focuses on engineering aspects of electronics. Electronic devices and components main ... components. They dominated electronics until the 1950s. Since that time, solid state devices have all ... circuits Main Analog electronics Image HitachiJ100A.jpg right thumb 250px Hitachi J100 adjustable .... Digital circuits Main Digital electronics Digital circuits are electric circuits based on a number ... with all electronic circuits. Noise is defined ref IEEE Dictionary of Electrical and Electronics ... to limitations in physical properties. Electronics theory Main Mathematical methods in electronics Mathematical methods are integral to the study of electronics. To become proficient in electronics .... Also important to electronics is the study and understanding of electromagnetic field theory. Electronics lab Main Electronics lab simulation Due to the empirical nature of electronics theory, laboratory experimentation is an important part of the study of electronics. These experiments are used to prove ... s laws , etc. Historically, electronics labs have consisted of electronics devices and equipment located in a physical space, although in more recent years the trend has been towards electronics lab ... Electronic design automation Today s electronics engineers have the ability to Circuit design design ...   more details

  1. Metastability in electronics

    requirements on flip flops are satisfied. Flip flops In electronics , the flip flop electronics flip flop is a device that is susceptible to metastability. It has two well defined stable states, traditionally ... can often take the form of a series of Flip flop electronics D flip flop delay flip flops ... of metastability is violating the flip flop s setup and hold times. During the time from the setup to the hold time capture window , the data input of the flip flop should remain in a stable logic state a change of the data input in that time will have a probability of setting the flip flop to a metastable state. In a typical scenario where data travels from the output of a source flip flop to the input of target flip flop, metastability is caused by either the target clock having a different frequency than the source flip flop, in which case the setup and hold time of the target flip flop ... that causes the data to arrive at the target flip flop during its setup and hold time. This can ... date December 1984 accessdate 2010 07 09 ref If the inputs to an arbiter or flip flop arrive almost ...Refimprove date December 2010 For other uses of the term Metastability Metastability in electronics is the ability of a digital electronic system to persist for an unbounded time in an Equilibrium point unstable equilibrium or metastability metastable state. ref cite journal journal IEEE Transactions on Computers title Anomalous Behavior of Synchronizer and Arbiter Circuits author Thomas J. Chaney ... flip flops, variations in clock arrival times clock skew , or other causes. ref http www.asic ... FifosRingBuffers.htm Fifos and Ring Buffers ref Arbiters main arbiter electronics In electronics, an arbiter is a circuit designed to determine which of several signals arrive ... of flip flops with a common clock. Such architectures can form a circuit guaranteed free of metastability ... In Electronics Category Electrical engineering Category Digital electronics nl Metastabiel elektronica ...   more details

  1. Arbiter (electronics)

    as long as normal. Asynchronous arbiters and metastability Arbiters break ties. Like a flip flop electronics flip flop circuit , an arbiter has two stable states corresponding to the two choices. If two ... describes how to build a 3 state flip flop to solve this problem, and Ginosar 2003 , a caution to engineers ... may become metastability in electronics meta stable before reaching one of its stable states to break ... Metastability in electronics synchronization circuit that detects that the arbiter has not yet ...   more details

  1. Book:An introduction to electronics

    saved book title An introduction to electronics subtitle cover image Arduino ftdi chip 1.jpg cover color LightBlue An introduction to electronics Introduction Electronics Voltage Electric current Frequency Direct current Alternating current Electrical Components Passivity engineering Active and passive components Resistor Capacitor Inductor Electrical impedance Voltage source Current source Basic circuit laws Kirchhoff s circuit laws Norton s theorem Th venin s theorem AC analysis Phasor Electric power RLC circuit Low pass filter High pass filter Band pass filter Basic devices p n junction Bipolar junction transistor Amplifier Operational amplifier Digital circuits Boolean algebra logic Boolean algebra Logic gate Karnaugh map Finite state machine 555 timer IC Schmitt trigger Shift register Flip flop electronics Flip flop Category Wikipedia books on computer science Category Wikipedia books on technology ...   more details

  1. Digital electronics

    sequential system is probably a flip flop electronics flip flop , a mechanism that represents ... flip flops, switch debounce rs, arbiter electronics arbiter s, and the like which allow external ... state storage similar to a flip flop , implication and logical inversion , providing a complete logic ...main Electronics Electronic circuit Digital electronics represent Signal electronics signals by discrete bands of analog electronics analog Electrical potential levels , rather than by a continuous range ... electronics parasitic noise do not leave the discrete envelope, and as a result are ignored ... Hill, The Art of Electronics 2nd Ed. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1989 ISBN 0 521 37095 ... to amplifier amplify and tuner electronics tune in the radio signals from the base station. However ... from a different clock, the digital system can be subject to metastability in electronics ... published by manufacturers of digital integrated circuits. ref Maini. A.K. 2007 . Digital Electronics .... When the complexity is less, the circuit also has fewer errors and less electronics, and is therefore ..., often with the least electronics, is to construct an equivalent system of electronic switches usually ... asynchronous circuits such as flip flops, that change only when the clock changes, and which have ... is to divide it into a piece of combinational logic and a set of flip flops called a state register ... electronics will have unpredictable results because of the cumulative delays caused by small ... such as VHDL or Verilog . In register transfer logic, binary number s are stored in groups of flip flops ... into flip flops and or latches in the scan shift register s . Finally, the result of the test ... and Testing , Prentice Hall, 1996. External links Commons category Digital electronics http ... systems DEFAULTSORT Digital Electronics Category Digital electronics Category Electronic design Category ... Digital electronics sk Digit lna elektronika sr fi Digitaalipiirit sv Digitalteknik ...   more details

  1. Sky Electronics

    Infobox Company company name Sky Electronics company type Corporation company logo foundation 1998 location Seoul , Korea industry Electronics homepage http Sky Electronics Website Sky Electronics is a mobile phone manufacturer company. headquartered in Seoul , Korea . it is group family by Pantech Curitel . See also List of Korea related topics Economy of South Korea Communications in South Korea SK Teletech External links http Sky Electronics Homepage Category Electronics companies Category Electronics companies of South Korea SouthKorea company stub ast Sky Electronics es Sky Electronics ko io Sky Electronics it Sky Electronics ms Sky Electronics ...   more details

  1. Hands-On Electronics

    Image Hands On Electronics Cover Nov 1988.jpg thumb right Hands On Electronics becomes Popular Electronics Hands On Electronics was an electronics hobbyist magazine published by Gernsback Publications from 1984 to 1989. The magazine started as Radio Electronics Special Projects in 1980. This was nominally a quarterly supplement to Radio Electronics that had 10 issues from a single 1980 issue to the Spring 1984 issue. The Summer 1984 issue was renamed Hands On Electronics . It became bi monthly in January 1986 and monthly in November 1986. The title was changed to Popular Electronics in February 1989 and was published until December 1999. The long time Radio Electronics editor, Larry Steckler, was the publisher and owner. Having purchased Gernsback Publications from the Gernsback family. Julian S. Martin was the editor. The early issues were just a collection of construction projects. By 1984 there were monthly columns on shortwave listening, amateur radio, and computers. After Ziff Davis changed Popular Electronics to Computers & Electronics , Hands On Electronics attracted those hobbyist readers. In April 1985 Ziff Davis stopped publishing Computers & Electronics and Hands On Electronics purchased the title in June 1988. The magazine became monthly and added the Popular Electronics logo to the cover in November 1988. Category Science and technology magazines Category Defunct magazines of the United States ...   more details

  1. Fuzzy electronics

    Fuzzy electronics is an electronics electronic technology that uses fuzzy logic , instead of the two state Boolean logic more commonly used in digital electronics . It has a wide range of applications, including control system s and artificial intelligence . See also Defuzzification Fuzzy set Fuzzy set operations Bibliography Introduction to Applied Fuzzy Electronics , by Ahmad M. Ibrahim, ISBN 0 13 206400 6. External links http index.php Fuzzy electronics Applications of Fuzzy logic in electronics Category Fuzzy logic Category Digital electronics Category Electronic engineering electronics stub mk ...   more details

  1. Sony Electronics

    Sony Electronics Inc. , headquartered in San Diego, Calif., is the largest component of Sony Corporation of America , the U.S. holding company for Sony s U.S. based electronics and entertainment businesses. See also Sony Online Entertainment External links http en Sony Electronics News and Information http SCA outline electronics.shtml Sony USA Sony Electronics Inc. Outline of Principal Operations http Sony Professional Sony Category Electronics companies Category Sony subsidiaries Electronics US manufacturing company stub es Sony Electronics ...   more details

  1. Electronics Technician

    Electronics Technician is a common enlisted occupation in many Militaries. Common duties for ETs include repair, calibration, and basic maintenance of most electronic equipment. US Navy There are several variations in the US Navy including the standard Electronics Technician US Navy Electronics Technician and Aviation Electronics Technician , there is also the similar Electrician s Mate and Aviation Electrician s Mate . Royal Canadian Navy In the Canadian forces Naval Electronics Technicians are subdivided into three groups Sonar, Radar, and Communications. They are responsible for repair and maintenance of the equipment relating to their specialty. Australian Defence Force In the Australian Defence Force there are five types of Electronics Technician , the Army has a general purpose Electronics Technician . The Army has an Avionics Technicians trained for work on Army aircraft and the Air Force has Communication Electronic Technicians to maintain the wide variety of equipment used by the Air Force. The Navy has Electronics Technicians as well but they specialise in one of four streams Communications, Fire Control, Systems and Weapons . There are also Electronics Technician Submariners in the Navy. Category Technicians ...   more details

  1. Audio electronics

    Audio electronics is the branch of electronics which deals specifically with audio and sound related technologies. Audio electronics derives most of its circuits from mainstream electronics but sometimes slightly modified for the specific needs of sound reproduction, such as high end audio . The following is a partial list of audio related circuits techniques devices Electronic filter Filters Preamplifier s Electronic amplifier Amplifiers Audio crossover Crossover Loudspeaker s Tone control circuits Tone controls Equalization Equalisers Mixing console Mixers High end audio cables Microphone s Category Electronics Electronics stub de Audio nl Audio ru sv Audio ...   more details

  1. Joas Electronics

    Infobox Korean name hangul rr Joaseu Jeonja mr Choas& 365 Ch& 335 nja Joas Electronics is an electronics company headquartered in Seoul and Namyangju Gyeonggi do , Korea . It was established in 1982 under the name SungJin Electronics but the name was changed in 1999 to Joas Electronics . It manufactures many electronic beauty products. Products Electric razors, including Hair Dryer, Shave, Health Care See also Economy of South Korea List of South Korean companies External links http www.joas Joas Electronics Homepage Category Electronics companies of South Korea Category Companies established in 1982 tech company stub SouthKorea company stub ...   more details

  1. Modern Electronics

    Infobox Magazine title Modern Electronics image file Modern Electronics Oct 1984.jpg image size image caption Modern Electronics, October 1984 editor Art Salsberg editor title Editor in Chief staff writer frequency Monthly circulation category Hobby magazines company Modern Electronics, Inc. publisher Richard Ross firstdate October 1984 finaldate March 1991 finalnumber Vol. 8 Num. 3 country USA language English website issn Modern Electronics was a hobbyist magazine published from October 1984 to March 1991. It became Computer Craft in April 1991 and the name changed again to MicroComputer Journal in January 1994. Modern Electronics, Inc. was owned by CQ Communications, Inc, the publishers of CQ Amateur Radio . Art Salsberg was Editor in Chief and Alexander W. Burawa was the Managing Editor. The contributing editors included Len Feldman, Glenn Hauser , Forrest Mims and Don Lancaster . Many members of the editorial staff had previously worked for Popular Electronics but left when that magazine was change to Computers & Electronics . Here is how Art Salsberg described the new magazine. ref name ModernElectronics cite journal author Art Salsberg year 1984 month October title A Warm Welcome journal Modern Electronics volume 1 issue 1 pages 4 publisher Modern Electronics Inc. ref blockquote Many of you probably know of me from my decade long stewardship of Popular Electronics magazine, which changed its name and editorial philosophy last year to distance itself from active electronics enthusiasts who move fluidly across electronics and computer product areas. In a sense, then, Modern Electronics is the successor to the original concept of Popular Electronics blockquote References Reflist Category Science and technology magazines Category Publications established in 1984 Category Monthly magazines Category Defunct magazines of the United States sci mag stub ...   more details

  1. Stretchable electronics

    Stretchable electronics , also known as elastic electronics or elastic circuits, is a technology for building electronic circuits by depositing stretchable electronic devices and circuits onto stretchable substrates or embed them completely in a stretchable material such as silicone s or polyurethane s. In the simplest case, stretchable electronics can be made by using the same components used for rigid printed circuit boards. One of the things that needs to change is the substrate and the interconnections, being made wikt stretchable stretchable , rather than flexible see Flexible electronics or rigid Printed Circuit Board s . Typically, polymer s are chosen as substrates or material to embed. When rigid components are deposited onto stretchable substrates, the interconnects will be subjected to high mechanical strain materials science strain , whenever the substrate is flexed. This is because, when bending the substrate, the outermost radius of the bend will stretch so that the relative spacing of each interconnect will effectively increase in line with the increasing length of the substrate. Stretchable electronics attempts biomimicry of human skin and flesh , in being stretchable, whilst retaining full functionality. The design space for products is opened up with stretchable electronics. 3D conformable circuits are now possible by the application of stretchable cyber skins ... electronics are sometimes called elastronics a new, emerging class of electronics, that is expected ... like electronics and flesh like devices with embedded electronic nervous systems. See also Flexible electronics Flexible circuits External links http www.stella STELLA Research Project on Stretchable Electronics http projects sweet index.html SWEET Research Project on Stretchable and Washable Electronics http stretchable Stretchable Circuits is developing stretchable electronic systems Category Electronics manufacturing Category Electronic engineering ...   more details

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