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Fiverr Outsourcing Secrets
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Encyclopedia results for Fiverr Outsourcing Secrets

Fiverr Outsourcing Secrets

Encyclopedia results for Fiverr Outsourcing Secrets

  1. Fiverr

    Infobox website name Fiverr logo File Fiverr Logo.png 300px logocaption screenshot File homepage.png ... 2012 05 02 ref Updated monthly by OKBot. revenue current status Active footnotes Fiverr f v r , stylized as fiverr , is a popular online marketplace for buying and selling services and products, starting at 5 USD . ref name Make Money with Fiverr cite news title How to Make Money Through Fiverr url http money blogs alpha consumer 2012 03 12 how to make money through fiverr accessdate 21 March 2012 newspaper US News date 21 March 2012 author Kimberly Palmer ref On Fiverr ... name Favorite Things cite news title There s No Limit To What Fiverr Users Will Do For 5 Bucks url http silly things fiverr users will do for 5 2012 3 accessdate 23 March 2012 ... Leena Rao ref About Fiverr The website was founded by Internet entrepreneurs Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger . Fiverr is based on the idea that 9 to 5 is not the obvious work structure for everyone. In a world where working with freelancers, outsourcing projects and working off site is sought after ... 2 months cite news title What Will People Do for 5? Fiverr Lets You Find Out url http digits 2010 03 16 what will people do for 5 fiverr lets you find out accessdate 10 April 2011 newspaper Wall Street Journal date 16 March 2010 author Mary Pilon ref Fiverr is a place where people employed ... url http 1798869 fiverr freelance work global labor force accessdate 20 March ... title What Will People Do for 5? Fiverr Lets You Find Out url http digits 2010 03 16 what will people do for 5 fiverr lets you find out accessdate 10 April 2011 newspaper Wall Street Journal date 16 March 2010 author Mary Pilon ref Since the launch, Fiverr has expanded their reach with offices in Europe, North America and Israel. How Fiverr Works Fiverr facilitates the buying and selling ... from funny and quirky to business micro services. Gigs on Fiverr include celebrity impressions, marketing ...   more details

  1. Outsourcing

    Multiple issues refimprove October 2009 POV May 2010 Outsourcing is the process of contract ing an existing ... modern economy, the term outsourcing became popular in America near the turn of the 21st century. An outsourcing deal may also involve transfer of the employees involved to the outsourcing business partner ..., Paul. What s This India Business? Offshoring, Outsourcing, and the Global Services Revolution. London Nicholas Brealey International, 2004. Print. ref whether the country is offshore or not. Outsourcing, on the other hand, can be either foreign or domestic. ref Hira, Ron, and Anil Hira. Outsourcing ..., 2008. Print 67 96. ref The opposite of outsourcing is called vertical integration or insourcing . However ... of Service economics services and payments . Outsourcing is said to help firms to perform well in their core .... ref Overby, S 2007 http article 40380 ABC An Introduction to Outsourcing ABC An Introduction to Outsourcing . ref In the early 21st century businesses increasingly outsourced to suppliers outside their own nation, sometimes referred to as offshoring or offshore outsourcing ... Multisourcing Discipline ref and strategic outsourcing. ref see Holcomb & Hitt, 2007 ref An often overlooked benefit of outsourcing is greater budget flexibility. Outsourcing lets organizations pay for only ... 2 . When maintenance needs change, so can the amount of outsourcing provided. ref cite journal last Olive first B title Outsourcing Growing, Despite Controversy journal Power year 2004 pages 148 4 ... the growth of groups of people using online technologies to use outsourcing as a way to build a viable ... and service providers can leverage the scale and economy of outsourcing to deliver high value services ... that an American employee will make ref Hira, Ron, and Anil Hira. Outsourcing America What s behind ... these workers to become experts in a different country ref Weidenbaum, Murray. Outsourcing Pros and Cons ... are an addition to companies saving money when outsourcing. Comparing the costs to employing a worker ...   more details

  1. On-demand outsourcing

    Unreferenced date December 2006 Orphan date August 2008 On demand outsourcing is a new trend in outsourcing wherein internal processes of a company are being shifted to a provider that is paid for by the number of transactions involved. an on demand outsourcing company. DEFAULTSORT On Demand Outsourcing Category Business terms Business term stub ...   more details

  1. No Secrets

    No Secrets may refer to No secrets support organisation No Secrets self harm support organisation No Secrets girl group , a girl group No Secrets No Secrets album No Secrets Carly Simon album A Touch of the Sun 1979 film , also known as No Secrets No Secrets Adult Protection , a UK Government publication guidance disambig it No Secrets ...   more details

  1. Desktop outsourcing

    Orphan date February 2009 Desktop outsourcing is the process where a Company firm , U.S. Government agency Government Agency , or Non profit organization non profit contracts a third party to maintain and manage one or more of its computing equipment components and software maintenance . Justification for desktop outsourcing could include shifting focus and energy to areas of core competency, reducing Human resources staffing costs, and the Planned maintenance routine maintenance , upgrades, and repairs associated with managing multitudes of Computer system PC systems and Server computing servers or a combination of both Applegate et al. 2007 . References reflist Corporate Information Strategy and Management. Applegate, Lynda, Austin, Robert, McFarlan, Warren F. 2007 . New York McGraw Hill Companies, Inc. ISBN 0 07 063584 6 Littman, Dan. Outsourcing the desktop Outsourcing desktop management can shave costs while bringing relief to an assortment of infrastructure management headaches . IDG Publishing Network, Inc. 6 February 2006. 18 April 2008. http article 06 02 06 74669 06FEoutdesk 3.html . External links http coms2 summary 0286 14027181 ITM Outsourcing the desktop Outsourcing desktop management can shave costs while bringing relief to an assortment of infrastructure management headaches. case studies on outsourcing Category Business process Outsourcing Category Business terms Category Information technology management Business term stub ...   more details

  1. Secrets

    wiktionary secrets Secrets may refer to Secrecy , the quality or condition of being secret or hidden tocright Literature Secrets Danielle Steel novel Secrets Danielle Steel novel , a 1985 novel by Danielle Steel Secrets Jacqueline Wilson novel Secrets Jacqueline Wilson novel , a 2002 novel by Jacqueline Wilson Film and television Secrets 1924 film Secrets 1924 film , a silent film directed by Frank Borzage Secrets film Secrets film , a 1933 film starring Mary Pickford Secrets 1971 film Secrets 1971 film , a 1971 film starring Robert Powell Secrets 1992 film Secrets 1992 film , a 1992 television film based upon the Danielle Steel novel Secrets 1992 Australian film Secrets 1992 Australian film , a 1992 Australian film, starring Dannii Minogue and Noah Taylor Secrets play Secrets play , a 1973 episode from the BBC Black and Blue television series Secrets Stargate SG 1 Secrets Stargate SG 1 , a 1998 episode of Stargate SG 1 television series Secrets Ben 10 episode Secrets Ben 10 episode , a 2006 episode of Ben 10 animated series Secrets 8 Simple Rules Secrets 8 Simple Rules , a 2004 episode of 8 Simple Rules television series Secrets starring Arian Black . A Las Vegas magic show starring ... around the world. Music Secrets post hardcore band , an American five piece post hardcore band from San Diego, California Secrets, an American fusion jazz band that preceded the Dave Matthews Band Anchor Album Secrets Herbie Hancock album Secrets Herbie Hancock album , an 1976 album by Herbie Hancock Secrets Robert Palmer album Secrets Robert Palmer album , a 1979 album by Robert Palmer Secrets The Dooleys album Secrets The Dooleys album , a 1981 album by UK pop group The Dooleys Secrets Allan Holdsworth album Secrets Allan Holdsworth album , a 1989 album by Allan Holdsworth Secrets Nicki French album Secrets Nicki French album , the 1995 debut album by Nicki French Secrets Toni Braxton album Secrets Toni Braxton album , a 1996 album by Toni Braxton Secrets The Human League album Secrets ...   more details

  1. Vested outsourcing

    Advert date December 2011 Vested Outsourcing also known as Vested is a hybrid business model in which both parties company and the service provider in an outsourcing or business relationship focus on shared values and goals to create an arrangement that is mutually beneficial to each. The Vested Outsourcing model argues that traditional outsourcing and businesses relationships are focused on win lose arrangements where one party benefits at the other s expense a what s in it for me or WIIFMe mentality . In contrast, Vested Outsourcing creates a win win relationship in which both parties are equally invested in each other s success a what s in it for we or WIIFWe mentality . ref Vitasek, Kate and D. Michael Ledyard. October 2010 . Playing to Win. Outsource Magazine. Retrieved from http articles item 3565 playing to win. ref That What s in it for we mindset is the basis of a Vested Outsourcing agreement. The parties must agree upon a Desired Outcome ref Desired Outcome s describe the result s a company in an outsourcing relationship strongly wants to achieve ... loyal customers, among others. For a fuller discussion, see The Vested Outsourcing Manual at Reference ... relationship, Vested Outsourcing invests both the company and the service provider in the success ... 4, 2011 . Vested Outsourcing. Retrieved from http 2011 08 04 vested outsourcing ... success. ref Quarter 3 2011 . Outsourcing for mutual success. CSCMP s Supply Chain Quarterly. Retrieved from http news 201103forward outsourcing . ref Vested Outsourcing ... arrangements where companies buy transactions or services from suppliers, Vested Outsourcing instead focuses on buying results. ref Vested Outsourcing course page. The University of Tennessee Knoxville. Retrieved from http cms Vested Outsourcing 43.html. ref References references Category Outsourcing ...   more details

  1. Rural outsourcing

    Mergeto outsourcing date June 2009 Rural Outsourcing is the concept of using companies that utilize the talent of professional people who choose to live in rural areas. Using rural outsourcing reduces costs to companies seeking IT services because people in rural areas have a lower cost of living, thus allowing for a lower salary to live comfortably. By doing this, companies have a great alternative to offshoring , can keep their projects in their own country and still reduce their overall spending. Professionals who choose to live in rural communities for personal reasons, such as quality of life, prior family history, and recreational activities are willing to accept salaries as much as 40 lower than salaries obtainable in Urban area urban areas. Professionals who choose to work for these rural outsourcing companies also tend to be very loyal and hard working. The resources provide low turnover because of an informed decision to live in rural America and the low amount of competition for IT labor in these areas. Rural outsourcing also provides advantages for companies seeking IT services in terms of reduced project risk, due to the general absence of a language barrier, and the relatively similar time zones, as opposed to most offshoring operations. References http http cross http apps pbcs.dll article?AID 20090124 MAN0101 901240411 1984 WAP&template wapart http article 27179.html http blogs rural america onshore sourcing posts tag In the News Category Outsourcing Category Article Feedback 5 ...   more details

  1. Online outsourcing

    Wikify date June 2011 Refimprove date March 2012 Online outsourcing is the business process of contracting ... for via the internet. Online outsourcing emerged in the early 2000s, Citation needed date March 2012 ... lacked the necessary financial resources to meet the costs associated with traditional forms of outsourcing. Citation needed date March 2012 Outsourcing or freelancing marketplaces play a pivotal role ... growth in online outsourcing, particularly through freelance marketplace s, with over 500m USD spent on the top outsourcing sites between the turn of the Millennium and the start of 2010. Citation needed ... date March 2012 The exponential growth of online outsourcing has been attributed in part to the global ... Online outsourcing is the internet based version of outsourcing . This process is when one department ..., a variant of outsourcing, respective tasks can be situated in another country. This could ... L der & Fuchs 2008 . IT Buzz W rter im Vergleich ref Homeshoring , as a variant of outsourcing, describes ... Outsourcing can be traced back to the 18th century and the principles of the division of labor ... needed date March 2012 Online outsourcing and its subcategories follow the same principles of outsourcing that Smith highlighted. Citation needed date March 2012 Through outsourcing a company can relieve ... you can do best Outsource the rest. Citation needed date March 2012 Online outsourcing has its origins ... of the Internet in early 2000. Citation needed date March 2012 Advantages Online outsourcing brings ... March 2012 Due to varying international wage rates, costs of up to 70 percent can be achieved by Outsourcing ..., for small and medium sized businesses and Entrepreneurs the Online Outsourcing model brings ... needed date March 2012 Online outsourcing allows clients and to take great flexibility in terms of time and labor provision. Citation needed date March 2012 Since most online outsourcing deals with the outsourcing ... to any third parties. In addition, through online outsourcing new markets and customer ...   more details

  1. Sales outsourcing

    Sales outsourcing allows companies to attract and maintain a sales force without having to make them ... their compensation to success, without a base salary or benefits. Sales outsourcing represents ... 11 20 ref Background Full sales outsourcing is observed where companies have an external third ... for sales outsourcing include indirect sales and channel sales . ref cite book last Anderson first E title Outsourcing the sales function The real cost of field sales year 2005 publisher Thomson South western location Mason, Ohio coauthors Trinkle ref Full sales outsourcing is different from telemarketing ..., marketing , tools systems and methodologies as well as sales management . Sales outsourcing firms provide ... than the sales outsourcing firm. The outsourcing firm is, in essence, an extension of the client ... taking title to their products. Sales outsourcing providers include manufacturers representative s, contract sales organizations, sales agents or sales outsourcing consultants. One way of organising .... Sales outsourcing is quite different from large scale service outsourcing, which has its advantages ... first E title Outsourcing the sales function The real cost of field sales year 2005 publisher Thomson ... to full sales outsourcing, many partial models are observed, particularly in large firms. ref cite ... Which are Outsourced A variety of sales activities may be outsourced such as outsourcing part of the sales process, e.g. lead qualification or lead nurturing outsourcing management of particular ... very different outsourcing of sales of particular Product line product or service lines ... may also be considered as partial sales outsourcing or sales out tasking Integrating Independent ... complementary products from different companies on a single call to a customer Advantages of Outsourcing ... book last Anderson first E title Outsourcing the sales function The real cost of field sales year ... the most of feet on the street journal strategy business year 2005 month June ref Sales outsourcing ...   more details

  1. Offshore outsourcing

    citations missing date August 2008 Offshore outsourcing is the practice of hiring an external organization .... Types There are four basic types of offshore outsourcing ITO Information Technology Outsourcing BPO Business Process Outsourcing Software R&D Offshore programming offshore software development KPO Knowledge Process Outsourcing Criteria The general criteria for a job to be offshore able are There is a significant ... to set up The work is repeatable. The driving factor behind the development of offshore outsourcing ... in the world. One of the main factors influencing the beginnings of the offshore outsourcing movement ..., Offshore Outsourcing Service , Brazil Web & Software Programming, Game Development, IT Support, Network Solutions, Offshore Outsourcing Service , Argentina Full Spectrum Services , Indonesia Programming ..., Network Solutions, Offshore Outsourcing Service , Bulgaria Programming and R&D , Belarus Programming ... Outsourcing Service, R&D ref http 2011 07 25 how competitive are eastern european .... This trend runs in parallel with the tendency towards outsourcing in larger corporations, and may ... process outsourcing Free trade controversy Global delivery model Global labor arbitrage Globally Integrated ... Network Outsourcing Sources Economist.Com Recommendations from November 11, 2004 Special Survey Edition For a new topic, outsourcing has produced a huge volume of research, not all of it worthwhile. Here ... Schultze, August 2004 The Outsourcing Bogeyman , Daniel Drezner , Foreign Affairs, May June 2004 Hardheaded ... Other Research The New Wave of Outsourcing , Ashok Deo Bardham and Cynthia Kroll, University of California ... of The Netherlands Guangzhou 2011 . http sites default files bijlagen Outsourcing 20Comparison 20Study 20 20 20April 202011.pdf Outsourcing Comparison Study South East Asia China ... Outsourcing by Akshay Upadhye Source Paradigm UK http archive 090103 money.html The Hidden Costs of Offshore Outsourcing by Stephanie Overby http techupdate ...   more details

  1. Legal outsourcing

    Refimprove date March 2011 Legal Process Outsourcing also known as LPO refers to the practice of a law ... and Outsourcing Canadian Lawyer, October 2000, Volume 24, Issue 10 ref LPO providers have established ..., drafting of pleadings and briefs, and patent services outsourcing. In house law departments of major ... process outsourcing gained traction in the Asian subcontinent. However, in recent years the so called ... to save cash, and this is considered the biggest advantage for legal outsourcing. While an attorney ..., legal process outsourcing firms can often charge a fraction of this. It has attracted major ... it Outsourcing 2.0 or maybe even 3.0. Now firms are increasingly trying to leverage expertise, says .... Legal Outsourcing is growing very, very quickly. ref http money economy employment ... ref Criticisms One of the major concerns with legal outsourcing is the potential for breach of clients ... Legal Outsourcing ref that discuss ethical legal outsourcing and how to achieve it. Finally, there is criticism ... directed to LPO firms in India. Issues of Confidentiality and Attorney Client Privilege Legal outsourcing is entirely a different game. In other forms of outsourcing, there are issues like client confidentiality and data security. However, legal process outsourcing has more complicated issues such as the liability ... years of legal process outsourcing, many law firms hesitated to outsource their work. ref http ... legal process outsourcing claim that since communication is being sent to a country other than ... Bar Association clarified this in 2008, clearing the way for the development of legal process outsourcing. ref ABA Opinion on Legal Outsourcing ref The Global Lawyers India has become one of the most ... 2010 08 expat outsourcing next india.html ref Countries like China and Sri ... 2009 08 10 content 8547375.htm India s edge in legal process outsourcing ref References Reflist External links External links date August 2010 Outsourcing the Lawyers by Krysten Crawford ...   more details

  1. Intelligence Outsourcing

    Multiple issues orphan February 2009 essay like May 2008 synthesis May 2008 Outsourcing intelligence is a method by which a country Intelligence information gathering gathers information using non governmental employees. In the United States of America , approximately 51 of intelligence gatherers are contractors instead of governmental employees. Methods The government of a country may outsource intelligence gathering that may not be obtainable through other means, where the only way may be through human intelligence such as the CIA s National Clandestine Service NCS . ref name NCS cite web title National Clandestine Service publisher url https offices of cia clandestine service index.html accessdate 2009 07 08 ref It may mean outsourcing to foreign nationals from a country of interest, they may outsource to private companies as well to gather the specified intelligence needed. For a company the ways of outsourcing intelligence are the same, in which third party individuals and corporations are hired to obtain data and other intelligence. Intelligence can also be outsourced for analysis by a third party, in similar fashion to what the CIA s Directorate of Intelligence does. ref name whatwedo cite web title What We Do publisher url https offices ... doing the same job. This is known as butts in seats. ref name outsourcing Abbot, S., http story 2006 07 28 the outsourcing of u s intelligence The Outsourcing of U.S. Intelligence ... higher than the one he had from the government. ref name outsourcing Private sector dominance Following ... budget reported by CIA Director George Tenet in 1997. ref name outsourcing The intelligence community .... ref name outsourcing According to R.J. Hillhouse, Defense Intelligence Agency DIA workers revealed ... corporations. ref Hillhouse, R.J., http story 57979 Outsourcing Intelligence How Bush ... Outsourcing , Simon & Schuster New York , London , Toronto , Sydney , May 2009, 2. Ed., ISBN 9780743282253 ...   more details

  1. Outsourcing of animation

    Nofootnotes date May 2008 Outsourcing of animation has become widespread. Many entertainment giants such as Walt Disney and IMAX are beginning to outsource an increasing amount of their animation production to Asia n countries, particularly India , while other companies are outsourcing animation from India for commercials and computer game s. A factor making India an outsourcing destination for animation films is its vast base of English speaking workforce. Animation, which requires understanding of the English language in order to lip sync the animated media to the audio dialogue, benefits from this particular talent that the Indian workforce possesses. A number of animation companies in the country are also creating skilled manpower for the animation market through various training programs. Fact date May 2008 Overall though, the main reason why foreign entertainment firms are flocking to India is the cost advantage the country offers. As an example, US animators can cost about 125 an hour in India, they cost 25 an hour. Toonz Animation offers animation at 25 per cent to 40 per cent lower rates than other Asian studios and much lower than those of American studios. The total cost for making a full length animated film in America is estimated to be 100 million to 175 million. In India, it can be made for 15 million to 25 million.Studios in India are also able to provide a large supply of low cost, high quality software engineers, even going so far as to establish studios outfitted with state of the art hardware and software to carry out production overseas. http money 2005 mar 16spec1.htm The Walt Disney Company has outsourced a number of major animation projects ... films made in India while MTV has added India to its outsourcing center along with the Philippines and South ... business process outsourcing subsidiary http Nasscom templates NormalPage.aspx ... company.html Category Outsourcing Animation Category Animation ...   more details

  1. Procurement outsourcing

    Unreferenced date April 2008 Procurement outsourcing is the transfer of specified key procurement activities relating to sourcing and supplier management to a third party perhaps to reduce overall costs or maybe to tighten the company s focus on its core competencies. Procurement categorisation and vendor management of indirect materials and services are typically the most popular outsourced activity. Overview Outsourced procurement teams allow companies to benefit immediately from experienced procurement specialists support & expertise. This avoids the creation of an internal team new resources and the required time for that team to structure itself, its processes and its expertise. Outsourced procurement is therefore an available solution for companies who Have no internal competencies but want to quickly benefits from procurment action Cost reduction, suppliers and contract management... Have internal procurement expertise department but want to outsource activity on specific area s like indirect materials and services. Consider Procurement as a non strategic core function and want to have it managed by a procurement service provider Want to develop quickly a procurement function to deliver savings, with a willingness to internally develop this function in the mid term Procurement Outsourcing is being thought of in a big way in automobile manufacturers in India and China because with increasing number of cars being produced every passing day more man hours are required in trivial issues like timely delivery of materials. Hence Procurement team cannot concentrate on its core competency of negotiations and vendor selections. Procurement categories Procurement specialists ... in procurement and procurement outsourcing, mainly in indirect procurement. Additionally, several consulting companies offer procurement outsourcing services in a limited manner, mainly focusing on strategic ... related fees of savings . Apart from procurement outsourcing, PSPs will offer other services like spend ...   more details

  1. Hollywood Outsourcing

    Proposed deletion dated concern essay original research timestamp 20120428224204 Prod2 Topic is already covered at runaway production , this title is not a likely search term, and the only source given for this article appears to be an unpublished dissertation, not a WP RS reliable source , therefore nothing here to merge or redirect to the other article. The Hollywood Film Industry has changed dramatically in the past twenty years. Movies are now viewed through an array of devices, and with this comes less power to the below the line production staff. Digital technology has given studios the ability to cut production costs by emphasizing differential mobility , or the ability to send work to the cheapest contractor. Movie, and especially T.V productions, started to be shot in Canada and Mexico. These international locations offer cheaper production costs through the use of native non unionized workers that can t demand the same wages as Americans. References Yale, Camille K. Runaway Film Productions A Critical History of Hollywood s Outsourcing Discourse. Diss. University of Illinois Urbana Campaign, 2010. Print. ...   more details

  1. The Secrets

    The Secrets were an American girl group from Cleveland , Ohio . The group first performed under the name The Sonnets , named after the Sonnet piano . They were offered a local gig supporting local ensemble The Starfires later The Outsiders American band The Outsiders , and at one of these performances, talent scout Redda Robbins offered them a contract. ref name amg Allmusic class artist id p23317 pure url yes Biography , ref The group then met with songwriters Johnny Madara and David White musician David White , members of The Spokesmen . Through their influence, the group was able to release a single on Mercury Records called The Boy Next Door the song hit 18 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in December 1963. ref Allmusic class artist id p23317 pure url yes Billboard Singles , ref Three more singles followed on Mercury, but none of them charted, and the group parted ways in 1965. The group has two interesting bits of music trivia. They were booked to appear on American Bandstand the weekend of November 22nd, 1963, which was cancelled due to John F. Kennedy s assassination, and they were the last group to appear on American Bandstand in the spring of 1964, before Bandstand shifted from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. Members Patty Miller and Carole McGoldrick continued performing as The Memories for a year following the breakup. The group reunited in the early 1990s to play at their high school reunion . ref name amg They later reunited for a Pride of Cleveland Past Concert at the Parmatown Rib Burnoff in the early 2000 s. Carole McGoldrick died on June 16, 2010. Members Jackie Allen Schwegler Karen Gray Cipriani Carole Raymont McGoldrick deceased Patty Miller References reflist DEFAULTSORT Secrets, The Category Girl groups Category Musical groups from Cleveland, Ohio ...   more details

  1. Editorial process outsourcing

    Multiple issues unreferenced February 2011 COI April 2008 orphan February 2009 Editorial process outsourcing EPO is a form of knowledge process outsourcing , which itself is a form of outsourcing . On the corporate side, editorial process outsourcing deals with outsourcing of press releases, writing, editing, and designing newsletters. References Reflist DEFAULTSORT Editorial Process Outsourcing Category Outsourcing business stub ...   more details

  1. National Outsourcing Association

    Infobox Company company name NOA company type Public company logo File National Outsourcing Association Logo.jpg foundation 1995 location London , England , United Kingdom industry Outsourcing members 350 2011 homepage http footnotes The National Outsourcing Association NOA was founded in the United Kingdom in 1987 by Martyn Hart. The organisation was the first European association to promote effective outsourcing and it is the parent of the federal European outsourcing association . The NOA operates as a not for profit trade association and aims to promote best practice in outsourcing, lobbying government and regulators, and provide research and information to companies and managers using outsourcing. The NOA has developed Pathway ref http index.php site pathway ref , a university accredited professional development qualification for the UK s outsourcing industry. The NOA includes the OUT Group ref http index.php site outgroup ref , as the commercial arm of the NOA which was created in 2004. The NOA are also associated with, a leading online news resource portal for the sourcing community. In 2006 the NOA partnered with Outsource magazine ref http index.php site publications ref published by EMP Media , an independent magazine serving the outsourcing space and the first magazine to do so. Outsource magazine became the NOA s official partner magazine. Additionally, Outsource magazine Outsource became the first magazine serving the outsourcing sector to achieve Audit Bureau of Circulations UK ABC audit in Sep 2011 ref http Certificates 17478713.pdf ref . External links http The National Outsourcing Association website http Outsource magazine website http sourcingfocus website http OUT Group website References Reflist Category Industry trade groups based in the United Kingdom ...   more details

  1. Socially responsible outsourcing

    dicdef Multiple issues COI December 2008 orphan December 2008 unreferenced December 2008 date May 2011 neologism date March 2011 Socially responsible outsourcing is a movement to democratize access to jobs in the business process outsourcing and technology enabled services sector spearheaded by NGO s, small outsourcing firms in poor countries analogous to producers in the fair trade system , responsible business associations, and other concerned stakeholders. Currently, several different definitions of socially responsible outsourcing exist. 1. Social outsourcing, promoted by the academic Richard Heeks quotation Social outsourcing means the contracting out of goods or services to social enterprises. When used by government, it can be seen as a hybrid of the workfare outsourcing found in wage employment schemes, and the commercial outsourcing of government activities to the private sector. 2. The guiding principles approach, developed by Leila Chirayath Janah and Joy Sun of the NGO Samasource quotation Socially responsible outsourcing encourages buyers to hire firms that meet any two of the following three criteria p 1 Located in a poor or very poor region in a developing economy, as defined by the International Monetary Fund or a poor region within an emerging economy p 2 Micro , small , or mid sized employing between 1 and 249 people p 3 Owned by, or employ a majority of, economically or socially disadvantaged people including women, ethnic minorities, and inhabitants of economically depressed regions such as rural areas and slum communities. References Reflist DEFAULTSORT Socially Responsible Outsourcing Category Outsourcing ...   more details

  1. Media Process Outsourcing

    Media process outsourcing MPO is a subset of outsourcing , providing a range of services to Mass media media and entertainment companies globally. ref cite news url http business india business Now outsourcing of media publishing work articleshow 827760.cms title A new outsourcing era in the global media and publishing business accessdate 2010 09 23 work The Times Of India ref Cost savings and availability of skilled manpower remain the prime drivers pushing the popularity of the industry. With the mega media corporations witnessing a major media landscape change, the need for content distribution is at peak and requires multi channel strategy for an effective and cost efficient supply, increasing the demand for high quality media process outsourcing. However the long term scope of the industry is not limited to a single process, but includes developing strategic means of achieving economies of scale and standardization across the industry. Though Media process outsourcing is fairly a young industry, it is poised for high growth expected to create demand for specific media services like subtitle captioning for TV shows and movies, closed captioning , graphics and animation , video editing , media audit reporting and even transmission. Also, the scope of Media Process Outsourcing has shifted from cost rationalization and service management to strategic outsourcing in the form of core business models. Big outsourcing players like Genpact with its NGEN media joint venture with NDTV ref cite web url http 2006 03 30 stories 2006033004250100.htm title Genpact, NDTV form joint venture accessdate 2010 09 23 ref and Infosys BPO Limited with its Source18 joint venture with TV18 ref cite web url http 2007 05 15 stories 2007051503250500.htm title TV 18, Infosys BPO ink outsourcing pact accessdate ... Outsourcing ...   more details

  1. Information technology outsourcing

    Generalize date October 2009 Citations missing date December 2008 Information technology outsourcing or ITO is a company s outsourcing of computer or Internet related work, such as programming , to other companies. It is used in reference to business process outsourcing or BPO, which is the outsourcing of the work that does not require much of technical skills. IT outsourcing drivers The reasons for IT outsourcing include lack of resources and cost reduction. IT Outsourcing is sometimes called IT Enabled Services ITES Outsourcing. Citation needed date May 2011 Overseas ITO to India and China The typical destinations of overseas IT outsourcing are India and Philippines for the American and European companies and China for the Japanese companies. Outsourcing information technology to Asia A combination of high overhead in the United States and strong cultural ties between the domestic and Asian information technology industries have led many companies to outsource labor intensive software programming to Asia and Eastern Europe. Citation needed date May 2011 India has always been a major player in information technology IT they even make their own supercomputers for predicting monsoons. It wasn t until the Y2K bug emerged that the need for legions of cheap programmers really arose, however, and American companies began to see the potential for outsourcing overseas. After Y2K the IT service industry exploded, with American companies outsourcing everything from data entry to customer service to India and other Asian countries. Despite its distinct advantages for companies looking ... industry in India alone. Citation needed date May 2011 Outsourcing Tools style width 90 class ... and testing , See also Offshore programming Software testing outsourcing Website Management Outsourcing Outsourcing Offshoring Offshoring Research Network Globalization External links Category Business process Outsourcing Category Business terms he ja IT ...   more details

  1. European Outsourcing Association

    Image Eoalogo.gif thumb right 200px Logo of the European Outsourcing Association The European Outsourcing Association is a federal body, launched by the British National Outsourcing Association in June 2004, at an inaugural conference in Amsterdam . The aim of the EOA is to act as an umbrella body for the national outsourcing trade associations throughout Europe . To date, Austria , the Netherlands , France , Belgium , and Germany have joined the EOA. External links http www.e e , the official EOA website down as of Apr 24, 2007 use http web 20060423081144 http www.e Internet Archives cache or http search?q site 3Awww.e Google cache fr icon http EOA France , the French website Category Trade associations ...   more details

  1. Outsourcing relationship management

    COI date January 2008 Advert date January 2008 Outsourcing relationship management ORM is the business ... providers as part of an outsourcing strategy. ORM is a broadly used term that encompasses elements ... Outsourcing gained prominence as a business strategy in the early mid 1980 s and was originally driven ... innovation, flexibility and scalability in their business operations through outsourcing. Outsourcing ... this introduction, the theories of outsourcing relationship management have been developed ... is in wide usage today and the practice of outsourcing relationship management is becoming ... and sales force automation linking to customers, and Outsourcing relationship management linking to external service providers A challenge in implementing ORM strategies lies in the nature of the outsourcing relationship itself. In his 2004 book The Outsourcing Revolution ref cite book last Corbett first Michael title The Outsourcing Revolution Why It Makes Sense and How to Do It Right publisher .... This book was one of the earliest works to focus on outsourcing relationship management as one of the keys to successful outsourcing strategies. More recently, Gartner has launched an outsourcing ... pursue as part of their outsourcing strategy Management Strategy determining the most appropriate ... of external service providers Management strategy Most major outsourcing initiatives are driven by top .... One often unexpected demand of implementing an outsourcing strategy is the requirement for new management ... Outsourcing Relationship Managers accessdate 2007 12 31 ref documents the need for managers skilled in ORM for managing IT outsourcing. A more recent article in DM Review ref cite web url http dmdirect 20071102 10000158 1.html title Outsourcing s Hidden Career Opportunity accessdate 2007 12 31 ref points out that there is still a need for specialized outsourcing relationship managers ... and skills required for effective outsourcing relationship management. The University of Michigan ...   more details

  1. Software testing outsourcing

    demanded types in software testing outsourcing. At present 5 main options of software testing outsourcing are available depending on the detected problems with software development Citation needed date September 2008 full outsourcing of the whole palette of software testing & quality assurance ... time the main obstacle for outsourcing. Due to this channels software testing outsourcing ... system. Top established global outsourcing cities According to Tholons Global Services Top 50, ref ... 2009 Top Established and Emerging Global Outsourcing ref in 2009, Top Established and Emerging Global Outsourcing Cities in Testing function were Chennai, India Cebu City, Philippines Shanghai, China Beijing, China Krak w, Poland Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Top Emerging Global Outsourcing Cities Chennai .... Vietnam Outsourcing Vietnam has become a major player in software outsourcing. Tholon s Global ... in the news 974 software outsourcing recovery and development.html LogiGear, PC World Viet ... of the US recovery. ref name PC World Viet Nam http in the news 974 software outsourcing ... Software Testing Outsourcing Category Software testing Category Offshoring Category Outsourcing ...   more details

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