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Fast object tracking in opencv
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Encyclopedia results for Fast object tracking in opencv

Fast object tracking in opencv

Encyclopedia results for Fast object tracking in opencv

  1. OpenCV

    Infobox software logo Image OpenCV Logo with text.png 180px author Intel Corporation operating system ... license BSD license website url http wiki OpenCV Open Source Computer Vision ..., the OpenCV project was initially an Intel Research initiative to advance central processing ... experts in Intel Russia, as well as Intel s Performance Library Team. In the early days of OpenCV ... to be open or free themselves. blockquote The first alpha version of OpenCV was released to the public ... 1.0 version was released in 2006. In mid 2008, OpenCV obtained corporate support from Willow Garage .... The second major release of the OpenCV was on October 2009. OpenCV 2 includes major changes to the C ... every 6 months ref OpenCV change logs http wiki OpenCV 20Change 20Logs ref ... Image OfxOpenCV.png thumb right openFrameworks running the OpenCV add on example. OpenCV ... Gesture recognition Human computer interaction HCI Mobile robotics Motion understanding Object identification ... perception from 2 cameras Structure from motion SFM Video tracking Motion tracking To support some of the above areas, OpenCV includes a statistical machine learning library that contains Boosting ... Programming language The library was originally written in C ref name Cdocs OpenCV C interface http documentation c index.html ref and this C interface makes OpenCV portable ... 2.0, OpenCV includes both its traditional C interface as well as a new C interface ref OpenCV C interface ... that can arise when using OpenCV in C ref OpenCV Memory Management Part II http ... developments and algorithms in OpenCV are now developed in the C interface. Unfortunately, it is much ... the other language wrappers are generally lacking some of the newer OpenCV 2.0 features. A CUDA ... Cuda GPU port http wiki OpenCV GPU ref OS support OpenCV runs on Microsoft ... projects opencv ref FreeBSD , OpenBSD , iOS Apple iOS , ref iPhone port http ...   more details

  1. Tracking

    Tracking can refer to Tracking education , separating children into different classes according to their academic ability Tracking, in computer graphics, a vital part of match moving Tracking, in portfolio management, matching or comparing with a stock market index Tracking, in automotive engineering, a synonym for Toe automotive Tracking, a subject of dead reckoning , concerning setting up a track on other objects momentarily viewed from the observer s own location Tracking typography , the process ... of a satellite tracker disambiguation Tracking commercial airline flight , the means of tracking civil airline flights in realtime. Tracking hunting , the science and art of learning about a place via animal trails and other environmental evidence Tracking Scouting , a Scouting activity Tracking, an electrical pre breakdown phenomenon, see Electrical treeing Tracking shot , a filming technique ... tracker Target tracking, one of the elements of Missile guidance GOT systems Go Onto Target ... the current and past locations and other status of property in transit. Tracking and tracing is the completion ... for, applied in or disposed of usage. Mobile asset management Asset tracking technology Asset tracking provides regular information about objects of an inventory or any stock of mobile entities In sports Tracking freeflying , in skydiving, the technique of moving horizontally while in free fall Tracking dog , the act of a dog following a scent trail Tracking trial , a dog competition In technology Optical motion tracking Video tracking , finding the location of an object of the scene on each frame of the sequence, when processing a video sequence Video tape tracking , alignment of the magnetic tape of a video tape recorder with respect to the reading head Tracking, composing music with tracker music software Web visitor tracking , the analysis of visitor behavior on a website See also Tracing disambiguation Tracing Track disambiguation Tracker disambiguation Tracking system disambig ...   more details

  1. Object

    wiktionary Object may refer to Object philosophy , a thing, being or concept Entity , something that is tangible and within the grasp of the senses As used in object relations theory object relations theories of psychoanalysis , that to which a subject relates. Object grammar , a sentence element, such as a direct object or an indirect object Abstract object Object abstract , an object which does not exist at any particular time or place Mathematical object Object mathematics , an abstract object arising in mathematics Group object , a generalization of a group built on more complicated structures than sets. Goal , an aim, target or objective Physical body or object, in physics, a collection of masses Object, an entity treated by mathematical category theory Categories, objects, and morphisms category theory 3D modeling 3D model , a representation of a physical object Property type National Register of Historic Places Object Object National Register of Historic Places , a classification used by the U.S. National Register of Historic Places object Russian GABTU military vehicle designations. In computing Object computer science , a language mechanism for binding data with methods that operate on that data Object oriented programming OOP , in which an object is an instance of a class or array Object file , the output of a compiler or other translator program also known as object code Object Information Processing , an information source for an information processor HTML element Images and objects HTML object element In popular culture Object Le D jeuner en fourrure , a sculpture by M ret Oppenheim Object , a song by The Cure on their 1979 album Three Imaginary Boys Objects from The Lost Room Objects from the 2006 television series The Lost Room Object , a song by Ween ... gl Obxecto ko io Objekto is Hlutur it Oggetto he ku Heyber mt O ett nl Object ja pl Obiekt pt Objeto desambigua o ro Obiect dezambiguizare ru simple Object sl Predmet ...   more details

  1. The Object Is

    Infobox Television show name The Object Is... image File The object is 1963.JPG 230px caption Clark as host in 1963. format Game Show creator presenter Dick Clark narrated runtime 30 Minutes company The Object Is, Inc. No, I am NOT making this up. country USA network American Broadcasting Company ABC first aired December 30, 1963 last aired March 27, 1964 num episodes 65 Pilot The Object Is was a game show which aired on American Broadcasting Company ABC from December 30, 1963 to March 27, 1964. The series was the first game for host Dick Clark . Mike Lawrence was the announcer. Gameplay Three celebrities and three contestants competed in a game in which they tried to identify people either celebrities, historical figures, or fictional characters from objects typically associated with that person. Each contestant played with two celebrities one who gave a clue and one who received it. For example, if the person was Charles Lindbergh a clue from the first celebrity might be transatlantic airplane if the contestant guessed correctly, it was worth ten points if not, the contestant gave a clue to the second celebrity for seven points. Clues were worth ten points, then seven, then five, then three. If the subject was not guessed after the three point clue, the subject was thrown out. The first ... s Game , in which they attempted to identify as many celebrities associated with a particular object ... Wostbrock The Encyclopedia of TV Game Shows , 3rd Edition ref Broadcast history Object debuted on the second ... show Seven Keys in a scheduling shuffle. Object faced the same competition its predecessor did &ndash ... . While Links had a nearly four month jump on Object , local programming managed to cause both games ... Compared to most other game shows of the era, Object is completely intact &ndash all 65 episodes, plus ... references External links imdb title id 0198195 title The Object Is 10902 The Object Is DEFAULTSORT Object Is Category American game shows Category American Broadcasting Company network shows Category ...   more details

  1. Video tracking

    Video tracking is the process of locating a Motion physics moving object or multiple objects over time ... to use object recognition techniques for tracking. Objective The objective of video tracking is to associate ... process. These methods give a variety of tools for identifying the moving object. Locating and tracking the target object successfully is dependent on the algorithm. For example, using blob tracking ... and localization algorithms Blob tracking segmentation of object interior for example blob detection ... . Contour tracking detection of object boundary e.g. active contours or Condensation algorithm ... objects along with more complex object interaction like tracking objects moving behind obstructions ... Tissue Deformation Recovery and Tracking Introducing techniques based on laparoscopic or endoscopic ... cite book author Lyudmila Mihaylova, Paul Brasnett, Nishan Canagarajan and David Bull title Object Tracking by Particle Filtering Techniques in Video Sequences In Advances and Challenges in Multisensor ... title Marker Tracking and HMD Calibration for a Video based Augmented Reality Conferencing ... Society, Washington, DC, USA year 1999 ref Video tracking can be a time consuming process due to the amount ... the objects are moving fast relative to the frame rate . Another situation that increases the complexity of the problem is when the tracked object changes orientation over time. For these situations video tracking systems usually employ a motion model which describes how the image of the target might change for different possible motions of the object. Examples of simple motion models are When tracking planar objects, the motion model is a 2D transformation affine transformation or homography of an image of the object e.g. the initial frame . When the target is a rigid 3D object, the motion ... can be covered with a mesh, the motion of the object is defined by the position of the nodes of the mesh. Algorithms To perform video tracking an algorithm analyzes sequential video frame s and outputs ...   more details

  1. Tracking (dog)

    Merge to Tracking trial discuss Talk Tracking dog Merge disscussion date May 2011 Unreferenced date December 2009 Tracking is a technique in which dog s are trained to locate certain objects, such as a downed bird , using the object s odor scent . Many bird and rabbit hunters train their dogs in tracking. The scent hound s are generally regarded as having the best tracking abilities among all dog breeds. In dog sports , there are tracking trial tracking competition s. See also Tracking trial References reflist Dog sports Category Dog sports DEFAULTSORT Tracking Dog Dog stub de F hrtenarbeit no Spor ...   more details

  1. FAST

    Wiktionary Fast fast Primary meanings Fast may refer to Fast as in high speed or velocity, may be used with anything that has a speed. Fasting , abstaining from food Slang Fast , a slang term for someone who is sexually promiscuous Sports Nacional Fast Clube , a Brazilian football club A speed racing for dirt horse racetrack s Farmington, Missouri Farmington Area Swim Team Fifteen and Send Time , a type of dog agility competition Companies and products Fast Search & Transfer , a Norwegian company focusing on data search technologies Fast Product , a record label Fast an independent 2010 film starring Charlyne Yi and Steve Clemmons The NASDAQ symbol for Fastenal company Fairfield and Suisun Transit Music Fast , an album by the musician Custom musician Custom Brian Leiser , nicknamed Fast , a musician in the band Fun Lovin Criminals Science FAST may stand for Fast Auroral Snapshot Explorer , one in the series of NASA s Small Explorer spacecraft Facilitated Access to the Space Environment for Technology Development and Training, a NASA program Farnborough Air Sciences Trust Farpoint Asteroid Search Team , an asteroid search team located at the Farpoint Observatory Fatigue Avoidance Scheduling Tool Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope , the world s largest single dish radio telescope China Focused assessment with sonography for trauma , an ultrasound used to examine the abdomen ... Fulbright Academy of Science & Technology Future Attribute Screening Technology FAST stroke , F ace ... Fuel And Sensor Tactical FAST Packs , a type of Conformal Fuel Tank developed for the F 15. Software and computing FAST Enterprise Search Platform ESP , a product of the Fast Search & Transfer division of Microsoft FAST protocol , an adaptation of the FIX protocol, optimized for streaming Feedback ... States Marine Corps disambig da FAST de FAST fr FAST it Fast nl FAST ja pt FAST simple Fast tl Fast ...   more details

  1. Motion Tracking using Java

    multiple issues Move to Wikibooks date December 2011 Motion Tracking using Java is the process of locating a moving object or several ones in time. An algorithm analyses the video frames and outputs the location of moving targets within the video frame. Libraries to Implement Motion tracking OpenCV It s a relatively easy thing for computers to see video, but computer vision goes a step further, applying a wide range of techniques by which computers can begin to understand and process the content of a video input. These techniques tend toward the primitive, but they can also produce aesthetically beautiful results. The best place to start with computer vision has long been the standard library, OpenCV. A free as in beer and freedom library ref name API developed by Intel and with ongoing use in a variety of applications, OpenCV is a terrific, C C based tool not just for things like motion tracking, but video processing in general. OpenCV gets a lot of support in the C based OpenFrameWorks, but that doesn t mean Java and Processing have to be left out of the fun. In fact, I d still recommend starting with Processing for OpenCV, because other tasks remain easier in Java. For details, refer br http 2009 02 06 processing tutorials getting started with video processing via opencv JMyron JMyron aka WebcamXtra is an external library ref name API for Processing that allows image manipulation without having to hard code everything. This is great because we can extend what we saw in the Video Library tutorial and add other aspects to it like motion tracking and color tracking. To use JMyron, you have to download the JAR and put them in the path to Processing libraries folder. You must then import the library in each Processing sketch where JMyron objects will be used ... Tracking using Java Category Cross platform software Category JavaScript Category Prototype based programming languages Category Object based programming languages Category Scripting languages ...   more details

  1. As Fast As

    Infobox musical artist See Wikipedia WikiProject Musicians name As Fast As image caption The band photo of As Fast As image size background group or band alias origin Portland, Maine Portland , Maine , USA genre Rock music Rock , Pop music Pop , Indie music Indie years active 2003&ndash present label A&M Records A&M Octone Records Octone br Universal Music Group associated acts website http asfastasmusic Official MySpace br br http Octone Records br http asfastas PureVolume br Allmusic class artist id p741449 pure url yes Allmusic current members Spencer Albee br Patrick Aaron Hodgkins Hach Horchatta br Zach Jones br Andrew Hodgkins past members notable instruments As Fast As is an alternative rock band from Portland, Maine , which includes former Rustic Overtones keyboardist Spencer Albee, who along with Hach Horchatta and Zach Jones were members of the power pop group Rocktopus. Their debut album, Open Letter to the Damned was released on Octone Records in May, 2006. The album s hit song Florida Sunshine was played on an episode of CSI Miami , ref cite web title url http artist As Fast As accessdate 2009 01 10 ref as well as the promotional advertisements for the series. As Fast As left Octone Records due to a difference in creative vision. ref cite web title AFA Myspace Blog Destroy The Plastique Man March 11 url http index.cfm?fuseaction blog.view&friendID 8820463&blogID 360415440 accessdate 2009 01 10 ref On March 11, 2008, the band released Destroy the Plastique Man independently. The band went on hiatus in August 2008. Though the band are still technically on hiatus and Albee is busy with his new project Spencer and the School Spirit Mafia , the band reformed for a one off concert in Portland, Maine s The Asylum on July 18, 2009 and released a new album, AFA For Effort on June 23. The band s line up consists of Spencer Albee Vocalist Keyboardist Guitarist Ukulele ...   more details

  1. Motion tracking

    Motion tracking may refer to Match moving Optical motion tracking Video tracking See also Motion capture Category Tracking Disambig Long comment to avoid being listed on short pages ...   more details

  1. Mouse-Tracking

    Multiple issues orphan March 2012 lead too short December 2011 cleanup link rot December 2011 Mouse Tracking ... mouse tracking originally referred to how movements were captured and transmitted to the computer ..., mouse tracking was expanded to include click data. Researchers and developers would track and record ..., the term mouse tracking has been expanded even more to develop a much broader area of research in helping understand the human computer interaction HCI . This development began with eye tracking . While eye tracking has been around since the 1800s, it was not used in HCI until the 1980, primarily ... date accessdate 2012 02 23 ref More recently, eye tracking has been used ... tracking in usability testing is the required hardware and then expense. Additionally, eye tracking is limited to small sample sizes and abnormal browsing environments. Mouse tracking, on the other ... tracking was re invented in HCI research. Eye tracking researchers in the late 1990s noticed patterns ... 303118 title Eye tracking the visual search of click down menus doi 10.1145 302979.303118 publisher date accessdate 2012 02 23 ref Based on these findings, researchers who had been tracking ..., and Myeong Ho Sohn at Carnegie Mellon University, began explicitly investigating whether tracking mouse movements could be used as a proxy for tracking eye movements. This research has continued ... different individual movements mean as well as beginning to use mouse tracking in usability testing ... patent to monitor your cursor movements ref II. Mouse tracking technology and techniques a. Javascript ... or service to a larger system. In the case of mouse tracking, the plug ins are software modules. Plug ins are designed to enable customizing the features of an application or program. The mouse tracking ... tracking tools provide a variety of data including the location of the mouse in terms of pixels , time ..., and duration of hovers. Additionally, some tracking tools provide more high level analyses, such as heat ...   more details

  1. Tracking (hunting)

    250px A walking deer track located in the Apalachicola National Forest in northern Florida Tracking ... goal of tracking is the deeper understanding of the systems and patterns that make up the environment surrounding and incorporating the tracker. The practice of tracking may focus on, but is not limited ..., in an activity known as trailing. Prehistoric Hunting Paleolithic hunters used tracking principally to gather food. Even in historic times, tracking has been traditionally practiced by the majority of tribe tribal people all across the world. The military also use tracking to find enemy soldiers in the bush, sea, and desert. Tracking as an art and science It has been suggested that the art of tracking .... Tracking is therefore a non invasive method of information gathering, in which potential stress caused to animals can be minimized. Some of the most important applications of tracking are in hunting ... investigation, search and rescue, and in scientific research. The modern science of animal tracking ... management. Tracking enables the detection of rare, endangered, and elusive species. The science of tracking is utilized in the study of forest carnivores like the Canada Lynx, Felis lynx , and the Wolverine ..., however, these shadows will be hidden by the ridges that cast them. Tracking is easiest in the morning ... ignoring everything around them. Tracking requires varying attention, a constant refocusing between ... s movements. In order to move fast enough to overtake the animal, one may not be able to detect ... the animal was doing, how fast it was moving, when it was there, where it was going to and where ... Observation and Tracking . New York Berkley Books Brown, T. 1999 The Science and Art of Tracking . New ... of tracking, In Carruthers, P., Stich, S., Siegal, M., Eds. , The Cognitive Basis of Science ... Oxford University Press. Carss, B. 2000 The SAS Guide to Tracking SAS , Boston The Lyons Press. Conesa Sevilla, J. 2008 . Thinking in Animal Signs Tracking as a Biosemiotic Exercise, Ecopsychological ...   more details

  1. Finger tracking

    In the field of technology and image processing , finger tracking is a high resolution technique that is employed to know the consecutive position of the fingers of the user and hence represent objects in Three dimensional space 3D . In addition to that, the finger tracking technique is used as a tool ... Introduction The finger tracking system is focused on user data interaction, where the user interacts with virtual data, by handling through the fingers the volumetric of a 3D object that we want to represent ..., Finger tracking systems have been created. These systems track in real time the position in 3D ... to interact. Types of tracking There are many options for the implementation of finger tracking .... We could divide this technique into finger tracking and Interface computer science interface ... of the background. Regarding the first one, to carry out this tracking, we need an intermediate external device, used as a tool for executing different instructions. Tracking with interface In this system we use motion capture a tracking of the location of the markers and patterns in 3D is performed .... The system allows following the object, even though if some markers are not visible. Because of the spatial ... handling An object is selected and then its position and orientation are handled like if it was connected ... that permit an indirect interaction with the virtual object s through a virtual widget that acts as an intermediary. Articulated hand tracking This is an interesting technique from the point of view ... of the hand is known. Tracking without interface In terms of visual perception , the legs and hands ... of the hand in relation to the camera. Many tracking systems are based on a model focused ... the distances between positions. Other tracking techniques It is also possible to perform active tracking of fingers. The Smart Laser Scanner is a marker less finger tracking system using a modified ..., the finger tracking systems are used to represent a virtual reality . However its application has ...   more details

  1. Tracking (Scouting)

    Unreferenced date March 2007 Dablink For other uses of the term Tracking , see Tracking Tracking is a Scouting activity which involves laying a trail or following a trail laid by others. A trail is a series of signs, largely comprising directions, which are laid on the ground. Tracking also involves interpreting bird language to better understand relevant changes in baseline and if the scouted party is nearby. Native Americans were very good trackers, and could track food for 10 miles. Category Scoutcraft Category Tracking Scout stub sv Sp rning ...   more details

  1. Trailer tracking

    Onesource date March 2009 The term trailer tracking refers to the concept of tracking the position of an Semi trailer truck articulated vehicle s Semi trailer trailer unit. This position is determined through a tracking device fitted to the trailer. ref Name Donath cite book title The IOMA Handbook of Logistics and Inventory Management last Donath first Bob authorlink year 2002 publisher John Wiley and Sons location isbn 9780471209355 page 320 pages url ref A communication network or satellite network is then used to transfer this positional data to a centralised collection point. Trailer tracking is used to increase productivity by optimising the use of trailer fleets. Trailer Tracking System Trailer tracking systems can provide essential information to trailer operators on status, location, door activity and history. These systems utilize the information to provide reliable and protected services to shippers of perishable commodities. File Trailer Tracking System.jpg thumb Trailer Tracking System br Trailer tracking systems require 4 essential components to operate. 1. Tracking Device br 2. Communication Network br 3. Back end Server and Database br 4. User Interface Software br See also GPS tracking server GPS tracking unit References reflist http Trailer Tracking Explained Category Logistics ...   more details

  1. Bolus tracking

    unsourced date December 2007 Image Sagital aaa.JPG thumb 200px right A Sagittal MPR of an AAA Image Volume rendered.jpg thumb 200px right Volume Rendered Carotid Angiogram Bolus tracking is a technique used in computed tomography imaging, to visualise vessels more clearly. A Bolus medicine bolus of radio opaque contrast media is Injection medicine injected into a patient via a peripheral intravenous cannula . Depending on the vessel being imaged, the volume of contrast is tracked using a region of interest at a certain level and then followed by the Computed tomography CT scanner once it reaches this level. Images are acquired at a rate as fast as the contrast moving through the blood vessels. Applications This method of imaging is used primarily to produce images of arteries, such as the aorta , pulmonary artery pulmonary artery, cerebral artery cerebral and carotid artery carotid arteries. The image shown illustrates this technique on a sagittal MPR multi planar reformat . The image is demonstrating the blood flow through an abdominal aortic aneurysm or AAA. The bright white on the image is the contrast. You can see the lumen of the aorta in which the contrast is contained, surrounded by a grey sack , which is the aneurysm . Images acquired from a bolus track, can be manipulated into a MIP maximum intensity projection or a Volume rendering volume rendered image . See also Computed tomography angiography CT pulmonary angiogram Endovascular surgery EVAR Category X ray computed tomography ru ...   more details

  1. Eye tracking

    Eye tracking is the process of measuring either the point of gaze where we are looking or the motion ... ref Yarbus 1967 ref did important eye tracking research and his 1967 book is very highly quoted ... accompanying the examination of the particular object . It is easy to determine from these records ... 193 . ref Image Eye tracking thru glass.JPG thumb 320px This study by Hunziker 1970 ref Hunziker, H ... 2 english abstract http www.learning multimedia forsch1e.htm ref on eye tracking in problem ..., eye tracking research expanded rapidly, particularly reading research. A good overview of the research ... is correct, then when a subject looks at a word or object, he or she also thinks ... during eye tracking recordings, the resulting scan path and fixation patterns would often show not where our attention has been, but only where the eye has been looking, and so eye tracking would not indicate cognitive processing. The 1980s also saw the birth of using eye tracking to answer questions ...&rep rep1&type pdf ref Additionally, computers allowed researchers to use eye tracking results in real ...&type pdf ref More recently, there has been growth in using eye tracking to study how users interact ... 20459728& acm 1316470102 c2364e52a2ef97072f959144162018c2 ref The results of the eye tracking ... cognitive processes directly from a fixation on a particular object in a scene. ref Holsanova 2007 ... etc. Therefore eye tracking is often coupled with other methodologies, such as introspective ... to track. A still more sensitive method of tracking is to image features from inside the eye, such as the retinal ... those based on video recording, are widely used for gaze tracking and are favored for being ... types of eye tracking techniques are used Bright Pupil and Dark Pupil. Their difference is based on the location ... away from the camera. Bright Pupil tracking creates greater iris pupil contrast allowing for more robust eye tracking with all iris pigmentation and greatly reduces interference caused by eyelashes ...   more details

  1. Tracking error

    In finance , tracking error is a measure of how closely a portfolio follows the index to which it is benchmarked ... in order to generate active returns. Tracking error also called active risk is a measure of the deviation from the benchmark the aforementioned index fund would have a tracking error close to zero, while an actively managed portfolio would normally have a higher tracking error. Dividing portfolio active return by portfolio tracking error gives the information ratio , which is a risk adjusted performance measure. Definition If tracking error is measured historically, it is called realized or ex post tracking error. If a model is used to predict tracking error, it is called ex ante tracking error. Ex post tracking error is more useful for reporting performance, whereas ex ante tracking error is generally used by portfolio managers to control risk. Various types of ex ante tracking error models ... factor fixed income models. Formulas The ex post tracking error formula is the root mean square ... or dispersion in the active returns. However, the portfolio is not truly tracking ... in terms of volatility of active returns makes sense, however, if the tracking error is to be used in an information ratio . Early papers ref e.g., Richard Roll, A Mean Variance Analysis of Tracking Error, Journal of Portfolio Management, 1992 ref labeled the concept discussed in this article tracking error volatility and are a possible source for the second conception of tracking error the volatility has been excluded in more recent studies. Examples Index fund s are expected to have minimal tracking ... benchmark, and thus reflect tracking errors relative to short positions in the underlying index or benchmark. References Reflist External links http watch?v A1sB2ynlNrw Tracking Error YouTube http 2011 01 18 tracking error E2 80 93 a hidden cost Tracking error A hidden cost of passive investing http tracking error Tracking error Category Financial ...   more details

  1. Tracking number

    Tracking numbers are numbers given to packages when they are shipped. Tracking numbers are useful for knowing the location of time sensitive deliveries. In the United States , some of the companies and organizations that partake in the use of tacking numbers are United Parcel Service UPS , ref cite web title Tracking Information url http tracking tracking.html publisher UPS accessdate 31 December 2011 ref FedEx , ref cite web title FedEx Tacking url http Tracking accessdate 31 December 2011 ref and the United States Postal Service . ref cite web title USPS Tracking url https go TrackConfirmAction input.action ref Normally, there are 15 digits in a FedEx tracking number. In an UPS number, it will usually start with 1Z one number and two letters followed with 13 more numbers. References reflist business stub Category Logistics ...   more details

  1. Blue tracking

    Unreferenced date September 2011 Orphan date March 2011 Blue Tracking , in the computer game s context, refers to a tool, usually called a Blue Tracker, that allows users to see all the message board forum posts made by a Video game developer game developer . The term is derived from the military use, Blue Force Tracking . The process of blue tracking usually involves a Web crawler spider that searches through pages on the forums and saves all the posts made by game developers. Category Video game terminology ...   more details

  1. Tracking stock

    Tracking stock or targeted stock ref name sec track http answers track.htm SEC page on tracking stock. ref are specialized equity offerings issued by a company that is based on the operations of a wholly owned subsidiary of a diversified firm. Therefore, the tracking stock will be traded at a price related to the operations of the specific division of the company being tracked . Tracking stock typically has limited or no voting rights. ref name sec track Often, the reason for doing so is to separate a high growth division from a larger parent company. The parent company and its shareholders remain in control of the subsidiary s or unit s operations. Examples During the dot com bubble , some companies that predated the bubble identified their Internet operations as high growth divisions that would benefit from a tracking stock. The best known example is The Walt Disney Company , which issued a tracking stock for . At around the same time, as the bubble ended, Disney retired the tracking stock. AT&T AWE and Sprint Corporation PCS also established tracking stocks for their cellular telephone operations, but neither of these tracking stocks is still outstanding stock outstanding . Liberty Media NASDAQ LMCA and NasdaqSymbol LMCB had tracking stocks for Liberty Interactive .... Thus, no major U.S. companies have tracking stocks. Among other examples, in 1999 Quantum Corp. issued tracking stock in two subsidiaries its DLT and Storage Systems Group DSS and its Hard Disk ... and redeemed the HDD tracking stock. See also Dual listed company Tranche References references references External links http igiddy trackingstock.htm Focus Tracking Stock http usnews biztech articles 991220 archive 004456.htm Companies Favor Tracking Stocks But Investors Can Get Derailed http 2100 1033 233551.html Tracking stocks take on the telecom world Stock market Category Securities Category Companies listed on NASDAQ de Tracking Stock ja ...   more details

  1. Tracking signal

    In statistics and management science , a tracking signal signal monitors any forecasts that have been made in comparison with actuals, and warns when there are unexpected departures of the outcomes from the forecasts. Forecasts can relates to sales, inventory, or anything pertaining to an organization s future demand. The tracking signal is a simple indicator that forecast bias is present in the forecast model. It is most often used when the validity of the forecasting model might be in doubt. Definition One form of tracking signal is the ratio of the cumulative sum of forecast errors the deviations between the estimated forecasts and the actual values to the mean absolute deviation . ref APICS ... ref The formula for this tracking signal is Tracking signal a sub t sub &minus f sub t sub MAD ... n where n is the number of periods. Plugging this in, the entire formula for tracking signal is Tracking ... tracking signal was developed by Trigg 1964 . In this model, e sub t sub is the observed error in period ... t sub e sub t sub 1 &minus M sub t &minus 1 sub Then the tracking signal is the ratio T sub t sub ... tracking signal value indicates a bias in the forecast. For example, with a of  0.1, a value of T sub t sub greater than .51 indicates nonrandom errors. The tracking signal also can be used directly ... , which requires the calculation of the tracking signal. The tracking signal is then used as the value of the smoothing constant for the next forecast. The idea is that when the tracking signal is large ... Notes references References Alstrom, P., Madsen, P. 1996 Tracking signals in inventory control systems ... SE salamah tracking signal in forecasting tracking signal in forecasting.htm Tracking signal in forecasting by Dr Muhammad Al Salamah http documents Training Tracking 20Signal 20in 20Forecasting.ppt Tracking Signal A Measure of Forecast Accuracy by Tyler Hedin, Brigham Young University Powerpoint DEFAULTSORT Tracking Signal Category Statistical deviation and dispersion ...   more details

  1. Tracking (freeflying)

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Tracking , one of the first freefall skills learned by a novice skydiver , is the technique of assuming a body position that allows the skydiver to move horizontally while freefall ing. Although there are many variations of the basic body position it essentially involves the skydiver moving out of the traditional face to earth arched position, straightening the legs ... tracking position providing the best glide ratio especially concerning how far if at all the skydiver s legs should be spread. Some variations of the tracking position work well for some individuals .... Tracking is regarded as an essential life saving skill for all freefall skydivers engaging in relative ..., the better their tracking skills must be. In addition of having to track a longer distance after break off tracking away for separation before opening , they also have to be more aware of other jumpers .... Tracking is not however purely a life saving skill many skydivers participate in tracking dives where the whole skydive until break off will be spent tracking. On all tracking dives there should be a designated ... and will usually act as a rabbit often tracking on his back . This serves several purposes ... on and potentially take grips upon. Second, the rabbit will be responsible for the heading of the tracking ... canopy. While considered an area of freeflying , tracking dives are popular amongst many skydivers across the disciplines. Tracking dives are some of the most accessible and sociable dives that everyone regardless of experience level can take part on. Tracking dives are often planned at the end of the day ..., low pressure jumps. Even though inexperienced jumpers often take part on tracking dives, the risks ... injury or death. For this reason the number of inexperienced jumpers on a tracking dive should be limited by the organizer. Tracking dives along with Atmonauti a.k.a Angled flight , a recently conceived ... at all. DEFAULTSORT Tracking Freeflying Category Parachuting no Tracking ...   more details

  1. Tracking collar

    File Canis lupus with radio collar.jpg Radio collared wolf in Yellowstone National Park thumb Tracking collars are collars used as a Electric beacon radio beacon to tracking animal migration track animal migration for research. ref cite book last Mech first L. David authorlink coauthors title Handbook of animal radio tracking publisher University of Minnesota Press date 1983 location pages url doi id isbn 978 0816612222 ref Some pet owners use these collars for GPS tracking and Geofence geofencing of their pets. ref cite web url http 2004 08 24 global pet finder gps pet collar title Global Pet Finder GPS pet collar accessdate 2009 03 17 last Fehrenbacher first Katie date 2004 08 24 publisher Engadget ref References commonscat Animals with radio transmitters references Category Tracking Category Digital technology Category Radio technology Category Animal migration fr Collier metteur fi Koiratutka ...   more details

  1. Envelope Tracking

    Envelope tracking ref cite news title Improving multi carrier PA efficiency using envelope tracking first Gerard last Wimpenny url http design microwave rf design 4018959 Improving multi carrier PA efficiency using envelope tracking publisher EE Times accessdate 25 October 2011 ref describes an approach to RF amplifier design in which the power supply voltage applied to the power amplifier is constantly adjusted to ensure that the amplifier is operating at peak efficiency for the given instantaneous output power requirements. A conventional Radio Frequency RF amplifier designed with a fixed supply voltage operates most efficiently only when operating in compression. Amplifiers operating with a constant supply voltage become less efficient as the crest factor of the signal increases, because the amplifier spends more time operating below peak power and, therefore, spends more time operating below its maximum efficiency. File Envelope Tracking waveform.jpg thumb Envelope Tracking waveform References reflist Category Amplifiers ...   more details

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