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Erwin Kramer
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Encyclopedia results for Erwin Kramer

Erwin Kramer

Encyclopedia results for Erwin Kramer

  1. Erwin Kramer

    stadtschnellbahn ref Kramer was a member of the Central Committee of the SED 1954 1970 and member of the Volkskammer 1958 1979 . Kramer died in 1979 in Berlin. References reflist Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Kramer, Erwin ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION German politician ... DEFAULTSORT Kramer, Erwin Category 1902 births Category 1979 deaths Category People from Pi a Category ... Germany de Erwin Kramer ... to Samara, Russia Samara Kuybyshev in October 1941. After World War II Kramer returned to the Soviet ... administration Berlin in 1946. In 1949 Kramer became the Deputy Director and in 1950 General ...   more details

  1. Kramer

    wiktionary Kramer Kramer may refer to TOCright People Kramer musician , a musician and record producer Fictional Cosmo Kramer , a character from the American sitcom Seinfeld , usually referred to as just Kramer For other people, real or fictional, with the last name of Kramer , see Kramer surname . Places Kramer, Indiana , USA Kramer, North Dakota , USA Others Kramer Electronics, Ltd. , international electronics company Kramer graph , two stroke engine port area graph Kramer Guitars , Kramer Musical Instruments, an American guitar company Kramer of New York 1943&ndash 1980 , jewelry company based in New York City Kramer vs. Kramer , 1979 American film, Academy Award winner for Best Picture Shelley v. Kraemer 334 U.S. 1 1948 , important United States Supreme Court civil rights case See also Cramer Cremer disambiguation Kr mer or Kraemer Kremer disambig geo cs Kramer de Kramer it Kramer he nl Kramer ja pl Kramer ujednoznacznienie pt Kramer ru vo Kramer ...   more details

  1. Erwin

    Erwin may refer to Erwin storm Erwin User Friendly character People Erwin Chargaff 1905&ndash 2002 , Austrian biochemist Erwin Hauer b. 1926 , Austrian born American sculptor Egon Erwin Kisch 1885&ndash 1948 , Czechoslovakian writer and journalist Erwin Emata b. 1973 , Filipino mountain climber Erwin Kreyszig 1922&ndash 2008 , Professor of Mathematics at Ohio State University Erwin Neutzsky Wulff born 1949 , Danish author and philosopher Erwin Ram rez b. 1971 , Ecuadorian football soccer player Erwin Rommel 1891&ndash 1944 , German Field Marshal of World War II Erwin S nchez born 1969 , Bolivian football soccer player and manager Erwin Schr dinger 1887&ndash 1961 , Austrian physicist Erwin Schulhoff 1894&ndash 1942 , Czech composer and pianist Erwin Vandenbergh b. 1959 , Belgian football soccer player Places Erwin, New York Erwin, North Carolina Erwin, South Dakota Erwin, Tennessee Erwin Township, Michigan Software CA ERwin Data Modeler , Computer aided software engineering CASE tool from Computer Associates See also Irwin disambiguation disambig de Erwin Begriffskl rung es Erwin fr Erwin it Erwin nl Erwin ja no Erwin vo Erwin ...   more details

  1. Wayne Kramer

    Wayne Kramer may refer to Wayne Kramer guitarist born 1948 , American guitarist Wayne Kramer filmmaker born 1965 , South African film writer and director hndis Kramer, Wayne de Wayne Kramer fr Wayne Kramer it Wayne Kramer ...   more details

  1. Peter Kramer

    Peter Kramer may refer to Peter D. Kramer , American psychiatrist Peter Kramer physicist , German physicist Peter Kramer priest , German priest hndis Kramer, Peter ...   more details

  1. Frank Kramer

    Frank Kramer may refer to Frank Kramer artist 1905 1993 , American artist and illustrator Frank L. Kramer 1880 1952 , American cyclist and United States Bicycling Hall of Fame inductee Frank Kramer director , a pseudonym of Gianfranco Parolini hndis Kramer, Frank de Frank Kramer fr Frank Kramer nl Frank Kramer ...   more details

  1. Matt Kramer

    Matt Kramer may refer to Matt Kramer musician , American singer formerly with rock band Saigon Kick Matt Kramer wine writer , American wine writer hndis Kramer, Matt ...   more details

  1. Steve Kramer

    Steve Kramer may refer to Steve Kramer actor born 1948 , American voice actor for many anime titles Steve Kramer politician born 1966 , co chair of the Green Party of the United States Maryland politician Steve Kramer basketball born 1945 , American basketball player Steve Kramer, musician with The Wallets hndis Kramer, Steve ...   more details

  1. Michael Kramer

    Michael Kramer may refer to Michael Kr mer born 1985 , German football player Michael Eric Kramer , American actor Michael Kramer narrator Mike Kramer , American football coach hndis Kramer, Michael de Michael Kramer Short pages monitor This long comment was added to the page to prevent it from being listed on Special Shortpages. It and the accompanying monitoring template were generated via Template Long comment. Please do not remove the monitor template without removing the comment as well. ...   more details

  1. Kramer (surname)

    Kramer IPAc en icon k r e m r is a surname related to the German language German surname Kr mer or Dutch Kramer IPA de k m or IPA de k e m . The name derived from the old German appellation kr mer ... to merchants trading with different, rather small things . People with this name Alex Kramer 1903 1998 , Canadian songwriter Billy J. Kramer born 1943 , British merseybeat singer Burton Kramer born 1932 , Canadian graphic designer and artist Charles Kramer , 20th century , American economist, spy for the Soviet Union in the 1940s Charles Kramer politician , 1879&ndash 1943 , California n Representative Christina Kramer , contemporary , University of Toronto Professor of Slavic and Balkan languages Clare Kramer born 1974 , American actress David Kramer born 1951 , South African singer Eddie Kramer ... Stones Edward E. Kramer born 1961 , American editor and author of science fiction, fantasy, and horror works Eiling Kramer 1914&ndash 1999 , Canadian Politician Erik Kramer born 1964 , Former NFL & CFL quarterback Gorni Kramer 1913&ndash 1995 , Italian songwriter, musician, and band leader Felix Kramer, founder of CalCars Harry Kramer 1911 1996 , American radio and television announcer Harry Kramer artist 1925 1997 , German artist Heinrich Kramer a.k.a. Heinrich Institor c. 1430 1505 , Alsatian churchman and inquisitor Hilton Kramer 1928 2012 , art critic Jack Kramer tennis player John Albert Kramer born 1921 , American champion tennis player Jana Kramer born 1983 , American actress Jerry Kramer born 1936 , American professional football player Joey Kramer born 1950 , American musician with the group Aerosmith Joel Kramer born 1981 , Famous Canadian Joseph A. Kramer III born 1980 , American Famous Chef Josef Kramer 1906&ndash 1945 , German commander of Bergen Belsen concentration camp Bergen Belsen concentration camp Kenny Kramer born 1943 , real life model for the character of Cosmo Kramer in the sitcom Seinfeld Kent Kramer born 1944 , American professional football player ...   more details

  1. Lawrence Kramer

    Lawrence Kramer may refer to Larry Kramer born 1935 , American playwright, author, public health advocate, and LGBT rights activist Lawrence Francis Kramer , American politician, two time Mayor of Paterson, New Jersey Larry Kramer American football born 1942 , former American football player and coach Larry Kramer legal scholar , American lawyer and academic, dean of Stanford Law School Lawrence Kramer musicologist , American academic and musicologist, see Absolute music See also Lawrence Cramer , civilian Governor of the United States Virgin Islands hndis Kramer, Lawrence ...   more details

  1. Kramer Company

    Kramer introduced in 1968 the first German wheelloader with four wheel drive and equal sized tires ... wacker.php Historie Wacker ref In 2001 the merger between Kramer Werke GmbH and Neuson Machinery Neuson Baumaschinen GmbH took place. Within this year, the company was renamed to Neuson Kramer Baumaschinen .... Neuson Kramer Baumaschinen GmbH was finally renamed in 2008 to Kramer Werke GmbH and became a brand of Wacker Construction Equipment AG Wacker Neuson SE . References Reflist Literature Walter Sack Kramer Traktoren . Podszun Verlag. M rz 2006. ISBN 3861334100 Agrarvideo Kramer. Der Allesschaffer vom Bodensee , Firmen und Trakorengeschichte auf DVD, http kramer die allesschaffer vom bodensee.html External links Commons category inline Kramer Werke Wikibooks inline de Traktorenlexikon Kramer Kramer tractors German http Homepage of Kramer Werke GmbH Category Pfullendorf Category Construction equipment manufacturers de Kramer Unternehmen nl Kramer tractormerk tr Kramer ...   more details

  1. Kramer House

    Kramer House may refer to in the United States by state Kramer House Los Angeles , California, a List of Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monuments in the San Fernando Valley Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument in the San Fernando Valley Kramer House Evansville, Indiana , National Register of Historic Places listings in Vanderburgh County, Indiana listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Vanderburgh County, Indiana Frank A. and Rae E. Harris Kramer House , Gaylord, Michigan, National Register of Historic Places listings in Otsego County, Michigan listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Otsego County, Michigan Kramer House Florissant, Missouri , National Register of Historic Places listings in St. Louis County, Missouri listed on the National Register of Historic Places in St. Louis County, Missouri disambig de Kramer House ...   more details

  1. Kramer Guitars

    Original research article date February 2011 Infobox Company company name Kramer Guitars company logo Image Kramer Banana Logo.jpg 300px company slogan The Legend Lives On. vector logo company type Private genre foundation 1976 founder Dennis Beradi, Peter LaPlaca, Gary Kramer, Henry Vaccaro location United States of America origins key people Dennis Beradi, Peter LaPlaca, Gary Kramer, Henry Vaccaro ... Kramer Guitars pronounced KRAY MUR is an United States of America American manufacturer of electric guitar s and basses. Kramer produced aluminum necked electric guitar s and basses in the 1970s ... Kramer is currently a division of Gibson Guitar Corporation . Kramer was one of the most popular ... http V i n t a g e K r a m e r The Online Resource for Vintage and New Kramer Guitars Bot generated title ref At the height of its popularity, Kramer was considered a prestige instrument ... Formation The company was founded in the late 1970s by Dennis Berardi and Gary Kramer to manufacture aluminum necked guitars. Gary Kramer, Dennis Berardi, Peter LaPlaca a Vice President at Norlin, parent ... a plant in Neptune City, New Jersey Neptune, New Jersey . Soon thereafter, Gary Kramer moved to Los Angeles , and his connection with the company would be in name only. The Kramer factory was originally ..., Neptune NJ 07753. Aluminum neck period The First four original Kramer prototypes that were presented ... Kramer who came to us at our home workshop in 1974 through his brother, Richard Berardi to ask Phil ... endorsed the Kramer Bass playing on the original prototype with the forked headstock made by Petillo. His unique Patented Frets were on all the Kramer forked neck Guitars. The machine that was built ... by Petillo. Petillo s affiliation with Kramer ended several years later due to unresolved quality ... to sell the guitars but the History and Design of the FIRST FOUR Kramer Prototypes was done in a lone ... by P.J. La Placa of BKL International Distributing, Ltd. which stands for Berardi, Kramer, LaPlaca ...   more details

  1. Kramer vs. Kramer

    Infobox film name Kramer vs. Kramer image Oscar posters 79.jpg image size caption Original film poster ... title Kramer vs Kramer 1979 publisher Box Office Mojo accessdate 2008 11 17 ref Kramer vs. Kramer ... Ted Kramer Dustin Hoffman is a workaholic advertising executive who has just been assigned a new and very ... to Billy. Cast Dustin Hoffman as Ted Kramer Meryl Streep as Joanna Kramer Justin Henry as Billy Kramer ... url http m kramer vs kramer title Kramer vs. Kramer 1979 accessdate April 29 ... makes Kramer vs. Kramer such a touching film We get the feeling at times that personalities are changing ... apps pbcs.dll article?AID 19791201 REVIEWS 41004001 1023 title Kramer vs. Kramer 1979 accessdate April 29, 2010 work Chicago Sun Times ref Cultural impact Kramer vs. Kramer reflected a cultural ... REVIEWS 41004001 1023 work Chicago Sun Times title Kramer vs. Kramer ref Awards and nominations ... Foreign Film See also Kramer vs. Kramer Kenny to Cosmo Adaptation Later remade in India as Akele Hum ... IMDb title 0079417 Allmovie title 27688 tcmdb title 4665 Rotten Tomatoes kramer vs kramer Robert Benton ... Kramer Vs. Kramer Category 1979 films Category American films Category English language films ... Academy Award ar bn bg ca Kramer contra Kramer cs Kramerov versus Kramer de Kramer gegen Kramer el es Kramer vs. Kramer eu Kramer vs. Kramer fa fr Kramer contre Kramer gl Kramer vs. Kramer ko hr Kramer protiv Kramera it Kramer contro Kramer he ka la Kramer vs. Kramer lt Kramer prie Kramer hu Kramer kontra Kramer nl Kramer vs. Kramer ja no Kramer mot Kramer pl Sprawa Kramer w pt Kramer vs. Kramer ru sk Kramerov verzus Kramer sr sh Kramer vs. Kramer fi Kramer vastaan Kramer sv Kramer mot Kramer ta tr Kramer Kramer e Kar uk ...   more details

  1. 5715 Kramer

    Infobox Planet minorplanet yes width 25em bgcolour FFFFC0 apsis name Kramer symbol image caption discovery yes discovery ref discoverer E. Bowell discovery site Flagstaff, Arizona Flagstaff discovered September 22, 1982 designations yes mp name 5715 alt names 1982 SE1 mp category orbit ref epoch May 14, 2008 aphelion 3.7227003 perihelion 2.6581023 semimajor eccentricity 0.1668439 period 2081.4519561 avg speed inclination 4.00233 asc node 283.85849 mean anomaly 173.93878 arg peri 92.69423 satellites physical characteristics yes dimensions mass density surface grav escape velocity sidereal day axial tilt pole ecliptic lat pole ecliptic lon albedo temperatures temp name1 mean temp 1 max temp 1 temp name2 max temp 2 spectral type abs magnitude 12.2 5715 Kramer 1982 SE1 is a Asteroid belt main belt asteroid discovered on September 22, 1982 by E. Bowell at Flagstaff, Arizona Flagstaff . References Reflist External links http sbdb.cgi?sstr 5715 Kramer JPL Small Body Database Browser on 5715 Kramer DEFAULTSORT Kramer Category Astronomical objects discovered in 1982 Category Main Belt asteroids beltasteroid stub fa it 5715 Kramer la 5715 Kramer hu 5715 Kramer pl 5715 Kramer pt 5715 Kramer uk 5715 vi 5715 Kramer yo 5715 Kramer ...   more details

  1. Mariska Kramer

    File Mariska Kramer Postma.jpg thumb Kramer at the 2007 Sylvestercross race Mariska Kramer Postma born April 26, 1974 in Twijzelerheide ref http profielen profiel.php?id 1866 Mariska Kramer nl icon . Wereld Van Oranje. Retrieved on 2011 11 21. ref is a Dutch triathlete , duathlete and long distance runner . She was the 2006 Ironman France champion and won the Louisville, Kentucky Louisville leg of the 2008 Ironman World Championship series. ref http events ironman louisville maximilian longree and mariska kramer postma celebrate victory at 2008 ford ironman louisville axzz1eMniR7m0 Longree and Kramer Postma win in Kentucky . Ironman 2008 08 31 . Retrieved on 2011 11 21. ref She was the runner up at the ITU Duathlon World Championships in 2008. She won the Philadelphia Marathon in 2010 and 2011 winning in a personal best time of 2 35 46 hours . ref DuBois, Lou 2011 11 20 . http news sports Kramer Tuko Win Philadelphia Marathon 134204153.html Kramer, Tuko Win Philadelphia Marathon . NBC Philadelphia. Retrieved on 2011 11 21. ref She was fifth at the City Pier City Half Marathon in 2011, being the first Dutchwoman home in a personal best time of 1 14 24 hours. ref van Hemert, Wim 2011 03 14 . http news kind 100 newsid 59514.html Desisa and Chepcirchir take fast Half Marathon wins in The Hague . IAAF. Retrieved on 2011 11 21. ref References Reflist External links http ENG Mariska Kramer.html Official website Persondata NAME Kramer, Mariska ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1974 04 26 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Kramer, Mariska Category 1974 births Category Living people Category Female triathletes Category Dutch triathletes Category Dutch long distance runners Category Female long distance runners Category People from Achtkarspelen de Mariska Kramer Postma nl Mariska Kramer Postma ...   more details

  1. Edith Kramer

    no footnotes date August 2011 Edith Kramer is known as a social realism social realist painter , a follower of psychoanalytic theory and a fore mother of art therapy . Life and work Edith Kramer was born in Vienna, Austria in 1916. At age 13 Kramer began art lessons with Friedl Dicker Brandeis Friedl ... and art teacher of note. Kramer was influenced by the method for teaching art developed by Bauhaus artist Johannes Itten Joseph Itten . It was in 1934 after Kramer graduated from Realgymnasium ... in Prague that Kramer worked with Dicker in helping children who s parents where political refugees. By 1938, as a young adult Kramer fled Europe to United States America , specifically New York City ... World War II Kramer worked at a machine shop in the Soho district of New York . She stayed after ... as social realism paintings. In 1947 Kramer visited some of the earliest artworks known to man, the caves at Lascaux . Kramer spoke of these cave paintings as an example of the universal language of art ... of making a living as an artist. Raised in a family who was interested in psychoanalytic theory , Kramer herself became a follower of Sigmund Freud . Kramer especially believed in the concept of Sublimation ... that lead to gratification of the original urge. Edith Kramer s training was in art , art education , and Psychoanalysis psychoanalytically informed psychotherapy . Still in her 33rd year, Kramer was offered ... Bernard. In fact, it was Dr. Bernard who gave Kramer the title, Art Therapy Art Therapist . It was here that Kramer worked with disturbed boys, ages 8 through 13, for the following seven years. Though the fore mothers of Art Therapy , Edith Kramer and Margret Naumburg, had a similar goal of combining art and psychology , their beliefs took a different path where Kramer began to declare that it was art therapy art as therapy , and Naumburg instead promoted art therapy art in therapy . Kramer ... through the use of words. In 1958 Kramer published Art Therapy in a Children s Community . Kramer ...   more details

  1. Rex Kramer

    Rex Kramer may refer to Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker, a character in The Kentucky Fried Movie , a 1977 American comedy film directed by John Landis and written by David Zucker, Jerry Zucker, and Jim Abrahams Rex Kramer, a character in Airplane , an 1980 American comedy film directed by Jim Abrahams, David Zucker and Jerry Zucker Rex Kramer , a song by Gomez from their 2002 album In Our Gun Rex Kramer produced Liza Minnelli s New Feelin album, Emmy for television special Liza With a Z Rex Kramer was a New Christy Minstrel Grammy 1963 Producer of Academy Award winning song Maybe This Time for Best Soundtrack and wrote and produced many songs for top country music artists including Johnny Cash and wrote and recorded Last Call For Alcohol and You Outta Be Against The Law all on the Nashville Columbia Label. hndis ...   more details

  1. Lud Kramer

    A. Ludlow Lud Kramer June 10, 1932 in New York City April 9, 2004 was best known as a United States politician , serving as a Seattle City councillor 1961 and as Secretary of State of Washington 1965 1975 . Childhood Mr Kramer was born in New York City on June 10, 1932. Education Mr Kramer graduated from Brooks Academy in Andover, Massachusetts , USA. Career He later served in the United States Air Force U.S. Air Force as a Sergeant . In 1955, Mr Kramer moved to Tacoma , Washington, where he worked in the banking industry. Political career In 1961, Mr Kramer moved to Seattle with his family and was elected to the Seattle City Council at the age of 29. In 1964, he became the youngest Secretary of State in Washington State history on the Republican Party United States Republican ticket. He served for three terms. In 1969, Mr Kramer chaired the Washington State http essays output.cfm?file id 1186 Commission on the Cause and Prevention of Civil Disorder . The Kramer Commission examined issues of racial discrimination in housing and the justice system. His major initiatives dealt with migrant housing, election law reform, lowering the voting age from 21 to 18, and various social justice programs for minorities. Retirement In 1975, Mr Kramer created the Ludlow Foundation ... profit organizations. Family Mr Kramer married his wife Patricia. they had two daughters and two sons.Mr kramer was also Cullen,megan,scott,kevin,genevieve and kyles grandpa. Mr kramer chershied and loved them. Mr kramer was loved by his whole family and his family was very sad to see him go. Death Mr Kramer died in Liberty Lake, Washington Liberty Lake , Washington on April 9, 2004 from lung cancer . mr kramer was also had six grand children mr kramer chershied and loved them. mr kramer was loved ... Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Kramer, Lud ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH June 10, 1932 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH April 9, 2004 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Kramer, Lud Category Secretaries ...   more details

  1. Dean Kramer

    Dean Kramer is an American pianist and an associate professor of piano at the University of Oregon . ref name UoO http people faculty kramer.htm Dean Kramer, Associate Professor of Piano . ref Kramer studied music at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and the University of Texas , and also took masterclasses in France with Gina Bachauer and Arthur Rubinstein . ref name Chopin In 1972, Kramer was awarded the first place at the Washington Piano Competition. Three years later, in 1975, he won the first national Chopin competition in Miami, and then won fifth place in the ninth International Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw . ref name Chopin cite web url http chopin persons detail id 2879 title Fryderyk Chopin Information Centre Dean Kramer Biography publisher date accessdate 2012 04 29 ref Kramer frequently records for radio and television. References reflist Persondata NAME Kramer, Dean ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Kramer, Dean Category Living people Category Year of birth missing living people Category American classical pianists Category Prize winners of the International Chopin Piano Competition ...   more details

  1. Ferdinand Kramer

    Image FerdinandKramer.JPG thumb Doorhandle designed in 1925 by Kramer for the New Frankfurt Project Image Kramer alte mensa.JPG thumb Canteen on Bockenheim Campus Image Kramer phil.JPG thumb Building on Bockenheim Campus Ferdinand Kramer January 22, 1898, Frankfurt , Germany &ndash November 4, 1985, Frankfurt was an important German architect and Functionalism architecture functionalist designer. Kramer ... of school, Kramer was drawn in to military service and remained a soldier through the end ... in Munich with Theodor Fischer . Kramer returned to Frankfurt in 1922. With the lack of architectural ... Thonet Thonet and metal utensils, for example his Kramer Oven , a sheet metal furnace. From 1925 through 1930 Kramer worked for architect and civic planner Ernst May building and furnishing the housing ... regime and professional disqualification, Kramer emigrated to the United States in 1938 ... Research during its New York years. Kramer became a naturalized US citizen in 1945. On his return to Germany in 1952, Kramer taught and served as the director of building at the Goethe University Frankfurt until his retirement into private practice in 1964. He was married to Beate Kramer and later to Lore Kramer, who still cares for his legacy. They have three daughters. The university moves step ... December 9, 1982 to January 23, 1983 a retrospective of Kramer s work was shown at Bauhaus archive in Berlin ... Ferdinand Kramer Der Charme des Systematischen which was also shown in Frankfurt at the Deutscher ... Museum have several older pieces of Kramer s furnitures. Some products designed by Kramer are re issued, like the doorhandle by ironmonger in Germany by Tecnoline who is the only company holding the Kramer ... Frankfurt University Library External links commons category Ferdinand Kramer archINFORM arch 797 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Kramer, Ferdinand ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION ... Kramer, Ferdinand Category 1898 births Category 1985 deaths Category German architects de Ferdinand ...   more details

  1. Wolfgang Kramer

    Wolfgang Kramer born June 29, 1942 in Stuttgart is a Germany German board game designer. Kramer formerly worked as an operations manager and computer scientist , but since 1989 he has worked full time on game design . He has designed over 100 games, many which have been nominated for or have won the Spiel des Jahres . He frequently collaborates with other designers, notably Michael Kiesling and Richard Ulrich . A common feature of German style board games , where players scores are recorded on a track around the edge of the board, is known in Germany as the Kramerleiste in honour of Wolfgang Kramer. Kramer himself first used this method of score tracking in his 1984 game, Heimlich & Co . Kramer is also an author of mystery novel s. His works include Der Palast der R tsel The Palace of Mysteries and Die R tsel der Pyramide The Mysteries of the Pyramid . Notable games 2005 Hacienda board game Hacienda 2005 Verflixxt with Michael Kiesling nominated, Spiel des Jahres 2004 Maharaja board game Maharaja nominated, Spiel des Jahres 2002 Mexica board game Mexica with Michael Kiesling 2000 Java board game Java with Michael Kiesling 2000 Torres board game Torres with Michael Kiesling winner, Spiel des Jahres 2nd place, Deutscher Spiele Preis 2000 Princes of Florence with Richard Ulrich 3rd place, Deutscher Spiele Preis 2000 Pete the Pirate winner, Deutscher Spiele Preis children s game 1999 ... Kramer s games website de icon Bgg designer 7 http articles SpecialK2.shtml Special K Wolfgang Kramer , a discussion of Kramer s career Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Kramer, Wolfgang ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH June 29, 1942 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Kramer, Wolfgang Category Board ... from Stuttgart de Wolfgang Kramer fr Wolfgang Kramer it Wolfgang Kramer nl Wolfgang Kramer pl Wolfgang Kramer fi Wolfgang Kramer ...   more details

  1. Kramer Complex

    coord 39 11 30.37 N 96 35 13.51 W region US display title Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 The Kramer Complex is a grouping of Kansas State University residence halls on the west side of the university s Manhattan campus. The complex features two residence halls, Goodnow Hall Kansas State University Goodnow and Marlatt Hall , as well as the Kramer Dining Center. The Kramer Dining Center was named in 1965 for the former Assistant Dean of Home Economics Martha M. Kramer, who held the position between 1945 and 1960. A convenience store, QuikCats, is located on the first floor of the Kramer Dining Center near the west entrance. Also contained within Kramer Dining Hall is the Academic Resource Center in Kramer or the ARCK which provides group tutoring for many beginner level course, classrooms, study rooms, and computer labs which are available to check out. The complex contains three GM Goodnow Marlatt student parking lots adjacent to the residence halls and dining center and numerous hourly parking meters for visitors. Kansas State Category Residence halls at Kansas State University Category Academic buildings at Kansas State University Kansas struct stub ...   more details

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