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  1. Electronics

    About the technical field of electronics personal use electronic devices consumer electronics the scientific magazine Electronics magazine Image Arduino ftdi chip 1.jpg thumb right 250px Surface mount technology Surface mount electronic components Electronics is the branch of science , engineering and technology ... board circuit boards , electronics packaging technology, and other varied forms of communication ... . Electronics is distinct from electricity electrical and electro mechanical science and technology ... of electronic circuit s to solve practical problems come under electronics engineering . This article focuses on engineering aspects of electronics. Electronic devices and components An electronic ... components Vacuum tube s were one of the earliest electronic components. They dominated electronics ... of circuitry that has one or the other or a mix of the two types. Analog circuits Main Analog electronics ... electronics Digital circuits are electric circuits based on a number of discrete voltage levels. Digital ... processor s are another example. Building blocks Logic gate s Adder electronics Adders Flip flop electronics .... Noise is defined ref IEEE Dictionary of Electrical and Electronics Terms ISBN 978 0 471 42806 ... properties. Electronics theory Main Mathematical methods in electronics Mathematical methods are integral to the study of electronics. To become proficient in electronics it is also necessary ... . A common analytical tool for this is the SPICE circuit simulator. Also important to electronics is the study and understanding of electromagnetic field theory. Electronics lab Main Electronics lab simulation Due to the empirical nature of electronics theory, laboratory experimentation is an important part of the study of electronics. These experiments are used to prove, verify, and reinforce laws and theorems such as Ohm s law , Kirchhoff s circuit laws Kirchhoff s laws , etc. Historically, electronics labs have consisted of electronics devices and equipment located in a physical space, although ...   more details

  1. Sky Electronics

    Infobox Company company name Sky Electronics company type Corporation company logo foundation 1998 location Seoul , Korea industry Electronics homepage http Sky Electronics Website Sky Electronics is a mobile phone manufacturer company. headquartered in Seoul , Korea . it is group family by Pantech Curitel . See also List of Korea related topics Economy of South Korea Communications in South Korea SK Teletech External links http Sky Electronics Homepage korea company stub Category Electronics companies Category Electronics companies of South Korea ast Sky Electronics es Sky Electronics ko io Sky Electronics it Sky Electronics ms Sky Electronics ...   more details

  1. Hands-On Electronics

    Image Hands On Electronics Cover Nov 1988.jpg thumb right Hands On Electronics becomes Popular Electronics Hands On Electronics was an electronics hobbyist magazine published by Gernsback Publications from 1984 to 1989. The magazine started as Radio Electronics Special Projects in 1980. This was nominally a quarterly supplement to Radio Electronics that had 10 issues from a single 1980 issue to the Spring 1984 issue. The Summer 1984 issue was renamed Hands On Electronics . It became bi monthly in January 1986 and monthly in November 1986. The title was changed to Popular Electronics in February 1989 and was published until December 1999. The long time Radio Electronics editor, Larry Steckler, was the publisher and owner. Having purchased Gernsback Publications from the Gernsback family. Julian S. Martin was the editor. The early issues were just a collection of construction projects. By 1984 there were monthly columns on shortwave listening, amateur radio, and computers. After Ziff Davis changed Popular Electronics to Computers & Electronics , Hands On Electronics attracted those hobbyist readers. In April 1985 Ziff Davis stopped publishing Computers & Electronics and Hands On Electronics purchased the title in June 1988. The magazine became monthly and added the Popular Electronics logo to the cover in November 1988. Category Science and technology magazines Category Defunct magazines of the United States ...   more details

  1. Fuzzy electronics

    Fuzzy electronics is an electronics electronic technology that uses fuzzy logic , instead of the two state Boolean logic more commonly used in digital electronics . It has a wide range of applications, including control system s and artificial intelligence . See also Defuzzification Fuzzy set Fuzzy set operations Bibliography Introduction to Applied Fuzzy Electronics , by Ahmad M. Ibrahim, ISBN 0 13 206400 6. External links http index.php Fuzzy electronics Applications of Fuzzy logic in electronics Category Fuzzy logic Category Digital electronics Category Electronic engineering electronics stub mk ...   more details

  1. Sony Electronics

    Sony Electronics Inc. , headquartered in San Diego, Calif., is the largest component of Sony Corporation of America , the U.S. holding company for Sony s U.S. based electronics and entertainment businesses. See also Sony Online Entertainment External links http en Sony Electronics News and Information http SCA outline electronics.shtml Sony USA Sony Electronics Inc. Outline of Principal Operations http Sony Professional Sony Category Electronics companies Category Sony subsidiaries Electronics US manufacturing company stub es Sony Electronics ...   more details

  1. Joas Electronics

    Infobox Korean name hangul rr Joaseu Jeonja mr Choas& 365 Ch& 335 nja Joas Electronics is an electronics company headquartered in Seoul and Namyangju Gyeonggi do , Korea . It was established in 1982 under the name SungJin Electronics but the name was changed in 1999 to Joas Electronics . It manufactures many electronic beauty products. Products Electric razors, including Hair Dryer, Shave, Health Care See also Economy of South Korea List of South Korean companies External links http www.joas Joas Electronics Homepage Category Electronics companies of South Korea Category Companies established in 1982 tech company stub korea company stub ...   more details

  1. Marine electronics

    unreferenced date December 2008 Marine electronics refers to electronics devices designed and classed for use in the marine ocean marine environment where even small drops of salt water will destroy electronics devices. Therefore the majority of these types of devices are either water resistant or waterproof. The term marine electronics is used for areas such as Ship Yacht Marine electronics devices are Chartplotter Marine VHF radio Autopilot Self steering gear Fishfinder Sonar Radar GPS Electronic compass Satellite television Marine fuel management Communication The electronics devices communicate by using a protocol defined by NMEA . NMEA has two standards available NMEA 0183 NMEA 2000 IEC 61162 Lightweight Ethernet LWE NMEA 0183 is based on a serial communication network. NMEA 2000 is a Controller area network based technology. In recent years, the International Electrotechnical Commission International Electrotechnical Commission IEC has created a new standards suite for Digital interfaces ..., NMEA 2000 and LWE. Also different suppliers of marine electronics have their own communications protocol Simrad Yachting Simrad has SimNet B&G has FastNet Raymarine Marine Electronics Raymarine has ... companies selling marine electronics for ship s and yacht s alphabetically are http Airmar Furuno http Maretron http www.mauritius marine Marine Electronics Mauritius Raymarine Marine Electronics http Rock City Marine in Detroit ... Marine Electronics Portal Russian http Stowe Marine http Tinley Electronics Companies developing marine electronics products are http Egersund Marine Electronics Kongsberg Maritime Navico References http National Marine Electronics Association http Marine Electronics Journal Category Marine electronics Category Marine engineering ru hi ...   more details

  1. Electronics Technician

    Electronics Technician is a common enlisted occupation in many Militaries. Common duties for ETs include repair, calibration, and basic maintenance of most electronic equipment. US Navy There are several variations in the US Navy including the standard Electronics Technician US Navy Electronics Technician and Aviation Electronics Technician , there is also the similar Electrician s Mate and Aviation Electrician s Mate . Royal Canadian Navy In the Canadian forces Naval Electronics Technicians are subdivided into three groups Sonar, Radar, and Communications. They are responsible for repair and maintenance of the equipment relating to their specialty. Royal Australian Navy In the Australian Forces there are five types of Electronics Technicians , the Army and Navy both have general purpose Electronics Technicians , as well as the navy having an Electronics Technician Submariner specially trained for service on submarines. The Army has an Avionics Technicians trained for work on Army aircraft and the Air Force has Communication Electronic Technicians to maintain the wide variety of equipment used by the Air Force. Electronics Technicians in popular culture Josh Holiday Josh ET Holiday played by David Lyons was the Electronics Technician aboard the fictional HMAS Hammersley in the first two seasons of the Australian TV show Sea Patrol . He was replaced by Leo Kosov Meyer Leo 2Dads Kosov Meyer played by Nikolai Nikolaeff in season 3 onwards. Category Technicians ...   more details

  1. Modern Electronics

    Infobox Magazine title Modern Electronics image file Modern Electronics Oct 1984.jpg image size image caption Modern Electronics, October 1984 editor Art Salsberg editor title Editor in Chief staff writer frequency Monthly circulation category Hobby magazines company Modern Electronics, Inc. publisher Richard Ross firstdate October 1984 finaldate March 1991 finalnumber Vol. 8 Num. 3 country USA language English website issn Modern Electronics was a hobbyist magazine published from October 1984 to March 1991. It became Computer Craft in April 1991 and the name changed again to MicroComputer Journal in January 1994. Modern Electronics, Inc. was owned by CQ Communications, Inc, the publishers of CQ Amateur Radio . Art Salsberg was Editor in Chief and Alexander W. Burawa was the Managing Editor. The contributing editors included Len Feldman, Glenn Hauser , Forrest Mims and Don Lancaster . Many members of the editorial staff had previously worked for Popular Electronics but left when that magazine was change to Computers & Electronics . Here is how Art Salsberg described the new magazine. ref name ModernElectronics cite journal author Art Salsberg year 1984 month October title A Warm Welcome journal Modern Electronics volume 1 issue 1 pages 4 publisher Modern Electronics Inc. ref blockquote Many of you probably know of me from my decade long stewardship of Popular Electronics magazine, which changed its name and editorial philosophy last year to distance itself from active electronics enthusiasts who move fluidly across electronics and computer product areas. In a sense, then, Modern Electronics is the successor to the original concept of Popular Electronics blockquote References Reflist Category Science and technology magazines Category Publications established in 1984 Category Monthly magazines Category Defunct magazines of the United States sci mag stub ...   more details

  1. Stretchable electronics

    Stretchable electronics , also known as elastic electronics or elastic circuits, is a technology for building electronic circuits by depositing stretchable electronic devices and circuits onto stretchable substrates or embed them completely in a stretchable material such as silicone s or polyurethane s. In the simplest case, stretchable electronics can be made by using the same components used for rigid printed circuit boards. One of the things that needs to change is the substrate and the interconnections, being made wikt stretchable stretchable , rather than flexible see Flexible electronics or rigid Printed Circuit Board s . Typically, polymer s are chosen as substrates or material to embed. When rigid components are deposited onto stretchable substrates, the interconnects will be subjected to high mechanical strain , whenever the substrate is flexed. This is because, when bending the substrate, the outermost radius of the bend will stretch so that the relative spacing of each interconnect will effectively increase in line with the increasing length of the substrate. Stretchable electronics attempts biomimicry of human skin and flesh , in being stretchable, whilst retaining full functionality. The design space for products is opened up with stretchable electronics. 3D conformable ... substrates populated with stretchable conductors and devices. Stretchable electronics are sometimes called elastronics a new, emerging class of electronics, that is expected to enable a range of new ... on a fully comformable, stretchable cyber skin in vivo implantable sponge like electronics and flesh like devices with embedded electronic nervous systems. See also Flexible electronics Flexible circuits External links http www.stella STELLA Research Project on Stretchable Electronics http ... Electronics http stretchable Stretchable Circuits is developing stretchable electronic systems Category Electronics manufacturing Category Electronic engineering ko ...   more details

  1. Radio electronics

    Unreferenced auto yes date December 2009 For the magazine, see Radio Electronics Merge to RF engineering date August 2010 Radio electronics is the sub field of electrical engineering concerning itself with the class of electronics electronic electrical network circuits which receive or transmit radio signals. Typically such circuits must operate at radio frequency and power levels, which imposes special constraints on their design. These constraints increase in their importance with higher frequencies. At microwave frequencies, the Reactance electronics reactance of signal trace s becomes a crucial part of the physical layout of the circuit. List of radio electronics topics radio frequency RF oscillator s PLL , Voltage controlled oscillator Transmitter s, Transmission line s, RF connector s, Antenna electronics Antenna s, Antenna theory , List of antenna terms Radio receiver Receiver s, Tuner s Electronic amplifier Amplifier s Modulator s, demodulator s, Detector radio detector s Electronic filter RF filter s RF shielding , Ground plane PCB layout guidelines DSSS , Noise power Digital radio See also Portal Radio Radio propagation Electronic test equipment Lumped element model , SPICE Commons category Radio electronic diagrams DEFAULTSORT Radio Electronics Category Radio electronics Telecomm stub bg de Funktechnik it Radiotecnica ja pl Radiotechnika ru uk ...   more details

  1. Electronics technician

    About the general occupation the naval rating Electronics Technician US Navy Electronics Technicians ..., and repair equipment ref http qualifications standards IORs gs0800 0856.htm ref . Electronics ... and may write specifications and technical manuals. Electronics technicians represent over 33 of all engineering technicians in the U.S. In 2009, there were over 160,000 Electronics Technicians employed in the U.S ref http oco ocos112.htm ref . Electronics Technicians are accredited by organizations such as the Electronics Technicians Association ETA , or International Society of Certified Engineering Technicians ISCET . Education and Training Most employers prefer to hire Electronics ... . Naval Electronics Technicians are the largest group of engineering technicians in the military see Electronics Technician US Navy . Many 2 year associate degree programs accredited by the Technology ... technology specialties ref http oco ocos112.htm ref . ABET accredited Electronics ... to the core competencies. The Electronics Technician distance education program offered by George Brown College in Toronto , Canada is the largest electronics program in the world. The program has over ... . Electronics Technician curriculum generally consists of courses in basic electricity and electronics ... , Amplifiers , Integrated Circuits and Digital electronics ref http ERICWebPortal ... 0 no&accno ED396157 ref . In addition to vocational learning outcomes associated with the study of electronics and control systems, graduates of Electronics Technician programs are also expected to have ... material and are used to reinforce theoretical concepts associated with the study of electronics. Schools offering Electronics Technician programs will have electronics laboratories to support ... environments, although in recent years the trend is moving towards electronics simulation software such as Multisim and CircuitLogix . Electronics software simulation is also used in conjunction ...   more details

  1. Hypex Electronics

    Hypex Electronics is a Dutch electronics company, mostly known for its Electronic amplifier Class D Class D audio amplifier modules. The Class D audio modules employ a control method called UcD, invented by Bruno Putzeys and patented by Philips Electronics. Hypex was founded in 1996 by Jan Peter van Amerongen as a supplier of amplifier subassemblies for active loudspeakers . Since 2003 the company phased out products based on linear amplifiers, specialising in class D power amplification instead. External links http Official website tech company stub Netherlands company stub Category Manufacturing companies of the Netherlands Category Electronics companies of the Netherlands ...   more details

  1. Principles of Electronics

    Image poe38.jpg thumb right Written by Colin Simpson electronics professor Colin Simpson , the book Principles of Electronics , is designed to accompany the Electronics Technician distance education program and contains a concise and practical overview of the basic principles, theorems , circuit behavior and problem solving procedures of Electronic circuits and devices. The textbook reinforces concepts with practical real world applications as well as mathematical solution, allowing readers to more easily relate the academic to the actual. Principles of Electronics presents a broad spectrum of topics, such as atomic structure , Kirchhoff s laws, energy , Electric power power , introductory circuit analysis techniques, Thevenin s theorem , the maximum power transfer theorem, electric circuit analysis , magnetism , resonance , control relay s, relay logic , semiconductor diodes , electron current flow, and much more. Smoothly integrates the flow of material in a nonmathematical format without ... a more thorough understanding of the principles of electronics. Includes many practical applications ... in the field of electronics. Assuming that readers have a basic understanding of algebra and trigonometry ... and problem solving procedures in modern electronics applications. In one volume, this carefully ... students the knowledge and problem solving skills needed to successfully obtain employment in the electronics ... and photographs enhances Simpson s delivery of this comprehensive approach to the study of electronics ... packages including hundreds of electronics circuit simulation lab projects using CircuitLogix simulation software , Principles of Electronics is a useful resource for electronics education. In addition ... of Electronics, Prentice Hall, 2002, ISBN 0 9686860 0 1 br Study Guide to Accompany Principles of Electronics, Prentice Hall, 2002, ISBN 0 13 034414 1 br Lab Manual for Principles of Electronics, Prentice Hall, 2002, ISBN 0 13 034422 2 Category Electronics books Category Textbooks ...   more details

  1. MARTI Electronics

    Marti Electronics , a division of Broadcast Electronics BE , manufactures RF Remote pickup unit Remote Pick Up equipment for the broadcast industry. Marti has been supplying such hardware since 1960 with few competitors in its very vertical market. Because this equipment was so ubiquitous for so many years, the words Marti and RPU have become almost synonymous among broadcast engineers. ref cite news title This Pot Reserved for Marti Remote first Charles last Fitch publisher Radio World date 2005 05 25 accessdate 2007 09 13 ref Marti is headquartered in Quincy, Illinois. Footnotes references Category Electronics companies of the United States electronics stub ...   more details

  1. Mirai (electronics)

    Orphan date February 2009 Image Mirai LCD TV.JPG thumb 250px An Liquid crystal display LCD display from Mirai Mirai is a brand of Chi Mei Corporation active in Europe since December 2005. Currently the product range is made of LCD TV and monitors but they have plans to introduce other home electronics. clear External links http Official web site Category Electronics companies of Taiwan electronics stub fi Mirai ...   more details

  1. Electronics Weekly

    Infobox Magazine title Electronics Weekly image file EW.jpg image size 200px image caption editor Richard Wilson frequency Weekly circulation category Science and technology magazines company Reed Business Information firstdate September 1960 country United Kingdom language English language English website http Electronics Weekly is a weekly trade journal for electronics professionals which has been published by Reed Business Information for 47 years. Electronics Weekly is published by the Reed Electronics Group, an arm of Reed Business Information , which is a division of Reed Elsevier . The magazine is available free to qualified electronics professionals. The bulk of revenue received to fund the magazine comes from display and recruitment advertising. Electronics Weekly is available in print and Electronic publishing format and the readership is audited by BPA Worldwide , which verifies its circulation twice yearly. The circulation in 2007 was 40,918 Publisher s Statement August 2007 . Topics covered within the magazine include news and features on design, components, production and research to business stories and product listings. Career Moves is the recruitment section which provides listings of electronics jobs. Website http is a website for electronics professionals and provides users with news, analysis, features and business stories. http also provides information via blogs and RSS feeds . The site features Circuit Break which includes a daily Dilbert , sudoku , Slack and a puzzle competition. Blogs There are seven blogs on which are provided by electronics professionals including Electronics Weekly ... which details homemade electronics gadgets . Elektra Awards Electronics Weekly runs an annual awards ... Electronics industry. External links http Electronics Weekly official ...   more details

  1. Excalibur Electronics

    Notability date March 2009 Excalibur Electronics, Inc. is an United States American electronics company with headquarters in Miami , Florida . ref cite web url http coms2 product compint 0001358327 page.html title Excaliber Electronics business profile from Goliath date 2009 03 20 publisher The Gale Group accessdate 2009 04 01 ref The company manufactures such items as chess computers, radio controlled cars, flashlight s, fans, and many other handheld electronic games. ref cite web url http title Excaliber Electronics Homepage publisher Excaliber Electronics accessdate 2009 04 01 Dead link date November 2010 bot H3llBot ref Excalibur is a frequent supplier of products to Woot . References references Category Companies based in Miami, Florida US manufacturing company stub ...   more details

  1. Fisher Electronics

    Infobox Company company name Fisher Electronics company logo Deleted image removed Image Fisherelectronics.png 244px Fisher logo company type Corporation company slogan Bringing High Definition to Audio foundation New York 1945 industry Electronics products Audio Visual and communication equipment, Hi fi equipment, Home appliances homepage http FISHER Fisher Electronics is a US based subsidiary company of Japan ese electronics conglomerate Sanyo specialising in the field of high fidelity hi fi electronics. History The company was originally formed in 1937 by philarmonic radio by Avery Fisher , in New York before being sold to the Emerson Electric Company for USD 31 million in 1969. It was subsequently sold by Emerson Electric to Sanyo Sanyo Electric of Japan in 1975 where it has remained since. Avery Fisher remained as a consultant for Emerson and Sanyo. References reflist 2 Fisher is generally known to be the first company to introduce separate audio components. Before this, HIFIs were all in one chassis. External links http Fisher US website Japanese Electronics Industry Category Audio equipment manufacturers Category Companies established in 1945 Category Electronics companies of Japan japan company stub ja ...   more details

  1. Electronics Expo

    Infobox Company company name Electronics Expo company logo company type Private slogan Authorized Dealer for Everything We Sell foundation 2004 location Wayne, New Jersey , United States key people Leon Temiz, President & CEO industry Retailing locations 8 homepage http www.electronics www.electronics Electronics Expo is a local, NJ based retailer of high end electronics. The independently owned company, which opened its first retail location, in 2004 has already grown to eight stores. Electronics Expo is the recipient of the Consumer Electronics Daily News 2007 Dynamic Growth Award and Audio Video International Magazine Retailer of the Year award in 2006. Under the strong leadership of President & CEO, Leon Temiz, Expo plans to continually expand its line of New Jersey locations. History The company was founded by Leon Temiz and opened its first store in 2004, in Roxbury, NJ, in the former Nobody Beats the Wiz location and is currently expanding throughout New Jersey. Growth and Expansion The company currently has 8 stores, recently opening another location in Wayne, New Jersey. References Reflist External links http www.electronics Electronics Expo Website Category Companies established in 2004 Category Consumer electronics retailers Category Companies based in Wayne, New Jersey ...   more details

  1. Electronics Australia

    unreferenced date March 2008 Electronics Australia was Australia s longest running general electronics magazine. It can claim to trace its history to 1922 when the Wireless Weekly magazine was formed. Its content was a mix of general and technical articles on the new topic of radio . In 1939 the magazine became monthly and was renamed Radio and Hobbies . As its name suggests it was a more technical publication for hobbyists, but it also featured articles on television , optics , music and aviation . Nonetheless its base was radio, and it contained many how to build projects. The first editor was John Moyle. With the advent of television, television was added to its title in the 1950s, Radio Television & Hobbies , or RTV&H. During these years numerous how to build articles on high fidelity audio, amateur radio and even electronic organ s and television sets were published. The growing fields of scientific, medical, computing and other applications of electronics necessitated a name change to Electronics Australia in 1965. Electronics Australia published a number of innovative computer construction projects, including the Educ 8 in 1974, the Mini Scamp, the Dream 6800 and the Dick Smith Super 80 Computer Super 80 a joint venture with Dick Smith Electronics . Although many competitors came and went during the 1970s and 1980s, such as Electronics Today International and Australian Electronics Monthly , Electronics Australia survived into the 2000s. For a couple of years more consumer electronics items were introduced, and technical material occupied the rear pages. Possibly due to this reduction in importance of technical slant, several of the magazine s staff moved to its main rival Silicon Chip . A change of name to Electronics Australia Today spelt the death knell. All technical ... already many established magazines covering consumer electronics . The rights to Electronics Australia ... History of Electronics Australia archived by Web Archive http Category Defunct ...   more details

  1. Vero Electronics

    Infobox album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Vero Electronics Type Album Artist Add N to X Add N To X Cover Veroelectronics.png Released 1996 Recorded Genre Electroclash Length Label Blow Up Records Producer Last album This album Vero Electronics br 1996 Next album On the Wires of Our Nerves br 1999 Album ratings rev1 Allmusic rev1score rating 3 5 ref Allmusic class album id r344956 pure url yes Allmusic review ref Automatically generated by DASHBot Vero Electronics was the debut album by United Kingdom UK group Add N to X Add N To X released in 1996 . ref name Vero Electronics CD Booklet Vero Electronics CD Booklet ref Add N to X Add N To X were later signed by Daniel Miller music producer Daniel Miller to Mute Records . Track listing Inevitable Fast Access A Silhouette of a Man and a Wasp Meetings in Compact Boxes A Very Uncomfortable Status Wet Disco Inevitable Fast Access Sleaze A Very Uncomfortable Status Mathematical Aphine Repetition Personnel All songs by Add N to X Add N To X ref name Vero Electronics CD Booklet Recorded at Neptune Studios, Sheffield ref name Vero Electronics CD Booklet Produced by Parrot ref name Vero Electronics CD Booklet Engineered by Dean ref name Vero Electronics CD Booklet Drumming by Ed on track 2 ref name Vero Electronics CD Booklet References reflist Category Add N to X albums Category 1996 albums Category Debut albums ...   more details

  1. Future Electronics

    Future Electronics Inc. is a distributor of electronic component electronic and electro mechanical components headquartered in Pointe Claire , Quebec . Founded in 1968 by reclusive billionaire Robert Miller Future Electronics Robert Miller , Future is one of Quebec s largest privately owned companies http memphis stories 2002 10 28 story5.html and is currently the fourth largest electronics distributor in the world. http eet 25 distributors 2008 25pg28 29.pdf Future Electronics operates in 169 locations in 41 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Contrary to others of the largest global distributors, its growth into this leading position was primarily through internal growth with few acquisitions or mergers. Future Electronics also operates an Advanced Engineering Group composed of field applications engineers throughout the world available to assist circuit design engineers with product selection and engineering support. Future Electronics launched its upgraded website in October 2008. Future Electronics has built a world class web platform taking advantage of technologies from market leaders Microsoft and Endeca. http corporate info press room pr pr 2009 3 9b.html The upgraded website provides Future customers with one of the deepest, most up to date electronics product information databases in the world. Using intuitive and visual navigation aides, customers have access to 3 D Product Imagery, Application Notes, Models, Block Diagrams, Design Tips, Customer Reviews and the latest cut off times ...?text top 25 electronics distributors Top 25 Electronics Distributors 1998 http ... in Leipzig, Germany , Warehouse & Logistics News, 2008 06 02 retrieved 2010 03 25 Links EIDX Electronics Industry Data Exchange Group . External links http Future Electronics ... Logistics Corporation Category Electronic component distributors Category Electronics companies of Canada ...   more details

  1. Delta Electronics

    Citations needed date January 2011 Infobox Company company name Delta Electronics, Inc. company logo File DELTA Electronics Logo.png 200px company type World s largest provider of switching power supplies and DC brushless fans, as well as a major source for power management solutions, components, display solutions, industrial automation, networking products, and renewable energy solutions. company slogan genre foundation 1971 founder Bruce Cheng location country Taiwan location this parameter modifies Headquarters Taipei origins key people area served industry products Computer power supply ,Industrial Automation services revenue operating income net income num employees parent divisions switching power supplies ,brushless fans, power management solutions, components, visual displays, industrial automation, networking products, and renewable energy solutions. subsid owner Bruce Cheng homepage http index.asp dissolved footnotes File Delta Electronics head office in Neihu, Taipei City.jpg thumb Delta Electronics headquarters in Neihu District, Taipei City, Taiwan. Delta Electronics, Inc. , founded in 1971 , is the world s largest provider of switching power supplies and DC brushless fans, ref cite news url http intl cms s 0 e32061fa 8c22 11e0 b1c8 00144feab49a.html axzz1OWa0KAKe title Taiwanese electronics tycoon relishes change publisher Financial Times date 2011 06 06 accessdate 2011 06 06 ref as well as a major source for power management solution s, components, visual displays, industrial automation, networking products, and renewable energy solutions. Delta Group has sales offices worldwide and manufacturing plants in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Mexico, India and Europe. Delta Groups Delta Electronics, Inc. Delta India Electronics .... Delta Electronics Foundation Delta Electronics Thailand Public Co., Ltd. Delta Electronics India Delta Energy Systems Delta Products Americas Delta Electronics Europe Delta Electronics Japan , Inc ...   more details

  1. Novak Electronics

    unreferenced date November 2011 Novak Electronics, Inc. of Irvine, California , USA , manufactures radio control RC electronics. Founded by RC enthusiast and electronics engineer Bob Novak and originally a manufacturer of Servomechanism servo s, Novak is primarily known for its line of electronic speed control s for electric land vehicles and boats. The company s product line has expanded in recent years to include Image Novak ionic acdc charger.jpg thumb 150px right Novak Ionic AC DC battery charger Battery charger s Synthesized receiver radio receiver s Transmitter modules Power supply Power supplies Brushless motor systems Brushless specific batteries and dischargers Novak s 35,000 square foot 3252 square meter robotic manufacturing facility makes it one of the few American electronics manufacturers to design, build and test its own products onsite with its combination of degreed engineers and experienced RC racers. Its Team Novak racing division has won 20 International Federation of Model Auto Racing IFMAR World Champion titles. External links http Novak Electronics website Category Radio controlled cars Category Electronics companies of the United States Category Companies based in Irvine, California leisure company stub ...   more details

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