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Encyclopedia results for Dreamweaver


Encyclopedia results for Dreamweaver

  1. Dreamweaver (disambiguation)

    Adobe Dreamweaver is a web development tool. Dream Weaver is a song by Gary Wright from the album The Dream Weaver . Dreamweaver or Dream Weaver s may also refer to TOC right Literature Dream Weavers anthology Dream Weavers anthology , a 1996 fantasy anthology Dream Weaver comics , a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe Dreamweaver, a type of fictional character in the fantasy novel trilogy Age of the Five Music The Dream Weavers , a 1950s pop music singing group The Dream Weaver , an album by Gary Wright Dream Weaver album Dream Weaver album , an album by Charles Lloyd Dreamweaver Sabbat album Dreamweaver Sabbat album Dreamweaver , an album by Golem band Golem Dreamweaver , a song by Stratovarius from Elements, Pt. 2 Dream Weaver , a song by REO Speedwagon from This Time We Mean It Television episodes Dream Weaver King of the Hill Dream Weaver King of the Hill Dream Weaver seaQuest DSV Dream Weaver seaQuest DSV Other uses Dream Weavers, a home world in the video game Spyro the Dragon video game Spyro the Dragon Dreamweaver, a wheat beer brewed by Tr egs Brewing Company disambiguation ...   more details

  1. Dreamweaver (Sabbat album)

    About the album by Sabbat the web development software Adobe Dreamweaver other uses Dreamweaver disambiguation Infobox album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Dreamweaver Reflections of Our Yesterdays Type studio Artist Sabbat band Sabbat Cover Sabbatdreamweaverreflectionofouryesterdayrr5.jpg Released 15 May 1989 Recorded at Sky Trak Studio in January March 1989 Label Noise Records Germany Noise Records Genre Thrash metal Producer Roy Rowland Length 44 05 Last album History of a Time to Come br 1988 This album Dreamweaver br 1989 Next album Mourning Has Broken br 1991 Album ratings rev1 Allmusic rev1Score Rating 4 5 ref Allmusic class album id r17229 ref rev2 Metal Hammer rev2Score 10 10 Citation needed date March 2012 rev3 Kerrang rev3Score Rating 4 5 Citation needed date March 2012 rev4 Rock Sound rev4Score 10 10 Citation needed date March 2012 rev5 Time Out New York rev5Score Rating 5 5 Citation needed date March 2012 rev6 rev6Score noprose yes Dreamweaver Reflections of Our Yesterdays is the second full length album by the British thrash metal band Sabbat band Sabbat . Dreamweaver is a concept album based on the 1983 book by psychologist Brian Bates The Way of Wyrd Tales of an Anglo Saxon Sorcerer . The album demonstrated singer and lyricist Martin Walkyier s deep held beliefs in Wyrd ism, Anglo Saxon spirituality, Celtic mysticism and paganism . Musically the album reflected composer Andy Sneap s predilection at that time for increasingly lengthy and progressively technical thrash metal songs. Shortly before the album was recorded, former Holosade guitarist Simon Jones ... Never After Outro 1 02 Music Sneap 2007 re release On February 19, 2007, Dreamweaver was re released ...? Live 6 17 The Best of Enemies Live 8 05 The Story of Dreamweaver At the time of the album s release ... 1989 albums Category Sabbat albums Category Concept albums Category Noise Records albums it Dreamweaver album sv Dreamweaver musikalbum ...   more details

  1. Colors in the Dreamweaver's Loom

    by a cult . Categories DEFAULTSORT Colors In The Dreamweaver s Loom Category 1989 novels Category ...   more details

  1. Adobe eLearning Suite

    Captivate 4, Adobe Flash Flash CS4 Professional, Adobe Dreamweaver Dreamweaver CS4, Presenter 7, Adobe ... 2 May 2010 , containing Adobe Captivate Captivate 5, Adobe Flash Flash Professional CS5, Adobe Dreamweaver Dreamweaver CS5, Presenter 7 only for the windows version , Adobe Acrobat Acrobat 9 Pro, Adobe ... 5.5, Adobe Flash Flash Professional CS5.5, Adobe Dreamweaver Dreamweaver CS5.5, Adobe Photoshop ...   more details

  1. List of Macromedia software

    The following is a list of Adobe Systems products integrated from Macromedia . Don t include plugins or derivative products. Derivative products should be described on the root product s page. Instead of listing each product like so, there should be a brief description of each product complemented by relevant financial data not prices . border 0 cellspacing 0 cellpadding 2 valign top width 50 Part of Adobe Systems Adobe Captivate formerly RoboDemo Adobe ColdFusion Adobe Connect formerly Macromedia Breeze , Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Adobe Contribute Adobe Director Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Fireworks Adobe Flash Adobe Flash Lite Adobe Flash Media Server Adobe Flash Player Adobe Flash Cast Adobe Flex Macromedia Flex Data Services rebranded as Adobe LiveCycle Data Services Adobe RoboHelp Adobe Shockwave Discontinued Macromedia Aria Macromedia Action Macromedia Aftershock Macromedia Authorware Macromedia Backstage became the basis to Macromedia Dreamweaver Macromedia Central replaced by Adobe Integrated Runtime AIR Macromedia Drumbeat replaced by Dreamweaver UltraDev Macromedia Extreme 3D Macromedia FlashPaper Macromedia Fontographer sold to FontLab Macromedia FreeHand Macromedia Generator Macromedia HomeSite Macromedia JRun Macromedia Kawa Macromedia KeyGrip Macromedia Final Cut sold to Apple Inc. Apple and became Final Cut Pro Macromedia Likeminds Macromodel Macromedia MediaMaker Macromedia RoboInfo Macromedia Shockmachine Macromedia Sitespring SoundEdit Macromedia SoundEdit 16 Macromedia Spectra Macromedia Web Publishing System Macromedia xRes For a list of current product line of Adobe products is List of Adobe software Expand list date August 2008 Category Lists of software Macromedia software Category Software by company ...   more details

  1. WebAssist

    and Dreamweaver Dreamweaver Ultradev was released. At this time Ray Borduin switched his focus to Dreamweaver, moved to an office in Solana Beach, CA and built the company s first Dreamweaver ...   more details

  1. Web design program

    A Web design program is a computer program used to create, edit, and update web pages and websites. The purpose of such a program is to make it easier for the designer to work with page and site elements through a graphical user interface that displays the desired results, typically in a WYSIWYG manner, while removing the need for the designer to have to work with the actual code that produces those results which includes HTML or XHTML , Cascading Style Sheets CSS , JavaScript , and others . Examples of a web design program include iWeb , Frontpage , Adobe Dreamweaver and NetObjects Fusion which are commercial programs, and Amaya web browser Amaya , which is an open source program. Many programs, such as Microsoft Word that are not dedicated to web design also have the ability to function as a web design package. See also Web design HTML editors Category Web design software type stub ...   more details

  1. Spry framework

    Infobox software name Spry Framework logo author developer released latest release version 1.6.1 latest release date latest preview version latest preview date programming language JavaScript status Active genre Web application framework license website http technologies spry size The Spry Framework is an open source Ajax framework developed by Adobe Systems which is used in the construction of Rich Internet Applications . ref cite news title Adobe Adds Spry Framework for AJAX author Darryl K. Taft publisher eWeek date 2006 05 11 url http c a Application Development Adobe Adds Spry Framework for AJAX accessdate 2008 04 05 ref Unlike other pure JavaScript frameworks such as the Dojo Toolkit and Prototype Javascript Framework Prototype , Spry is geared towards web designers , not web developer s. Components The Spry framework broadly consists of Spry Effects animation effects like blind, fade, grow, highlight, shake, slide and squish. Spry Data data binding to HTML markup using minimal code or proprietary markup. Spry uses Google Google s Xpath JavaScript library to convert XML into JavaScript objects. It can handle XML , HTML and JSON data. Spry Widget computing Widgets framework for development of widgets, and included widgets such as the Accordion GUI accordion . CRC Versions Spry is currently in beta. The current version is 1.6.1. Adobe has not specified a target release date for the Spry framework, nor has it posted any sort of roadmap. Spry prerelease 1.5 was released on May 17, 2007 Usage The Spry framework is directly integrated into Adobe Systems s Dreamweaver CS3. ref cite news title Dreamweaver CS3 integrates Spry framework for Ajax author Jim Dalrymple publisher Macworld date 2007 03 27 url http article 56994 2007 03 cs3dweaver.html accessdate 2008 04 05 ref ref http products dreamweaver ?xNav MCDW Dreamweaver product page reasons to upgrade ref There is further speculation as to how Adobe will ut ...   more details

  1. CricketDraw

    Unreferenced date January 2007 orphan date November 2009 CricketDraw was a second generation vector graphics creation software program for the Apple Inc. Apple Macintosh by Cricket Software . It followed MacDraw and was a contemporary of MacDraft and to some extent, Silicon Beach Software s SuperPaint Macintosh SuperPaint . One notable feature of CricketDraw was its ability to display the raw PostScript code and the QuickDraw interpreted elements simultaneously in two windows, the same way Adobe Systems s Dreamweaver does with HTML code now. Because it was PostScript savvy, this package offered fine control over graduated fills that were not supported by MacDraw s QuickDraw based rendering engine. See also SuperPaint Macintosh MacDraw List of old Macintosh software DEFAULTSORT Cricketdraw Category Mac OS only software Mac software stub ...   more details

  1. List of HTML editors

    Image Dreamweaver Screenshot.png thumb right 250px Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 WYSIWYG What You See Is What ... WYSIWYG . Multicol ASP.NET Web Matrix Adobe Dreamweaver formerly Macromedia Dreamweaver Amaya web .... Replaced by Adobe Dreamweaver . AOLpress   Now discontinued. Adobe PageMill   Now discontinued. Replaced by Adobe Dreamweaver . Macromedia HomeSite Replaced by Adobe Dreamweaver Microsoft ...   more details

  1. Mourning Has Broken

    unreferenced date May 2011 Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Mourning Has Broken Type Album Artist Sabbat band Sabbat Cover Sabbat Mourning Has Broken.jpg Released 1991 Label Noise Records Germany Noise Records Genre Thrash metal br Heavy metal music Heavy metal Producer Length 50 58 Recorded Reviews Allmusic Rating 3 5 Allmusic class album id r17232 pure url yes link Last album Dreamweaver Sabbat album Dreamweaver br 1989 This album Mourning Has Broken br 1991 Next album Mourning Has Broken is the third and final full length album by the British thrash metal band, Sabbat band Sabbat , and the band s only album following the departure of singer and lyricist Martin Walkyier . The album is generally considered both a critical and commercial failure, and the band split up soon after its release. Speaking to Terrorizer magazine in 2006, Andy Sneap stated emphatically I don t listen to this Mourning Has Broken . There is some mad guitar playing on there, some of the shredding is ridiculous, but it sounds thrown together, which it was it shouldn t have had the Sabbat name on it. The denial of the album s legitimacy indicated by its exclusion from the discography included in the band s official website and also its exclusion from the 2007 remastered CD re issue of the band s other two albums, means that the album cannot presently be considered Canon fiction canon . Track listing The Demise of History 7 52 A Theological Void 7 26 Paint the World Black 5 25 Dumbstruck 5 14 The Voice of Time 6 45 Dreamscape 8 47 Without a Trace 7 24 Mourning Has Broken 2 05 Line up Andy Sneap Lead Guitar Richie Desmond Vocals Simon Negus Drums Wayne Banks Bass Neil Watson Guitar Sabbat Category 1991 albums Category Sabbat albums Category Noise Records albums it Mourning Has Broken ...   more details

  1. Adobe BrowserLab

    unreferenced date May 2011 http Adobe BrowserLab enables cross browser testing by producing screenshot s of website s from various web browser s across different platforms Microsoft Windows Windows and OS X are currently supported . Compare screenshots side by side or overlaid upon one another, and utilize diagnostic tools to help discover cross browser differences. The service can access dynamic pages across the web, or viewed locally via Firebug web development Firebug or Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 . BrowserLab is updated frequently to enhance the service and provide access to a fresh and relevant set of browsers. The https en US firefox addon adobe browserlab for firebug BrowserLab for Firebug extension allows Firebug web development Firebug users to preview their page live URL, or local edited source in BrowserLab. This workflow allows using BrowserLab with site content that is behind a firewall computing firewall or other security wall. The BrowserLab team blogs regularly on the http browserlab Adobe BrowserLab Team Blog . Early History In 2006, a team of Chicago based designers and developers, Dean Vukas, Josh Hatwich, Ted Billups and Charles Stevenson conceived and invented MeerMeer, a web site testing tool for web developers and designers. The MeerMeer SaaS application and patent was sold to Adobe Systems, Inc. in December 2007 and was released worldwide under the new name, Adobe BrowserLab. DEFAULTSORT Adobe BrowserLab Category Adobe Creative Suite BrowserLab Category Web development software ja Adobe BrowserLab ...   more details

  1. ProStores

    Advert date September 2008 ProStores is an e commerce website hosting company owned by eBay . Formerly known as Kurant StoreSense, ProStores was acquired by eBay Inc. by the end of 2004 changing the name to ProStores by eBay. ProStores feature set ranges from simple wizard driven website and e commerce capabilities to sophisticated site design tools, advanced e commerce functionality and high end e business management. In addition, smaller merchants can also manage the entire process of posting and selling products on eBay using the interface they use to manage their online ProStores. ProStores also provides merchants with the tools to better reach and retain customers with the support of several popular online shopping search engines, including Google Base, Yahoo Shopping, . It also offers inventory management, supplier communication and integration with Quickbooks and Dreamweaver . External links http Prostores homepage http Ebaysites DEFAULTSORT Prostores Category Electronic commerce Category Web hosting ...   more details

  1. ...That Great October Sound

    cleanup link rot date August 2011 Infobox album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name ...that great October sound Type Album Artist Thomas Dybdahl Cover That Great October Sound.jpg Released 2002 Norway br 2004 Europe Recorded 2002 Genre Pop music Pop Rock music Rock Length Label Checkpoint Charlie Audio Productions Producer Reviews This album ...that great October sound 2002 Next album Stray Dogs album Stray Dogs 2003 ...that great October sound is the first album released by the Norway Norwegian singer songwriter Thomas Dybdahl . ref http english discography ... that great october sound ref Track listing From Grace All s Not Lost That Great October Sound Life Here Is Gold Tomorrow Stays The Same Postulate Adelaide John Wayne Love s Lost Dreamweaver Outro References Reflist DEFAULTSORT That Great October Sound Category 2002 albums Category Thomas Dybdahl albums 2000s pop rock album stub it ...that great October sound no ...that great October sound ...   more details

  1. List of Adobe software

    br Flash Professional br Dreamweaver br After Effects br Premiere Pro Adobe Dreamweaver Dreamweaver ... Central Adobe Dreamweaver Dreamweaver Adobe Dynamic Link Dynamic Link Adobe Encore Encore Adobe ... Adobe Device Central Device Central Adobe Dreamweaver Dreamweaver Adobe Flash Flash Professional Adobe ...   more details

  1. Adobe GoLive

    ceased in favor of Dreamweaver. ref cite web url http article 133181 2008 04 golivedead.html ... than the modal workflow found in Dreamweaver . Among its features were a separate editor for tables ...   more details

  1. Adobe PageMill

    HTML editor Macromedia Dreamweaver , first released in 1997. Adobe Systems bought Macromedia in 2005 and therefore owns Dreamweaver, now called Adobe Dreamweaver . PageMill was often bundled ...   more details

  1. Macromedia

    developed a new HTML authoring tool, Adobe Dreamweaver Macromedia Dreamweaver , around portions .... Dreamweaver addressed this with its Roundtrip HTML feature, which attempted to preserve the fidelity ... visual and code editing. Over the next few years Dreamweaver became widely adopted among professional ... with Dreamweaver. In 2003, Macromedia acquired the web conferencing company http ...   more details

  1. DWT

    wiktionary DWT may stand for Texting while driving Driving While Texting , Is the act of composing, sending, or reading text messages, email, or making other similar use of the internet on a mobile device, while operating a motor vehicle, such as an automobile, truck or train. Discrete wavelet transform , a mathematical procedure in numerical analysis and functional analysis Deadweight tonnage , an expression of a ship s carrying capacity, including the weight of the crew, passengers, cargo, fuel, ballast, drinking water, and stores. Deep Web Technologies , a software company that specializes in mining the deep Web Drowned World Tour , a successful 2001 concert tour by United States American singer Madonna entertainer Madonna . Davis Wright Tremaine , a national business and litigation law firm representing clients in the United States and in China. Dangerous World Tour ,a successful 1992 1993 concert tour by Michael Jackson Dorset Wildlife Trust , a The Wildlife Trusts wildlife trust covering the county of Dorset , United Kingdom Dwt may refer to Pennyweight , a unit of mass used in measuring the weight of gold .dwt is a file extension used by several programs, including Dreamweaver Template File Web template Dynamic Web Template AutoCAD Template file format Template Prototype disambig de DWT fa DWT fr DWT nl DWT ja DWT sv DWT vi DWT nh h ng ...   more details

  1. Inscape Design College

    Inscape Design College , located in South Africa , is registered with the Department of Education as a private higher education institution under the Higher Education Act of 1997 . Inscape is the oldest privately owned, multi disciplinary design colleges in South Africa, having celebrated its 25th year of existence in 2006. Inscape offers 3 year, Degree courses in both Interior Design and Graphic Design , as well as 10 month, part time certificate courses in Interior Decorating and Architectural Draughting as well as short courses of a week or less, full time or part time in AutoCAD , Dreamweaver , Macromedia Flash Flash , Adobe Illustrator Illustrator , Adobe Photoshop Photoshop , InDesign and 3D Studio Max . In compliance with current legislation, the school has applied for registration of their Further Education programme Design Foundation . Design students attend two lecture sessions each weekday. Sixteen to twenty hours a week is spent in unsupervised practical and research work. Drafting and Decorating students attend two lecture sessions per week. Six to eight hours a week is spent in unsupervised practical and research work. Ranking seealso Rankings of universities in South Africa Rankings of business schools in South Africa See also Inscape visual art Inscape External links http Official Site coord missing South Africa Category Higher education in South Africa Category Educational institutions established in 1981 Category Design schools Tertiary Education in Pretoria SouthAfrica university stub ...   more details

  1. Adobe Engagement Platform

    outofdate date July 2009 Unreferenced date July 2009 At Adobe MAX 2008, Adobe announced the new Flash Platform concept, and this has replaced the branding formerly known as Adobe Engagement Platform. In 2005 , Adobe Systems bought Macromedia . The Adobe Engagement Platform was the announced name of the product line resulting from the merger of Macromedia Flash with Adobe Acrobat . There are five pieces to the platform s architecture. The universal client principally Adobe Reader and Flash Player , server side components, application architecture frameworks such as Cairngorm Flex framework Cairngorm , development tools such as Dreamweaver and Adobe Flex , and the Adobe Solutions Network partner comm. In 2008, the new Flash Platform similarly includes Flash Player Flash Authoring Tools such as Flash Professional, Flex, and Flash Catalyst Flash Server products such as Flash Media Server, BlazeDS, and LiveCycle DS External links http flashplatform pdfs platform at a glance.pdf pdf from titled Adobe Flash Platform At A Glance http devnet platform Adobe Engagement Platform Developer Center http technologies digitaleditions Adobe Digital Media Edition Beta The Universal Client Category Adobe software Engagement Platform ...   more details

  1. Golem (band)

    Unreferenced date August 2010 Golem is a Germany German extreme death metal band. They took part in the 2007 Chronical Moshers Open Air festival. They should not be confused with a 1970s progressive rock band from Germany with the same name. History The band was formed in 1989, in Buckow in Brandenburg then still in East Germany . Two of the members died in automobile accidents, in 1992 Max Gr tzmacher and in 1993 Jens Malwitz. The band was re formed and received for their debut album a record contract contract with the East German label Invasion Records . After that label stopped producing records, they were without a contract again, but they were able to get another contract through the German label Nuclear Blast . Members Current lineup Andreas Hilbert Guitar, Vocals Rainer Humeniuk Bass Erik Krebs Drums Carsten May Guitar Past members Max Gr tzmacher Bass died 1992 Jens Malwitz Guitar died 1993 Michael Marschalk Drums Rico Spiller Bass Ruben Wittchow Drums Discography Visceral Scab Demo, 1991 Visceral Scab Single, 1992 Recall the Day of Incarnation Demo, 1993 Eternity The Weeping Horizons Full length, 1996 The 2nd Moon Full length, 1998 Dreamweaver Full length, 2004 External links http www.golem Official website de Germany band stub DEFAULTSORT Golem Category German death metal musical groups Category Musical groups established in 1989 de Golem Band ...   more details

  1. Photofont

    Unreferenced date December 2007 Photofont is a technology for creating bitmap font s developed by Fontlab Fontlab Ltd . It is an open standard font format that uses bitmap glyph s rather than vector outline glyphs. Photofonts can be created without specialized font design software because they are simply collections of Portable Network Graphics PNG graphics defined and organized by an XML file. Details of the XML structure are available at http . Being composed of raster images, Photofonts can inherently possess any visual effects the letters could be pictures of anything. PNGs support transparency, including alpha transparency . In contrast, standard vector font formats like TrueType , OpenType and Type 1 define glyph outlines rather than rasterized images, which is why they can be scaled to any size without loss of fidelity. Photofonts cannot support any advanced typographic features and would not, for example, be able to represent Arabic correctly. They also require application specific plugins . Plugins are currently being developed for Adobe InDesign , Quark Xpress and Adobe Dreamweaver . The following is an example of a Photofont Commented out because image was deleted Image ChocolateCreamPhotofont.png Commented out because image was deleted Image ChalkPhotofont.png Image MarinPhotofont.png Category Font formats digital typography stub ...   more details

  1. The Narrative Design Explorer

    The Narrative Design Explorer NDE is a e publication dedicated the emerging craft of interactive narrative design , transmedia storytelling , and the convergence of cinema and interactive media , popularly known as video games . It was created in 2006 ref http new site launches for narrative designers 35769 ref , the publication has been the focal point of narrative design related discussion. The publication also covers video game industry events like the Game Developers Conference and more. It is written by Stephen Dinehart . Series of Interviews http category creators of transmedia stories E2 84 A2 Creator s of transmedia Stories http category masters of narrative design E2 84 A2 Masters of Narrative Design http category game writers in the trenches E2 84 A2 Game Writers in the Trenches Interviewees Jordan Weisman , Steve Danuser , Flint Dille , Ken Rolston , Scott Miller , Louis Castle , David Sosna , Bruce Block , Jan Sircus , Tom Abernathy , Haris Orkin . ref http ref Technology The NDE is part of the Narrative Designer s Network, and is created using LINUX, PHP 5.1, CGI 2.0, PERL 5.0, PYTHON 2.4, RUBY 1.8.4, MYSQL 4.1, 5.0, MediaWiki 1.15.1, Dreamweaver MX 2004, Adobe Flash CS, Photoshop CS2, Illustrator CS2. ref http 2009 09 growing pains ref References references Category Video game websites ...   more details

  1. Late Night Software

    as an alternative to AppleScript. OSA for Dreamweaver allows Macromedia Dreamweaver to be scripted ...   more details

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