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Douglas C-124 Globemaster II
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Encyclopedia results for Douglas C-124 Globemaster II

Douglas C-124 Globemaster II

Encyclopedia results for Douglas C-124 Globemaster II

  1. Douglas C-124 Globemaster II

    to 1949 by Douglas Aircraft from a prototype created from World War II design Douglas C 74 Globemaster ... factsheets factsheet.asp?id 289 Douglas C 124 Globemaster II Fact Sheet. National Museum of the United States Air Force. Retrieved 23 July 2011. ref Variants File YC 124 Globemaster II ... database record.php?id 19640102 0 ASN Aircraft accident Douglas C 124C Globemaster II 52 0968 ... Force Douglas C 124C Globemaster II registration 51 5178 flying from Johan Adolf Pengel International ... testing. Specifications C 124 Globemaster II Image Douglas C 124 Globemaster II cockpit.JPG ... War Category Douglas aircraft ar 124 de Douglas C 124 es Douglas C 124 Globemaster II fr Douglas C 124 Globemaster II hr Douglas C 124 Globemaster II it Douglas C 124 Globemaster II ja C 124 pt Douglas C 124 sr C 124 tr Douglas C 124 Globemaster II ... page content for recommended layout. Infobox Aircraft Begin name C 124 Globemaster II image Image C 124C Globemaster II.jpg caption image caption if it isn t descriptive it should be left blank Infobox Aircraft Type type Heavy lift military transport aircraft manufacturer Douglas Aircraft Company designer ... Force Reserve produced 1949 1955 number built 448 9 surviving unit cost developed from C 74 Globemaster variants with their own articles developed into Douglas C 132 Unbuilt The Douglas C 124 Globemaster II , nicknamed Old Shaky , was a heavy lift cargo aircraft built by the Douglas Aircraft Company ... C 124 Globemaster II flight engineer station.JPG thumb right Flight engineer s station of a C 124 ...?id 289 Fact Sheets Douglas C 124C Globemaster National Museum of the USAF Douglas aircraft USAF transports aviation lists DEFAULTSORT C 124 Globemaster Ii Category United States military transport aircraft ... was the initial operator of the C 124 Globemaster, with 50 in service from 1950 through 1962. Four ... re engined with four 3,800 hp R 4360 35A engines. C 124A Douglas Model 1129A, production version with four ...   more details

  1. Douglas C-74 Globemaster

    C 124 Globemaster II The Douglas C 74 Globemaster was a United States heavy lift cargo aircraft built by the Douglas Aircraft Company in Long Beach, California . The Globemaster was developed after ..., in which the subsequent Douglas C 124 Globemaster II was used by the Air Force for many years ... to be a prototype for the Douglas C 124 Globemaster II , which used the same wing as the C 74, but used ..., which led to the development of the Douglas C 124 Globemaster II . Korean War The invasion of the Republic ... aviation database record.php?id 19460805 0 title ASN Aircraft accident Douglas C 74 Globemaster ... Hato Army Air Base as an alternate field. ref name glob2 Williams, Nicholas M. Globemaster The Douglas ... Globemaster II similar aircraft lists List of military aircraft of the United States see also References ... Eyed Monster The Douglas Model 415A, the first Globemaster and DC 7. Air Enthusiast , Issue 60, November December 1995, pp. 40 53. ISSN 0143 5450. Williams, Nicholas M. Globemaster The Douglas C 74 ... United States military transport aircraft 1940 1949 C 074 Globemaster Category Douglas aircraft C 074 Globemaster de Douglas C 74 es Douglas C 74 Globemaster fr Douglas C 74 Globemaster ja C 74 pl Douglas C 74 Globemaster sr C 74 ... page content for recommended layout. Infobox Aircraft Begin name C 74 Globemaster image Image C 74 long beach.jpg caption C 74 Globemaster at Long Beach, California . Infobox Aircraft Type type Military transport aircraft Strategic airlifter manufacturer Douglas Aircraft Company designer first flight ... heavy lift military transport aircraft. Douglas Aircraft Company responded in 1942 with a giant ... and one static test article. There were no XC or YC 74 models produced. The Douglas Aircraft ... on extending its capabilities. This new model number aircraft became the Douglas Model ..., angle bulldozers, and smaller utility vehicles like jeeps. ref name glob1 Tambini, Anthony J. The Globemaster ...   more details

  1. Globemaster

    Globemaster is the name of three separate airlift military airlifters , produced by Douglas Aircraft Company or its successors class wikitable valign top Model Introduced Builder Type In Service C 74 Globemaster Douglas C 74 Globemaster 1945 in aviation 1945 Douglas Aircraft strategic airlifter 1940s to 1970s C 124 Globemaster II Douglas C 124 Globemaster II 1949 in aviation 1949 Douglas Aircraft heavy lift military cargo transport 1950 to 1974 C 17 Globemaster III Boeing C 17 Globemaster III 1991 in aviation 1991 Designed by McDonnell Douglas , marketed by Boeing a strategic and tactical airlifter 1993 present disambig de Globemaster it Globemaster ja ...   more details

  1. Douglas MacArthur II

    Infobox person name Douglas MacArthur II image birth date Birth date 1909 07 05 birth place Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania death date death date and age 1997 11 15 1909 07 05 death place Washington, D.C. other names known for occupation U.S. ambassador Douglas MacArthur II July 5, 1909 November 15, 1997 was an United States of America American diplomat. MacArthur was the son of Captain Arthur MacArthur III and Mary McCalla MacArthur, and was named for his uncle, General Douglas MacArthur . He was born in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania . ref name nyt19971117 He married Laura Louise Barkley on August 21, 1934, the daughter of future U.S. Vice President Alben Barkley . MacArthur worked with the French Resistance during World War II and was held as a prisoner of war for two years. Later in his life, he served as U.S. ambassador to the following nations years United States Ambassador to Japan Japan 1957 1961 United States Ambassador to Belgium Belgium 1961 1965 United States Ambassador to Australia Austria 1967 1969 United States Ambassador to Iran Iran 1969 1972 . He was a member of the Yale College Class of 1932. MacArthur died in Washington, D.C. in 1997. ref name nyt19971117 cite news url http gst fullpage.html?res 9D07EEDA1038F934A25752C1A961958260 title Douglas MacArthur 2d, 88, Former Ambassador to Japan publisher The New York Times date 1997 11 17 accessdate 2009 02 28 first Eric last Pace ref Related themes Girard incident Security Treaty Between the United States and Japan ... March 6, 1967 s end Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Macarthur, Douglas II ALTERNATIVE ..., Douglas II Category 1909 births Category 1997 deaths Category Ambassadors of the United States ... Category American people of Scottish descent Category MacArthur family Douglas II Category People from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Category Yale University alumni US diplomat stub de Douglas MacArthur II ja 2 ru , II ...   more details

  1. Douglas Cloudster II

    for commercial aircraft developed from variants with their own articles The Douglas Cloudster II was an United ... Douglas numeric, and A thru C. Aerofiles . Retrieved November 18, 2010. ref The Cloudster II made ... aircraft projects Category Abandoned civil aircraft projects Category Douglas aircraft Cloudster II Category United States civil utility aircraft 1940 1949 Category Mid engined aircraft Category Pusher aircraft pl Douglas Cloudster II ... expensive to be commercially viable. Design and development During the early 1940s, Douglas Aircraft ... demonstrated in the Douglas XB 42 Mixmaster bomber, which first flew in 1944, showing a 30 reduction .... 372 377. ref ref name Frnc Doug p432 4 Owing to the initial success of the XB 42, Douglas adopted this promising new layout for a medium range airliner , the Douglas DC 8 piston airliner DC 8 ref name ... or air charter use, the Model 1015 or Cloudster II . ref name Frnc Doug p432 4 ref name pop mech ... Tail Pusher Plane Cruises 200 M.P.H. Popular Mechanics , March 1947, p. 103. ref The Cloudster II ... specs ref McDonnell Douglas Aircraft since 1920 ref name Frnc Doug p432 4 Francillon 1979, pp .... additional lines entries with carriage return. see also Douglas Cloudster related related developments similar aircraft Douglas XB 42 Mixmaster Douglas DC 8 piston airliner Planet Satellite ... Bibliography refbegin Francillon, Ren J. McDonnell Douglas Aircraft since 1920 . London Putnam ...   more details

  1. Boeing C-17 Globemaster III

    aircraft, the Douglas C 74 Globemaster and the Douglas C 124 Globemaster II . In addition to the U.S. .... Infobox aircraft begin name C 17 Globemaster III image File C 17 test sortie.jpg caption ... Douglas Boeing Defense, Space & Security Boeing designer first flight 15 September 1991 introduction ... FY 2009 Budget Estimates , p. 2 1. US Air Force , February 2008. ref developed from McDonnell Douglas YC 15 variants with their own articles The Boeing C 17 Globemaster III is a large military transport ... by McDonnell Douglas the company later merged with Boeing . The C 17 is used for rapid airlift strategic ... Boeing proposing the Boeing YC 14 YC 14 , and McDonnell Douglas proposing the McDonnell Douglas ... thumb left The McDonnell Douglas YC 15 design was used as the basis for the C 17. alt Top view of cargo ... Douglas elected to develop a new aircraft based on the YC 15 Boeing bid an enlarged three engine version .... On 28 August 1981, McDonnell Douglas was chosen to build its proposed aircraft, then designated ... The Los Angeles Times&pub Newsday Combined editions &desc Douglas Wins 243.4B Pact to Build C 17&pqatl google Douglas Wins 3.4B Pact to Build C 17. Los Angeles Times, 3 January 1986. ref At this time ... the McDonnell Douglas s plant in Long Beach, California , about a year behind schedule. ref http .... Retrieved 23 August 2011. ref The C 17 received the Globemaster III name in early 1993. ref name ... Douglas incurred a loss of nearly US 1.5 billion on the development phase of the program. ref ...&slug 1285732 Air Force Letter To Douglas Spells Out 75 Defects For C 17. Los Angeles Times, 28 ... name GAO Joint Endevour cite web url http archive 1997 ns97050.pdf title C 17 Globemaster ... 1997 ref The McDonnell Douglas YC 15 YC 15 was transferred to 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration ... Deal for 2,000 jobs in California. Chicago Tribune, 1 July 1996. ref In 1997 McDonnell Douglas merged ... defense space military c17 news 2001 q4 nr 011128n.htm Boeing C 17 Globemaster III ...   more details

  1. McDonnell Douglas A-12 Avenger II

    Douglas General Dynamics A 12 Avenger II was a proposed United States American ground attack aircraft from McDonnell Douglas and General Dynamics . It was to be an all weather, carrier based stealth ... article DEFAULTSORT McDonnell Douglas A 12 Avenger II Category McDonnell Douglas aircraft A 12 Category ... Douglas A 12 Avenger II fr McDonnell Douglas A 12 Avenger II it McDonnell Douglas General Dynamics ... Douglas General Dynamics A 12 Avenger II fi A 12 Avenger II uk McDonnell Douglas A 12 Avenger ... name A 12 Avenger II image File A 12 Avenger Concept.jpg caption An artist s concept of the A 12 Avenger II Infobox aircraft type type All weather naval stealth bomber ref name Stevenson Stevenson 2001, p. 35. ref manufacturer McDonnell Douglas and General Dynamics designer status Canceled produced ...&sjid mzYNAAAAIBAJ&pg 3046,1502437&dq avenger ii cost&hl en Cheney Says No . The Victoria Advocate ... States Marine Corps Marine Corps . Its Avenger II name was taken from the Grumman TBF Avenger of World War II. The development of the A 12 was troubled by cost overruns and several delays, causing ... teams of McDonnell Douglas General Dynamics , and Northrop Corporation Northrop Grumman Vought in November ... p95 The McDonnell Douglas General Dynamics team was selected as the winner on 13 January 1988 ... The McDonnell Douglas General Dynamics team was awarded a development contract and the ATA aircraft ... Jenkins 2002, p. 95. ref The A 12 was named Avenger II in homage to the World War II era Navy torpedo ... NAN11 90.jpg thumb left An artist s impression of the A 12 Avenger II in flight The aircraft was to be powered ... in early 1990 McDonnell Douglas and General Dynamics revealed delays and projected cost increases. The weight ... them to repay most of the 2 billion that had been spent on A 12 development. McDonnell Douglas ... that weakened McDonnell Douglas and led to its merger with rival Boeing in 1997. ref Boyne 2002 ... charges of US 1.45 billion. Boeing , which had merged with McDonnell Douglas, vowed to appeal ...   more details

  1. McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II

    Harrier II The McDonnell Douglas now Boeing AV 8B Harrier II is a second generation V STOL vertical ... 39. ref In 1985, McDonnell Douglas commenced work on a night attack variant of the Harrier II the company ..., pp.  119 120. ref Ed Harper, general manager for the McDonnell Douglas Harrier II development ...About the US Harrier II models the first generation Harrier Hawker Siddeley Harrier the British Harrier II models British Aerospace Harrier II an overview of the Harrier family Harrier Jump Jet This article ... for recommended layout, and guidelines. Infobox aircraft begin name AV 8B Harrier II br EAV 8B Matador II image File United States Marine Corps AV 8B Harrier II hovering.jpg caption A United States ... ground attack aircraft manufacturer McDonnell Douglas British Aerospace br Boeing BAE Systems national ... Hawker Siddeley Harrier , the Harrier II is the final member of the Harrier family that started ... II variant of the AV 8B was developed for the British military. The AV 8B is used by the United ... aircraft trainer version. The Harrier II and other models of the Harrier family have been called Harrier Jump Jet Jump Jets . The AV 8B was extensively redesigned by McDonnell Douglas from the earlier ... upgrades, which resulted in the AV 8B NA and AV 8B Harrier II Plus, added radar and night attack capabilities ... took part in combat during the Iraq War beginning in 2003. The Harrier II has served in Operation ... II Lockheed Martin F 35B Lightning II . Development Origins In the late 1960s and early 1970s ... configuration, could only carry less than half the 4,000 lb 1,800 kg payload of the Douglas A 4 Skyhawk ... 55. ref To address this issue, in 1973 Hawker Siddeley and McDonnell Douglas began joint development ... aircraft, while McDonnell Douglas independently undertook a less ambitious, though still expensive ..., though dropping some items such as the larger Rolls Royce Pegasus engine McDonnell Douglas kept ... 1998, pp.  70 72. ref The plan for Harrier II development was authorized by the United States ...   more details

  1. Douglas MacArthur in World War II

    Main Douglas MacArthur General of the Army United States General of the Army Douglas MacArthur January ... a prominent role in the Pacific War Pacific theater during World War II. He received the Medal ... 1990 pp 190 192. ref File Douglas MacArthur MOH Plaque, USMA.JPG left thumb 240px MacArthur s Medal ... which it was my honor to command. ref harvnb James 1975 p 132. ref Arthur MacArthur, Jr. and Douglas ... World War II. ref citation accessdate May 7, 2010 url http amacart.htm title ... year 2000 id A150186b title MacArthur, Douglas 1880 1964 accessdate March 6, 2010 ref although ... would be conducted under MacArthur s command as South West Pacific theatre of World War II Supreme ... cms images AWM192 00317 003170662.pdf title Honours and Awards Douglas MacArthur accessdate March ... 1992 pp 152 159. ref File Douglas MacArthur lands Leyte1.jpg thumb left 300px I have returned General ... 300px General Douglas MacArthur center , accompanied by Lieutenant Generals George C. Kenney and Richard ... Sergio Osme a , General Douglas MacArthur alt Eight men in khaki uniforms, seated. The way ... of Surrender formal Japanese surrender aboard USS Missouri BB 63 6 , thus ending World War II. ref harvnb ... War II publisher University of Chicago Press location Chicago year 1948 url http hyperwar ... War II publisher University of Chicago Press accessdate October 20, 2006 oclc 9828710 citation last ... first John title Embracing Defeat Japan in the Wake of World War II publisher W. W. Norton & Company ... in World War II The War Against Japan publisher United States Naval Institute location Annapolis ..., Connecticut year 1972 isbn 0837162785 oclc 415330 citation last MacArthur first Douglas title Reminiscences of General of the Army Douglas MacArthur publisher Bluejacket Books location Annapolis ... Manchester title American Caesar American Caesar Douglas MacArthur 1880 1964 publisher Laurel location ... Damn Able Commander Lewis Hyde Brereton Part II journal Air Power History date Spring, 2001 ...   more details

  1. Globemaster Air Cargo

    Infobox airline airline Globemaster Air Cargo image GlobemasterAirCargo.JPG image size 100 alt IATA ICAO callsign founded 2003 commenced ceased aoc bases hubs secondary hubs focus cities frequent flyer lounge alliance subsidiaries fleet size destinations company slogan parent headquarters St. Albert, Alberta St Albert , Alberta , Canada key people revenue operating income net income profit assets equity website Globemaster Air Cargo was a cargo airline based in St. Albert, Alberta St Albert , Alberta , Canada . It was an all cargo airline operating scheduled and charter services in Alberta, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories . History The airline was established in 2003 and started operations in October 2003. It launched scheduled services on 21 June 2004 linking Fort McMurray, Alberta Fort McMurray in northern Alberta to Edmonton, Alberta Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta Calgary . In January 2004 the airline applied to the Canadian Transportation Agency CTA for approval to operate domestic services with all cargo aircraft. This was approved in May 2004. ref http www.cta rulings decisions decisions 2004 A 289 A 2004 e.html CTA 31 May 2004 ref In November 2004 the airline applied to suspend its operating licences and this was approved by the Canadian Transportation Agency CTA . ref http www.cta rulings decisions decisions 2004 A 632 A 2004 e.html CTA 18 November 2004 ref Destinations Fact date June 2007 Globemaster Air Cargo operated freight services to the following domestic scheduled destinations at January 2005 Edmonton, Alberta Edmonton , Fort Nelson, British Columbia Fort Nelson , Fort McMurray, Alberta Fort McMurray , Fort St. John, British Columbia Fort St John , Grande Prairie, Alberta Grand Prairie , Inuvik, Northwest Territories Inuvik and Yellowknife, Northwest Territories Yellowknife . Fleet The Globemaster Air Cargo fleet consisted ... bins content page.asp?cid 13 67 719 783 Edmonton Airport Globemaster information ...   more details

  1. Douglas C-132

    are appropriate. additional lines entries with carriage return. related C 74 Globemaster C 124 Globemaster II similar aircraft similar or comparable aircraft lists related lists see also other relevant ..., pp.  13 27, Douglas C 132 cite book last Connors first Jack coauthors title The Engines of Pratt ... Reston. Virginia date 2010 isbn 978 1 60086 711 8 url pages External links Douglas aircraft USAF transports ... Douglas aircraft C 132 aero stub ...   more details

  1. World War II prisoner of war camp, Douglas, Wyoming

    version 2010a ref The Douglas, Wyoming World War II POW Camp was a Prisoners of War POW internment camp in the City of Douglas, Wyoming Douglas , Wyoming . Between January 1943 and February 1946 in the camp ...Infobox NRHP name Officer s Club, Douglas Prisoner of War nrhp type image Douglas wy pow camp officers club.JPG caption Officer s Club from 1943 location 115 S. Riverbend Dr., Douglas, Wyoming lat degrees ... camp is an important part of the history of the town of Douglas. Officer s Club The Officer s Club on the site of the former Douglas POW Camp, constructed in 1943, is a one story rectangular ... of Douglas to assist the dedicated Odd Fellows in preserving this unique structure. Grant funds were ... today, outside of Douglas residents, are even aware the murals exist. The building exhibits integrity ... development that has taken place over the past thirty years. The former Officer s Club at the Douglas ... Criterion A for its association with the direct impact of World War II on hundreds of local communities ... were nonetheless experienced in many different ways on the home front. The Douglas POW Camp exemplifies ... the World War II period, a survey of other State Historic Preservation Office s revealed that only ... during the war to house Prisoners of War from Europe and Japan . gallery File Douglas WY WWII POW Camp Mural Yellowstone.jpg Yellowstone File Douglas WY WWII POW Camp Mural Independence Rock.jpg Independence Rock File Douglas WY WWII POW Camp Mural Western Fort.jpg Western Fort File Douglas WY WWII POW Camp Mural Wagon Train.jpg Wagon Train File Douglas WY WWII POW Camp Mural Roundup.jpg Round Up File Douglas WY WWII POW Camp Mural Branding.jpg Branding Rocky Trail File Douglas WY WWII POW Camp Mural Western Saloon.jpg Western Saloon File Douglas WY WWII POW Camp Mural Indian Peace Pipe.jpg Indian Peace Pipe File Douglas WY WWII POW Camp Mural Indian Lookout.jpg Indian Lookout gallery Camp History ... of the small town of Douglas as the location for a POW camp. Image WWII POW Camp sign.jpg thumb History ...   more details

  1. McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II U.S. operators

    Infobox Aviation name McDonnell Douglas F 4 Phantom II U.S. operators image File F 4J and SH 3G on USS America CVA 66 1972 73.JPEG caption An F 4J Phantom II of Fighter Squadron VF 74 Bedevillers, about to be launched from the USS America CV 66 6 United States American units that operated the F 4 Phantom II are listed below. U.S. Navy The Phantom entered service with the U.S Navy on 30 December 1960 with the VF 121 VF 121 Pacemakers at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar NAS Miramar . The VF 74 VF 74 Be devilers at Naval Air Station Oceana NAS Oceana became the first deployable Phantom squadron when it received its F4H 1s F 4Bs on 8 July 1961. ref name Thorn260 Thornborough and Davies 1994, p. 260. ref Frontline & Reserve U.S. Atlantic Fleet VFA 11 VF 11 Red Rippers VFA 31 VF 31 Tomcatters VFA 14 VF 14 Tophatters VFA 32 VF 32 Swordsmen VF 33 Tarsiers Also known as the Starfighters VFA 102 VF 102 Diamondbacks VFA 41 VF 41 Black Aces VF 84 Jolly Rogers Formerly known as the Vagabonds VF 74 Bedevilers VFA 103 VF 103 Sluggers File F4J VF 92 CVA 64.JPEG thumb right An F 4J Phantom II of Fighter Squadron VF 92 Silver Kings, from the USS Constellation CV 64 6 U.S. Pacific Fleet VF 21 Freelancers ..., 1995 present Col end Air National Guard File U.S. Air Force McDonnell Douglas RF 4C Phantom II with auxiliary ... Los Alamitos , California Training Image F 4J Phantom II VF 101.jpg thumb right An F 4B Phantom II of Fighter Squadron VF 101 Grim Reapers, taxis on the flight deck of the USS America These kind of units ... 101 SH U.S. Air Force Image F 4 Phantom II, Davis Monthan.JPG thumb right A US Air Force QF 4E Phantom ... Douglas F 4 Phanton . Notebook Publications, 2000. ISBN 1 876722 00 2. ref List of units ref ... F 4C and F 4D Vermont Air National Guard F 4D See also F 4 Phantom II F 4 Phantom II non U.S. operators F 4 Phantom II variants References Reflist 1 Thornborough, Anthony M. and Davies, Peter E. The Phantom ... F 4 Phantom Ii U.S. Operators Category United States Navy lists ...   more details

  1. List of McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II variants

    Main McDonnell Douglas F 4 Phantom II The McDonnell Douglas F 4 Phantom II variants were numerous versions and designations of the F 4 and are described below. Variants File XF4H 1 on cat CVA 62.jpg thumb An XF4H 1 1959. File F 4Bs VF 213 in flight over Vietnam c1967.jpg thumb F 4Bs from VFA 213 VF 213 , 1967. XF4H 1 Two prototypes for the US Navy , first flown 1958. F4H 1F F 4A Two seat all weather carrier based fighter for the US Navy , J79 GE 2 and 2A engines with 16,100 lbf 71.6 kN of afterburner thrust each. Named Phantom II in 1959 and redesignated F 4A in 1962 45 built. ref name Francillon p559 Francillon 1979, p.559. ref TF 4A A small number of F 4As converted into two seat training aircraft. F4H 1 F 4B Two seat all weather carrier based fighter and ground attack aircraft for the US Navy and Marine Corps. J79 GE 8A or 8B engines with 16,950 lbf 75.4 kN of afterburner thrust each. Redesignated F 4B in 1962 649 built. ref name Francillon p559 60 Francillon 1979, pp.559 560. ref DF 4B F 4Bs converted into Unmanned aerial vehicle drone control aircraft. EF 4B One F 4B converted into an Electronic countermeasure ECM training aircraft. NF 4B The redesignation of one F 4B for testing purposes. QF 4B F 4Bs converted into unmanned supersonic target drones 25 converted. F4H 1P RF 4B ... AGM 142 Popeye Have Nap integration, LITENING Litening II targeting pods, and the capability to launch AGM 65 AGM 65D G Maverick , AGM 88 HARM , GBU 8 HOBOS, GBU 12 Paveway II GBU 10 12 Paveway II LGB ... July 1994, pp. 17 20. ref File F 4G Phantom II wild weasel.jpg thumb An F 4G Wild Weasel V. F ... at the Paris Air Show in 1987. It could exceed Mach 1 without afterburners. McDonnell Douglas .... McDonnell Douglas Aircraft since 1920 . London Putnam, 1979. ISBN 0 370 00050 1. Francillon, Ren ... aircraft Category United States fighter aircraft 1950 1959 F 1004 Phantom II variants Category Military aircraft of the Vietnam War Pt Anexo Vers es do F 4 Phantom II ...   more details

  1. McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II non-U.S. operators

    Main F 4 Phantom II class wikitable style float right font size 92 Phantoms in non U.S. service ref name ... of Phantom Variants and Operators. F 4 Phantom II , Retrieved 27 February 2010. ref style text align ... 15 F 4J UK br 50 F 4K br 116 F 4M None None F 4 Phantom II non U.S. operators are the non U.S. nations with air force s that operate or used to operate the McDonnell Douglas F 4 Phantom II. The Phantom II entered service with the Military of the United States U.S. military in 1960 and served until ... Force . The Phantom II was exported to eleven other nations, and continues to serve in a military role ... Base Edinburgh in 1971 In March 1963, McDonnell Douglas offered to provide the Royal Australian Air Force RAAF with a modified version of the F 4 Phantom II F 4C , the model 98DX, fitted with SNECMA Atar ... II, December 1999. Retrieved 27 December 2010. ref Since the development of the F 111 was plagued ... 347TFW.JPEG thumb right AREAF F 4E Phantom II The Al Quwwat al Jawwiya il Misriya Egyptian Air Force ... usaf fighters f4 42.html Phantom with Egypt. Phantom II, January 2000. Retrieved ... with McDonnell Douglas for 88 RF 4Es in 1968 at the time the biggest order outside the USAF. The contract ... Messerschmitt B lkow Blohm who manufactured and supplied F 4 components to McDonnell Douglas Phantom ... with Luftwaffe. Phantom II, December 1999. Retrieved 27 December 2010. ref Phase 1 of ICE commenced ... , and the Mil Std 1553R digital data bus. ref name Baugher f4 43 Image F 4 Phantom II ILA2002.jpg ... usaf fighters f4 45.html Phantom with Greece. Phantom II. April 2000. Retrieved 27 December 2010 ... 7487 lands arp.jpg thumb right Hellenic Air Force RF 4E Phantom II, in a special colour scheme, lands ... Squadron Ajax Iran File IIAF F 4D Phantom II brake chute.jpg thumb right An IIAF F 4D in 1974 .... Phantom II, April 2000. Retrieved 27 December 2010. ref with another 16 added later, and were ... fighters f4 41.html Phantom with Israel. Phantom II, April 2000. Retrieved 27 December 2010. ref Formal ...   more details

  1. Douglas

    wiktionarypar Douglas Douglas may refer to TOC right People Douglas given name Douglas surname Clan Douglas , a Scottish kindred Earl of Douglas , or any holder of the title Marquess of Douglas , or any holder of the title Duke of Douglas , or any holder of the title Lord Douglas disambiguation , for holders of various titles Places Australia Douglas, Queensland Canada Douglas, New Brunswick Douglas, Ontario , a community in Admaston Bromley township England River Douglas Lancashire Falkland Islands Douglas, Falkland Islands Ireland Douglas, Cork Isle of Man Douglas, Isle of Man , the capital of the dependency, and seat of the House of Keys New Zealand Douglas, Taranaki Douglas, Canterbury Northern Ireland Douglas, County Antrim , a List of townlands in County Antrim townland in County Antrim South Africa Douglas, Northern Cape Scotland Castle Douglas , Dumfries and Galloway Douglas, South Lanarkshire Douglas Castle , South Lanarkshire Douglas Water , Lanarkshire Glen Douglas , Argyll and Bute United States Douglas, Alabama Douglas, Alaska Douglas, Arizona Douglas, Georgia Douglas, Chicago , Illinois Douglas, Indiana Douglas, Massachusetts Douglas, Michigan Douglas, Nebraska Douglas, North Dakota Douglas, Oklahoma Douglas, Wisconsin , a town Douglas Center, Wisconsin , an unincorporated community Douglas, Wyoming Businesses Douglas Aircraft Company Various List of aircraft C D Douglas Aircraft Corporation Douglas built aircraft Douglas AG , European retail company Douglas motorcycles , British motorcycle manufacturer Hospitals Douglas Mental Health University Institute , a mental institution in Montreal, Quebec Fiction Donald and Douglas , engines from Thomas the Tank Engine ... s 1 Saturday Morning Douglas play Douglas play , an 18th century tragedy by John Home Douglas film Douglas film , a 1970 Norwegian film directed by P l Bang Hansen Plants The Douglas Iris , a wildflower The Douglas fir , the common name for a type of coniferous tree Sports The Douglas GAA , a Gaelic ...   more details

  1. A.S. Douglas

    Cleanup date October 2009 Infobox scientist name Alexander Sandy Shafto Douglas image image size caption ... Shafto Douglas CBE 21 May 1921 29 April 2010 was a Great Britain British professor of computer science ... url http books?id E4 pXc IEtsC&pg PA538&dq Alexander Sandy Douglas Noughts and Crosses&ei ... and Crosses game , http www.pong Pong Story . ref Douglas died in sleep on April 29, 2010, from pneumonia . ref name obituary cite journal title Obituary. Alexander Sandy Shafto Douglas ... bxq054 ref Biography Early life Douglas was born on May 21, 1921 in London . At age eight, his family ... In the winter of 1938 39, Douglas and his future wife Andrey Parker made a snowman in the grounds of the Natural History Museum . Douglas and his wife would go on to have two children and at least two grandsons. During the London Blitz Blitz , in 1940 41, Douglas s Home Guard United Kingdom Home .... Cambridge Douglas attended the University of Cambridge in 1950. In 1952, while working towards earning ..., 1948 . This gave Douglas the perfect opportunity to prove his findings by programming the code for a simple ... Elected as a Prize Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge , Douglas spends a year at the University ... Chapel on Woodhouse Lane. Douglas set up the Computer Laboratory of the University of Leeds , and it was there that he ... Party to explore the creation of a national system for handling university admissions. Douglas was appointed ... President 1971 1972 . A. S. Douglas CBE Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications ... Council for Computer Communication. London School of Economics A S Douglas, CBE MA PhD Cantab BSc EstMan ... Douglas covering topics in Atomic Physics, Crystallography, Solution of Differential Equations, Computer ... and Transportation Industries, and in the Printing Industry. Douglas, Alexander Shafto May 18 ... an Inaugural Lecture Delivered on 27 April 1972, by Alexander Shafto Douglas Publisher London ... Journal, October 1970 Computers in the Seventies , Alexander Sandy Douglas. Computer Networks, Volume ...   more details

  1. Douglas Aircraft Company

    the intra company mail. By the end of World War II, Douglas had facilities at Santa Monica, El Segundo .... World War II World War II was a major boost for Douglas. The company produced almost 30,000 aircraft ... XA 42 XB 42 1944 A 1 Skyraider 1945 C 74 Globemaster 1945 Douglas XB 43 XB 43 1946 Douglas DC ... 1948 C 124 Globemaster II 1949 A2D Skyshark 1950 F4D Skyray 1951 A 3 Skywarrior 1952 X 3 Stiletto ... Douglas MD 11 MD 11 1990 Boeing C 17 Globemaster III C 17 Globemaster III 1991 McDonnell Douglas ...Infobox Defunct Company company name Douglas Aircraft Company company logo Image Douglas logo.png fate ... 1967 in aviation 1967 location Santa Monica, California successor McDonnell Douglas The Douglas ... in 1921 by Donald Wills Douglas, Sr. and later merged with McDonnell Aircraft in 1967 to form McDonnell Douglas . Douglas Aircraft Company largely operated as a division of McDonnell Douglas after the merger. History The Douglas Aircraft Company was founded by Donald Wills Douglas, Sr. on July 22, 1921 in aviation 1921 in Santa Monica, California , following dissolution of the Davis Douglas ... by air in Douglas airplanes in 1924 in aviation 1924 . Pre war The company is most famous for the DC Douglas Commercial series of commercial aircraft, including what is often regarded as the most significant transport aircraft ever made the Douglas DC 3 DC 3 , which was also produced as a military transport known as the Douglas C 47 Skytrain C 47 Skytrain or Dakota. Many Douglas aircraft had unusually long service lives, and many remain in service today. Douglas created a wide variety of aircraft ... over 100 aircraft annually. Among the early employees at Douglas were Ed Heinemann Edward Heinemann ..., Illinois . In 1934 in aviation 1934 , Douglas produced a commercial two engined transport, the Douglas ... produced by Douglas included airliners, light and medium bombers, fighters, transports, observation aircraft, and experimental aircraft. During WWII, Douglas joined the BVD Boeing Vega Aircraft Corporation ...   more details

  1. Douglas King

    Douglas King may refer to Douglas King politician 1877 1930 , British naval commander and politician Douglas King courtier born 1966 , Assistant Private Secretary to Elizabeth II hndis King, Douglas ...   more details

  1. Douglas McIntyre

    Douglas McIntyre may refer to Douglas McIntyre Homosexuals Anonymous , National Director of Homosexuals Anonymous Mike McIntyre , Douglas Carmichael Mike McIntyre II, politician Doug McIntyre , Douglas McIntyre US Radio Show Host, Radio and Television Producer, Writer hndis Macintyre, Douglas ...   more details

  1. Douglas-Hamilton

    unreferenced date April 2009 Image Douglas hamiltonCoA.png thumb Arms of the Head of the Douglas Hamiltons, the Duke of Hamilton Douglas Hamilton is the family surname of the Duke of Hamilton Dukes of Hamilton and Earl of Selkirk Earls of Selkirk . The name originates from the marriage of Anne Hamilton, 3rd Duchess of Hamilton to William Douglas Hamilton, Duke of Hamilton William Douglas, 1st Earl of Selkirk in 1656 . Anne was Duchess in her own right and head of the Clan Hamilton House of Hamilton . William was a younger son of the William Douglas, 1st Marquess of Douglas Marquess of Douglas . Upon the death of a cousin, the Archibald Douglas, 1st Duke of Douglas Duke of Douglas , in 1761 without heir, his subsidiary titles and the nominal seniority of the Clan Douglas House of Douglas , were devolved onto the James Douglas Hamilton, 7th Duke of Hamilton 7th Duke of Hamilton . These titles are Marquess of Douglas Earl of Angus Lord Abernethy and Jedburgh Forest The Arms of the Head of the House are Quarterly 1st and 4th grandquarters, counterquartered i and iv Gules,three cinquefoils Ermine for Hamilton , ii and iii Argent, a lymphad Sable, sails furled proper, flagged Gules for The Isles Arran 2nd and 3rd grandquarters, Argent, a man s heart Gules ensigned with an imperial crown proper, on a chief Azure three stars of the First for Douglas . Category Noble families Category Scottish families Category House of Douglas and Angus Category Royalty Scotland noble stub Heraldry stub sco Douglas Hamilton ...   more details

  1. Douglas (surname)

    For the Scottish family of Douglas see Earl of Douglas , Earl of Angus or Clan Douglas House of Douglas . Infobox family name name Douglas image imagesize caption pronunciation meaning black stream region Scotland origin related names footnotes ref http surnames DOUGLAS origin British surnames origin ref Douglas occasionally spelled Douglass surname Douglass is a common surname ... has developed into the given name Douglas given name Douglas . Douglas is a habitational name, which ... in Scotland, it is thought, in most cases, to refer to Douglas, South Lanarkshire , which was once the stronghold of Clan Douglas. ref name a last1 cite web url http learn facts ... Oxford University Press isbn 0 19 508137 4 for the surname Douglas . ref The Scottish Gaelic ... Aaron Douglas 1900&ndash 1979 , American artist John Douglas architect 1830&ndash 1911 , English architect Stan Douglas born 1960 , Canadian artist Literature Lord Alfred Douglas 1870&ndash 1945 , British poet David John Douglass , political writer Gavin Douglas 1474&ndash 1522 , Scottish poet and bishop Jack Douglas writer 1908 1989 , American comedy writer John Douglas bishop of Salisbury 1721&ndash 1807 , Scottish man of letters and Anglican bishop John E. Douglas , author of horror novels Keith Douglas 1920&ndash 1944 , English poet of World War II Marjory Stoneman Douglas 1890&ndash 1998 , American conservationist and writer Mark Douglas Home 1951&ndash , Scottish editor in chief of The Herald in Glasgow, Scotland Max Douglas born 1970 , Canadian comic book creator Michael Douglas pen name Michael Crichton , American author Norman Douglas 1868&ndash 1952 , British writer William Douglas Home 1912&ndash 1992 , British playwright Music Alan Douglas record producer , American record producer Ashanti entertainer Ashanti Shaquoya Douglas born 1980 , American R&B singer Barry Douglas born 1960 , classical pianist and conductor Carl Douglas born 1942 , Jamaican born singer Carol ...   more details

  1. McDonnell Douglas

    being the McDonnell Douglas C 9 C 9 Nightingale Skytrain II . Through the years of the Cold ... Helicopter. A 4 Skyhawk started under Douglas Aircraft F 4 Phantom II started under McDonnell Aircraft ...Infobox Defunct company company name McDonnell Douglas Corporation company logo File McDonnell Douglas.svg 250px right The McDonnell Douglas Logo. A simplified version was added to the Boeing typeface ... merger location Berkeley, Missouri , United States Predecessor McDonnell Aircraft br Douglas Aircraft ... archived copy McDonnell Douglas was a major American aerospace manufacturer and defense ... of McDonnell Aircraft and Douglas Aircraft Company Douglas Aircraft in 1967. McDonnell Douglas was based at Lambert St. Louis International Airport near St. Louis, Missouri . The McDonnell Douglas Technical Services Company MDTSC , a subsidiary of McDonnell Douglas, was headquartered in unincorporated ... web 19970124130147 Welcome . McDonnell Douglas Technical Services Company. 24 January 1997. Retrieved on 4 June 2009. ref Check the address on Yahoo Maps McDonnell Douglas merged with its ... Douglas F3D Skyknight The company was formed from the firms of James Smith McDonnell and Donald Wills Douglas, Sr. Donald Wills Douglas in 1967. Both men were of Scottish ancestry, graduates of MIT and had .... 6 9. ref Douglas had been chief engineer at Martin before leaving to establish Davis Douglas Company in early 1920 in Los Angeles. He bought out his backer and renamed the firm the Douglas Aircraft ... honored dead link date July 2011 . St. Louis Post Dispatch , 28 August 2009. ref World War II was a major earner for Douglas. The company produced almost 30,000 aircraft from 1942 to 1945 and the workforce ... Douglas continued to develop new aircraft, including the DC 6 in 1946 and the DC 7 in 1953. ref cite ...&FMT ABS&FMTS ABS AI&type historic&date Feb 17 2C 1946&author &pub Chicago Tribune&desc DOUGLAS DC 4 AND DC 6 SKYMASTERS&pqatl google title Douglas DC 4 and DC 6 Skymasters first Stanley last Johnston ...   more details

  1. Douglas C-133 Cargomaster

    heavy cargo. Despite the Douglas C 124 Globemaster II s capabilities, there was much cargo that it could .... ref name Norton p46 Norton 2004, p.46. ref The aircraft differed considerably from the C 74 Globemaster and C 124 Globemaster II s that had preceded it. A high mounted wing, external blister fairings ... Antonov An 22 Blackburn Beverly Boeing C 97 Stratofreighter Convair XC 99 Douglas C 124 Globemaster II Hawker Siddeley Andover Lockheed C 5 Galaxy Lockheed L 1249 Super Constellation R7V 2 YC 121F ... C 133 Cargomaster image Image C 133b sanfrancsiscobay.jpg caption Douglas C 133B Cargomaster, AF ... transport aircraft national origin United States manufacturer Douglas Aircraft Company designer ... 1956 1961 number built 50 unit cost variants with their own articles The Douglas C 133 Cargomaster was a large cargo aircraft built between 1956 and 1961 by the Douglas Aircraft Company for use ... and kept at Douglas Long Beach as test articles. They had no construction numbers or USAF tail numbers ..., or to California. Operational history Image Douglas C 133A Cargomaster USAF.jpg thumb left Preserved ... thumb Douglas C 133A Cargomaster at the National Museum of the United States Air Force C 133A ... Reflist Norton, Bill. Forgotten Airlifter The Short Lived Douglas C 133 Cargomaster . Air Enthusiast ... 45 53. Francillon, Ren J. McDonnell Douglas Aircraft since 1920 . London Putnam, 1979. ISBN 0 370 ... Douglas C 133A Cargo Master . National Museum of the USAF . http wa2 c133bcargomaster home.html Remembering An Unsung Giant The Douglas C 133 Cargomaster and Its People . ... of the Cargomaster . Air & Space Magazine Douglas aircraft USAF transports Aviation lists Category United States military transport aircraft 1950 1959 C 0133 Cargomaster Category Douglas aircraft C 133 Cargomaster de Douglas C 133 fr Douglas C 133 Cargomaster it Douglas C 133 Cargomaster ja C 133 pt Douglas C 133 ru Douglas C 133 Cargomaster sr C 133 ...   more details

  1. Earl of Douglas

    by James II of Scotland at Stirling Castle . James Douglas, 9th Earl of Douglas James Douglas, 9th ... of the House of Douglas II Vols . London 1902 Andrew of Wyntoun Wyntoun, Andrew of , Orygynale Cronikyl ...File Douglas Arms 2.svg 210px right thumb Undifferenced arms of the Lord of Douglas, post 1330 File Hermitage ... 210px right thumb Tantallon Castle , built by the 1st Earl of Douglas, and held by the Earls of Angus Red Douglases from 1389 until 1699 Earl Douglas redirects here for the American radio personality see Earl Douglas radio This page is concerned with the holders of the extinct title Earl of Douglas and the preceding Scottish feudal barony feudal barons of Douglas, South Lanarkshire . The title was created in the Peerage of Scotland Peerage of Scotland in 1358 for William Douglas, 1st Earl of Douglas , son of Sir Archibald Douglas , Guardian of Scotland . The Earldom was forfeited by James Douglas, 9th Earl of Douglas in 1455. Origins Mythic beginnings The Earls of Douglas and their successors claimed descent from Sholto Douglas , a mythical figure dated by Godscroft to 767 AD. ref Godscroft ... 12 ref Through the marriage of William Douglas the Hardy William the Hardy , grandfather of the 1st Earl, to Eleanor de Lovaine, The Earls of Douglas could trace their ancestry to the Dukes of Brabant ... the Bald , grandson of the emperor Charlemagne . In the story of Sholto Douglas, his son William Douglas ... . William Douglas is said to have settled in Piacenza where his descendants became powerful local magnates ..., pp. 7 14 ref Historicity Image MorayShields.svg thumb Comparison between pre 1330 Douglas L and Moray R Arms The first Douglas on record in Scotland is William I, Lord of Douglas c.1174 1214 , where ... to Bricius de Douglas , William of Douglas s son and Bishop of Moray , he refers to his avunculus ... and the Douglas, How that thare begynnyng was , Syn syndry spekis syndryly I can put that in na ..., Andrew of, Book VIII, Chap. VII,p. 320 321 ref Rise to power William the Hardy, Lord of Douglas ...   more details

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